January 11, 2012

Dear Friends
I hope that you are getting back to whatever normal is for you after the holiday season.
We are at the beginning of a whole new year! I say oh yea! It is going to be a good one because that is what I am creating for my self.
How about you? Are you thinking of all the things that you desire to create this New Year? Have you started a new creations journal, or do you feel that it is a waste of time to write down your goals and aspirations. I can tell you for sure that it is not a waste of time to create what you desire first on paper, as it has worked for me for many years. Yes we all get a little lazy at times forgetting to create it first in our hearts and minds as we write it down. If so it may be time to take ten minutes of your time to relax and visualize as you jot down your hopes and dreams.

Remember you attract what you are thinking about!
Are you thinking Abundance or Scarcity?
Do you believe?
Do you think you might have a Spirit or Ghost in your home or place of business? Call me to discuss how you may be able to clear this energy. I really enjoy talking to Spirits they prefer Spirit over Ghost I guess it is a less scary option and most do not wish to scare you. There are paranormal entities that are less friendly which may not be a welcomed guest in your home. In my neighbor hood over the past couple of years many of the older people have passed on and new families have moved into their homes, not knowing that a death had occurred there. I have often wondered if the spirit is still in the home. Especially if they had lived there a long time. Sometimes Spirit energy can attach to you, causing all kinds of havoc in your life. It is when you notice this is not your energy that you can begin to rid your self of this energy. Honestly I had no idea I would be so interested in "Ghost Hunting" so to speak. I have seen and talked to Spirits many times during my life it always amazes me when I get the opportunity to communicate with them. I would love to have the opportunity to talk to those of you who are interested in the paranormal, please call me at 916-726-4892 or email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com I would love to hear your take on this subject.

Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

Make it your intention this year to eat healthier this year remembering your stomach is the size of your fist, so use this for portion control. You may be amazed at the results.

Enhance your mind by using visualization and relaxation to have a healthier mind. Try some meditation!

Listen to your Inner Self or Spirit for guidance in all aspects of your life. All you have to do is ask yourself, does it make me feel good when I think about this ________. It will amaze you because you will have a sense of comfort or resistance to any question you ask your self. You really do have all the answers within you.

Your Body Mind and Spirit work together in harmony to let you know if you are on the right path and if you are doing what is best for you. If you are not feeling your best it may be time to ask what you need to know to feel better, better and better.

If you are one of the first three people to call for a reading this month you will get a
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Email me for appointment Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Call 916-726-4892
Thank you for your love and support

I hope you have a great week! Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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Please forward this newsletter to your friends and family if you think that they will enjoy it.

January 23, 2012

I hope that you noticed the change in the title of this newsletter. I feel that change is good and as we all know everything is constantly changing even if we do not recognize it. Besides it shortened it up a little making it easier to type out. That said I hope that you are well and are thinking positive, acting in a positive manner and using your positive energy to help others to be positive.

Okay! I will bring back the Birth Sign Readings!
In fact they are in this newsletter so keep reading. Yes I guess there are a few of you who really missed them so I will try to get them in each newsletter or at least every other one. The thing is that it takes about two hours just to do the Readings each sign is focused upon as I read the cards, as I use my intuition to understand what the cards are telling me. Thank you for enjoying the Birth Sign Readings

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: If you will take some time to stop, look and listen to the signs you are being given you will soon be inspired. This inspiration is the Key to Abundance. A change is coming that will bring great wisdom about a mistake that has been made. A dark haired man will speak of an ending this may be a time to seek out solitude, especially if you are a dark haired man.

Taurus: You may be feeling a bit cheated this concerns money or finances. There is a lesson here if you pay attention. If you have been feeling a bit frustrated remember that if at first you do not succeed keep trying you will succeed eventually for you have the power within you to create exactly what you desire. Coming up for you there is peace and financial gains maybe even winnings have patience knowing that the wheel of fortune is now turning in your direction again.

Gemini: You may soon meet with a woman who is successful and popular through her talents this is someone whom will help you grow spiritually or financially. It may be time to let go of jealousy and feelings of vulnerability this is the reason you have had so many losses in years past. Now it is time to recreate what you desire in life. There is soon communication concerning an issue you have felt had no end. This may release the barriers that have held you from finding clarity in your life. Soon an opportunity will arise.

Cancer: Where there has been some bad news or bad news arrives but there is a brown haired man who will assist you and there will be a victory for you. You may be thinking of taking a journey, wondering if you are ready to start something new. Listen to your intuition it will guide you as long as you ask for what is best for you. Let go of doubts about yourself remember that you are the master in your own life and you do not have to battle yourself for what you desire in this life for you are deserving of the best.

Leo: There may be anxiety over the destruction of a good friendship, let go of these worries. Know that you are on your spiritual path and everything happens for a reason. Be careful of a stranger who is seemingly attracted to you or you to them, this could be a hidden enemy. You will find happiness in letting go of greed. There may be a reconciliation of some kind in the very near future like seeing a long lost love.
Virgo: A dark haired woman will tell of confusion about a brown haired woman there is much heartbreak in her situation. I have a feeling that you will be able to help her just by being a good friend. Good news is on its way use gratitude ahead of time to bring this in faster. A couple may try to deceive you pay attention to their energy and you will know who this is. There is hope in finding what you desire in life have faith in yourself and the guidance you are receiving from your Spirit Guides and Angels.

Libra: A fair haired man or gray haired man will soon learn the truth and he is very angry for being lied too. There is much strength afforded you at this time there is love surrounding you at every moment this love may come to you as generosity from someone you know. Okay a big surprise is in store for you this comes from a fair haired or gray haired woman she will let you in on secrets or tell of someone who has been keeping a secret from you.

Scorpio: You may be feeling a bit foolish today go ahead and enjoy it never hurts to have some fun. At home there will soon be a discussion with a woman who thinks she has your best interest at heart. Listen well then make up your own mind. There is something that you will want to hide out under dark glasses about but justice comes through taking on the challenge before you now. You may soon hear from a woman who is asking for forgiveness, this may be someone whom you have had a deep relationship with remember it is up to decide what is best for you.

Sagittarius: There is someone who may be flirting with you this could be a dark haired man if you are a woman, be careful this man is not who he says he is. At home there is growth spiritually and mentally for you be sure to take time to meditate and relax bringing balance and harmony to your mind and body. Hip, hip who, ray! You are about to feel the victory of success knowing the truth about something will help you feel in control of your own life bringing out the master in you.

Capricorn: a stranger will talk to you about something that will bring justice to a situation. Take time to recognize the signs you receive each day they are more important than you might think in finding what you want in life. There is strength that comes from a fair haired or gray haired woman she will help you to let go of worry and focus on the goals at hand. If you are a fair haired man there are soon new beginnings for you this comes through being diligent in what you are looking to create for yourself. Or a gray haired man will soon help you in new beginnings this will take some work but can be accomplished if you set your mind to it.

Aquarius: There may be some bad news that will bring heartbreak this is something you have no control over and you can not change this. Take a deep breath and say everything happens for a reason. By being popular you will find inspiration this very powerful use your gifts with a positive outlook and let go of ego thoughts. Financial gains bring an ending to a situation and there is soon a phone call that will surprise you.

Pisces: A journey of the mind will soon be taken this will help you in releasing jealousy and feelings of vulnerability. Through love you will find forgiveness and be reunited with a friend. A change is coming that will open your mind and bring in new clarity that may even surprise you. Be open to receiving the messages that are now given you.

Enjoy your week my friends, stay positive by filtering your thoughts. Letting go of any that make you feel uneasy or icky keeping the ones that make you feel good.

Today is the New Moon take time to write out 10 wishes you will be happy you did.

February 6, 2012

Greetings from Julie
I hope life is good for you and for your family, I know that sometimes it takes a lot of restraint to stay positive but if you can do it the benefits are rewarding. Being positive is a state of mind we all strive for I would think! One of my favorite ways to stay positive is laughter! You really do not need something to laugh about all you need to do is use your voice and laugh it is contagious. When you laugh it releases the stress our bodies are under each day it calms us even giving us feelings of joy. You do not need to be with someone to laugh all you have to do is start (LAUGHING). Okay laughter really is good medicine and is stress relief but what if you just can't think of anything to laugh about? I say it is okay to force the laugh just get it out, listen to yourself as you laugh that ought to make you laugh even harder. Laugh on! Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Tuesday February 7, 2012 Full Moon
Use this time to clear out the old let go of old feelings or thoughts that have been holding you from success. Light a blue candle and write out the things you would like to release then burn the paper while visualizing that while the paper burns all negative thoughts and feelings now turn to smoke and are blown away with the wind. Recite positive statements or mantras while watching the candle burn. When you are finished extinguish the candle and take the ashes from your paper outside and let the wind take them away. So blessed be and so it is

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A man is ready to do battle no matter the consequences it may take a lot of patience to find forgiveness for him. If you are going through some kind of new beginnings there is a brown haired man who will inspire you. Or a brown haired man is the key to you that will bring about new beginnings. A victory will soon bring in abundance for you this may concern a sexual attraction with someone you have had dealings with.

Taurus: A mistake made in the past will soon bring about surprising changes that bring in wealth, go figure. You may soon hear of a woman who is greatly known around the world passing on. Or there is a popular friend of yours who is being stalked by a hidden enemy there is a loss with this.
If you have had your doubts about reconciliation with someone take some time out to meditate on what you should do, you will receive your answers within two days.

Gemini: If you and a loved one have planned a journey there may be a delay or a barrier in front of you. Don't worry there are reasons for everything even delays. You may be feeling a bit vulnerable wondering what is next for you let go of the worry and know that through faith all is possible even fame and good fortune. Through good judgment on your part there is good fortune coming to you at home.

Cancer: A brown haired woman may tell you a secret this is someone you love. Through patience there is a lady with good news for you. You may have to ask for answers when is comes to making decisions this week, do not let it worry you for there is now a powerful force with you giving you Divine guidance pay attention to the messages you are receiving now.

Leo: There are many signs afforded you now this means it is time to stop, look and listen to the signs that will bring you closer to what you really desire there is someone who loves you and would like to spend some romantic time with you. Take time away from work if possible and spend time with someone you love. As soon as you let go of the frustration you may be feeling you will find new growth comes into your life and happiness along with it. A stranger will soon reveal the truth about a fair haired man or gray haired man.

Virgo: Only you can choose the end of this situation this may be letting of greed or just using the talents you have to pursue what you desire. An older woman or a fair haired woman will soon surprise you through a phone call. If you have been feeling a bit confused about a friendship it is time to realize it is just part of the lesson you are here to learn. You will make the right decisions about this friendship. Trust in your self for a peaceful ending of this situation.

Libra: There may be some bad news that brings in feelings of deception this may concern a woman or a couple that you know. Don't worry though you do not have to give up the race for you have everything to gain by following through on your hunches. There is much jealousy from a woman who is not whom she seems there are two sides to this person. Do not let this become a challenge for you because you are stronger than you think. In other words use your strength to overcome the challenges on your path. Through the generosity of a dark haired man there is justice for you! Celebrate!

Scorpio: You may soon receive clarity concerning your work this could be a beginning or ending. Remember that you have the ability to control your own mind and choose your thoughts make sure that they match your desires. A good friend a woman with gray or light hair will soon tell of a new romance or attraction this will be considered very good news. Good fortune will soon arrive from a friend who may talk to you about legal matters.

Sagittarius: If you have been feeling like someone is watching you, you may be right on, this could be someone connected with your source of income. You will soon hear from a woman who is very well known she will talk to you about someone who is a greedy fool. Someone who has been deceiving you will soon have to decide which path he or she wants to take this will bring peace to this situation.

Capricorn: There is much growth coming for you in all areas of your life this will bring you renewed hope and greater wisdom than you ever have had the ability to access. Soon you will feel a change in the air this may bring in new ways of making money or even golden opportunities for you great wealth is soon coming your way. Even though the weather is looking stormy, you will not be down for there is happiness just in making time for your sweetheart and being in love. This may coincide with the full moon.

Aquarius: There is an unexpected loss through a stranger beware of your surroundings pay attention to what you see, and hear. If you have been feeling a bit vulnerable over a break-up have patience for this will heal its self. Soon there is a phone call that comes in telling of a mistake that will be a good mistake and will bring a victory to you in some way.

Pisces: Okay if you have been feeling that you are at your wits end or maybe you are just feeling frustrated Let me tell you a little secret sometimes you have to be at your wits end before new beginnings can take place. A dark haired woman will surprise you with an invitation this may be to something so, simple as a walk in the park or a book signing. If you have been battling someone at home it may be time to let go of the anger and look to forgiveness for the answers that will heal this relationship.

February 27, 2012

Dear Friends,
I have been pondering what it is I am going to write about this week it seems I was a little stuck last week things kept popping up out of the blue delaying the writing of the newsletter. So I decided rather than pushing and fretting I would start this week off with a wonderful newsletter that would inspire you.

Sometimes it seems challenging to be inspired, with work, home and family you are pretty much busy all of the time trying your best to get everything accomplished on time and in the best most efficient way possible. Oh yea! I know it is not as often as you would like that you get to take time for your self. I also know that without taking the time to take care of yourself, you cannot possibly do everything you are suppose to do to feel good and cheerful all of the time. I know I have talked about writing out lists and even making a creations journal before but I always get pretty much the same responses from many of you. The one I get the most is (But I do not have time for lists and for writing out what I would like to create each day.) Okay I do understand your time challenge I also bet you do not have time to pamper yourself by taking the time for a Massage or a Sea Salt Bath. First I would like to offer a little encouragement to you by saying that it would only take a couple of minutes to take out the smart phone of yours if you have one and make a list of things you would like to accomplish this week. I happen to love smart phones they are like a little computer that you can talk to and it will appear in type right before your very eyes. You can save your lists right to your phone how cool is that so when you have a minute or two you really could start your Creations Journal today we all have a couple of minutes we waste each day don't we. Why not use this time to start creating instead of playing games like Angry Birds or Bubble Blast. Oh My! That hit the nail on the head! For me anyway! I know I waste about ten minutes a day playing that darn game, I have also threatened to delete that app because I can not get beyond 98. Honestly I get it I have been wasting time by playing games. Yet I do have the time to create each day I do this first thing each morning. After writing this newsletter and getting the message fully! I will concentrate more on putting my great phone to better use. Okay All I ask is that you give it a try it may take a few weeks to a month until you will see the results. I do know that if you will just visualize as you write you will start to see that you are a creator and you really can have the time to work on you and what you desire to create in your life. Example: I am so grateful for the Wisdom that came to me under grace and in a perfect way today from out of the blue. It gave me the time to do something just for me.
Being in Gratitude is the perfect way to start your Creations List or Journal.

Secondly: I would like ask you to really make time for that massage or bubble bath maybe it is just for twenty minutes and your body needs to be massaged this is good for all kinds of things that ail you, a massage will also move stuck energy making you feel better. Like many people maybe you cannot afford a massage, maybe you can ask a loved one to do this for you or do like I do and give my self a foot and leg massage each night before bed. We get so darn busy we forget that our bodies need this stimulation to stay healthy along with a good diet and exercise.

You will find that by creating what you desire and loving yourself by letting your body relax you will feel better, better and better each day. Take some deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth tell your self this is the day I am going to take some time for me. Then go for it! A twenty minute bubble bath with sea salt and a few drops of lavender oil will relax and calm you before bed. You will awaken refreshed.

A quick note: My daughter told me of apps for meditation how cool!
Find them on your smart phone.

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Through patience you will soon receive some good news. This good news may be about a change that you have contemplated making for sometime now. If you are still in a quandary it may be time to seek out solitude and meditate this will bring your answer. You may be feeling like you have achieved a victory in some sense are you about to celebrate a special occasion? If not you may like to take time to think about your judgment in some situation that has caused you to rethink it many times why is this happening? You have come to a fork in the road and must make a decision. One last thing there is someone who is now watching you this may or may not be a hidden enemy or a complete stranger. Use Caution when in the company of strangers.

Taurus: You may soon receive some bad news concerning deception this could cause a big battle or argument. You may have to bite your tong if you are feeling a bit vulnerable, do not let ego drive you to say something you will wish you wouldn't have. It may be time to examine the way you are communicating with others. A lesson will soon be learned. You will have much to gain by listening to a lady this may be someone you thought to be a bit on the greedy side, not realizing that we never know another person as well as we think we do. Letting go of preconceived notions is one of our biggest challenges but when you do it will change your life forever.

