2010 Staying On Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles #105

January 11, 2010

Dear Friends I am so happy that you are taking the time to open this newsletter and hopefully you will read it when you have a moment to focus on all that is positive in your life.

Each day we tell other people who ask us, that we are happy and are doing great when we really mean that we are okay and getting by. Why are we lying to our selves and to others? Is it because we really do want to feel great? Or is it because we are embarrassed of our true feelings about life?

How often do you wake up and feel great that you are alive and wonder if you will notice all the miracles that are here for you in each moment?

It is time that we really take a look at our lives in general. Think about what it is that really makes you happy in the now. Do not think about what will make you happy someday for this is setting up for a let down.

The reason I ask you to think about what it is that makes you happy in the now is to remind you of all the miracles that are present in your life at this moment.

By using this train of thought it will bring feelings of goodness and love into your heart and mind. When you are feeling good it is much easier to create by visualizing that you already have your dearest desires.

By opening your mind to all the miracles each day you will not have much time to be thinking negative thoughts.

We all have those days when our energy level is low and we really have to work on maintaining a positive attitude. It seems very easy to let go of all positive thoughts in the blink of an eye. Then we are back to square one once again wondering why it is so hard to remain in a positive state of mind for any long length of time.

I have wondered about this very thing for many years and I keep coming back to this thought: We as human beings are trained from our birth about the negative in life we hear it on the radio and on the television from family and friends. Fear is drilled into our core being from a very young age. It takes tremendous strength to stay focused on the positive and all the good in this world each waking moment of our lives. Yet that is exactly what our purpose on this earth is. We are here to make the choice in which we take control of the thoughts and feelings that we have. It is more important now than ever before to connect with others who are positive. Keep your intentions positive and constantly remind yourself of your true purpose on this earth. Do not let those with a negative attitude control your attitude. You are and always will be the only one in control of your thoughts and feelings.
It is truly rare to meet a person who's totally in control of his or her thoughts and feelings. One who is genuinely positive and whose heart is filled with pure love for all people they may meet on their path. In my life time I have met only a few people like this. I wish to meet many more before I leave this world. In fact I hope that I can stay focused in the positive so that I may become one of these people, I so look up to. Yes we are all human and even though it may not be easy we are never given a task that we cannot complete if we try.

I hope you will join with me in making this a year of transforming your thoughts and feelings by opening your hearts to allowing love to guide you and live within you. It is possible to do this with the help and support of our friends and family but they must be willing to work with you by attuning their own minds to positive thought. It may be a little tough to begin with but through focusing your thoughts, energy and words as positively as you can each day you will begin to see the changes taking place.
Believe in yourself and all the good that you are meant to achieve in this life.
I know that you can do this! It is a challenge that will bring you closer than you have ever been in knowing and achieving your true purpose in this life.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

January 25, 2010

Greetings from Julie
I have been in the process of changing computers. If you have asked to be taken off this mailing list and received a newsletter I am very sorry. Let me know and I will take care of this.

This week I thought I might change things up a bit so I have a great big surprise for you. In this newsletter you will be receiving a short reading according to your birth sign. This I will be doing with a deck of cards that is called "The Answer Deck". I would like your feed back on how you liked or disliked your reading. I would also like to know if you think this would be something you would like to see each month in the newsletter. With that said I will get started.

You are the master of your life. You have had many challenges in the past but now there is real growth for you are at the beginning of a journey. This journey may be spiritual or physical in nature. There is a need for solitude for you need to reflect on what you truly want in life. You may be ending something or making a transformation. You may even feel there is a loss of some kind. Be diligent in your quest, for happiness is around the corner.

For you there is wisdom learned this may come from a fair haired man or an older man with gray hair. You may see justice done in some situation that has been hindering you. You have much power over the situations in your life if you will let go of your worries and frustrations. There may be someone new coming into your life this could be a new love or friend. There is soon an opportunity to bring in more wealth. An offer it comes to you from a stranger someone you do not know or do not know very well. By letting go of your doubts you will win the battle between what to do and what not to do. In other words if it does not feel right then do not do it but if it makes you feel good go for it.

You are now moving ahead and there is a financial gain in the near future through a friend. If you have been through heartbreak the storm is about over and there is a new sexual attraction you may be introduced by a mutual friend. This month you will have to deal with some bad news that comes through a woman. She will be telling you about a man that has caused her some challenges. Be confident in the advice that you give out by making sure the advice comes from a positive space in your heart. Relax and find your peace for victory is at hand in some situation you have been dealing with for the last few years.

You will be feeling quite good and if single there may be a new sexual attraction to someone you never thought you would be attracted too. There is much good fortune coming to you in the next month. You may have felt there have been barriers blocking your progress. They will soon be disappearing. There is someone that is treating you like a stranger and has been telling secrets behind your back. You may even hear about this through a brown haired man that you know. It is time to make changes and acknowledge your own strength. Let go of what others think and be true to your self.

Now is the time to develop your spiritual talents. Believe that it is okay to want more for yourself and that you are not being greedy by asking for it.
There is a dark haired man you know who is in very argumentative mood. This is where you will have to determine whether or not you are willing to allow his energy to affect your happiness. The good news is that you have the wisdom to stay on your path but you must be diligent in your commitment in remaining positive.

An ending of a situation brings happiness into your life and through the generosity of a loved one or mate there is a lesson learned that brings in great hope. You have the power to bring in great wealth by seeing the hidden enemy that has been holding you back. Take time to clear your home from clutter maybe do a clearing to rebalance the energy. You are the master of your own life. You would do well to focus on the positive aspects of your life rather that what you do not want.

The truth is that you would love to have your day of fame so to speak. When that day arrives do not forget the friends that have helped you get to this place in life. You will have the abundance you need it comes through something that inspires you. You may even feel a bit foolish as you take the necessary steps that will bring in this abundance. There may be times that you feel extra vulnerable in some way but do not let that detour you it is all part of the journey. It is time to stop look and listen to what your heart and mind are telling you ask for guidance from your angels. Let go of the judgment for with judgment comes heart break. You can avoid this and receive the guidance you need. Ask and you will receive.

You have had to deal with some jealousy this may be your own or from others. It is not a mistake to let go of these feelings in fact there are wonderful surprises at hand as you let these feeling go. There is a new beginning in the near future for you. A brown haired woman will bring you a challenge. To gain in this situation you will have to use love to find clarity.

There is someone who is pretending to be a friend this person is not who you think they are and you will soon learn the truth about them. There is growth and happiness on the horizon for you. It is time that you relax and take some needed time for yourself. If single there is a new love relationship coming in the next six months for you. It is time to let go of all greed and forgive those who have wronged you this is the lesson that will help you with this new growth that is coming in.

There are secrets that will soon be revealed you will have to use your strengths to find your peace. Where there was a separation of a friendship there is a reconciliation that will be a great surprise. Let go of what other people will think and focus your thoughts on love this will bring you clarity.

Thinking of going on a journey now is the time to make some plans figure out where you want to go. It may be that you want to visit a famous place or person. There is victory if you are willing to be patient for just a little while longer. At home there may have been frustration concerning some changes that need to be made. Have faith everything will be fine. There is a stranger that will bring some bad news this could be a loss of some kind. When one door closes another opens sometimes we just have to trust that there are reasons for everything that happens in our lives.

If you have gone through an ending of sorts during the last three months there is something that will change your judgment in this situation and will help you let go of the doubts you have had about yourself and others. There is also some kind of information you receive that comes through the phone or television this may involve some sort of scandal. Do not get involved with this situation. Use your talents to bring the good news you want into your life through your work or hobbies. Someone close to you may be jealous of the good news you will soon receive. There is a lesson that will be learned through a surprise you find the truth about something.

February 8, 2010

Happy Valentines Day February 14, 2010

I thought it would be nice to take some time today exploring relationships.
There are many kinds of relationships that we are all a part of through out our lives.
We have love relationships which we all want to be a part of. We have relationships with friends and family each being different from the other.
Many people have had relationships that did not work out for one reason or another, there seems to be thousands of reasons that a relationship fails. Soon after a failed relationship many people seem to remember all the negative aspects of the relationship harboring resentment mixed with anger. After awhile this dissipates and the person is now ready to look into having a relationship again.
It is wonderful when the person finds someone that they can connect with and they soon develop a relationship. The outcome of the relationship really depends what each person brings into it from their past relationships. Sometimes people bring mistrust into the relationship. This is because they may have had a bad relationship that was filled with mistrust and dishonesty. It may be hard for them to quit reliving the past so they afraid it may happen again to them. It seems to be quite unfair that we are sabotaging our new relationships by punishing our new love for the doings of the old love. I talk with many people men and women and many times I have seen a relationship fail because of mistrust that had been carried over from a failed past relationship. Maybe it is time to take a look at your relationships and see what you can do to keep them in the NOW! You can never change the past but you can create better relationships starting now.
Some of the things we can do to create a better relationship with our spouse or Girl/Boy friend are very simple.
Take time to listen to your partner, no matter the subject let go of any judgment and just listen to how they are feeling.

You never know what someone else is thinking! We have all thought we knew someone well enough to know what their thoughts are but in truth we do not know unless we listen to them as they talk to us.

Take time to have fun and play with your partner. The longer we are in a relationship it seems that we loose the part of us that likes to have fun with each other. Even though we are adults we should never forget how to play.

It is quite easy to light a couple of candles and have a candle lit dinner at least once a week with your honey. "Oh yah that sounds easy but what if you have kids" Well I suggest inviting the kids why not they are part of the relationship. Besides this will teach them something they will remember later in life. That is to keep a relationship alive you must feed it and nurture it.
While you have your candle lit diner with your partner you may use the time to talk about all the things you love in your life starting with the person you are sitting across from.

Look into each others eyes connect with your partner by connecting with his or her soul. You will be amazed at the love you will feel when you do this with someone you love and they love you.

Kiss your partner with passion at least once a day! Go ahead make it last for 8 to ten minutes.

We all want to feel important so take a moment and let the person you love how they are important to you. When you give you shall receive.

There are many ways to keep a relationship thriving. It is all about remembering why you fell in love with this person.

Many people never let go of the past even if they have forgiven you. They will through it at you in the heat of anger. I wish people would realize that what ever was done in the past is just that done. You can not go back to the past to receive another apology today for something the person has already apologized for.

Yes there are many kinds of relationships that we have with people each day. By taking a look at how these relationships effect us we begin to see new ways to value the people in our lives. We can also look at our self and see how we can enhance our relationships by letting go of judgment of another person.
There will be many relationships you will foster with other people in your life and there will be times that you will have to let go of a relationship because of a disagreement. Just remember to keep the good things that you learned in the relationship and let go of what ever it was that caused the ending of the relationship. There are reasons for everything, you may not believe it right now but soon enough you will.

For those of you still looking for love and not having the greatest luck!
Make a list of 27 things you would love in a mate. Describe the person that you would like to have in your life. Then put this paper under your pillow for 27 nights. Each night before you go to bed take the list out and re-read it. It may be that you will want to add something to your list it is okay go ahead. Then tuck your list under your pillow, sweet dreams.

Saturday February 13th is the Full Moon

Take a piece of Moon Stone and put it out under the moon light holding it in your hand ask to see your true loves face in your dreams tonight.

Full Moons are great for cleansing your crystals and stones by setting them in the moon light until morning light.

In the next issue of Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles I will be doing the
Birth Sign Readings again because of the great response I received from the last one.

February 22, 2010

Dear Friends I am looking forward to doing this weeks reading for your Birth Sign. First though I would like to ask you all a question.
Do you believe that people can be addicted to drama?
I bet you know at least one person who is addicted to drama. Maybe it is you who are addicted to drama, would you really admit it if you were?
I would love to hear your answers to the question above. Please email your answers to: Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Answer Deck Readings for your Birth Sign

For some of you there is news of a scandal, this may be something you hear on the radio or television. It is actually good news because the truth is revealed.
It is wise to watch your back at this time especially if you are a fair or grey haired man there is a hidden enemy which may surprise you. This could be a friend who says something behind your back.
Through a change there is forgiveness this may be someone you are sexually attracted to.

There is victory in a lesson that you will learn. Know that you have many talents expand upon the one you are passionate about. You have the strength to break down the barriers in your life when you have done this wealth will arrive. There is soon a challenge that may frustrate you do not become vulnerable.

Stop! Look! Listen! Do not judge before you know the whole story there will be justice in this situation. Sometimes Gemini can be perfectly balanced and at other times not so balanced. When you feel out of balance seek solitude for it is your friend. You will find something you thought lost this will inspire you.

A brown haired woman is soon to cause some confusion in your life and this may be a stranger you have not yet met. At home is where you will find the wisdom you need have faith in your dreams.
If married you may be thinking of having a baby. If single you may be on the verge of a new beginning this is will be a love relationship and there is much happiness in store for you.

Something in your life will soon require a little more patience and you may even have doubts about the outcome of a situation, let go of these doubts or there will be a battle. You may have to endure a storm or some kind of destruction but in the end you will gain from this. Anxiety while you wait for a phone call from an older woman or a fair haired woman.

Through hope there is growth believe you will find the fame you are searching for in this life and you will. It is time to seek out more spiritual people as friends or spiritual groups to connect with. Someone you know is masking their jealousy when you find out whom this is you may walk away from this friendship.

There is a great change coming and there is a secret that is told. This person realized his or her mistakes and hopes for reconciliation. Through diligence there is abundance. You are the master of your own life let go of greed and of the heartbreaks you have had this will bring your success.

Where there has been deception involving a dark haired woman you will hear about it thought a telephone call. There is soon good fortune and someone will help you there is someone who is very generous and wants to help you in some way. This is a woman who knows much about life. Through love there is peace.

There is a challenge that surprises you with a close friend. You may find out this person is attracted to you. There is an ending that brings in justice for you. There is much wisdom for you at this time showing you your true spiritual path in this life.

There is a change that brings reconciliation with an older woman or a light haired woman. There is a dark haired man who is deceiving you and this may hurt your feelings. You can change this by using better communication and avoiding a battle of wits with this person.

There is someone you may know who thinks that they are "All That" and more this person is very greedy. Use your powers and avoid putting this person down by talking bad of them. You are the master
In your own life by letting go of doubt and jealousy you will find abundance.

For you there is good fortune and love. Soon you may take a trip this could involve business or pleasure. A couple will help you on something you have been creating. There is a sense of peace that is surrounding you as you will soon reap the rewards of your efforts.

March 8, 2010

Eliminating DRAMA
Last week I asked the question: Do you believe that people can be addicted to drama?
I want to thank all of you whom emailed me your answers to this question.
Here are a couple of answers I received.

Yes I think I know several people who thrive on drama and seem to like it these people tend to make a lot of the drama in their lives. Is this the same thing as being addicted to drama?

Julie in response to your question, Yes! I definitely believe that people can be addicted to drama. I know several people who are at one time. I know that I was addicted to drama several times and at certain ages it seemed to make my life better to be involved in others drama. Know what I mean? I am sure you do.

