#130 - Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles

January 10, 2011

If you are like most people I am sure that somewhere in your mind you have wondered if 2012 will be "THE END".
As for myself yes I too have wondered what will happen in 2012. We all can speculate on whether or not it will truly be the end of this world. I would like to believe that there will be a transformation that takes place bringing us to a higher level of understanding what we are here for and how we should continue to live our lives in a more loving and positive way. I think we all would like this outcome rather than believe that it will truly be the end.
There are many unusual things that been happening around our world that have lead many to believe that we are on the path of destruction. For instance the Red Winged Black Birds that fell from the sky on January 3rd in Arkansas and the flooding in Australia. Why are these things happening? I really do not know the answer to that, all I can do is wonder if these are signs for us to make a conscious effort to change our ways. When I first heard on the News about the black birds falling from the sky I immediately thought to my self this has to do with a UFO. Oh yea that is what I said! I got a message along with that thought it was "they are sending this messages if we can do this to birds then would you think we could do the same to you." I know that sounds quite crazy, gosh I will admit I have even wondered about that message being a little out there. I do believe however that we are not alone in this universe and that there are others here from other solar systems. On September 12, 2010 at about 12:30 pm I was sitting in my car in the left hand turn lane at Hazel and Madison Ave. I pulled up to the light and stopped looking up at the light then what I saw amazed me it was a very large triangle shape the color of which I would say was a dark grey or black and I could see the whole bottom which had some kind of etching on it. Thinking that is was a B2 Spirit or something from the air show that was happening in a near by city. It just hovered there without any sound and it was close enough that you would think it would be making some kind of sound. When the light finally turned green I was thinking wow I wonder why that thing is still just sitting there and why other people didn't seem to notice it. I made my turn and looked back and it was gone without a sound.
The rest of the day went by and I didn't give it another thought until later that night as I lay in bed with my eyes closed I saw it again in my mind very clearly. I told my husband about it and went to sleep. The next morning I drew a picture of what I saw and my husband sail it must have been a B2 Spirit maybe from the air show. I agreed and decided to check out these strange planes. I did find out that they do not hover and that they do make a great amount of noise. To this day I think about this strange object and wonder if I will see it again. I hope so.

All of this has got me thinking about the "what ifs" in life.
It made me wonder if maybe we should be thinking about our lives in a more positive way maybe we should really open our hearts up this year to love and to giving love to others. Why wait until the last minute to become that loving person that you were always meant to be. Maybe you are already satisfied with the person that you are if so that is wonderful. I know that it takes a whole lot of practice to be perfect and I haven't gotten there yet! How about you? Today this newsletter is about making the time for those you love and care about. It is about making 2011 a year of change and of love. Decide today to really think about what you say to others and how you can be more compassionate and loving in the months to come. Notice when you are coming from judgment, ego or love. You are the only one who can choose how you want to live your life, you can ignore what is happening in this world and Universe or you can acknowledge it and work on making it a better place. Don't be afraid to say I LOVE YOU to others and mean it. Believe in the power of love believe that you can be a part of change, by becoming more loving and compassionate towards all people even the ones you do not like or disagree with. Friends this is the year to take back your fear of what may happen in the future and to create a future that even God would be proud of. That said what are you going to do to change your life this year for the better of all? Email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com with your thoughts on how we can be more loving to all people we come in contact with this year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Newsletter I do appreciate and love each of you dearly. I am thankful for the support you have given and for the wonderful emails I receive from you. Have a great week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

If you have had a UFO experience I would love to hear about it. Email Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com or give me a call at 916-726-4892
I am all about learning new things and about not being afraid of the future.

January 10, 2011

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: There are new beginnings for you this year bringing in forgiveness and messages from your Angels all you have to do is look for them. You will soon have some clarity about a fair haired or gray haired woman you may find that she is not a friend but is a hidden enemy. Let go of your doubts to reveal the truth this will bring you happiness.

Taurus: You may hear bad news about a well known woman this comes through gossip or over the news. You have over come many challenges and your strength will soon bring abundance. By months end there may be heartbreak remember these changes bring new growth to you spiritually and mentally.

Gemini: It seems you may have been dealing with a disagreement involving someone you love soon victory will be yours. Wisdom comes from a brown haired woman who is a friend listen to her advice. Do not let yourself become vulnerable to a dark haired mans foolishness. He is playing you whether in business or personal life do not give in to his lies.

Cancer: A well respected man with brown hair will be very generous with you soon. If you have felt a loss of power as of late you will soon receive help from a stranger. A mistake you make may bring about a surprise ending.

Leo: Someone may be deceiving you and you will find out about this while traveling in a storm. There is peace and good fortune look to the positive side instead of fearing the worst. There is renewed faith through a couple that you know.

Virgo: A brown haired woman has good news for you about a woman you both know. The lesson here is to realize your own strength and to know you are the master of your life. After a loss you will learn a secret that gives you hope.

Libra: if you have been frustrated about something there is soon spiritual justice for you. Abundance comes to you through an ending of something you will know this by asking for Divine Guidance in this situation. A good surprise brings you fame in some way, you have asked for the truth and it now is here for you.

Scorpio: There may be a bout of jealousy over a brown haired man and someone you love. Inspiration brings in financial gains that may bring out a little foolishness on your part. Love shown to a stranger brings much comfort into your life seek solitude and meditate to find what this relates to.

Sagittarius: The challenge here is to overcome the confusion that has been caused by someone who is not a friend. By realizing who this is you may feel bad about hurting an older woman's feelings. The wisdom here is to recognize this and make amends or apologize. There may be a battle brewing with someone who has put up their own barriers and this is someone who you are sexually attracted to.

Capricorn: You may soon hear from a friend who is a dark haired man this is important news he brings you. Change is coming and a scandal will emerge but victory will be yours. Even though there has been bad news there is growth through patience. Focus on the positive aspect of life not your doubts.

Aquarius: Let go of judgment and anxiety soon there is great wealth afforded you. By forgiving others you are opening your mind to using your talents in a more positive way. At home you will soon be talking to a dark haired woman she will offer a position that will take much diligence on your part yet it could make you rich.

Pisces: Soon you will deal with a woman who thinks she is all that! Remember you do have choices in your life and it is up to you to make them.
The lesson here is to decide what you will allow and won't allow in your life. A Great surprise brings you a sense of peacefulness and you will feel a sense of truth like you have never felt before.

January 25, 2011

Greetings from Julie
May this be the best day of your life ever better the best week of your life!
I love to feel positive and happy about life and look forward to seeing what I have created in the past manifesting now. It is because I know I have already put out positive energy into the universe and I know that what comes back will be perfect for me at the perfect time in a wonderful way that will inspire me or teach me something that I will benefit from. As this manifests for me it also manifests for you that which you have put out into the universe, through your words and thoughts. You may or may remember the old phrase
"Those words will come back to bite you on the A**" I do and I know that words can come back to bite you on the A**. In the past I learned that if I say the word "Want" it seemed to block me from what I really desired. I soon started using the word "Desire" instead of the word "Want" and everything went great and I received most of what I desire. Some people objected to my using the word "Desire" instead of want. Eventually I stopped using "Desire" and went back to using the word "Want". You know what? I started feeling blocked from my desires and I even found myself wondering why this was happening. I have realized that the word "Want" is associated with "Lack and Fear" as that old saying goes "We always want what we can't have. Now if you say the word "Desire" to your self it feels good as in "Attaining Your Hearts Desire" I think I have a new Mantra!
I always attain my hearts desires. It is really amazing what words can do for you as thoughts also bring in things so do words. Think of the many ways you can change the way you word things to put out a much more positive message to the universe and to the people you speak them too.
Hum! It could really change your way of life and how you bring in that which you truly desire. There may still be people who will laugh at the way I use my words but I do not think that I would have written this newsletter with out some guidance in what to write about for I had a topic all ready to write about. Today is the Day I kick "Want" out of my vocabulary! For good! Today I hope you will kick "Want" out of your vocabulary also.
Knowing that want we are thinking of and speaking of is creating something is one of the keys to creating a more positive future. Yes being positive at all times seems to be tough I know I have fallen short of attaining this goal so far. But is doesn't mean that I will give up on my self now or in the future. I am committed to creating a better me and a better future through my thoughts and words.

Thank you for your time in reading this today I really do believe it is time to get back to what I really desire in this life. I hope you will challenge yourselves to use positive phrases and words as you speak with other people. I hope that you will let go of any negative thoughts and feelings about others that you may have so that you too can create a more positive life for your self and other people.
Tickles and Sparkles From Julie

January 25, 2011

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: There may be reconciliation with someone you love and this will come from learning the truth about something. Something that inspires you will come from out of the blue bringing in wealth. Remember to be generous with others.

Taurus: Do not let doubt allow you to make a mistake where power is concerned. If you have felt someone has been being a bit to greedy it is time to seek out a quiet place and meditate or seek solitude this will bring new hope to the situation.

Gemini: You may over hear a secret being told about a dark haired woman or by a dark haired woman when this happens it is suggested that you mind your own business or you may end up the fool. Soon there will be a victory for you that will bring much happiness through justice of some sort.

Cancer: A scandal you here of over the telephone may cause some anxiety towards a dark haired man. Remember not to judge others until you here it from them. Through being patient you will know the right path to take this will bring in new beginnings for you in some avenue of life.

Leo: There may be a sexual attraction or flirtation that could cause destruction in a close relationship. If you desire to know what is happening it is time to stop, look and listen to the signs you are given. If you happen to have lost something of soon loose something do not let this frustrate you. Relax your mind and let your body become peaceful allowing you to close your eyes and see where you have misplaced the object.

Virgo: You can break down a barrier by forgiving a brown haired woman for something she said or did. Through a lady friend there are many changes coming. Where there has been heart break there is good news and good fortune on its way to you.

Libra: It may be time to use your strength an ending is near and there may be a battle with someone who thinks he is the master. You have an uncanny way of knowing what is happening before it happens use this as your strength.

Scorpio: You will soon have a sign that will give you clarity in a situation that has caused a challenge in your life. Beware of a hidden enemy, this is someone you know and is jealous of you. A woman who is very knowledgeable will teach you something concerning faith listen to her she has much wisdom.

Sagittarius: There is growth through a journey you take this will bring in financial gain for you. This could be winnings of some sort. There is soon great abundance for an older couple that you know.

Capricorn: Someone may be treating you as the fool and there is deception by a brown haired man. A dark haired woman inspires you and this will lead to fame and good fortune.

Aquarius: Secrets revealed by a stranger will open you to an opportunity to use your power for good. At home there is a mistake that is made remember there are lessons in everything.

Pisces: You may have to use diligence in overcoming jealousy and greed. Do now let your doubts leave you vulnerable to the storm that will soon arrive. There is a phone call that will soon reveal the truth about the lovers.

February 7, 2011

Happy Valentines Day February 14, 2011 is one week away!
I have been seeing all kinds of Valentines Day stuff in the stores since the day after Christmas! It makes me wonder if we haven't become a society of material beings. Marketing strategies have figured out how to make a buck on just about every holiday there is. What happened to sitting down with some brightly colored paper and making a valentine for your Sweetheart? I wonder how many of you would be willing to make your valentines this Year?
I hope all of you will at least consider this Valentines Day to get creative and at least make one Valentine for your Sweetheart.
The Reason I ask you to do this is so that you can get creative and bring some meaning back into this holiday. Sure you can find some pretty nice cards in the stores for five to six dollars. Then you have the card that say's all the right words and works for your situation in love. You could spend up to 30 minutes just looking for cards if you are picky like me. Yes it may sound a little funky to make a Valentines Day card. Maybe you haven't made a Valentines Day card since you were in grade school. Guy's you can do this too! It would mean more than you can imagine to that Special Lady in your life to have a Valentine made just for her, by you. Also this is something that can be done as a family project and it is not too late to get started. You will need some colored paper, glue Stick, colored pens and scissors. You can find a picture of a heart on the computer, print and cut it out then glue it to your card.
Then write what's in your heart inside the card, maybe write a poem or just say "I love you". Make this holiday to remember make it about love. I am sure your card will be greatly appreciated by the one you love.
What if you don't have a special love to share Valentines Day with, you may like to make your self a special Valentine just to remind you that you are special and that when you are ready to meet that special person you will. You can also write down 27 things you would like in that special person. The put it under your pillow and each night before going to bed read your list then sleep on it. If there is something you would like to change it is okay to add to or delete from your list.
Another thing you can do is get a new mattress, no I do not sell mattresses but I do know that mattresses hold energy and if it has been awhile since you had a romance maybe it is time to make some changes.

Astrology Are Birth Signs Really Changing?
Okay I don't know why all of the sudden we are not who we thought we were. I for one am a non believer of this one! I really like my birth sign and I think it describes me very well. When I first read about this I just couldn't help but think it was not right. I thought to my self how come when we are suppose to be born under certain planets and now we find ourselves wondering if we are a Capricorn, Sagittarius or Aquarius. Well I will leave it up to you to believe or not and I will stick to being a Virgo it fits me just fine.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be upset over a phone call you receive and there may be some jealousy involved in this conversation. Do not let it get out of hand or you may have a fight on your hands. If you are a dark haired man you may thinking of new beginnings a change or move. If you are a woman you may be thinking of a man who has dark hair and wondering if he is ready to be the master of his own life. Someone is playing you the fool this is someone who may try to deceive you when you are vulnerable.

Taurus: Good fortune comes through communication like a phone call or letter, the trick here is to not get greedy. A brown haired man who is a friend will soon teach you a lesson that is very helpful. You may soon learn the truth about an older man or a blond haired man who is famous.

Gemini: A mistake could lead to destruction this comes from judgment. Soon you will have clarity about a hidden enemy with this clarity comes wisdom. Patience brings happiness and abundance.

Cancer: If you are an older woman it is now the time to be diligent in becoming the woman you always knew you could be. Let go of your fears connected with success. At home you will hear of a ending because of a sexual attraction this secret you may learn from a stranger who has nothing to gain.

Leo: There may be a loss through a change in power the challenge here is to have faith and believe in the power of love. Now is not a time of heart break but of growth through a journey you will soon take.

Virgo: A dark haired woman you know will soon receive justice in some manner concerning a lady. Good news brings wealth and inspiration to you soon. It looks like there is something special coming for you from a lover. Think of who this might be.

Libra: All this doubt and frustration is not helping matters it is now time to stop look and listen. The Answers you are searching for are now coming to you in many different ways like a whisper or a sign that will help you in some way. You will be recognized for your talents this also brings forgiveness and spiritual well being. Soon there is reconciliation with a brown haired woman and there is peace.

Scorpio: Someone is trying to deceive you this person has been very diligent in their research. There is soon some confusion over a strength you may have thought you had there is a barrier coming up that will change your mind about something you had been considering. If you have been hoping for a victory there may be some bad news on its way. This can also mean that through hope there is a victory concerning something you may have considered bad news.

Sagittarius: A Grey haired man and a Dark haired woman will soon bring you fame and good fortune. There may be a battle brewing over some travel plans or something to do with an automobile. The Key to success is to be inspired and to have faith and know that there is always room to grow spiritually.

Capricorn: A dark haired man who is a peaceful person will soon bring you wealth and happiness there is no judgment with this person he is a friend there is much generosity and wisdom gained.

Aquarius: You will soon learn secrets from a couple that you know they may be thought of as a well traveled couple who knows much about everything so at least they think. A fair haired woman tells of her jealousy with a lover. For you especially if you are a woman there is good news you will love.

Pisces: A major battle is about to be played out and there is an ending that will challenge your patience and do now allow yourself to get so upset. Breathe it may not have anything to do with you it may be about someone else. You may feel a little foolish when you hear the truth about a surprise that is in store for you. Again the Patience thing!

