January 5, 2009

Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles #57

I would like to wish each of my readers a very happy 2009 may your wishes hopes and dreams be manifested under grace and in perfect ways.

A Special Reading for You in 2009
Today I thought it would be nice to do a reading for you my readers. In order to do this I asked for Divine guidance in what is a general reading so that each of you whom read it will know where it may fit in your life. I hope you like it and will let me know what you think about this reading.

Reading from Julie
In 2009 you can made major changes by accessing your inner child. Allow all worries and fears to fall away. Using trust and believing in your self by allowing yourself to play and have the fun you were meant to have in this lifetime.
Use playfulness to change the energy of a situation we can succeed even with grouchy people. By using your childlike faith and refreshing honesty you can win people over in 2009.

There will be good fortune this year.
Keep faith and know that there will be success but it may come near spring time for many of you. Although for some people there will be opportunities starting to show themselves very soon.
Be open to new opportunities and to finding what you are really searching for in this life.

Look within yourself to find peace and serenity not judgment or fear. By asking your Spirit Self what it is that can bring in more peace in your life there will be a clear answer that will come to each person in a unique manner.

There will be strong words used by many this year and there will be changes that will affect mankind for many years.
You can help in creating peace by visualizing a world filled with love and harmony.
There has been an energetic shift that will hasten many things this year bringing a Positive Energy that has been awaited for many years.
This shift will cause many people to open to their full Spiritual Potential it will bring in an overwhelming sense of joy to many and will change their lives for the better. The important part here is that you are willing to invite this positive energy into your life by letting go of the Judgment and Negative Energy your ego has been creating in fear for the last four years.
Blessings are now here for you, there is no locked door and you do not need a key only love will open the door to your desires.
Blessed be

Mercury will turn Retrograde on January 11, 2009 until February 1, 2009

Have you had any strange things happening in or around your home lately?
I have talked with several people who have been noticing strange occurrences around their homes. If there is something unexplainable happening at your house I would love to hear about it. Email julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

I am sure this year will be filled with many wonderful moments for all and I believe that we have an opportunity this New Year to change the dynamics of our relationships with others by challenging our ego to take time off and let our spirit guide us.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

January 5, 2009

I would like to wish each of my readers a very happy 2009 may your wishes hopes and dreams be manifested under grace and in perfect ways.

A Special Reading for You in 2009
Today I thought it would be nice to do a reading for you my readers. In order to do this I asked for Divine guidance in what is a general reading so that each of you whom read it will know where it may fit in your life. I hope you like it and will let me know what you think about this reading.

Reading from Julie
In 2009 you can make major changes by accessing your inner child. Allow all worries and fears to fall away. Using trust and believing in your self by allowing yourself to play and have the fun you were meant to have in this lifetime.
By useing playfulness to change the energy of a situation we can succeed even with grouchy people. By using your childlike faith and refreshing honesty you can win people over in 2009.

There will be good fortune this year.
Keep faith and know that there will be success but it may come near spring time for many of you. Although for some people there will be opportunities starting to show themselves very soon.
Be open to new opportunities and to finding what you are really searching for in this life.

Look within yourself to find peace and serenity not judgment or fear. By asking your Spirit Self what it is that can bring in more peace in your life there will be a clear answer that will come to each person in a unique manner.

There will be strong words used by many this year and there will be changes that will affect mankind for many years.
You can help in creating peace by visualizing a world filled with love and harmony.
There has been an energetic shift that will hasten many things this year bringing a Positive Energy that has been awaited for many years.
This shift will cause many people to open to their full Spiritual Potential it will bring in an overwhelming sense of joy to many and will change their lives for the better. The important part here is that you are willing to invite this positive energy into your life by letting go of the Judgment and Negative Energy your ego has been creating in fear for the last four years.
Blessings are now here for you, there is no locked door and you do not need a key only love will open the door to your desires.
Blessed be

Mercury will turn Retrograde on January 11, 2009 until February 1, 2009

Have you had any strange things happening in or around your home lately?
I have talked with several people who have been noticing strange occurrences around their homes. If there is something unexplainable happening at your house I would love to hear about it. Email julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

I am sure this year will be filled with many wonderful moments for all and I believe that we have an opportunity this New Year to change the dynamics of our relationships with others by challenging our ego to take time off and let our spirit guide us.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Norwegian Card Readings
A Norwegian Card reading is done with regular playing cards. Julie has been doing these readings for over twenty years and uses her intuitive guidance to give guidance and direction to her clients. It is amazing how accurate she is although she gives the credit to the guidance of a higher source. You will be amazed at how much information you will receive in a half hour reading from Julie. To reserve your appointment for a reading please contact: Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Or call 916-726-4892

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie have a great week and be safe. I love you and look forward to talking with you in 2009 .
Blessings from Julie

January 12, 2009

Dear Friends I thank you for taking a few minutes to read this little newsletter I hope that each week you take something from this newsletter and use it to help you focus your positive energy towards bringing even more good into your life.

We are officially in a Mercury Retrograde from January 11, 2009 to February 1, 2009. Use this time to finish up projects you have delayed or just got tired of working on. Back up the computer and clear the clutter so that in February you will shine. Using a retrograde to your advantage is the best way to get through it. Years ago I would tell people about the retrograde and I got laughed at. Now I am hearing more people speak about it and acknowledge the energy it seems to have. I have found that by being focused on keeping my positive energy balanced and my ego energy tucked out of the way I am able to stay pretty positive during the retrogrades. You may notice that tempers flare during retrogrades so notice the energy you are putting out and the energy of others around you.
Soon it will be over and things will get back to somewhat normal "What ever normal is".

Embrace Your Bliss Live Your Truth

The truth is that you can embrace your bliss every moment if you decide too. It will in fact unveil what ever truth you need at the perfect time for you when you focus yourself in being in your bliss.
How do we find this bliss? Is it lost?
No it is not lost it is with you at all times, many of us have just covered it up with the day to day "stuff" that is around us all continually. We choose to focus our energy and our thoughts on the material world including what we still have to do today and tomorrow. We forget to live in our bliss because everything is so serious in today's world. When you ask yourself how many times each day do I laugh out loud? Is the answer not many or maybe not at all. If this is the answer you get then you surly need to begin embracing your bliss and bring laughter into your life at least a few times a day. This will help you in opening the door for more bliss to flow in.
So what is this Bliss stuff I am looking for? Well bliss is an emotional feeling of well being and happiness. It is achieved when we are doing something that we love and enjoy to do. It also is achieved by connecting with your Higher Self your Spirit or Soul for when you are connected to your Higher Self you will feel weightless and a gentle energy of light and love surrounding you. You will be happier and more focused on the positive aspects of your life instead of focusing on the not so positive aspects of your life.
Finding your Bliss is easier that you think because you are the only person that knows how to find it and how to hold onto it. I am sure that you have had an experience where you felt so good because you had accomplished something you really desired to accomplish like riding a bike for the first time. I remember when I first noticed my bliss I was five years old and had received a brand new bicycle for my birthday. I felt such joy inside I was about to learn to ride my new bike for the first time ever. My father stood on the sidewalk as he helped me while I was trying desperately to keep my balance, even with training wheels. Soon my mother called to us that dinner was about ready and we should wash up. I remember my dad telling me come on lets go in for now we can try again later. I told him I would be right in I just had to try one more time. I did not give up easily back then and the same goes for today. Just as soon as my father reached the front door I had at last begin to ride my new bicycle all by my self I yelled to my father "Hey Dad" look at me. My father turned around with a great big smile and said I knew you could do it. I felt bliss at that very moment! I had accomplished a miracle, well in a five year olds mind it was a miracle. Bliss is just that! the feeling that you are more than you are, bliss is something that you feel it is Joy and happiness and the feelings of accomplishment in knowing you created something wonderful. Bliss is when you smile at someone and notice that they are smiling back at you. Bliss is when you create a balance in your life and even in the tough times you know you can get through it with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. Find your bliss today hold on to it and at least once a day love yourself by allowing time so that you can laugh and do something you love or that makes you happy then you will be in your bliss.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie have a great week and be safe. I love you and look forward to talking with you in 2009
Blessings from Julie

January 19, 2009

Greetings Friends
The New Moon will be arriving on January 26th 2009 and with it comes the "Luckiest Day" of the year. Yes it is said to be a very lucky day and being the New Moon be sure to write out ten wishes on this day.

Little Magnets

Have you ever wondered how it is so easy to attract that what you really do not want and it seems so hard to attract what you do want in your life.
Well after much contemplation I think I have a pretty good idea of how this seems to happen.
Our mental thoughts are energy and as we think of something especially something that we have experienced or have seen it is easier to visualize this and bring it to manifestation.
It seems much harder to visualize something that we have not experienced.
It is amazing how we will try to visualize something that we have never experienced and get caught up in thinking of how it will manifest.
As we try to focus on how this wonderful thing could ever happen in our life we are actually starting to put our doubts into the energy of manifestation that we are trying to create.
Soon our mind is caught up in if this happens then that must happen and how could this ever happen if I am not at the right place at the right time.
To all this wondering of how something must happen, I say stop and move past the how of it all and into the next scene where you already are in the moment and have received exactly what you had desired.

For it is not about how your desire happens.
It is about creating the most wonderful outcome from using your imagination to produce a very real manifestation of your desires.

Imagine for a moment that you are able to create anything you desire in your life just by using your thoughts and sending them into the universe to be returned as material things or happenings.
Well it is possible for this to happen and for you to create so much more for yourself in this lifetime no matter what your age is.

Our thoughts are like little magnets and when we are thinking about something we are sending these little magnets out into the universe. As they come across like thoughts or magnets they seem to connect and grow stronger and bigger until they become manifested into this reality. When we are thinking negative thoughts we are also sending out these little magnets and they are connecting with other little magnets of the same energy thus producing a negative manifestation of one sort or another.

Say you are having a really bad day and nothing seems to be going right for you. You are angry at the boss a coworker or it may be something that has happened at home. Are you having a ruff time letting go of the anger and frustration that you are feeling inside.
First you will need to breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth a few times to get your energy back in balance. Now visualize that all this anger you are feeling is now being dissolved. The reason for this is to clear any little magnets that are still flowing around you and the person or situation you were angry at. Now start sending out only loving thoughts or magnets to the situation or person. You will be amazed at how good this can make you feel. It can transform your whole mood by putting your energy of love and goodness into a situation or towards a person.

When you are creating a situation that you have never encountered focus on the outcome of what it is like to experience this situation and how it feels to you. Let go of the control of how it will happen and really immerse yourself in the imagining of your greatest wishes come true. Do this without guilt or fear or worry about what has to happen before you get your manifestation for your manifestation will happen when the time is exactly right for you.
Now have some fun and enjoy the life you are meant to live.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

January 26, 2009

Today is The Luckiest Day of the Year!
Yes, today is the luckiest day of the year and it is also the New Moon so as I see it today would be the best day of the year to gather together pen and paper and write those Ten Wishes.
The other day I received a message this came in from out of the blue and made me feel such love and happiness. As it came in so strong I knew it was a message on what to write this week's newsletter on. The message I received was
"Remember Gods Gift of Love
For the Good of all"
I am fairly sure that each person reading this has felt love and the emotional energy it gives us. Like when you are watching a movie and there is a scene that makes your eyes well up with tears of joy.
Your heart is happy and is feeling love because of this great scene in a movie. Well life is kind of like a movie and there are times when our hearts are so filled with love that they are overflowing.
We are happy and smile at everyone we meet. We feel life is good and are thankful for the opportunity to live it and share our love with others. Then at the next moment we are in traffic and some idiot is swerving in and out of traffic as he cuts you off, you yell an obscenity and give a finger gesture. Anger is now surrounding you and that loving feeling has disappeared.
Each of us has been conditioned to react instead of calming our self and thinking about how we should react to a situation. The above is just one example of how a person quickly responds to situations without even thinking. How then are we to change this response and remain in the loving, positive frame of mind we began this day with? We can remember that we are here for the good of all Gods children. We can be Gods gift of love by giving out love to others without judgment of who they are, or where they come from, or what they do for a living.
By forgetting about our judgment of right and wrong and seeing each person as a part of God (LOVE) we can begin a great healing process that will help us to think before we act.
Next time you encounter a person who is rude focus on love and allow them to be. You can say in your mind "I Love You" to the person and let all the negative energy roll off your back "so to speak". The more we can assume responsibility for our thoughts, by thinking with our hearts and giving out love instead of anger. We will begin to strengthen our souls thus bringing in even more love to give out. Remember that to receive love you have to give it out.

I know that many families are struggling and that when people are having hardships it is very easy to give in to the negative. You may work with people who are angry or you may be the one who is angry. After your day is done you still have a family at home who are either waiting with open arms because you are so loving. Or they are dreading the time your car pulls in the driveway because you are miserable and angry when you arrive. This is a wake up call for those of you who are feeling angry at the world. It is time to open your heart and think not only of your self but of all of Gods children and to use this loving energy for the good of all. Starting at home with your family and thinking (LOVE) before reacting.
This brings to my mind a cute story I heard from a young man the other day. This young man has had some difficulties in his life this past year and was very angry at the world. He was anything but fun to be around and apparently his friends were noticing his rudeness.
One day he said to me, I have decided to be more positive and it must be working. I asked him why he thought it was working, he then said that a friend had called him and asked if he had got a new phone. He told the friend no, and that he still had the same phone. The friend then said well I thought you had a new phone because you sound so much better!
People do notice our attitudes make yours a positive one!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

P. S. If you would like to share your story of how you are using love to be positive please email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

February 2, 2009

Life an Emotional Rollercoaster
This week I would like to talk about the emotional rollercoaster we are all on called life. I make this comparison because our lives are like a wonderful ride that goes up and down and always comes back to where it started. Sometimes the tracks are old and the ride is scary and bumpy. Sometimes the tracks are smooth and the ride is fun and exciting. Indeed it is a lot like life. There are many ups and downs that we all endure during our life including our emotional happiness and emotional sadness. Sometimes we feel disillusionment in what we thought our life should be. And at other times we are so happy that we have this opportunity to ride the great ride of life that, we forget about our emotional sadness and are totally in charge of our emotional happiness.
Emotions play such a big part of our lives and in so many ways they can help us or hurt us depending how they are accessed. Have you ever felt emotionally drained and that there was no hope? Maybe you feel as though everything is moving in slow motion in your life and, even though you want changes they just are not happening fast enough. Emotionally you feel as if no matter what you do you still can't change things for the better. Maybe there is another person who you feel is keeping you from your desires in life. Maybe you have been told in the past that, you will never succeed and that you are not good enough.

What ever the emotional state of mind you are in that, is holding you back from what you desire, it is now time to release the old way of thinking and those old emotions that no longer serve you. You have a right to be emotionally happy and to have what ever it is you desire in this life.

You can step off that rickety old rollercoaster and take a ride that is filled with excitement and happiness.

I can hear you saying "but", I try to be positive most of the time. Or you might say when, you get so down emotionally it is so hard to get back up and be creative and happy.