Yes there is drama everywhere we go now days. We experience drama in one way or another each day. It seems we are on an emotional roller coaster when it comes to trying to filter out the drama in our lives. We start our day clear of drama but sooner or later we are being sucked into one dramatic situation or another. The work place is one of the greatest sources we have of drama in our life. Maybe it is your drama or a co worker who didn't the raise they were hoping for because of someone else. Maybe it is drama coming from a family member or friend. When ever someone is telling a story about another person's distress this becomes drama. It may be a friend or it may be you that is creating drama in your life, it really does not matter. But what does matter is that we recognize it and change the energy or subject that is the topic of discussion. Drama is exhausting it is like an energy thief. When you are caught up in someone's drama you seem to get a high or a feeling of excitement that last for a very short while because you are expending your energy or giving your energy to the person who is telling about the dramatic situation that is taking place in their life. When you leave the company of this person you are tired and feel as if you could take a nap.
I call it being drained. There are people who create drama in their life for attention they seem to have a dramatic situation going on just about every time you talk to them.
Say you have a friend that each time you talk to them they have a story to tell about someone they know. We will call him Steven.
Steven is the kind of person who never has anything nice to say he is always talking crap about one person or another in his life. He bitches about his work and how other workers are always taking advantage of him. When he does talk to his friends it is always about someone who has wronged him or cut him off in traffic. It is like he is stuck in his own drama not willing to recognize what affect it is having on him and his life. Drama can be as small as talking about the way someone dresses or just telling the same story to different friends over and over again.
Okay so what can we do to eliminate this Drama? Sad as it may be you may have to eliminate some of the friends you have been hanging out with. If you are really ready to eliminate the drama it has to start with you.
By changing the way you look at life and where you are focusing your attention. Instead of reacting to someone's story of how they were wronged and allowing the anger to transfer to you listen if you have too then say "I understand" then allow the energy to dissipate. Don't get caught up in the drama by putting more energy into it. Take time to be alone if you have too.
Be more creative do something like taking a long walk or dance around the house. Play music or read you may even want to get up really early and watch a sun rise. When you are focused on something positive and creative you don't have time to get all caught up in the drama in other people's lives. Tell your friends that you are not allowing drama in your life ask them to please keep negative thoughts and feelings to their self. You do have a choice in how you will react to the drama that is a part of our everyday life. By not reacting to others drama you are on the road to eliminating drama from your life.

Tips for staying on track and keeping positive as you eliminate drama
1- Write maybe keep a journal of positive thoughts.
2- Make up a song and sing it out-loud.
3- Take a nature walk notice all the wonders along your path
4- Write maybe keep a journal of positive thoughts.
5- Make up a song and sing it out-loud.
6- Take a nature walk notice all the wonders along your path
7- Meditate
8- Say affirmations
9- Put on your favorite music and dance around the house.
11-Imagine all the things that make you happy

I hope that you will find that by eliminating drama you will feel better and your friends will join you in your quest to be free from Drama in their lives also. As I said before there are friends that thrive on drama these friends are the ones that it may be time to let go of so you can move forward in your life.
Remember that your thoughts and words are energy this energy can be positive or negative and affect your life in positive or negative ways.
As for Me I am choosing to focus my energy on the positive and all that is good in my life. Yes I too have been guilty of drama, now I choose to let it go. I hope you will join me.

Answer Deck Readings for Your Birth Sign

Aries: This week you may have to be more patient with someone you love at home. You will hear of something that surprises you about a famous dark haired woman. Within three weeks there is a woman who thinks she is "all that" this woman may be trying to deceive you. You are to stop, look and listen to the signs that will be given you.

Taurus: There is a victory that brings new hope for lovers. Through bad news about an ending, you may be taking a journey soon. A storm may bring in a new challenge this comes because there has been a lack of diligence on your part.

Gemini: You will hear of a brown haired man who is causing a scandal through some sort of destruction there may even be times that you will feel some anxiety. It is time to forgive and let go of doubts and judgments by doing this you will bring in good fortune for yourself and wealth.
Cancer: Inspiration comes to you through a dark haired man and he will help you through some confusion you have had. Through strength there is abundance and happiness make sure to be spread the generosity with others this is the KEY!

Leo: There is a lesson that is now learned through a gray or fair haired man. This lesson will give you more power to make changes and let go of mistakes of the past there are new beginnings for you and good news you have won the battle and now new growth is here for you.

Virgo: You may feel as if there is a barrier around you it seems that every where you look there is loss, heartbreak, and greed. Do not let go of your faith know that justice is forthcoming and there will more spiritual communication that will bring you peace.

Libra: There is a brown haired woman who may not be seen by you as this lady is a hidden enemy and will cause problems in your relationship. She may even be someone from the past hoping to have a reconciliation do not be come frustrated about this situation you are the master in your life and you have everything to gain if you will seek out the solitude you need to meditate on what you want in life.

Scorpio: In order to find your truth you must find clarity in your talents and do not listen to the fools secrets for this will make you vulnerable. There is wisdom through a friend this will being you happiness.

Sagittarius: There is a brown haired man who wants to battle he is someone you have or have had a relationship with. This person is greedy and does not want to know the truth. You need to keep your faith and know that wealth and good fortune are about to bring you big happiness.

Capricorn: A barrier that has caused you confusion will soon be broken and there is new strength for you through communication there is a spiritual connection and love, know that soon you will find peace by immersing your self in your talents.

Cancer: If there is some confusion going on in your life soon you will have clarity as far as the heart is concerned. If there has been a break-up there could soon be reconciliation. Remember you are the master of your life and through forgiveness you can begin to grow again. Seek out solitude for your self meditate on what you truly desire. Soon there will be a sense of justice as you finally make a decision.

Aquarius: In the past you have endured the storms and played the fool you have had your share of bad news and heartbreak soon you will receive abundance through a woman and a dark haired man.

Pisces: Do not allow yourself to become vulnerable for good news and new growth are now flowing in. You know that you are a master of what you do and this will inspire you for there is financial gain through being patient a little longer soon you will receive clarity from a woman who is very knowledgeable.

March 22, 2010

When Rationalize Becomes Rational-Lies
Most of us do not even recognize when we have been rationalizing yet when we do we are telling our self rational-lies?

What is the meaning of rationalization?
1. Process of rationalizing: the process of rationalizing something, or an effect of rationalizing something
2. Psychoanalysis defense mechanism: in psychoanalytic theory, a defense mechanism whereby people attempt to hide their true motivations and emotions by providing reasonable or self-justifying explanations for irrational or unacceptable behavior.

I know there have been many times I have rationalized a situation was the right thing only to find out later that this was far from being the right thing for me.
Each of us has rationalized about something in our life. It may be that you are in love with someone who does not feel the same about you. So you tell yourself that in time this person will change and see you in a whole new way falling deeply in love with you so if you just wait a little longer it will happen. Months down the road you still are rationalizing that it will happen someday. It never does because you have been telling yourself rational-lies instead of moving on and letting go, so that you may find a new love who really does love you.
Another way we tell our self rational-lies is by blaming others for our down falls in life. Like the child who has grown into an adult but still holds onto their childhood anger at one parent or another for something that the parent said or did in the past. It is easy to blame others for out short falls even when we know that we are rationalizing so we do not have to carry our own guilt.
Like the child that was told "you will never amount to anything" you are not good enough. As an adult this person easily blames the parent that told them this every time he or she fails at something that they really want in life. By telling yourself rational- lies it is easy to escape feeling bad about whom you are and have become. This is where it becomes necessary to re-evaluate the rationalization you have been doing thus far in life and make changes that will open new ways of thinking and acting in your life. It is time for all of us to become accountable for who we are. It is up too us to be okay with saying I am wrong or I am sorry. To be responsible for the person that we are we must not rationalize that it is okay to put someone down for something they did when we have done the exact same thing and were okay with your actions. How many times have you seen someone making fun of another person and even joined in? Did you rationalize that maybe the person you were making fun of did not hear you so it was okay. Or that so and so did it, so it was alright for you to do.
Take time this week to be aware of when you are rationalizing or telling yourself rational-lies. Think honestly about how you can make changes in your attitude towards others. We have gotten away from our genuine self and become hardened towards others yet we rationalize that it is okay because we do not know this person personally when actually we are all connected thru the essence of pure love, Gods love. It is my belief that our spirits are always that of pure love. So by staying connected to my spirit I shall know when I am being true to my self and when I am telling my self rational-lies. I will feel that positive feeling of love by being genuine to myself and others. I hope that you will let go of any rational-lies you may have told yourself in favor of being genuine and true to your spirit.
Tickles and Sparkles

Answer Deck Readings for Your Birth Sign

Aries-Where you may have doubts about your judgment on something that you have been creating have patience. There is no need for anxiety or worry for new beginnings will bring in new wealth. Someone you have never met may find something you have lost and bring it back to you.
Taurus- A dark haired woman is deceiving you there may be anger or a battle about to happen because of jealousy on ones part or another. Secrets will come out yet victory will be yours. Through communications at home there will be happiness restored.

Gemini- A brown haired man is not who he say's he is for he is very greedy. It is not your benefit he is thinking of but his own. He may seem frustrated at the truth of the matter. This could be a friend or a lover. It is a good time to learn the lesson before you and find out who your true friends are by focusing on your spiritual path many surprises are in store.

Cancer- You will hear of someone's heart break and give them hope. Be aware of a hidden enemy who wishes to gain from you. Seek solitude and you will find inspiration. Wisdom comes from a famous brown haired woman.

Leo- You may have felt that you have been blocked or challenged that is the bad news. The good news is that you can break down the barriers by becoming the master of your life again. It is time to be generous with others whom you love. If you are a woman there is a light haired or silver haired man who will flirt with you. Smile and say thank you.

Virgo- There may be something that has recently made you feel a bit vulnerable or uneasy soon you will have clarity on how to change this.
Through diligence you will have the power to achieve the good fortune you have long desired. Soon there is a journey you will take that may be to visit a dark haired man this is very positive as good luck follows.

Libra- We all make mistakes through forgiveness comes growth. A woman who thinks she knows it all will try to confuse you about something. Take time to stop look and listen to what is being said around you. There is justice and a greater sense of peace being given you soon with this, arrives abundance.

Scorpio- An older woman will test your faith and you will need to use your strength to avoid a scandal. There is a younger woman who will aid you in using your talents to avoid an ending of destruction. It is time to quit being the fool and use your strength to change the things you are not happy with in your life.

Sagittarius- A brown haired man or woman who has caused heartbreak and confusion may try to make you see things differently. Maybe this is no surprise it is time to put your faith and hope into your self instead of letting frustration at him or her get the best of you.
Soon you will receive a wonderful surprise it will come to your home.

Capricorn- A woman may be rude to you this could be while you are traveling or on a journey. Ignore her do not engage a scandal by yelling or getting angry. Your challenge this week is to focus on being more generous with your good fortune. By being more loving to others you will find love comes to you.

Aquarius- Let-go of your doubt we all have make mistakes in life this is how we grow. Let the past be just that. There may be anxiety about a loss of some kind yet through a dark haired stranger there will be good news about a change you have really been hoping for.

Pisces- Through an ending comes a beginning that brings more wealth into your life. You will soon learn a secret from an older man which brings you much wisdom giving you strength. Look forward to a time of relaxing in peace and solitude.

I would like to recommend a book I have been reading called
Practical Psychic Self-Defense
By Robert Bruce
You can buy it online at the link below
This book is amazing if you really are interested in knowing if your thoughts are yours or if they are coming from somewhere else. I wish everyone young and old would read this one.
Let me know if you read it. I would love to find out what you think of this book.

April 5, 2010

Greetings from Julie

Life is a journey we are all taking some of us will reach our destination before others of us but we will all reach our destination. For some life is a wonderful journey and yet for others there is sadness and loneliness. I believe that our journey should not be about getting there reaching that destination but about what you have learned on the way. I have seen so many people lately that are walking around with a blank look on their face as if they were under some kind of spell. It really saddens me seeing the blank looks on these people's faces. I smile at people when I am out and about running errands and such. Rarely do I see a smile coming back from those I smile at. I know that people are really stressed out and have a million things on their minds but there is always time to smile. It is as if people have forgotten to enjoy the journey that is life. I hope that you will choose to enjoy this journey by showing kindness to other people. Just Smile!

Mercury will retrograde on April 18, 2010 to May 11, 2010

Birth Sign Readings from Julie and the Answer Deck
Aries- you have many talents you haven't used yet maybe it would be a good time to examine these talents and be more diligent in what you want to gain in this life. Soon you will have clarity in a situation where you have been seeking the truth this will bring about a change for you.

Taurus- you may need to have more patience with an older woman or a younger woman with light hair. It is time to stop look and listen to the signs you are being given. There is some kind of storm brewing that will test your faith yet if you hold to your faith the barriers will be lifted.

Gemini- There may have been heart break and a battle has ensued. A dark haired woman will help you there will soon be justice and victory for you. Remember that good fortune comes from love and strength.

Cancer- There is something that will soon inspire you from this inspiration brings wisdom. There is someone who will be very generous with you in the near future. Let go of feeling bad for your mistakes in the past it is now time to seek solitude and connect to your spiritual knowing. You should take time out to meditate something in your life is about to change and you will find your answers.

Leo- There are two men that are deceiving you one is a brown haired man and the other a dark haired man. They may try to cause you frustration or anger but to be the master in your life is to forgive. A friend will share some bad news with you towards the end of the week. It will somehow bring you a sense peace knowing that you have made the right choices.

Virgo-You will hear of a scandal involving lovers this may be someone you know or hear of on TV or radio. Through a loss comes wealth. You will also find out that someone has been telling secrets behind your back beware of hidden enemies.

Libra- There may be people who are challenging you at this time but know that they are doing this out of greed. For you there will be abundance if you keep hope in your heart. Soon a famous person may ask you for some help or offer some help to you. There are new beginnings for you that bring in a new lesson in life.

Scorpio- There are times when you are feeling vulnerable and filled with doubts it is at these times when you need to look for your happiness and what makes you happy in your life. There will soon be a phone call from a friend who has seen the world she will tell you of something that makes you feel a little anxious. Maybe like an unplanned visit from an old friend Surprise!
Sagittarius- There is a stranger who will call you on the phone this
Person may question your judgment or think you a fool for some confusion that you did not cause. You may hear of a relationship that was destroyed by a sexual attraction involving a woman you know. This all sound like bad news but you are to use your power to follow your journey or path in this life for this brings good news and happiness for you.

Capricorn- A dark haired woman may be trying to take advantage of you in some way this may cause a scandal of sorts. Beware of hidden enemies. There is anger and heart break that may leave you feeling a big vulnerable. There is an ending of frustrations very soon and you will find strength to over come the past.

Aquarius- If you have been a little confused lately about love there is a message that will help you forgive the past and those who have deceived you. Soon there is good fortune coming your way. You are not a fool if you give in to love.

Pisces- The truth will set you free by letting go of judgment you have everything to gain like peace and abundance. Be more diligent in creating the changes that you want in your life. There is no time like the present to begin doing what you love.

April 19, 2010

Mercury Retrograde
April 18, 2010 to May 11, 2010

If you have been wondering why things have been a little mixed up lately it may be that the planet Mercury has been slowing down for the last two weeks and as of yesterday, Sunday April 18, 2010 it is now official Mercury Retrograde has began. Don't let this scare you, though it can be a wonderful time of taking care of all those things you have not finished in the last three months. There are many things you can do to get through the retrograde easily like cleaning out the closets and donating what you do not need any more to your favorite charities. You may want to spend time cleaning your automobile inside and out. Now doesn't that sound like fun!
For many years I have studied the effects of mercury retrograde when I first started this study I soon realized the affect that mercury retrograde can have upon people's lives. For instance in each retrograde it seems that three high profile or famous people usually pass on during this time. It also makes me wonder about the Volcano that is happening causing havoc at the airports in Europe. Is this caused by mercury going retrograde? I do not know but I would guess it plays a part in the kind of mix-ups that can happen in a retrograde. So my friends, I ask that you think about signing any important papers or contracts at this time, if at all possible please do not sign until after the 11th of next month. I know some people think this is all hog wash but I know from testing the waters that if you are in a hurry and really need to buy a car or are looking to buy a new home it is not a good time to do this you could get a lemon or worse find out you are not happy with that new home.
Things that are electrical tend to go down in mercury retrogrades this includes: vacuums, dishwashers, hot water heaters, cars, cell phones, Computers, etc….
I have had my share of hard drives lost in retrogrades and boy does it hurt!
Please take a moment to back up that computer today.
Mixed up communications can certainly be caused by mercury retrograde. Something we all need to do is allow a little more time to get to our destinations when we are traveling during this retrograde, as accidents and breakdowns can happen.
Think about how you are communicating with others during this time are you a little short tempered or maybe you just don't have the time to have a friendly conversation with a friend or loved one. Now is the time to take time to be a little kinder and to let your loved ones know that you love them. As always it is better to think positive thoughts about yourself and others remembering that what you put out you will receive. Call upon your Angels to guide you through the next three weeks. Take time to meditate daily as this will help you in finding the answers you need to get through the retrograde with grace and ease. Tickles and Sparkles

Birth Sign Readings from Julie and the Answer Deck

Aries: There will be an ending that causes you to seek solitude so that you can think things out. Through this ending comes a change.
If you are a light or gray haired man you may be thinking of a sexual attraction with someone you recently met. Please beware this attraction may lead to a hidden enemy. There may be a challenge that causes some anxiety always remember you have everything to gain and nothing to loose.