February 22, 2011

Trusting and Believing
Within each of there is a pure and loving spirit, you may have witnessed this part of you without even realizing it. Our Spirit is linked to our emotions as is our Ego also linked to our Spirit. The difference is that our Spirit is only that of love there is no negative or filters that would disguise our Spirit. Ego can go in many different directions to get our emotional attention. A good way to relate to how spirit works is to think back to the last time you watched a movie that made you cry with joy as you watched the scene. Your heart filling with joy at the love and goodness the scene projected out. Maybe it touched your soul in a way that made you feel so good you could watch the movie again and again.
This is your Spirit that allows you to feel such love and warm response.
Maybe you have listened when you Spirit has spoken to you at one time or another. Then again maybe you ignored that little voice inside telling you to believe or allow something into your life that would make it better. If you have ignored this little voice in favor of listening to the old programming of the ego telling you that it is impossible to believe anything would make your life better.
Sometimes we mistake the Spirit for Ego and begin to believe in the Ego's way of getting our attention by of negative thoughts and feelings. It is quite simple to figure out when our Spirit is connected with us spiritually, emotionally and physically is giving us Divine guidance in a situation. When we are divinely connected with Spirit there is a sense of peacefulness and of loving thoughts and feelings. There is openness in our minds and an overwhelming sense of knowing that everything is okay and will be okay no matter what the situation.
Connecting with your Spirit is easy as thinking about someone or something you love. Feeling the energy change within you as you think of a person or an animal, you love. Doesn't it just make you smile and feel good, to think of the person or pet? Just as easily if you think of someone that you do not like your ego will pop up and start showing you subliminal pictures of past events that will start to make you feel down and sad or even mad. When Spirit is working within you, it does not fight with the Ego over the top position it is up to you to distinguish between the two and choose what you will allow and feel. Spirits voice is soft and at times can barely be heard, yet the more you connect with your inner guidance and learn how to feel only those feelings of love the more you will have experiences of guidance through your Spirit. Listen to the voice that makes you smile and feel comfortable in your own skin. Feel the love flowing within you more than several times a day. Practice staying positive, practice your listening skills hone them so as you will know the difference between the good and bad feelings as you are receiving them. You know that you can change the negative feelings that come up by concentrating on something or someone that you love. As you are thinking of the love you begin to hear spirit and will know the difference for you will feel that love begin to open your mind with new thoughts. Go with the ones that feel good and that bring you a connection with your pure spirit. Let all other thoughts fall away clearing your mind of all negative energy and thought. We have all had situations where anger and rage have won the war, but not the peace. We are at a time when urgency is needed in staying connected to our pure spirit our truth. It is up to you to make this reconnection with a new found resilience for what you are truly meant to do and be in this life. Ask for guidance from within and you shall receive it for you are pure and of love.
At times we all forget about what we are here to learn and are wrapped up in our everyday schedule busily trying to get everything done so we can relax and not think for a moment. Many people are still thinking about everything so much that they forget to relax the mind and allow Spirit to speak. Over the years I have put out this newsletter I have had times when I thought why even put it out it takes time to write it and hopefully someone will read it. I soon realize this is ego making a play for the stage thankfully I also hear that little voice saying "believe in your power of love let it flow to others as it has flowed to you. Write your newsletter know that there is at least one person who will read it and resonate with what you are teaching. Come from a space of love as you will be guided in what to write." Well that is exactly what I do! In fact as I sat down to write this today I had a whole different thought on what I was going to write about. Today I listened! I hope you will listen to your higher self and practice getting to know what love is honestly it feels wonderful.

Have a wonderful week may life treat you good and may you create something great this week for yourself and others.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A gray or light haired man will soon help you in making some long needed changes have faith in your situation to get the results you desire. A journey you take will lead to the meeting of a dark haired woman who is famous. Remember that you have complete control of your life and that there is no need for anxiety or fears about love. Trust the guidance you will soon receive.

Taurus: A breakdown in communication will soon lead to a victory for you. Use your powers with dignity and have patience for wealth is coming in for you. Ask for wisdom to be given as you are about to have a disagreement with a dark haired man.

Gemini: You have been quite diligent in breaking through barriers and finding hidden enemies this will soon help you in more ways than you imagined. There are gifts of financial gain and through avoiding a scandal you will receive the generosity of a stranger. The secret of happiness is letting go of heartbreak.

Cancer: There may be an ending of a romance or sexual attraction that comes when you find out a truth of some sort. Someone thinks that they can deceive you through using his or her talents just realize that you need to pay attention to the signs you are being given. You may be feeling a bit vulnerable at the loss of someone close this does not mean that you should give up on love. It is time to look at your options and weigh them carefully before making a decision.

Leo: If you have been feeling a bit frustrated there is soon an inspiration that will bring abundance to you. Use your strength for there is hope and new beginnings are opening up for you. There may be a friend a lady who will fill you full of doubt if, you let her. This person is very greedy.

Virgo: Good fortune arrives soon you will meet with a woman who is older with blond or silver hair she will give you sage advice. There may be a challenge at home but hold tight the truth will come out. Even though you have made mistakes in the past there is peace from learning from these mistakes and this is a Spiritual lesson learned.

Libra: A brown haired woman will tell of bad news this is about something she has been praying for. There will be a reconnection with someone that has cause confusion in the past and there is justice in an upcoming situation.
Seek out some time alone for meditation and solitude there is a friend who will help you in making the right choices without judgment.

Scorpio: A stranger will bring clarity to a situation you have been battling. This may be jealousy on your part concerning a love relationship. The Good news is that there is a surprise that will bring greater growth to you through a lesson learned.

Sagittarius: Through love of self you soon find that you are the master of your own life and that jealousy has no part in your life. Where there has been frustration with someone who is foolish soon there is happiness and a happy outcome. Through diligence there is growth and financial gains.

Capricorn: Today's lesson is about using your power not for destruction but for good. There is an ending of something that will bring you wealth and you will soon receive justice in a situation. A light haired woman may want to get together with you be careful this woman may be a hidden enemy pretending to be your friend. Watch your step!

Aquarius: Where there has been some confusion about a Dark haired man all you have to do is find a quiet place and ask for divine guidance to find the answer you seek. A woman who is very psychic will soon give you information concerning a light haired man or an older man. Soon there is a victory through the use of your talents you will receive good news concerning your work.

Pisces: You will soon receive news of a scandal concerning a lover or mate there is much deception that will be discovered soon. Do not let greed over whelm you as you receive some bad news about a brown haired woman. There is a challenge that will bring the inspiration of a friend which will help you overcome this challenge.

March 7, 2011

Mercury will be retrograding again the 30th of March you may be noticing the first signs of the retrograde as early as the 9th of March as the earth wobbles have moved things forward a bit in the last few years. On April 23rd Mercury will again be direct for three months. I would say that during the retrograde would be a great time to do some spring cleaning!
More about Mercury Retrograde in our next Newsletter

What does it take to be happy?
Have you ever asked yourself this question?

What is happiness?
I feel that Happiness is a mental state of mind you consciously or unconsciously choose or do not choose to be in at any given time.
The state of happiness is something we all should work to be in at all times, and being in happiness consciously is like: Guarding a Treasure filled with the finest of jewels. You are the overseer of your mind and what is going in side your mind. You have the capabilities to change your mind each time you notice that you have lost some of the feelings of happiness within you.
So many times I have heard he or she is making me feel this way or that. Please hear me out! No one can make you feel something. It is your choice how you feel and how you react to a situation. For my self I know that there are times I have reacted to a situation and have allowed my self to be drawn to the level of sadness and despair. We have all gone through situations in our lives that we forgot to think about the positive and our happiness. We have allowed ourselves to unconsciously be drained of our happiness. Then we blame the situation or someone else for our sadness and depression. Yes there are situations that can feel like there are other energies at work draining our happiness. This is true if you have picked up a negative energy from another person, place or thing. If you feel that you have picked up a negative energy it is important to take a "Sea Salt Bath" you can do this by drawing a tub of water and pouring about a fourth of a cup in the water then relax in your bath visualizing all negative energy leaving your body. As you Rinse off after your bath visualize a brilliant mirror ball of light flowing all around your body protecting you from negative energy. It is good to use some Myrrh Essential Oil about ten drops mixed with a lotion or baby oil, smoothing it all over your body for protection.
Back to being in the state of Happiness this is what we all really desire for ourselves, our family and our friends. Yes it would be wonderful to be in such a happy mood every day wouldn't it. To do this it will take quite a bit of concentration on your part consciously. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed it is up to you to notice your mood and change it with positive reinforcement.
" Force your self to think of something, someone or some situation that made you happy in the past.
" Recreate the energy of happiness through your thoughts.
" Now think of something that is making you happy at this moment.
" Just start laughing out loud (for no reason) do it laugh! Come on you can! This will release endorphins to your brain.
By forcing a change in your mind you can change the energy of your whole day. You will then start to notice when you are loosing your happiness and be able to quickly get it back. It is like playing mind games with your own mind. The only thing is you will have to be diligent especially if you have been depressed or down lately. It is time to take back our bliss in a sense to use our minds to enjoy this life. We have become so negative in our everyday lives that sometimes we do not laugh daily, weekly or monthly. It may be a good idea to write a list of things that make you happy or something that makes you laugh then keep this list with you when you start to feel yourself moving from a happy state of being read your list! Pull it out and read it! You may even laugh at yourself for having to pull it out to read.
Take a look at what brings you happiness in your life and what doesn't then ask your self what changes, could I make to bring happiness into my life in this instance or that situation. If you can not find any way to bring more happiness into your life by making changes then maybe it is time to let this situation go and do something new. You can not make another person happy they will have to learn to find their own happiness, as you have found yours. If you are living with someone who refuses to be happy who is always down maybe you need to get to the bottom of what is causing this and talk with this person. You can teach others to be happy by setting a good example. It is proven that people are attracted to people who are happy. It is said that you cannot buy happiness and I would have to agree that happiness is a state of mind. Choose it and use it to expand the good in your life. Happiness is an energy it attracts like energy to it so you will find that if you are exuding happiness in your life it will flow back to you. The more you do this the more your life will change and get better, better and better.

It may be that though changing our thoughts we will be able to cause a change in the way we see our lives.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: If you are a brown haired man you may be feeling a bit foolish for not taking the time to listen to a friend or loved one. There may be some bad news about someone who is deceiving you about some money that is owed you. Your good judgment will pay off bringing in good fortune through the use of your talents.

Taurus: An old friend may reappear in your life this is an older man or a blond haired man he seeks to rekindle a friendship. Do not do this in haste be patient and do not jump into business with this person. You will soon learn a secret from a woman who is quite the know it all! But in this instance it is good news. There is a financial gain through an ending of some kind. Soon you will have an opportunity to meet someone famous. Keep your eyes open even in the grocery store.

Gemini: A lady who is close to you will give you much hope and there is wisdom with this. Seek out spiritual solitude when in doubt about something that has been bothering you. A brown haired woman will tell of her loss of faith she may be very angry at someone, not you. You are here to help her for loosing faith is like giving up on life. You are a healer.

Cancer: At this time you may feel as though there are many barriers put in your was this is interfering with the changes that you expect to occur, there is a hidden enemy who has yet to reveal themselves. If you are in a loving relationship there may be a disagreement that involves greed and power. Remember to not give up your power because someone else is greedy.
A dark haired man will soon help out and there is a victory for you in the near future.

Leo: A challenge will soon take you on a journey that will show you the truth you have asked for. You may do battle concerning a lesson you must learn worrying about it will not change things. The only way things can change is when you see where you are vulnerable and acknowledge it, then choose peace for this will attract the abundance you desire to you.

Virgo: Through diligence on your part you have over come the storm and are finding that you are the master of your life this is golden. Someone will call you telling of a new romantic relationship you will be very happy for this person as they finally get justice in love. There are new beginnings for you turning strangers into friends. This will bring you much happiness.

Libra: You may hear from someone who is heart broken because of a mistake that was made. There is a man who is very confused not knowing how he will get out of a situation he has caused. A surprise will come to your door this could be through the mail or by telephone. Soon you will hear of a situation that could cause a scandal remember there is always room for growth. This is just another lesson learned.

Scorpio: There may be some frustration with someone you love in this case you need to use your strength to diffuse the jealousy of a dark haired woman and a light haired woman. The dark haired woman is angry at the blond haired woman do not get yourself in the middle of this one. Through your generosity comes forgiveness this has to do with something concerning your home.

Sagittarius: There is wisdom in staying in balance and you will attract wealth to you in the next three weeks. A dark haired man has very good news for you in a phone conversation. There are soon secrets that will bring about some doubts about a person or situation you are in there is always an answer when asking for the truth to come out. Believe!

Capricorn: Some bad news that surprises you will soon bring you renewed hope. There are powerful changes coming to your home in the next month you may already know what they are. Take time to meditate and look at the whole situation before taking a stand you do not have to agree with others just because you are afraid to be different. You are quite masterful in creating financial gains this month, be sure to follow through on your hunches.
Aquarius: you will soon hear of someone who is deceiving you this person may be a brown haired woman if you are a female. If you are a man use caution with the brown haired woman who is flirting with you she is not who you may think she is. You may read of a scandal in the papers this is a situation that may bring out your judgment of this situation. It is always wise to find forgiveness and let faith lead you. Use caution all this month a mistake could cost you your job or a situation where you use your talents will be lost. There is an ending of something coming in soon.

Pisces: New beginnings are here for you there is a brown haired man who will bring peace to a situation. Through your diligence there is a victory in love for you. A lesson has been learned and you can now move on to good fortune free from jealousy. Spiritual growth soon brings happiness for you.

March 18, 2011

On March 13th 2011 an Earth Quake hit Japan I know that many of you are sending your prayers out to the people of Japan. I too am sending my prayers out to all the people who are going the hell this disaster has caused. I can not help but think that the Planet Mercury has decided to retrograde somewhat faster than I had previously thought. In the last ten years it has seemed that whenever Mercury was about to retrograde we would begin feeling its effects about two weeks before goes retrograde. This I felt was being speeded up by the earth wobbles that have taken place in the years before.
Now it seems that we are feeling the effects of mercury retrograde about three weeks before it is said to start retrograding. I know that on Sunday March 13th I had some things take place that really made me wonder if Mercury had already started its retrograde. I had just wired new plugs in my kitchen about a week before and everything seemed to be working fine. Sunday morning I was busy cooking breakfast for my husband when I noticed that the electricity had gone off in the kitchen this caused the power to go out in the fridge and stove and some of the plug outlets. I wondered if I had done something wrong when doing the wiring as it was my first time doing something like this. My husband Robert and I worked at trying to get things back on to no avail, then all of the sudden everything was working. Good I thought to my self knowing that Robert had to work out of town all week. Later after Robert had left for his job down south, I was talking with my daughter and was telling her the story about the electricity going off, as we were talking again the lights went out on the stove and fridge. When we hung up I immediately started taking apart the outlet I thought was the culprit. Soon I had everything working again and haven't had another issue arise from my electrical work. Yea! I was kind of worried about a fire risk but all is well. Later that same day I couldn't get my internet up so I immediately called the cable company only to find out my router had gone bad. I had to wait until the next day to go get a new router. Boy! I was frustrated it seemed like everything was somehow breaking down. Monday morning I was at the electronics store at 9:30 am and home by 10:00 am putting my computer back together and had it working soon after.
A friend had called and we were taking about Mercury retrograding a little earlier than expected she told me her computer was doing weird things and wouldn't show her icons. After a few shut downs and start ups she got it working and vowed to back up her hard drive. I feel it is a great time to get those hard drives backed up like right now if possible.
We all know that when Mercury retrogrades it is time to get projects that we have started in the past finished up and to clear the clutter from our homes and offices. It is not the time to go out and buy a new car or home for we may be disappointed with the outcome of our brilliant decision. Do not buy any thing electronic or a big budget item it may not be what you really wanted or needed. If you do have some breakdowns and can live without the item for awhile I suggest putting off going out and replacing it until Mercury goes direct on April 23rd 2011. Mercury will be retrograding in Aries which can bring in distractions and lack of patience. You may also think you understand what someone is saying only to find out that you had no clue thus this can lead to misunderstandings. Be careful not to say things that you do not mean or may hurt some one's feelings. Remember words can cut deep. You are responsible for what you are putting out there so think before you speak. By being responsible and using your words for positively you can lead people with gentleness and save yourself loads of trouble. Mercury does rule communications. Do not let others who are negative rock your boat so to speak.