Well if that is how you are thinking and feeling emotionally it will be hard to get back onto a smooth track for a great ride. But by deciding that you are ready for change, you can make the changes in your self that will put you on a much smoother track in life. It is up to you and only you to decide to take the steps to balancing your emotional rollercoaster. No one can change your life but you!

If you are ready and are committed to making significant changes in your attitude and emotions. You will find that it is much easier to create what you desire in life rather than, letting old emotions and the feelings of others decide your life's path for you. You must focus and concentrate on your positive emotions, that way you will much easier recognize the negative emotions when they come calling.
For most of us it is easy to pamper others and give them our support. Now it is time to pamper your emotional self.
We tend to forget about ourselves and focus our emotional support towards other people, instead of focusing our emotional support towards the self.
Below is an exercise that will help you to begin to focus emotional support and love towards the self. This exercise is sometimes hard at first to deal with but after a few tries you will get better and better and better at it.

Exercise in Emotional Self Love:

Get yourself an inexpensive journal from your nearest office supply store and a nice blue pen.

Take a few moments to write down the date and time at the top of the page.
Now go into the bathroom and stand facing the mirror. For some of you, you may see all your imperfections and you might be a little uncomfortable as you look into your own eyes. Stay there and force yourself to look deeply into your own eyes they are the windows to our soul. As you are looking into your own eyes notice the colors that are present within your eyes and notice how beautiful they are.
Continue this practice for two to five minutes being sure to focus only on loving thoughts of the self. When you are done write down the thoughts and feelings you had as you looked into your eyes. What colors did you see? How did you feel as you looked into your own eyes? Did you feel love or were you afraid to go that deep this time. Many people may feel that it is wrong to see their true beauty and to see the love coming back to them though their own eyes. But remember you are now connecting with your soul. Don't give up keep practicing and communicating with your soul this way, it will bring you some pretty amazing insights down the road.
Remember to write down your thoughts and feelings even if they sound a little silly right now. You can always look back at your writing at another time, and who knows you may learn something wonderful about yourself.

There are other things you can do to keep your emotions balanced and in harmony with that you desire. This will lead to changes that will be emotionally uplifting for you.

#1- In the same journal we spoke of above, you can start creating what you desire including emotional and physical changes in your life.
Make a list of all the things you would like to experience and visualize your self having these experiences like they are truly happening. Be totally clear on what it is you desire and do not even think about how this may come to you. Let the Universe take care of the details of how and when.
Do not write about the past or the future but, write as if these wonderful emotional experiences are happening right now. The clearer you are the better chance for you to get exactly what you desire.

#2- Say positive affirmations through, voicing positive affirmations you are putting the energy out into the universe and the universe will respond to you with positive happenings in your life.
#3- Be your own best friend by monitoring your thoughts, weeding out the ones that do not match your desire for emotional happiness. The same goes for the spoken word, monitor your words say only positive things. Oh! That is much easier to say than do isn't it? You can do it! I believe in you and most definitely you should believe in you. Because you are your own best friend and, no other person could ever know you and love you like you should love yourself. When it comes right down to it there is only one person that knows you and trusts you, like yourself.

#4- Be kind to yourself and believe in the power of your own creations.
Become emotionally connected with the higher self within. Then every thing you create will be emotionally and spiritually rewarding.

For those of you who still are saying yah, yah I have tried this before and it just doesn't seem to work for me. Then you must have stopped believing in your creative abilities and your spiritual gifts a little too soon. When you stop believing in your self, how can you expect the Universe to deliver your creations if even you are having a hard time seeing them coming to you.

Believe in your infinite possibilities as a creator and as a part of God that you are. Seeing yourself with Gods eyes you will know only love.

Thank you so much for taking the few minutes to read this newsletter. I know your time is valuable and this one was a little longer than usual. I hope it will inspire you to ride through your life on a smooth track and with greater emotional happiness.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

(Next week more tools and exercises that will assist you in getting back on track and staying positive.)

February 9, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Wishing you a very happy Valentines Day I hope that this Valentines Day is a good one for each of you and that you will find love in every face you look at today.

It seems quite funny to me that we have a day for love and for lovers because to me every day should be a day of love.
A day that is meant for romance and showing that special person, that you love them. To some this is a wonderfully romantic day filled with thoughts of love and passion. Then there are some who may not have someone special in their lives. This day then may not be one of their favorites. If this day is not one of your favorites then maybe you might try looking at another way. Let it be a day for you to show everyone you meet that you love them. What I mean by this is that we shouldn't just think that Valentines Day is strictly for lovers but, a day that we can open our minds and let go of our preconceived notions of what love is and is not. Let this be a day of giving love to friends and foes. As my Daughter Shy said to me as we discussed this week's news letter. She said "why not make it a day to let go of judgment of those people that we really do not know. Like neighbors and co-workers and open our hearts to them, by just giving our love without any expectations." I think she may have a great idea. We all are here for one very special reason and that reason is to learn to love. Maybe there is someone in your life that has hurt you or caused you to be angry, even this person needs love. What we forget in our lives is that there are many reasons that people are rude and have an attitude about this or that and if we do not know these reasons we tend to too easily judge them when we encounter their negative energy.

When we can let go of our thoughts on how we think, that others think. That is when we can truly love them.

As you know your thoughts are energy and your words are energy. What you put out you attract, if you are putting out an energy of love then you will attract love from others.
If you are angry or sad that you do not have someone special in your life at this time, how about changing your attitude by focusing only on thoughts of love in every thing you do this week.
Who knows maybe you will have met someone nice by the end of the week and will spend a wonderful Valentines Day with someone special this Year.

Great ways to give love on Valentines Day

How about leaving a Valentines Day card, at the door of a neighbor or person that you dislike? (Make it a nice one and you do not even have to sign it.)

Do something nice for someone you dislike.

Take your children out for a special treat at a nearby ice cream shop. Let them know how much you love them every day.

Make a special dinner for that special person in your life.
He or she will be delighted, especially if you have figured out how to make their favorite meal.

Call your friends and relatives especially those who live at a distance and wish them a day filled with love. Sometimes we get so caught up in life we forget to let others know how much we love them.

Do something nice for a stranger this week! Happy Valentines Day, I love you!

I have so much fun saying I love you to others. I tell people I do not even know that I love them. Why because it is fun and it feels good to give love. I get more enjoyment out of looking in the rear view mirror of my car and saying I love you to the person who is way to close behind me, and can read my lips. It is amazing the looks I get from them. I use Tickles and Sparkles also, since it means pure love. Have fun and "Spread the Love".

Tickles Sparkles, I love you From Julie

February 17, 2009

Setting Goals and Achieving Them
This week I would like to talk about your goals, are you seeing the results that you would like to happen in your life.
Like so many people at the beginning of the New Year we all make goals and then after a few months go by we seem to let them go or we give up on attaining them. We have so many things going on that fill our day and overflow into tomorrow. Those of you with children are usually exhausted by days end. So I thought that you might enjoy some wonderful ways to get back on Track with your goals and create something new in your life.
Each day it is hard to commit to taking twenty minutes out just for yourself but how about, starting out with one or two minutes to focus your thoughts only on the self. Then each week you can try increasing the time a minute or two.
How do you focus on the self? Well you may want to increase your health or let go of some excess weight. Maybe you will want to focus your energy on your body becoming healthier. It may be you would like to become more successful in a certain area of your life.
I find this exercise works great when I am in the shower because it is my time alone and I am relaxed by the warm water that is falling all over my body.
Start by telling your body how much you love it and how thankful that you are for this great physical body you have.
Next visualize yourself in perfect health feeling like you have been reenergized and all organs are working perfectly.
If you have some extra pounds you would like to let go of, start telling your body how happy you are that you have let go of these pounds. Visualize yourself at your perfect weight. You can tell yourself how thankful you are that you have such toned and firm skin which is glowing with radiant health. Next tell your self how thankful you are for the positive energy that flows through you burning unwanted fat on your body. When you are done thank the water for cleansing your body and rejuvenating your skin.
Say affirmations each day for success in what ever it is that you desire.
Below are some examples:

I am thankful for the success in business that flows to me this day. Through my gratitude success flows in.

I am thankful for the healthy mind I have. It is brilliant and I am easily able to access the right information that will help me in all avenues of my life.

I easily create changes in my body that increase my energy level bringing me to my perfect weight.

As you begin to see yourself in a more perfect way, you will feel better and look physically better.
By loving your body and letting yourself feel beautiful you will enhance other areas of your life.

This week I would like to challenge you to write a list of your goals. Each week you should take a moment to write a letter of gratitude for the goal that you are focusing on this week. You can write this in your Creations Journal, it does not have to be very long but it does have to be written.
By using your imagination and visualizing that your goal has been accomplished. You would write about how attaining this goal has made you feel, and how it turned out even better than you had imagined. I know that many people do not have much time to write in a creations journal but, if you will put these wonderful thoughts into words your goal will continue to become more drawn to you until it manifests. This is because you are putting even more energy into your creation.
Seeing is the first step in believing and when you are writing about that which you desire your mind will imagine even more vividly the results. Thus it is bringing you to the creation and the manifestation of your goal.
Have a wonderful Week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie
I received this in an email from a friend of mine and felt that it would be a great one to pass along so here goes enjoy.
Handbook 2009

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.
4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
5. Make time to practice meditation, yoga, and prayer.
6. Play more games.
7. Read more books than you did in 2008.
8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
9. Sleep for 7 hours.
10. Take a 10-30 minutes walk every day. And while you walk, smile.

11. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
13. Don't over do. Keep your limits.
14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
15. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.
16. Dream more while you are awake.
17. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
18. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
19. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.
20. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.
21. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
22. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
23. Smile and laugh more.
24. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

25. Call your family often.
26. Each day give something good to others.
27. Forgive everyone for everything.
28. Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.
29. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
30. What other people think of you is none of your business.
31. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.

32. Do the right thing!
33. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
34. GOD heals everything.
35. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
36. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
37. The best is yet to come.
38. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it.
39. Your Inner most is always happy. So, be happy.
40. Please Forward this to everyone you care about.

February 23, 2009

Dear friends
I hope you will enjoy the meditation picture I have created for you.
This picture can help you in focusing your energy as you meditate or while you sleep.
By looking at it and relaxing your eyes you will begin to feel an inner peace. You can also print this picture and put it under your pillow. As you sleep it will help you to remember your dreams and will balance your energy.

Please let me know how it worked for you after one week.
I will be working on a new picture for next week that I will energize to bring in abundance for you.
Energy Unleashed

There have been some energy shifts in the last months that are very powerful. These shifts may or may not have affected you personally. Maybe you or someone you know happens to be feeling the effects of this shift. It can be a very subtle shift or a very powerful one depending on your spiritual connection with the universe at this time. Sometimes this energy is so powerful that it causes all kinds of havoc in personal lives and in professional lives of people. With the current state of affairs our world is in there seems to be much more negative energy being unleashed. Many people tell me "Julie, I Know I did not create this energy so why is this happening to me?" Well energy is just that and it may be that the energy you have attracted is coming to you for a reason. Small fears can still attract negative energy and as this energy comes to you, it is connecting with like energy building and growing as it flows to you. With this said, I am sure that you have decided to really pay attention to your thoughts more closely. Recognize that you may not have attracted this negative energy into your life and that other people's thoughts about you can attract negative energy to you.
We have talked of how our thoughts can attract energy but what about a world filled with negative thoughts about everything from the economy to having a home to live in tomorrow. Many relationships have been strained beyond the breaking point because of the economy. I am sad to hear of so many families being broken up because of finances. When we turn on the television there is energy coming into our homes and more often than not this energy is less positive and more negative. To break down this negative energy that has been unleashed, we have to begin to pour love and positive energy out into this world. We have to think of the good in this world and not dwell on the bad. It is easy to fill a conversation with all the negative things you hear and read about. I have noticed that if you start a conversation about something negative it seems to grow and is like a snow ball rolling down a hill gathering more and more energy. So what can you do about this toxic energy? Be aware of your thoughts, focus your energy on the positive out come of the economy and be positive about all that is good in your life. Smile and let go of the worries that are pressing on you.
Imagine in your mind a box, you can fill this box with all your fears and worries. Tape it closed, make sure it is sealed very good. You can even use an imaginary rope to tie it up. Now imagine a stick of dynamite and place it under your box of worry. Light the fuse and blow it up! See all the ashes flowing into the universe to be cleansed with love and light.
Now imagine that you have a new box it is filled with love and positive energy for you to use at any time. All you have to do is remember to use the contents of this box each day.
When you are involved in a negative conversation with another person focus your energy on bringing positive outcomes to what ever is being discussed. Do not be afraid to tell the other person that you do not wish to talk about the negative things that are happening in this world. Let them know that you would prefer to keep your thoughts and communication in a more positive frame. By doing so you will help them and you will help yourself.
There will continue to be more energy shifts taking place and you will be given opportunities to make choices that will either bring you into balance and harmony with your self and others. Or you may choose to follow a path of less resistance and remain in a state of negative energy.
Remember it is up to you to recognize the energy that you are encountering daily and that you have total control of the energy you allow in your life. Yes it can be a challenge to remain positive at all times. Yes it takes strength to focus your thoughts on positive outcomes of all situations in your life and Yes! It will be worth it.
Once you master controlling your thoughts and working only with positive energy you will see that it wasn't as hard as you thought. You will be happier and you will help in making this world a better place filled with more positive energy.
Our world has been out of balance for awhile now and it is time to bring balance back by bringing positive energy into our lives. Always remember that Love is the most powerful energy there is and that you have this energy within you. With Love anything is possible.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Have a great week!

March 3, 2009

Meditation Image for Wealth and Abundance

This week we have a new image to focus and meditate on.
As you meditate on this image you will feel relaxed as if all worry and fears about finances are now being dissolved from within you. As you look deeper you may get feelings of happiness welling up inside you. There may be a connection with the colors in this image. What do you feel as you look at the colors? Do they have a special meaning to you? Does one color stand out more than another?
As you meditate on this image have a pen and paper at hand to make notes on the feelings and thoughts that are now flowing to you. Try to take a few minutes each day to focus on the image this will help you to attract wealth and abundance into your life. This may take a week or two to manifest so do not give up. Be sure to breathe and to visualize as you look at the image, see your financial wealth flowing from all directions to you.
Within a week or two there will be something very exciting happen that will bring in a new opportunity to attract more money into your life.
This wealth may appear out of the blue. Do not think about where it may come from. Just be grateful it is manifesting for you right now.

Burn Onion Skins to Bring in Money to Burn
Okay, I know it has been awhile since I have put any magical spells in the newsletter so I figured that it was time to remind everyone of the Onion Skin Money Spell.
Remember that for any magic to work there has to be belief first. So as you burn your onion skins, be sure to have a very positive outlook about the outcome you wish to receive.
Money to Burn
Take some onion skins the yellow or red crackly outside skins. You will also need a green candle and a pair of needle nose pliers, also an old cookie sheet to catch the ashes.
Now light the candle and pick up the onion skins with the needle nose pliers, run them in the flame and let them catch on fire they will crackle and burn. As you are visualizing while the onion skins burn focus your thoughts on having money to burn.
When the fire is out and your candle has burned to the socket snuff it out and through the ashes in your yard to go back to mother earth.
I have used this one often and I have given it to many people through the years. It was given to me from a little old Lady years ago, I am sorry that I never got her name.
I do know for sure this one works! Give it a try!