Taurus: Through a gift from a lady you will feel a spiritual connection. A man with dark hair you may work with is very greedy and may be telling secrets behind your back be aware of him. There is a journey forthcoming that will bring in abundance and love.

Gemini: Sometimes you feel confusion not knowing how to utilize your talents it is not foolish to expand upon them at this time. Go for your dreams. Through a mistake you will be surprised most likely in a very happy way that will boost your ego. You have won the battle you have been having with yourself and by letting go you will be filled faith.
Cancer: There is soon a choice to be made this is concerning a darker haired woman a friend. This may come as a judgment on your behalf. There are new beginnings for you this may be connected with your popularity or an offer from a brown haired woman. You will go through frustration about a choice you will or have made. Let go of this frustration for the answer is, there is much growth and good fortune with this choice.

Leo: You may be going through a time of doubts and heart break. You may even be feeling a little vulnerable. There is inspiration in forgiveness this is where you will find peace. Have patience for clarity is coming in and there may be a new love relationship soon starting for you.

Virgo: Sometimes you feel that you cannot fix everything even though you want to. It is time to meditate on what you can do to help out and make this world a better place. Soon you will find your truth in this life. There is someone that will give you some very good advice soon this will be very good news bringing wealth to you. This may come in the form of a communication with a woman. Remember that your diligence and hard work will pay off.

Libra: You may hear of a scandal involving someone you may know. Soon there is a lesson learned that will bring you victory. There is someone who is jealous of you and may be deceiving you do not worry for you will have the wisdom to know who this person is. You will hear from a stranger about a justice that is done and this may happen at or near your home.

Scorpio: If you feel you have been up against a block wall or that something keeps holding you back do not let go of your hope even in the worst of storms. There may be some bad news about a fair or gray haired woman this is a time when you will need to use your strength to stay balanced. There is a brown haired man who will tell of reconciliation this will bring you much happiness.

Sagittarius: you are the master of your own life and you have weathered the storm and there may be some bad news you will receive shortly. The lesson here is learn from your mistakes it is all part of life's journey. It is time to own your power and know how powerful you really are. Soon good fortune comes to you but beware of other's jealousy.

Capricorn: The key to abundance comes through someone you are inspired by. There may even be a sexual attraction with this person. You may soon learn of secrets that someone has been telling this may even lead to frustration but remember that justice will come and you will win. Use patience to find out who is deceiving you stop look and listen.

Aquarius: There is a surprise call from a stranger telling something of importance. You are going through a time of growth which will lead to greater things for you there will be guidance given from an older woman and a brown haired woman. Through hope comes victory and wealth.

Pisces: You have had your fair share of challenges lately yet the wisdom you have gained will bring you happiness. Use your strength to forgive any father related issues you have held onto.
Through the generosity of another there is a great spiritual change that is about to happen for you.

May 3, 2010

Who Are You?
How do you see yourself?

Are you seeing yourself the way others see you or do you have your own ideas of who you are?

Do you believe that you are as other people see you or do you have a different view point of who you really are?

These are some really powerful questions because each person on this earth has a differing view point of who they really are. Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are seeing yourself as your pure spiritual self or if you are judging yourself from the memories of other people's views of what kind of person you are.

Families and friends tend to think that they know each other better than they know themselves at times. There have been many people who have tried to tell me who they think I am, yet I know this is only an illusion in their minds of who I am. Sometimes families think that they know what you like and dislike what you want and do not want in your life. Sometimes they are right and at other times they can be way off in their assumption of the kind of person you are.
From birth we are hear other people's thoughts on what kind of a person we will become in the future. Has anyone ever told you how they think you are?
Maybe as a child you were told you were stingy because you did not want to share with the other children. Maybe somewhere in your heart you still believe this and hold it as a truth.
Maybe you have been told that you were not good enough at something yet deep within you believed that you could be good at it if you were given a little time. Or maybe you believed and gave up on a dream you once had because someone else did not think you would succeed.
We all have dreams and aspirations of who we want to be in this life. Sometimes these dreams and aspirations get put on hold as we just try to exist on this planet. We forget who we are because we are busy being who we think we are suppose to be.
I love to Clown around and to make people laugh at one time I thought I could be a comedian. Well that didn't turn out the way I thought it would in fact as I got older I realized that the world is much more serious than I imagined it was. I still try to bring laughter to others because I believe it is good to laugh and have fun. I once mentioned to someone close to me that I would love to be a comedian so I could make people laugh. I was told "You do not look like a comedian" that seemed to stick with me for years. I wondered if there is a certain look you have to have to be a comedian. Well as you know I did not become a comedian and maybe that is a good thing.

What I am trying to get across is that it really does not matter what other people think when it comes to you knowing who you are. You are Gods Perfect Child. You are the only person on this earth who is you there is no other person who has your exact traits and talents. Along the way we forget who we are at times as our lives intertwine with other's lives. Today it is time to remember who you are take a moment to focus on your qualities good and bad.
Make a list of each then go back through your list and look at how many of the qualities may have come from what other people think you are. Ask yourself is this how I view my self or how I feel other's view me.
Next make a list of how you wish to see yourself. For example: I am brilliant, kind and have a positive outlook on life. I am a happy person, a loving person, etc.
Each morning take a look at your list of positive qualities add to it if you like
Then think about them through out your day. Practice being you the genuine you not what someone else may think you are. Now it is time to get in touch with the true you the spiritual being within your body is yearning to help you be better than you imagine.
We do not have to pretend to be someone we are not! Many times we pretend to be someone other that who we really are because we think this will please another. Life is not about pretending it is about being in the present about loving yourself, giving your self permission to be real and genuine each moment.
I hope that you will see within your self the God like qualities that you have and will use these qualities to better your life now and in the future.
Blessings from Julie

Birth Sign Answer Deck Readings
From Julie

Aries: it is time to seek solitude take time to meditate and release fears and worries. There may be an ending of a friendship with a brown haired woman. There may a destructive situation in the near future which will leave you feeling a bit vulnerable the key here is forgiveness. A journey brings good fortune and a meeting with an important woman.

Taurus: You may hear of or be involved in a scandal this could be about jealousy on your part or on the part of another. It may include a sexual attraction that you think is love. The Key here is to let go of your doubts and use your strengths to welcome these changes.

Gemini: Your true talent is the wisdom you possess for you have many gifts at your disposal if you take the time to look for them. There may be some bad news that reaches you at home through a brown haired man. If you have felt like your challenges have been many for the last while and that you have come upon many barriers it is about to change. Take a moment to Stop! Look! & Listen! Focus on happiness and this will lead to the changes you have awaited.

Cancer: A friend will give guidance in a situation that has caused you some confusion. There may be a mistake that will cause an argument. It is up to you to decide if you are the master of your own life or if you are going to let others take advantage of you. The Key here is to be diligent and ask for inspiration this will lead to abundance.

Leo: Someone is telling secrets this involves an older man or a light haired man he knows more that he is telling. There may be heart break in a relationship this may be you or someone close to you. This may come as a surprise. Soon there are new beginnings or a birth of a child or new idea. Justice comes to a situation in which you are involved and there is peace.

Virgo: there is deception from a lady you know this may even lead to a loss of some kind. Through clarity you will let go of something that has frustrated you this will lead you to new gains. The lesson you have learned is patience and this is where you will find your true power.

Libra: where you have been anxious about something there is good news and hope. You will have victory for the truth is known very soon. There is a gift that comes from a stranger this may surprise you. There is a dark haired man who stands in judgment of you he is not who he says he is.

Scorpio: There is an older woman whom you may feel is being a bit selfish or greedy. There may have been a lack of communication with this person and sometimes you may wish for reconciliation. Let go of your anger and talk to her this will help you to grow spiritually. Beware of a dark haired woman she is hiding something and is not who she says. Be on the lookout for trouble in the next week, yet know that you do not have to be a part of it.
Maybe the key here is to keep a low profile for the next week.

Sagittarius: You have great power and new clarity arrives concerning a situation you have been looking at. You will receive a phone call from a person who may not be telling you the truth watch out for someone who is deceiving you. There may be the beginning of a new job which you will use your talents to better yourself this is very good news. A new opportunity comes from the generosity of another. An ending of worry soon arrives.

Capricorn: in the past you have had your share of heartbreak but though taking time to get in touch with your spiritual self you will find harmony. Seek solitude to find your answers. There may be a battle or disagreement with an older man with gray hair. There is a lesson to be learned with this it is to accept the challenge and focus your thoughts on love. This is where you will win and abundance will be yours.

Aquarius: Someone will soon share a secret with you about a new love this may surprise you. As you travel make sure to pay attention to the driver in front of you. Caution should be used when traveling in the next two weeks. If single you will soon meet a person where there will be an instant sexual attraction, this person is very outgoing and fun to be around. If you are in a relationship and have felt like you are becoming strangers it may be time to reinvest yourself in your relationship.

Pisces: there is an ending to a situation that has been up and down this may be caused from greed on you or another's part. Soon gifts will come from a man with brown hair. There is balance in finding the truth this will lead to happiness for you.

May 17, 2010

Greetings Everyone,
May seems to be moving right along here in somewhat sunny CA. Yesterday was beautiful and the day before that just the same but today it is overcast and dreary. I sometimes wonder if it is spring yet or if it is summer with last Saturday being 90 degrees here in Citrus Heights.
Life is kind of like the weather in a sense we never know what it will be like until it is happening. We like the, weather forecasters on television try to predict what will happen next in our life. But until we have the experience we never know how it will turn out.
Most of us are pretty accurate at predicting what will transpire next in our lives. That is because we have already been creating it through our thoughts and feelings. The thing is we also are creating what will happen next through our feelings of doubt and fears. This is why we are always working on keeping our thoughts positive, well most of us are, aren't we? Yes in this world it is very hard to remain positive 24/7 this is because we are so used to rethinking things and looking at the what ifs. Then there are other things that can through you off balance like hearing something bad about someone or something. This is when we instantly go into judgment mode. I heard a story on the television about a family whose father was killed in front of them by a person who had answered their ad on Craig's list for a diamond ring for sale. As I listened to this story I felt sadness for this family. Then as they told their story the fourteen year old son who witnessed his Fathers death said that he forgives the person who did this. My heart swelled and my eyes welled up with tears. I think I was just so amazed that this young man could forgive it made me feel such joy that a person so young could know that kind of forgiveness. Many people would say that they could not forgive an act so cruel. To me this young man is truly on his higher path and knows the power of faith.

I think we should all ask ourselves how strong our faith really is are we following our higher path by allowing love to guide us each day?

Are we choosing our thoughts carefully so that we create wonderful things for ourselves and our families?

If you were asked that for one day 24 hours not to judge anyone or anything would you and could you do this?

If you were told that you could have anything you desired in life by being positive. By having complete faith that love is the most powerful source you have available to bring great changes to your life. Then would let go of judgment would you open your mind to a much higher thought pattern which does not include anything negative?

You can have the life you desire it may take some time but it is possible though keeping your thoughts positive. This takes time because you and only you can re-train your mind to think in such a way. I have found that through the years it is sometimes easier to forget and let go of the positive thoughts because being positive takes work and a really big effort. The truth is I know that it is really hard to keep positive even when your world is falling apart this is when you really have to monitor your thoughts the most. It is also true that you can do this! With practice everything gets easier! Today I ask you to give some thought to what you desire in life and what it is worth to you to have the life you desire. I hope you will start today to make an effort to remain positive even when times are tough. I know we can do it! Love works miracles every day and I believe in miracles.
Tickles and Sparkles From Julie

Answer Deck Readings
For your Birth Sign

Aries: It is time to let go of some judgment you have been holding on to maybe there is a secret you have been keeping. Or maybe it is judgment of your self in some way that makes you feel a bit foolish. You will learn that someone is jealous of you for something you have accomplished. Know that you have been diligent in your convictions. Your strength will soon be proven by a stranger this may come while you are on a short journey.

Taurus: There is bad news from a brown haired woman this will cause an argument or battle of some kind. For growth you must accept the challenge you are given do not allow your ego to get in the way. Soon the confusion will be cleared away leading to generosity and abundance.

Gemini: Remember that Greed and Doubt will lead to mistakes. There is a sexual attraction with another who will inspire you. An opportunity to make money will arrive soon this will give you a sense of peace. This opportunity may come from someone you have not spoken with for awhile, do not get anxious just relax they will be in touch soon.

Cancer: You will find happiness in forgiveness. Soon you will hear of an abrupt ending that will cause a scandal this may come in a telephone call.
You should use the wonderful talents you have to bring in more financial gain. Just keep telling yourself that "you can do it" know that there is justice for those who do not give up.

Leo: A surprise comes from a lady and a dark haired man maybe an invitation. You will soon hear of a disagreement of with a brown haired man and a dark haired woman. This may be someone close to you. It is wise to stay out of this situation and keep your thoughts to yourself, for they have their own lessons to learn.

Virgo: Where there has been heartbreak and frustration there is victory and love is forthcoming for you. Someone is watching you this person is not a friend but a hidden enemy to change this situation you must stop, look and listen. This has something to do with a light haired or gray haired woman.
Libra: there is an invitation from an older woman to visit her home. This will be a great time to relax and unwind if you choose to go. There is a shocking mistake that is made this may be in your favor, it will be up to you to choose what to do about this do you tell someone in charge or walk away.
Remember Karma! If you are a spiritual person you will soon see a sign or vision that will bring you peace. Look to receiving some money soon.

Scorpio: there is an argument over something that seems unimportant after the fact this may be because of greed on someone's part. Use your wisdom to break through the barriers in your life. Soon good news arrives through a very intelligent woman. There is an attraction that may have been going on for some time this may be flirting on the part of the other person. Be diligent in what you want and expect in relationships.

Sagittarius: There are secrets being told and a scandal may arise from these secrets do not let yourself feel vulnerable in this situation. You have much to gain though a journey that you will soon take and there is abundance connected with this. You have used good judgment and now your patience pays off with a victory.

Capricorn: there is a phone call that brings in some bad news this comes from a brown haired woman she may talk to you on the telephone telling of an ending of love because of a deception on the part of another. For you there is growth and justice for you are about to accept the generosity of another. Something good is coming in for you in the next two weeks. Enjoy.

Aquarius: there is confusion and frustration because of a challenge you are about or have been dealing with. There is someone who calls them self a friend but who is really playing you as a fool, it is time to listen to what is being said. It may be that you need a reading to help you see who this person is. No matter what have faith in your self and in your strength there is success for you.

Pisces: You will soon hear from someone who tells of a dark haired woman and a brown haired man this may bring heart break and sadness. Through some changes you are making at this time you will have renewed hope about a situation that has been bothering you. If you have been through a break up which has been a battle you may have some doubts about reconciliation. Remember you create everything in your life including your own happiness.

June 1, 2010

Greetings from Julie

I am just sitting here wondering where the time goes its June already!