Earth Changes
This message comes to me and has a feeling of urgency that I feel must be told. There are Angels here to assist each of us if we ask their assistance.
This is their message:
"How is it that you believe in the love of God and the power of God yet when warnings have been given you do not heed these warning's. There are changes that are taking place upon this Earth that will continue until enough attention is given to bring peoples focus to that of humbleness rather than pride."
I feel this message is here to help us pay attention to our surroundings and to the feelings we get through out our day. Recognizing the thoughts that may or may not be our own, it may be as if we are so conditioned to think all thoughts we receive come from ourselves. I also received this message: Many Spirits are now with us and as those whom have died in the Quake in Japan souls are lifted there is more activity happening on a spiritual level than one might imagine. Communicate with your Angels at this time ask them: to warn you of any negative energy that you may encounter. Ask them for guidance in all things pertaining to your life and your safety.
With these changes our earth is making we are to be more diligent in keeping ourselves grounded at all times.
Example Just imagine yourself connected to mother earth like a trees roots going deep into the ground feel the soil beneath your feet relaxing and connecting to the magnetic energy of the earths center sending love down to the heart of this earth.
Thank you for your time in reading this I ask you to please meditate upon the message that I have given you. I would love to know if you receive any more information or if you feel your psychic senses have been a bit heightened lately. You can email me with what you receive Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie
The Full Moon on Saturday March 19, 2011, promises to be quite powerful looking larger than it has in years. Honor it by gazing upon the full moon and visualizing peace through out the heavens and upon the earth. Blessings to each of you, my friends

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You have learned or will soon a lesson that will bring forgiveness and new beginnings for you. A surprise brings a challenge with a light haired man or gray haired man. Secrets may be communicated about a journey you will soon take. Or you will learn a secret while traveling this may be communicated in a phone call.

Taurus: If you are a light haired woman there may be gossip about love. Or you will talk to a light haired woman about love this may be just gossip. You may be feeling a bit let down by life in general due to a mistake you made in the past. It is time to seek solitude and reflect on the past them let it go replacing those thoughts with self-forgiveness and love.

Gemini: There may be someone at your home who is vulnerable to foolishness, or you may be feeling a little foolish for your own vulnerability in a situation. In the past you have endured heartbreak in a similar situation as you are about to go through do not let your doubts keep you from all there is to gain in this situation. This could mean financial security.

Cancer: A dark haired woman and a brown haired woman have it out! So to speak! A confrontation brings out the truth. Soon there is clarity in a situation that requires your skills and talents something will soon inspire you. Find inner strength when there is worry about your finances, look for the abundance you already have in your life and be in gratitude this will bring forth more of the same.

Leo: You may be feeling a big confused about someone who seems a little jealous of your success. This person is a lady who practices deception and would rather live in drama than live in peace. If you have felt a bit frustrated with a brown haired man, know that change is on its way.

Virgo: You may soon hear of a loss remember time heals all and that patience brings renewed hope. Justice brings in a reward of money or a settlement. A decision will be made. You will soon realize how to be the master of your life this brings in positive results. You may hear of a couple that you know splitting up over a power play let go of any judgment you may have about this situation.
Libra: You may receive some bad news that actually makes you a bit happy this comes from your having faith in something not yet known. There could be a disagreement with a stranger that will end in a victory for you. Soon you will receive good news from a friend who will tell of an argument this may be good news to your ears. All this may be a sign to lay low for awhile without opinions.

Scorpio: Someone you thought to be generous and spiritual may not be whom you thought in fact this person could be a hidden enemy. Reconciliation with someone close to you brings an end to anxiety about a failed relationship. There is an ending near this has to do with a woman who feels she is all that, a know it all. It is time to Stop Look and Listen to the signs you are being given at this time.

Sagittarius: While traveling there is news of a foolish person who is causing a scandal. Or someone may be messing with you about a trip you may be thinking of taking, this person is kind of a gossip anyway don't pay any mind to him. A friend a lady is telling of heartbreak this is about to become an inspiration for you. There is much hope for you at this time you have had the gift of patience in some situation and now it is time to reap your rewards.

Capricorn: Through the help of someone who is generous there are new beginnings for you this is a lesson soon learned in a very positive way. Through the help of a spiritual person there is good fortune this comes from a stranger or someone you do not yet know. A light haired woman will soon tell of an argument because of deception on the part of another. Do not try to deceive the light haired woman or you may have a fight on your hands.

Aquarius: It may be time to relax and meditate to bring about renewed strength and to heighten your lines of communication. A friend a dark haired man will soon talk of some kind of destruction he has seen. Have faith in your judgment and know that you have everything to gain this is a victory for you.

Pisces: News soon reaches you concerning a sexual attraction involving a dark haired woman do not over react. Use caution and make sure to double check your work there may be a mistake made that could lead to a loss. Soon there is forgiveness for something in the past and an older man or a gray haired man brings a surprise and this means abundance for you.

April 5, 2011

Dear Friends
I am so very grateful for each of you as I write this newsletter I feel such gratitude to have so many friends in my life like you. Thank you for being a part of my life.

What does it take to bring Positive Changes into Your Life?
Positive Thoughts

If you have ever set a goal for your self and have reached this goal you must have had all of the above for your goal to have manifested. I'll bet that if you thought back about one time that you have reached your expectations of what you desired, you will find that you already have this recipe for success.
Sometimes after we have reached out goal we forget to create another one right way because we are happy in the moment. Soon the rush of happiness falls away and you wait for the next goal to come to mind before creating again. This is normal! Say you were creating a new car, you have done all the work and soon it is time for you to receive this new car. After you have it you may forget to find something new to create because you are feeling satisfied with the outcome of your creation. To keep the art of creating going it is necessary to create a new goal or what ever it is that you desire before you have attained the goal you are currently working on. It is a never ending cycle as you are the creator of your life. Your thoughts and actions are always being listened to and seen by the universe. The Universe is always prepared to give you exactly what you desire. It is not the Universe who is
What you will receive it is you. Just by having the smallest doubts you will find that it will take longer to bring your creations to manifestation. This is like sending a message kind of like out into the Universe and it says in turn okay she/ he is not quite ready for this manifestation so lets just put a hold on his /her manifestation until we get a clear go ahead "Positive Thoughts" send the message to the Universe that you are ready for your intentions to manifest.

If you have ever wanted something so much but have not received it maybe it is time to re-evaluate what it is you desire.

Is it something that you are Passionate about? In other words how passionate are you about what it is you desire?
Do you have the Patience to allow the Universe to bring what it is you desire at the perfect moment that will be just right for you?
If there are delays are you strong enough to Persevere and not just give up? Do you believe in your goal, dream, etc. are you keeping your thoughts Positive about the outcome?

Believing without a doubt that what ever it is you have set out to create is possible. This is what it takes to create your wishes hopes and dreams to come into the physical for you.
It may be time for you to evaluate your goals set new ones and create something wonderful in your life starting today.

Make a list of your goals, wishes or anything you would love to manifest.
Now take a look at them which ones are you truly passionate about?
Narrow down your list by putting a number which represents their importance to you. Focus on only those which you have the patience to wait it out for at this time. Universal timing is different from ours so know that patience is required with all creations. Are you willing to put your perseverance to the test as you create your goal? You have to be strong and keep focused on the end goal this takes perseverance on your part, so follow through without any doubts. Staying Positive is one of the most important ingredients for success. Positive thoughts are very important as you are creating what you desire. Not knowing how or when you will receive your desired only knowing that it will happen is what counts. Don't give up just let go after you have focused on what you desire. See clearly with your minds eye the outcome of your desire. Don't try to create how it will happen, just believe with all of your heart and mind that it is now on its way to you. It may take a day or it may take a week or a year but it is your creation and if you have the four P's you will see the positive results of your creation at the perfect time for you.
Have a great time Creating!
Mercury is Retrograde until April 23, 2011
Just a reminder

Well I do have to say I have heard of quite a few Mercury Retrograde happenings already this week. Computers going on the fritz, and glass Patio Tables breaking for no apparent reason yup! That happens in a retrograde. Now for one that will be sure to make you laugh, as most of my friends know I have breast implants. Now imagine waking up to a boob that seemed to be loosing air! Ha! Ha! At first I was a little freaked out after talking with the doctor I will be just fine. As I started thinking about how stressful a day I had had yesterday I realize I just had to laugh about this one. Wow Mercury seems to be having some fun this time. I can't wait till April 23, 2011 when Mercury will once again be back on track. Hope you got a laugh out of this! I will be fixed-up and better that new very soon.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: An argument creates a storm that will change everything leading to the end of something. A lady friend will offer her help in some way this may even be financial help like a loan or borrowed money. You may be a little anxious about a reconciliation wondering if you have anything to gain by getting back together with someone whom you had a friendship or relationship with. Remember Mercury is Retrograde until April 23, 2011.

Taurus: A surprise brings in happiness you have much wisdom at your disposal at this time, use it. You may receive some bad news concerning a loss this may be something taken or stolen. Is there something that you have been a little greedy about wanting something just for yourself? It may be time to connect to spirit and ask for guidance this is turn will break down some of the barriers you have been up against for the last six months.

Gemini: If you are feeling a little angry about something it may be time to lay low seek out some solitude and this will clear the confusion. An older man with gray hair will tell you of a new love in his life this new love could look like someone famous. Even thought there have been mistakes along the way have patience for soon there is the beginning of a new journey taking your life in a new direction.

Cancer: Sometimes you feel a bit vulnerable accepting gifts from others. Now it is time to have some faith in yourself and accept the gifts that come to you with gratitude. You may over hear a secret from a couple or about a couple remember it is not so wise to gossip about others, keep this secret to yourself or you may end up looking quite foolish. An opportunity will soon present its self now it is up to you to decide whether or not you opt for the Truth or telling a little white lie as you call it. This may even play a part in a decision about money it is now your judgment call. I would play it safe until April 23rd then make a decision a few days after this.

Leo: Soon you will have a victory concerning love. Where there is heartbreak there is forgiveness after a battle with a brown haired man. A dark haired man will give you strength and this will help you grow in some way look forward to the information you are about to receive.

Virgo: Stop look and listen to what is happening all around you let go you your frustrations and know that challenges can be over come. You have a useful talent that will soon bring good news to your home. This may be like using these talents in a way that will benefit you. A well traveled woman will soon tell of sexual attraction which involves deception. Remember no judgment on your part.

Libra: You may soon hear some news about a jealous man this man thinks he is a master in his work. This may even inspire you so say something to him it just may be a key to the puzzle you have been dealing with. There are soon new beginnings for you in some way this may concern work or your personal life you will have great clarity when the time comes. Be diligent in what you desire believe it is possible. Let go of your doubts there is a lesson to be learned and this lesson concerns a dark haired woman.

Scorpio: There is justice concerning a brown haired woman. Soon there will telephone communication with a stranger that will help you in some way avoid an argument this may be a gray haired woman. A look into the future says that you are to use your power for peaceful acts this will lead to good fortune for you.

Sagittarius: You may hear of a famous person that is using his strength in order to manipulate someone for sexual favors. This may shock you. There is good news coming in from a brown haired man this may be news of a job offer or a move within the company you are at. You have just gone through an ending of sorts and are now on your way to better things have hope and keep the faith my dears everything will soon be running smoothly.

Capricorn: You are now being given signs that will surly help if you take the time to listen. At home there is someone who is feeling a bit down, be generous with your cheer, smile, laugh and this may create something delightful. There may an argument concerning your judgment this may even be a battle of sorts. Remember you own your power and you will have victory in the end.

Aquarius: There may be news of a reconnection of a couple that had broken up not long ago this news will not be a lasting love for there is much jealousy on the part of the woman. Have patience there is much happiness coming into your live very soon. Use Caution when dealing with shady people or when you are in a public place someone may try to steal you wallet or purse. You just have to ask for the wisdom to be for-warned at the right time.

Pisces: The boss may be talking to you about your work this can be good news that will bring in more money, or it may be news of another kind. The lesson here is to not get greedy this will allow the barriers to come down. There may be some bad news in a phone call concerning a mistake that is made.

April 27, 2011

Greetings from Julie
Okay I know it has been awhile since I have put out a newsletter. I apologize for the delay I was recovering from surgery and I am very happy to report everything went very well. Honestly I think that is was the universe's way of keeping me inside and safe during the retrograde. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers I do appreciate them.

I would like to send out a prayer this day to all the people who have been enduring the crazy weather in the central and eastern United States. I have seen what a Tornado can do it is very frightening when you see it up close. I send out love to all of you who have had to go through this kind of weather. This has been a very strange year with more Tornados than usual wrecking havoc in our country. Blessings to all that you may be safe and protected.

What Does the Future Hold for Us?
Have you ever wondered what is really going to happen tomorrow?
Do you believe it is nearing the end of times?
Gosh you would think that a person who is psychic would know what is going to happen with our world in the coming year. I have to admit I have often wondered what will really happen in 2012. Will it be the end of times? Is that it! Just one good bye! Or will we be able to change the outcome of our World by creating something better than (The End) I would hope that you too have thought about what will be our future. I wonder sometimes why if the world is going to end in 2012 aren't we making plans and changing the way we are living our lives. Maybe it is just too scary to think about or maybe we are so hardened that we feel it is easier to not believe it is possible that tomorrow may never come. I know that there are many more pressing issues taking place at this time to give (The End) a second thought.
I for one would like to believe that we can change the outcome of everything in our lives including (The End). As I have believed for years that we create everything in our lives, I also believe that we can affect the outcome of our planet and its inhabitants with our thoughts. It is now we should be focusing on bringing more love to this world as we are all connected and to remain connected we have to let go of our fears and believe that there is a way to bring a greater more powerful change that will open our minds to the power that they, our minds posses.
Psychically: I am getting that we are being challenged to open our minds and own the power that we have to affect this world for the greater good. Our brains are like computers we have only used a small portion of the space we have on our hard drives. It is time to fill our hard drives with thoughts of love and of healing towards everything and everyone on this planet. By sending out love we are creating a ripple effect for our thoughts are felt by like thoughts and multiply as I now send out thoughts of love and blessings to each of you. Each of you will return those thoughts of love to me and to other people in your life. As with our thoughts we create everything in life, remember that this is not just on a large scale but on a very small scale like creating your day through positive thought. When you are creating from a space of pure love your creations seem to manifest more rapidly because the energy of love is the most powerful energy that exists.
I hope that you too will be inspired to connect with the power of love as you create your life upon this earth. Believe that we can change (The End) to The Beginning of a wonderful enlightened world of positive thoughts and feelings for all people bringing about healing and joy to everyone.
In closing I ask you please to let go of the judgment you have held for others and for yourself. Let go of your ego and all that is not of love. Notice when your thoughts shift into a negative state. At the moment you notice your thoughts are not of love and positive, stop and change them back to a positive state. We are here for a purpose this is the time to meditate upon your purpose and focus all thoughts on only what you believe to be positive and good. I would love to hear the ways you stay positive it would nice to share your insights with our readers. Email me at Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
May you be blessed with all that is good this week, Tickles and Sparkles.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Through faith you will find your answers this concerns someone you may have wondered about this is a brown haired man who tends to be greedy. A secret may be revealed that will cause an ending of something at home. There are changes in store for you that will allow you to use your talents in a more diligent way.

Taurus: There may be a storm brewing that concerns a close relationship and this may even surprise you when it happens. A fair haired lady or an older woman may be going through a stressful situation or battling for her life it is time for you to give her hope in this situation. If you have been looking to make changes in your work there will be a message from a stranger that will bring in more wealth for you.

Gemini: If you have felt that you have had a barrier keeping you from having the abundance that you desire it is time to break down these barriers by being the creator in your life and just not going along for the ride. When you are feeling a bit vulnerable consider the advice of friend who is a woman of the world so to speak. Seek out solitude in order to bring the greatest rewards into your life. Soon there is much happiness for you let go of all thoughts of jealousy concerning a lady that is close to you.

Cancer: In the past there may have been heartbreak in relationships yet with communication there will be forgiveness. Someone may surprise you by flirting with you. Soon you will learn the truth about someone you thought to be very strong. The lesson here is that through love comes a victory.

Leo: There is justice concerning someone who has set out to destroy you or something you have been working on. This person hides behind dark glasses. A fair haired man and a dark haired woman have some good news for you very soon. A dark haired man will soon help you to find peace in a situation that has been bothering you.

Virgo: The bad news is that someone may try to deceive you this may be a brown haired woman. It is time to go for your dreams and stop sitting on the sidelines. Take a moment to stop, look and listen, fore the universe is being very generous with you for the next few months. You will be given insights and messages from your angels. There are no mistakes this is something that will inspire you and this is spiritual.

Libra: Financial gains are now coming in let go of your worries and fears about money. Soon you will be invited to take a wonderful journey. Let go of your judgment and doubts about a situation you have no control over. You may even hear of a scandal concerning a situation close to you. Through a loss of something or someone there are new beginnings. Be careful and watch your back there may be a hidden enemy waiting in the dark. Look at your surroundings and pay attention when out after dark.

Scorpio: If you have had some confusion concerning a friend relax and send them only positive thoughts. Some good fortune is coming your way very soon giving way to new growth, wisdom and power for you. If you are willing to keep your thoughts positive you will avoid the frustrations and challenges that are coming up. Now it is the time to be patient and remain positive to avoid a confrontation.