If Your Life were a Book
If your life were a book what would it look like? Would your book be filled with beautiful linen pages and would the words be written in fine ink. Would the cover of this book be one that is bound and dressed leather or fine fabric.
Would the pages be filled with words of happiness and joy, are there stories of success and love.
If another person were reading your book, would they be smiling and filled with inspiration? Or would they be sad because your book is filled with sorrow and doubt.
Is your book filled with stories from the past? Are these stories about all that is good and wonderful in your life?
Maybe the stories are of sadness and a past that is filled with negative happenings. What ever your book contains it is your book and no other person on this earth has a book that is written exactly as yours is. If your book is old and not as interesting as you had wished it was maybe it is time to start writing a new book with new chapters filled with joy and happiness. Each day is like a chapter in your book of life and you can choose to make this chapter a great one filling the page with your hopes and dreams and telling of the wishes that you will soon fulfill. Each day you can create a chapter that will inspire and drive you to writing an even better chapter tomorrow.
While each of us has the ability to create and write our own book of life many of us have left it up to others to decide how the chapter will end. We allow the thoughts and feelings (the energy) of others to influence our life but it is up to us to decide that we are in charge of our destiny and of how our book will influence our tomorrows.
Start today to write the new and improved book of you. If today is the first page of this chapter of your life how would you want it to read?

Well I know how I want my story to be written. Today is the day I begin to write a new book of me. The chapters will be filled with stories of inspiration, love and happiness.
As I fill the pages the writing will be of faith and belief that I am creating an even better book with a magical ending that will inspire me to continue writing more and more books.
This book is just a metaphor to bring your attention to your life and the pages of your book that need to be rewritten in a way that will bring more happiness, joy and love into your life.
Have a Wonderful Week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

March 10, 2009

Command through Love

We have the ability within us to command that which we desire and bring it into our life easily and in a way that is positive.

How then do we do this?
This is my question to God to Spirit and to the Universe.

The answer I received was:
"Command through Love" When you decide to command through love you will start a chain reaction that will bring unto you many opportunities to grow and achieve that which you so desire.

This sounds pretty easy to do, I thought to my self. Yet I felt that by commanding I was demanding the universe to provide that which I desired. This to me felt a bit selfish.
Then another answer came to me seemingly from out of the blue:
You are not a child throwing a temper tantrum demanding to have your way. This is why you should know that commanding has to be paired with love in order to create your desires. Remembering that you are in total control of what happens in your life. By commanding with love you have more energy to attract your desires.
The energy of love is within you and the more you choose to use it the more powerful it will become.

It seems to me that we forget our wonderful abilities to create everything we want in our lives. Through opening our minds to infinite possibilities we can receive the gifts of the Universe. It is by commanding with love that we shall begin to transform our lives.

Through the great power of love, it is my command that the world shall know this love and shall have all knowledge and wisdom to decide how they will use it.
You will decide for yourself how you will use this gift and how you will give it to others.

By using your intuition and the love energy from within you it will be easy to begin commanding with love in your life. We know that love is the most powerful force upon this earth and that with love all that we ask shall be given to us. It is with no fear that we are able to gain access to the power of love.

Each week I write this newsletter in order to keep myself on track and to assist those of you who read it to keep your lives on track. There is much in this world to focus our positive energy upon. It is now that this world needs our assistance in so many ways. By using love and focusing our thoughts on positive outcomes, we are creating an energy that is so powerful it can make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Today I ask you to not give in to negative thoughts or feelings you may encounter. Realize that you have a very powerful ability within you that can change the way you look at life. This ability is love and it is within each of us all we have to do is use it.
I love you and bless you for it is you who inspires me to write these newsletters each week. Thank you
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

March 16, 2009
Greetings Friends,
May your day be filled with happiness and may love remain in your hearts always.

I do not know how many of you have heard or read in the news about Nadya Suleman she is the young woman who gave birth to eight babies not to long ago. I have seen the story on TV with Dr. Phil. I have also seen bits on the News, although I rarely watch the news.
I have to say it saddens me to see that there are so many judgmental people in this world. The saddest part is that it all comes back to people's thoughts about money that causes so much judgment. As I watched this young woman with her children on TV, I felt there is much love within her. I also felt something I will try to describe in words for you. When I saw her with her new babies on Dr. Phil show it was like there is a beautiful white light around her. This light emanated love, it reminded me of the purity of what love is. I have chosen not to judge her because I feel she is on her own pathway. We each have the right to choose the pathway we desire in this life and this is hers as yours is yours. We never really know why others choose to do what they do. It is our job to choose our pathway carefully and with love for ourselves and others.
As I was thinking about Nydya and her children, all fourteen of them I realized that may be these children chose to come to earth to do something special that will help in changing this world for the better. Maybe one of these children will become a Doctor that will find a cure for AIDS or Cancer. One of the Children may become a leader that will save many people. We do not know at this time what these children will grow up to be but, I can guarantee that there is a reason, just as there is a reason for you and me.

When you let go of all thoughts of judgment you will begin to realize your Special Purpose on this earth. You will begin to see others in a whole new way and your eyes will be open to see the greatness in your being.

Thank you for taking the time to stay on track with Tickles and Sparkles weekly newsletter.
Blessings from Julie

March 24, 2009

I would like to thank those people who emailed their comments about last week's newsletter. I am so happy that I received such positive responses from my readers. I know you are on your higher path in life.
Blessings from Julie
New Moon March 26th
Be sure to write out your ten wishes at the new moon you may be quite surprised at how many of your wishes manifest in the next six months.

Today it is up to you and me to revive compassion towards others and to bring compassion back into our daily lives.
When we are compassionate towards others we are also being compassionate with our own spirit. In Sacramento CA, there is a homeless community that has been dubbed Tent City. It saddens me to that there is such a growing epidemic of homelessness happening in this country. I am sure there are many cities across our nation that, have a large homeless population living with them. I believe that there are many of these people who would never thought a year or two ago that they would be living in these conditions.
In Sacramento there seems to be a great debate as to what to do with these people, our mayor suggests putting them up at the fair grounds. I think this would be great except for the fact that they are going to remodel the fairgrounds and then where do these people go. I would assume that other cities have the same scenario happening in them.
I have talked with many people who are grateful each day for their job. They say that if they lost their job today maybe they would be able to make it a few months on their savings. As I write this I feel compassion for these people and for the thousands who are homeless in the United States and the world for that matter. I think to myself what has happened to this great country and the people who live here. Where is the compassion for others? Did we loose it along the way or did we just forget how to be compassionate. We have evolved into such selfish human beings taking for granted our lives and how good they are.
I am not telling you to go adopt a homeless person but hey that may be nice. I am asking for your positive thoughts and prayers for those who are going through these struggles that they may learn to create that, which they desire in their lives. Be filled with compassion for those who have none, send them love and healing so that they may prosper and achieve their dreams.
I ask you to do this because, I know you have read my newsletters and I am sure that by now with this knowledge you have figured out how to create wonderful things in your life through being positive. As we fill our minds with positive thoughts for others we are helping them on a spiritual level which transmits strength and love to them.
There fore giving them the power to transform their lives though what seems to be miracles. These miracles come from the combine positive energy that each of us send out.

On Thursday March 26th which is the day of the new moon I ask you to focus your thoughts on compassion for the homeless around the world. Send them love and blessings of hope for a better future. Visualize for them good opportunities and a new start for a better and better tomorrow. Make this a New Moon that makes a difference in the lives of many.
Always remember, your thoughts are very powerful use them, well.

If you have a comment about this week's newsletter or an idea for an upcoming newsletter please email it to Julie@ticklesandpsarkles.com

Thank you for taking the time to stay on track with Tickles and Sparkles weekly newsletter.
Blessings from Julie

March 30, 2009

Have you ever had a dream that just stuck in your mind and would not go away or maybe you are an avid dreamer who has dreams every night that come to you in full color. My oldest son has these kinds of dreams they are like seeing a full length movie, when he tells me about them.
It could be that you rarely dream but when you do they are really bad dreams. Many of my clients through out the years have asked me about dreams and what they mean.
I tell them that dreams are very hard to figure out at times. It could be that your dreams are filled with symbols that only you can understand. There are dreams that are prophetic that tell of something in the future. And then there are bad dreams some mighty scary at times. Is there a reason for these kinds of dreams? I believe that dreams are here to help us and that they are the only way our subconscious and spirit can contact us. If you dream that someone is dying it usually means that there is something that the person will have to endure and, they will have to let go of a way of life that was not serving them well. A transformation of sorts and it does not always mean a death. Say I had a dream that I won the lottery and I really took it to heart that this was a sign that I would soon win the lottery. The next day I get a check in the mail that I did not expect for a hundred dollars. The dream would signify to me that there was money coming to me not, that I would win the lottery. My daughter is a fire sign in astrology when she dreams of a fire it seems to be a warning of a fire. Each birth sign is one of these fire, water, earth or air and if you keep a dream journal you will fine that your most prophetic dreams come in some form connected with the sign you were born under. So then if a person who is an air sign dreams of an air plane crash this dream may come as a warning. When some people dream of a birth, soon after they will hear of a death. Each person is unique in what they dream so there are many different interpretations of what their dreams may tell. To learn more about what your dreams mean, get yourself a note book and a pen sit this by your bed side and be sure to make a quick note if you are awakened in the night by a dream that will help you to remember your dreams when you awaken in the morning.
There are times when I do not remember my dreams until later in the day when something jolts them and I have a clear vision of them that is, when I make a note of my dream in my dream journal so I do not forget it. The more I remember my dreams the more signs and symbols I can get from the dream.
If you haven't had a dream for awhile you can drink a glass of water and lemon juice right before bedtime. This will help in bring the dreams in for you. By putting a piece of green jade under your pillow at night is said to help you remember your dreams. Sometimes dreams can be totally opposite of what you may think they are so if you are really freaked out about a dream, you have to remember that most of the time dreams are symbolic in nature.
Sweet Dreams to all, Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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April 6, 2009

Greetings, I hope you are beginning the week with a joyful heart and mind. I know that there are many who may be reading this and thinking to them selves how, can I be joyful with all of the negative energy I have to face every day. You may be amazed to know that you are in power of what affects your life and what does not. There may be negative energy all around us, but we have the right to refuse to give in to it and we can overcome the lower vibrations and the negativity.
When we learn how to recognize the energy surrounding us at all times and how it feels. We can then choose to allow it to influence how we feel or we can choose to release it into the universe, so it can be cleansed with light and love to come back to Mother Earth as pure love for all living things.
We may start the energy recognition process by thinking about something that made us happy in the past. Take a deep breath and think about this right now. How do you feel? Is there a feeling of peace in your heart right now as you think about this past moment? Now think of something that would bring you happiness right now. Do not elaborate upon the thought, in other words do not try to figure out how it will happen just think about it. Okay how do you feel when you think of this that will bring you great happiness? Is there excitement do you feel it in your body? What Part?
Energy can bring us to a happy place in our minds or a very unhappy place. If you are thinking happy thoughts you are feeling good and have a happy heart. If you are thinking negative thoughts for your self or someone else you will also feel that with your body.
We all have to be constantly reminded to keep positive because it is so easy to allow negative energy to attach its self to us. It only takes a moment for a negative thought to hit us like a ton of bricks. When it does we seem to have a ruff time letting this energy go. There are people who seem to enjoy being in a negative energy state, by gossiping and putting others down it forces the energy to become more and more negative.
There are people who talk ill of others yet still claim to be positive. This is because they are blind to the possibility that they could be considered a negative person. Maybe they are unaware of the energy they are putting out to others. What ever the cause there is a way to make changes that will put you back into a more positive frame of mind and energy. If you find your self thinking a negative thought, take a moment to analyze it and decide what kind of thought it is, how does it make you feel? If you answer is a not so good feeling then you have recognized that this is a negative thought. Now you have a choice you can replace it with a more positive thought or you can voice your negative thought giving it even more negative energy. I am almost sure that most people will consider changing the thought to a more positive one. A good way to change a thought is to say to your self "cancel, cancel clear" and then put in your positive thought saying the positive words out loud. I sometimes say "Delete!" and change my thought to a more positive one.
This week focus on recognizing your thoughts and the feelings that you receive with them. There is a saying that goes like this "think twice speak once" see if you can change the energy around you by changing your thoughts and how you think of yourself and others.

What does Tickles and Sparkles mean?
The meaning of Tickles and Sparkles is pure love. I do a visualization of a feather tickling someone and then golden sparkles flowing over them surrounding them with pure love. I send tickles and sparkles to people because it is easy and it instantly goes to the person you send it too. Try this to test your Tickles and Sparkles. The next time you are with another person visualize a white feather tickling their nose and a hand full of golden sparkles flowing over them. Soon you will see them scratch their nose. It is quite fun and full of pure love.

I love to help others who desire to know about their future. I am able give them information that will benefit them. I can easily access this information through a Norwegian Card reading. The cards open the doors for me to receive guidance for the person I am reading for. The results are quite amazing and informative. If you are looking for answers it may be time for a reading. I know there have been some tight times concerning money for many people so if this is you and you can not really afford a reading, please contact me and we can work something out. I would not want you to miss an opportunity that is around the corner because you could not afford a reading. Also if you send a friend to me for a reading you will receive twenty dollars off your next reading. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Have a wonderful week
I love you,
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

April 13, 2009

This week I would like to discuss CHANGE it seems to me each person I know has gone through and is experiencing changes in their lives at this moment and in the past. Sometimes change can challenge us to see things more differently than we ever imagined we would. Change can help us to learn new ways of seeing and doing things we would usually not have thought of.
One of the ways I have noticed that change works in my life is when I am focused on doing something a certain way and it is not working for me. If at that moment I stop what I am doing and let go of my focus, I find that a thought will pop up that gives me an opportunity to change my way of going about what I am doing. Kind of like putting together a child's toy and not using the instructions I bet there are some of you out there who have tried this a time or two and have an excess amount of parts that you couldn't find a place for. If you had just taken a moment to read the instructions you would be done and all the parts would have a place. Instead you forced the parts together even though it didn't fit. You may even have been angry because it was so difficult to put together a child's toy.
When we try to force something and it just does not seem to work that is a sign that there obviously a change needed.
I have figured out after many years, that when I notice what is not working for me and make the change without getting all stressed out about it. What ever was not working begins to work out for me.

I asked my oldest Son if he would mind writing something for the newsletter after seeing some things he had written on his "myspace" page. I want to thank him for his wonderful addition to this newsletter.