I would like to wish those of you who have June Birthday's a very happy Birthday may all your birthday wishes come true. In fact I have a very special gift just for all you June birthday people. Use this link and receive $20.00 off your next reading with Julie http://www.ticklesandsparkles.com/SpecialDiscountReading.htm
You must book your appointment before June 30, 2010

Winning List
I wonder how many of you buy Lottery Tickets with hopes that you will be the next big winner. I bet that each person who buys that lottery ticket has the same wish of being a winner of a large amount of money. I for sure do! Yes it's true I have those same wishes as you and millions of other people on this earth. Oh yea! I can hear you now "If you're Psychic Julie why don't you just pick the winning numbers" The truth is I really wish I could. Sometimes I wonder why I can see other things but can't seem to see the winning numbers. As I ponder this I understand that everything happens for a reason and that timing is everything so maybe it is just not yet my time. I did however get a message the other day that inspired me to start a list of all that I will do when the time comes for me to win! I will call it the "Winning List". Kind of like a Bucket list but better! We all have dreams of what we could do with a million or so dollars, so why not start a list. I got that if I start a list it will strengthen the connection of energy I am sending out into the universe and with any luck the universe will provide at the exact right time to deliver in one way or another the things on my list. This is not to say I will win the lottery but there may be another way I will get assistance in attaining those things on my list. I hope that if you play the Lottery you too will make a "Winning List". You never know in less you try!

How Do You Stay Positive?
Are there certain things that you do to stay positive each day? Or do you just let whatever happens during your day influence your mood. We all have times that seem to drag us down and suck out our energy but do we have to allow this to keep interrupting our lives. I say heck no!

Start your day with a prayer of gratitude or meditation this will go along way in keeping you on track during the day.

During the day make it your intention to focus your thoughts on only positive things. I didn't say it was easy yet if you are only focusing on the positive in each situation you encounter you will soon start to forget about the negative influences that may try to disrupt your day.

On your way home from work take time to refocus your thoughts and let go of any negative thoughts or feelings that may have popped up during the day. Then think about all the good that happened during your day and take a moment to be thankful for your family and friends and anyone or anything that inspired you this day.

Remember each day to inspire at least one person and to always end the day with gratitude. You will be amazed at how good life can be just by focusing your mind on the good in life. Have a wonderful week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Answer Deck Readings for your Birth Sign

Aries: If you have been feeling a bit confused or anxious it is time to relax or take time to meditate and ask for guidance. You will get your answer if you ask. There is a phone call about an ending of some kind because of bad judgment on the part of another. You may be or have been angry at a brown haired woman the Key here is to forgive this is the way to abundance.

Taurus: At home there is frustration with an older woman or a light haired woman. Let go of your worry and focus on the positive. On the other hand you may be feeling a bit foolish when you find something that you thought lost or you may have felt that someone had taken. Yes dears, life is full of deception and at times you feel vulnerable but it is not all bad news for if you connect with your spiritual side you will see amazing changes taking place.

Gemini: You have had your fair share of challenges for some years. Right now changes are taking place for you, thus bringing with it good fortune.
Put away your doubts and own your power for you are the master of your life. Someone close to you brings new hope and there is reconciliation between you and someone who offended you not to long ago.

Cancer: Through strength there is clarity that will bring justice to a situation where a mistake has been made. Seek out solitude to find your answers concerning wealth. The Key here is to be diligent in what you want to gain, do not give up know that there is a friend who will lend a helping hand.

Leo: You will soon learn of a scandal brought on by jealousy on the part of someone you thought was a friend. You will increase your popularity by having faith that the truth will soon be known. Remember not to be greedy with others this is where you will find your fame.

Virgo: A dark haired man will soon tell you about a new love relationship. You will soon be inspired by a gray or fair haired man he is clearing the way for new beginnings. In the recent past you have dealt with secrets that have caused much destruction but now the storm is over and there is inspiration.

Libra: The lesson here is to have patience for the barriers will soon come down through generosity on the part of another there is a journey with a dark haired woman this will bring growth, happiness and surprises.

Scorpio: A very talented brown haired man has or will cause heartbreak for you or someone close to you. If you look deep enough into the situation you will see that this was just a sexual attraction and nothing more. There is a woman who will help by giving advice she may be a psychic or therapist. Take the wisdom that you gain from this conversation and know that the right person is coming in very soon for you or someone close to you.

Sagittarius: Through change comes victory and new popularity arrives for you. If you are a dark haired woman this victory is even more powerful.
Where there have been barriers and you have felt a bit out of sorts there is now new hope and through staying in a place of peace will open the door to love and loving relationships in your life.

Capricorn: There is a woman who is not to be trusted she may seen to be something she is not use caution when dealing with her. There is good fortune arriving and there is happiness or a happy situation that will surprise you. Soon you will learn a lesson that may make you feel foolish do not get upset with the brown haired man it is not his fault. Remember not to judge before you know the whole story.

Aquarius: You will soon have an opportunity to expand your talents this may mean a short journey there are new beginnings in store for you. Through a loss in communication like losing your cell phone or a dropped call there is inspiration that will lead to abundance. Have a little more patience with others who may get a little jealous.

Pisces: If you have been through a breakup now may be the time for reconciling this love relationship. Seek solitude and ask for guidance in love relationships knowing that through faith anything is possible. Let go of your doubts and ask about the dark haired man if you feel he is deceiving you. Listen to the answers that spirit is giving you through your thoughts and feelings.

June 14, 2010

Dear Friends I hope this week starts out beautifully for you!

Have you ever felt that you were stuck or that your life seemed to be on hold? I bet you have! I think we all have had this challenge once or twice in our lives.
If you have been feeling stuck there are many ways you can get your life back on track and moving forward towards achieving your goals.

#1 Stop all thoughts that may enter your mind that are telling you that you are stuck. We are what we think!

#2 Start doing things a little differently than you usually do them.
Example: take a different route to work or when you are running errands.

#3 Meditate for 10 to 20 minutes this will keep you balanced and give you time to receive information you need to make positive choices in your life.

#4 Practice Forgiveness each day let go of and anger you may have at another person. Anger or harboring bad feelings towards another can block you and in fact make you down right sick.

#5 Practice Chakra exercises. Opening the Chakras allows energies in the body to become more balanced. Here is a web site that tells about the Chakras http://www.threeheartscompany.com/chakra.html

#6 Make a list of five things that you love about your self, put it on your bathroom mirror to remind you each day how wonderful you are.

#7 Are, you creative or do you have a talent that you do not use often enough? Maybe it is time to get back to playing music, drawing or cooking. Maybe you feel that you are just not the creative type. I have heard this before. Well I say everyone is creative maybe it is time to take a how to class. After doing the Chakra exercises you may realize that you have many untapped talents.

The truth is that it is up to you to get unstuck by taking steps that will move you forward. Believe in yourself the world may be going through tough times but that does not mean that you have to also.
"As we believe so shall it be done" When you believe in change it will happen. Let go of how or where or when it will happen just know that everything is constantly changing. We are wasting valuable time believing that we are stuck for all it takes is a change in mind to bring a change into your life.

Practice being happy this week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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Wishing you a wonderful week filled with positive experiences!

June 29, 2010

Greetings from Julie
I am a day late in getting this out to you why? I received a gift of a cold from my grandson so I was definitely not up to par yesterday. Today I feel better, better and better!

Two weeks ago when I sent the newsletter out to you I did not put the Answer Deck Birth Sign readings I asked those who would like a personal reading to contact me. This worked all too well I was really busy getting those readings done and sent out. That brings me to today when I figured that I spent the same amount of time doing them all at once. So I will be including them in this newsletter for all of you to read.

Through out my life there have been many times that I have had to choose to forgive someone rather than holding onto the anger and pain of the incident or situation. I have learned that when we hold onto things it creates internal conflict as well as external conflicts that can make us very ill. For the most part I have done quite well but there have been times when I still held anger at a person and could not seem to let it go. I think that most everyone has had this experience in one way or another. As I have gotten older I have learned that Karma always takes care of the situation. I have no say-so about where and when this may or may not take place. I know that sending out negative thoughts and feelings towards a person is sending the same to back to me. So I really try to remain positive and let go of anger A.S.A.P. knowing that if I hold it I will have to deal with karma of my own making.

A good friend sent this about forgiveness to me not to long ago, I am sending it out to you in hopes that you will find forgiveness for someone in your life.

The definition here of "judgment" is having an opinion about someone or yourself that box you or others in or does not allow movement.

The process you will see is numbered from the bottom and up as it is the densest point. From the physical/objective through the emotional and mental to the spirit based.

It is best to use someone you trust as a sounding board in the process, and you can and it is recommended to use it on forgiving yourself as well as others.

Some definitions:

Forgiveness is giving up all hope of having a better past.

Forgiveness is being for giving rather than for taking or for holding.

Forgiveness is not holding a judgment.

Forgiveness process:

Step 7: Name what is good about the one you forgive.

Step 6: Send out unconditional love to the one forgiven.

Step 5: Move in consciousness to the spiritual part of you.

Step 4: Give the one you need to forgive responsibility for their actions attitude and behavior.

Step 3: Mental - (Tell about what you preferred).

Step 2: Emotional - (Tell about your feelings).

Step 1: Physical- (Tell about what happened).

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: If you have felt as if there were barriers preventing you from attaining what you really want in life. This is a sign to let go of your fears about receiving what you want. Open your mind to receiving without greed, soon there will be changes taking place that will bring an end to the storms you have had to endure. The lesson here is to let go of jealousy and fear and look to your higher self for the answers you seek. This will bring inspiration and clarity secrets are now being revealed.

Taurus: There is someone who is talking about you behind your back this person is part of your challenge in this lifetime just know that justice will prevail in this situation. There is also the arrival of some bad news this comes from a dark haired woman who is quite intelligent she will tell of a gray haired man and there is heartbreak here. I am told to tell you that you need to remember you are the master in your life and no matter what happens you are to be in control of your thoughts and feelings.

Gemini: There is a renewed friendship with a dark haired man although he is not the same person you knew before. Through wisdom you will find growth and abundance this comes from some good luck you will soon have.
You will assist a brown haired man who seems confused about something you will help him in some way and be rewarded for this kindness.

Cancer: There may be a battle brewing with someone you love this may even lead to a journey where one or the other of you leaves you can change this by using forgiveness. Be diligent in choosing forgiveness for this will bring many surprises about for you and through these changes there is good news and hope.

Leo: If you are a fair haired lady there is much peace around you at this time, use it to your advantage Meditate or relax as much as possible. Through faith there is truth for you this will alleviate your doubts. There is victory at home this comes through a friend who is quite talented this person will help you in some way.

Virgo: A brown haired woman will soon tell of a pregnancy she may or may not be happy about this. There is power in love if you accept the gifts that are now coming into your life. There is also a lady who may frustrate you by talking about another's personal business this woman is the fool for she has not let go of the past and does not want to move forward. You know the path you want to take so do not let other people influence your decisions.

Libra: you do not appear to be a vulnerable person you know that there is someone who is deceiving you it is time to end this situation in one way or another. Even though you have made your fair share of mistakes there is great strength and happiness coming for you this is part of your spiritual path and you just need to stop look and listen to find the answers you are looking for.

Scorpio: There is soon an ending to an old way of life for you even though you may not see it right now through patience there is something better coming in for you. There is a loss like a cell phone or a mix up in communication that could cause a scandal. At this time it is best for you to rest up and seek solitude for there are great financial gains and wealth is rolling in soon you will need this peaceful time to be able to balance your schedule.

Sagittarius: If you have been a bit frustrated it is time to use your faith and strength to figure out what you really want in life. There may be a stranger you meet who will cause you some anxiety remember the lesson here is to be the master in your own life and use your powers. You will make the right judgment when all is said and done.

Capricorn: Take time out of your day to meditate on that which you desire there is a phone call that comes in bringing with it abundance for you. You will soon have to decide what kind of person that you have become are you generous with others or does greediness get the best of you this is a journey you must take. There is a dark haired man who is giving some good advice make time to listen to him for he brings good news.

Aquarius: Use wisdom to learn the secrets that will give you clarity. If you felt that someone has been deceiving you it is time to talk with someone who might be able to reveal the truth to you, this person will inspire you and may even surprise you. It is time to let go of the fears of the past and be in the moment.

July 12, 2010

Dear Friends
I hope you have a great week filled with positive experiences and lots of love.

What happened to the Golden Rule!
I remember when I was a kid I was always being reminded of the Golden Rule we learned of it through our parents, at our church and at school we were taught
"Do unto others as you would want to have done to you"
I haven't heard of this Rule in so long it seems to be forgotten. The other day I was talking with my Son about how rude people are now days. We talked about why this may be happening and came to the conclusion that since the fall of our economy people have been becoming more and more angry and more rude and selfish. I think we got on this subject because I had just arrived home from a trip to my local discount store where I was given such horrible looks from the people I smiled at as I did my shopping. I felt so disgusted because each person I had given a warm smile to just looked back at me like, why in the hell are you smiling. It made me feel so sad that people don't take time to reciprocate with a smile or even a "hi how you"! As my Son and I talked I realized that we had forgotten the Golden Rule it has been hidden and buried so to speak.
We do not teach our children of the Golden Rule any more we are more interested in what we want and it seems to be that the children are becoming more and more selfish wanting everything that the see on the television. We as parents feel like we have to buy our children's love by giving them what they want so they will love us and not get mad at us. Some children tend to throw fits until they get what they want. Like wise so do many adults. It is not about "what we can do for others anymore" it is more like "what can others do for me". Our country has become a society of selfish people only caring about themselves. We, You and I are the ones who now have to find a way to bring back the Golden Rule to use kindness instead of anger to get ahead in this life. No it is never easy to take the high road in fact it seems to be harder and harder to be nice to someone who is mean and angry. I think we all would love others to treat us with kindness but we have to be the first to give this kindness out to others in order to receive kindness in return. Many people would say yes that sounds great! But I think that I will wait until someone is nice to me before I am nice to them in return. Well if you are waiting for this to happen it may be a long time before you see results. A smile does not cost you anything in fact it has nothing to do with money. A smile or kind words may not cost you anything but the rewards are much greater than anything money can buy. If you have found yourself frowning more than smiling you may want to take a look at what the Golden Rule means to you. I know I enjoy it when I give a smile out and it comes back to me. Yes times may be tough right now but this too shall pass and when it does you forget these hard times, but you may never forget the person who smiled at you and brightened your day when you were feeling down. It is my hope that you will take the time to treat other people the way that you would want to be treated. To open your heart to those who have become selfish and judgmental Smile at them even if it is not returned. You have everything to gain through kindness and nothing to loose. May the Golden Rule be brought back to life through you and I. Thank you, I love you.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: There are new beginnings for you this may bring more wealth into your life. You may be waiting for a phone call offering employment. A wealthy man with grey hair will be talking to you. Be careful there is someone who is a hidden enemy this is a woman who thinks she knows everything. You will hear of an ending through a brown haired man.

Taurus: You may be going through a frustrating time, call upon your Spiritual Guidance to assist you now. Through faith you will meet a stranger who will bring you to victory. If you have been feeling blocked or like someone is deceiving you good fortune is heading your direction.

Gemini: A brown haired woman will tell of a sexual attraction to someone who is famous. Through forgiveness there is a change that will take place giving hope and reconciliation with the lovers. There is great growth on your part taking place.

Cancer: There is a storm that could cause heartbreak and a scandal may erupt. Through love there is peace you must be diligent in order to find this wisdom. There is a dark haired woman who will inspire you.

Leo: There is a lady who causes her own destruction through greed. Remember you do not have to be the one who judges her. Let go of your doubts and have patience soon you will be surprised at the abundance that is coming in for you. You may feel as if you are on top of the world.

Virgo: There may be a battle over the loss of something or someone seek out solitude to find your powers. There is a challenge that is really a lesson.
You will find clarity at home through a person who is psychic or gifted.