Sagittarius: In the near future there may be a challenge to be avoided involving some ones greed and jealousy this may be a brown haired man who you consider a friend. Let go of all fears and worries about this situation for there will soon be a secret that comes out and there is an ending of a bad situation. Someone you know or work with may be fired or let go in the next week.

Capricorn: At home you may receive news from a well liked woman you have not heard from in awhile. There is much happiness afforded you at this time you are truly the master of your own life. A lady that you know who is close to you will soon bring some good news. There is abundance and good fortune on its way you may also be taking a journey very soon.

Aquarius: You have learned many lessons with love now it is time to enjoy the one you are closest too and let him or her know how special they are to you. You will soon have reason to hope and will realize your strengths there are winnings in something or some situation for you. An older woman will soon contact you for work if you are not sure of what you want to do take time out to meditate and ask for divine guidance.

Pisces: A Dark haired man or an older man will soon tell you of someone who is attracted to you, and ask if you are available. There have been many battles in the past and you have made it through the frustration and come out a better person. There is some good news that will soon inspire you to achieve another goal be diligent in what you desire. In other words do not give up just go for it.

Have a great week,
Remember to think of all that makes you happy and grateful!

May 9, 2011

Greetings, I hope that you are all doing great and that all of you Mother's had a great Mother's Day. For many years I dreaded Mother's Day because one way or another something got messed up and it turned out to be a day of ego's getting in the way of what should be a celebration. Over time and after all of my children were married it has got amazingly better. I think it has to do with them getting older and me too. Yesterday turned out, once again to be a wonderful Mother's Day and I had a great time. Thank you My Children and Grandchildren and thank you to My Husband for being a great sport and chauffeur. Life is good!

What is the Imagination?

The ability to visualize: the ability to form images and ideas in the mind, especially of things never seen or never experienced directly
The creative part of the mind: the part of the mind where ideas, thoughts, and images are formed
Resourcefulness: the ability to think of ways of dealing with difficulties or problems
Creative act: an act of creating a semblance of reality, especially in literature

Mind's eye, thoughts, imaginings, dreams of fancy, mind, head
Resourcefulness, ingenuity, creativity, powers of invention, vision, inspiration, inventiveness

Your imagination is so important? Without an imagination you would soon become nothing, not existent. For without this important ability to see your thoughts, through your minds eye you would not be able to see into the past or the future. This would become void, or nothingness. Yet, most all of us have the ability to imagine. I am not an expert on how the mind works but I am an expert on how to use your imagination to create that which you really desire in life. I have been doing it for years using my imagination and playing a game of pretend to bring in what I desire. The imagination can be used as a wonderful tool to bring in what you wish for just by visualizing that you already have it. I know it sounds too easy to just think about something as if it has already happened. Then poof it happens! Not hardly!
You have to first train your imagination and this can take time. It is up to you whether you desire to put any time into the imagination of your creation.
It is like when you were young and about to buy your first car.
The excitement of thinking about driving your own car was what kept, you going you could see yourself driving around with your friends being all cool! Soon you had created that car through the use of your imagination.
The thing with the imagination is that you have to see what you desire so clearly without any doubt or thought of all that might keep you from it. You also have to let go of all thoughts of how you must make it happen. This is surrendering by allowing yourself only the thoughts and imagination of having your desire right now. The imagination is so powerful and so sweet yet allowing yourself to imagine even for a minute something negative maybe something that you may have already experienced is the worst way to sabotage yourself. Seeing clearly what you desire can bring it to you faster than you may think. By clearing your mind you can more easily visualize and imagine what you really would like or like to have happen.

Try This!
Just for a moment close your eyes and imagine yourself in a beautiful, clean white room imagine standing in the center of this room. There are four doors on each wall of the room. On each of the four doors there is a sign. The first door that you open has a sign that says "My Life" as you turn the handle and start to open the door you see your life as you would like it to be. Imagining only the good that you desire for yourself just stand in the room for awhile until you are ready to walk back through the door and onto the next room. As you move to the next door it has a sign that says "My Past" beside the door is a latch with a paddle lock you have the choice to open the door and walk inside to review your past or you may just pick up the lock and put it on the door not allowing yourself to relive the past. Which ever you choose is okay. You may choose to go see and review the past and upon returning you may then use the lock to forever keep the past just where it is "In the Past". Now there are still two doors left the next one has a sign that says "My Career" as you turn the handle and walk though this door your imagine creates what you would most desire connected with your work and income. Remembering not to think about how this may come about only that you are now doing the work you love for the perfect amount of pay just for you.
Allow your self time to enjoy creating like a scene from a movie see yourself doing what you love and being paid well for your services.
Now with one door left you notice the sign on this door that say's "My Hearts Desires" this room is connected with all things that the heart desires like love, romance, self expression, self confidence and self love. You may also use this room for healing of yourself and other people. This is a room filled with love in all thoughts and imagining's. Walk though the door and just stay for awhile giving thanks for the love that flows to you each moment from family, friends and even strangers. Notice how it lifts your spirit giving and receiving so much love. When you are ready come back through the door and take some deep relaxing breaths open your eyes and make some notes on what you have seen and how you felt with each door that you opened. If you do not have the time to go through each door you may always come back at any time to this place in your imagination.

I hope that you had a wonderful time imagining and that you will continue to create through using your imagination. Don't expect things to change instantly allow them time to be created in this physical world. It could take weeks or months of imagining before your creation is manifested. The more positive your creation is in your imagination the better and faster it will manifest for you. The Universe is known to deliver what you have thoughts about and imagined in your mind so keep it positive. Do not imagine having any control over others for this could do serious damage to your creations and delay them even if you don't choose to believe me. When you seek to control another or cause harm or willfully want for someone who is not interested in you it may back fire on you and the person may not linger for long in your company. So Girls and Boys, Be mindful in choosing what you imagine even those little things that you wouldn't think would slip through the cracks like thoughts or worries of how you could get that lost love back or make someone like you. Only the purest of imaginings is manifested. Like seeing a painting come to life, your mind can create anything as long as you imagine it through love. Have a fantastic week let your imagination have some fun.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A mistake make at home could lead to victory or it may leave you feeling vulnerable. There may be a bit of confusion concerning an older woman or a blond haired woman. This woman may be looking at what she has to gain through you if you are a woman. If you are a man this woman may be playing a game with you, be careful!

Taurus: There is some bad news from afar and there may be a journey taken to help a friend in need. In the past you have been foolish and at times felt like a fool not quite balancing your life in one way or another. The next challenge is a spiritual one for you. It is a test to see if you can let go of any greed that may be hindering you.

Gemini: There may be an ending of a sexual attraction through jealousy that comes from an older man with silver in his hair or a light haired man. Soon you may have something taken from you or someone a brown haired man may take something that is not his and you will see this happen. Let go of your doubts and realize your strengths this is how you will know who this person is. Trust your first thoughts.

Cancer: A dark haired woman will soon tell you a secret about a birth or a new beginning. The message here is to have some faith. A change is coming that may make you a bit anxious about love this concerns a dark haired man.

Leo: Where there has been heartbreak there is now renewed hope and there is something that will inspire you this could lead you to a new love or a second chance with the one you love. Soon there is judgment and wonder which direction to take next. You will hear from or something about a famous woman who is very popular this seems to be bad news and very destructive.

Virgo: You may be soon asked advice from a brown haired woman she will seek out your advice to avoid a battle. At this time the advice is to maintain and ride out the storm the sun will shine again soon. Seek out solitude this is where you will find happiness. Soon there is a phone call from a man telling of someone who may be deceiving you. Use caution and do not jump into judgment.
Libra: Take a look at what is happening use all your senses this will bring in new growth and clarity for you through your diligence all will turn out well. Let go of frustration and focus your mind of peaceful thoughts. Soon there is a gift that is an unexpected surprise.

Scorpio: Remember that there is forgiveness with the telling of the truth and justice for a lie. Avoid untrue thoughts and feelings in order to avoid a scandal. The Lesson here is to confront your enemies even those you may not know of yet. Remember you are the master in your life and no one can take that form you. It is time to use your own talents and become the person you have always dreamed of being.

Sagittarius: through patience there is wisdom and good fortune is now making a power play in your life meaning an opportunity that will shed its wealth upon you is about to arrive. This will be the catalyst that breaks down the barriers that have held you from true abundance. This news may come from a stranger in the form of an opportunity.

Capricorn: There is good news for you have had great faith in your relationships with others. Now there is a new beginning for you that will require good communication skills. This may be a phone call concerning your work. Soon there is hope given you from a dark haired man. Use your wisdom and spiritual guidance if and when accepting this new position or offer.

Aquarius: You may take a class or look into making changes with your work. There may be a battle of wits raging soon with someone who may be frustrating you a bit. Let go of the anger and have patience all will blow over soon. Changes are bringing into view your fears, allow them then let them go for you will have clarity and the power is truly yours to execute the changes that you seek with an open heart.

Pisces: You may soon learn the truth about a brown haired woman and a brown haired man this may hurt you or break your heart in some way. There is peace after the secrets are told this will actually break down a barrier that has held you from achieving the peace and happiness you desire.

May 24, 2011

Everyone Has an Opinion
Don't they?
Well of course everyone has an opinion, but that does not mean that your opinion does not count or that another's opinion is any better or any more powerful than yours. It is when an opinion becomes more than an opinion that we have to step back and take a look at how we form opinions about others and our own lives. We are all alike yet we are all individuals with our own thoughts and opinions. In my opinion I think that it is great to be so special that there is no other person who is exactly like me or you and you are special too. We have many web sites that allow us to give our opinions and allow our friends to give their opinions also, like twitter, face book and many more. We form opinions of others biased on their looks, their family history and family members we also form opinions about others by what they do for a living, how they wear their hair and just about everything else. It is amazing how we are always expecting to hear what other people think about any subject that you can think up. How do we let go of our opinionated thoughts and feelings so that we can be less judgmental of others. If we start to listen to our own thoughts and opinions before verbalizing them we can then sort through them and only voice an opinion if it is kind and comes from the space of love within us. This is hard and takes tons of practice it requires stamina and strength to fight off an opinion that comes into our minds when we think of something or someone we do not like. I wonder if we can truly change our opinion of someone or something.
Oh Yes! We can! By changing our opinion of life we can change the way we give these opinions out to others. Our Lives are very changeable just by making changes in what our opinions are.
Remember sometimes we give our opinion as a way of helping another person. There are other times when well intended opinions become hurtful or harmful to others. Maybe you do not feel that your opinion of another matters and it may not. But just say you voice an opinion of another and they over hear this statement and take it in a way that is not positive. This person now feels less than or hurt by your negative opinion. If you have ever been the one who feels that other peoples opinions about you count. Think again, what another person says or thinks about you really does not matter it is only what you think of your self that really counts. Example: I have heard many opinions from other people about my hair I have curly hair that can be big especially in humid weather. Through the years I must admit I have been very hurt by others opinions of how my hair looks. As I have gotten older I have come to the realization that I like my big hair and it really does not matter what anyone else thinks for it is their opinion not mine and I do not choose to own anyone else's opinion as my own. I am happier now that I have let go of caring about other peoples opinion about my hair or how I dress it really does not matter. I love and approve of my self. If another person's opinion of you bothers you I say who cares as long as you know who you are the only opinion of you that counts should be your own.

Today let's practice only stating positive opinions to others.
It is my opinion that if we focus on being positive we will listen to our heart when saying something to or about another. If it feels good and comes from the heart it will be positive and will feel good.
Wishing you positive opinions

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A lady tells you of a mistake that has been made or you will quickly learn the truth about something that has confused you. At home there is justice with a situation time is your friend here. Surprising news comes from a couple, the man has brown hair and will stand down from the lime light the woman is stubborn but will let you make your point.

Taurus: You may have been avoiding changes in your life. Now that you are getting older there are choices that have to be made in order for you to grow and gain wisdom. You are very talented knowing this you may have renewed hope. This may have something to do with your money and how you use it or obtain it. There will be wealth connected with power or movement for you. Use this wisely.

Gemini: There may be a challenge for you that will require the aid of an older woman or a fair haired woman this will come as spiritual advice. Have faith in what she tells you. There may be an ending of a friendship that brings victory to you will bring a renewed balance into your life.

Cancer: Through the generous love of another there is a barrier that will be broken down. You will soon have clarity on something that has given you anxiety there is a happy ending. The lesson here is that sometimes bad news can bring good fortune.

Leo: Maybe you are feeling a little vulnerable or have felt a little greedy in a battle that has brought about a lot of patience in keeping a secret. If you are feeling frustrated the key that will inspire you is when you seek our solitude and just stop, look and listen to what you are being given. Remember your angels are all around you all you have to do is ask them to be with you.

Virgo: You may take a journey in your mind that will give you strength to break down a barrier bringing in happiness wisdom, and peace. At home there is a spirit of a lady that loves you. Expect a romantic weekend.

Libra: If you are a woman you may think of yourself as a woman of the world. You have many talents including being able to hide in plain sight. There is an ending of a situation that has caused confusion stay balanced as you focus on forgiveness with a situation involving a couple that is hiding something from you.

Scorpio: A friend will bring hope where there is heartbreak. After the storm come new beginnings. This will bring about justice to a situation. There may be a surprise from a dark haired woman coming for a visit.

Sagittarius: You soon get good news the truth comes out about a scandal. There is a dark haired man who may call and try to deceive you. Soon you may feel as if you have been reconnected with clarity and there is inspiration coming to you as you relax or meditate. You will have the key that will bring about positive changes for you.

Capricorn: By letting go of greed you have chosen to be generous with your good fortune, you try to see ahead of time how you can help others and through your diligence you will always have plenty this is your good fortune. There may be frustration with brown haired and a brown haired woman this news comes in a phone call that causes anxiety.

Aquarius: You may have a challenge that causes some doubt it is time to meditate and ask for the answers to come to you. You will overcome a challenge that has been destructive there is a well deserved victory for you. By having patience you will receive monetary gains this money may come from a stranger.

Pisces: A mistake may be made that will bring about a spiritual change within you this will bring about a lesson in growth and abundance for you or if you decide to stay in a place of judgment you may experience vulnerability and loss. Choose wisely your thoughts and actions.

June 13, 2011

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse Wednesday June 15, 2011

Wow! Even though this Lunar Eclipse will be felt it will not be seen in the U.S.
Eclipses push us to make changes that we have put on hold or just plain put off. It is the Universes way of making us make changes in our lives one way or another. With the intense energy that an eclipse gives out it is better not to plan an important event on this day wait a few days maybe even wait until the weekend before you put yourself out there too far. You may feel like ditching work or just playing all day, not such a great idea at this time. It is much better to focus on your responsibilities on Wednesday.
This full moon will be in Sagittarius depending on how its aspects affect your chart you may be in a very adventurous mood or quite optimistic.
You may even decide that you are ready to take a vacation to somewhere you have always wanted to go. Go ahead make your plans on Wednesday for next weeks much needed vacation.
You may find your intuition spot on! This week enjoy and listen to the information you are receiving. We all have hunches or as I call it intuition this will be a heightened time if you are working with your higher self. Use this Full Moon to do something fun outdoors, spend some time in Mother Nature take a walk or do some gardening. Smile and use positive body language to get your point across rather than using words of harm of negativity.
The Sun will be in Gemini which will bring in communication from people you haven't talked too in a while.
Communication will be on the forefront today you may find yourself talked out by the end of the day. Just make sure you are using words of sweetness rather than of judgment.

Positive Statements to Improve Your Body Mind and Spirit

My body is as Gods body it heals its self as I feed it with love and support.
All organs in my body are functioning perfectly and healing is now taking place within me.

I am thin trim and beautiful all I am is the vision of perfection and I am love.

My body is a fat burning machine I look and feel beautiful and I am perfect.

I have a connection with something on a higher level than my self I easily connect with spirit to find all the answers I need.

I am filled with positive energy and my body is always re-energizing its self as I think only positive thoughts of myself.

I have clarity in matters of the heart and mind I know I have a direct link to universal knowledge. I easily access this knowledge at anytime I desire.

All my needs are quickly and easily addressed all I have to do is ask and it shall be done.

Money to Burn
You may like to burn onion skins on the Full Moon to bring in money to burn. Take some pliers and hold the onion skins with them, over a green candle let them burn as you visualize having money to burn. Please make sure you do this is a safe place over a cookie sheet so the ashes will not start a fire. We all would like to have a little surprise of cash flow coming our way this one really works I have done it for many years and shared it with many people who will agree with me.