Approaching Changes
There are many sayings that we use in our lives to help us deal with change, but from my experience, I rarely see people live by these sayings.
For instance one of the best rules to keep fresh in your mind and live by, in your life is: "The only thing that is for certain is CHANGE"
My reason for knowing this is, if you can live by and understand this rule you will look at the good things and the bad things that happen in your life and know that tomorrow can and will be different, because of CHANGE.
For those of you that might not think of this as a governing rule of life, please take some time and think about all the tiny and large changes that take place in your life every day. Think about how all the changes that "steer" your life in one direction or another.
For me personally I love and hate this saying (Rule). Weather you believe in God or not, bad and good things happen. One thing we do as humans is put our own personal spin on how we want a certain situations to happen or play out. When it does not play out the way we want we blame God or blame ourselves or blame someone else, and vice versa. From this point on try to think of every change, not as good or bad, but rather as "necessary". Necessary for your life to move forward and for you to be happy
One example of change that gets me every time is the "getting somewhere on time" event. One Saturday, I had to go to the grocery store. I am rushing around try to squeeze in extra stops and then I head to the store. Well as you can guess the changes I made affected me getting to my destination on time as I had desired.
Then "of all the things that could happen" I get a flat tire. Well, I pull over and put on the spare and I am angry the whole time. Then when I am back on the road, a mile or so down the road there is a terrible accident with the vehicle that was in front of me before the flat. I did not really think any thing of it, then and there. It was not until I was walking around the store a little later. Then it hit me like a brick "That person in the accident could have been me". After that I realized that, The "BAD" Change of the tire blowing out saved my life.
Another quick example is a divorce, the big "D". Well yes it sucks to go through it, but if you think of it as a door closing on one portion of your life and the opening of a new door, where love and prosperity can enter. Then it makes that change look more beautiful.
Remember just like a computer, change can NOT "hate" you. It simply has to be looked at as a tool in your life, that can, if used and understood properly can make you very HAPPY.
Thanks R. H.

Honor the Changes in Your Life by Allowing Them
Without Stress or Fears

I know there are many people who are stressed out from work and financial obligations. With so many people just scraping by because of the economy it seems to me that we are going through this change for a reason and each of us has a choice to trust and believe in all the good these changes can bring into our lives or we can push against them.

Take time out to Breathe each day I do not mean little tiny breaths but big belly breaths.
Breathe in through the nose and out through your mouth do this many times through out your day. It will relieve stress and help you to become balanced and refocused in a more positive way.

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Thank You for taking a moment to read this newsletter each week. It is my wish to be of service to you through adding a positive note to your week.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

April 20, 2009

Dear Readers
I hope you are looking forward to having a great week, I know I am!
So I am wishing you a fantastic week filled with Love, Joy and Happiness.

Setting Goals for Yourself Each Week

Each week I start out with a clean sheet of paper from my legal sized tablet that I use to write down my goals for each day of that week.
I have been doing this for so many years I can not remember when I didn't make a list.
What is amazing is that I seem to get more accomplished each week because I have a plan.
Goals do not have to be something big in fact you can set small goals in order to complete projects and remind yourself of how good you are at accomplishing tasks that you have to get done. Some weeks my list of goals for the week is enormous but, I seem to accomplish most all of them by the end of the week.
It brings me happiness to cross the tasks I have done off my list and move to the next one. If I have not accomplished something I had on my list it goes to the next week's list.
Sometimes I will write on my goals list to "Laugh Out Loud" each day.
Or there are other times I write down things like "I would like to bring happiness and joy to at least one person during the day".
It amazes me how the universe always supplies me with the right person to do just this for.
When I set goals for myself I love to imagine how good I will feel after I accomplish them.
This gives me a little nudge to get the job done with a smile on my face.
Goals lists are not meant to make you feel badly if you do not achieve everything on your list.
Goals are to help you to accomplish what you desire to achieve each week.
I know many people including my self who will set a goal that may seem unreachable or unattainable, but eventually and amazingly you will attain the goal.
For example: one day a young lady I know wrote on her list of to do's for the week "Go buy a new car". She just thought she would write it in and wait to see what happens. Well by the end of the week she was driving a new car. She told me that she had thought of buying a new car but was not that serious about making such a big investment. She had forgot all about her list after jotting some minor things down that she wanted to get accomplished on that day. She had been busy all day and was at the grocery store shopping before the children returned home from school. On the way home she passed a car lot and saw the exact car she had been wishing for. She thought to her self, what harm can it do if I just stop for a minute and take a look at this beautiful car. Well as it turned out the price of the car was less than she had imagined. She went home and put away her groceries and loaded up the children in her way to small automobile. Soon they were at the car lot, staring at the beautiful car she had picked out. This little goal turned out to be a winner, now she and her three children are riding around in a comfortable new car that they could all enjoy.

I do not mean to tell you to go out and buy a new car just because it is on your list, but if the opportunity presents its self, there just may be a reason it came about in a perfect way just for you. Maybe you might write on your list to clean out your closet, and as you are going through the things you wish to donate you find a $20.00 bill in the pocket of that old coat you haven't worn in years.
You may even write:
I will get a great job offer this week that pays more than my old job.
Under this you may write:
Make time for relaxation with friends and family.
Then you may add to your list all the things you will achieve on a certain day of the week like doing laundry and get groceries.
As you go through your day checking things off the list you will feel so much better about your accomplishments of the day and then of the week.
Each morning I take a few minutes to look over my list of goals. I then make a note next to them if I know that I have to get them accomplished by a certain time or day. I also add to this list the things that may come up during the week. I also write down things that I would love to do or have.
It is amazing that by using your list each week you are creating new things and experiences for yourself.
And the bonus is that you will not forget to get things you need to do done especially if you tend to be absent-minded, like some of us.

I hope you will take a moment to create your goals list for this week.
I would love to hear how making a goals list works for you. You can email me at: julie@TicklesandSparkles.com

April 27, 2009

Greetings from Julie
I wish you a wonderful week in which you achieve your goals and receive your wishes come true.

The planet Mercury will be retrograding on the 7th of May
And will go direct on the 30th of May 2009

The reason I am telling you this now before the retrograde is because it seems to have gotten a head start of about two weeks. About ten years ago I noticed that usually about two weeks before the retrograde is scheduled to start, we begin to feel its effects.

So if you have noticed that the energy of other people or yourself seems to be quite strange or negative it is because we are entering a Mercury Retrograde.
I have noticed that many people are unusually negative lately. I know that there is much stress and worry that is also causing this negative energy to form more easily that ever before.
We are so caught up in the physical dynamics of life that we forget to be kind and courteous to the people around us. Honestly I have felt this energy so strongly, that I intentionally put an imaginary mirror ball of light around me to deflect this negative energy when I go to the store or just to run to the post office. If you have felt this negative or annoying energy, I am sure you are wondering what you can do to avoid it. You can choose to focus your energy each day on only positive thoughts and feelings. By recognizing what is a loving thought and what is a not so loving thought, you can begin to monitor your self and your thoughts keeping a more balanced attitude. We are all human and there are times when we just get caught up in the drama. The best way to let go of this drama is to recognize it. Decide for yourself if you want to be a part of the drama or make a conscious decision to let go of the drama. By visualizing a mirror ball of light around you and seeing it mirroring out all negative energy that comes near you. It may surprise you how easily you will avoid negative energy and negative people. If someone I know starts to tell me of their drama, I tell them I have 50 seconds that I will allow for drama so go ahead and get it out then we can get back to the positive aspects of our lives.
Why just 50 seconds? The first reason is we do not have time to waste another minute on drama in our lives. We all have good days and bad days the trick is to turn the bad days into good days by knowing that everything changes. Yes, even with all the fear this world is going though at this time it will get better. In fact I have talked with many people who feel it is already starting to get better and better.
Life is truly what you make of it and if your life is not going the way you desire it to at this time. If you will decide to make a small change even in the way you think about something you will begin to make a change in your life.

Mercury Retrograde
Dos and Don'ts

Do finish up old projects
Do focus on positive thoughts and express your self with love to others.
Do clean out those closets and garages

Don't buy anything electrical, including computers, cell phones, appliances etc…
Don't argue with others, you would be amazed at how many couples break up in retrogrades.
Don't go buy a new car you may be sorry you did. Wait until after May 30th.
Don't sign important papers, like buying a home. Try to put this off until a week after the retrograde.

Mercury rules communications of all kinds so things tend to get messed up when Mercury is going backwards. You may miss an important call or get stuck in a traffic jam. Be calm and know it too will pass.

If you have any questions about the Retrograde please feel free to email them to me julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

We are Each Others Inspiration

Each person on this earth has the capacity to be an inspiration to others. Think of the many people who have inspired you through out your lifetime. Now think of the many people that you have been an inspiration for. Each of us is capable of inspiring in a positive way at least one person each day. Make a commitment to be an inspiration of positive to someone each day.
Thus you shall be inspired.

Note: the above was divinely inspired for me to give to you. I had written this message I received in the form of Divine guidance, earlier this week. I had written it on a sticky pad on my desk. It was as if I knew it was meant to be in this newsletter. I know that it has given me great inspiration and I hope it does the same for you.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

May 5, 2009

I would like to wish each of you who are Mother's a very Happy Mothers Day!

Mother's are very special people for without them we would not be here. So to all you Mother's and Grand Mother's thank you for being you.

Staying Positive
Why is it that we have such a difficult time just trying to stay positive in today's world? With so much negative energy surrounding us it truly is a challenge to keep a smile on your face and love in your heart at all times.
There are many little ways I use to keep me on track and keep my mind focused on the positive things. I like to think of all the good things that I have learned from each experience. Even the bad experiences I have had have taught me something positive in the end.
When we are in the moment of having a negative experience, it is the perfect time to become aware of our feelings and our ego. At that moment we need to quietly ask our self "is the experience I want to have?" If NO is your answer, then it is time to learn how you can get control of your feelings and energy again.
Breathe- This is the most effective way I know of to relieve negative energy and stress. This means big deep belly breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Change your thoughts- Yes at that moment you need to start thinking of something totally different. A loving thought will really do wonders to bring new more positive energy in.
Laugh- yep Go ahead and laugh out loud, even if it doesn't make any sense.

Ask your Ego to take a break- We all know that our ego loves to be our ruler but it is up to you to decide when enough is, enough. By recognizing what thoughts are positive and which are not you will learn when ego has control.

Develop a Mantra- That you can say to yourself when things are causing you worry or anger. Like:

I now allow other people to have their own experiences and I am in flow with love and the universe is protecting me.

I easily release all negative energy I have attracted in this moment, this day and in this time. Only Positive energy is allowed to remain for I am the only one who has control over me.
When ever you feel that you cannot make it know that God is there with you and will be forever. Look for all the good in your life don't cave in to focusing your thoughts on the negative happenings in this world or your life.

I am very grateful for all of the wonderful friends I have made though out my life. Some friends are here for a short time and others longer maybe a life time. I feel so blessed each day that I have met so many wonderful people. You are gift in my life because you bring me inspiration to keep writing each week. I thank you and bless you.

Reminder Mercury will be retrograde until May 30th 2009

Question of the Week

Dear Julie why do I feel that things just are not changing fast enough in my life? I have been stuck in the same situation for so long and it seems to be getting worse.
Dear Reader: If it seems that life is moving along at a snails pace and it has been awhile since some good things have manifested for you, it may be time to change what you have been focusing on. When we decide to change our thoughts about something we are telling the universe that we are ready to let go and move on. The Universe will now have all that you have been holding onto. Things will soon begin to manifest for you, unexpectedly. It takes a lot to hand over all your worry to the Universe or God, but when you totally let go you will know it because miracles begin to happen.

If you have a question you would like to ask Julie please email me with your question and be sure to read next weeks newsletter to find your answer.

May 11, 2009

Dear Friends this week I have asked for Divine Guidance once again in writing this Newsletter and to my amazement as always, the messages come in. As most of you are aware we are going through a Mercury Retrograde which will end on the 30th of May. Many of my friends have been telling me that they are going through some pretty strange circumstances in the last week. I have to agree with them for I too have had a few experiences, I would rather not have had.
As I was thinking of how each time a Mercury Retrograde comes around and of all the lessons that we learn each time this happens. I realized that I should be happy and thankful that I had each experience no matter how good or bad it was. At first I really was not in agreement with this wisdom that came to me from out of the blue. Yet there was this message that kept coming in stronger and stronger it was:
"Everything Happens for a Reason Allow it"
As I repeatedly received this message, I realized that even if things got tough all I had to do was know that everything does happen for a reason.
What we have to do is be accepting of the experiences that we are having at all times. Know that we will receive wisdom from each good and bad experience that comes our way.
I too have been having some pretty strange retrograde experiences as of late, some good and some not so good at first, but then they turned out okay. The thing I am getting at is we all are having an experience it is called life. We all have good days and some that we would rather forget. But mostly we hang on to those experiences that we would rather forget. When it would be so much better for us to acknowledge them as something we needed to experience.
Something that helped us to have more wisdom, gave us more knowledge or strength.
Sometimes we do acknowledge this but is seems to be long after the fact. Well it is so important to remember while you are having an experience to acknowledge it. Know that every thing happens for a reason. Welcome the experience and give thanks for the wisdom and strength you gained by having this experience. By doing this you will release all negative aspects of the experience thus creating a more positive outlook on each experience that comes your way. You do not have to hold on to the negative experiences that happen in your life. They can be let go of so easily just by acknowledging that you have learned something from them.
I believe that you can let go of those things in your past experiences and in present experiences that you would rather not hang onto any longer just by saying thank you for this experience I have learned from it.

Question of the Week

Help Julie!
What would you suggest that I could do to gain more mental focus and have more energy also I would like to gain some motivational empowerment once again. Feeling Stuck…..Like standing in Quick Sand.

Dear Cathy there are many aroma therapy's on the market that will help get your spirits up. You can visit your local health foods store, many which carry essential oils. Some oils like Grapefruit, Cucumber, Ginger and Lemmon Grass oils are uplifting. You can add them to your bath water using a dropper and adding about ten to twelve drops along with your favorite bubble bath. There are many herbal teas that are uplifting and will energize you. I drink a glass of water with 1/8 cup lemon juice each morning to get going and open my spiritual connection with my Angels and Guides.
As far as gaining mental focus this is where you come in because you are the one who decides how you will direct your focus. I suggest focusing on things that make you happy there is no time like the present to begin your new focus. Because the Universe is always returning back to us, the energy of what we are thinking. If you are striving to only think and look at the positive aspects in your life you will receive more positive responses from the Universe.
The last sentence in your question "Feeling Stuck….Like in Quick Sand" I know was just an expression of how you are feeling. But it is also energy that you are sending out into the universe. The trick is for you now to welcome this experience and give thanks for it acknowledging what you have learned from being stuck. Next you can create a little affirmation for your self that will help you begin the flow of good into your life once again.
Like this one:
All Blocks and barriers on my path are now crumbling before me. I move forward easily under grace and in wonderful ways.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

If you have a Question Please email it to Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Then read next weeks Newsletter to see the answer.