Libra: You may soon learn of secrets that may cause confusion, if you do not take time to get the story straight. There is a generous woman who is a dear friend this woman may be feeling a big vulnerable, take the time to talk with her this will help. You will gain much happiness in the coming months.

Scorpio: There is someone who is jealous of you this person is a fool and brings in bad news. The truth will come out at the right time. Use your good judgment and you will master your talents what ever they may be. There is a journey that will be very good or you will receive good news concerning a journey.

Sagittarius: There is someone who is deceiving you and because of a mistake there may be a loss of some kind. If you are a brown haired woman you will soon have clarity about some judgment you will make. Do not let anxiety get to you for soon there are new beginnings and surprises.

Capricorn: Through faith you regain your strength where you have had an internal battle brewing. Through having hope you will have justice and barriers will be broken. At home you may be feeling a little down this is the time when you need to focus on all the wisdom you have been blessed with.

Aquarius: You will hear of a scandal involving a woman and a man this is nothing more than a sexual attraction. Seek solitude and ask for the lessons that you need to learn. There is financial gain through paying attention to someone who may play the part of a fool. Victory is right around the corner!

Pisces: There are great changes taking place in your life that will bring in new abundance there are friends who will help you with these changes. A brown haired man is being very generous wealth and good fortune, are on their way to you. All of this is due to an ending of jealousy on your part.

July 28, 2010

Dear Friends I hope you will excuse me for getting this out so late in the week. I was helping out a friend who was going through some relationship issues. Believing that there are reasons for everything I figured that there must be a reason my services were needed to help this friend at this time.
It makes me wonder if it had anything to do with the Full Moon we had last Sunday. What ever the reason I am glad I could be a help in this situation.

Reacting Instead of Observing
How many times in your life have you reacted to a situation? instead of sitting back and just observing the situation at hand by listening to what the other person has to say. I think we are all guilty of this at one time or another in our lives. My friend has been living with her boyfriend for about a year now. They have had many ups and downs through the last year. Each time is seems that they both have over reacted to a situation instead of taking the time to think things over and listen to the other person's point of view. Thank goodness she has decided to take her self out of the drama that seems to happen at least once a month in her case.
It seems that we are hearing more and more about couples breaking up. This is because they have chosen to react instead of taking time to reflect upon what is happening, maybe even take a time out to look at the situation in a more settled atmosphere. It is so easy to yell and scream at one another rather than allowing one or the other to communicate in a more positive manner. When a person is yelling and screaming they do not realize the hurt that they are causing the other person nor do they seem to care at that point. The situation then escalates until it may be too late to save the relationship. All that the person wants is to be heard! They do not care what the other person's thoughts or feelings are at that point. Sometimes this person will believe that they are totally right and that their way is the only way of doing things. If you are in this kind of a relationship you may want to re-think why you are still in it.
Through out my years in coaching and doing readings I have talked to many people who have been in relationships that are doing more harm than good in their lives. Sometimes the problems in the relationship are caused by an outside force like too much alcohol and or drug consumption. Sometimes one or the other person in the relationship takes on the role of the leader of the pack and wants to have control over the other person. When this happens the other person is forced in a sense, to let go of a piece of them selves in order to keep the peace in a relationship. I saw my friend go from a self confident positive person to a less than confident person who felt she had lost a part of her true spirit. In fact I have seen this happen in many relationships where one person decides that they are the alpha!
To all of you whom have had this experience you know exactly what I am talking about. To those of you who have had only positive relationships I say wonderful! Keep up the good work.
Relationships have to have good positive communication in order to survive. You and your partner need to create confidence with each other. If you react instead of allowing the other person to voice what is on their mind you are creating a wedge that will eventually split this relationship in two. Understanding and forgiveness are also a part of what relationships are all about. Respect is also a big part of the relationship if you do not respect your partner you do not have a relationship. I have seen couples who bicker and argue constantly it always leaves me wondering why they stay in a relationship that causes such torment. If you are in a relationship that is filled with too much stress and anger for each other it might be time to re-evaluate the relationship or get some couples counseling if you want it to last and grow. I know a couple who has tormented each other for the last ten years now and it has escalated to the point that I am afraid for them and their children. I can only observe their situation without interfering because I believe that I am here to advise if I am called upon to do so. I realize that this is their lesson in life not mine or anyone else's. All I can do is pray that this lesson will soon be learned and that they will find happiness in one way or another.
Yes it can be hard to get your relationship back on track if you are the other person is in a state of reacting. It takes both of you to make a whole in a relationship. Then it is the responsibility of both persons to give a hundred percent to the relationship for it to work. If one or the other is not ready to do this you may want to look at other options, like letting go and moving on.

Reacting does not just apply in relationships it happens in many situations. Many people are so consumed with their own selves that they choose to react instead of observe. Like the guy who flips you off when you cut them off on the freeway because you did not see them. I find that many people are choosing to react rather that take time to open their hearts and minds to the possibility of what the other person might be feeling at the time.
We are now being tested in this time it is hard not to witness the negative forces at work within our own communities. I hope that each of you will choose the higher pathway look beyond your own wants and needs to see another person's point of view then make a decision whether you want react to any given situation that may be happening in your life at the time.
Have a wonderful Day Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You have been deceiving yourself instead of using the wisdom that is within you to make the changes that are needed in your life at this time. Use your strength to remove the barriers that have prohibited new growth in your life. Ever though you may have to go through heart break and loss at this time through faith everything will work its self out for you.

Taurus: By using your talents you will uncover secrets that will bring opportunities into your life in the next few months. At home there is good news that arrives this is from a lady that you know. Believing in your truth will inspire you and bring in abundance.

Gemini: You will soon hear of a scandal involving a woman with dark hair. Remember it is not up to you to judge her or this situation. You may be sexually attracted to someone beware this person may be greedy wanting only good fortune for himself or herself. Look to the cards to find your answers through the generosity of another there is a spiritual connection.

Cancer: You may be feeling a little frustrated about love at this time, this is a journey you must take in life.
The lesson that is need here is better communication with the person you are in love with. It may be that the person you are with is jealous and looking only at his or her feelings it is time to stop look and listen to the guidance you are being given through your own thoughts and feelings.

Leo: There may be a stranger who is rude or ignorant to you because or their own mistake. You have had much patience and now through the help of an older man or Fair haired man there is a chance for new beginnings in some area of your life for you.

Virgo: You may be a bit confused about a woman friend who has given up her powers. She is feeling a bit vulnerable because of a dark haired man and she may be thinking of reconciliation with this man. The best advice for you to give to her is hope. Know that what ever happens there is justice for her. Focus on your own peace of mind and not about everyone else and their issues. You need to make your own quiet space and meditate on what you truly want in this life.

Libra: There is a person you need to beware of this person may portray themselves as happy go lucky. This person is not what they put forth there will be destruction if you continue along in this situation. It is time to seek out solitude and let go of your doubts for there is financial wealth or financial assistance on its way to you. Soon you will know the path to victory and surprises will come to you through the mail or invitations received.

Scorpio: Soon you will hear some bad news about a good friend whom has been working very hard to change things in their life. This friend is a fair haired or gray haired woman she has to deal with the challenges she is now facing. If you are a brown haired man or woman you will soon hear of an ending of life for a great man that you have known. This man was a master at something and you looked up to him.

Sagittarius: You may be going through some changes and it may hurt at times but through faith all is possible. A woman will tell of a trip she is making soon a journey and a surprise is in store. Through clarity there is happiness and good fortune coming to you.

Capricorn: An older woman is giving you wisdom in some area of your life she will offer you good advice. There are new beginnings in some area of your life and there may be a sexual attraction to another but you will turn away for you are not ready for the distraction this may cause you. Soon you will find peace within yourself and will let go of confusion. Focus your thoughts on generosity and not on your own ego.

Aquarius: You feel the anxiety of an ending with a lover if you are a woman. If you are a man this may involve a friend a brown haired man there may be sadness with this yet there is also a lesson learned have hope and know that you can weather this storm be diligent in knowing it will be okay. You will be inspired.

Pisces: Justice comes to you in the form of patience there is renewed strength because you are now using your talents for good not just for your self but for the good of all. There is soon good news from a lady that is a close friend and there is abundance flowing in once again. Focus on the positive in your life and take time out to meditate.

August 16, 2010

Mercury Retrograde Begins August 20, 2010
Ends on September 12, 2010
Okay so here we are again at the beginning of a Mercury Retrograde, it doesn't officially begin until August 20th but many people have started to feel its affects on their lives as much as two weeks ago. Why does this happen? Well it is like the planet Mercury is slowing down getting ready of its journey back wards in a sense until early September when it will slowly start moving forward once again. If ever there was a time to re-evaluate your life it would be while Mercury is in retrograde. It may be time to review the past decisions that you have made and revise your attitude towards your self and others. Realign your thoughts and remind yourself that you do have a higher purpose. Reconnect to your higher-self and renew your sense of purpose in this life. By using this time to your advantage you can reconnect to your spiritual self in a way that is surprisingly simple just by allowing negative thoughts and feelings to flow away from you like a wave leaving the shore. Take time during this period to recharge your self by getting back to meditation at least once a day for a short time even if it is only ten minutes. Recommit to goals you believe are worth your time and effort.
Remember that a Mercury Retrograde does not have to be a bad thing it can be used to finish up those projects that were started and not finished in the last retrograde. That brings to my mind a couple of interesting things that were taking place at the beginning of the last retrograde. A good person I know who is in construction was just starting a new project when the last Mercury Retrograde began when the retrograde was over the project slowed to a stop even though it was unfinished. It was quite amusing to hear that the project is slated to begin again next week after the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde. Maybe this time it will be finished up without hesitation. Another interesting situation is that a family member had listed their home for sale at the beginning of the last Mercury Retrograde they had a promising offer that fell through at the last moment, now once again they have a new offer and are closing at the end of the week. I keep thinking that they had listed at the beginning of the last retrograde and once again it is the beginning of a retrograde. Does this make you wonder what you were doing around April 17, 2010 to May 11, 2010. Take a look back at this time frame and see if there is something you will be finishing up in the next Three to four weeks.
Remember that when Mercury is retrograde it probably is not the best time to buy a new car or computer for that matter anything that is electrical should be put off being purchased until after September 12th 2010. It is also not the time to make appointments that are set in stone "so to speak" chances are that there will be a major complication and appointments will be changed or forgotten. Missed communications and mix-ups are likely to take place so plan ahead, maybe make a plan B just in case. Believe me when I tell you that signing a contract or accepting that wonderful new job in a Mercury Retrograde is a bad idea you may end up with a disaster that you will not be happy with later down the road. If you happen to be a Virgo this retrograde can teach you a bit about tolerance as Mercury will be retrograde in Virgo this time. You may want to let go of analyzing everything and relax for the next three weeks when Mercury goes direct you will be more able to see the full picture of practically and take care of the details. Don't let others press you for decisions at this time instead let them know you need a little more time to make your own decision.
Things will all work out for you even if there are some mishaps along the way. I still believe that there are reasons for everything even Mercury Retrogrades! I will be cleaning out my closet and clearing the clutter so when Mercury is direct I can use its energies towards fulfilling those goals I set forth in the Retrograde. Have a wonderful day and remember it is up to you to be happy! No person, place or thing can make you happy it is your choice to choose to be happy.
Tickles and Sparkles

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings
(Note: that these readings are done for a group of people and that some of what they contain may or may not apply to you directly. Some of what these readings contain may be messages to you or inspiration.)

Aries: If you have felt like someone has been deceiving you because of his or her own greed it is time to let go of the judgment you may have about this person. Through diligence you will receive a gift this may be a victory of sorts for you. Focus yourself on your spiritual path this is where you will find love and peace.

Taurus: You will soon find hope through the forgiveness of a brown haired man. There is someone who will soon help you by giving you the information that you have been looking if you have been looking for love the time for romance may arrive very soon. Secrets will soon be revealed that will bring in new wealth for you this may come from a woman you are close too.

Gemini: The good news here is you have dealt with your mistakes and you may have gone through what seems like total destruction in your life but this has served to make you stronger. Soon there is a reconciliation with someone that may surprise you this will bring new growth and clarity into your life. Look forward to a period of good fortune and abundance.

Cancer: There may be a battle brewing that will lead to an ending of confusion even if this seems like bad news you will find justice by having patience. At home you will find inspiration through one of your talents.

Leo: There is a dark haired woman who may be causing you some frustration this is because this person is quite jealous and is not a true friend sometimes we do not see our hidden enemies. Use wisdom when searching out the truth. There is a journey that will bring financial gains or a sexual attraction.

Virgo: You will soon hear some good news that brings you happiness. Remember that by having faith in your self you can let go of your doubts and assume the role of master in your life. You may hear of a scandal this concerns a dark haired man and a brown haired woman there may be heartbreak with this situation but it is their lesson not yours.

Libra: A man with gray hair will soon pass on remember that endings bring new beginnings. If you have felt that someone has been blocking you from what you desire soon you will meet an older woman who will help you in removing these barriers. A lady friend will soon bring you an opportunity to achieve more popularity invitations are on the way. Take time to reenergize your power by seeking solitude.

Scorpio: Be aware there is a person you may on may not know who wants to cause you trouble this person may make you feel anxiety or even vulnerable. By staying balanced you can overcome challenges and make changes in your life that you felt were lost. Remember that communication is the key when dealing with others.

Sagittarius: You will soon learn of secrets about a dark haired woman who thinks she is all that! This has to do with deception and a sexual attraction. Soon you will receive information that leads to financial gain and wealth.

Capricorn: There is solitude in doing what you love without being greedy. Soon you will hear of an ending of a situation and you will find wisdom in communication with someone who is popular or famous. For you there are also good surprises from someone you love and who loves you.

Aquarius: where there has been a loss there will soon be justice that may come in the form of reconciliation with someone close to you. Let go of your doubts and the barriers will crumble be generous with others and know that prosperity is coming to you soon focus on happiness and not upon your enemies.

Pisces: You have gone through the worst and avoided destruction now it is time to become inspired for through patience and hope things are beginning to pay off. The battle is now over and there is spiritual clarity for you through using your talents you have become the master of your life.

August 30, 2010

Greetings I hope you are having a wonderful week as I am sending out Tickles and Sparkles to all. Have you ever wondered why every day is not a really great day? Me too! I have even come up with some ways to make those not so wonderful days better.
#1 When I am feeling a bit down or thinking too much on something I find it is good to change my train of thought. It works really well if you focus on a totally different subject.
#2 do something different eat lunch in a different place or take a different route to work or when doing chores.
#3 Go for a walk and smell the
Roses in my neighbor hood there are many homes with nice rose bushes planted near the sidewalks.
#4 Exercise even just a little.
#5 Pray, give thanks, Listen to your Angels.

Spiritual Psychic Readings
By Julie Humphrey

I have to say I love my job I really enjoy being able to help someone with their challenges in this life by connecting with their spirit guides and angels to give them information that will help them in some way. I am truly grateful for the gift I have and that I am able to use it to bring a new sense of balance to someone whose life may be challenging at the time. When I lay the cards out they seem to tell me what I need to relay to the person I am reading for. It sometimes comes as a little voice and sometimes I receive pictures in my mind that help me to give correct information to the person. People ask how I do readings over the phone I tell them that I am able to connect on a higher level to their higher self this is where energy comes in. Energy moves freely as soon as we release it so I am able to connect to the person's energy and be able to connect to their guides and angels to get a clear picture of what they need to receive in their reading. Some people seem to be afraid of knowing what the future holds for them. I understand their concern and I am sure that the Angels do also understand. I ask for Divine guidance in what I give to my clients so that I am able to help them in a way that is positive and full of optimism. Each morning I do a reading for my self in my readings I am given guidance as to what may take place that day and for the next few weeks. It still amazed me when I am doing a reading for my self and am told that I will receive a phone call very soon from a friend of relative and not ten minutes later the phone rings. I also receive information I am able to pass on to others like my family and friends this is usually information that can help them in some way. I find being informed of what may happen is positive and has helped me many times in many ways. I hope that you will try a reading if you haven't ever had one or if you just haven't had one in a while. I kind of look at it this way we all have universal knowledge at our disposal and I am just a conduit for this information. Okay so here is the Surprise I have been waiting to tell you about. September is my birthday month and I would like to give you all a chance to have a reading with me this month for the discounted price of only $30.00 for a 30 minute reading. Just follow this link to pay for your reading and then email me at Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Wishing you a beautiful day my friends, Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: There is a brown haired woman who is a friend she will soon be generous in some way to you or you may show her some generosity. You may be frustrated with a stranger this is a brown haired man. Through forgiveness of someone or something you will find new beginnings.