Gemini: Through faith in your self and others there is much generosity and wealth afforded you now. It will take having faith to inspire you to make changes in your life but it may be the only way to break down the barriers that have blocked you so many times in this lifetime. The key here is to ask for wisdom as you pray or create this will open the doors for change. It looks like there is plenty of romance for you this month and you may even go to see a show or out on the town with someone you love. Remember it takes diligence for a relationship to work well all of the time. Don't give up this opportunity is golden for the person you love just may be a soul mate.

Cancer: Someone may soon confuse you by acting like they are attracted to you or flirting with you if you are not inclined to think the same the challenge will be to let this person know how you feel without hurting their feelings. You may soon hear of a scandal involving a famous spiritual person causing you to rethink your values. Where you have been distanced from another person family or friend through a disagreement there is soon news from a brown haired woman that will help you to make a reconciliation it is in the cards for you to be reconnected.

Leo: There may be abundance coming your way this month it is connected with a woman who is very knowledgeable this will bring you much happiness and could be a new job offered. There is soon clarity where a friendship is concerned this is also bring in new hope for the lasting of this friendship. A fair haired lady or gray haired woman will talk to you and tell you the truth about love listen to her for she is here to help you overcome something that has had you on edge about love.

Virgo: At home there is justice for you this may bring about new beginnings in something you will enjoy doing. A dark haired woman will soon tell of forgiveness concerning a brown haired man. Something good is now working out for her and she is sharing good news which will bring happiness for her to you. You are now in a state of growth this new growth will afford you greater power in whatever you are creating in fact you may attend a seminar or take a journey that will enhance this growth period for you.

Libra: You may hear of much jealousy from a dark haired man this is about a two faced woman who has caused him much anxiety, this information is coming to you through a phone call. A surprise in on its way to you this will bring about renewed strength for you and an ending of worry. Let go of your fears about the future this is all part of the process which will bring renewed strength for you in all aspects of your life. A light haired man or gray haired man will soon tell of a loss of some kind, maybe you can suggest to him to close his eyes and see where he left what ever he lost. Stop look and listen to the signs you are given at this time for they are here to guide you to what you have been diligent in finding.

Scorpio: You may be having doubts or feeling a bit foolish about a mistake that was made, or may soon be made. Secrets will soon come out and there is mush frustration and anger upon learning of this. Someone or some news may break your heart or upset you causing an argument of large proportions and much destruction may be done in a relationship with someone you love. The only saving grace here is that you are about to receive some good fortune that may bring about these changes in a less drastic way.

Sagittarius: Well admit it you do deserve a break a little time to just relax and have some solitude, so do it! At this time you will be able to recharge your self easily allowing you to be more productive. Remember you are a powerful being capable of much power when used in the right ways. Your good judgment will lead to good fortune, let go of worrying thoughts all they serve to do is confuse you. An older woman will soon tell of a mistake that caused a scandal, there may be a bit of laughter with this.

Capricorn: This may surprise you but there may be some deception on the part of a brown haired man that you know he may be hiding something from you. Soon you will have clarity and will know who this person is avoiding a confrontation altogether. You are very talented and have an opportunity to work for yourself or go into business there are new beginnings coming up for you. Through letting go of frustration and finding forgiveness you have or will soon learn a big lesson thus bringing you love and peace in your life.

Aquarius: You or your lover may be having doubts about the relationship and what you may have to gain by being in this relationship. There may be a battle or argument in the wind it may be time for you to take a look at your life and figure out what it is you really want. Through the generosity of others you will be surprised. There are changes that will give you much strength and cause you to gain much faith in yourself and others. This is the time to focus on all that is positive in your life.

Pisces: You may have a loss of something or hear of a loss of someone who was quite a remarkable woman. Yet something will give you hope for the return of what was lost. If you have been feeling like you just cant seem to break through the barriers as far as romance is concerned there is good news on its way to you, when receiving this news you may want to jump for joy. There is justice in finding out something someone said about you and your good doings this news will soon bring about great spiritual growth for you.

March 12, 2012

Well this is it the first day of Mercury Retrograde! Actually Mercury has been going retrograde for about the last couple of weeks now. This promises to be a week of surprises. Some of these surprises are good and some may be quite challenging for all of the Astrology Signs. I feel that Thursday will be one of the challenging days this week you may find yourself pushed into a corner in some aspect of your life. This is not the time to let your emotions get the best of you or should I say the ego self may be a little touchy this week. I have been planning on keeping a low profile on Thursday March 15th yep I figure I will spend time meditating and painting. You may find that this retrograde will bring out your discontent with other people. This is most likely to play out in a way that will end up hurting someone's feelings. Be careful of what you say and how you word things to other people during the next three weeks. Actually I would rather be giving you some good news but I feel that it is important to understand while we are going through this retrograde period we need to be especially diligent by staying positive or at least refrain from saying anything that might be hurtful to other people.
Remember you are in control of your own emotions only you can allow another person to make you loose control. There are already things taking place that let us know that we are now in Mercury retrograde. I have noticed in the past few days that people are driving a little more erratically than they usually do. It is a great time to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth big deep breaths at least three will help you stay in control and balanced when you start to feel a little off center.

With all Mercury Retrogrades comes mishaps and missed communications, that phone call you expect may be delayed this may too be an okay sign since any business dealings could be broken down at this time. Anything electrical as in computers and cell phones, cars etc.… Has a chance of breaking down in a retrograde of this kind. In fact it is a time to back up those computers. The good news is that this is a time to reflect and to take time to meditate or keep busy by getting all the stuff you have been putting off finished up. Use this time to focus more on clearing out all the stuff you have been holding onto that is of no use anymore. Donate those gently used items that have not been used in years. Guys why not clean out the garage? LOL seriously when we clear the clutter we open our selves and our lives to receiving more so you are not loosing anything really. Okay I guess you all can see the big picture ahead for the rest March until April 4th 2012. Stay positive don't sweat the small stuff and know that this too will pass!

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may need to be strong there are changes coming that bring in a new romance or someone you know may be sexually attracted to you. You may be heartbroken over some thing happening around your home this could cause a scandal if made public. A delay of money may cause an argument this has to do with children who are a source of happiness for you.

Taurus: A failure in communication could spell trouble for you concerning a loved one if you doubt yourself maybe it would be wise to double check the time. A bad judgment on the part of a dark haired woman may turn out to be better news than expected. Good news arrives within two weeks. The lesson here is not to put to much worry thought into how you will get victory but to let go of the anxiety and let the Universe handle things.

Gemini: If you are a dark haired man there may have been thoughts of jealousy in the past but you have now grown past that and have turned a corner in your life. By staying on the path of love you will be able to fend off the fool and become the master in your life. If you are a gray or fair haired woman you may soon expect a gift from a man who loves you.

Cancer: Soon you may hear of bad news about a lady that you know. This could be the key to something that will inspire you. This may come from something not expected. A brown haired woman may tell you of an injustice concerning a legal matter. She may be quite upset about this situation she has got her self into. I am told to tell you listen without judgment. Where you have been worried about wealth and finances there is a stranger who may talk to you about how he lost his fortune. This will keep you on the right track by hearing this news you now move towards the changes you may have been afraid of taking.

Leo: Boy if you have felt there has been a barrier separating you from what you desire, like doing something you love or spending time with a friend. It may be time to open your self up a little more. Sometimes we fall into a rut then start to feel deceived by others as we become more vulnerable, this is how ego wants you to feel and react. Greed can be another aspect of ego notice how you present yourself to others. Have faith you have everything to gain by changing your thoughts, even your enemies will be surprised.
Virgo: You may soon hear of a battle concerning a trip. Whatever you do make sure you are paying attention when you travel, ask your Angels to watch over you. A creditable woman will talk to you of destruction and ask you for your patience in a challenge it may present you. Without a doubt there is something big coming up it may seem momentous at the time. New beginnings are here for you in some way.

Libra: There is great wisdom afforded you at this time you may need to seek out some solitude this is a time of rebuilding and bringing your true powers forth. A brown haired man will soon bring renewed hope and there is much clarity in a situation. Through diligence there is an end of confusion and a surprise arrives at your door.

Scorpio: You may find out that a sexual attraction was a mistake, when you figure this out is when there will be the beginning of new growth for you. There may be a loss that will cause an ending of frustration in a situation you have been fretting over, remember when one door closes another door opens. Wealth and prosperity connected to a fair haired man or gray haired man will soon come in you will feel a sense of peace fill your heart. If you are a fair or gray haired man you may receive news of wealth arriving for you.
Good business.

Sagittarius: A dark haired man of power will soon bring you hope in some way. The truth will come out and secrets may be told someone may ask for your forgiveness. Some bad news may force you into a decision you would rather not make. Use good judgment when claiming a victory.

Capricorn: Now is a good time to pay attention to the information you are receiving from your Angels and to the signs that are given you. You may receive a generous gift this could be related to travel or an automobile. Spiritual communication will bring in justice for you all you have to do is: ask and you will receive your answer at the perfect time. By displaying Happiness and love this will bring you much clarity at just the right time.

Aquarius: there is soon good news concerning a brown haired man and something about deception will be revealed. Someone you thought to be an enemy will bring you good fortune this may be a brown haired woman. The challenge you face is to let go of the old ways of viewing yourself and admit to how foolish you were for thinking you were not good enough for now you have so much to gain it would be a shame to waste the time you have been given to love your self and not allow others judgments to phase you.

Pisces: If you have been feeling a bit vulnerable lately this will pass and there may be a change in residence for you this brings in new beginnings. Someone's jealousy may be about to run out your patience, stay calm remember this person is a friend maybe you just need to have a talk with this person to sort things out. A change is coming it may surprise you this has something to do with a lover and may be an invitation of gift of some kind. Something thoughtful is given to you.

March 27, 2012

Have you ever wondered what your dreams may be telling you?
I think everyone has had a dream that they just can't seem to get out of their mind.
Sometimes we dream in color and other times it is black and white.
Some dreams frighten us or freak us out.
Other times our dreams make us want to stay asleep in dreamland.
Have you ever woke up so tied from a dream and wondered if you were out on the astral all night long.
Waking up from one of these dreams sometimes leads to aches and pains in our waking moments.
Why? Because you were really out on the astral and you may have been busy with a task when it was time to awaken.
As you come back to your body it is as if you slam into your body waking tired and achy.
I have learned through the years that if I am having a dream in which I am out on the Astral. When it is time to awaken I slide back into my body rather than slamming into it.
This is a subconscious thought that I program myself with before going to sleep.
Back to your dreams, some people can remember their dreams and can still see all that they had dreamed of upon waking in the morning. Like a movie in their mind.
Other people I have talked with seem to forget their dreams upon wakening.
Our dreams can be prophetic telling of a situation that may come to pass. Usually they will give us signs and symbols that will repeat in our waking hours if we pay attention to them we can find out what they are telling us.
How can you figure out what your dreams are telling you? It is a good idea to get a small note book and keep next to your bed when you awaken jot down what you can remember about your dreams. This will help you to figure out what your dreams may be telling you. Many people have dreams of a death this tends to frighten them if not understood. Dreams of a death usually mean there is a need for "transformation" in some aspect of the dreamers waking life. Or they could be for telling of a change that has to happen. If you are not dreaming as much as you would like to there are ways of bringing out your dreams simply by drinking a glass of lemon water before bed. You may remember your dreams better by putting a piece of Green jade under your pillow at night or using some Heliotrope Essential Oil dotting it on your third eye and temples before bed time. If you would like to know more about what your dreams are telling you I am now doing dream therapy readings at a cost of $ 30.00 per half hour. Make an appointment with Julie to find out you're your dreams mean. http://www.ticklesandsparkles.com/SpecialDiscountReading.htm
If you are dreaming of a home or house this may relate to your body! So ask your self is the house in my dreams beautiful or is it shabby and run down?
Remember almost everything is symbolic in your dreams.
You may ask yourself what are the things that stand out in my dreams and how do they relate to my waking life. What do these things mean to me?
Take time to think about what this dream may mean on a symbolic level.
Tickles and sparkles from Julie *Sweet Dreams*

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A surprise is in store for you it may be an invitation or a package at your door. New beginnings are in order soon for you there is an opportunity coming up to increase your wealth. Through the loss of something you will make changes in your life, this may have to do with your work. Remember you are a very talented person and have some faith in your abilities. You may hear something about a brown haired woman that confuses you or is scandalous.

Taurus: A person whom you may think is a friend may be an enemy in disguise. You may hear this from a dark haired woman and it surly will ring a bell when you hear it. There may be financial gain for you or an opportunity to make more money or financial gains through gambling.
A challenge will soon bring you much wisdom on a spiritual level. Look to your Angels for direction.

Gemini: A phone call will have you thinking about a romantic connection or partner such as a Husband or Wife. You may also have to make a decision if you have been playing the field. It may be time to dream a little maybe you would like a nice vacation or to go on a journey. Have faith and start creating this vacation in your mind be clear about how much fun you are having on this wonderful journey as you visualize it as already happened. If you have felt like you have had the weight of the world on your shoulders it may be time to seek out some solitude. Just find a quiet place and take ten minutes to meditate and breathe. Release all anxiety about what is happening or what you may think is happening. Look for the positive outcomes of each situation for what you think you will create.

Cancer: You may have been thinking of reconciliation with someone this could be a fair or gray haired woman. Be careful this is not the time to begin a relationship we are still in Mercury retrograde until April 4th 2012. You may get back together with someone but feel that you were deceived in some way. There may be a bit of frustration with a child or you may be feeling a bit vulnerable in this case relax and think of something that makes you happy. You may soon get some bad news that tells of destruction and will lead you to pray for a peaceful outcome.

Leo: A woman who thinks she is all that may become greedy and this could cause an argument. Keep your thoughts to yourself rather than lending fuel to the fire. A secret may be told that is born of jealousy and will soon cause an ending of something important in your life. There is good news where there has been worry about a battle that has been brewing for sometime now. An end of a bad situation is now insight.

Virgo: A friend may soon tell of a romantic attraction he or she will ask advice from you. You are a good teacher and confidante. Know that you will give them the right information. If this is you know that you alone can make the right decisions in your life by listening to your higher self. If you feel some doubts about which direction you want to go next in your life there may be some who will offer good advice this is a gray or light haired man. Someone may give you a gift this is a person who is very generous. An inspiration you receive may bring you good fortune for the next few years. Good luck in attaining something you have been wishing for.

Libra: Soon you will receive clarity in a situation involving a lady and there is justice for you in this situation. A victory is at hand and there is much growth coming to you very soon in all aspects of your life. This Victory may involve a stranger or a man who is a professional. You have been waiting to see an outcome of some situation and you have had patience soon the truth will be revealed. This is something that comes to your home like a letter or phone call.

Scorpio: A dark haired man may ask for forgiveness this may be about a missed communication or an accident. Pay attention to the signs that are coming in for you now no matter how small they may seem. Someone may be soon telling of a new love and a lesson learned this may be news from a brown haired man or about a brown haired man. In the past you may have made mistakes and felt that barriers kept holding you back from your desires. Now it is time to take back your powers and believe in yourself you may be thinking of changing businesses or starting something completely new any way you need to be diligent and keep heading in the direction you want to go.

Sagittarius: Something may surprise you this may be an invitation or a journey you must take this may be an opportunity to make some extra money. A telephone call comes in telling of a mistake that has been made in your favor. Or this may have something to do with your home like a bill being over charged and then you find out you do not have to pay as much as you thought. Someone is challenging you on many levels. This person pretends to be a good friend but will hide the truth from you. Let go of worry the truth will be revealed and there is a Victory for you in this situation.

Capricorn: A lady will bring you great wisdom when you are feeling vulnerable about something that has been bothering you. Good advice comes from someone who cares for you. You may soon hear of bad news involving a fire or a collapse of a bridge. New beginnings are about here for you and this time it is going to be very profitable. This good luck comes to you because of the reputation that you have created for yourself. Through being very diligent in what you desire for your self you have been creating a new path in life although you may not be aware of it. Remember having faith in yourself and your abilities will bring about golden opportunities.

Aquarius: A gift may arrive soon this is coming from a father figure an older wiser man. There is also an ending of a situation that has had you looking for answers. This will help you rebuild something that has been broken. Something very powerful is about to inspire you. This empowerment may stem from realizing there has been jealousy on your part or the part of another. A grey haired man will soon offer up some advice. Pay attention he does know what he is talking about.