Have you made your bucket list yet?

I have decided to start my bucket list of things I would like to do while I am still alive. It is never too early to make a list of things you would love to do.
I always thought you had to wait till you were old to make your bucket list and after thinking about it, I thought what about starting right now! Not that old yet! Just put anything that you would love to do on paper keep a running list of all that you would like to see and do. You never know when you will get to do the things on your list. Have fun and use your imagination that is why you have one, isn't it?

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Sometimes it is necessary to forgive this may be one of those times. It will be up to you to make the first move, this may be that you will have to pick up the phone and make that call. You may be called upon to use your talents in a situation at work this will bring a victory in your favor. With wisdom comes happiness. If you are a dark haired man there may be a challenge that will bring you anxiety. Or you may have a challenge with a dark haired man do not let this make you feel anxiety or anger.

Taurus: A brown haired woman will bring you some good news. You may have a choice to make concerning your livelihood. A woman who thinks that she is "all that" will make a mistake that may anger you. You may hear the truth from an older couple very soon. Be mindful of what you say to others at this time.

Gemini: You may soon receive news that inspires you to be of help in this situation. You may even find the solution sooner than you think. A brown haired man will tell you that he has come to a crossroads in his life he will talk with you about new beginnings. Or for some there may be new beginnings coming to you (like an offer of employment or change in work) from a brown haired man. You may have to make a quick decision about this think twice before committing. A surprise from a friend brings in good fortune to you.

Cancer: Some bad news may make you angry remember patience is a virtue and time heals all wounds. There is a storm brewing it is time to get some clarity with this situation and do not let yourself become vulnerable to the words of others. Be diligent in what you are seeking in life this will lead to abundance for you, but only if you will let go of your doubts about something concerning your home life.

Leo: Soon you will learn of a destructive situation that is filled with deception have faith this situation will resolve it's self. There may be an ending this could be in a relationship or with someone close to you like a friend. There is a lesson in growth that will soon bring justice to a situation you have been going through. Be grateful for this lesson. The Money is on its way, unexpected money comes in.

Virgo: A lady may be generous with you in the near future or a gift may come from a lady that you know soon. A hidden enemy could soon be revealed this may come as a surprise to you. If you are feeling a bit hurt or you are heartbroken because of a situation use your strength to take back your power if you have been giving it away. There are changes coming in that will bring new hope for you. Take this time to seek out solitude and ask for guidance from your angels.

Libra: Where you have been frustrated concerning matters of the heart there is soon a spiritual reconciliation for you and the one you love. It is time to bridge the gaps and listen to the guidance you are bring given there is much for you to gain now through this experience. For a man that is close to you there is a breaking down of the barriers between jealousy and greed. You will soon notice a change in him. Remember love heals all wounds allow love to guide you now.

Scorpio: If you have been keeping secrets in order to keep the peace soon there will be news of a loss that is reveled. There may be some confusion concerning a sexual attraction this may be someone you have met on a journey. You may soon receive some news from a dark haired woman about a stranger that she has met this is someone famous. If you are a dark haired woman you may soon meet a stranger who is famous.

Sagittarius: An attraction to the opposite sex could have you acting a little foolish. Remember a fool and his money are soon parted watch you're spending habits and you will have the money you need. If someone has made you feel vulnerable soon new avenues of communication will bring down the barriers that were holding you back from the wealth you deserve. It is time to listen and look at the big picture of what you desire in life this is where you will find peace.

Capricorn: Something you have been thinking of will bring a victory for you in a situation where power is concerned. With time comes inspiration that will bring an ending of fear and there will be renewed hope, all you have to do is have faith in yourself. There will soon be a gift for you from a friend or loved one.

Aquarius: you may soon have to travel to help out a dark haired woman who is on a path of destruction or is in some kind of trouble. Be careful when out and about there is someone watching you, this may be a stranger. Use your strength to end the confusion that is surrounding you. You are strong and have the ability to see beyond the superficial. If you are in a relationship it looks as if things will be going great for you and your love.
If you are not in a relationship at this time there may soon be someone new in your life.

Pisces: An older man or a younger man with light hair will soon be truthful with you this will strengthen your friendship. Soon you will have clarity in a situation you have fretted over there really is justice for you and new beginnings are here for you. You may soon reconnect with someone from your past there is much to gain through seeing how much this person has grown.

I am very humble to have so many wonderful people in my life I thank you for being one of them.
Have a Wonderful Week my friend
Remember to think of all that makes you happy and grateful for your life upon this beautiful earth.
I am thankful for all that has brought me this wonderful life.

July 5, 2011

Greetings from Julie
I know it has been awhile since I have written a newsletter.
It has been a very busy time for me as I have been painting the inside of my house and making some much needed changes.
I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July I would love to say I enjoy this holiday but I don't. I feel for the animals that have to endure the noise of humans making fools of their selves blowing fire works up. This is just my opinion but it is really sad to see my little Dog George clawing at the walls and freaking out each time there is a boom. His little heart was going so fast I really felt sad for him. As for me I laid awake until well after 1:30 am listening to the booms going off in the neighborhood. I think we should have some compassion for the animals that suffer at this time of year. Oh yes I put George in a kennel so he would be safe yet still he clawed at it the rest of the night. I hope tonight it will be more peaceful as this has gone on for a week.
I do not mean to be a party pooper I just feel there should be a better way to celebrate. The animals must feel that their world was blowing up around them. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion on this subject!

Staying Positive
We each would love to wake each morning with a smile on our face and love in our hearts but face it life just doesn't work that way! Staying Positive takes dedication to your self in order to maintain the happy feelings in our hearts and minds. Noticing this energy is sometimes hard to do because we are so good at thinking that every thought we have must be our own. On Saturday I was working with my husband fixing up the house I had held the plumb bob as we did some aligning for a wall. When we were done I started to wind up the string then instantly there were knots that I could not explain how they got in the string. Feeling frustrated as I tried to get them out there seemed to be more and more knots. Soon I became irritated and realized that this energy was not my energy I did not know where it had come from but I knew that it was not normal for me to get so upset over string. I then decided to grab my sage wand and clear the negative energy I was feeling. After I smudged myself and the entire house everything was back to normal and I felt a great relief. The next morning my husband came into the office where I was working on my computer, his hands were clinched and his face was red as a beet he said to me "I don't know what is happening I feel so angry and I can't figure out why". I looked up at him and said that is because it is not your energy I got up from my desk and went to get the sage. As soon as I was finished smudging him with the sage I could see he was much more relaxed. He knew it was not his energy and thank goodness he realized it sooner rather than later. Where did this energy come from? I have thought about this and wondered if we had picked it up at the home improvement store where we had been the day before. Then I realized that when I was outside smashing cans on Thursday night, I had looked up at the second story window of a home across the block. An old man had died there about a year ago. His wife had moved out and into a rest home shortly after his death. As I looked at the window I heard a voice that said "she left me here all alone".
I knew it was the old man, he had seen me looking at the window where his spirit stood. I went into my house and chills went through me as I stood there telling my husband what I saw and heard. I think I must have picked up some spirit energy. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out where and when you pick up energy that is not your own. Being aware of the energy around you is so important because you can pick up negative energy just about anywhere, any time and from anyone living or deceased. It is always good to have a White Sage Bundle handy for such times.
Staying Positive is a state of mind we have to constantly have to keep reminding ourselves to be in. This is the only way that we can recognize when energy that is negative is in our space or trying to take over. Ego can play a big part in our energy and can be positive or negative depending on how you allow your spiritual self to interact with your ego self.
Make this the week you decide to work within your spiritual self and let go of the ego self that can create havoc in your life. How do you do this? Just ask yourself "is this me?" Am I coming from a place of love? Do these feelings make me feel good in my heart and mind? Soon you will be able to recognize the signs that the energy you are feeling is or is not your own.

Well this was not what I had thought I was going to write about today but I guess there is a reason to tell this story and hopefully it will help you in some way. Blessings from Julie/Tickles and Sparkles!

August 1, 2011

Dear Friends,
I know it has been awhile since I have written a newsletter but now I am back on track after a long over due overhaul on my living room and dining room. I have to say all the hard work has paid off and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am an artist yet I really don't care to paint walls I usually end up with most of the paint on me.
That said I am so happy I have the time today to get this written and as always I hope you will enjoy reading Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles.

August 2, 2011 Mercury will once again go Retrograde

Yes, I know it comes around all too often! This time it will be with us until August 26th 2011. I am sure you know the drill when it comes to Mercury Retrograde, Re- should be placed in front of anything you are planning to do this month. Re-do, re-place, re-peat, re-fine, re-organize. I have already noticed the effects of the retrograde happening for many people including my self. So just relax and take time to realign your self this month with the goals you are setting forth for yourself. Remember that it is not a good time to spend large amounts of money on luxury items or cars, homes etc… Wait instead until September to invest in the above or in anything electronic.
One last Note: Mercury rules communication please NOTICE when ego is pushing you to argue a point rather than just let it go. Have a wonderful retrograde all.

Divine Guidance

At this place in time we are being given an opportunity to take a look at our lives and see the importance of our lives here on this beautiful Earth. We have been given many blessings that have brought us to this time. Now it is time once again to expand our knowledge and ask for the Divine Guidance to begin healing all that is ailing this earth and its inhabitants. Some of us have noticed that it is easier than ever before to trust our intuition and allow it to guide us. Now it is time that we focus our energy on the entire world allowing all judgment and fears to fall away, bringing peacefulness to the fore front of our minds. To do this will require concentration for you have the ability to control what you think and act upon. Let love fill your heart and minds as you can then make the changes you have dreamed of. Allow others their lives as you have your own life to live. Work together for this will help in bring the desired changes for your self and for other people. Thank You

The above message came to me as I sat at my computer today writing this newsletter. I prayed for assistance and guidance as I began writing. I had another subject in mind but it quickly left as I began. I have read over the above several times because I feel that this message is deeper that I first thought. I do believe it is time to start using our gifts to send healing love to all of this earth. By not being choosy about who and what we send our love to, we are letting go of judgment. Then is when we are able to see the affects of what love can do for this world. I love you all my friends, Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may feel as if there is a barrier between you and someone you are interested in romantically. Do not allow your doubts to block you. At work there may be bad news, do not let this become a challenge ask for wisdom in what to do next. Remember change can be good.

Taurus: A brown haired woman may be holding you back from new beginnings this may be a woman who is very greedy. You have the power to over come this situation through meditation and paying attention to the signs you are given. Soon there is new growth for you through staying positive.

Gemini: There could be a disagreement between two women in your life this may cause heart break. Have faith soon there will be a reconciliation. There is soon a spiritual surprise in store for you this will allow you to recognize that you are the master of your own life.

Cancer: Maybe you have been waiting patiently at home for clarity in some situation that involves work or a situation where strength is needed. Soon you will have your answer it will come to you through a man who is older or has blond hair. If you are looking for a job in the media you will soon get your answer or will be told of an opening in your field.

Leo: There may be a secret told that will create a storm if in judgment. The lesson here is to choose peace instead of arguing. There could be deception from a lover or mate will cause frustration if you allow it to become more than it is. You have a choice it is up to you to decide what you need in a relationship. Again choose peace.

Virgo: You will hear or see a fight or argument between two men one you may know. This may be a fight or argument over money, do not take sides. You will soon be given guidance that will bring in financial gains. There is good news on its way. Stay upbeat and positive as you will attract more of what you desire through being happy.

Libra: You may hear of a loss through jealousy and destruction of a relationship between a dark haired man and a woman who thinks she is all that. You may hear of this in a phone call, do not let it get you all worried. Breathe! You may want to get away for awhile and seek out some solitude for your self.

Scorpio: Inspiration brings in good fortune and justice to a situation involving a mistake made. This good fortune may come from something you are talented at. A dark haired woman will seek forgiveness. There is an old saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." She may not be being totally honest with you.

Sagittarius: You will find hope where you have been the most vulnerable lately. There is a victory that will end the confusion and will bring a new sense of friendship in a relationship. Love brings in a generous gift for you.

Capricorn: There is truth in communication, stay balanced and focus your thoughts on happiness this will bring in more wealth. You may hear of an ending involving a gray haired or light haired, man. This may make you feel a bit vulnerable. The lesson is to stay balanced and happy this will bring the most growth and abundance for you.

Aquarius: Do not let judgment cloud your clarity. Yes people may talk about you but it is up to you to listen or to ignore them. Your spiritual side is asking you to stop, look and listen at this time. You have much strength and through the help of friends you can avoid a situation that has been bothering you. Just remember if you do not learn the lesson now you may have to revisit it.

Pisces: A battle may ensue through frustration with a brown haired woman this is not the time for a fight but to use your powers for inspiration and this will bring in good news. Good fortune will soon come to you through someone you thought did not like you, this will be in perfect timing.

August 15, 2011

Greetings from Julie
Wishing you a wonderful week starting the moment you open this newsletter. I hope you are getting through this retrograde and still have your wits about you. So far it has been fairly good nothing major has gone wrong "Knock on Wood". The 26th of August is right around the corner and we should start noticing the energy changing for the better very soon. Keep your thoughts positive and breathe! Especially if you encounter a situation that is frustrating! Hold off until Mercury Retrograde ends on the 26th of August if making important decisions or signing important papers.

Being Spoiled doesn't mean Rotten

Many of us would never admit that we are spoiled or that we have spoiled our children in any way. But it is time to look at what is happening in our society and in our lives. Now I am not saying that you are not deserving of the best in life, because in fact you are. Yes! You and I deserve everything we desire to create in this life. Sadly there are people who have given up on their dreams with the loss of income and homes in the past few years, people have given up hope for the possibility of their dreams ever coming true. I know families that have lost everything and other families that have been quite lucky and fortunate that they are still financially secure. Yet even some of them live in fear wondering if next week they will have a job to go too.
With so much fear we forget to create what we desire by using our minds to visualize a better outcome to our future. Some people have just given up on their dreams of success I hope you are not one of those people! If so you may not want to even finish reading this newsletter. Now if you are a person who desires more out of life than letting the energies of universal thought bring you down. It may be time to start changing the energy around you by fighting off the negative energies you encounter each day. By thinking positive you send that energy out into the universe it thereby attracts more energy of the same returning to you at an unknown time as something positive in your life. We have talked about this subject many times as most of you know you create everything in your life first through your thoughts. Secondly you create through your actions, and thirdly through your voice as your voice is energy. If you have a ruff time believing that your voice contains energy put your hand up to your mouth and say the words "I love you" feel your breath on your hand. This is energy! So simple yet so hard to control when you are angry what usually happens? Do you yell, scream, or feel tensions welling up inside of you waiting to explode. That is energy also! The kind of energy you should recognize quickly before you put it out into the universe. For once out there it is already on its way back to you in one form or another. I know that there are times I have had to immediately hit the cancel, cancel clear button in my mind to get rid of the frustrations that are going on within me. And yes I too have said out loud many words I would love to erase, when I was angry. None of us are perfect! But thank goodness we have the power within us to change our thoughts and our feelings because we are in control. Being spoiled does not have to mean being selfish or rude to those who do not have as much as you. It just means it is okay to create what you desire and go for your goals without harm to anyone.

As a child I grew up in a home where we did not have a lot of anything. Yes life was difficult at times but I found value in what I did have. When I got older and had children four of them I learned that if you give to one you have to give to all of them. I learned that love was the most important gift you could give your children, not something bought off the shelf. Yet today many parents feel the need to shower their children with gifts instead of their time and love. Today people are spoiling their children with material things instead of the love that would give them more compassion and goodness towards others. Children of parents who have a regular income and can afford gifts have now become in competition with other children that do not have as much. I have a young grandson that will only wear name brand clothing, to that I say maybe it is time to teach this child how to sew "I taught my oldest son how to sew and he actually made his own school clothes". Or maybe it is time he learned that he can earn his own money by doing chores for an allowance. Children need to learn how to create what they desire in life. They need to learn that it is okay not to have name brands no matter how rich or poor your parents are. I am very concerned about the children growing up today it seems they have no understanding of where the money comes from beyond Mom and Dad. So I have a challenge for you Parents out there how about this Christmas instead of showering your children with an overload of gifts, give them just one this year. Then teach them make gifts for their friends and family. It is not cruel or unusual punishment! Really they will thank you when they are older for taking the time to teach them what giving is all about. With Love we can spoil our children in a positive way. This may someday make our country stronger because by spoiling our children through teaching them that they can create anything in their lives that they desire by being positive and allowing their minds to be creative. Maybe these hard times can get better and our country get stronger through instilling in the youth of today goal setting and moral values that are beyond the superficial. It is the children of these days that will rule our country tomorrow. I hope that we will not have to endure selfish spoiled brats in charge of our country. Much like is happening right now with our leaders. Remember when the "Golden Rule" ruled? "Do unto others as you would want others to do unto you" It is not a step backwards but a leap forwards.
I send you all love, and may the week ahead bring great blessings into your life.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A stranger may soon bring peace to a situation involving a friend who has been taking more from the friendship than giving. A couple will soon talk with you about an opportunity that will bring new growth in your life. This will come from some kind of communication, phone, letter or email.