Taurus: If you are a Lady there is good fortune in an ending of something. If a man there is a lady that will cause you some confusion which may end in an argument after destruction there is growth.
You may hear of a scandal involving someone being greedy this person is a fool, be leery of them if they call upon you.

Gemini: you may be going through a challenge with a dark haired woman there may even be a sexual attraction to this person. Soon the barriers will be lifted sometimes we have to endure the storm before the rainbows. You are the master of your life and you have unlimited wisdom before you make judgment on others Stop, Look and Listen to your higher self.

Cancer: You may have doubts and anxiety about a journey you must take. The lesson here is to be inspired this is the key to love and happiness. Your strength will bring you a surprise.

Leo: A caller may be deceiving you there is deception in communication of some kind do not let this person make you feel vulnerable. There is soon a loss this may be the passing of an older woman that you know. There is hope if you have been dealing with a woman who thinks she is all that. Soon there will be justice with this situation.

Virgo: you have been through some big battles in the past but now it is time for the good news. Through your spiritual faith you will attract abundance to your home. You will inspire a dark haired man to find his peace through using his talents.

Libra: You can see the future if you take the time to search for the truth this will lead to victory. There are financial gains of wealth for you soon this may come from reconnecting with someone from the past. The bad news is that there is someone who is jealous this person may be someone you do not yet know, but who knows of you.

Scorpio: A light haired man or gray haired man will soon make a mistake that will cause heartbreak. Changes are coming that will reveal secrets. Through diligence there is clarity through patience you will find your true love if this is what you have been waiting for.

Sagittarius: Through destruction comes gain through a mistake there is a lesson learned. You may be a bit frustrated with someone and you may be feeling a bit vulnerable remember that the power of love is what can bring you victory.

Capricorn: There may be a dark haired woman who is hiding her true self and seems to be friendly but if you involve your self there may be a scandal. You may receive some bad news in the form of a secret this may cause a bit of anxiety. You are a master in your own life and through using your wisdom will attract to you great abundance.

Aquarius: There is a brown haired man who is jealous of you he may use deception to challenge you in some way. Through communication there is justice. Have faith changes are coming your way be diligent in creating what you desire.

Pisces: Do not be the fool in your own life let go of greed and the barriers will fall. Slow down take time to smell the roses so to speak listen to the spiritual guidance you are being given for this will bring in the wealth you have been asking for. If you are a dark haired man you will soon be attracted to someone who may be famous. If you are a woman there may be a sexual attraction to a dark haired man, he may be famous.

September 13, 2010

FEARS and Phobias
For about a week now I have been wondering what I could possibly write about in this week's Newsletter. On Sunday while at Sam's Club I got it! The answer was right there in front of me at the check out stand. As we unloaded our cart onto the belt that moves everything to the cashier I caught a glimpse of the cashier as she looked at the jar of Garlic Stuffed Olives that we had put on the belt. It was if she had seen a ghost! She got all pale at the sight of the olives sitting there. When we got up to the check out stand she asked if we would please pick up the Olives and run them over her scanner for her. She really looked genuinely frightened and said she usually has someone else helping her and that they scan them for her. I looked at her and asked why do you have someone else scan the Olives for you? She then told us that she had a bad childhood experience and was deathly afraid of (You Guessed It) Olives! At first I really wanted to laugh but there was a small voice in my mind that said to me "we all have fears and no matter how big or small to each of us these fears are real." I smiled at her and thanked her for ringing us up.
Each of us has a fear of something it may be something so small or so ridicules that we usually do not tell any one about our fear. We just live with it. Some people are afraid of spiders and others are afraid of snakes, me too! Did you know that some people are afraid of balloons? Yup it is true and there is a name for this fear Globophobia. Okay the reason I know this is because my daughter in law has this fear. I have a cupboard that I keep the Grandchildren's toys in for when they come to play. I learned of my daughter-in-law's phobia when the kids found the bag of balloons I had put in the toy cupboard. I am sure there are many things that people have genuine fears about and that truly make them uneasy in telling some other person about their fears. To each of you that may have a phobia of something I have to say I understand and will not tease you but I may smile.
I am sure I must have a phobia of some sort I am just not sure what. This does not mean I am fearless in fact it just came to mind that I must have a phobia of Bridges I have to admit I am freaked out every time I have to drive across a Bridge. My heart starts beating faster and faster as I approach a bridge while driving. My husband has laughed at me for years about this fear as I tensed up and said prayers as we crossed the bridge. If you have fears about something or many things I believe that there must be a reason for this. Maybe it had to do with a past life or something that has happened in this life. What ever it is I believe that our fears are there for a reason. It is okay to have these kinds of fears for they teach us something about our selves if we take the time to figure out where they may have come from.

There are other kinds of fear that also freak us out, but these fears are about the future and they can hold us back from achieving our dreams if we let them. The fear of (What Might Happen If) is a real fear yet this kind of fear is only changed when the future happened and the fear was not realized. This seems to happen quite often and allows us to let go of this fear and move on to the next one. Sometimes we have fears that manifest very rapidly these fears may be manifesting because of our thoughts and dwelling upon the worst that can happen instead of focusing on the positive manifestations we would love to have happen. Remember that your thoughts are energy and when you send out this energy of thought into the Universe it reacts and sends us that situation we have feared about. Okay so what about all those people who claim to be positive and are sending out positive thoughts only to receive a slow manifestation of what you have asked for in a positive manner or a somewhat negative manner. Believe me when I say that one tiny bit of fear can bring down a mountain of positive thoughts.
I know that there have been times I felt I had been so positive and believed that only the best could happen and nothing came of it. Kind of like buying the lottery ticket and believing it is the lucky one only to find out your numbers were off by one on each number. The lesson here is that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! We may not understand the reason at the time, but we will understand in time the reason and why it happened or not.
I hope you will take a look at your fears and decide for yourself if you are willing to let them go or change the way you feel about them. I also hope that if you know someone who has a fear that you may feel is not warranted that you will not look down upon them or tease them. Send them lots of love including Tickles and Sparkles so that they may let go of these fears and become fearless in the face of fear.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Take time to look for the answers to your questions they are usually right in front of you. Soon a younger light haired woman will be telling of a pregnancy. You may hear of an older man who has passed on and there may be some greed in the division of property. If you are a dark haired man or a brown haired woman there is happiness on the horizon for you.

Taurus: Through faith there is victory and financial gains. There is a lady who is jealous of your talents. Think of who this person might be and use caution when around her. A lesson learned will bring good fortune and just when you thought it could not happen for you it does!

Gemini: The only way to let go of an enemy is to forgive them and move on. There is a journey you will take that will bring solitude and inspiration. Have patience for soon the barriers will come down and you will find justice in the truth.

Cancer: A woman will soon show you generosity in some way there is a spiritual connection with this person. You have been through some great challenges including heartbreak and destruction but soon there is great power and strength through a surprise that comes to you.

Leo: There is someone who will help you and give you hope where you have felt confused about something. You may soon learn a secret about a lost love. There is a famous person a Master of his or her profession who will bring to you great wisdom.

Virgo: Be diligent in what you desire for yourself there is no room for doubts. Soon you will hear of a scandal concerning a dark haired woman it looks as if there may be a storm brewing. A friend brings bad news concerning a brown haired man.

Libra: Let go of frustration about mistakes of the past remember this is how we grow in life. Soon there is clarity in a matter concerning a seeming stranger this will lead to reconciliation. Through good judgment on your part there is peace and abundance for you.

Scorpio: An older woman will admit to a mistake she had made in the past. Now is the time to have faith in your spiritual path and to search with diligence for an ending to destruction caused by her mistake this will bring you much happiness in the end.

Sagittarius: Forgiveness comes when you let go of judgment. Soon the barrier will fall and there is Victory. There is a brown haired woman who may be angry at you and she may have words with you be careful of going in to battle with her if you are feeling the least bit vulnerable. If you can do this you will achieve new growth in some aspect of your life.

Capricorn: You may have a hidden enemy this may be someone you work with and who is trying to cause a scandal. Let go of your doubts and know that good news is on its way. There is a journey you may take with a friend that will bring in abundance and clarity about something you have been searching or waiting for.

Aquarius: There is someone who will give you some good advice and this will help you in something that has had you confused. Something will be found that you thought lost. There is good fortune coming to you through a secret you learn. You may soon learn some bad news about a man who is very controlling. The truth is now revealing it's self.

Pisces: there is power through the inspiration you are receiving stop, look and listen to the messages you are receiving. Through hope there is justice in a situation with a lover. If you are single there may be a sexual attraction to a brown haired man or a dark haired woman.

September 27, 2010

Greetings, I hope your Monday is starting off beautifully and that your week will be one of the best ever. Remember that what you think you create so be diligent in creating each day to be the best.

Change is the process of becoming different it is a constant in each of our lives in fact it is a constant in everything. Imagine if nothing ever changed it just stayed the same year after year! Hum, I guess we would not be here today if this were true. Thank goodness for change! For with out it we would cease to exist.
Everything must change and evolve into something different. I know most of us don't really look forward growing older and seeing the lines and wrinkles that become a part of us as change takes over our bodies. Although it is a cycle of life and everything and everyone goes through change. Sometimes the changes that we experience in our lives are wonderful and bring in great blessings into our lives, like conceiving a child or when a grandchild is born these changes we welcome into our lives even though we are aware of the changes that now are happening to our bodies because we are getting older.
There are times I have heard people say "Oh nothing ever changes in my life." Yet change is happening constantly, it may be that since the changes that are taking place at a slower pace maybe they are going unnoticed.
Sometimes we do not want change to come, yet before we know it change has happened and our life is a little different that the day before. Sometimes there are big changes that occur in our lives that can be really good or bad it is all how you receive the change within your own mind. Sometimes we ask for changes to come in fact there are times we pray and beg for the changes to happen to bring something better into our lives. Maybe you have been wishing for a change to come into your life but have not taken the time to be part of the creation of the change that you desire. It is important that we visualize the changes that we desire to take place in our lives so that the Universe will see exactly what we are asking for and deliver it to us. Sometimes we ask for change and it comes in a way that we had feared it would. Why? It may be because that is what you may have put out into the Universe through your fears and thoughts therefore your thoughts are energy on every level. Accept those changes that come to you even the ones you are not to happy about they are helping you to change the way you look at life. I have found that there are many times through out our lives that we change without even noticing it. I remember one of the biggest changes in my life came around the age of twenty five it was as if my mind opened to new ideas and possibilities. There are many points of time in our lives that we change in ways we never would have imagined we would. I guess change is how you perceive it and how you choose to deal with the changes that affect your life each day. It is never too late to make changes in your life and if you don't mind taking a little time to create those changes by using the energy of thought and being certain within your own mind of the changes you desire, so they will manifest for you more rapidly.

How you think about yourself is one way that change takes place without your even noticing it is happening. Focus your thoughts on seeing your body as healthy and in perfect shape. I write each day "my body is trim, slim and beautiful I look as if I exercise each day I am in perfect health." Okay so I do not exercise each day but I usually end up doing work that helps me to get this exercise one way or another. By believing that you have the ability to make changes in your life you are assisting the Universal energy of change and will receive that which you believe. Imagine being a part of the changes that you desire to take place in this world and all you have to do is send out positive thoughts as you go through your daily routine. It is possible for you and everyone to bring great changes to this planet just by thinking positively thus sending out this positive thought energy into the Universe.
At this time there are many changes that are taking place on our planet it is up to us not to give in to the pessimists who say our world is coming to an end. Believe that there is still time for positive changes to take place in our world see in your mind the economy changing for the better and believe that we are able to save our planet from global warming by making the changes that are necessary. It is up to you and me to become a positive part of the changes that are happening now and in the future. I hope that I have changed your day and given you renewed hope for the changes that you wish for today and each day in the future.
Change your Thoughts and you can change your life and maybe the lives of many. Stay Positive and do not allow the negative thoughts to overpower all the Positive changes that are now being created.
Have a Great week my friends

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Where once there was an ending there may soon be reconciliation this may include a matter of the heart. Let your wisdom guide you and have faith for love and good fortune are coming to you. At home you will have a spiritual awakening about a brown haired man.

Taurus: It may be time to remember that you are the master of your own life that you have the ability to change what you are not happy with. There is someone who may be jealous of you think about who this may be. Through the loss of something there will soon be clarity for you this can lead to something very good.

Gemini: By letting go of the frustration you have felt you will soon find happiness and generosity afforded you. There is a dark haired man whom you may think is doing you a service but be aware this person is very greedy. You are letting go of judgment and soon there is growth in some area of your life that will bring in new friends.

Cancer: There are lessons we all must learn in life part of the lesson is finding out about someone who is deceiving you, if you have had your doubts you will soon talk with a brown haired woman who will give you strength. There may soon be a phone call telling you of bad news but through justice new beginnings come.

Leo: Good news through a surprise this may include a journey. There is a hidden enemy who may try to cause a scandal this will not work out well for that person but for you there is victory. Through forgiveness there is great hope with a lover.

Virgo: A dark haired woman will soon help you to see the truth of a situation this will bring in great abundance into your life. There is growth through a battle that brings judgment from a stranger this had caused great destruction in the past and now it is time for change. Good things are on their way into your life.

Libra: Seek solitude to find the answers you have been looking for. There is a brown haired woman who has challenged you she will soon realize her mistakes and will ask for strength to get through a storm that is breaking in her life. There is also a victory that concerns an older couple.

Scorpio: If you are feeling a bit confused about a secret you learned of recently you will soon have the power to avoid heartbreak and get through some barriers that have kept you from using your true talents. There is wealth coming for you through a friend this is a very intelligent woman listen to her advice.

Sagittarius: Even though there are times you may feel a bit vulnerable you will have justice in a situation that involves a lady who is being greedy. Remember that you are psychic we all have this wonderful gift to use and this will be the inspiration that brings you the happiness you desire. Through patience and diligence there is justice for you in some situation.

Capricorn: You may soon hear of a gray haired man who is deceiving you this may come to you through someone that you know or it may come through a phone call at home. There has been a challenge that you will overcome through taking time to relax in solitude this is when you will receive your answers. Communication about a greedy person now brings new beginnings for you.

Aquarius: It is now time to take back your power you no longer need to play the part of the fool. Let go of the judgment you may have about a dark haired woman friend for this will lead you to more wealth. There is a journey that you may take it will bring great love into your life. You will soon have choices to make remember you are the master of your life.

Pisces: There is some bad news about a brown haired woman you will need strength to get through the heartbreak and frustration of this storm that is near. Through a dark haired man comes justice and through diligence there is prosperity. Remember life is golden.

October 13, 2010 #124

Dear Friends
I apologize for being late this week in getting this newsletter out to you. I have found that when delays happen there must be a reason for them. Talking of delays I have a garage door that sometimes will not shut this seems to happen when I am in a big hurry and have to be somewhere at a certain time. I have learned not to get upset but rather relax as I mess with it and try to get it to close. I have also learned to be thankful for this when it happens, because just maybe it is saving me from a situation that can be avoided like an accident or something that would have put me in harms way.
I have also been wondering what I would write about this week and now I realize that it must have to do with remaining calm when in a rush or hurry to get somewhere or to get something done.