Pisces: A battle could split lovers and there are big changes that could occur during this time. A stranger may soon talk to you about a new job or a new way of making a living this will lead to much happiness for you. Remember you are stronger than you may think and that you can improve your strength by taking time to meditate each day. You can also improve your life just by bringing forth a peaceful attitude to others that you communicate with on a daily basis. After the forth of April things will run more smoothly for you. Relax until then and think of only positive thoughts.

April 9, 2012

Staying Positive in a Negative World
I wonder sometimes how I can stay more positive each day with all the negativity that somehow infiltrates every aspect of daily life. I myself have noticed the energy has changed in just the first few months of this year. I have asked myself time and time again if maybe I was being a little too "out there" in thinking that there is more negative energy taking over peoples lives than ever before. I also find that it is coming from all directions making its way into our lives. Little by little it seeps into our consciousness without our noticing that we have been allowing this energy in. It may start with a thought or a comment for example: have you heard yourself thinking or saying out loud how stupid this person or that person is for whatever it is that they are doing at the time. Like the way a person drives! Who hasn't been angry at another idiot driver that they encounter? More and more we have become more judgmental in our thinking. Our egos have exploded thinking that we are the best or greatest. Our lives are filled with negativity. It is being brought to us in many forms whether or not we realize it. It is up to us to wake up and notice the kind of energy we are allowing to come into our own minds and thoughts. We need to realize what the energy we are receiving is: Positive or Negative.
Okay! So now I hope I have gotten your interest because I have been wondering if maybe you can help me with a question I have been wondering about. If this is our last 8 months on this earth and if there is something happening on the 21st of December that destroys our lives on this earth, will we regret not being kinder and giving more of ourselves while we were still here? Oh yes I know what you might be thinking! It's not gonna happen! Right! In the past there have been many predictions of dooms day that have gone by the wayside. And no I am not predicting doomsday! Not by any means, in fact I would rather not know when and how. I am saying that we have become so hardened that even if we knew there was an end we would not make any kind of changes in our daily routine until D-Day. How many times today have you been kind to another person or done something nice for someone? How many times have you had a negative thought about someone or some situation today? Have you been angry for no good reason or a petty reason? Well I don't even really need an answer from you because it is not up to me to judge you. I know that your Spirit is that of Love and that if you are acting in any other way than one of love you are being invaded by negative energy. I know that if we really work on it we can and will begin to realize when our energy changes. As our thoughts change from feelings of love to feelings of anger or ego drenched with negativity, we can learn to recognize how our thoughts are affecting us and make the necessary changes to let go of all that is negative within us and about. By recognizing how our thoughts come in we soon notice when they are negative. It may take some time to teach your mind to become more aware of the negative energy being blasted our way each day. You may even want to get someone to be your Staying Positive Partner. Someone who will help you in staying positive and who will let you know when you are saying or doing is hurtful to another person. All in all if this is my last 8 months or years or more, I hope I can be the person I believe I was created to be while living my time upon this most beautiful Earth. It is my hope that you will not sit idly by waiting for what ever to happen without trying to become a better person without giving of your self to find that true spirit inside of you.
Each person on this earth has been given a wonderful spirit and has a choice to access this beautiful energy that is within us at all times. All you have to do is choose to make the choices in your life that are of pure love. There are no big secrets, it is up to you to be the one who is in charge of who you are and who you want to become. Yes becoming your true self your loving self can be difficult for it is much easier to put another person down than to see the good in yourself. I see the good in each of you and I hope you see this good within yourself. As for me I will also continue to see the good in myself for I will not give in to the negative energy that I see feel and hear each day. I will try even harder to be a better person each day even if there are no rewards at the end for I will know in my heart I did my best. That is reward enough!
For just knowing that we have this ability to choose how to react to any given situation is amazing when you think about it. Choose Love make a difference in your life and the lives of others every day.
I love you all my Friends, Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be thinking of taking a trip to visit an older woman maybe a relative. Use this time to get away from your worries meditate and focus on the things that will bring you happiness. You may soon learn the truth about a lover it is going to be up to you to find forgiveness with this person or in this situation. It may be time for some soul searching. There may be a victory in a legal settlement that involves a brown haired woman or whom a brown haired woman is the attorney. Justice will be done in some legal situation.

Taurus: You may have gone through a period of loss and wondered if you would ever find the strength to get through the changes that have or are taking place in your life. Know that this too will pass and there are new beginnings around the corner for you. At home you may hear of a birth of a child or may be talking of having a baby with your spouse. A new opportunity may bring in wealth this may come as a new job offer. A dark haired woman may tell of a scandal or this may be about an obstacle that has been over come.

Gemini: You may feel a bit foolish in not realizing a brown haired man is out to cause destruction for himself and those around him. You may not realize it right now but pay attention to the signs you are receiving. This could put you ahead of the game. It seems like everything has been up in the air not moving in the direction you had been hoping for. This may have left you feeling vulnerable. Or you may go through heartbreak because of someone's jealousy. Do not let this news worry you or confuse you I will tell you a secret there really is good fortune coming into your life very soon stay positive.

Cancer: Soon there may be trouble with a dark haired man this man could be one who will try to put doubt in your mind. Someone may try to befriend you this person will come on as bring genuine and generous keep your guard up a little longer for you may find that this person has been a hidden enemy and will challenge you down the road. Soon you may be inspired by someone you are enamored with this is likely to be someone of the opposite sex. On a wonderful note there is abundance for you in what ever it is you have been creating or looking forward too. This may be a new job opportunity popping up from out of the blue for you.

Leo: Let go of the frustration you have been feeling for the last month or so. It may be time to take a journey this may mean a journey within whatever there is a surprise in store for you. You may be receiving an invitation, this is something you must attend this will be fun. You have gone through many lessons in the last few years, especially ones that involve patience. Soon it will be time for all the knowledge you have learned from these lessons to emerge. Just one more lesson and you will surly pass this test if you can let go of any greed you may still be hanging onto. There is good news in the future for you and financial gains are coming your way.

Virgo: There may be some anxiety in a phone call you receive or there is bad news coming this may be regarding a death or news from the spirit of a person who has left this plane of existence. A stranger may soon start an argument with an older man this may anger you. Say to yourself this is not my lesson to learn. I shall not be the judge of others. There is much love coming to you. Stay positive in all you think do and say. Soon there is news of a mistake made by a famous person who has not been honest with himself or others. Have faith all will turn out well for you the wheel of fortune is now turning in your direction.

Libra: Soon you will be in connection with an older man who will help you and bring a peaceful ending to a situation that you have been concerned with. There is clarity in finding out the truth about someone or something that has preoccupied your time. This may be the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. You may find your answers in the cards if you care to look. There is hope and something to hope for at this juncture. A dark haired woman who thinks she is all that! Will soon make a judgment call that will be a catalyst for growth or deterioration. She will have to decide which road she wants to take. This person is feeling quite small right now and may need your help in some way. It will be up to you in what way you will help her.

Scorpio: You may think you have the power to know when someone is deceiving you this may be someone close to you like a friend or loved one. If you have just reconciled with someone it may be time to stop look and listen for signs that this was the best thing for you to do. There is much wisdom afforded you in the next two weeks. You may learn new things about someone who is close to you. A lady will tell you of a golden opportunity she is considering this is not especially fortunate for her, but only time will tell. It seems there is some situation that has been troublesome that will soon come to an end.

Sagittarius: An older man will talk about taking some time off to relax and rejuvenate this may be an opportunity for you to help out by offering your services in some way. If you have felt as if things have been a bit out of balance there is soon justice in a situation that has angered you or made you feel hurt. You have so much to understand about your spiritual path and where you feel you should be in this life does not seem to be happening at the moment. Do not loose hope for there is always a way to change that which you desire to change if you try. There may be some bad news involving someone who is not who they say they are this may be someone you think to be a friend. Be careful for this person may try to steal from you or try to get you fired or take your job. Pay attention.

Capricorn: Okay you are the master of your own life and you can create anything you desire as long as you believe it. There are communications by phone that will bring in financial gains to you very soon. This could be a job offer or someone will call you telling of a job opening. The Challenge you are having is all about letting go of old doubts and believing in your self. That is how you will find new growth in your life. There is good fortune coming to you this may come in the form of a gift or the generosity of another. Abundance is coming in for you believe in your gifts.

Aquarius: A loss of something may cause a scandal of sorts there are changes all around you this month. A surprise that may bring your confusion about someone to a peaceful conclusion you will soon see their true colors. Endings always bring new beginnings this may time to let go of the old and release the past. Or you may reconsider a reconciliation you have made recently.
Pisces: If you are a brown haired woman there is soon good news that will bring you hope on some level. Or a brown haired woman will soon bring you good news and hope. There is also much love afforded you now for there has been a lesson learned and there is great happiness for you. A dark haired woman may inspire you to go for the gold or something you have really wanted. Go for it.

April 25, 2012

Staying Positive

Staying positive is not the easiest thing to do even when you try to remain positive, eventually something or some situation comes along to foil your progress in staying positive. This happens to the best of positive thinkers. Yup! It does! So is there a way you can you get back into the positive thought cycle? I believe so but it will always be up to you to make the decision to recognize, when you are dipping below the positive level of consciousness. I have found that some people at that moment of leaving the positive state of mind actually are not even in the mood to get back to being positive.
When people let go of positive energy the mind can easily go into a negative state or ego consciousness. It is at that moment we need to recognize what is happening in our own minds and bodies. The best way I can describe this it is like a wall is going up between good and ego. While this wall is up it is very hard to get back into that space of love and being in the moment. Too many thoughts are rushing around the mind like a big wind tunnel. If you have been there I am sure you know what I mean. If you have not ever been mad or angry you do not need to read any further. You are already perfect! So how can we keep the wall from going up? By knocking down the barrier as it is coming on by noticing how your body is feeling, are you breathing deep breaths or holding your breath. Notice your thoughts if they start going into the past looking for reasons to be mad and angry. It may be time to take a deep breath and imagine yourself as you desire to be at this moment without anger, fear or worry. It is like looking in a mental mirror, do you like this person you are looking at right now? How would you see yourself at this moment?
At this moment I am Love, and at this moment you are love.
We are made of energy. This is the most powerful energy there is known to man. This energy, I would like to think of as love. When you replace negative thoughts with loving ones you will find it is easier to keep the wall of negative from coming up. This will take practice but it will be effective if you do not give up. You have to continually keep your focus on positive thoughts by being in the moment with them. There will be times that the wall will come up and ego will win out. Do not give up. Do not let ego take over and keep that wall up. I know it is hard to keep up the perfection of being positive all the time. By remaining in a positive state of mind and breathing out the negative at the moment it starts to come in, you will find yourself staying positive for longer amounts of time and being a happier person.
Sending you Tickles and Sparkles "Pure Love"

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Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A mistake of strength may cause a scandal leading to confusion and heartbreak. To be victorious there must be an apology made. Good news comes from a silver haired man this is news of justice in some situation or a court action.

Taurus: Be leery of a brown haired man you talk with on the phone he may be just plain greedy. After the storm comes the sun as they say. If your relationship has been rocky there are new beginnings this can mean with the one you are with or maybe someone new. Have patience there is a dark haired man who will help out this is a friend.

Gemini: There is a lesson learned when a stranger helps you to see your true talent. Soon an ending of doubt brings in love. There is a gift for you concerning your home or home life and it may make you feel a bit foolish when you receive it.

Cancer: Recently there may have been something that caused you to fret or worry this could have been an argument or disagreement but now there is renewed hope and growth for you. Through good judgment on your part there is renewed faith and knowing that you do have a strong intuition at this time.

Leo: The challenge here is to let go of frustration that you feel is being caused by a fair haired or gray haired woman. Know that you have much to gain by being truthful about a deception. Or someone is deceiving you and you will receive knowledge of the truth. A journey is bringing you new communication with people who know their stuff so to speak.

Virgo: Someone is not who they pretend to be they may be false to your face while talking behind your back. Concentrate and you will have clarity about who this person may be. Or there is someone who is jealous of you. There is abundance coming in for you very soon. A lady may contact you concerning an opportunity to visit a peaceful place somewhere famous. You may soon learn secrets this information will come to you through a spiritual gateway. There are many changes on the horizon for you, positive changes are due soon.

Libra: Where there has been some bad news concerning a brown haired woman there is a surprise in store for you this may come in a letter. You have much power afforded you at this time. You will soon talk with a woman who will help you in some that will bring you happiness this woman knows her stuff. There is good fortune concerning a dark haired woman take some time to meditate on what this good fortune is. Good Luck here for you.

Scorpio: There may be a loss concerning business the key here is to be inspired by the changes that are coming in. Do not loose sight of what you want. There is vulnerability in a sexual attraction. Use your own wisdom to know what to do next. Someone wants a reconciliation it may not be in your best interest to reconnect with this person. For this person may be not looking out for your best interest. There is a battle brewing and it is wise to know your enemies. Stand your ground.

Sagittarius: You have had to have much faith and find forgiveness for growth to happen but now it is time to move forward and to have hope, for the future. There may be an argument coming up that you will be part of or witness this will be between a man and a woman that you know. There is an older woman who will talk to you on the phone and give you advice this advice is full of much wisdom.

Capricorn: Unexpected wealth comes in for you soon. This news may come from a brown haired woman and brings in justice to a situation. A happy mistake is bringing in the truth about something your have been concerned with. There may be a loss of judgment or through making the wrong choice there is loss. It may be time to ask for some advice from an older man.

Aquarius: A dark haired man and dark haired woman will soon talk of changes that they are making. There is much power afforded you at this time you need to seek out solitude and relax. You may receive some bad news about a breakup of a couple whom you thought happy this may make you feel a bit vulnerable in looking at your own relationship. Don't let this happen for there is much love in your relationship at this time.

Pisces: There is much to gain by being a loving person and you are very spiritual or have a very intuitive mind that is helping you to attain financial success. Pay attention to your thoughts. Someone may be trying to deceive you by causing confusion and trying to through you off course. This may be a couple who are not above causing a commotion to get their way. A brown haired man will soon talk himself up this is noting to be jealous of for it is only talk. Bragging will not get him anywhere with you this week.

May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Sometimes we forget just how special our Mom's really are. Take time to call your mom let her know you are thinking of her not only on Mother's Day but every day.

I used to dread Mother's Day for it seemed to never fail that this day would turn out to be one that had its challenges. I know that there must have been a reason for the things that went wrong on that particular day. I am sure I learned a lesson each time Mother's day rolled around and things did not go as I thought they should for I expected Mother's day to be one where the family just doted upon me all through out the day. Not! Well maybe it was just wishful thinking for I was so blessed to have four great kids and what did it matter if the only day that was suppose to be mine didn't work out as beautifully as I thought it should. Now that my Children are all grown up things are quite different. They send me cards and sometimes I get flowers and get to go out to dinner. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have had children and I feel especially blessed to have fourteen grandchildren to love. So I thank you my Children for your love and for giving me one of the greatest blessings a mom can receive Grandchildren!

This Mother's day take some time to let your Mother know just how much you love her. My Mom and Step Mom have passed on I miss them very much although I talk with their spirits most every day. Feeling their energy around me gives me such peace knowing that they are never far from me for all I have to do is think of them and they are there for me. I wish I could have had one more day to hug them and let them know how very thankful I was to have them in my life. One more day to hear their laughter and see their smile so please let your mom know how special that she is to you.

When children are born there are no instructions telling us how to raise them or what to do when they become teenagers. I know all of you parents out there know what I mean.
But my Mom use to tell me that Mom's always do the best they know how to at the time. I have to say after becoming a parent I believed this fully.

Today I send out love to all mothers for you are special! You have endured and hopefully when all is said and done you will sit and think to yourself, I must have done something right. I look back and think to my self maybe I wasn't the perfect mother but there must have been something I did right because my children grew into pretty great adults. I am very proud of each of them and if I played any part in making them who they are today I am grateful for this. Have a happy Mother's Day! Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Sometimes we just have to take control of our lives.
We have to believe in ourselves when no one else does.
Believe in your self focus your energy on positive thoughts.

I wish you all a Great Week filled with much joy and happiness for you are the best!

The Birth Sign Readings will be in the Next News Letter

Thank you, I look forward to talking to you soon.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

May 16, 2012

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be in a great mood feeling quite happy about your life or you may be wondering why you can't seem to break through the barriers that have prevented you from truly being happy. These challenges are just a part of life and the only way to be truly happy is to let go of the past and live in the moment. You may be thinking of taking a journey this may include a friend and could be there is a reconciliation with someone you knew from the past a friend or lover.