May 18, 2009

It is said that life is what you make of it. Yet so many people still ask me, why when they have created in their minds a good life it seems to turn out the opposite. In life things sometimes go perfectly and then there are times that we wonder, why me! Life is like a big circle we start out with a perfectly round circle. This is where we start out but soon information streams into our perfect little circle and we begin to form judgments. Have you ever looked at a baby and seen the perfection in this child not judging anything or anyone. Soon the child begins to grow and form its own personality by experiencing new thoughts. These new thoughts come from the parents and the people this child is around in the first two years of its life. What we do not realize is that this child is not only forming its own thoughts but in this child's thoughts there are influences from our energy and our thoughts. This is only the beginning of how we grow as humans. Soon comes the teenage years where children begin to put together their own thoughts from their experiences upon this earth. After that is adulthood this is where we begin to form new thoughts and judgments from our experiences. We become individuals some of us seek our own pathway. Yet others would rather follow a plan that is set forth by our society. It really does not matter what path you are on as long as you are living your life in bliss and happiness. Life is meant to be pleasurable and enjoyable. In fact life is really a miracle and you are a part of this miracle. The Choices that we have made in the past can be changed. Though changing our out look on the experience of life as I stated above life is like a circle. As we go through life there are ups and downs it is kind of like drawing a circle and each time something negative happens it puts a divot in our circle. Soon this circle is not perfect and round but has become bumpy and has lost its smoothness. Have you ever felt that your life has been a bumpy ride and there were many ups and downs before something great happened I think we have all felt this a time or two.
Why is it that we can't seem to stay on the path of smoothness and stay centered on the joy of living?
I will let you in on a little secret, you can keep your path smooth and you can stay centered. Yes it takes much effort to remain positive and to keep creating positive thoughts even when you think it will not do any good. Each life is important each life is unique and special in some way. Maybe you already know how special your life is and important your part is as you play this role of your life.
Or maybe you are asking God why am I here? What am I suppose to do for this earth for humanity for my family and friends. What is my purpose? Your number one purpose in this life is to become more God like. Now I do not mean that you have to attend church each Sunday because this is not what will make you more God like. It is your choice to actively take control of your thoughts and feelings and use them in positive ways that will help you become more God like. What do I mean by being more God like? Well as I see it God is love in its purest form. So for you to become more God like you will have to be willing to let go of negative thoughts and feelings you have held onto. These thoughts and feelings come from within and from others. It is when we let go of our emotional baggage that we can let our God like energy flow. At the beginning of each day, take time to be grateful for the life that you have here on this beautiful earth. At the end of each day let go of all the energy that is not use full in a positive way. Be grateful for the experience of your life. There is another old saying that says: practice makes perfect. I have to agree with this full heartedly for even if there are times of trouble and doubt you can change them through practicing being positive in your thoughts and feelings. Maybe next time things will go a lot smoother if you are practicing being positive rather than allowing the negative thoughts and feelings to fill your mind.

Life is valuable yet there is no amount of money that can make life better. Time is of the essence in life because you do not get one minute of your life back once you have lived it. Use every moment to your advantage by recognizing negative thoughts as soon you have one. When you are talking with someone discussing something negative that is happening in your life you are putting more negative energy out into the universe. What many people do not realize is that each time you speak about some situation that is negative you lend more energy to that situation. The Universe is not discriminating it takes you at your words. As you send them out they come back to you in either positive or negative ways.
Stay on Track by living your life with Passion and use your mind and words to focus on love and being more God like in all you think do and say.

Life is good
Live it with passion
Count all the blessings that being a part of this life creates for you
Focus on what you want, not on what you do not want.
Give into the enjoyment of living a life filled with love.
Send Tickles and Sparkles to everyone.

Question of the Week
Hi Julie
I thought that when we are positive and excited about what we want in our life that we would receive what we are creating. I believe that I am positive and that I am a leader here to help people. I also believe that I have a lot to offer others. So why am I not getting the results I want yet?
When is it my time?
I do not know what more to do and how to be perfect.
Tired of trying to be perfect

Dear Tried of trying to be perfect
You do not have to be perfect to get what you want in life, you do have to be sincere and believe in yourself.
You have to have a knowing so strong that you are deserving of having everything you ask for in life. Even subconsciously you have to believe that you are worthy of all that you desire.
Sometimes we have to let go of what we want and think about something entirely different. By focusing your attention on something different you are letting go of other thoughts of what you want, so that the Universe can then manifest them for you. Remember that Universal timing can be quite different from your timing. You do not have to be perfect because you already are. Each of us is perfect in who we are. It is about being accepting without conditions or questions as to how your dreams will manifest. Just by knowing they will manifest will strengthen the energy bringing them in sooner. When we get angry or have doubting thoughts we are blocking our progress. Love is the most powerful energy there is. Love can bring in miracles and through love all is possible. Don't waste your time on trying to be perfect use your time to love and focus your thoughts on love. The manifestation of your greatest wishes will be brought to you at the right time. Trust, believe and have faith my dear.
If you have a question you would like to ask Julie please email me with your question and be sure to read next weeks newsletter to find your answer.

May 26, 2009
Written by Julie Humphrey

Greetings Friends,
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I was at the post office this morning waiting in what was quite a long line of people. As I stood there patiently a lady got in line just in back of me. Ahead of me about four or five people was an older woman complaining about something to do with her daughter being in the armed services. She was quite loud so everyone in line heard her story. The woman in back of me was quite annoyed with the loud lady ahead in the line who was talking constantly. Then the lady in back of me started saying "I wish she would just shut up. She has issues!" I just stood there smiling thinking to my self Tickles and Sparkles over and over again. The Lady in back of me kept shooting off rude remarks about the other lady who still kept talking on and on. I glanced at the Lady behind me and again she said that lady really has issued wish she would just shut up. I then looked at her sending her pure love through my thoughts and said to her we all have issues. I smiled and turned my attention to who was next in line. I felt that I needed to focus my energy so I again started saying to my self "Tickles and Sparkles blessed be make this line go quickly for me". Sooner than I expected it was my turn in line. I have to say that when someone is rude or just plain mean we all have a choice to focus on the rudeness of others and then become like them or we can focus on love and become more loving.

Healing With Love
Most of us own a car and use it on a daily basis as we go to work and run errands. We all have to do maintenance on our cars and make sure that they are all in good running order. So it is with our bodies we all have to eat and drink so that our bodies will run smoothly for us. When a car runs out of oil the oil light comes on to tell us that it is time to put oil in our car so it will run smoothly. If the car runs without oil it will eventually begin smoking and blow up. If we forget to fill our body with love it too will eventually get so angry by not having any love and will blow up. Now I do not blow up like poof! But anger will take over and soon there will be out bursts of rage which will then turn to illness and aches and pains breaking our bodies down.
To heal our bodies it is easier than you might think. Unlike a car that is just a piece of machinery and cannot regenerate it's self. Our bodies need love to help them operate efficiently. Yes you can live without love but it seems that life would be quite sad and filled with despair. Love is so very powerful it can actually help heal your body just by filling it with this invisible thing called love. Love's powerful healing can cure illnesses and can bring a smile even the toughest of people. Through love all is possible. Why is it then that we never use enough of this love in our daily life, love is free all we have to do is to choose it. It is impossible to run out of love if you are using it every day and letting your heart, soul and mind be filled with it constantly.
There are people who have said to me I am angry about _______ and I just can not let of the hurt and anger at _____. When I am told something like this I can't help but wonder what this anger is doing to the person's body. Because love can not be present when there is so much anger. Is there someone you have held angry feelings for in your life? Have you held onto this anger for weeks or months or for years? How do you think you would feel without all of this anger eating away at your body, mind and spirit? I would think your answer to this would be "I would feel wonderful". Well it is really okay to finally release this anger and let Love work its magic. Like the car you may look fine on the outside but if anger is present chances are that you are only hurting yourself on the inside by holding onto anger. Do you really think that the person you are so angry at really even cares or knows how angry that you are? Chances are that they do not and that they don't waste any sleep worrying about what you think. So there is no real reason except for the one that you are holding onto in spite of what it is only doing to you. Next time you wash your car think about your body hold a thought of love in your mind for the perfection in which it works for you each day. Talk to yourself and let yourself know that you are lovable and loving. Give out love to more people, do nice things for your self and for others. Expect love and you will receive it just by giving it out. Love is very healing it has been said that love can move mountains allow love to move the mountains so that your path may become smooth. When you are operating with love running through you amazing things will start to happen. You will have increased energy and will feel better and better. Your body will begin to heal its self and the scars from the past will disappear.
There have been many times in my life where I had to choose between holding onto anger or letting it go I always remember that you can fight fire (Anger) with fire (Anger) and you will just get a bigger fire. Or you can fight fire with love and all the anger will disappear allowing great healing to take place.
Choose love today let it fill your heart and mind let it flow from you and to you for this is where the healing begins.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

If you have a question you would like to ask Julie please email me with your question and be sure to read next weeks newsletter to find your answer.

June 1, 2009

Summer is almost here I am amazed at how quickly time goes by. It seems like the seasons change faster and faster but I know it is because I am just getting older. I am sure that many of you work outside in the heat and this is makes for a very long day. As the days get hotter remember to carry plenty of water with you if you are working or playing outdoors. You can even take a small towel and soak it with water to put around your neck cooling you down a little.
When the weather gets hot so do tempers, try to remember that just because you are hot and tired does not give you permission to be rude to others. Be kind and courteous you will be amazed at how good this will make you feel.
Summer time is for vacations and having a good time with the ones you love. Many people are not taking vacations this year because of the economy but you can have fun at home. There are many things you can do with your children while school is out for summer vacation that do not cost all that much. Below is a list of some things you can do with your children this summer.
1-Plant an herb garden when the herbs are grown, help your child use the herbs in a special dish or a meal.
2- Get a small to medium planter and build a fountain for your yard using a fountain pump that you can purchase for about ten dollars at Harbor Freight.

3- Here is a recipe for "Blue Goo!" Important Blue Goo is to play with not to eat!

1. Mix together 2 tablespoons of white glue and 2 tablespoons of water in a paper cup.

2. in another paper cup mix ten drops of blue food coloring,
¼ cup water and ¾ teaspoon of Borax Laundry detergent.

3. Add 2 table spoons of the borax mixture to the glue mixture and stir well.

4. Have fun playing with your Blue Goo store in an airtight container.

To avoid stains do not let the Blue Goo touch furniture or carpet or clothing.

There are so many wonderful things that you can do with your children be creative. Kids love to make things and enjoy the time that you share with them.

You can find more fun things to do with your kids at http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/activities/

I think there are some fun things on this web site that parents will even like.

With our hectic lives and the stress that many people are under there are times that we just have to let go and have some fun.

Take time to go for a walk and breathe as they say "stop and smell the roses".

Smile for no reason, then count how many people smile back at you.

Do something you enjoy doing each day. Pamper your self you are worth it.

Never forget that you are special and that you are the only person just like you on this earth.

Enjoy each day because you will never get one moment of it back.

It is easy to sit here and tell you how to be positive in fact I tell myself how to stay positive each day. I do practice what I preach. Being positive is a state of mind that you live each moment. It takes work at times but the rewards are greatest because you are aligning your body mind and spirit in harmony, as you are continuing to become even more positive. Yes many people tell me it is so hard to stay positive and find the good in things and situations. I think it becomes easier to remain positive because the more positive you are the better, better and better life becomes.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

If you have a question you would like to ask Julie please email me with your question and be sure to read next weeks newsletter to find your answer.

June 8, 2009

Greetings from Julie
It seems to me that we have forgotten that each person in our lives counts and that they are important to us in some way. Even those people that you may not care for have a purpose in our lives. Take some time to look at how you respond to others and how they respond to you. Welcome the experiences that you have with each person in your life. Each person comes into our life to teach us something, be it good or not so good there is a reason. How many times have you thought to your self I wonder why I had to go through this situation or that situation? I for one have had this thought many times. When I do find my self asking that question I realize that I have learned something from each situation I have encountered. Maybe it was not an experience I enjoyed having, but I know there was a reason that I had to have this experience.
By knowing that there is a reason for each experience we are able to learn and move forward much more quickly than if we dwell on situations that we have no control over.
Be grateful for all in your life and know that you play an important part in other people's lives. Be on your best behavior at all times because you will attract more positive Experience's by focusing on the good in life.
Have a Great week!

Manifesting Your Dreams
What works for one person may not work for another person. Some of us have been able to manifest our dreams and wishes quite easily at times. Yet there are times when we feel as though we are blocked from achieving our manifestations as quickly as we would like. Have you ever found yourself wondering what the trick is to getting what you want when you want, I know I have. There are times I have thought to my self, what is the right combination to attain the success that I desire in my life. Is there really a way to tap into the pattern of success, many times I have manifested exactly what I have wished for, equally there are many times I have not seemed to get it right.
Each of has had thoughts of being rich and successful of winning the lottery and how we would deal with this success. We imagine wonderful ways we can help others and help ourselves by sharing our winnings and our good fortune. We think to ourselves that by wanting to give to others it will help us in receiving the riches that we desire in our lives. Seldom though does just the thoughts of what you could do for others help you attain the riches that you want in life. It takes more from you and your imagination to be a winner. It takes an inner knowing so strong and so real that you can imagine it so clearly that you bring it into your reality. We as humans have a flaw in our operating system even if we have total knowing of what we want and we believe in our selves and our dreams yet deep in our unconscious minds there is a small minute doubt. That small minute doubt can block you from achieving your success in this life. Maybe you are even unaware of the doubt that is hidden within. But if your wishes are not manifesting rapidly enough there is something that is holding them from manifesting. This may include things like timing and past programming from childhood or not having a clear picture in your mind of what it is that you want. There are many things that can get in the way of creating a manifestation of something you want. I have found that I usually manifest things I want when I let go of them and focus my mind in a totally new direction. As most of you know I like to create positive manifestations of my wishes by using a pen and paper. I write it down because I can see what I want to manifest more clearly in my mind. By being very detailed in what I am creating like I already have it. It takes time to become so clear about something that you desire in your life. Usually we are able to keep repeating the mental images of what we want and bring them very clear into our space but not manifest them. This is because once we have them clearly in our mind but have not imagined the after effects of already having something we want. We have made a habit of seeing them just as we would like them to be yet we forget to let them go. One of the hardest things to do is to let go of what you want and believe that it will happen even if you are not constantly dwelling on it. It is hard to give up and let the universe know that you will welcome the manifestation when ever it comes to you, knowing it will happen at the best possible time for you. Each of us wants it to happen now because we are really not so good at playing the waiting game. If we have to wait for a week or two weeks or maybe years for our manifestation to take place we most likely feel the manifestation is not happening. This is where you have to choose to let your thoughts and feelings of your manifestation go to the Universe or God and allow the manifestation process to begin. How many of you are saying to yourselves that you have let go many times and nothing has happened? So I ask this question have you really let go. Letting go is really about believing and having total faith that your request will be fulfilled at the right time. It is an inner knowing that you are deserving of what you want and that nothing could block your wish because if it is right for you it will manifest in perfect timing. Doubt is what prevents you from having what you want at the perfect time. Maybe you have told someone of your wishes and they do not agree with what you want. Maybe they have a reaction that is not very positive when you tell them of what you want in your life. Sometimes it is good to only tell those people who would lend strength and positive energy to your wishes and creations. Another thing we have to remember is that if we are complaining about not getting everything we want we are creating even more of the same thus we are (not getting what we want like good fortune and success) Even if we complain about little things thinking that they do not matter because it is just something little. Yet it does matter the universe does not discriminate between the big things in life and the little things in life.