Taurus: Great changes are coming and there is much clarity afforded you this may even bring financial gains your way. There may be someone who is watching over you at this time through your work or vocation. Do not allow your doubts to over shadow you if a man this could be an older woman or blond haired woman. If a woman you need not worry hold your head high.
If you have been looking for a new romance there is now hope on the horizon.

Gemini: Soon there may be a gift given you from a brown haired woman the lesson here is be a grateful receiver. Focus your thoughts not on jealousy but on attaining the wealth you desire seek out a quiet place and meditate on what you would like. If there has, been some frustrations with a partner there will soon be reconciliation. Look to the full moon and the days around it for renewing romance.

Cancer: The good news is that there is calm before the storm, enjoy this time there is a gray haired man that is still very angry at some thing that you may or may not have done on purpose. After the storm good fortune and abundance will return. There may be a battle concerning matters of the heart and children may be involved.

Leo: There is soon a victory involving a dark haired woman at or near your home. You may hear a secret involving a mistake made by a woman who is famous or well known. Use the power of faith to bring in what you desire in life this may involve being quite diligent in asking for what you desire. In other words don't give up on your dreams.

Virgo: There may be some bad news arriving soon about loss of something or someone. Forgiveness in someone or about some situation may bring a new beginning that will surprise you. You may have had a challenge that has been brought on by someone who may be deceiving you.
By using the wisdom you already have within you and trusting the guidance you are being given you will have a positive outcome to any situation that may arise.

Libra: Where there has been heartbreak and confusion there is soon a great change that will bring in happiness. A dark haired man feels he has you figured out and is more talented than you or more powerful. Not too worry though there is justice that will bring out the hidden enemy all you have to do is stop, look, and listen for there is much guidance given you at this time.
An answered prayer now comes to you under grace and in a perfect way.

Scorpio: Judgment time is here you have been patient long enough for someone who has sought to be famous there may be a scandal looming. Remember this is your journey in life the Key is to be inspired and to inspire others not through fear but through being truthful and honest with them. This may be a spiritual test you will endure or there will be an ending that may cause you to feel foolish.

Sagittarius: Your challenge may be to avoid a scandal involving a brown haired woman. A dark haired that you may not know personally may cause an argument that will lead to destruction of some sorts. There is Growth through inspiration never let go of hope. Stay positive even in the worst of times this will be the Key to attaining the better things in life.

Capricorn: If you are feeling a bit confused about a situation involving someone who wants to take over your job or your interests. He is no stranger and is a very jealous person it may be time to look and listen to others around you. Think about what they are telling you before acting upon your fears. An older woman will soon tell of a new beginning where you can use your talents to their fullest this may involve a brown haired man.

Aquarius: Well you may have gone through a battle of the wits and there has been much anxiety about others judgment. There may be a journey that will be taken because of some bad news received this will give you clarity in deciding what you have to gain through listening to your intuition. It may be time to end a love relationship that has been one sided or look at it in a different way.

Pisces: You may soon be told of someone who is interested in you romantically this news is from a friend. There is abundance through solitude, meditation and prayer. Have faith and let go of frustration for there are changes on the way very soon.

August 29, 2011

Much joy to all this week if you haven't written down ten wishes it would be a great idea to do so as yesterday August 28, 2011 was the New Moon and you still have time to get those wishes written.

Life's lessons
We have all had many life's lessons for as long as we have been alive on this earth. Each person has many different and unique lessons that are theirs alone. By recognizing that we have been there done that once before, we also get that we do not have to try to go through the same lesson the same way again if we choose not too. When you are young the lessons you learn may soon be forgotten and then some kind of similar lesson pops up. That is when you may or may not choose to make the same choices as before with the similar lesson. We have all at one time or another had to relearn a lesson or two. It is like we thought we could do it the same way and things would turn out differently. Only to our surprise do we realize that it doesn't work that way. As we progress in life the lessons keep coming and we learn some of them quite quickly and others we get to by pass all together because we recognize that we have learned that lesson and can move onto the next without going through the same thing over and over again.
I am thankful for the lessons I have learned and continue to learn in this lifetime. I am thankful for the lessons that have taught me about love and how to love for these lessons are what have made me who I am today. I am sure that you too have had lessons that have made you the person you are today.
At the beginning of each day ask for Divine guidance in learning each lesson given you today so that it will be a positive lesson and that it may help to bring about a positive change not only for you but for whom ever you are involved with in this lesson. When we ask for this guidance it is given to us even if we do not recognize it at the time. I find being grateful ahead of time brings about wonderful results in all aspects of life and its lessons.
Have a wonderful week and remember there are reasons for everything! Even if we do not understand at this time we will eventually. It could be in an hour or a day or a few months, think it is all about just trusting Universal timing.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may have turned your back on someone who had doubted you or that you have had doubts about this may just be a judgment call on your part. If you have been thinking about reconciliation with someone who had hurt you in the past it is better to move forward than backwards. There may also be a disagreement over money this week. Changes are coming concerning your spiritual choices these may be good or may involve letting go of something. It is time to stop look and listen to the signs you are now being given if you do not like something turn it around.

Taurus: You may feel a little confused about someone's generosity, this may leave you feeling a bit vulnerable. There is no need to battle with your self over feeling a little greedy by accepting a gift or someone's generosity. The lesson here is that it is that it is okay to receive be grateful. There is love from a lady who will bring new hope to you.

Gemini: Okay so you have been through some frustrating times lately now it is time to be diligent and have faith that you can attain what you desire in life. There is soon truth and clarity received in some situation just a little more patience is all that is needed here. You may hear from a woman who tells of a journey that has come to an ending. This could be news of a car accident.

Cancer: There is jealousy that is yours of comes from a stranger, this could lead to a loss of some kind. There is also happiness that comes after the storm a victory will be your reward if you make your own choices and do not allow other people to tell you what to do. A dark haired woman may feel you are being foolish in some matter this woman comes across as being bossy or pushy remember you are the master of your own life and no one is able to make you do anything you do not want to.

Leo: New beginnings are now being brought to you this comes as a sign that all the heartbreak you have had to endure will soon end and you will come out more powerful than before. There is also good fortune coming your way this brings about popularity for you and the answers you have waited for will soon be received. A surprise involving one of your many talents will be good news you may hear about this from a secret being told in your presence.

Virgo: There is soon news from a light haired or gray haired man about anger and there may be someone who is talking behind his back or is watching him. Tell him to look out for a hidden enemy. New wisdom this week leads to breaking down old barriers and new growth for you. There may be some bad news from a dark haired man about money. Look towards the end of the week for wealth to come in.

Libra: A spouse or partner will be calling on you at home to let you know he or she cares and loves you. There is soon a challenge with a brown haired man this is a person who may be deceiving you or he may not be the person you thought he was. A romantic time will liven up things towards the beginning of the weekend there will be good news received and a peaceful feeling will comfort you.

Scorpio: A phone call may bring upsetting news but a friend will lend strength just when you need it. There is much to gain if you learn from your mistakes. An older woman will offer you some sage advice it will be up to you to accept it or to ignore it. Seek out some solitude and relax for awhile a little meditation will bring a new perspective and justice will bring you inspiration about something you have been contemplating.

Sagittarius: You may soon learn that someone has a crush on you or a secret love will be revealed. If you are not in a relationship there is a sexual attraction to someone who has gone through about the same situation as you have just come out of. This will help you to let go of your judgment of the past. Thus allowing for new beginnings or if you have been frustrated with a situation involving someone you love this frustration is now coming to an end be it good or bad the outcome will afford you much wisdom to make the changes that will bring more happiness into your life.

Capricorn: Through faith you have brought much change into your life. There is a friend that will help in some way. This may concern your work. Victory arrives bringing with it a spiritual awakening in some way. Soon you may receive some bad news that requires you take a journey you will also need to take along some strength concerning this situation. Don't worry it won't be all that bad! Keep in mind your faith and believe that everything is happening for a reason. Remember there is Victory for you soon.

Aquarius: If someone or something has had you a bit confused lately this person does not have your best interests at heart. You may seek out the help of a spiritual person for advice about this situation. There is hope coming to you if you have been searching for a new job or business pursuit. When doing your interview remember to be truthful and honest about what you expect. A man may be upset at himself for not being more generous with you this may be a friend or a lover.

Pisces: It may be that you have been deceived by someone close to you or you may have just had a disagreement with someone remember to breathe this situation will turn out peacefully. A man who has caused heartbreak will soon doubt his position in this situation he just needs to pay attention to the signs that are bring given him. Be diligent in what you are asking for and what you desire you may have to make some phone calls to get what you want but you will succeed this may concern a home.
Each birth sign has different meanings some short and some long even though the same amount of cards are being read. I hope you enjoy them and do not take them too seriously they are broad so take what you will from them.

September 14, 2011

Greetings Friends,

I hope life is treating you good! I also hope that you are staying positive in times when you may not feel so positive.

I know that sometimes it is hard to stay positive when things get you down. That is why we have to remind ourselves to let go and let God or the Universe, bring in the right answers for us.

Yes I know it is easy to say "Just let it go" but much more challenging to really do it!
Within the last week, I had to learn a lesson in letting go of my fears and worries. This was very challenging because it involved my cat Garfy she had gotten very ill. I took her to see the Vet hoping to find out what had happened to make her so ill. She spent a couple of days there before we could take her home. During the first night I was so down with worry I couldn't even think straight. When out of the blue I felt a feeling of great comfort telling me to trust that she, Garfy would be alright and believe in what I tell others. Let go of fears and see her healthy. Soon I was focusing on seeing her healthy as I talked with the "Kitty Gods" asking them to keep her safe and let her know I love her. All of the fear energy started leaving me as I felt a sense of peace come over me. I instantly knew she was feeling better. I know I had been picking up on her energy. The Vet called soon after that to tell me she was doing better, but they were going to keep her over night. We picked her up two days later thank goodness. I have to say I was so happy! She is doing so much better now but I still had some more of the "lesson in letting go" to learn. I had started letting her go outside yesterday she loves being outside. This morning she did not come in for breakfast, the panic set in and I went full force into panic. This lasted for about three minutes until I saw her eyes out in the dark of the yard as I flashed the flashlight around. As it got lighter she still had not come in I started into the fear and then suddenly I remembered that I had to trust that God would take care of this situation, that she would be okay. I had to leg go of the fear as soon as I noticed it! Putting every ounce of faith I have into the trust that everything happens for a reason and that God does work miracles. I went about my shower, choosing to let go and focusing on positive only thoughts.
Too my surprise! I walked out of the bathroom and saw her lying on the bed like a princess. I have a feeling everything will be ok! I have learned this lesson now I will focus on creating a more positive lesson that will inspire me with more positive thoughts.

"Believe in the Power of Positive and of Love. Put the thoughts of worry and fear into the hands of God for that is where change begins."

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be hoping for reconciliation if there has been a recent break-up. I am sad to tell you that there is much jealousy in your home or that this person is not being honest with you. It may be you that needs to let go of your own jealousy and remember you are the master of your own life. This is especially true if you are a dark haired woman that has gone through loss. Use your strength to find your way out of the confusion this will bring in good news very soon for you.

Taurus: If you thinking about making changes that would allow you to seek out what you really would love to do as far as a career is concerned, don't think yourself foolish for the only mistake would be not to go for your dreams. You will see many changes in the next couple of weeks one of these changes concerns some bad news you hear of a dark haired man. If you are a man it may be time to take your lady somewhere out of the way for a little romantic vacation. Now if you are a woman it may be time to contemplate going on that camping trip with your man or maybe just planning a little get away for two.

Gemini: Okay maybe you have felt a little doubt about a brown haired man and maybe he hurt your feelings or broke your heart. It is time to focus on letting go of the fears that make you feel vulnerable. The storm is passing and abundance follows. Just like the rain feeds the fields when the anger fears and worries are gone the money will flow. You may soon meet a stranger who is a gray haired man or a light haired man he will help you as long as you are diligent in what you desire and are willing to work for it.

Cancer: There is power in a lesson that will inspire you very soon. It is time to pay attention to the signs you are given and to Stop, Look and Listen to what you are receiving through these signs. There is an end of destruction through taking the path of peace. A friend will soon bring you hope this is a brown haired woman.

Leo: You will soon find love and generosity through your talents. Through your faith you will find out about someone you may consider a hidden enemy, you will know this because you will see greed in this person. A man you know quite well may cause a scandal in public this will help you in seeing who this person really is that is when the barriers will melt for you there will be a sense of victory filling your heart and mind.

Virgo: There are new beginnings for you dear Virgo you have been patient and now a surprise will soon arrive. This may be an invitation of something that will make you very happy. There is happiness and justice in a situation concerning a relationship where there is a sexual attraction. The future brings in clarity and good fortune to you.

Libra: Through judgment from a lady that is close to you there will be an ending that is going to blow the top off of things. This situation may go in either of tow directions no matter what happens there is a battle brewing and there are secrets being told you by a gray haired woman or blond haired woman. There is truth coming out of this challenge and also there is growth for you for it is now time to look your self in the mirror and see the loving soul in the glass for a heart to heart with your higher self will do you good and you may come out on top in this situation.

Scorpio: A woman of the world may soon talk to you about an opportunity that could bring you fame this will take you back, a bit because it will present a new pathway for you. It is time to use your best judgment go with what makes you feel the best. Soon there is some bad news from or about an older man who is very generous. A stranger will soon be a spiritual inspiration to you or for you.

Sagittarius: It may be time to do a reading for yourself or have one done there is some confusion at or around the home that you need to look into. There may have been heart break in the past but love is right around the corner for you if single. On the other hand there may be a disagreement that has caused you heartbreak this may come about if it hasn't already. Do not despair for there is an opportunity to make up and have a loving, romantic
Interlude with the one you love. If you have broken up with a dark haired man or are a dark haired man, there may be thoughts of reconciliation. I have to say the outcome does not look good for this relationship to be lasting.

Capricorn: There is good fortune on its way to you this news arrives from a light haired or older woman and will help you in finding the truth about something you have been trying to figure out. Through a mistake in communication there will be secrets told or someone will talk behind your back. You are about to find your true power dear Capricorn it will bring you great peace and an ending to a situation you have worried about.

Aquarius: If you are a lady there is justice for you it comes with forgiveness on your part. Or Justice is now brought you by a lady and you will forgive her for a past transgression. A scandal may cause you to think about moving on or making a journey this is something you must use wisdom in deciding. Through patience there is an answer to the battle of who has been deceiving you. You will soon find out who this person or person's is.

Pisces: A dark haired woman will soon ask your thoughts about what she has worried about do not doubt yourself you do have the answers for her just listen to the thoughts you are receiving and give them to her in a pleasant way. Through loss there have been many challenges with attaining wealth. Yes it has been a ruff road, but now there are new beginnings that are golden and there is a side of you that will be so happy the tide has turned in your favor. Believe.

September 26, 2011

Greetings Everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to start your week with a smile on your face.

Tuesday September 27, 2011 is the New Moon
The new moon is a time when we write down ten wishes and put them into a wish box or keep them with you in your wallet or purse. The New Moon is also the time when we look at what we desire to bring into our lives during the next month.