Taurus: If you are single and have been hoping to find your true love it may be time to focus on what you truly desire in a soul companion. Take time to listen and look at the signs you have been given they may be telling you to take some time out of your busy day to meditate on what you truly desire. A disagreement with an older man may turn into a bigger ordeal than you thought. Watch your tongue! Don't say something you may regret later. Let go of all that worry and fear know that there is still hope for a good outcome.

Gemini: Someone may be flirting with you if you are single this may be a sexual attraction and nothing more so don't go worrying about it. If you have been feeling in doubt about something listen to your inner guidance. You may receive a phone call from a woman who is filled with anxiety try to smooth this energy over so you do not take it on. If you have been having an ongoing battle within yourself over something, you may try using your energy in a way that will cause forgiveness in your heart and mind clearing away old baggage is the way to victory.

Cancer: Soon you may feel a loss of some kind this could come from a mistake that has been made. Or you may be told of a loss of a brown haired woman because of an accident. New beginnings of something associated with financial gains this is a surprise. Or there soon could be a surprise invitation coming in very soon. Use caution when dealing with a woman who is all about herself this is a woman who wants to cause a scandal and will do what ever it takes to get back at you for something you did not do.

Leo: Well if you don't have those rose colored glasses on you may want to put them on for at this time good things are happening you will soon have much popularity . There is a spiritual message coming in and you will know who your enemies are, you will be able to divert their efforts to thwart your progress. Abundance comes to you and you may choose to take a nice vacation with someone you love.

Virgo: Well now it is time to let go of all those vulnerable feelings and know that there is more strength afforded you that you may think at this time. Have faith for right now you are receiving clarity and there is a message that will help you in your quest for spiritual and mental growth. Just stay on your higher path and do not let other people frustrate you, be diligent in your conviction to stay positive for the outcome will be golden.

Libra: A dark haired man who has caused heartbreak will soon receive his own karma right back at him this comes from an older woman, like his mom she will bring out the truth about some situation that may have been causing you to be angry or worried. There is something that will bring you great wisdom and may even be a gift from the Gods. As I said before this man is someone who has caused destruction but it will soon come to an end and there is much generosity afforded you. Or a Dark haired man will soon cause his own destruction and there is an ending of heartbreak for you. Follow your heart and you will find the truth.

Scorpio: A lady who is very judgmental may be deceiving you watch your back. There may be a fork at the end of the road which will cause you to choose what path to you will take. There are changes coming concerning a dark haired woman, have patience for this will help in bring in a transformation that will open the doors to the secrets that have been hidden from view. There is good news on its way and there is a peaceful conclusion to what ever has been on your mind or bothering you. It looks as if this may be a week filled with emotional outbursts from family and at work stay positive and release all anger you have directed at others go forward with love in your heart.

Sagittarius: Wow! Something big is about to inspire you in ways that will bring in good fortune to you this may come in the form of communication or a phone call. At home you may hear of someone who is being a big greedy in what they want, this may be just a jealous fit because of some bad news that is received. The lesson you still need to learn concerns using your power for what is good and brings a sense of balance to a situation. There is something that will help you while you are trying to juggle all of life's ups and downs this may be a thought or just a song that makes you smile. The Path is smoothing out now for you. Smile, be happy and know that things are really getting better for you.

Capricorn: There may be a bit of confusion going on at this point in time. Thoughts of what is next for me may be running through your mind. By remembering that you are the master in your life and knowing within your self that you have the ability to create what ever you desire in life. There is soon wealth coming to you this may be associated with a brown haired man and will bring in justice to a situation concerning work if you are seeking a new line of employment it may be time to use your talents and let them shine.

Aquarius: Sometimes we have to get a bit frustrated with our situation before we can find a way out of it. Welcome the new beginnings that are now arriving in your life. A brown haired woman and a light haired man will soon revive your faith in the kindness of others this will bring you much happiness. You may be invited on a journey with a friend a woman. There is someone who is deceiving you ask yourself who this person may be. Could be a man or a woman or both you will get a feeling of dread when you meet this person or think of them.

Pisces: You may be at a crossroads in life trying to figure what to do next. You have overcome much destruction and have averted anger from those who would try to break your heart. Now it is time to let go of the past and the losses of the past and know that you have learned this lesson in life and there are better things coming in for you in the very near future. A very peaceful outcome is now on the horizon. Stay positive know there are better days ahead.

June 4, 2012

Dearest Friends,
It is my desire to be of service to you and to each person I meet while I am on this Earth.
Too many times we forget the real purpose of why we are upon this beautiful Earth. I too have had moments of forgetfulness, yet in a blink of an eye I am then reminded of this by the gentle persuasion of Gods love. We are here to be of service to others! To give of ourselves without limitations for we are as God and in order to serve God we must learn how we can help other for it is only then, that we can be in service to the God within all of us.

We are not here to gain wealth or have an unlimited supply of money in our bank accounts although it would be nice at times. There is another reason for our lives on this earth that is to serve the God within. By serving the God within we are able to bring peace and happiness into the lives of other people as well as our selves.

That said I have come to the realization that by being a grateful giver and receiver we can make a difference in the lives of many people. By giving love to others we are giving love unto our self. It is only when we become selfish that we turn against the God within and we block the love from flowing freely to and from us. In these times it seems much easier to be judgmental of others rather than opening our hearts and minds to love.
I often wonder why we all think that we are smarter than the next person and believe that our lives are so much more important than someone else's. But in reality the other person is probably thinking the same thing about you. For example: have you ever thought that you are a better driver than the guy who just cut you off in traffic? Have you called out some choice words too, you bet! And I too have felt this way and acted like a fool. But when I look at why I have felt this way it is not coming from my higher self the God within me, no it is coming from ego. We are constantly being conditioned to act this way through the use of media like television shows and the internet. Yes we are being shown that it is easier to let go of the God within in order to serve the ego. When I think of this world and the way people behave nowadays acting out of hatred and anger at each other. I have to say I feel sadness within me that makes me want to cry. For I know with all of my heart that each of us has a special purpose on this earth and this is to become the loving wonderful people we have always been meant to be. To connect with the God within and to connect with the God within all people is the highest level of attainment we can receive upon this earth for that is what we have been blessed with this life to do. It is not up to someone else to make us believe in goodness and to love unconditionally. Rather it is up to you and me to decide for our selves if we are worth the risk of being "different". For when we are focusing our lives in dedication of love and service to others this truly will bring love and joy into our own lives.

It is my hope that you too will recognize the need for more love in this world to be of service in some way to other people. And that you will respond in kindness to even the rudest of people for that is how you will be as God intended you to be. There is no other energy upon this earth more powerful or stronger than love, it is a gift from God that each person has been given unconditionally. As you go through each day remember to react with kindness and love even when your ego tugs at you to respond in negative ways, for this is how you can be of service to your self while serving others.

I thank you for your time may you be blessed always.
Love from me to you "Tickles and Sparkles".

Today is the Full Moon!
Time to recharge your stones set them out under the Moon light to enhance their magical qualities!

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be feeling a bit jealous of a woman or you may be angry at a woman who has been two faced. Let go of the ego in order to learn the truth about someone close to you. You may receive some good news that concerns money. If you have been feeling that there is a barrier holding you from finding love there could be a surprise in store for you near the end of the month. If in a relationship you may get a surprise or invitation from someone who loves you.

Taurus: You may be going on a journey this month to a place you are not familiar with, use caution by keeping your valuables in a safe place. There may be a phone call that will upset you this will come from a brown haired woman, or a brown haired woman will be angry about something. You may find yourself being a bit more generous with others this month. This attitude will help you let go of doubts that you have had in the past about a relationship that you thought was lost, there is hope.

Gemini: A light haired man or older man with whom you have been estranged for some time may want reconciliation and ask for forgiveness for mistakes of the past. A friend may consult in you about his or her frustration concerning a secret. You have learned to be the master of your life this is now bringing forth new beginnings in areas of your life that you have been diligently working on. Always remember to Stop, look and listen before passing judgment upon others.

Cancer: The challenge here is to use caution when dealing with a stranger for there is deception from a person who is not who they claim to be. An older woman may cause a scandal that may bring loss of some kind. There are changes coming later in the month that will test your faith, this may involve a wise person or a person who is a professional, like a lawyer or judge.

Leo: A brown haired man will talk with you concerning a dark haired man this involves letting go of something that has made you angry in the past. It may be time to find forgiveness in your heart and mind for some injustice of the past. You may hear some bad news concerning a friend who has made a decision about a move. There may be good byes being said in the next couple of weeks. You may feel a little confused about a job offer that comes to you from out of the blue or you will hear that you've been accepted for a job that you really desired. Soon you will get a victory in something you have been waiting for.

Virgo: By letting go of greed you have found a new sense of peacefulness that indwells you on many levels. This energy is bringing you new opportunities in all areas of your life. Soon there is an ending in feelings of vulnerability that will help you find solitude in what you have been seeking. There is communication that brings clarity for you in a situation that you have been pondering. The Wheel of fortune is now turning in your direction thus bringing you very good luck.

Libra: If there have been tears shed in the past over a romantic relationship this will soon be resolved. There is an opportunity approaching that will let you know that you have made the right choices concerning something that has been bothering you. A friend may soon tell of a new romantic relationship he or she is involved with this is wonderful news. A dark haired woman will soon test your patience this person may call or come to your home. If you have felt as if the world has been falling down around you, it is now time to pick yourself up and wipe the tears from your eyes. Soon you will realize you have more to gain by moving forward and asking for what you want. Financial gains now bring rewards it is time to claim your fame.

Scorpio: A woman who thinks she is better than you may find herself feeling quite foolish, for things done in the past. A spiritual lesson is now approaching the key here is to use your power wisely. You may soon ask for some help from a friend concerning money or someone will ask you for a loan. You will have to be strong in a decision you make no matter what the end result may bring. You do not have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders for there is help if you will ask.

Sagittarius: You are stead fast in your convictions and will soon experience new ways of seeing the forest through the trees allowing you to grow in relationships with those closest to you. You have chosen to let go of your doubts which will bring you renewed faith concerning a relationship with a dark haired woman. There is soon happiness in a sexual attraction or someone may be flirting with you, this is someone you are attracted to also. If there has been a falling out there is soon reconciliation with a person who is dear to you.

Capricorn: Someone may be talking behind your back when you get wind of this you may feel that it is their mistake they are trying to cover up. Do not let this hurt your feelings for you are strong enough let this go without holding a grudge. Spiritually you are able to see the truth when someone is deceiving you. All you have to do is meditate or pray on this while holding love in your heart you will then receive your answer. Do not jump to conclusions for this will only hurt you and is not the solution.

Aquarius: If you have been searching for a new home or thinking of a move you may soon find a place that will feel right to you. There is good fortune making changes this month. If you have felt like things have been going at a slower pace or that you have hit a wall so to speak. It may be time to change your line of work or look for something that will increase your wealth. Maybe a second income, do not be greedy in what you want for this will attract frustration. Remember that though diligence come rewards. It may be time to take charge of your life.

Pisces: A phone call may bring bad news or unexpected news that will be given is not as favorable as you would have liked it to be. You may soon learn a secret about a good friend this may change your view of this person. A brown haired man will soon bring you hope concerning financial gains. Some good news concerning money will soon arrive for you.

June 25, 2012

Greetings from Julie

Summer time brings people together through all sorts of activities, it seems as if there is always something going on whether you are going on vacation or just enjoying a family gathering. We all have plenty to do this summer including me I have been enjoying my grandchildren who have come for a month to visit. I have to say I must be getting old for I had forgotten how much energy is expended on having kids around 24/7 and I raised four of my own. I really wonder how I ever did it. So this I say to all of you parents if your children are grown be grateful you made it through and are still sane. To all of the parents of children who are still at home I am praying for you. Really I love all of my grandchildren and feel very blessed to have them here for a visit it has been a few years since I have seen them.
Staying Positive in a full house is the first thing we all have to remember even when things get a little loud and frustration with the disagreements happen it is good to step back and take a few deep breaths.

Mercury will be going retrograde July 14th 2012 to August 8th 2012
It seems that two weeks before mercury turns retrograde things start to happen for example things break down including computers, cars and anything electronic. So back up your computers early just in case.

Saturn will be turning direct today! Yea things should start to be more positive concerning relationships. It has been retrograde since February.

Venus will also turn direct on Wednesday it has been retrograde for the last
43 days. Love could be in the air if you are looking for a love relationship it just may be your turn.

Staying Positive
Remember that affirming your positive intentions each day it is not something you do once in a while and hope for the best. We all have good intentions that get side lined with doubt it is at that time you can choose to stay positive take a deep breath and remember all the good in life rather than giving in to allowing negative to interrupt all the positive energy you have created.

Affirmation: I now release the part of me that is angry, irritated or just plain mad at ________.

I am the only one with the power to control who I am. I now choose to focus my thoughts on the positive things in my life.
Miracles are happening even when I am not paying attention they always manifest under grace and in perfect ways.

My thoughts turn into things so I choose to think positive thoughts and attract positive things into my life.

Blessed be

I will be taking a short break with the newsletters until next month while I focus on family and having some summer fun. I send blessings to each of you and bless you with a great summer.

July 23, 2012

I hope that all is well for you it has been a very challenging Mercury Retrograde for most people I have talked with during the past couple of weeks. The biggest challenges seem to be connected with communication of all sorts. I can only hope that you are managing to get through this time with patience and keeping your focus on love. Last week there was a Mars/Uranus/Pluto trine which seemed to cause great upheaval and some big confrontations. Thank goodness that last week is done now we can look forwards to better things. As for this week remember Murphy's Law and know things may get a little chaotic but will get better by weeks end. Sometimes we just need to let go of all the anger that is being stirred up by the retrograde and know that fighting fire with fire will just get you a bigger fire. This reminds me of something I read on face book that someone had posted a few weeks ago it stuck with me and I feel it bears repeating "hatred is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." We all have times when things do not work out the way we desire them to no matter how hard we try to make them come out our way. Believe it or not there is a lesson in each challenge we have to go through. I know that this too will pass and I will learn something from the lessons I am learning right now.

Well the good news is that it should be getting better, better and better during the next few weeks as Mercury will be turning direct on August 8, 2012.

Staying Positive in the Moment
Focus on the things and people you love in your life rather than all than the negative that is being put out at this time. I have wondered if it is just me noticing that people have become conditioned to be more negative rather than having a positive outlook on life. I know that there are good people in this world people of love whom bring joy to others just through their smile. I believe that it may be time to look beyond the people who are so negative and focus on the positive aspects of this life. Yes it requires a great deal of patience and control to remain positive when someone is being angry and mean, but I also know that it is possible to change your thoughts by creating a joyful thought even for a moment. In that moment you will feel a change in the energy around you it will be an uplifting moment that can propel you into the next moment. As you practice letting go of all that has upset you then you will start to feel better, better and better about yourself and other people. Remember that you have control over the person you are and who you choose to become in this lifetime no one else can make the decisions for you of how you want your life to be. Yes it can be difficult to let go of judgment and anger at others for the things that have happened in your past. Yet all it takes is the realization that you have a gift this is a gift of pure love and it resides within all of us all we have to do is use it for ourselves and give it out to others. It is a choice! I hope that you will choose love and give it out to each person you know and care for with a pure heart. Blessings to all my friends and family I love you.

Retrograde Reminder: Please wait on accepting that new job or signing any important papers or documents until after the 8th of August. You may get the job and find out later you really do not like it as much as you thought you would have. If you are looking to buy a new home or car I suggest waiting, I also ask that if you are in need of anything electrical put off buying it until at least four days after the retrograde is over.

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Your talents or work ethics may be questioned this week by a dark haired man who feels he is in charge of things. This could be a boss or someone who is close to you. You may feel there has been a barrier put before you or that someone is trying to hide the truth from you. A situation that has had you quite confused will soon come to a surprising end. This may be a good ending or not so good ending depending where you stand in this situation. There may be a surprise concerning papers.

Taurus: A woman who is foolish will soon lash out at you or there will be a big disagreement. I suggest laying low until the storm passes. Someone will give you information that will help you in some way this may be a learning experience. Remember victory comes to you through having patience. A brown haired man is watching over you this may be someone who has passed on and whom loves you very much.