Think of only positive things that you want and desire.

Dismiss any negative thoughts replacing them with more positive ones.

Believe in your own ability to create what ever it is that you want in life.

Know without any fears or doubts that you are totally deserving of the best.

Above all learn that it is okay to let go and allow the Universe or God to bring exactly what you desire at the perfect time.

Change your thoughts focus in a new direction after you have created the perfect picture of what you want.

If you have great success in your life we would love to hear what works best for you. If you would like to share your tricks to manifesting please email Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Thank you for your time I know today's newsletter was a little longer than usual I hope that you got something useful from this newsletter.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

June 15, 2009

Blessings to all may your week be filled with joy and laughter.

The other day I was listening to my grandchildren play in the swimming pool. They were playing a game and it seemed to me to be about monsters and good and evil. As I listened a thought came to my mind that quite surprised me and made me wonder about life and how we are teaching our children. What happened to good old fashion fun? To me it seemed that the children's game was about fear, anger and control. I wondered if it is because of television and the games that they play on the TV. Then I thought about all of the young people and adults who are who are angry and miserable in their lives could this also be because of what we are watching on TV. Or are we as a society changing and with these changes we are becoming more hardened about life. Have you noticed that people rarely smile just to smile? Instead of talking on the phone many people choose to text so we do not even have to have any kind of human contact any more to get our point across. I love computers I feel that they have brought us so much in the way of knowledge and learning. In fact I couldn't type very well before I got a computer.
It is amazing what technology has brought to our lives. Now it is easy to give hugs, kisses and smiles by email or text we do not even need the human contact or do we?
I believe it is time to take a closer look at who we are and what we are creating in our lives. It is time to bring love back into our everyday lives to open our hearts and minds to loving ourselves and others. It is time to let those closest to you how much you appreciate them and how thankful that you are for their presence in your life. Most of all it is time to let go of the hatred and fear that has held you from achieving your dreams. There is only one thing that can stop you from achieving your dreams, this is you. No person or thing can stop you if you are ready to make changes in your life. The changes you create will take time and there will be times you do not think you can get through it but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. By having more human contact and instead of XXOO: spend more time with your children, family and friends you will not be giving up your time you will be giving love. By being in the presence in others you are exchanging energy and if you are giving out loving energy you will be receiving this loving energy in return. We can not undo what has happened in this world. We do have the opportunity to change the way we interact with others. Bringing in a more positive energy that will benefit all people if we start today off with a smile and love in our hearts. Turn off the TV and computers read a book or go outside and lie on a blanket and look at the stars.
Teach your Children of love and the joys of life. Help them to experience life with love you will be one of their greatest teachers.
Think of all the people in your life that could use a little more love in their life. Become an example of love by opening your heart to others and to your self.

You are an important part of this puzzle we call life and you are here for a reason. You may already know what this reason is or you may be waiting to find out what it is. Be grateful for the lessons you are learning while you are here in this life. There is always a reason for these lessons.

Exercise in Creating

Write down five things that you would like to create in the next year.

Visualize how good it is to have your creations already manifested.
Make notes about what you see in your visualizations.

Now fold your paper and put it in your wallet carry this with you for one year. If you desire you can take it out and read it I suggest about once a month. Then you will see if anything on your list has indeed manifested. You do not have to read it you can let it just be there in your wallet for one year. When that year is up take out your paper and you will be surprise at what you have brought into your life.

Remember to be very positive and believe in your creations. Know in your heart that you can create anything that you desire without fear or worry.

Ask, Believe and Receive with Gratitude

June 22, 2009
New Moon Day
Be sure to make your Ten Wishes today

Have you ever heard the saying "when the going gets tough the tough get going"? Well the going has been tough for many people. They see no way out of their situation or they have given up on even trying. I am so amazed that when the going gets tough people give up instead of taking control of their life and the situations they encounter. We seem to forget that only we can change our situations in this life. Maybe it seems we have too many stumbling blocks upon our path in life. Maybe this is an illusion that we have created in our mind to keep us from achieving our goals. We even create excuses for ourselves so that we do not have to make changes in our lives that will benefit us, because we do not know what the future holds. Yes changes are a bit scary because we have only what we know to guide us through these changes. Rarely do we think of what we may learn from making changes. In our minds we are only thinking of what will most likely happen if we are to make changes in the way we live our life. It amazes me that as human beings we are so brilliant and have opportunities for growth in so many ways in our lifetimes. Yet so many of us decide that we have learned all that is needed to survive we do not want to rock the boat.
Here is the wake up call I have been asked to give you:
The boat is rocking and it is time to make changes that will bring you more peace and help you to reconnect to your spiritual purpose here on this earth. We all have a spiritual purpose, we are all here to learn and give of ourselves to make this world a better place. Take a look at the things that are challenging you at this time. Do you want to change them into accomplishments or are you good with waiting for them to change on their own. If you are waiting good luck you have more patience than I do. I have always felt that there is something bigger and better for me. If I want Spiritual Bliss I have to overcome the challenges that are in my life at the time. I have to make the changes I may be afraid to make. I am sure you have felt this way also. Then why is it so hard to make these changes? What we can do to accelerate the changes that we desire so much. What are the changes you would like to make in your life that you feel will make your life more peaceful and bring you happiness that is long lasting. Maybe it is a change in work or a change in the way you are living. Maybe you are ready for a new adventure that will allow you to grow spiritually and mentally. This is where "Positive Thinking" comes in now I do not mean to think positive for a day or two but to change your thoughts completely in a way that will become a part of your daily habits. Yes you can decide to make being positive a habit and it will not cost you anything you cannot live with out. In fact the only thing you will have to give up is negative thoughts and energy that you may feel towards yourself or others. By staying in a constant state of allowing without judgment you will open the doors to your spiritual bliss. If there are things you want to change in your life it is time to look at the changes you would like to make. Ask yourself what is it I need to do to start creating these changes. It may be that you need to update your resume and start sending it out to the companies you would like to work for. Even if these companies are out of your state.
Imagine that you have decided to go for your goals in life and make these changes. How would you feel?
Imagine that it has been six months since you have received your new job. Do you still love this job are you happy with the way it came about.
Imagine that no matter what you hear from people you are always allowing and not interjecting your opinion. Remaining balanced and focusing only on the positive remarks you hear from others. Allowing all negative remarks dissipate without judgment.
Imagine that you have been given a key that will open the doors to new possibilities in your life. Will you use the key or will you decide that you are okay with they way things are.
Imagine opening the door to your future look inside is it what you truly desire or are you going to get tough and go for those dreams you have let go by the wayside for so long.
It is time to block out the negative energy and thoughts so that you can enjoy this time called your life.
Through love all is possible!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

June 29, 2009

Again it is Monday the day I sit at my computer and ask for guidance in giving you information that will keep you on track and positive through out the week. It is almost July and things are heating up here in Citrus Heights. Yesterday in the shade at my house it was 111 degrees. That is hot! I hope where ever you are that you are keeping cool and enjoying life.

Most everyone that I have ever known has been holding on to something that has hurt them in the past. This is usually something that has happened in their childhood. Yet many people are holding onto something that has happened in their lives recently. Sometimes people are holding onto something that they can not change yet they allow it to hinder their lives today. As we allow these things to continue to bother us even though they may have happened long ago we are punishing our bodies by holding on and repeating our stories of sorrow. The body is holding this negative energy within it. This negative energy manifests its self as illness and can bring on weight gain and other ailments. If we let go of the past and what may of hurt us in the past we begin to heal our body, mind and spirit. For example I know a young man who is still holding onto an incident that happened when he was a child this is something that still bothers him today even though it was not anything horrible that happened to him. He still repeats the story of the little sister who stuck her fingers in the cool whip but would not admit it causing the young man to get in to trouble with his parents. I asked him if he would ever let go of this anger about a situation he can never change. His answer was No! I will never let it go. Wow! I really can not believe that such a small issue can cause such a strong reaction even today. Don't get me wrong he loves his sister but there is still something that angers him about this past situation. Some people do not want to let go of the past and live in today. I am sure that each of us is holding onto something in our past that has hurt our feelings in one way or another. So how can we let go of this energy that keeps us looking backward instead of looking forward. By forgiveness! When we have forgiven the past situations that have caused us pain we are helping our bodies to heal and become stronger. As we heal our past we can begin to love our self in more positive and more useful ways. By allowing yourself to be emotionally free from the drama of something in your past you begin to feel better about yourself. Life is like a book there are pages and pages filled with the past experiences of your life. You are the editor of this book and no one else can edit your book but you. Sometimes there are pages that do not represent who we are today and they are filled with sadness and despair over something that happened long ago. It is time to edit this book and tear out those pages that have caused you pain and sorrow. In this book you are to keep only the pages that are of happy times and love. Keep only those pages or (memories) that have given you joyful experiences.

Exercise for letting go of the past.

Imagine in your mind the book of your life and all of your past experiences. Think about the experiences that have caused you the greatest pain in this life. Now imagine tearing out this page and tearing into little tiny pieces allowing the wind to come up and blow them into the universe taking all the hurts and pains of the past far into the universe until they disappear. As you turn the pages of your book repeat the above by tearing out what ever pages that do not bring you happiness. This may take several times to remove all of the unwanted pages (memories) as you let go of these memories you will feel a peacefulness in your heart and mind. As you look at the past forgive the people that you feel have wronged or caused you this distress. Send them pure love so that they also will be healed from the past experiences that were not so pleasant. By forgiving you release the past easier and begin the healing process that will renew your body, mind and spirit.

Next time you are reminiscing the past do not repeat the stories that caused you sadness or of people in the past who had hurt your feelings. Tell only the stories that are of happiness and joy that brought you feelings of goodness and love.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

July 6, 2009

I hope that you, your family and friends had a great 4th of July and that you are ready to start this week out with positive thoughts and energy.

Staying Positive
How do you stay positive even though it seems everything around you is coming apart? Staying positive is all up to you it is part of a mind set that you have to choose to participate in. Each day when you awaken there is a choice and this choice is up to you to make. You can choose to be happy or not it is up to you. By making the choice to be happy no matter what may happen that day you are off to a great start. No matter what you may encounter you always have a choice to live in the moment and enjoy your life, or you can give into the drama that may surround you. I have found that through life there seems to be plenty of drama it can be found in every situation, if you are looking for it. On the other hand you have to search for happiness you have to sometimes create your own happiness through choosing to let go of the drama that is yours or others. Being positive requires holding love in your heart at all times and being able to say no to the drama that you may experience. In developing a positive mind set it takes will power and strength. It also takes an attitude adjustment when you are in the mist of a drama situation. This is where you can go with the flow or choose to step out of the box and allow the drama to remain without any judgment on your part. Drama is a part of judgment of others or yourself. Have you ever wondered what might happen if everyone let go of their judgment of others and allowed love to be their reaction? I have and I know that this world would be a much better place. Yes dear friend we all have ability to choose what path we want to take in our lives. Sure we want what we think is best for ourselves, our friends and family. But it is still their choice and their path as to what they want in life so that leaves only you to choose for yourself. What you want in your life and what path you want to take. We can give others advice but we can never make another person think like us or do what we think is best for them because of our experiences. When you decide that it is time for you to choose the path to your own happiness then is when it will arrive. I hear many people say I think that so and so should do this or that because it is what I think is best for them. I guess this is because we think that if a person does what we think is best for them will be beneficial. In all actuality it is maybe not part of the path that they choose to learn their lessons. If we step in and try to change their decisions for them then we are taking away their free will and changing their life path. Right now you have the ability to make the decision to be the ruler of your life and allow others to rule theirs. Be a teacher of love and goodness without judgment for others. If you set a good example others will choose to follow because they will be drawn to you and accept your loving guidance. If you are coming from love you will not judge or dramatize situations that come up. You will be able to move past the drama and find the happiness you so deserve in this life.

Make a sign that says "Leave your Drama outside enter with love in your heart" now place this sign outside your front door.

Place a coconut that is full of coconut milk on top of your refrigerator to keep negative energy out of your home. Replace it when the milk dries up. "This really works"

Choose to think about being positive and recognize the negative thoughts that may come in through out your day as you recognize them you can choose to change them by saying cancel, cancel clear and choose a more positive thought.

By focusing on your own self and choosing to remain positive you will see results and they will change the way you live your life for the better.

May your life be filled with joyful experiences and may you remember them easily.
May all your sorrows melt away bringing in delight in all you create for your self, be your own inspiration!
Have a great week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

July 13, 2009

Dear friends I heard somewhere that laughing is as good as exercise is for your body. This is great so now all you have to do is laugh to get your body in better shape. Honestly I do not know if this is true or not but it makes me want to laugh a lot more, if you know what I mean.
I do believe that laughter is good medicine and will help you to relieve stress, while making you feel good.
There are many things you can laugh about each day, it maybe something funny from the past or maybe just laugh to laugh. Think of the things that make you laugh then make a list of these things for the times when you feel you have nothing to laugh about.

Positive Thinkers are on the Rise
Yes it is true! Many people I speak with are actually focusing their energy on positive thoughts about the future and the economy. I am so happy each time I hear someone say that life is good and feel that things are getting better in their lives. People are now believing that the economy will get better, I know it will. It really feels good to know that people are focusing on the positive instead of doom and gloom. If you are focusing on the positive in your life, good for you because this will undoubtedly help you in so many ways. When we are clear about creating positive outcomes in our lives we are on the right track for positive results.
Keep up the good work. By voicing how positive you are to others you also give them hope for a better future. It is kind of like spreading sunshine through your voice. Knowing that your words are energy and that they will attract to you what you think and believe and say out loud. It is especially important to watch what you say to others. Do not get caught up in the drama of negative thinking for soon your words will be more negative thus attracting negative situations into your life. Keep your thoughts and focus on the positive aspects of your life and all that you are creating.
Help spread the word life is getting better, better and better everyday.
Enjoy each day as if it was your last.
Use kindness as a tool for your well being.
The Key is to become the person you desire to be in this life by believing that you are worth the effort it takes to remain positive even in tough times.

Please Say a prayer for my cousin Nordlie she is in the hospital struggling for her life. This illness started out like the flu and now the doctors are working desperately to help her.

May light and love fill your every moment on this earth and may you know you are loved.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

July 20, 2009

Dear Friends we do not always know what is in our future but we do have the ability to create what we want through our thoughts and feelings. That said what are you creating today?
Even those thoughts and fears of what may happen will influence your ability to create that which you desire in this life. I have met many folks through my life with the attitude that "nothing ever goes right for them" well with that attitude how can things change for the better.
You are always in charge of what you will and won't allow in your life. So why then are so many people angry and in fear about what is happening in their lives? Maybe they are not ready for change or maybe it is that they are afraid of what may happen if they make changes in their life.
If you want change to occur you have to change the way you think and the way you live your life one step at a time.
Maybe it is time to make a commitment to yourself that today you will find a way to smile at everyone you meet. Or it may be that you commit to only focusing your thoughts on positive outcomes of each situation you encounter this week.

Take time to visualize what you would like to have happen this week.

When you visualize stay creative and happy do not let the what ifs in.

Be nicer to others even if they are rude! We all know that karma does come back, so turn the other cheek so to speak.