The Rewarding Feelings of Accomplishment

I have written before on making lists of the tasks that we desire to accomplish during the week and of setting goals for ourselves. I have found that when I ask people if they have made a list of what they desire to accomplish each week they say "sure it is in my head". Okay People I believe that it is possible to keep a list of "to do's" in your head or should I say mind. The thing is that you are not checking off the things you do accomplish during the day if you have your list just in your mind and we definitely know that the mind is ever changing. I have found that if we take ten minutes to make a list on paper then each time we accomplish a task we check it off our list. By the end of the day you usually can feel pretty good about yourself and what you have accomplished during the day. Making lists are not just to see what you can accomplish but they can really help with your self-esteem giving you a sense of satisfaction. Many times you will find that you will accomplish so much more during the day by having a list that you can look and be reminded of what is next on your agenda. Many people have so much to do each day that is hard to keep everything on track because they do not have a list and the list in your mind can be soon forgotten if something or some situation that needs immediate attention comes up during the day. Leaving you to re think what you have to get accomplished before the end of the day. My husband is always making up "Three week look a-heads" for his work. It keeps him on track and allows for him to bring into perspective what he has to do to keep the job going and bring it in on time. I have to say I have done this and know that trying to figure out what is happening three weeks down the road is really a challenge yet it gives an outline for what we have to get accomplished. I like to get my list started on Monday mornings while I am sipping some coffee I write out a daily list of things I will accomplish that day. I also put long term goals in there to be done when time permits. The best reward is at the end of the day when I look at all the things I have checked off of my list and can say this has been a great day! I now challenge you to start making your list of things you will accomplish in one week. Leave room to ad to it or change things up a bit if you have too. I hope that you will really work on this one because I believe that you too will feel this great sense of accomplishment within yourself also. Today I have just checked off something on my list by writing this newsletter and yes I do feel like I have accomplished something big each time I write these newsletters. Have a wonderful week! Please let me know it this works for you also, I would love to hear from you and how you keep up with all the tasks at hand each week.
By Staying Positive and Accomplishing what you set out to do each day you will find you are a happier person with even more energy.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be feeling a big vulnerable this may be because of a phone call or communication that you have received about something you have been diligent in working on in the past few months. There may be some bad news that arrives it may eve take much strength to avoid saying something you when you know you should not go there. Do not judge others before looking deeply at your own life. An ending comes as a result of greed and jealousy.

Taurus: If you've been looking for a way to use your talents in a creative way you will soon learn a secret that may even bring fame and good fortune to you. Through having faith in your self you will soon be inspired this inspiration will bring much wisdom your way. If you are a light haired woman or older woman there is now peace for you as you have learned to be the master of your life. If you are male or female you will soon make peace with an older woman who has been very pushy in your life.

Gemini: There is good news for you this news concerns a reconciliation to find out who this is with, it may be time to quiet your self or select a time to get away and enjoy some solitude. Let go of the frustration you have for you will soon meet a stranger who will bring you good fortune. Soon you will see the results of a lesson learned this will bring about happiness with your spouse or mate, maybe a romantic evening out would do the trick. Wealth is right around the corner for you it may come in a very, unexpected way.

Cancer: A challenge to your happiness comes from a deception you learn of. A brown haired man may soon judge you or tell you of his doubts. Or you may have doubted the brown haired man and his judgment. If you have felt you've been up against a wall or barrier it is about to come to an end through the generosity of a friend you will learn of a hidden enemy.

Leo: A dark haired couple will soon try your patience or will have bad timing. Where you may have had some worries there is soon a phone call that will bring news of a sexual attraction. You may hear of the destiny of an older man who has caused much destruction. You may also have a dream in which you will see much destruction and you will meet a spirit Guide or Angel. Write down your dreams they can be signs given us. A piece of jade under your pillow will help you remember your dreams.

Virgo: It may be time to let go of anger and find forgiveness in your heart with a brown haired woman this will bring you winnings in some way. You may have a disagreement with an angry man in your travels be careful this man could cause a scandal or you may have seen this man in your travels and then on the nightly news. What you thought was a mistake may be the thing that causes your powers to grow for it is now the time for new growth in your life.

Libra: A friend may talk to you at home about a break up or of someone who's heartbroken. There is clarity amidst confusion there is a lady who will soon stand out in your mind she is the one who can help you to find this clarity. Ask and you will receive. There is someone you feel has acted a little foolish this person will tell you of a loss of some kind. Instead of making this person feel worse give them hope. You are about to receive some news that will let you know that there really are answered prayers.

Scorpio: A letter or an invitation from a friend who has traveled the world will soon bring you a surprise victory. This may come in the form of abundance. You may have had premonitions about a storm that is coming these are messages for you to open the spiritual gateway once again and to get in touch with your Angels and Spirit Guides especially if you haven't in awhile. If single there is love on the horizon for you and new beginnings. Be sure to pay attention to the signs you are given at this time.

Sagittarius: A woman who thinks she is all that will soon cause some confusion look at this situation as a lesson in generosity or a gift. There may be a surprise in store for you when the truth comes out and you learn of a hidden enemy. This could be close to home. A fair haired man or gray haired man will soon teach you something you did not know this could lead to financial gains for you or winnings.

Capricorn: There is good fortune for you concerning a lady that you know. Stop look and listen to the signs you are being given this also brings in good fortune to you. You may soon or have just received some news that I really hate to tell you will tick you off royally. Or there is a battle with a man who is on a path of his own destruction and this is the bad news. A reconciliation with someone will soon bring new growth do not feel as though you are being vulnerable in any way if they tend to question you or your judgment.

Aquarius: There are people who are trying to deceive you in some way this is because they are jealous of you they are not even friends but strangers. A dark haired woman will soon bring you much abundance and happiness in your life. Where there has been heartache there is strength for you know that the other person was there out of his or her own greed and not for love.

Pisces: You may soon hear of a scandal concerning a brown haired woman this is news of secrets that have now been let out of the bag she may be a famous person like an artist, musician or writer. Change is now here for you my dear and it is time to let go of all anxiety you have been keeping bottled inside. You are about to enter a very peaceful time of life. There will be plenty of time for solitude and new beginnings are now breaking down all barriers of the past.

October 10, 2011
Happy Month of Halloween
I do not know why I love Halloween so much I guess it is because it is a time of having fun and enjoying the parties and gatherings that are a part of this time. I wish you all a very happy month and luck in finding that right costume! You could win a free 30 minute reading with Julie just by emailing a picture of you in your costume to Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com Good Luck!

Miracles begin the Moment I let go!
We all wish to have something wonderful happen in our lives, be it Love Happiness or Prosperity. What ever it is and maybe it is all three but when you come right down to it you already have these things and maybe they go unnoticed at times. All are accessible to us already all we have to do is act as if it is already here for us. When we do this we are giving the "Universe" or "God" a sign that we are ready for our good to rush in. We all have our worries and burdens. It is when we release our preconceived notions of how and when and where that our good will come in, at that point in time is when the miracles can then manifest into our lives. I tell people sometimes you have to get to your wits end before you get your answers. Why is this? Because when you are at your wits end is when you finally can let go and let God or the Universe take over the reigns for you. Expect good things to happen for you and even if they do not happen right now keep expecting for the more good energy you are putting out there the more you are attracting. Pretty soon you will notice changes in yourself and what you are attracting to you will be better, better and better if you keep your thoughts and feelings positive you just may be amazed at the miracles that come in for you.
Have a wonderful week my friends, Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

The Full Moon is on Tuesday October 11, 2011
Write down your troubles and burn them with a white candle
White is the Color of the Day!
Set your stones or crystals out under the
Moon to be cleansed by its light
Clear the energy in your home by boiling up some cloves spice ground or whole in a pot of hot water let the sent be carried through out your home through the steam.
Add some cinnamon spice for extra nice fragrance and to bring in money.

If you like Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter please let me know. By letting me know what you like I can be of better service to you. I would like to know that you enjoy reading the newsletters or if you just delete them. I would like to know if you forward them to your friends and family and offer my gratitude for passing them along. I always aim to write something every other week that will inspire you in some way. Thank you for taking the time to let me know your feelings and maybe you will have some ideas for topics I can use in future newsletters. By writing these newsletter I feel I am putting my little bit of sunshine unto the world. Love you all, Julie

October 10, 2011
Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A dark haired woman may be feeling a bit vulnerable or if you are a dark haired woman there may be sadness and worry about a wave of destruction that is taking place in your life. It may be that it is time to take some time alone and meditate to figure out your next move. Remember that it will take diligence to find the success you desire dear Aries a woman will help you she is just waiting until you ask. The lesson here is to let go o the battle and accept the changes that are now here for you.

Taurus: You may soon reconnect with someone from your past who has challenged you. Sometimes when you think of a person you will see or hear from them this is intuition you will soon know who this is. There will be communication with an older man he will be telling the truth. A woman in your life is not who she says she is and may be jealous of you. There will be secrets revealed by just having patience.

Gemini: Where you may have had worry there is justice for you bringing in monetary gains or winnings for you. Through the use of your talents you will be inspired to do something you never thought you would do. Sometimes it is okay to let go and be a bit foolish. At home there is a lady who will be telling of meeting someone famous. A happy week is ahead for you.

Cancer: There may have been some heart break in the recent past or a barrier you never thought you could overcome. It is now time to enjoy the wealth and know that things will get better from hereon in. A friend will bring you clarity in some situation thus bringing in abundance for you. An older woman may ask some questions or something of you she may help you to avoid a scandal of sorts. Go within and ask your spirit guides for advice signs or symbols to help you.

Leo: A couple who may be looking into adoption will soon be deceived by a person of no scruples. Use caution when looking into such methods of adoption. If you and your honey are trying to get pregnant and think you might be go ahead and take the test there very well could be a little one on the way. Let go of your doubt it is draining your energy not is the time to take back your power and make the right judgment call or decide what path you choose to be on. You know what ever road you choose to go down is the right path for you. If you have been feeling a bit confused soon you will take a spiritual journey that will enlighten you in wonderful ways.

Virgo: Feeling a bit dropsy lately, no you are not a klutz sometimes we just go through these times have faith everything will return to normal soon. (I was wondering what was happening being a Virgo myself). There are peaceful times ahead with a mate of lover romance is in the air. Could mean a new romance if unattached. The good news is that something that has caused you some frustration in the past is now leaving it is time to have some fun. There is an unexpected gift that will soon arrive, enjoy!

Libra: If you are a brown haired woman you may soon find something you thought to be lost. There is good fortune coming your way expect it to arrive soon. You may soon some bad news from a dark haired man about his father or he will be rude and act as if he is the one who hold all the cards. A brown haired man is watching over you he is protecting you from hidden enemies. He is a Guardian Angel sent to watch over you when you can't see the Forrest from the trees. Know that there is much growth spiritually coming to you now. Be open for it will soon arrive.

Scorpio: An ending brings you strength and a surprising victory. There is love in a phone call from someone you were worried about there is also an invite coming to you soon. Accept it will be a delightful time for you. Forgiveness of the past is now bringing in much wisdom for you and there will soon be a man who will give you good counsel.

Sagittarius: Although you have gone through some tough times it seems like you are bouncing back there is much happiness afforded you through the faith you keep with in you. Take some time out now just for yourself relax and meditate on what you desire and now what you don't desire. Through a famous person or well known person you will have new beginnings and a victory is here for you. This could be a job offer or an opportunity to make a little more money. Someone who had pretended to be a friend will now be revealed to you and the barriers you have encountered will come down. It is time to realize your own strength and believe in your dreams.

Capricorn: You may hear of a couple who have been deceiving you or someone that you know, this is news you will receive at home. There is a gift bought for a brown haired woman this may be a make up gift after a battle or generosity comes from a brown haired woman. There is much financial gain through clarity and figuring out a mistake was a good mistake instead of a bad one. All in all looks to be a good week for love and finances.

Aquarius: Wealth and abundance are making their way to you in wonderful ways, but be careful not to brag for this will spawn jealousy from others. A spiritual awakening is now bringing in changes that will bring about reconciliation with someone from your past. Think before making a move if not sure about this person remember the destruction that past foolishness has caused. Do not worry for there is justice for you in a situation that was getting on your nerves.

Pisces: You have learned a lesson my dears now comes desert there is a sense of peacefulness all around you and within you as you are about to meet the love of your life if not already attached. A phone call from an older man may bring judgment on your part do not let this cause you to become angry or confused know that you are able to change this situation just by changing your thoughts. Stay Positive and know that being grateful and happy is rewarded with the like.

October 24, 2011
Happy Halloween Everyone!

Spooky sounds are filling the night air making every little boy and girl shiver as chills roll down their necks. Boo! Okay so sometimes I get a little carried away with the whole Halloween thing it is just in my nature I guess. This year I have been invited to go to Virginia City NV to do a little ghost hunting with my oldest son and a group of his friends, it promises to be a night I will remember I am sure. If I get any good pictures I will be sure to post them in the next newsletter. Please remember our Halloween contest you could win a free 30 minute reading with Julie. Send your pictures to Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com before November 7, 2011. You never know you may be the next winner.

Wednesday October 26, 2011 is the New Moon
This is the day to write down Your Ten Wishes

How can you stay happy when everyone and everything around you seems so negative?

That must be what is called a million dollar question! Yet maybe it is a question that we all have in our minds especially when things are not going so well. Yep! I agree it is hard to keep balanced and happy when everyone around you seems to put out negative vibrations. The truth is though it may be hard to be happy when others are not it is only you who is in charge of your own emotions and feelings.
Too often we allow others to rule our emotional world we have learned it is easier to follow along the same path rather than explore our own. Sometimes there are situations that zap our energy and leave us sad or angry or just worn out. Well it is time to take back your happiness and energy hold it close to you even when things are tough. You do not have to give it away in favor of being negative or fearful or worried. Yes it is easy to go with the flow and allow yourself to fall into the stress of what is happening around you but just as easy you can choose to be happy and know that everything is always happening for a reason. If you find yourself feeling down and stressed from all the negative energy around you take some time to balance your energy by taking some deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. This will bring you back to balance allowing you to focus your thoughts on something that is positive and brings to mind happy feelings. It can be something so, simple as forcing your self to laugh out loud until it becomes real and not forced. Or thinking of a time that was so hilarious you could not stop laughing. Remember it is up to you to make your own happiness no one can do this for you and no one can ever make you happy it is up to you to decide that you are a happy person and you are going to choose happiness. Yes I know that it is hard to be happy all the time I know this because I too am human. I also know that we can start changing that which makes us unhappy by changing our thoughts, kind of like retraining the brain to think in a different way it just takes practice.
Here is a way I have found to be quite successful at bringing me out of a sad mood and into a happier state of mind by singing a little song. A few weeks ago I found myself singing a little song I learned when I was a child (This Little Light of Mine I'm Gona Let it Shine) it brightened my mood and kept me bouncing all day long. Have a wonderful week my friends and stay happy and positive. Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

November 7, 2011

Congratulations to Linda Usher who has won the Halloween Costume Contest. Please email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com or call me at 916-726-4892 for your appointment for a Norwegian Card Reading with Julie

We had a great time in Virginia City, NV Ghost Hunting, I was amazed to see so many orbs in our pictures, I have placed some of them on my Face book page, I would put more pictures in this newsletter but anyone with a AOL account rejects them and I have to send out email separately, that could take forever. You can email me and I will be glad to share with you.

Get your Christmas Shopping Early this Year!
Mercury will be turning retrograde again on November 24th 2011 Thanksgiving Day and will turn direct again on December 13th 2011.
Try not to buy any electronics between these dates unless you absolutely have too even then you may have to return what you bought.

I call November the Month of Gratitude instead of waiting for Thanksgiving Day to be grateful for all that you have, start today thinking about what you are grateful for.
The more gratitude you have the more you attract the instances that you can be grateful for. It is easier than you would think because you already have much to be grateful for in your life and even within your own body and mind you will find so much that will keep you in the mindset of gratitude. Remember November doesn't have to be the only month of gratitude for each day of our lives we should hold that thought of gratitude in your hearts and minds this will keep us from going into a negative mindset during any time of the year. I know I could make a list more than a mile long and that would be without trying. Being happy and grateful go hand in hand when you feel happy or grateful you tend to smile even without noticing it you are changing the energy around you by sending out those happy and grateful thoughts. Have a wonderful day my friends, enjoy it to its fullest and be ready for a great tomorrow. Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

November 7, 2011
Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: The truth is there is some bad news that will eventually bring you clarity in a situation that is finally at an end. It is time to let go of other peoples energy thoughts and feelings you only have to stop what you have been doing and look around you at all the wonderful things in your life and listen to your inner voice to find happiness. There is soon a lesson learned it comes from a lady who cares for you, do not take her good will lightly be sure to be grateful for her help.

Taurus: A dark haired man will soon have to make a decision regarding an ending of some kind. If this is you be careful not to judge others to harshly it could come back to haunt you. You may feel there has been a barrier between you and a brown haired woman there have been mistakes that were made in the past. Now it is time to let go of them and move past the judgment. By letting go of confusion you are able to gain much wisdom and there is room for growth in your life.