Gemini: By focusing your thoughts on love you will gain much strength and there is much power given you by staying in a positive state of mind this week. An older man may try to deceive you through telling you an untruth. Be cautious when dealing with this person, follow your inner guidance (heart) in this matter. Through the generosity of a good person there is an opportunity given you that will bring in new beginnings for you. Good luck is in store for you.

Cancer: If you are feeling a bit frustrated at the things happening in your life know that change is a good thing. You have to know when to end things that haven't been working so good for you. Soon you will receive clarity in some situation that has had you on edge. A stranger may be trying to cause problems, concerning a love relationship. There is soon justice for a friend involved in a legal battle. There is also some bad news that may arrive when you least expect it. At least for now try to let go of any worry that you may have had and focus on the positive out come of the situation.

Leo: Someone may be talking behind your back especially if you have been feeling a bit vulnerable or have been talking about your troubles to the wrong person. The key here is too focus on what inspires you talk about this and let go of blame. It may be a challenge you will have to overcome but you can do it. Have faith in yourself! A brown haired woman may be telling of her worries expecting you to feel sorry for her, do not let other peoples issues become yours. Wealth may be coming to you through an older woman or this woman will help you find success with money.

Virgo: You may hear of a scandal caused by a woman who is telling secrets about you this may be brought on by greed or through her anger. Yes you may have made mistakes in your life everyone does at one time or another, it is all part of the human life experience so let go of the hurt and know that it will all be okay. A very intelligent woman will soon talk with you at your home she has some good news concerning some challenges that have been holding you from the financial rewards that are due you. Money will soon come in from an unexpected source.

Libra: A woman who not who she says she is will soon contact you by phone she is someone who may be jealous of you or wants to cause you harm. Be diligent in knowing what to say and what not to say to this person. At this time it may be good to keep certain knowledge to your self. If you are feeling a sense of loss it may be time to seek out some solitude and meditate on what it is you truly desire. A peaceful outcome will bring this journey to fruition. As you travel this week make sure you pay attention to what is going on around you. Stop, look and listen to what is happening before moving into traffic. Good fortune comes to you focus on only what you want and not what you do not want.

Scorpio: It may be time to cut your losses and be honest when it comes to a judgment of some kind this may be a week filled with destruction that involves legal situations. It may not be the best idea to hide the truth when dealing with a wise man. Reconciliation may be in your thoughts at this time this may be with a dark haired woman, if you really want a happy relationship this will have to be more than just a sexual attraction, on the other hand if you feel that all hope is lost there is soon a new relationship that will bring you much happiness have faith.

Sagittarius: If you have felt upset by doubts you have had concerning forgiveness there is good news from a couple who loves you. There is also an ending of a battle that you have been fighting from within this will bring great abundance to you and the lesson will have been learned. Let go of the hurts of the past for you cannot change what has happened only what you choose to do now. Focus on the good in your life for it is about to get better for you through a change that will bring you much happiness.

Capricorn: There is good news that brings in happiness. Where there have been doubts you will soon be able to let them go. There is now a change in store for you. This is like a lesson learned and now it is the time to move forward with your hopes and dreams. A surprise invitation comes in from a dark haired man that will bring new opportunities for you. Something very spiritual will soon inspire you to make some big changes in your life. Stay balanced for just a short while longer you will soon have the key that will open the doors to your future.

Aquarius: There may be anger at a brown haired man over money owed you, let go of your anger for in time you will get it back. A dark haired woman will give you a gift this will bring you much happiness it may be a gift of clarity concerning a matter that has challenged you. Wealth and prosperity find you when you least expect it, it may be time to let go and let God as they say. You have asked for assistance now it is time to relax and let it come to you. Blessings are about to open a whole new way of life for you. Enjoy.

Pisces: First of all this may be a very luck week for you for there is good fortune coming in from a friend. There may be some bad news concerning one that you love this may be a friend of relative. Pay attention to what is happening around you especially when driving. Take your foot off the gas petal! Or you may end up with a ticket. You have many talents one particular that will be noticed by a lady with much power, she may be someone you have never met but soon will. An offering is coming to you be open to receiving.

August 7, 2012

Greetings from Julie

If you have noticed the energy seems to be getting better and better the closer we get to the 8th of August. That is because Mercury will soon be turning direct, it seems like it has been forever and a day since Mercury went retrograde. I imagine many of you have some stories to tell of what has happened in your life while Mercury was retrograde. I welcome your stories if you would like to share them I would love to know how you overcame obstacles or challenges while Mercury has been retrograde.
Now would be a good time to make sure you have cleaned out all the old to make room for the new. There may be some of my friends who have put off finding that perfect JOB during the retrograde, well friends please wait until August 10th before getting those resumes out to prospective employers. Your chances of getting that perfect job will certainly increase.

Manifesting What You Desire

Ever wondered what would happen if you could manifest your desires?

If you knew a trick that might help you would you give it a try?

I would imagine that you would think about it before letting that thought go, now wouldn't you?

Through the years I have learned to manifest my desires through having a firm belief that I really could attract that which I desired. Having a firm belief is not all that is required to create the manifestation of what one desires, it seems that besides believing you are worthy of such manifestation you also will have to visualize clearly that which you are creating. If you are having a ruff time trying to visualize what you desire I have found that writing about it, as if I already have my hearts desire works very well and speeds up the process of manifestation.

Like so many people we want whatever it is we desire to happen immediately or appear mysteriously in front of us at a moments notice. Some times the timing of manifesting our desire is out of whack so to speak. Or maybe if we got that which we desired it would not work out so well for us. What we have to remember is there are reasons for everything that happens. All of us have an unlimited ability to create what ever we so desire. So if one thing you have longed for does not work out it may be time to try something else.
I know there have been times when I really desired a certain outcome to a situation, yet it does not come or manifests in a totally different way than I had imagined it would. I have also figured out that when I release the intention of what I would like to manifest to the Universe or God it seems to manifest for me in a wonderfully perfect way.

You may like to try this little known secret to manifest your desire by making a funnel out of a piece of paper. A heavy piece of paper works best like a paper bag or piece of card stock paper. Us a piece of tape once you have is shaped like a funnel this will secure your manifestation device. Now take another piece of paper and write on it these words:
I call upon the invisible world to bring through to me that which I have written upon this piece of paper:
You can put what ever you desire in this space like what I have written below.
For silver and for gold for diamonds jewels and wealth I ask be brought forth from the invisible world to me. With great thanks I look into this manifestation funnel and see the tides bringing forth my desires. Again I give the invisible world my gratitude for bringing in all I have asked for so blessed be and so it is.

After you have written your desires look into the funnel through the big end towards the small end of the funnel look at your words and focus on bringing that which you desire through from the invisible world where all is possible. Remember this can be anything you desire. Also remember to be careful what you wish for you just may receive it. I would love to hear if this works for you so please let me know if you tried it and if you received anything. What you wished for may come in many ways like something found or something unexpected coming in, this could take a few days so be patient.
Have fun!

There are times we all need some spiritual guidance times we just have the need to have words of encouragement and kindness. There are times that we would like to know what to expect in our future. There are also times we would like to understand what is happening in our lives, like if we are in need of a healing or just some kind of change that will move us forward. We all have wondered at one time or another if the decisions we make are the best ones for us at the time.
If you have had these thoughts it may be time for an intuitive reading with me.

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may feel that everything is going quite well for you at this time. If you are in a rocky relationship it may be time to make a decision. Or a lover may start an argument with you, this could cause a scandal. Others may see you as vulnerable or there may be a challenge coming up that will require you to take some time to be by yourself and meditate to find an answer. A victory you had thought yours may soon find you feeling a bit deceived. There will be a phone call concerning this.

Taurus: You may feel quite good about yourself you have let go of some things that had been bothering you for sometime. Remember there is strength in forgiveness. A woman who thinks she is all "that" will soon reveal her jealous side this may be someone you know or a stranger. There is a lesson learned and you have had patience knowing that everything happens for a reason. Now there are new opportunities coming in for you don't worry be happy things are now changing.

Gemini: A friend will lend his or her wisdom thus releasing you from confusion about what is next. A lady will soon tell of reconciliation with someone that she cares about. There is good luck in store for you that will bring in abundance and a surprise will soon arrive this may be in the form of a trip or journey. Good energy is now opening doors for you.

Cancer: Soon you may be inspired to change your line of work or seek out a new way of making a living. There is justice coming from using your talents to better your self. By doing something you love you will realize your wealth. A secret will be told you by someone about a mistake that has been made. This person now is seeking guidance in order to atone for his or her mistake. Sorry to say you may receive some bad news about someone this week. You are a very spiritual person ask for divine guidance in knowing what is best for you.

Leo: A brown haired woman will soon bring you clarity in a matter in which you have been asking for the truth to come out. Changes are coming in through faith you will receive answers you have been asking for. If there has been much heart break for you it may be time to end a situation. Be cautious is you are walking alone at night there may be a danger lurking in the dark.
Virgo: An older man will talk to you about a lesson he has learned this will help you in some way. You need to take some time just to meditate this will bring in some new and inspiring ideas that will help you grow in some way. An older woman may soon tell you that she feels a bit foolish about something she did. Or you may get a job offer from a lady with light hair or silver in her hair. Soon there is an ending of challenges for you will overcome them and there are financial gains coming in for you.

Libra: A dark haired man is getting some clarity concerning a reconciliation that he has made. A brown haired woman is feeling very confused she is blocking her faith it is like all she can see is the darkness. There is a reason you need to know this it is important for you to understand what is about to happen you may be called upon to help someone in need very soon. There is a trip you may take and hear of a scandal or you may receive some bad news this may cause a scandal. Look to your higher self for guidance in this situation.

Scorpio: Life at home should be getting better it is like there is a lighter energy surrounding you. You may also be called away from home or receive a phone call from a woman who lives at a distance. A brown haired man will be feeling very vulnerable you may hear of this and smile. Positive thoughts now! If you have felt as if you were doing battle with someone the truth will come out. There may be heart break upon learning the truth in this situation.

Sagittarius: You may soon be told a secret about someone this may be about some one who is greedy or taking from the till so to speak. Use your spiritual guidance or your third eye to see who this may be. Soon there are changes taking place that will bring generosity from others. A lady will give you something or a gift is given. Someone is helping you there will be some kind of guidance given you this will help you to master something you have really wanted to accomplish. You may have to really stop and look at what is happening in your life you may want to listen to the guidance of your higher spirit before making a decision about something.

Capricorn: You will feel peacefulness at home and it is rather calming. A man and a woman will tell you of how they were deceived in some way. You will give them hope this will be appreciated. There may be someone ho is not who they say they are claiming to be a friend this person is not a friend but someone who hides their true attributes. In the next couple of weeks you should just be patient for true friends will remain and those who are not will soon leave. Victory will soon arrive in some way this will bring you much happiness.

Aquarius: Through a loss comes surprise good fortune. Through forgiving someone you not only gain wisdom you will gain abundance. Let go of frustration there is someone who will help you to discover your true talents.

Pisces: New beginnings are now here for you through your hard work you have gained much strength. The storm or argument is ending and there is a new attraction that will inspire you. You may receive a phone call from a dark haired woman who will tell of love or that she has found a new love.

August 20, 2012

The Art of Visualization

Visualization really is an art if you think about it. Through many years I have used visualization to bring about changes I desired in my life. I believe we all are capable of creating what we desire through the process of visualization. If you use this method correctly it is amazing what can happen. There is a catch though! One that I have encountered many times, still I persist in working on visualizing every day. The catch is! You can't have any negative thoughts or doubts when you visualize.

Say you would love a new car, wouldn't we all! Say this car is one that you have thought about many times. Visualizing in your mind what it would be like to drive it. You have visualized how it smells, Oh! You know that new car smell. Now you have visualized how you feel sitting in the driver's seat and what it feels like to put your foot on the gas and just go for it.
What a wonderful visualization, until you start thinking about how you will go about getting your desired new car. That is where the Catch is my friends.

It does not matter what we desire and use our minds to visualize the only way we can really create what we desire is by having no doubts. Nope not one! For that one little doubt can sabotage the whole visualization. It really does not matter how you will afford it or how you may get what you desire the only thing that matters is that you know it is going to be yours. I have found that when we know without a doubt that something will come to us it usually will. Maybe not in the way you think it will or at the time you desire it to happen. But it will happen if you are so focused on the outcome and not the how's of getting it.

Many times people have asked me why I can not seem to pick the winning lottery numbers if I am so psychic. Well to tell the truth I guess I have doubts also. I think this is an inherent human condition. We all wish to pick those winning numbers in fact for over ten years I have played the same numbers thinking someday my numbers would come up. Still waiting Universe! I have really worked at visualizing the ways I would use this money for good and to help many people who really need it. I have thoughts of enjoying the wealth of these winnings in many ways but to no avail. Maybe you have been there too!
The other day it came to me that I still had doubts about getting every number on my lottery ticket correct. So I will continue to focus on letting go of those doubts and not give up on my visualizations for I do believe that we can create anything we desire in this life. The best parts of doing visualizations each day is, that one time when you have let go of the doubt and really believe. That my friend is when you can let go and know that the Universe will soon be helping you receive your hearts desire.

Never give up on your dreams!
You are worth it!
You are deserving of your wishes coming true.

Start visualizing today maybe get a friend who loves you to help you to visualize. Make a fun game of it!
Have a wonderful time! You really do not need to know how it (your hearts desire) will reach you only that it can and will.

Answer Deck Birth Sign Readings

Aries: New beginnings may bring good news this may be news of a pregnancy. There may be a couple who is deceiving you or are not who they claim to be. Frustration born of anger will get you nowhere now. Or you may feel like you have been taken advantage of. You might desire to just be alone or need some time to yourself to reflect on what has happened. Take some time to look at the signs you are being given. Or notice the signs when they come to you out of the blue. You may soon hear of a ending for a light haired man or older man.

Taurus: Friends may be talking about your good fortune this may cause some jealousy with one of your friends. There is a lady who loves you and will talk to you about an older man. Or if you are an older man you may just be in love with a younger lady this may cause some judgment. You have many choices at this time. One of them may be an opportunity to bring justice to a situation by telling the truth. Or by listening to the truth that is being told you and not just what you want to hear.

Gemini: Wanting something right now is not how you do it! You may be feeling like you have to tighten the budget at the moment. A word of wisdom or an insight will help you in bring in the cash at the right time. If may be time to think about what you really desire in life and be diligent in going for this goal. By the full moon things should be looking quite bright romantically for you! Have faith if you are not in a long term relationship right now you may meet someone very soon. Someone may be gossiping about you this is someone whom you have not talked with for awhile, Smile it is good stuff they are gossiping about.

Cancer: It may be time to move on in some way. This could be a change in direction for you. Be cautious at this time for there is a brown haired man watching you this may be a stranger. Stay out of dark places at night. You will get news of forgiveness of a mistake that was made at home or you may forgive some one for a mistake they made. You may win an argument and feel a bit foolish for your actions. There is a victory for you by letting go of the ego in favor or love for yourself and others.

Leo: The challenge here is to take a look at a situation that has been bugging you and figure out what is really going on is someone deceiving you? Ask your higher self to guide you to your answers. There is a surprise for you this may concern work and there may be a journey taken for business. You may soon make a choice concerning a love relationship or with someone who makes you feel less than. Is it time to re-evaluate what you desire in life! Expect the best for your self it really is all about loving yourself first.
Happy Birthday Leo!

Virgo: You may hear of a delay from a dark haired woman. There may be a lady who is blocking you, send her pure love if you know who she is this will neutralize the negative energy she may be sending your way. There may be some bad news about someone who is very generous and kind. Or some bad news has brought you strength for each time, you over come adversity you get a bit stronger. The Key here is to know that each lesson we learn can be an inspiration this may be something that will inspire you to great wealth.

Libra: Romance is highlighted in the weeks ahead. If you have felt alone for awhile things just may be heating up. Sometimes it is okay to be a bit greedy! Have some fun! In the past you have learned many positive lessons, now you can use them in a way that may bring in prosperity for you and those you love. There may be a loss of a dear friend an older woman you will know that she is at peace it will be a feeling you will get.

Scorpio: If you are a dark haired man there is a challenge you have to deal with concerning a brown haired woman. You may have been feeling a bit confused about a situation that you think is a mistake. Soon you will have clarity with this. For you to grow it may be time to let go of all those doubts about your self and let go of the heartbreaks of the past it is time to move on.