Commit to being in flow and not letting the little stuff get you upset.

Let go of judgment again and again because that thing called Karma will take care of everything, you do not have too.

See yourself as happy, healthy and wise.
Break free from thoughts that you can't change the situation. (Only you can make changes for you)

Talk to God and your Angels ask them for guidance, it will be there for you.

Listen to your heart know that you have gifts that will let you know how you are doing. "Hint" you will feel good! Better, better and better I like to say.

Become more conscious of your thoughts and feelings about your life and the people in it. Toss out the old thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you.

Exercise for the Week

Cleansing Light Exercise

This exercise takes about 5 to 10 minutes and can be done at any time.

Close your eyes and visualize the sun in your minds eye. See it getting bigger and more brilliant until you can barely look at it.
Then visualize this light coming to you and enveloping you with its warmth and love.
Now see yourself standing within this light your body glowing more and more brightly as if you have become part of the sun brighter, brighter and brighter the glow of light becomes.
As this light begins to illuminate your body it heals all parts of the body that are not functioning correctly. It then rejuvenates you body, mind and soul. All negative thoughts and feelings are now flowing away from you further, further and further away.
As you open your eyes you feel refreshed as if Gods love had touched you.
Your mind is clear and your heart open you are now able to see each situation more clearly. You easily move through all situations without fear or worry because you have just learned the secret of the Cleansing Light exercise
Please use this exercise daily to get the full effects of the light.

July 27, 2009

Dear Friends
Have you ever had one of those days that your mind goes blank when you really need to focus on something I think we all have had a day or two like that. I have called upon my angels for wisdom in writing a great newsletter that would be so inspiring that it could bring a feeling of love to all that read it.
We do not often think about what might happen if today was our last day here on earth and what we may do with only one day to live the rest of our life. It seems that most of us think of tomorrow as just another day. We think of our future as a year or two away and never once think that we will not see that future. Yet every day there are people who die some from old age and others from illness or accidents.
I have noticed more and more that there are people who are living and breathing upon this earth that seem to be what I call the "walking dead". These are people who are not present in their own lives, they live from day to day never seeing the wonder each day brings. It is so sad that so many people do not take time to smell the roses or appreciate all that they have been blessed with in this life. There is no other time than this moment to change the focus of your life so that you can enjoy the pleasures and goodness that life has to offer you at this moment.
If you begin now to change your thoughts and how you express yourself you will start seeing so many changes happen for you that are positive and filled with a sense of adventure. For instance you could smile at every person you meet or see today. You could stop and smell those roses as you walk by them. Take time to appreciate a family member or friend. By becoming involved in your own life you will live each moment knowing that if it were your last, it would be a worthwhile moment in your life. I wish it were possible to ask everyone to make a commitment to their self that they may awaken from the illusions of "this is the way life is and I can not change it mindset". Believe that you can change your life and that things do get better and better. Put to rest beliefs that do not inspire you to live your life happily. This is your moment to decide that you are going to live and to enjoy the time you have been given upon this earth. The present is a gift it is time to unwrap it and enjoy it to its fullest.
I hope you will forward this to all your friends that you think might appreciate it.
Maybe today is not the last day of your or my life but if it were I would tell you I love you and I am glad that we connected on this great planet.
I would say to you that the most important thing I have learned while living here is that love is everywhere, it can move mountains and it is the most powerful force I have ever known. Love is that magical energy that can bring miracles into your life. Let love be a guest in your heart and invite it to stay indefinitely. Thank you for being you my friend.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

August 3, 2009

Dear Friends it is truly amazing that this is our 88th Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles. I like to think that the Number 88 is a very lucky one. I am truly grateful for you and for the opportunity I have to be of service in this world by writing this news letter each week.
With Love, Julie

Wednesday August 5, 2009 there is a
Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse
Let gratitude fill your heart and mind this day.
Think of all that you are grateful for.
Visualize prosperity, peace and contentment for yourself and others.
Light an orange candle and share a glass of wine and a loaf of bread with someone you love.

What happens When You Are Happy?

Have you ever wondered if you are truly happy with your life?
I think many of us wonder at times, if we are happy in what we are doing in our lives. I have found that by dwelling on unhappiness we seem to hold on to it. So it is possible to dwell on our happiness and how happy we are at the moment to create more happiness in our lives.

Do you know if you are happy right now?
Are you definitely happy with your life right now?
If you are not happy with your life right now maybe you should ask yourself this question.
What is it that I am allowing in my life that is negatively altering my happiness is it work, money, lifestyle, family, friends, mate?
Answer these questions honestly to yourself.

All of the above can be catalyst for unhappiness but it is you who ultimately allows these things to influence your happiness.

Yes everyone has moments of unhappiness but there are people who thrive on unhappiness. They wake up each day not looking forward but looking behind them at yesterdays gone by. In life there is choice it is your choice to be happy or not. It is not my choice or anyone else's to create your happiness it is only your choice. If you have something that you are not happy about allow 5 to 10 seconds for this thought knowing that is all the time you will allow yourself to dwell in unhappiness.
I can just hear some of you right now saying, Julie that just is not enough time to be unhappy. Well I guess you can be unhappy for as long as you need to but you are definitely taking from your own happiness.
You see happiness is like a river inside of us and when we are angry we block the flow of the river like a dam. When we block our flow we get stuck and do not move forward in our lives allowing unhappiness and discontentment to flow within us creating illness, stress and frustration in all aspects of our lives.
We have all been told that by being happy we create happiness for ourselves in the future. Yet to keep the cycle of happiness flowing in constantly we have to stay in a state of happiness.
Have you ever noticed that when one thing goes wrong it seems that another thing goes wrong then something else seems to happen leading to unhappiness in some area your life.

By devoting your thoughts to only those that make you feel good and are happy thoughts you will attract to you happiness. It may take some time before you see results but by remaining positive and happy the results will start flowing in.
If you are thinking that you will give this idea a try then you will have to be diligent in being in your happiness. This means no thoughts that are mean or of anger. This means that you can't try for a week and expect to stop for ten minutes or a day or two and think that you will get the results as soon as you would like. The Universe is only giving you exactly what you send out. Fore the Universe does not discriminate and gives you what you put out to it.

By being happy you will reap the benefits of healing the body soul and mind. You will look forward to each day with love in your heart and mind. You will become more accepting of love and happiness from others. You will more easily be aware of how you treat others. You will focus on allowing life to flow through you instead of blocking its flow. Most of all you will become more alive in your life. You will be attracting happiness into your life by allowing happiness to become a habit. Even if your life does not seem as perfect as you would like. You will feel comfortable and in harmony with yourself and other people. Soon you will notice that when you are happy everything you want seems to manifest more and more and more easily.

So what happens when you are happy? You make the world a better and better place.
You find comfort in just being you.
You attract positive people to you.
You feel good inside and outside your body.
You develop a glow around you that people notice.
Other people will want to be around you.
You attract more of what you truly want in your life to you.
As you work on making happiness a habit know that it will be worth giving up the negative thoughts and energy.

Well I hope you are all on your way staying in your happy zone for more than a week and please let me know how it works for you.

August 10, 2009

Dear Friends on Wednesday of last week there was a lunar eclipse and a full moon it seemed very powerful bringing emotions to the boiling point for some. I heard of break-ups and make-ups. Endings and new beginnings were sparked as I listened to questions of why is this happening to me. I do not claim to be an astrologer but I do know that what is happening with the planets does affect our lives. Eclipses can force us to look at what is not working for us and help us let go of what ever it may be that is not working. Eclipses sometimes clear old Karma by bringing balance to our lives sometimes good and sometimes not so good things will happen. What can you do about it? Allow it know in your heart there is a reason for what ever is happening in your life. By telling your mind that there is a reason for this or that happening you relax and can remain in a positive state of being. If you start to get frustrated then you remember "there is a reason for everything" it seems to put you back into balance and harmony without fear or doubt. So if there is something that has transpired in the last couple of weeks that is still bothering you take a look at what the reasons may be for this. Maybe you will not understand what the reasons are at this moment but in time you will understand. Remember you never have to force anything to happen it will happen at the right time and if it does not there is definitely a reason for this. Allow your mind to let go of the, what ifs and focus on understanding that what ever happens there is a reason for it.
I have been practicing this for awhile now it is quite amazing how peaceful it is to believe and know that there is a reason for everything that is happening. It is great when I just relax and notice the signs I am given each day.
Living with Dignity
There are several meanings of the word Dignity here are two that I feel we should all have and allow others to have daily.
1. The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect.
2. Poise and self respect
To allow others to keep their dignity we have to keep ours by being kind to others even in the most difficult of times. All too often we put others down and seem to feel good about this. But you see when you are putting another person down you are taking this persons dignity and you are letting go of yours. By commanding respect from yourself and others you are living with dignity. Now I did not say demanding respect from others because you can not demand respect from anyone.
When you command respect for your self you automatically receive dignity and respect from others. By living your life in with dignity you decide that you are worthy of your own self-esteem so you then respect your self and others.
Take a moment to remind yourself of how wonderful that you are. Look for the good qualities that you have and look for the good in others. As you do this you will build upon the good that you have to offer this world.

"May I communicate with all people I meet this day easily and in a positive understanding way that helps me remain in a state of dignity, may all people I meet this day leave me retaining their dignity. May my focus be of good and may all I speak of be blessed with love. So blessed be".
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Dear Friends I hope you are welcoming this new week great enthusiasm and hope. It is never too late to get excited about what is next in your life. Look at all the wonderful possibilities there are for you in this life. You never know what tomorrow may bring so keep your thoughts positive and filled with love for yourself and others.

When I was younger I worked in a small metaphysical store that was quite close to my home. I would go there a few days a week and do readings. I really enjoyed being able to talk to so many people in fact I still have many good friends that I first read for way back then.
The reason I am telling you about this is because I learned a great deal about love and just how powerful it is. I also learned about greed and how selfish people can be. There were many Psychics who worked there also doing readings. We had great times and we were like one big family. It was a very happy place to go each week. Then one day there was a new Psychic who came to work doing readings at the metaphysical shop. I felt her energy the moment she came into the store for the first time. Although she seemed very happy in some way I felt she was way "too Sweet". It was as if there was something hidden that caused me to feel uncomfortable when I was around her. I tried my best to be personable and nice but I couldn't get rid of this uneasy feeling I would get whenever she was there. I am sure you have met someone like this who you just can't be sure of their motives. For the first few months everyone was fine and got along great until one day. On this day I was reading on one side of the store and she was on the other side doing readings. The Owner of the store was behind the counter taking care of business when the phone rang. It was someone asking for a reading. The owner referred the person on the phone to another psychic who would be arriving soon. As soon as the owner had hung up the phone the Psychic jumped from her chair and moved towards the owner of the store yelling at her for not telling the person on the phone that she would read for them. The Psychic then looked at me and yelled something that I do not even remember what it was. I do know it made me feel angry for some reason. She then gathered her things and left the store. I sat back down at my table to gather my composure and balance myself. I just kept asking my higher self how to get back into balance. A voice told me to fight fire with love. As I relaxed I began sending Tickles and Sparkles to the Psychic that she would know love and be able to focus on giving love to others. As I did this I felt such relief and distance from all the negative energy I had just been subject to.
Later I realized this is just one of the Keys I have been given in this lifetime. It is meant to open doors to knowing love and being able to give it without judgment. In our lives we all receive keys that will help us to be better people. It is up to us to recognize the keys when they come to us.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

August 24, 2009

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your emails and for your readership of this little newsletter. It makes me happy to have the opportunity to write it each week.

We are all People who need People

If it were not for other people we could not survive. Do you believe this?
You may not believe it at first but if you put some thought into it you will find that we all depend on each other to be able to live our lives. This question has crossed my mind lately quite often. I have come to the conclusion that we truly do need each other to survive. We live in houses that other people have built. We buy our food in stores that provide us with the freshest fruits and vegetables. These products are picked and processed by people. Our cars and furniture in fact just about everything is some how handled by people. Yet we forget to be grateful for these people and their skills. There are some people who believe that they do not need to have gratitude for all of the people who make their lives so comfortable. Why because the people are being paid for their service. Somehow we have become a society of people who believe that we deserve to have everything we want without gratitude because we have worked hard for our place in this life. We all need each other yet we do not seem to want to connect with each other by giving more gratitude and love to others for the good that they do.
To all of you sitting there saying to yourself "well if people were not so dumb it would be easier to appreciate them." I beg to differ. Yes there are people out there who are not acting as if they are using their brain. But in reality they are, maybe you are not seeing the big picture. Many times I have seen people treat other people rude, and yes these same people have been quite mean to someone who is only trying to help them in some way. It is possible that through being kind and using gratitude you and I can connect with people who are also grateful for this wonderful life we are sharing on this earth. It is amazing when you just think about all the people you are grateful for in your life. I would say make a list but you may be there writing for a long while. Right at this moment I am so very grateful for the people who made my computer and for the developers of the internet so I could send you this newsletter. There is much to be thankful for in other people we just have to open our eyes to see all the good there is.
Next time you are having a bad day think about how you may affect someone's life just by how you treat them.
We are here for a purpose part of this purpose is to learn how to appreciate each other. This is all part of love and having a loving heart. Our lives are entwined, some for a moment and some for a lifetime.
I am thankful for you and for the balance that we have created by connecting on this earthly level of existence.
It is Gods wish for all people to realize the connection they have with each other, and for love and gratitude to walk hand in hand upon this earth.

Word of the Week

Posimistic meaning: Positively Optimistic
Knowing without a doubt believing positively
Optimistic: seeing the good in all situations believing that only the best will happen.

September 7th Mercury will be retrograding until September 29th 2009
This is just a reminder to back up those computers and do not sign any important papers if you do not have to during this time. I will have more on the retrograde next week.

September 2, 2009

Hi everyone, it has been a busy week and I apologize for the delay in getting this newsletter out to you. I am hoping that you will take time to read it even though it is a little late. This newsletter is one that I feel you will enjoy and maybe it will give you the boost to make some changes in your life that you have been putting off.

The other day my daughter called me and asked me if I had read the email she had sent to me earlier in the day. I had been busy and had not sat down to look at my emails as I usually do. I told her I would read it so I went into the office and started to read her email but soon discovered that the ending was missing. We chatted on the phone about what she had written and she said she would send the rest of what she had written to me that afternoon when she got off work. This is the email Shy had written to me I hope you will take a moment to read it because it is quite profound.