Is it a Virtue?
I believe that patience is truly a virtue that we all need in our lives. When I was quite a bit younger (in my twenties) I believed that things should happen quickly and in my time frame. Now that I have aged I find that I have much more patience than in my youth. I have learned that getting all bent out of shape over things that do not happen when I want them too only serves to zap my energy even more. I have learned that Universal time is way different than I imagined and that every thing happens in perfect timing.
I have also learned that if I let go of worrying about the timing of things it seems to get done or accomplished much faster than if I had tried to manipulate the situation by hurrying it along. There are countless times in my life where I have been delayed and found out later that there was a reason and that my life is much better because of the delay I experienced.
Next time you are delayed for one reason or another do not get mad be glad for you may have an Angel that is protecting you from some kind of danger.
By being patient we are given a chance to bring balance to our body and mind in order to get where we are going in this life.
There are many people who seem to have no patience for others. I have experienced this many times while driving it seems that they are in such a big hurry to get to that same red light you will soon arrive at and have to wait for it to change. Then they take off speeding up the next red light. I have to chuckle when I see this happening, because I know if they would slow just a little the light would turn green before they get to it. When we are patient it seems that life has a way of smoothing out the ruff spots while you are waiting. Yes friends next time you are in a rush take a moment to ask your Angels to give you the patience to get you there safely.
There are many ways you can be more patient and many situations in our lives call for patience in order to get what we desire in life. Think about the ways you can invite patience into your life. Maybe you need to have patience when dealing with others or your family or friends. By giving them your patience in whatever situation that arises you will be helping not only them but your self too. Wishing you a wonderful week filled with patience and understanding. What a wonderful virtue to have!

I want to thank you for reading this newsletter and taking time to email me with your kind thoughts and remarks. I send you Love and light for without you there would be no need for a newsletter. I am grateful for you in my life.
Blessings from Julie

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: Someone may try to take advantage of you this person may feel that you will not figure out what they are up to this has to do with financial wealth there could be a battle brewing. If you are a brown haired woman there may be deception from someone close to you watch for the signs like the calm before the storm. Through patience and love you will excel in something you are very talented at.

Taurus: Through a mistake on the part of a dark haired man there may be a loss of some kind. Someone is going to be very generous with you seek clarity and meditate on who this may be this is where you will find your answers. To find the truth you must use your strength to get through the barriers that keep you from your goals.

Gemini: An older woman will look to you for advice about something she has worried about. Remember you have much wisdom when it comes to giving out advice trust your inner guidance. A friend will tell of a journey and of dealings with the law. You are the master of your own life forgive others for their mistakes. Soon there is romance for you and your partner. If single there may be a new romantic relationship coming into your life.

Cancer: There is inspiration with something that is spiritual and through this you will learn of secrets that will help you in some way. Abundance and popularity increase through a reconciliation with someone who moved out of your life for a long period of time and now returns. There is good fortune coming to you very soon this will be brought to you by a lady and will bring to you new avenues of growth.

Leo: A brown haired man is not what he seems he in fact is a hidden enemy use caution in dealing with this man he may surprise you. Bad news comes from a stranger about an older man with fair or gray hair. You may be having doubts about a woman who visits your home. Listen to your heart at this time.

Virgo: If you have been feeling a bit confused, seek solitude and you will find the power to overcome this confusion. Take time to meditate. The lesson here is to focus your thoughts on hope and you will soon have victory in some situation. Through communication with a dark haired woman you will soon have financial gains.

Libra: Through diligence there is an ending of judgment on your part and there will be happiness for you. Through an ending of a situation with someone who has been jealous of you. This will bring a sense of peacefulness to you. Soon you will hear of a breakup for a couple that you know well, you may feel that this is good news.

Scorpio: A scandal brings frustration but there is someone who will help you by giving you an insight to the situation. In the past you may have had to deal with greed and destruction this may have left you very vulnerable. The Challenge here is to make the changes you desire in your life. Soon there are new beginnings for you in some area of your life.

Sagittarius: In the past you have dealt with your fair share of frustration and bad news but now that journey is at an end. Through faith you have found your power this concerns something to do with a home maybe buying or selling a home. Good fortune is now arriving in your life and abundance comes to you very soon. Remember to take time to relax and meditate on what you desire this will bring the desired results much faster.

Capricorn: There may be communication with a stranger this may be a phone conversation in which you may feel this person is being a bit greedy. There is good news concerning a challenge that you have had to deal with.
Wonderful changes are now here for you through a generous person. A positive surprise in love and romance is here for you soon.

Aquarius: You have learned many lessons in the recent past this may concern an ending of a relationship with a person who in fact was a hidden enemy. When you are feeling vulnerable remember that there is hope and all that you need to do is to stop, look and listen this is when you will find the answers you have been seeking. You have many talents that you will soon discover by allowing yourself to have fun and let go of that which has worried you there is success. Through diligence in your work situation you will soon have financial gain.

Pisces: A dark haired woman may try to confuse you do not trust this person It is time to put up a barrier between you and her. A couple that you know well a dark haired man and a light haired woman will soon show jealousy about something that you will soon receive. Through a mistake you will learn of deception from some one you know. Do not fret about this have patience you will find the truth.

October 26, 2010

Happy Halloween
As most of you know Halloween is my favorite Holiday I love the wonderful costumes people come up with they are fantastic. I hope you have a great costume in mind as I would love to see your pictures and if yours is chosen as the best costume picture you will receive a free 30 minute reading from Julie. I will post the pictures and the Winner in the next Newsletter.

Spirit Not Ghost!
Most Spirits I have communicated with prefer not to be called a Ghost. I can understand why they would rather not be called a Ghost for Ghosts are scary and for the most part Spirit does not want to scare you they only want to communicate with you. Although there have been times many times I have been scared or mildly shook up by a spirit or two.
When I am communicating with a Spirit who is here to share information with their loved one there is a sense of peace. Tears usually come to my eyes if there is a lot of emotion connected with the Spirit I am communicating with. Some Spirits can be a lot like they were in life and can be quite amusing at times. I feel that there are many spirits around us at all times.
There are many things we do not see but we can feel or hear, I have found that some Spirits will knock, tap or make noises to get our attention. I always tell people to talk to their departed loved ones they do and will hear you.
Above all try not to be afraid of the spirits who may try to get your attention remember that you are human and having a physical body allows you to be stronger than you think.
Okay so what about the Spirits that are negative and try to cause harm these are usually spirits that haven't crossed to the light for one reason or another. Maybe they died a horrible death and do not realize that they are even dead. There are many reasons that they may have chosen to stay behind. If you are having problems with Spirits in your home or office Please give me a call at 916-726-4892 I will be happy to help you in leading them to the light.

Have you ever felt as if there was something blocking you from the success that you desire in your life, well today I thought that it would be appropriate to offer a Spell to unblock the energy.
Unblocking Spell
Bring a piece of bread and some coins to a crossroads.
Request that the general assembly of spirits remove obstacles to your path and grant you good fortune and smooth traveling instead.
Leave the offering and depart without looking back.
Good luck!

Have a wonderful week! Remember less energy to be happy than it does to be unhappy.
I choose happiness do you?

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A dark haired woman may tell you she is confused about something and ask your advice. An older woman or blond haired woman is thinking of you and wishing you well. When traveling be sure to pay attention to what is ahead of you. Through the use of your talents there is good fortune and abundance arriving.

Taurus: You may here of a famous woman who has made a great mistake this may come through the news or a television program. If you are single and thinking of someone you are attracted to maybe it is time to ask them out instead of just wondering if they will go out with you. Have faith soon there is a new beginning of some kind that will bring you wealth.

Gemini: You have much wisdom afforded you and there is justice coming through the hard work you have been doing. Someone may try to deceive you this may be someone you have not yet met. Use the spiritual gifts that you have to recognize this person when you meet them for you will instantly catch on to their greediness.

Cancer: Secrets are about to come out and you will be surprised at the power these secrets carry. Someone you know is a very jealous person they may have even make you feel a bit vulnerable at times. Remember that your happiness is your strength use, this strength to break down the barriers and move forward with someone you love.

Leo: The Key to victory is to take some time for solitude. There may have been an ending in the past that you have not forgiven it is now time to let of the past and find forgiveness in your heart. A stranger may deliver some bad news that will make you feel sad it may be of someone who you thought highly of. Inspiration comes when least expected.

Virgo: A woman will tell of changes happening in her life with a brown haired man. If you are a woman with brown hair you will soon meet with a foolish person if this person is a friend, remember not to judge them but suggest ways to get though their challenge. All in all this will be a week filled with good news.

Libra: You will soon have clarity about something that has had you worried this will come to you at home. In the near future you will hear of a battle that has ended and there will be a sense of peace come over you. An old friend may call from out of the blue this may be someone you have not had communication from in a long time. A good surprise is in store for you.

Scorpio: You will soon learn of someone who is deceiving you. New growth is taking place for you and there is a lesson learned this may awaken talents you have not used or not used in awhile. Have patience for there is someone who will see how hard you have been working and reward you with their generosity.

Sagittarius: Love and financial gains are coming to you now. If you have felt like there have been great barriers placed before you let go of your fears and they will collapse. Wisdom comes to you through an older man and there is happiness and new hope in the future.

Capricorn: Inspiration comes from a lady who is close to you. There is someone who may test your strength this person thinks that they are above you and may act like a friend. The bad news is that you will hear of a scandal involving a famous person. Victory comes through using your strength and knowing that you are the master of your life.

Aquarius: There is justice for you concerning a brown haired man that you have had differences with. A stranger may tell you of a loss he has had you will be able to help him through your sage advice. The challenge here is to let go of your doubts that is when the secrets will be reveled.

Pisces: You will soon hear of a brown haired woman who is jealous of you. Do not worry though because through faith and careful thought there is abundance coming your way. A mistake you thought you made will soon bring good fortune to you this may come through a spiritual connection. Take time to meditate and know that good news is on its way.

November 9, 2010

Greetings from Julie
The fall colors are so beautiful right now here in CA as I walk my dog George each morning I am in awe of how beautiful the trees look with all their fall brilliance and colors. As we walk I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful world and for my life here on this earth. I hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful colors of nature as you go about your day.
Sometimes we forget to look at the beauty of nature, our lives are filled with to do lists and taking care of business that we do not notice what is happening all around us. I hope you will take time to go on a nature walk this week even if it is just around the block. Breathe the fresh air in and be in gratitude for all of the beautiful surroundings that we have upon this earth.

To Struggle or Not to Struggle that is the Question

When I was about 5 years old I was sitting at the dining room table at my Grandparents house having dinner. I remember trying to cut the meat on my plate with a butter knife it was so hard to get though the piece of meat I must of looked quite frustrated as the food kept sliding around my plate. My Grandfather noticed what a hard time I was having and suggested that I not put so much pressure on the knife trying to cut through the meat, he said to saw gently through it. As I lightened my grip on the knife it slid through the meat with ease. I was amazed that it was so easy to do this by not trying so hard I had achieved being able to use a knife on my own. Now this does not sound like a great achievement but when you are 5 it is a pretty big deal.

The reason I told you this little story is that we all have things in our lives that we can not seem to get though we try our hardest to get it right but the harder we push the harder it seems to be. This may be a goal that we try to reach or something else, yet it seems to always be out of reach forcing us to try even harder.
Maybe it is not as hard as we think to attain our goals and just maybe if we let go of forcing things it will happen almost naturally for us. Sometimes when we are pushing to get things done like having a deadline and not knowing how to reach it in time, because when we are in a hurry to get things done is when it seems to take forever. I know that if you are a man and have ever worked on your car that there may have been a time or two when you were totally frustrated because something just did not seem to work right and you may have said some words you wouldn't want anyone else to hear you saying. If you had just taken a moment to walk away from the project you were working on and breathe some deep breaths you could get back to the project and have a new perspective making it possible to figure out what you need to do to make it work for you. Life is like this when we force something it may not work out right for us making us struggle. By letting go and taking a moment to release the stress we are able to have success easily and then if it does not work out remember there must be a reason because there is a reason for everything that happens in life. I have had times where I had tried to force something to work for me and then discovered I had the wrong part. I think each person I know has also had this challenge at one time or another.
The moral of this story is that when things get tough it must be time to take a break from what ever is happening and relax for a few minutes so you can rebalance your self and try again.
When we apply this to what ever is causing us stress we are able to then let go of the stress so we can focus our thoughts and find the answers we are looking for. Blessings to each of you my friends may you have a stress free week filled with joy and goodness.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You may soon receive some bad news from a brown haired woman or a brown haired woman will try to cause trouble. Through love comes wisdom you will receive an answer you have waited for at home. Soon you will have clarity in a situation in this instance you will just to have faith and know that through heart break, new beginnings come.

Taurus: The lesson here is that you have to quit allowing yourself to be vulnerable this is when you will break through the barriers that stand in your way. A phone call brings in good news about someone you know this may make you jealous. Hope brings in financial gains, or wealth in some way.

Gemini: Through a brown haired man there is spiritual growth coming to you. If you are a lady you may have an argument with the one you love. It is time to let go of judgment and have patience with a dark haired man that you know personally or work with.

Cancer: This is not the time to get into an argument with anyone maybe you need to keep a low profile for awhile though doubt there is destruction it is not the time to do battle. You may be in need of a short vacation this will bring peace and renewed strength. Someone will help you and surprise you by asking you to use your talents in some way.

Leo: You may find something you thought you had lost you may even feel a bit foolish about finding it or where you find it. You may become friends with an older woman or blond haired woman of power. The truth is it may be time to seek out some solitude and release your frustrations.

Virgo: A dark haired woman will inspire you with her generosity. A fair haired man may tell you of a challenge he has with his boss. There is something that may influence your thoughts of a woman who is well known this comes through hearing of a mistake she has made.

Libra: Though forgiveness abundance and new beginnings come, a victory for you. There may be anxiety and confusion about an ending. Find forgiveness with those who are greedy there is happiness in store for you.

Scorpio: There may be a sexual attraction to someone you work with it may be time for caution on your part stop, look and listen to what is going on around you. Someone who is popular may try to deceive you for some reason it looks like you may have a hidden enemy. Justice brings in good fortune from a stranger.

Sagittarius: Soon there may be someone who thinks you a fool and will try to hurt your feelings. Remember each lesson is a gift. If you are a light haired man let go of judgment of others it is okay to fall in love. A brown haired woman will soon tell you about a home or talk of a new home this comes through a phone call.

Capricorn: Let go of greed soon you will receive good news from a friend. As you let go of any jealous thoughts there is love and wealth coming to you. You find wisdom through using your talents, have patience.

Aquarius: You may soon hear from a dark haired woman and a brown haired man about a pregnancy. You have had bad news and there have been some barriers you have had to get though, or are getting through now it is time to realize you are the master of your own life. Though hope you will find inspiration this is spiritual.

Pisces: Through change comes clarity and truth let go of your doubts and negative thoughts soon something will surprise you. If you have been feeling a bit frustrated ask for guidance this will bring you happiness.