Sagittarius: Wisdom, faith and forgiveness that is what it is all about this month dear Sag. You are at the edge of one journey and reading yourself for the next. This may be regarding a change in work or a raise in pay is coming in. You are being given many signs to guide you at this time maybe you should keep a note book close to write down those that you notice. There is soon a victory concerning finances. One last note there is someone who is deceiving you or not who they are pretending to be.

Capricorn: You are truly the master of your life and it feels good this month just to enjoy your home or when you are at home you feel quite happy. Also happiness comes to your home through hearing something on the news or TV program. Someone you do not know is taking a look at who you are, this may be someone who wants to recruit you or hire you. Looks to me like there may be a new job offered. A phone call from someone you love brings news that will reflect upon you in a very loving way or a compliment will be given.

Aquarius: You may be in a disagreement with someone, don't give up just so this person will get their way. Be honest with them and yourself stand up for what you believe in. Through having hope in some situation there is good fortune coming in for you. A change is coming in through the generosity of a good friend. The good news will out shine the bad for there is abundance coming to you soon! Something good is on the horizon.

Pisces: There may be a storm that causes a power outage this may make you feel vulnerable in some way, stay strong and buy some candles to have handy just in case. You may be a bit frustrated over a spiritual decision a dark haired women tells you about. Or you need to take a look at the big picture before you get too worked up over something you can't change. You may hear from an older man who will tell of you of a loss of his job. Try to give him hope he may be on the verge of depression. This is where your healing talents will help in some way.

September 10, 2012

Dear friends, it is so wonderful just knowing you are taking the time to read this little newsletter. Although my writing skills are not yet perfect, I do try to write so that you are able to read it. So here it is!

Last night at bedtime I lay there focusing on my gratitude and prayers. As I lay there I received messages on what and how to write the newsletter today. I remember being excited and telling my self to remember what I was being directed or guided to write. When I woke up this morning I still felt the excitement but had vague memories about the information I received.

Through out the morning I tried to focus myself and remember what it was all about. Then signs kept coming in that helped me to remember but I still felt like something was missing. The messages I heard were eloquently spoken. I remember saying to my self I wish I could write like that. This is what I received in my own words, although they may not be as beautifully written as I heard them last night.

Each person is unique in their own way, we all have similarities but we are all so different depending on where we live, what country we are from, how we were raised what we ate and where we were educated. We also are unique in how we choose to create what we desire most in live.

We must admit that everyone has a different way of looking at things. You may be on the same page and paragraph but on a totally different sentence. This is what makes alike in way because we all want to know that there is someone who really knows us and what we are thinking. Some people may even think that it is possible for us to know someone better than they know themselves, although this is not possible.

I have some good news! You are closer to yourself that anyone else! This is a great reason to love your self and know that you are special. No one knows you like you do. So the Question is: how come so many people believe what others think of them is so important. What really matters is that you believe in you. That you assume control over the person you are, because you truly are the master of your own life. What does this mean? By being the master of your own life and taking control you will feel the difference between going towards your goals or away from them.

You know inside yourself the person you are and the one you desire to be. If you really take the time to go within you will find the answers you are searching for, they will reveal them selves. Sometimes they come as signs from out of the blue. Ask your higher self for a sign to know who you really are and what you are here to accomplish. You may get a wonderful revelation.

We all choose to go different directions in our lives some turn out good and some turn out bad, others chose a path that seems to take them no where just existing. "I believe there are reasons for everything that happens in our lives and that we can change our lives by changing our thoughts and choosing to take a different path when things are not working out so well for us".

We are all connected and without each other we would have a hard time existing in this world. Imagine that for a moment! So I am thankful for each of you and all that is in this world.

We are all unique because we are all so different, on many levels yet alike on many levels. There seems to be a balance that can be achieved when we connect to another person that allows us to understand them without having the exact same experience. Each of us has different experiences so that we can share them and create more experiences out of what we are learning from each other. This is important because we have the ability to focus on having good experiences with each person we meet or talk with for it is this energy that will help us to develop new even more positive experiences with other people, and in our own life.

Our minds are brilliant they hold more information than we know. We create though our thoughts constantly not even recognizing consciously when we are doing it. Think of all the good things in your life all of the things that make you feel good and bring you happiness. Speak of positive things when in conversation with other people. Intentionally block negative words and thoughts that are your own or other people's. Clear the negative thought by replacing it with positive thoughts or words. You and only you can choose to better your self and take a different path towards your goals and the kind of wonderful person you are by living consciously in the positive. We all can work at bettering our selves and our lives by putting out the energy we desire to be surrounded by. Heck if we work at it we really could change the world one thought at a time. Direct your thoughts towards love for yourself and others.

I am glad for the opportunity to share with you the messages I receive I hope that you always follow the path of love and light. Trust that you are on the right path. Know that if you are not feeling happy with the direction you are going that you can change it by changing your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. Get rid of all the thoughts of how can I do this? and believe you can.

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: As a woman you may have to have patience in things regarding justice in some situation or a legal action. It may be that you are a man who needs more patience with a woman who seems to be a know it all.

Taurus: Good fortune brings in generosity from others there may be a gift that comes to you from out of the blue. Seek out solitude to enhance the wisdom that is now being given you. Meditate.

Gemini: Have faith in your self and your abilities this week do not let things overwhelm you. You may soon hear from someone who admires you or your work. Good news in store for you.

Cancer: You may be looking for a new path you have been battling the feelings of being stuck for sometime now this is a time of new growth and experiences for you. Do not be afraid this will turn out better than you think at this time.

Leo: An older or light haired woman will help you in breaking down a barrier this will bring you a victory in some way. Someone will soon help you in some way that is unexpected.

Virgo: You may be quite intuitive at this time which is a good thing because you will notice if things just are not right with someone you meet. This is a person who may be greedy or want something from you. You are very powerful use wisdom to recognize who this might be. Just a caution: if you have to go out alone at night make sure you are in a well lit area.

Libra: You may soon learn the truth about a situation involving a scandal of sorts. This is good news like music to your ears. You will receive clarity regarding a dark haired woman and a lesson she has to learn.

Scorpio: Be careful when communicating with others as an argument may cause a loss or heart break there is an ending of some kind coming. Be sure to pay attention to the signs you are being given at this time they will help you down the road.

Sagittarius: Someone may be jealous of you or doubt you regarding some action you take. There is much wealth coming your way this comes in financial gains. It may be time to forgive someone who you feel wronged you.

Capricorn: A friend will offer a helping hand this concerns your work or a talent that you are developing. Timing is everything, do not let last minute changes confuse you. Be open to new opportunities.

Aquarius: Could be news of a pregnancy or you will hear of a birth. New beginnings are now bringing much happiness into your life. The message here is that there is good news concerning children.

Pisces: The key to inspiration comes from a gray haired man or a light haired man he will help you to over come challenges concerning a dark haired man. A change is in the wind.

September 24, 2012

Dear Friends, well it is time once again for me to write my newsletter in hopes that someone out there finds it interesting. I also hope that it may help in some way or bring you peace as you read through it. Thank you for taking your time to read it, blessings to all.

Spirit is all around Us
It is my belief that Spirit is with at all times. I feel that at any given time Spirit is with us even if we do not notice them they are there just behind the veil of energy that hides them from our view. Every since I was a little girl I knew that spirits were with me, I now understand more than I ever have about spirit and how they are able to manifest themselves to me in many ways. I know this must be connected with my psychic abilities and how I have developed them.
One of the abilities I have developed is my art work for many years I have been an airbrush artist. In fact years ago it was my oldest son who once told me to let the airbrush take control as I paint. Well this sounded a little weird to me, but as I started to just let go of what I wanted to paint and let the airbrush take over I started to see Spirits. Yes Spirits all around on the canvas it was really amazing. I have done many spirit paintings since them and each one is totally different filled with faces so many it is amazing. If you would like to see some of my spirit paintings you can email me at Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com I will be glad to email you pictures. I would put them on the newsletter but some email recipients cannot receive them. To me it is so wonderful to know that we truly are not alone and that spirit is with us at all times. I have been noticing that there is much more spirit activity lately in fact I have mentioned this to a few people and have received confirmation from them that they too have noticed things like, moving balls of light energy, or orbs. I have also been told of a fan turning off by its self and back on again. I have been noticing more static electricity energy.
I am sure there is a scientific reason? Or that is what some may say yup I hear you.
I my self have had some things happen that gave me great joy in just knowing departed family members are with me. Lately I have been receiving some really wonderful pictures from friends that they have taken and spirit shows up in them.
I do believe that this is a time to be open to receiving messages from spirit. But if you wish to do this you must take time to protect yourself from those spirits who are not coming from love. Negative energy is also around us this negative energy is not invited to the party so to speak so when you do wish to communicate with spirit please say a little prayer first and ask that only those spirits that are from light and love come forth. It is a good idea to do this each morning I like to visualize a beautiful mirror ball of light surrounding me mirroring out all negative energy allowing only loving energy in.
Okay I know that this is not for everyone there are some people who wish to remain spirit free.
What I would like you to know is that if you have lost someone close to you that they have not left you for good. All you have to do is think about them and they will be near you listening to all you have to say to them. Sometimes you will know that they are with you by hearing a song that they loved or smelling a scent of them. I can hear their voices at times and communicate with them it is quite wonderful when this happens. This is such a peaceful feeling it can bring tears of joy to my eyes when I have contacted spirit. Through my years of doing readings I have helped many people who have had messages for their departed loved ones. It is always so wonderful to be able to convey these messages. I know that this is a little different than my usual newsletter but I felt that it was time to let my readers know a little more about me and how I can connect with the other side. If you have a story about how spirit has connected with you I would love to hear it please email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
We sometimes just do not talk about it but I feel at this time spirit is trying to contact us and help to make changes that will help us all in the long run. The message I keep getting regularly is that we all must focus on love and improving our own selves by opening our minds to being a more loving people. By thinking about how we can lesson our own judgment of other people and bring our consciousness to a new level of loving thoughts and feelings. I do believe that we all have the ability to change the world one person at a time by sending out loving blessings to this world.
When it is my time to go to the other side I hope that my family and friends will notice my spirit when I come to visit.
I thank you for reading this and for the love you are sending out today, Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Make every day an inspiration by believing that it is the best day ever!
Start your day with just one really positive thought! Or more!

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be shutting people out of your life right now this may or may not be of your own choosing. An older woman with light hair may anger you this could be a co worker. Stay calm know that you have worked hard to get where you are today. It is not worth a scuffle with someone who is not going to care what you think anyway. There may be someone who will be generous in some way with you in gratitude for something you have done for them.

Taurus: A dark haired man may be jealous of your talents or abilities. This could be someone who pretends to be a friend. It seems like there is more bad news this may be concerning a challenge of some kind. Remember that love can help you over come life's challenges by choosing to react out of love you will find the challenges will soon be lessoned or gone.

Gemini: if you have been a bit frustrated with the way things have been going in your life things are about to change. There is good news on its way to you that will inspire you to make great changes in your life. Pay attention to the signs you are being given at this time they are about to bring you happiness. Also there is an older man who is thinking of you there may be news from him that brings you great happiness.

Cancer: Are you doubting a relationship if so it may be because of a brown haired man. Remember everyone has their own thoughts including you. By listening to others you have to figure out what it really is that you want in your relationship. Something is lost and then found again this will make you feel so relieved. Where you find it may surprise you.

Leo: A secret you learn of may surprise you or you may make changes because of a secret you learn of. When one door closes another door opens so it is said. This may soon be one of those times for there are endings and new beginnings coming up for you there will be choices to be made. This may be a time of being more truthful to yourself and others. The truth will soon be told in some matter that has concerned you, bringing in relief.

Virgo: Financial gains and abundance now arrive. The barriers now crumble it is time to refocus on what you truly want instead of what you do not want. Take time to meditate and relax for soon you will be quite busy. There is a lady whom you have not spoken with for a while who will soon contact you this may come in a phone call good news.

Libra: Your spiritual path or intuition is now giving guidance in achieving renewed balance and harmony in your life. There is hope in situation that has been a battle. There may be some kind of deception that will soon be revealed this will help you. Something will soon bring about new growth where you have felt alone in life. A positive lesson learned.

Scorpio: It seems like finally you are able to relax a bit and have some peace especially if you have been avoiding someone you do not care for. Well this is about end because you will soon be contacted by this person they will seek forgiveness for the destruction that they have caused asking for your forgiveness. You may feel as though you have had faith in this person long enough and may decide to end the relationship. It is entirely up to you to make the decision that gives you the most peace.

Sagittarius: You may take a trip or a journey that will lead you to meeting a famous person someone who you are sexually attracted to. Or you may meet a famous person soon who will instantly be drawn to you. You have learned many lessons in the past now it is time to use the wisdom and knowledge you have learned when dealing with people whom are angry. Focus on love at this time. Think about what you say before blurting it out if it does not come from love do not say it.

Capricorn: Your intuition may soon warn you of a mistake that will be made this may concern a stranger, like knowing when someone is about to change lanes right in front of you, use caution when driving. Your strengths have leaded you on many pathways in your life. You have good judgment in knowing what you desire in life now you feel like you are in charge of your future. This is how it should be you are the master of your own life and it is getting better, better and better.

Aquarius: A friend will soon bring you clarity in some situation that has to do with your home maybe redecorating. There is some news from a dark haired woman who is worried about her financial wealth or a dark haired woman may ask to borrow some money.

Pisces: You may have been feeling some confusion about what you really desire to do to bring in financial abundance do you desire a job that is fun and pays less or are you willing to put forth more effort and look for something you can bring in a bigger paycheck by doing. The answer to this question is that you have the power to do both and there is a sense of justice or right judgment that resides within you. This will bring you good fortune in the avenue you choose. This will be something you love and will make you feel victorious when you have made the choice.

October 8, 2012

Dear Readers I hope this month finds you filled with great Love and a sense of Happiness fills your every thought. I wish only the best for you today and every day. Without you this newsletter would not exist.
I truly thank you for your emails and for taking your time to read this newsletter.

Every Person Deserves Pure Love!

That is my message of the day. It may be quite hard to believe this statement yet it is important to understand that no matter who you are or what you have done or are about to do, you deserve pure love.
If we truly understand that "Everyone Deserves Pure Love" then we can be free from judgment. Make this your personal Mantra keep in your mind only loving thoughts and watch how things begin to change in your life.

Listening to that Little Voice Within

Each of us has had an experience where we have heard that little voice telling us to go in a different direction or to stay put. Sometimes that little voice will warn us and if we do not listen we soon end up wondering why we did not pay attention. Some may call this intuition and some may say it is our Guardian Angel, what ever you call it we all have it. It is totally up to you to decide whether or not you listen to it. Many times in my life I have re-thought what that little voice was telling me and went on doing as I pleased only to realize in the end I should have paid attention. This month you may notice your intuition getting stronger or you may have feelings of knowing when someone is calling. You may think of someone and see them soon afterward. Pay attention to what that little voice is saying write your thoughts down especially those you get from out of the blue. They may help you to make some positive decisions this month. I would love to hear about what you get from the little voices, that helps you or has helped you in some way. Please write to me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com.

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: An ending brings in changes, this may be a peaceful change or one that will make you block the energy you are receiving from a brown haired woman this may be a stranger to you or may be someone you have worked with or for. This may be a month of surprises regarding changes in your life. You may receive guidance from a woman of knowledge.

Taurus: A dark haired woman may tell you of the loss of something or the loss someone like a father figure. There is much happiness in store for you this may come from a gift or a relationship. Through the generosity of the Gods you may receive a gift you have waited for.

Gemini: An older woman will soon give you some good advice she is a very patient person and is here to help you to pay attention to something you need to know or do. A new friendship is coming in for you this is someone who is very intuitive. You may meet this person when you least expect. Also there is news from a friend about a pregnancy.

Cancer: A brown haired man may make you feel bad or cause heartbreak this week. He may do or say something that is very offensive. Your true friends are the ones that give you hope and will stand by you. An offer from a woman concerning employment will bring in abundance this will come as a surprise to you.

Leo: Through a phone call you may receive news of a pregnancy. You may need to take some time to relax and let go of the things that make you feel vulnerable or in fear. It is a time of forgiveness you if you are focusing your thoughts on positive energy you will be able to let go of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. You will soon learn the truth concerning something you have wondered about for sometime.

Virgo: You will soon have clarity concerning a journey you may take. There are bridges that will have to be crossed in order to get a new perspective. This may be a journey in your mind or a physical journey. Soon good fortune comes to you through your talents this is the key you have been asking for it comes to you as inspiration.