Gemini: A surprise will release those vulnerable feelings and you will find peace in a situation. There is someone who will want to reconcile with you remember this person has a greedy side and will not hesitate to test your strength, I suggest keeping your strength and moving past this situation without hesitation. Sorry this is a relationship that is not in your best interest. Soon a very smart woman will talk to you about a journey this will bring an opportunity to increase your faith in your self and letting go of old habits and people that got in the way of your progress.

Cancer: You may be feeling real good about yourself right now but take this warning there is a storm a brewing be careful what you say, do and think. You will soon be offered a position where you can make better use of your true talents there are new beginnings and new friendships for you. A sexual attraction to a blond haired woman or older woman may be the start of good fortune for you.

Leo: A challenge is now at an end and there is abundance coming in for you this is a time to be generous with your self and other people. A dark haired woman may soon tell of doubt in love, or if you are a dark haired woman it is good to focus your thoughts on love not your doubts. A brown haired man will soon bring good news to your home.

Virgo: An older man or fair haired man will soon tell a secret that will bring you hope. Through forgiveness and patience you will let go of the past. There is a stranger that will soon bring in some unexpected good news for you. Through a telephone call you will learn of heartbreak let this be a time of helping others be an inspiration to them allow them to talk it out and discover for their selves how to change the situation. You may even give them inspiring advice.

Libra: Someone is deceiving you this person is after one thing and that is wealth there may even be a scandal brewing over a situation that began several weeks ago. A man who is close to you and the master of his own life is also a hard working man. This man is now ready for more time with the one he loves a romantic time or vacation is now in the making be sure to say yes if invited it will surly revive you. This could be you if a man or if a woman you could be the love of his life. You now have much to gain when is comes to your finances, you have made it through the hard times and justice will be realized. This may be a court case that is finally settled.

Scorpio: You may already know that you have much power and that many people may be jealous of your victories, don't let your ego get the best of you there is no reason to brag. If you have been feeling frustrated over a battle that has been going on for way too long it may be time to seek out some solitude. There is soon a loss that will awaken you to the spiritual changes that are now taking place in your life.

Sagittarius: There are secrets that you will soon learn of this comes through a lady you know she may even ask your forgiveness in this situation. There is justice coming this may include someone that you are married too or in love with remember not to get angry you have the power over your feelings and thoughts let go of anger. You may hear of deception from a dark haired man who tells of a man and a woman who are not being truthful, not to worry victory will soon be yours be positive.

Capricorn: A brown haired woman will tell of confusion and reconciliation she may wonder if she should be looking for new employment. This may be connected to work or business. An offering of help will arrive through someone who cares for you this person will offer a sense of solitude and peaceful guidance. A judgment call on your part will bring about some changes in your life that will certainly be inspiring.

Aquarius: There is a big surprise in store for you it is bringing in much growth and wisdom to you very soon. Good fortune is coming through a friend and there is a special lesson that has been learned from this. Generosity is now bringing you more power in love the more generous you are the more love you are attracting.

Pisces: A brown haired man may soon make you feel a bit vulnerable remember that you have the power not to allow anyone to make you feel bad, have faith in your self. There has been heartbreak in the past and maybe even jealousy but though patience you will overcome the past and be open to a great new future. Soon the storm will pass and you will use your talents in starting something new, new beginnings are in store for you.

November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving My friends, Wishing, you a great Turkey day filled with good company and good food. Every day should be a day of giving thanks but, I guess it takes a holiday or a special day to really remind everyone of giving thanks for all we have in this life. Let us start this week off by giving thanks each day for the life we have and the love in each of our lives. We all know that what we give we receive no matter what it is. Even if we do not really mean what we are saying when we blurt out something negative. The Universe will deliver exactly what you put out back to you in the same way you gave it out. Boy! That should be enough to get you to change your way of thinking and speaking words that are not positive. Yet in the moment there are still those who will forget about being positive and thinking positive. This year lets really get into the mode of POSITIVE THINKING lets start this before the new year so as this year ends we will already be off and running on a more positive path to our future.

Feel the love surrounding you at this moment just stop what you are doing and breathe it in, then release it as love to all those in need of love at this moment.

November 24, 2011 Mercury Retrograde
It really bugs me that there has to be a retrograde during the Holiday Season but I guess the planets are in control and we just have to get through this time. Mercury will be retrograde until December 13th 2011. What does this mean for you and me? It is not a good time to go out on "Black Friday" and buy electronics as gifts. Why you might ask is this? Well Mercury rules communication and seems to interfere with anything electronic when it is retrograde. This means you or the person that you gave the wonderful electronic gift too may be returning it come December 26th. In fact I bet if you work in a department store you will find that there will be more returns than usual this year. Okay so you have had your eye on a new car for a loved one and would like to give them something special this year. Do not buy it until after December 18th in fact if you can wait until after December 18th 2011 to buy any major gift or electronic purchase it would be wise to do so. If you haven't shopped early please consider waiting until a little later to do your Christmas shopping. Sorry for the bad news, I much prefer giving out happy news. Another little tidbit I have to throw in is to be especially nice this year at Thanksgiving Dinner. Remember that old saying "Do not say anything unless you have something nice to say". There could be big flare ups because Thanksgiving is on the same day as Mercury goes retrograde.
All in all there is much to be thankful for this year and in fact each day of your life. All you have to do is think about the good things in life.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

December 6, 2011

Seasons Greetings to all my friends, I would like to thank you for all the wonderful emails I have received from you this year. It is a wonderful pleasure to write these newsletters every other week for you.
I have to say thank you for your dedication to read these newsletters is what keeps me writing them. Blessings to all of you, may life always get better, better and better for you.

The Gift of Giving

The gift of giving is not about how much or even what you give to another. Fore what it is truly about is the heart felt feelings that connect us when we see the smile on the other persons face when you have given a gift to them. Gifts can come in many shapes and sizes they can be large or small, yet still hold great meaning for the person who is receiving them and even for the person who is giving them. Have you ever felt so wonderful when you have given a gift that brings such a glow to the receiver's face, it almost brings tears of joy to you knowing that you have made someone very happy.
I think pretty much all of us reading this have had this experience in the past. Now it is time once again to figure out what gifts we will be giving to others this Christmas or "Gift Giving Day" as I call it.
As we rush around in the mist of a "Mercury Retrograde" trying to figure out what to buy focusing our energy on how much to spend on one person or another. With times being tight we seem to forget about the sentiment in giving a gift that really comes from the heart. I have been to the Mall people! and I have seen the faces with frowns through out the stores. It is so sad to see that people have forgotten to smile and be in their bliss even thought times are tight. As you go out to buy those gifts this year be sure to remember to be in your bliss to smile with sincerity. Displaying a kind and courteous manner towards other's where ever you are this Christmas Season.
A gift can be as simple as a kind gesture to another or a dollar to a stranger in need. Which reminds me of a young man, I saw as I was leaving Sam's Club about a week ago. It was early in the morning about 9:00 am as I walked to my car with a basket of groceries. A young man around seventeen or eighteen walked up to me as I opened my trunk to unload my groceries. He asked me if I had change for buss fare, I looked at him quickly and said no as I hurriedly finished loading my groceries. As I went to put my cart away I saw the young man again walking towards me he again asked for change for the bus. I told him he had already asked me that question. He then told me he was 99% blind and he was very sorry. As I got into my car I felt bad that I had not given the young man some change. I guess I use caution when someone walks up on me in a parking lot as I think we all do or should. Boy that really is sad that we have to feel like we have to protect our selves from other people. Anyway, as I started to drive across the parking lot I noticed the young man once more, I grabbed the last two dollars I had in my purse and drove up to him slowly. I then said to him "hey here is two dollars for you" he walked up slowly as I held the two dollars out the window for him, he then cupped his hands as I put the money in them. He thanked me as I drove off and headed to the bus stop. I have to say I know that I felt good inside for giving him the money. I am also sure that there was a reason for him being there at that moment and for this experience. It is a gift just to recognize that gifts no matter how large or small can be rewarding for the gift giver as much as they are for the receiver.
Just by helping a stranger you receive a gift of joy that fills your heart and mind. This magical feeling is what love is. Make this a season to remember by giving of your self or donating to those less fortunate. I am sure it will make a difference in their lives as well as yours.

Remind your children also that this time of year is not just all about receiving but to give back by donating those toys that have been slightly used to some child who would not have Christmas without them.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may receive some bad news concerning a talented or famous person or you may use your talents for a cause that concerns you, like feeding the homeless. You may hear a secret about a dark haired man that will lead you to knowledge or give you wisdom in some situation you are involved with. You have a lesson that must be learned this concerns forgiveness for through forgiveness and diligence you will have riches.

Taurus: A well taught woman will soon inspire you to break down some barriers that you have been up against. Someone who seems to be generous may be deceiving you and you could hear of this in a phone call. Through faith there will be new beginnings for you but it is good to wait until after December 29th 2011 before making any kind of deal or business agreement if you rush things there will be destruction.

Gemini: What was thought to be a mistake is really a victory that will bring a spiritual awakening for you. Do not let your self get down or feel vulnerable in dealing with a situation that is coming to a head so to speak. You can wait out the storm by focusing your thoughts on home and happiness. You may feel a little frustrated by a lady friend. Or you could be telling your frustration to a lady who is a friend.

Cancer: There is hope where you may have feared a scandal of sorts stay patient and know that everything will be okay. It is all about timing. A woman will talk to you on the phone about wealth and you will feel her anxiety she knows more than what she is telling. Or you may be anxious about some money that is expected or a gambling tip that will bring unexpected money. There is an ending for an important man a master he will soon make a judgment call that will take him down another road in life.

Leo: A fair haired woman will soon bring in happiness and abundance is coming in for you. A challenge will bring about good fortune this may concern a reconciliation of a relationship. Wow! You have waited along time but there is justice for you that may bring in powerfully good news for you. It seems that you will want to jump for joy with this outcome, your future looks pretty bright at this time.

Virgo: Change is now bringing in truths that will release all your doubts. If there has been sadness or heartbreak in the recent past seek out some quiet space and meditate on what you truly desire for your self and your future. This meditation brings messages that will relieve any confusion you may have had concerning a situation or experience. Stop, Look and Listen to the messages and signs you are receiving there is someone who is jealous and you will soon be given a sign that will bring you peace in a situation concerning this person.

Libra: If you are a dark haired woman there is soon a brown haired man who will give you strength in a situation where it is greatly needed. A brown haired woman will soon tell of love and a journey she is thinking of taking. You may have been feeing a loss of some kind because of greed from another, this may surprise you. Or a note or letter will surprise you about a person. You may hear of a loss of a large sum of money through greed.

Scorpio: If you have been focusing on big gains by being a bit foolish there is soon a chance for new growth for you by making some big choices. A fair haired man or gray haired man will soon talk to you about a romantic relationship. This news could even come from a stranger or a person who was hired to watch over this situation. There is a hidden enemy that may tempt you with a sexual attraction, the instant it happens you will have clarity about something you have been wondering about.

Sagittarius: You have been quite patient with someone's mistakes, it takes talent to keep putting up a strong front while dealing with others downfalls. Soon there is bad news from a lady and secrets will be told or you will hear of a lady who gets some bad news that has been kept from her. The good news is that there is Victory for you and a sense of peace and happiness coming in very soon so keep your chin up. Know that you are ready for this victory.

Capricorn: A spiritual awakening brings in clarity and very good news to you it is like the answer you have been looking for will fall in your lap. Where there has been gossip and talk there is wisdom coming in that will bring abundance to you. You may be trying to figure out what kind of gift to give to a lover or you may be surprised at a gift you receive from a lover, it may even seem to you a bit foolish.

Aquarius: You may need to rely upon your intuition to help you figure out just who is being greedy this may be someone who seems a bit vulnerable don't let them fool you. Change brings about new beginnings for you this may include a journey that you will take. If you have been confused about what to do and how to make money it may be time to remember that you are the master in your life and that it is up to you to create your wealth. This comes by being positive and knowing what you really desire in life.

Pisces: Reconciliation with another may bring jealousy from someone which will be unexpected. The lesson here is to realize that sometimes things just we not suppose to work out. A person who claims to be famous or have fortune may deceive you by trying to inspire you to do something you do not want to. Through the generosity of another you will have much hope there is soon justice in a situation that has been hindering your progress. Renewed hope for your future.

December 26, 2011

Wow! It is really the end of yet another year!

Greetings my friends,
I wonder if any of you woke up this morning feeling a relieved feeling in your minds after rushing around for weeks reading yourself and families for the big day "Christmas" and now that it is over you may have to get back on track with what ever demands in life are calling out to you.

In my heart I feel the need to ready my self for the New Year by getting together old magazines and some new ones to that have pictures of things I would like to do and places I would like to see. I love to hang out on New Years Day putting together my wish board for the upcoming year. I usually save the catalogs I received in the mail before Christmas so I can cut out pictures of things I would love to have in the New Year also. I think New Years Day is one of the best Days of the Year to start creating what we desire in the future. So gather together all the supplies you will need to create your very own wish board which will include: Poster Board, Glue Sticks, Scissors, and Sharpie pens. On New Years Day gather family and friends together and have some old fashioned fun creating your future.

Be sure to have some Black Eyed Peas cooked up for your New Year's Day celebration it is said that if you eat black eyed peas on New Years Day you will have good luck thought out the year.

For Good Luck and Prosperity in the New Year
Eat Black Eyed Peas and Drink Champagne for breakfast on
New Years Day!

Here is My Recipe for Black Eyed Peas and Ham
1: Small package dried Black Eyed Peas (found in the beans and rice section at your grocery store.)
2: ½ half pound of diced ham
3: 1 small yellow onion chopped into small pieces
Put peas into a colander and wash under warm water. Then put peas into medium sized pan and add the onions and ham add water until it covers the peas with two inches of water, bring to a boil and then simmer until peas are soft. Adding water if needed while cooking. You can season to taste with salt and pepper or herbs of you're choosing.
Cooking time is about one hour

Now you are ready for Breakfast! Enjoy with a sip of champagne.

Spell to bring in Good Luck all through the Year!
What ever you magically desire you can create!

At 12:01 AM New Years Day is the best time to do this one.
If you can not do it at this time, do it on new years Day at 11:00 AM

What you will need is:
A large bowl
3-Red Apples cut up into small chunks
1-cup of white rice
1-teaspoon of Cloves powder
1-one teaspoon of sugar as you add the sugar state your wish out loud, then add the sugar to the mixture
The petals of three Roses, one white, one Red and one Yellow
A teaspoon of your favorite Cologne
One half bottle of Champagne

Mix all the ingredients together in the large bowl and this may sound weird but is true and quite fun, and can be especially fun with someone you love.
Take the mixture into the shower and rub it all over your body while thinking that your wish has come true and visualize the most wonderful out come to the situation or wish and feel the energy within you and about as you rub the magical mixture all over your body. When you have used all the mixture rinse your body and dry off with a clean towel. Light a candle of your choice and have a sip of the champagne make a toast to your wonderful future. Blessed be

Here is a list of things you should do and should not do on New Years Day to bring in good luck all year long!

The first one is an important do not!
#1- Do not do laundry on New Years Day or you may wash someone out of your life in the next year.

#2- Whatever you are doing on New Years Day, know that you may be doing quite a bit of it throughout the year. So make the most of this day!
Be happy. Share your day with good friends. Make a list of your wishes and aspirations.

Make a Wish Board by using a poster board and filling it with pictures of what you would like to have this New Year.
I buy plenty of magazines and glue sticks for this wonderful New Years Day Project that is fun for family and friends. When you have finished your wish board you can frame it with a Poster Frame or just pin it to a wall where you will see it every day. Invite some friends over and have some fun!

#3- Let go of the past and vow to become the warm loving person you really are.

#4- Forgive yourself and others for all the unkind feelings or words that have been said and focus on noticing when you are not coming from a higher loving place in your heart and mind. That is when you can change any feelings that don't feel right within you, replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

#5- Burn a Bayberry candle on the first day of each month for good luck though out the month.

Spiritual Readings with Julie
Using the Norwegian Lay of regular playing cards I have been able to help many people understand what is coming up for them in the near future. It may be that you would like to know what may be happening in your present work situation or you need a question answered that you haven't been able to answer yourself. I find that some people are afraid of having a reading done for fear of learning something bad. I tell them it is far better to have a sense of what is happening in your life than letting the universe take the wheel so to speak. Almost all of my readings are positive and if there is something that is not so positive, I tell people that there are always ways to change things and then if they still happen there is a definite reason for this.
My readings are very informative so be sure to have a pen and paper handy when you have yours.

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