November 29, 2010

Greetings my Friends, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
This month has flown by so quickly I can not believe we are almost to December. I have been busy trying to get my Christmas list checked off so I can relax in December and just enjoy the Holidays. I think after reading this newsletter you will most likely want to get your holiday shopping finished up ASAP.
Mercury will be Retrograde from December 10, 2010 until December 30, 2010.
Some of you reading this may already know that when Mercury retrogrades it can be a very trying time for everyone.
When the planet Mercury retrogrades it seems to slow down and move in the opposite direction. Mercury rules communication, thus when Mercury is retrograde communications seem to break down. So if your find yourself missing an important appointment or getting stuck in traffic you can blame it on the retrograde. Mercury is at fault for many mishaps that happen while it is retrograde. Some examples are: Cell Phones, Computers, Cars, Transportation of any sorts can break down. Well just about anything electrical can break down. There may be accidents during this time so watch where you are going and "Stay in the moment" this is critical!
I really do not like giving you this news during the Holidays, yet I believe that it is important to help people understand the relevance and importance of knowing about Mercury retrograde. Try to buy those gadgets you are giving for gifts this year before the 5th of December. Then pray that they do not fail or have to be returned. It may also be time to remember it is best to avoid judgment this means: "If you do not have something nice to say do not say it or think it." Arguments can pop up out of nowhere. Usually Mercury starts retrograding about two weeks before when it is suppose to start. That is why I did my shopping early but, I still have a few things to buy that are easily returnable. It is the Season to be merry and bright, sweet and polite! If you have any questions concerning the retrograde you can email me and I will be happy to answer your questions. Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
November 29, 2010

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: You will be surprised about a secret you learn about someone's jealousy. You will win in a situation with someone you have a sexual attraction with this will bring you happiness. There is much love sent to you from a woman who lives far away or an older man.

Taurus: You have choices to make depending upon your judgment there can be peace or frustration for you. You may hear of bad news about a lady who is an inspiration to you. Remember by having faith you will have peace.
Do not let yourself become part a scandal, time is on your side.

Gemini: There may be a stranger who worries you or causes you worry take time to meditate and ask for clarity you will receive it. Someone will tell you some good news that leads to new opportunities for you. You may hear of the loss of a friend and you may have to be strong for someone.

Cancer: Someone you dislike may compliment you on your talents this will lead to forgiveness and you may change your mind about this person. A brown haired man brings you good fortune this is someone who is very wise.
When you are feeling a bit vulnerable seek the advice of a spiritual woman she will help you.

Leo: An ending of a friendship or relationship will bring victory to you. There are financial gains and wealth that brings abundance for you. There may be a battle that leads to new beginnings for you soon you will learn the truth.

Virgo: There is generosity coming from a dark haired man this may be someone that has caused you heartbreak or someone who has had his heart broken. You have learned a lesson that will bring a reconnection with a brown haired woman. If things have been hectic lately you may need to seek some solitude you may even want to do this with someone you love.

Libra: Someone who thinks that they are all that is putting doubts in your mind it is time to own your power and let go of all negative thoughts that come in. Through taking your time and listening to the guidance you receive there will be changes that bring you new hope. Someone who thinks that they are a master at deception will soon make a big mistake.

Scorpio: You may be feeling like you have had barriers blocking your path for some while. Now it is up to you to destroy them by letting go of greed and vowing not to argue with others you can overcome them. At home you maybe feeling a bit confused about someone you thought was your friend. They are definitely not!

Sagittarius: The end of a storm is near and there are changes on the horizon this is good news. You have great wisdom and are inspiring to others stay diligent you are on the right path. There is a lesson you will soon learn that will give you faith in what you are here for upon this earth.

Capricorn: You may hear of a scandal involving a famous person or a stranger. Soon there is much growth in your life you will have clarity in how your powers work and you will find your truth, through peace and solitude this is reached.
Aquarius: You will be told of a greedy person who has made mistake. There is a lady who will advise you of this. Someone may try to make you feel vulnerable stand your ground. This could be a boss asking you to work overtime. Through heartbreak there is an ending that brings financial gains.

Pisces: A dark haired woman will soon talk to you about a challenge she has. You will let go of a judgment you had of a blond haired woman this will bring new romance if single or a closer relationship with your partner. Where there has been anger with a brown haired woman there is forgiveness and this situation will change through clarity on your part.

December 15, 2010

May this Holiday Season fill your heart with joy love and happiness I say this because I think that if there are more people expressing positive feelings and gestures towards others there may just be a miracle this year.
We create miracles in our own lives through out the year never noticing them or even believing that they have been created by us through our thoughts and feelings. By staying positive you will attract positive things and experiences into your life as if by magic.
We tend to believe in a kind of magic at this time of year allowing those miracles to manifest in wonderful ways. I wish you all a wonderful miracle this Holiday Season.

As most of you know Mercury is retrograde all month until Dec 30th 2010
I have to say I have been hearing many stories of things happening in the retrograde already. There have been breakdowns and re-Do's happening in the lives of many people. My sister who is a truck driver and owns her own business said it started about a week ago when her Truck wouldn't start it had dead batteries. She bought new batteries, that worked for awhile but then she lost engine power. Soon she had the fuel hoses replaced thinking it might be that which was causing the problem with the truck. Well that didn't work either. Feeling frustrated she kept trying to figure out what the problem could be with the help of her mechanic she finally got it fixed! The problem was a sensor on the computer. Go figure! "Note: I am not quite sure if I got this in order but you get the point". When Mercury retrogrades it sure can cause mix-ups and mess-ups.
Take care and use caution for the next couple weeks if driving in traffic the roads seem to be crowded with Christmas shoppers trying to finish that last bit of shopping. I have noticed many people are so rushed that they are not paying attention when driving. I have also noticed that many people are a little grouchy, smile and say I love you to them in your mind this will help both of you. At family gatherings this year try to be on your best behavior as you know Mercury can cause some arguments and disagreements. Have a wonderful holiday.

Wise words from my Daughter
The other day my daughter told me that even if she was very angry at someone she would just let the anger go and wish them well. I asked her why and she said that if she sends out anger it would cause bad karma not only for the person she sent it too, but this karma would also come back to her and she did not want to cause herself this kind of karma. I think we all need to be reminded that what we send out we get back in return.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: At home a woman will tell of heart break, this is a time of giving comfort. A person who is greedy may try to confuse you about something of importance, do not worry about this for it will have a happy outcome. You may be talking to an older couple who may be splitting up or separating this will come as a surprise to you.

Taurus: A trip you may take will bring feelings of forgiveness at someone whom has deceived you in the past. Let go of your doubts and allow the changes that are taking place to bring you the wisdom to make the right decisions. A lesson that you learn will bring justice you may be surprised at the outcome this is a good surprise.

Gemini: Communication with a brown haired woman brings frustration this may even cause an argument. The truth is that you have to let go of your insecurities, all that is needed now is to call upon your own internal guidance you will get your answers. A dark haired woman will bring wealth and abundance to you.

Cancer: You may hear of a friend who is involved in a scandal. To increase your power you should seek out a quiet place in which to meditate relax stop, look and listen to the advice you are given. There is much growth coming to you in the next few months. Secrets will come out involving mistakes that were made this will bring an ending of sorts.

Leo: You have felt as if you have had to go to battle when it comes to breaking down the barriers in your love life. It may have been a tough time for you in the love department but there is strength given to you. A victory will soon be here for you, have patience. Soon there is something happening that will test your spiritual strength.

Virgo: You may soon meet a famous person this is a brown haired man. There is wisdom in a lesson learned that has or will soon inspire you. Someone may soon flirt with you, be kind and say thank you for the compliment. Let go of worry there is a change that brings in justice and a surprise to you.
Libra: You may have had some bad news recently it may be time to seek out some solitude this is sure to bring clarity in a situation you may even learn something that will reveal a hidden enemy. Be diligent in the decisions that you make concerning a challenge you have been dealing with. By letting go of all judgment there is Love.

Scorpio: Good news arrives it may be that you find something that was lost. Pay attention and have patience when driving for it looks as if you could avoid an accident by doing this: Stop, Look and Listen! There is a happy ending with a friend.

Sagittarius: Someone new is coming into your life this person is a stranger to you at this time he offers wealth and new beginnings. Could be a new job or position offered to you. You may meet a dark haired man who will try to deceive you for his own gain. An influential woman will ask for your advice concerning travel.

Capricorn: You are the master of your own life. In the past there have been mistakes that have tested your faith. Soon you will be free of a barrier that has kept you from achieving what you desire in life, you will know the strength of victory. There is good fortune coming through hope and there is a sense of peace around you.

Aquarius: The lesson is to change your thoughts before you unleash a storm on someone. In other words do not start an argument you can not finish. Someone will tell you of a person who is jealous of you. Maybe you need to communicate with the person that is jealous, for this will bring the most growth to you. Change is coming and this comes through forgiveness of a lover who wronged you in the past.

Pisces: Someone is watching over you this brings you peace. There are changes that will bring truth to you concerning a challenge that has caused some confusion. There is forgiveness at home this brings in happiness for you.

December 27, 2010

Greetings from Julie
Now I know what my Mother meant when she told me as you grow older time seems to go faster. This year seemed to fly by so I must be pretty old. I just wonder how fast the next year will pass. There are so many things I wanted to do by the end of this year and still they are not finished so I will add them to my new list of "To Do's" and see if by the end of next year I will have got them done. I used to fret about getting everything done and crossed off my list of things to do. Now as I have gotten older I realize that I will never get everything I should to done but if they are on my list I will give it my best effort. It is kind of nice this ageing thing, I have learned not to beat myself up for not being able to accomplish everything today. I may have my day all planned out but if a good friend calls or one of my children needs to talk or have a sounding board I am always here for them. I have learned that people count! There will always be time for getting things crossed off my list. I am not saying forget that you have a list just move what you have to do to the next day. Sometimes we forget that people count and that our family and friends sometimes just need someone to listen to them without judgment. Well I guess I needed to get that out to you today. I know that over the Holidays family and friends come for a visit and things may get a little hectic at times. Before you send them off this season let them know that you are there for them if they ever need someone to talk too. Just by letting each person know that you are here for them it will open new doors of communication for you and for them. There are many people whom do not have family or friends to talk too especially in the holiday season it can be very emotionally hard for them.
In this New Year we are soon approaching we all need to ask ourselves "How can I be a better person in the coming year" and "What can I do in my life that will benefit more than one person" Make a list of the things that you want to do in the coming year that will answer the above questions. Have a very Happy New Year!

Mercury will be turning Direct on December 30th 2010
Thank Goodness!
There have been many people telling me of all that has been happening for them in the retrograde! I am truly amazed at how the retrograde still seems to mess things up at times even when you know all about them. I guess I will just laugh and say next time I will be more prepared! Ha! Ha!

The New Moon will arrive on Tuesday January 4th 2011 at 4:03 am EST
Write down 10 wishes on this day!

Happy New Year 2011

Here is a list of things you should do and should not do on New Years Day to bring in good luck all year long!

The first one is an important do not!
#1- Do not do laundry on New Years Day or you may wash someone out of your life in the next year.

#2- Whatever you are doing on New Years Day, know that you may be doing quite a bit of it throughout the year. So make the most of this day!
Be happy. Share your day with good friends. Make a list of your wishes and aspirations.

Make a Wish Board by using a poster board and filling it with pictures of what you would like to have this New Year.
I buy plenty of magazines and glue sticks for this wonderful New Years Day Project that is fun for family and friends. When you have finished your wish board you can frame it with a Poster Frame or just pin it to a wall where you will see it every day. Invite some friends over and have some fun!

#3- Let go of the past and vow to become the warm loving person you really are.

#4- Forgive yourself and others for all the unkind feelings or words that have been said and focus on noticing when you are not coming from a higher loving place in your heart and mind. That is when you can change any feelings that don't feel right within you, replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

#5- Burn a Bayberry candle on the first day of each month for good luck.
Note this Spell does work! You will be amazed and it is loads of fun!
Spell to bring in Good Luck all through the Year!
What ever you magically desire you can create!

At 12:01 AM New Years Day is the best time to do this one.
If you can not do it at this time, do it on new years Day at 11:00 AM

What you will need is:
A large bowl
3-Red Apples cut up into small chunks
1-cup of white rice
1-teaspoon of Cloves powder
1-one teaspoon of sugar as you add the sugar state your wish out loud, then add the sugar to the mixture
The petals of three Roses, one white, one Red and one Yellow
A teaspoon of your favorite Cologne
One half bottle of Champagne

Mix all the ingredients together in the large bowl and this may sound weird but is true and quite fun, and can be especially fun with someone you love.
Take the mixture into the shower and rub it all over your body while thinking that your wish has come true and visualize the most wonderful out come to the situation or wish and feel the energy within you and about as you rub the magical mixture all over your body. When you have used all the mixture rinse your body and dry off with a clean towel. Light a candle of your choice and have a sip of the champagne make a toast to your wonderful future. Blessed be

For Good Luck and Prosperity in the New Year
Eat Black Eyed Peas and Drink Champagne for breakfast on
New Years Day!

Here is My Recipe for Black Eyed Peas and Ham
1: Small package dried Black Eyed Peas (found in the beans and rice section at your grocery store.)
2: ½ half pound of diced ham
3: 1 small yellow onion chopped into small pieces
Put peas into a colander and wash under warm water. Then put peas into medium sized pan and add the onions and ham add water until it covers the peas with two inches of water, bring to a boil and then simmer until peas are soft. Adding water if needed while cooking. You can season to taste with salt and pepper or herbs of you're choosing.
Cooking time is about one hour

Now you are ready for Breakfast! Enjoy with a sip of champagne.

Answer Deck
Birth Sign Readings

Aries: In an area of your life where you have felt a bit vulnerable there is a victory soon for you and there are new beginnings in something that will bring in abundance. There may be a sexual attraction from out of the blue with a stranger. If you have been feeling kind of out of sorts there will be a renewed strength for you and you will feel better soon.

Taurus: You may have been enduring a battle that has caused you much frustration or this may be coming in the near future. Through letting go of judgment there is love from a brown haired man. You will learn of a secret about a woman of the world this will bring peace to a situation.

Gemini: You may learn the truth about the loss of someone you know or have known in the past. There is justice for you by listening to your inner guidance and this will bring you good news quickly. In the past you have endured many barriers by getting together with an old friend you will have clarity about something that you wanted an answer too.

Cancer: Through the ending of a situation there is financial gain. A friend or lover may show his or her greediness. If you have been confused about a situation concerning your home there is good fortune on its way.

Leo: There is generosity through a dark haired woman coming to you. There is also a deception from a lady this person is like a hidden enemy someone you would never suspect of deceiving you. Heart break comes from a telephone call. Remember that each of us has lessons in life and be thankful that you have learned this one.

Virgo: You may be upset about a phone call you receive from a fair haired woman or gray haired woman. There is a spiritual journey you will soon take this may come as a surprise. Inspiration comes from a dark haired man after some bad news is received.

Libra: You may soon hear of a scandal concerning an older man this man is a famous person. There is hope for you by learning to be the master in your own life you will receive growth and you will have solitude through having patience in a situation that has bothered you.

Scorpio: There is forgiveness from a brown haired woman looks like she has grown wiser in the last year. There are changes that are now coming in for you through diligence there is great power afforded you. Use your talents and you will get through the storm that is brewing.

Sagittarius: Sometimes you have to let go of the past in order to grow again through destruction there is growth. You may have a secret admirer that you do not know about quite yet. There is a greedy person who may make you feel bad through his or her words. Let go of those thoughts and move forward. Soon you will hear of an ending for a fair/gray haired man this news you will hear of at home.

Capricorn: Through a lesson you will learn there is a spiritual awakening taking place this may even bring you fame and fortune. A mistake may be made that causes the loss of something do not loose hope you will find it. The good news is that you have the power to over come the storms in your life.
Aquarius: A dark haired man will bring a sense of balance to you giving you renewed faith in something you have been creating. There may be a battle brewing with a brown haired man he may seem to be a friend but is more like a hidden enemy. Use your strength to stay positive there is a victory on its way to you and much abundance in the New Year.

Pisces: There may be frustration and anxiety about finances at the current moment. Stop look and listen this is the key to inspiration and happiness.
Soon there may be reconciliation with a past love this comes through being patient.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year! May you always be present in your life and take time to enjoy each moment of each day you will enjoy the ride that away. Blessings Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

End of 2010. Click here to go to 2011


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