Libra: You may receive news of justice involving someone you love. There is news that brings justice to a situation that has been an issue for some time.
There are barriers that you will soon battle but this is what is needed to bring new growth to situations. Pour out love to all involved so this situation will resolve it's self beautifully.

Scorpio: A couple may try to deceive you for financial gain. There is soon a challenge that will spur you into making a decision you have been putting off. This will bring winnings of you in some area of your life. If you have been looking to increase your wealth there may be a man who will help you he may be an older man with silver in his hair. Or you may have doubts about the truthfulness of a gray haired man who is famous.

Sagittarius: You may be wise beyond your years this is one of your most powerful times of the month it will bring you news that what you have been looking for is found. This may be a time of your hard work paying off and you will receive the rewards due you. A woman may call telling of her worry about something that is causing her confusion. Just listen and give her advice you would take yourself. There is one more thing I have to tell you, money will be coming in from an unexpected source this may be unexpected wealth.

Capricorn: You may feel that you have overcome a barrier this week. Your power is heightened and you may even feel a bit more amorous than usual. It may feel as if everything is going well. You have been balancing work and play very well and you should be quite proud of yourself. You will receive some money that you had loaned or a check will come from an unexpected source.

Aquarius: You may take a journey that will help you in learning a lesson and will bring you a gift of good fortune. You may receive news of a secret revealed by a dark haired man or he will reveal a secret that has been hidden.
It looks like a good time is in store for you the sun is shining upon you bringing in good fortune to you.

Pisces: At home there is an invitation that will bring you happiness. Someone is telling of a loss through his or her own greed. This will help you in some respect. Focus on what you desire in this life. Do not focus your thoughts on things that are of anger or hatred. There is an opportunity for you to really do something you have desired to do it will bring you happiness if you decide to go in this direction.

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October 24, 2012 Happy Halloween

Well it is almost Halloween I hope you are all prepared with plenty of goodies for the little girls and boys. Halloween is one of my very favorite times of year. It is wonderful to dress up and have fun giving out candy to the little ones. Do you have plans for a party this year! If you are going to dress up and be someone different this year I would love to see your picture. Send your costume picture to me and you could win a 30 minute reading. I will be telling the winner in next times newsletter. Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com Good luck!

November 6th 2012 Mercury will go Retrograde until November 26th 2012

As you know when mercury is retrograde all kinds of things can happen. This year mercury retrogrades on none other that the day we are voting for our next President of the United States. This promises to be a surprising event I am sure. In the 2000 election Mercury was retrograde also and what happened then, George W. Bush was elected because of a hanging Chad. This time Mercury goes retrograde on the same day as Mercury retrogrades. Maybe things will be pulled off smoothly but I wouldn't bet on it. Mercury the ruler of communications is going to have some fun in the election process. I can't tell you how this might happen but what I can tell you is to think about your choices when filling out your ballot. My prediction for this time is that there could be mix-ups or a big upset this year that the effects of which could last for four years or more. That said be prepared.

You may start feeling the effects of mercury retrograde two weeks before it actually happens. It is not a time to go Christmas shopping early for electronics, or any big ticket items hold off until after the 26th of November if you can. When Mercury is retrograde it is not a good time to start anything new this includes a new job or project. You may not like the outcome if you do. Breakdowns happen also so back up your computer files, make sure your car is in good running order and clean out your closets of anything that is old and unwanted.
If you have questions about Mercury retrograde please email them to me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

I am asking all my readers to please focus your energy on the positive for the next two weeks. I believe that we have the ability to change the outcomes of things when we are being in a positive state of mind. What ever it is you may desire to change in your life you will want to start by having positive thoughts and feelings about the outcome of your desired.

While Mercury is retrograde, when tempers are high breathe and let all that energy flow away from your body and mind hold the thought of pure love in your mind as you continue taking deep breaths and release. This is very useful at any time you need to relax and just let go of any unwanted thoughts.

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may be a bit angry about a mishap that takes place at home, this may be something that breaks or is destroyed. There is a sense of hope concerning a situation dealing with a lady. Or this may be someone you need to make peace with a female. If you are seeking peace this may be the time when you need to let go of anything that is seemingly keeping you confused as to which direction is best for you. Breathe balance in to your life by choosing to be patient about the outcome of something important to you.

Taurus: There are times when we all make mistakes, but this mistake seems like a gift in some way. You will soon be called upon to use your talents or there is an offer of an upgrade maybe a new opportunity coming in. Remember Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks starting November 6th 2012. You may be feeling very powerful for the next few weeks you could even use this time to break down barriers that have been putting a damper on things. The Key here is to be inspired if you really want to use the power you have. Ask God for some insight into what you should do next.

Gemini: You feel you know what is in the cards next for you and are ready to make a judgment call or decision, wait a while longer. Something may come to light that you were not aware of. Do not say unkind things too or about others for you may end up looking a bit foolish in the end. A Fair haired man or a man with gray hair an older man is bringing in good fortune for you and there is also a dark haired man that will bring good fortune to you very soon.

Cancer: You may hear of a secret about a famous woman who is very popular this has something to do with money. You may have been hiding your hurts for some time now not allowing them to be released, this may be concerning someone you love or loved. It is time for a spiritual lesson to be learned this will come by allowing yourself to let go of the emotional attachments you have been holding tight to. Money will come in at the right moment from an unexpected source. Love yourself forgive yourself for all that is in the past. Move forward with a new sense of peace and knowing that you can make it and come out the better for this experience.

Leo: Love comes at the right time do not let greed get in the way have patience and you will see what happens is beautiful, without being forced. Someone who has been trying to deceive you will be found out and there is a sense of justice or a feeling of right doing with this. There is much wisdom you will acquire in the next few weeks. Like I said be patient good things are making their way into your life. If you are going to a Halloween Party be sure to dress up it may be your lucky night you may just win the costume contest.

Virgo: A fair haired woman may tell of a loss or you will gain something you long desired through the help of an older woman. It is time once again to give of yourself or to be of service to others who are vulnerable or going through turmoil. A good friend will bring you news concerning money or a new way to make a living. This friend is one who will lend a hand when you have too much to handle. One step at a time this month, do not over burden your self with more chores than you can possibly handle. Stay balance by taking time to meditate and breathe.

Libra: This may just be the news you have been waiting for an ending of a battle is at hand, have faith. Let go of all doubts, there is a journey you may take soon. It may be time to stop look and listen before jumping into something new, ask for divine guidance to help you. What do you fear most? Recognize what this is and see it dissolve before you imagine it in your mind and see it slowly fading from view until the image is gone. Then replace it with the outcome you desire see it as already happened, manifested or done.

Scorpio: You or someone you know may be a bit jealous about a sexual attraction. You may soon hear from a woman some news that shocks you this person is not who you thought she was. I victory is here for you concerning a romance or romantic relationship. You have been feeling pretty strong like you have finally gotten it together in some way. This is giving you strength to make some decisions that will affect your world in some way. There may be an invite soon that surprises you. Also look for papers, news comes in the form of paper work. You may learn the truth about someone or something this will surprise you.

Sagittarius: A woman who is worried will soon call you asking for your thoughts this may be someone who is just lonely take the time to comfort her. You may be looking forward to getting some time off or a day just for yourself, this is going to give you time to relax so allow yourself to just do it. A dark haired woman will soon ask for your forgiveness concerning some changes that she is making, this may be something you were not aware of or it may make you feel a bit uneasy about her decision. What ever happens know that she had decided this and will have to deal with the consequences that come with this decision she made.

Capricorn: There may be some frustration concerning a lesson you are learning at this time. You may not know which direction you really want to go next. Through this lesson you will begin to make new beginnings in your life bringing in the gold you had hoped for. There may be some bad news that reaches you soon this may be news of a boss or former boss who has passed on. You will be soon taking a good look at all you have accomplished in your life. You have been diligent in going for your goals and getting them. Now it is time to reflect on the upcoming possibilities that are opening up for you. Enjoy but do not start any thing new until after November 26th 2012.

Aquarius: During a retrograde sometimes people who broke up in the last retrograde will be getting back together and vise versa, if you have been contemplating getting back together with someone you have had a falling out with it may not be the right timing for this and this could cause a scandal in your life. Abundance is now flowing in for you and you may receive money from out of the blue or from someone who owes you. If you have been wondering about a situation concerning a brown haired man and a brown haired woman you will soon get an answer or clarity in this situation.

Pisces: There may be a challenge concerning your partner or mate this will all end up being for the best. The end result will turn out to be good for both parties concerned. Good news arrives, this news may come from a stranger of someone you do not know it will bring you happiness. Also be cautious there is someone who is hidden and may bring danger to you, just be aware of your surroundings and watch for signs of danger for the next few weeks. A new relationship may be on the agenda if you have been searching for that new love. Happiness and new friendships are now being formed enjoy.

November 7, 2012

Greetings my Friends

Well we made it through the Election without a re vote or any big upsets depending on how you look at it. Now we just sit back and watch what happens during the next four years. Being this Election happened the day Mercury went retrograde it may be four years of redoing and reworking. That kind of bothers me but then again I believe that everyone should know about the Mercury retrograde and how it can affect our lives while being retrograde. So that people can adjust their schedules while mercury is retrograde without being made fun of because of it. I will continue to hope for the best no matter what and to remain positive for our Country and all the people of this World. During this time until the 26th of November be cautioned to not to buy that new computer just yet or sign papers that are important, you may think things are rosy at the time but know that you may regret your purchase.

Staying Positive
In a World where Negative is the Norm

I have been asked many times how I stay so positive. It is not the easiest task to stay uplifted and positive when things are all going wrong, backwards and upside down. Oh I do have my bad days! As we all do. But I find that by changing my thoughts and my attitude I can change the outcome of any situation. We do not have to allow worry and negative energies to rule our world. You can choose to look at your situation with those rose colored glasses and believe that "everything happens for a reason". You really can do this! it does not take more energy to change your way of looking at what is happening in your life. It only takes a thought in a positive direction. A good friend of mine has reminded me of this and I thank her for her insight into not letting others control how I feel. Instead of getting upset at the distracted driver who cuts you off in traffic, take a moment to think about this. Maybe that person is on their way to an emergency or maybe that person is having an extremely bad day. So instead of yelling an angry word at them, bless them with balance and harmony. There are many times you may want to lash out at others but that is the perfect time to find a loving kind thought to send them. Who knows maybe they could really use a blessing of a loving thought. The other day I was in driving though a parking lot to the exit there was a car turning in the opposite direction, I thought I could get through and leave room for her to make her turn. Oops! I blocked her in for not more than a moment. I turned around to say I am sorry as I saw her mouth the word B****! I smiled and said sorry as traffic moved forwards. Maybe she was in a big hurry but instead of being rude back at her I decided to send out love. I hope it made her day a little better in some respect.
As everything happens for a reason I am writing this so I may be of service to you. I believe that when one door closes another will open if we truly believe it will. Sometimes you may have to walk up to the door and knock to get it to open for you but it will if you knock long enough. Being positive is a choice in life as we do have free will to choose the high road, by being positive we can make a difference in this world. Next time someone pisses you off just smile at them and bless them. Sending them Tickles and Sparkles (pure Love) is one of the best ways I have found to neutralize negativity. Blessings to each of you my friends may love guide you, may light be cast upon the shadows in your life. May each day be better, better and better for you. Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: There may be an argument with a brown haired man you thought was a friend. You may have a disappointment involving a friendship with a man. Your challenge at this time is to let go of the past and find forgiveness in your heart to keep your strength. You are stronger that you think and to avoid destruction for your self or others you now need to take the higher path.

Taurus: You may be letting your emotions rule you at this time or you may have hurt someone's feelings through your words. Watch your words it is not worth a broken heart to get your point across to someone close to you. Have faith everything will work it's self out in the end. You may find yourself in a generous mood this may be a gift given to someone you love or a gift for the home.

Gemini: An end of a confusing situation is now at hand you will find your way out of the maze you have been walking through in life. You may meet a wealthy stranger who will recognize you for your talents. Happiness Arrives in a big way take time to stop look and listen to the signs you are being given at this time.

Cancer: Good news from a light or gray haired man will soon bring in good fortune this is really good news! A shift has taken place that will bring in financial gain and abundance for you. The key here is to be diligent in what you desire sometimes you have to work a little harder for what you really want.

Leo: You may have a hidden enemy this could be someone you work with or your boss. Be careful of your words and always remember that your words are power use them wisely. Someone may be trying to cause; you trouble at work, like starting an untruthful rumor. Do not let this become a barrier, use wisdom and have patience everything will blow over by months end.

Virgo: You may have to deal with other peoples secrets at this time, know that you will have the insights within you to help them. There may be someone who is being a bit greedy or petty this may even frustrate you a bit. Meditate on which action to take and you will receive clarity that will bring you a peaceful outcome.

Libra: Where you have had doubt there is a victory for you coming very soon. Take some time to meditate and relax do something you love or pamper yourself in some way. A change brings in hope in relationships this may mean a reconciliation with someone close to you.

Scorpio: A surprise from a woman who thinks she is "all that" this may have something to do with a judgment of some kind. There may be a journey take to see a brown haired woman or you may have to take a journey to deliver bad news to a brown haired woman. This could be a month filled with ups and downs stay calm and balanced.

Sagittarius: So you made a mistake, we all do. By telling the truth there is healing. Use love to bring in peace and happiness. You may soon hear from a Guardian Angel this is an older woman who has passed. She wants you to know she is okay and not to feel she is gone forever but near you every day. You may soon hear of a loss this news is coming from a light haired woman.

Capricorn: A dark haired man may soon reveal a deception this could cause a scandal. Watch out for those people who pretend to be friends yet talk behind your back. You may hear of an argument between a couple you know this may be concerning money and ego. The key this month is to stay out of other people's business and just mind your own. You do not need to advise those who will not listen.

Aquarius: Wow! There have been some big challenges as of late. You may be feeling a bit vulnerable especially if you are a female. Know that every ending brings a new beginning and this time will bring an even better one than in the past. You may feel as if you have finally received justice in a situation that has been bothering you for sometime.

Pisces: This month may bring jealous feelings to the forefront concerning a lover. Stay balanced, don't let this lead you to say something you shouldn't or that you may regret. A phone call from a dark haired woman may help you to see another side of the lesson you are dealing with at this time. The key is to not let the little things get in the way of your happiness.

November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving A day of Gratitude
Every Thanksgiving we sit around a loaded table filled with foods to rich for our bodies and think of all that we are thankful for don't we?

Most of us will forget about our diets because this one day of the year we will fill our bellies with the tastiest foods, turkey and dressings will start the main course then it's on to the salads and next comes desert.

By the end of the day you will wonder what on "Gods Green Earth" made you eat so much. You will promise yourself that you will get back to your diet tomorrow, as you lay your head down on your pillow to go to sleep.

I know this has been me in the past I have filled my belly for many years on Thanksgiving Day. I am very grateful too that I will be able to have this wonderful experience this year.

I hope that you too will have a very enjoyable Thanksgiving with all the trimmings.

In remembering all the things you are thankful for, have gratitude and thankfulness for all of the little things that you have in your life each day. It does not need to be a holiday to celebrate all you are thankful for. Each day is an opportunity to waken with gratitude in your heart and mind. Be grateful for the wonderful day that is ahead of you when you wake up in the morning. Just lie there for a moment and be grateful. I must say I really am grateful each morning when I wake up, I know I am alive and I really do have a purpose or I wouldn't have woken up. I look at it this way maybe I have chosen to have a purpose in this life and maybe there is something special I need to do this day. I am so very grateful for many things in my life for my Husband and Children and Grandchildren for my Friends and for the people I have not yet met. I am thankful for the opportunity to have the ability to do something special that will enhance my life each day.

Tomorrow Morning maybe you will wake up and think about all you are thankful for! Maybe tomorrow will be one of the best days you have ever had and maybe you will do something special that will be a benefit to yourself and to other people.

I know it can take time to train your self to wake up with gratitude each day. There may be days when you forget or just wake up on the wrong side of the bed so to speak. If this happens do not give up just set the alarm for 5 minutes earlier each morning so you will have time to be in gratitude.

Have a wonderful Holiday enjoy the ones you love and smile it really makes you look and feel so much better!

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A dark haired man may be challenging or challenge you in some way this may come through a phone call or some other kind of communication. You may be thinking about sprucing up your home for the holiday's or thinking of moving to a new home. It may be time to really think about what you want to do in life and ask for the wisdom you need to guide you. By all means this is not a time to foolishly jump into something that will most assuredly backfire if you are not wise in your decision.

Taurus: Good judgment will soon lead you to good fortune in some aspect of your life this may have to do with your career. You will look good in the eyes of others. A peaceful feeling will let you be a little more amorous with someone you are attracted to like a significant other. Money and wealth come in at last this will bring you a peaceful feeling like it will all work out for the best. It is okay to wait until after the retrograde to go on a shopping spree for Christmas. This year black Friday is in the retrograde, this is not the time to buy electronics really.

Gemini: You may be having a bit of confusion about something you thought you knew. Do not worry take a moment and look at the big picture it will all work out fine. Have patience the end of the retrograde is at hand and there is an ending of worry about something that has been bothering you. You may hear of a dark haired woman who is being followed by a hidden enemy a stranger. If you instantly thoughts of someone you know please warn them to be extra safe and cautious when out shopping alone. Things will be back to better as the Mercury retrograde passes just keep positive and moving forward your goals are not far off you can reach them.

Cancer: Take some quiet time and really focus on the changes you desire to make know that you are creating abundance as you focus on all the positive things in your life. Know that you are capable of creating all you desire through holding your focus on love. There may be frustration with an older man like a father figure. Relax it really does not matter what he thinks of you only what you think of you. Now it is time for new beginnings and letting go of the past, you are not in the past and it is not possible to change it so change you now and enjoy the rest of your life.

Leo: There may be some pretty powerful doubts creeping into your mind this may concerning jealousy either yours or someone else's. There may be a woman who is very jealous of you. Secrets are being told this may concern your work, it may be that lay offs, are just around the corner or that there is a closing of a business because of damage.
It looks as if things are not as happy as they should be this time of year keep your chin up things will get better my dear.

Virgo: There is happiness at home and there is hope you are taking time to see the signs in front of you this will guide you by letting go of any greed your cup will run over my dear. You may soon hear of a scandal involving a couple who are lovers this news may come from afar. There may be reconciliation between a couple that you know who were once lovers or you may reunite with an old love.

Libra: There have been times you felt alone in a giant forest of thoughts and feelings. Now it is time to see what you have learned and how much you have grown. You have learned how to master your life through the guidance of spirit, friends and those who love you. Soon much generosity will be afforded you there are winnings and financial gains for you. Now that you have received the key you will be inspired to do what you have too. You will soon be an inspiration to others.

Scorpio: Soon you will receive clarity in some situation this could be learning the truth about someone or thing that will surprise you. I also get that there will soon be a surprise at your door this may be a card, invitation or letter. There may be some bad news concerning someone a friend or someone close to you. You may receive this news from a woman who is very knowledgeable and wise.

Sagittarius: You may be quite popular listening on the phone to other peoples problems. They come to you because you are a good listener and because you seem to care. When you need to vent you can learn from the lessons that you teach others #1 have faith it always works out. Everything always happens for a reason! You may soon hear of a brown haired man and a brown haired woman having a real battle. Stay out of the line of fire it may be time to back away. Or you may hear of a brown haired woman who gets into a big argument with a brown haired man. Be calm and have faith and know that we all have our own lessons in life. If you are watching this argument play out you may have to call the police.

Capricorn: There is a man and a woman who may try to deceive you in some way, it may be that someone tries to con you out of money or will try to scam you. Use caution in dealing with a couple you may not know well. Life is golden for you at this time you have been diligent in what you desire in your life and it is now paying off for you. There is much happiness afforded you at this time. By using your strength and by forgiving others of the past you are about to receive the best good news you have had in awhile. Something new is on the horizon for you.

Aquarius: You may soon take a journey to see a lady. Or there is justice for you involving a journey and a lady. An older woman may be very angry at you or try to block you in some way. She may be someone that you work with or around. Send her pure love or Tickles and Sparkles to change the energy around her.

Pisces: Okay you may felt at a loss or vulnerable but now it is time for a victory for you. This may have to do with love and a mistake that was made. Soon you will receive spiritual guidance that will uplift you and give you hope where you thought there was none. Good things in store for you just wait for the go ahead after the 26th of November when Mercury goes direct.

December 3, 2012

Here we are at the end of another year that has seemed to go by more quickly than the last. I look back on my life and reflect to when I could not wait for time to pass so that I would be an adult. Well Now I find myself wishing that time would slow down some. So that I would have more time to do all the things I always wished I could do. Right now I am so very glad for the time I have on this Earth. I am thankful each morning that I wake up I feel it is a blessing to be alive and well.

Greetings friends,

Today I would like to ask you some questions about your thoughts concerning what you think may be happening on December 21, 2012.

I have really pondered this subject so many times through out this year. I have asked for divine guidance in knowing the truth about this date and if it will effect us and how. I have wondered if it is the end or not! I have asked my higher self to give me an answer as I ask questions like these, will something major happen that will end life as we know it? I have received answers that are more positive than I had expected, I will tell you what I received in a moment. First I would like to ask you your thoughts. You see I do not understand why people have not been paying attention to the date December 21, 2012. Is it because we just do not care or maybe we are too afraid to think about anything happening that would end our time here. Everyone was so involved with Y2k in the year 2000, you would hear something about it most every day on the radio or television. Then nothing happened and everyone just went on with their lives. I honestly haven't heard much about what will happen on December 21. 2012, some speculation but it seems that there is not much hype going on even now. So that brings me to another Question for you Do you think that the world will end on December 21, 2012? If not what do you think might happen if anything? I am just really curious to know what you think about this please send me your answers I would love to read them and publish them in the next newsletter. Email them to me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Okay now here is what I got from Spirit and what I believe will happen on December 21, 2012.
I do not think the world will come to an end! I hope not anyway and I really hope that the information I have been given is right on track. For the last few months I have seen shadows "Spirits" more and more they seem to come in more clearly now than when they first started coming in. Psychically I get that the veil is now being dissolved between the spirit world and our world that more and more people are beginning to see these spirits in the shadows. Our energy is now being heightened so that when spirit becomes fully visible we will not be frightened. I do not see the world ending but I see that the dead will arise in spirit form and that our communication with spirit will become clearer especially if we are on our higher pathways in this life. I have been painting spirit for some years now and know that what I have been given is true. Also that spirit is revealing it's self through my paintings so I can share them with others who might be searching for a loved one or spirit guide.
I also have a feeling that we will hear the truth that we are not alone in the universe maybe we will be contacted on that day by some of our neighbors from other planets. I think that would be really great!

Okay for those of you whom think I have lost it, nope not quite yet. I really would love to have your opinion so please email me.
Thank you

I would like to Say Happy Birthday to my Son Ron who is 40 today! Wow that makes me feel pretty ancient.
Also on the 9th of December Happy Birthday to my Daughter Shylani, Son CJ and his Daughter Bridgett on the 10th of December happy birthday to my other grand daughter Aluna. December is a very busy month for Birthdays. I hope if it is your Birthday this month, that you have a great one.

There is an alignment that is happening today that has something to do with the Pyramids of Gaza. I am still searching for information on this if you know anything on this please email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com.

No matter what happens in the future I hope you will remain positive and will keep love in your heart and mind. Staying positive is the Key to happiness for all of us. We have to hold onto the positive thoughts and dismiss the negative ones as this will help us all in achieving our ultimate goal. I send love to you my friends today and every day may you be blessed in all you seek.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A situation that has had you confused about something will soon end and you may feel like celebrating. Or there may be anger at someone who is intentionally trying to block or deceive you. Know that you still may come out the winner in this situation. Just do not start the celebration too soon or you may change the outcome. If you are in a relationship it may be time to seek out some solitude with the one you love.

Taurus: There is soon some very good news coming to you, this concerns a brown haired man who has caused you some frustration. If you are the boss you may have to deal out justice in a situation concerning a friend and coworker. If not the boss there may be a situation where someone is fired from the job.

Gemini: Take some time to pick your battles so not to make a rash comment or mistake. There are changes coming in that involve a journey, or a delay in travel. Secrets will be learned and a lady will tell you something that brings you peace. This is a good sign and you will be grateful.

Cancer: There is news of a scandal at or near your home this news could inspire you or you will be a key person in this scandal. A challenge you have dealt with is now bringing you new signs of growth you will soon realize your own power and will feel like a weight has been lifted.

Leo: Reconciliation with a dark haired woman maybe someone you have not seen in a while will show up unexpectedly. There is caution to be used at this time for there is a loss of some kind through a hidden enemy. You may soon learn the truth from someone you love this will bring you joy. This month is a good month for a make over if you are going to parties and such for the Holidays.

Virgo: This is a great month for good fortune and abundance. You have learned your lessons well. There have been times of worry and fear but now it is time to relax and just enjoy your life. Have fun and remember to breathe. With the good news there is also some bad news concerning a fair or gray haired man.

Libra: Oh I know you will love this one. Just a little more patience you have come to a fork in the road and have been waiting a sign that will give you direction as to which way to go. Just sit tight and relax things are all falling into place perfectly and there is a phone call that will come in at the right time that will give you strength. This phone call may come from a stranger someone you have not yet met. There may be news of lovers coming to you soon, or you will soon have a romantic get away with the one you love.

Scorpio: You will soon have clarity concerning an ending of some kind with a person who thinks that they are better than you. There may be a gift from someone who will surprise you, especially if you felt this person was greedy. Many invitations will come your way this month.

Sagittarius: You will receive a message from a lady who is very intuitive and who will help you in some way. Spiritual energy is now surrounding you inspiring you to use your creative talents and not waste them. A woman who thinks she is all that is now asking for forgiveness from you as now she is the one who is going through heart break. This could be an ex if you are a man.

Capricorn: Romance and Money seem to be this month's highlight for you. There have been many barriers but now through faith and by using the wisdom you are given you avoid the destructive forces around you and have come through to the other side. You seem to be quite lucky at this time enjoy this good fortune you deserve it.

Aquarius: A dark haired man may be showing his jealousy or you will hear of a woman who is not being honest with a dark haired man. Let go of your doubts about money and finances for there is financial gain coming in from your work like a bonus or new employment offered. You may be feeling a bit of the Holiday Spirit very soon enjoy! Keep saying Life is good!

Pisces: An older woman will warn of a mistake that you may make take head and stop look and listen before starting something new. There is much happiness coming in for you this month. News from a brown haired woman is happy news of a pregnancy or birth of a new idea. Remember to say positive and do not let your self become vulnerable to the words of others.

December 17, 2012

Dear Friends, it is so good to know that there are so many of you out there who believe that something better is coming. It is wonderful just knowing that so many people are positive and have a great attitude towards the future. Thank you for writing in. So Blessed be

The holidays bring in such joy and happiness for many people.
This is a time of year when we come together in gatherings of happiness and good cheer.
We open our hearts and give to those around us a smile as we pass the by in the malls and department stores.
Not so long ago it was black Friday and the mood was not in all as joyful in those same department stores and malls.
But at last all is forgotten for now it is a holiday time of year where we intend to spread some good cheer to all we meet each day.
Okay I am looking at my computer and thinking wow! On Thanksgiving we are grateful yet the very next day we go crazy looking for bargains then all seems calm for a short period of time.
Then December begins and we rush out to buy gifts for our loved ones keeping in mind it is a festive happy time of season we put on our best smiles.
There are wonderful gatherings and the celebration of Christmas through out the month culminating in lively celebrations on the last eve of December welcoming in a New Year.
We all seem to look forward to the New Year with anticipation that something wonderful will occur. It is my wish that this coming year bring people closer together in ways that help each other.
That love will spread like wildfire through out the world bringing an end to worry and fears.
I know that many families have had to endure some very hard times some have lost everything they own due to the economic down fall that has encompassed our country.
I pray for all of these people and wish for them a wonderful change in the New Year. As I think about the year to come I hope that we will not forget to keep our hearts filled with the same kindness and love that we are spreading right now this last week before Christmas.
Let us use that love to bring a light into the New Year that will shine through out the year.

Our lives are like a big circle we create our tomorrows with the thoughts we send out today. Eventually those thoughts return to us as that which we have created through our mind in the past. Keeping all of our thoughts as positive as we possibly can we begin to see that this is making a difference in our lives little by little we are creating a better and better and better life for our selves and others, just through one little thought.

I am so very grateful for the many wonderful friends who take the time to read this little newsletter. It brings me great happiness to write them because I believe that there will be at least one person who will take something from it that will make their life a little brighter. Thank you all for your light and love.
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Someone may visit who will be quite jealous of you, this is a person who may try to hide their identity or true feelings. Soon there is clarity concerning woman this may have something to do with a court case.

Taurus: This may have been a year to forget when you think about it there are some good things that have happened and lessons were learned. Soon there is an opportunity to use your talents in some way that will benefit you.
At this time you have good judgment just let go of those doubts for there is happiness on the path you are about to choose.

Gemini: A surprise from someone you love, this could be concerning a dark haired woman. Changes are on their way especially if you are a light haired woman or a fair haired woman, be sure once they have occurred you do not become greedy. Or an older woman will tell you of a change that is happening this will bring forth an overflowing cup. Good changes.

Cancer: This may be the time, of year when you choose of let go of the frustration knowing that someone has deceived you. Now is the time to choose forgiveness. Spiritual balance brings in abundance in New Year.

Leo: You have made it through another year, well almost. Maybe you have had some tough times or have felt as if there was no way up well I must remind you that by having faith that there are better days ahead you will achieve a victory that you thought was out of reach. This is a time of new growth so just relax at home and wait till the storm passes. This cloud really does have a silver lining.

Virgo: Sometimes it seems quite confusing as you wonder what is next. You now need to quiet the mind and focus on what brings you joy, not allowing all the, what ifs to overwhelm you. Soon you will reap the rewards due you. Put to rest the mistakes of the past and remind yourself of the bridges you still have to build this is the energy that will bring you peace. Enjoy the blessings that arrive each day.

Libra: Through love you have the power to overcome all that makes you feel vulnerable. There comes a time when you will realize this power you hold dearly in your heart and mind, can help you win the battle and overcome the anxiety that is associated with new beginnings. There may be news concerning children this news comes in a phone call.

Scorpio: A brown haired man may now tell the truth about a secret he has held, or a secret is learned that is opening the door to the truth and you will receive news from a brown haired man concerning this. Okay if you have put off your gift buying for that special person in your life it is time to make sure it is one he/she likes. Little Boxes have a way of bringing a big surprise that just may lead to romance. Maybe it is time to be a little more generous than usual.

Sagittarius: You may hear of a gray haired or light haired man having to deal with his feelings or feeling as if he is blocked in some way. There is an ending near and you may feel a loss of some kind but there is also something that will inspire you like words of kindness that may come from a stranger. Listen to the positive thoughts that come to mind as you dismiss those that do not feel good in your heart and mind. You may help a stranger in need this will bring you many feelings of happiness.

Capricorn: Sometimes you have a day when you know who is calling before you answer the phone, this may just be one of those days. Your communication skills are your strength when it comes to helping those around you. Now those skills will help you to negotiate a new job or a raise in pay. A brown haired woman may be rude to you, this too shall pass! Let go of the thought of saying anything to her it will just irritate her further. And you are a better person for just letting it go. There is great hope for the New Year as you feel that wonderful changes are now on their way. This promises to bring to you a year filled with wisdom and happiness.

Aquarius: A friend brings good news this may be a dark haired man. The bad news is that you may receive news of a death. This may be an older woman or a famous woman. This coming year brings with it more money or wealth this may be one of your best ever.

Pisces: You have made it through a year of challenges and now you are about to reach the top of the mountain so to speak, have patience there is much good fortune for you coming in the New Year. You may hear of a scandal concerning financial gains. Use caution when out and about especially at night there are hidden enemies in the shadows. Take a friend along or walk out with other people.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays
Tickles and Sparkles From Julie

Wishing you and your family the best Holiday Season Ever! May you remember only the best memories of this year and let all the bad ones just dissolve like snow on the ground when the sun begins to shine it melts away.

Saturday December 24th is the New Moon
This is the day to write down your ten wishes my friends. It looks to be one of the best days in a long time for manifesting your wishes. Light a red and green candle and focus your thoughts on how you would feel after these wishes came true what is it you would be doing, thinking and feeling? Write it out create your wishes come true!

I will be writing a regular news letter next week have a wonderful Christmas may all your wishes come true!
Love Julie
Tickles and Sparkles

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