Hi Mom,
I wanted you to read this before you wrote your news letter. I have finally come to the conclusion of the two types of people in this world. Everyone always says "there are two types of people in this world". Blah, blah, blah.... Well here is my version.
There are the fists and the hand shakers. If you are a fist, you are the one without and opened mind not willing to discover all the options before you. You seem to be close fisted and that is that. The hand shakers realize "options are everywhere". If you open your hand and look down there is a palm and there are fingers that can spread out to many options. In the middle of your palm imagine a situation or an issue. Take your fingers and imagine them as the different options you have in dealing with situations or issues. Then consider what is most likely to be the best answer or option for you. I hate to mention this but there is a woman I know who is a fist in my opinion. She doesn't really want to look at the other options she has because she is close fisted. This is because she is stuck in fear of the future. Her ego will not allow her to open up to living her life filled with confidence. I can honestly say that I have made those close fisted decisions before in my life because of my ego. We all have and then we either learn or we don't learn and we keep repeating the same mistakes.
If we don't learn how to shake hands (metaphorically speaking) how will we ever grow? This email stems from something so simple.
Steve told me today that he is the best at his job and he has reached his peak and has no room to grow.
That blew me away. And no, I didn't start a fight. I just started thinking. That is what brought me to this. There is always room to grow! Period no ifs ands or buts, yet some people are just clinching those fists to tight.
We know that everyone needs to be put in their place at some point. I am an open fist person but there have been times in my life my fists were closed and I have been against good advise that was given me. I am pretty sure we all have at one time or another.
How can we help the permanently closed fisted people? Or should we just leave them alone to discover how to be more open fisted in their life? I could have really gone into detail but, that is your job. I just know that as I have gotten older and life has become more precious to me I want to take the time to know my options. It does matter because they will affect me maybe now or even later in life. I just want to do the right thing.
Remember a hand that is open is a hand ready to receive. I love you mom. I really hope you get what I was thinking.

I thank Shy for the wonderful email she sent and that she allowed me to use it in this week's newsletter. I do get what you are thinking, Shy. I have just a little exercise to ad to it.

Opening Options Exercise
Relax and look at the palms of your hands see in the middle of your palms the situation that you may need direction with. Now look at your fingers are they tight together or spread out. If they are tight together you are not seeing the options that are here for you in this life. If your fingers are spread apart you are open to options but are not sure which one to take. As you look at your ten fingers wiggle them a bit now imagine a beautiful golden white light flowing from your finger tips, hold this thought just for a moment and let it go. Then refocus your eyes on your palms and then look at your fingers. Imagine the different directions that you can take in your life. Imagine ten magical cords of light going into the universe connecting to exactly the right situations, opportunities and right people. Bringing to you great happiness and understanding as you experience the situation in your imagination. Now visualize shaking hands with people feel the joy and happiness in connecting with people and exploring all the options in our lives.
You can now relax and allow all the thoughts and options to flow in. Releasing any thought that does not feel good to you.
As you do this exercise and when ever you look at your palms you will feel relaxed and know that there are many options and many ways you can achieve what your desire in this life. Let the doors open and let love flow in to your heart and mind.

Tickles and sparkles

September 7th Mercury will be retrograding until September 29th 2009
This is just a reminder to back up those computers and do not sign any important papers if you do not have to during this time. I will have more on the retrograde next week.

September 14, 2009

Dear Friends I apologize for the delay in the newsletter I was out of town because of a family emergency. I hope you are all doing well as we progress through this Mercury Retrograde.

The effects of this Mercury Retrograde
This Mercury Retrograde started out with a bang for many people.
I noticed that many of you had water issues to start out this retrograde. I too have had some water issues I never would have thought possible. The pipes in our home are about thirty five years old and are under a slab of concrete but that does not stop them from getting a hole and causing havoc. I want to let you know that if ever you are feeling a hot spot on your floors it may be caused from a leaky hot water pipe. Other issues I have heard of so far this month are clogged drains, and leaks in kitchens and bathrooms. I feel this has something to do with the Pisces aspects of this retrograde. Many other things are going on since this Mercury Retrograde started like cell phones breaking computer issues and more. I have also noticed that there is much anger associated with this retrograde. I hope that you will take time to let go of any anger that may interrupt your life and know that this too shall pass. If you have a positive attitude and truly have faith that there are reasons for everything all will work out just as it is suppose too.
I know that it is sometimes hard to stay positive when there is so much negative energy surrounding you each day. There are many people that do not even notice the effects that a retrograde are having on them until it hits them head on. Yes there are reasons for everything that happens and when a retrograde is happening there is only one way to stay positive and that way is to allow all that is happening around you to roll off your shoulders.

Visualize in your mind all the fears worries and concerns that you have are now becoming like water see this water pour over you and as it flows over your shoulders all your worry and fears are disappearing as if by magic. Sometimes the things that are happening in a retrograde are here to help us in some way. I wonder sometimes why I had to go through a situation or situations in my life that are not the happiest or the ones I would have chosen to experience if it were my choice. Yet I know that there are reasons for each experience that we have in this life. Knowing this helps me to accept the experience for what it is and to let go of the emotional attachments that I may have or develop while I am having the experience.
It is important to think about each lesson that we learn from each experience we have in this life. So, the next time there is a situation that you do not see the lesson in at first you may trust that after the experience, you will have learned something great from this situation.

There may be things and situations that you would love to change in your life and you may even try to push the universe into delivering what you want when you want. There is only one problem when you push to get your way it may not turn out the way you would expect it too. For the lessons you learn in life have something called perfect timing attached to them. So if you are pushing too hard at getting one thing. You may miss out on an even more wonderful experience that was on it's to you.
Please allow yourself to be in flow through this Retrograde. Allow others emotions to flow through without stopping to upset or worry you, knowing that by being neutral and accepting the lessons you are given. All will turn out just the way it is suppose to in the end.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Have a wonderful week!

September 21, 2009

Dear Friends,
I know that there have been all kinds of retrograde stuff happening some you may have felt and some you were lucky enough to avoid.
I am hoping that today we start off in a more positive direction that helps in creating positive outcomes for the rest of this week. It is time to get back on track in whatever you have desired to create. I know that sometimes we as humans seem to get stuck in a rut and forget how to get our creations going again. It also seems that MONEY is the big pressing issue on everyone's mind lately. When will I have more money? Am I going to get through this recession? Will my family be okay until I get back to work? How secure is my Job/ Business? Will the economy ever recover?
There are these and many Questions we ask ourselves each day but how can we get the right answers that will set us back on track and help us let go of the worries that are on our minds constantly.
When a person is worried or in fear it seems to block any progress we are trying to make in our lives. Just like a big block wall would do if one were placed before us. But as long as we are stuck in thinking about what is blocking us we can not move forward. It doesn't take all that much energy to change your thoughts, you just have to do it! Especially at those times when you feel that there is no respite from all the stuff going on in your life.
Focus your thoughts on something entirely different this may be something you want to do or maybe it is something you would like to have for your self. It really does not matter what it is that you focus on as long as it makes you feel good and happy in your heart. Don't think about how you will attain what you want, because you will be building another block wall instead of enjoying the thoughts of what you really would love in your life.
I thought that today would be a great day to give to you who have been reading these news letters for awhile now a reminder that you create everything in your life so why not have some fun. To those who just started reading these newsletters I hope I can give you some hope and some inspiration to try a few of these magical ways to bring in more money for what ever it is that you desire in life.

When I worked in sales at a car lot I learned that the sales people would through change into the lot to bring in customers, this is called feeding the lot. I thought I would try this with my business and it works. So whether you work at home or not you can start to feed your own lot today. Throw some pennies onto your driveway or the parking lot of your place of business.

Another way you can bring in prosperity is to sprinkle some ginger and cinnamon near your front door or the front doors of your business.
I also like to put a few drops of Bayberry Oil on my money it is said it will bring in more. I love the way it smells and truth is it works. My purse smells great and my wallet always has money in it.

Then there is always the recipe for bringing in "Money to Burn" this is one that most people will try and then forget until the next time they need a little or a lot of extra cash.
Take a green candle and place it on a cookie sheet covered with tin foil gather some onion skins the dry crackly part of the onion you usually throw away. I go to the store and buy one onion and fill my bag with the skins that are in the bin.
Yes I have gotten some pretty strange looks for this but what ever! If it works I don't mind. If you have some needle nosed pliers you can use them to hold the onion skins then you light the candle and hold the onion skins over the flame allowing the skin to burn. As you visualize money flowing to you or that you have money to burn. Think of what you want and hold the thought until the onion skin is burned. Then release that thought and repeat the process of burning another onion skin. When you are finished scatter the ashes when cold out in your yard let them blow in the wind and return to you as money to burn.
As amazing as it seems I have done this one for many years and it works every time. Others I have told this too have also had success with it. At first it may be small amounts that come in unexpectedly and it may even be that you have something to sell that has not sold yet, after burning the onion skins the item is sold quickly and easily. Try it and let me know what you think.

Above all believe that there is hope and have faith that things do get better. There is a little saying I just love it is
"And this too shall pass". I truly believe that we have the ability to create all that we desire in this life by believing in ourselves and not allowing fears to block us in any way.
Look at life as an adventure and know that you have learned many lessons and that what ever life hands you will be exactly what you need to grow mentally and spiritually at this time.
Have a great week!
Blessings from Julie
Tickles and Sparkles

September 29, 2009

If ever there is a day to jump for joy it is today because the Mercury Retrograde is finally over! It has been a very long three weeks that has taught us lessons we never expected we needed to know. Think about the lessons you have learned this month. Now send them into the universe for a cleansing to return to earth and all living things as pure love.
It is time to get back on track with positive thoughts, feelings and a new attitude. If you have been putting things off it is now time to sign those papers. It is time take the necessary steps you have been waiting for. It is time to get things going again. By doing this it will bring you to a new understanding of what you are here to do in this lifetime and how you can accomplish your goals. It is time to lighten up and laugh especially if during the last three weeks you have felt like there is nothing to laugh about.
Well now there is something to laugh about because you have made it through another retrograde. That is reason enough to laugh out loud at all the chaos that you have endured. In away you have to be grateful for you have gained much from this retrograde. Go forth and enjoy!

For my Mom- (the one who raised me) who passed away this Week
Mom even though you are not here in a physical body any more I know your spirit is with me and you will always live on in my heart. This life is but an illusion and now it is time to enter another vibration leaving behind the sorrow that you have had to endure. May your joys of this life be remembered and may the freedom that you now have be a reminder to all that you are not gone you have just moved on.
I love you

When we are young we carry a vision of what we want our life to be like when we are older. We hold our hopes and dreams close to our hearts believing that we can achieve our dreams and that our wishes will come true. As we grow we find that there are always obstacles that we have to conquer some are easy and some are much harder. Some of us have a hard time letting go of the image of getting over these obstacles we seem to be squirming and struggling to forget the situations that we have endured. Yet there will always be another until we have decided that we are ready to let go of the past and move on without doubt in our heart and minds. We have to begin again and believe in our self without judgment of the past but with faith and belief that we are truly deserving of all that we create. When we can create without any fear or doubt in the back of our minds. We find that things begin happening that bring positive results to all aspects of our lives. If you have been in fear of making changes now is the time to ask yourself

What would happen if: You decided to make a change in your career, Home, or Lifestyle?

What would happen if you decided that you are ready to follow your dreams of doing what ever you really would like to do in life?

What would happen if you quit worrying about what other people think of you and the way you live your life.

What would you like to do differently from what you are doing today?

What would happen if you knew you could not fail, would you make changes?

Take a moment to answer the above questions? As you answer these questions visualize in your mind the changes taking place. How do these changes make you feel? Are you happy and filled with a sense of accomplishment.
After answering the questions think of what action you can take to bring your wishes, hopes and dreams into this reality. It may be something so small like moving a piece of furniture to a new location. Or Taking a picture of something you would like and putting it on your refrigerator where you will see it every day. It may be sending out a resume to a company you never thought would hire you, but do it anyway just for fun. Even small actions get results. Above all know and believe in yourself for you are capable of creating anything you can imagine!

The seasons are changing and the harvest is coming in, fall is in the air.
Now is the time to plant new seeds and watch your winter garden grow. Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

October 5, 2009

Greetings friends I hope that you are starting your week off with a smile and a very positive attitude. Now that the Retrograde has ended and things are getting back on track there is something that we really need to discuss. I have been thinking again! I know that sounds really dangerous doesn't it. Well this thought came to me the other day kind of out of the blue as I was having a discussion about being more positive. It seems to me that we all need positive people in our lives to help us recognize when we are not focusing our minds on the positive aspects of life. It is all too easy to become engulfed in the drama of the negative people. Soon if you are not paying attention to your own thoughts the negative energy that surrounds them will start to break down any positive energy that you may have. This feels as if the life is being sucked out of you. I am sure you have noticed that when you are around a negative person for a substantial amount of time you start to feel tired and drained. Maybe it is someone who is always complaining about one thing or another. This person is stuck in his or her own drama and either does not want to let go or does not know how to let go of this negative state that they are in. All too often we allow the person who is complaining to go on and on without saying anything just agreeing with what ever they say. We may even get caught up in their drama because we feel compassion for them and want to try to make them feel better in some strange way. Most of us do this without even realizing that we are enabling them to stay on the path of negativity. Then it came to me "being positive starts with just one person" it can start with you and by the end of the day there will be many people who will be that "one person" who is thinking positive. We all notice the chain reaction that starts with negative thinking so why not start a new chain reaction. This becomes a new link in the chain which changes the negative to positive. By putting out your positive thoughts and words out towards others you start so see the difference one person can make. If there is someone who is constantly complaining about something in his or her life it is time to talk to them about this. Let them know that you are on a mission to clear the space around you of any negative energy and that you would greatly appreciate them only communicating in a positive fashion with you. Oh yea this may cause you to loose a friend or two in the process. On the other hand you will be taking a stand for what you do and do not want in your life.
If you are choosing to become a positive person it is imperative that you make a stand by letting go of the people in your life that do not brighten your day and add to your positive energy with their positive thoughts and words. Maybe you are not ready to let them go but would like to help them become more positive. This also depends on the person you want to help become more positive. Because you can not help someone who does not feel they can accept being positive 90% or more of the time. This also means that you will have to let this person know that each time you hear them speaking negatively. You will have to be the person to remind them that this does not constitute becoming more positive. I know that some people do not like being told that they are being negative. In fact they seem to get angry and lash out at you for even mentioning it. Yes it seems to be easier to let others stay in their own little negative space. You won't loose as many friends this way. But while you work to improve your own life by being positive there will be those who don't want you to succeed. If you are happy and positive you will not have anything to complain about. You will feel better and your body will become healthier because you are only allowing positive energy to enter your thoughts. It is time to become that "one person" who speaks out and says I am a positive person and I like being positive it is wonderful and it allows me to be happy. Let the people who are complaining and focusing on the negative attributes of their life know that you have made a choice to become a positive strength in your life. Tell them that you have set a goal for yourself to become a new link in the chain of positive. You are special and you deserve to be happy and have all that you desire in life. Sometimes other people do not even realize that when they are gossiping, complaining or speaking ill of others. This negative energy eventually comes back to them in one way or another because of the energy they are putting out through their words and thoughts.
If you do have to listen to someone's words of fear, anger or complaining only allow for 30 seconds for this type of verbal energy release that should be plenty of time to get their frustrations out. Then say out loud (Cancel, cancel clear) and move the conversation to a more positive state.
Tell them that you want to hear of the joyful experiences they are having and creating in their life.
Remember that your words are energy this energy flows from you into the universe connecting with like energy to be returned to you as an experience, be it positive or negative.
By using positive words and thinking in a positive manner you will attract more positive experiences into your life each day.
Being Positive all starts with one person I hope it is you.
Have a wonderful week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

October 12, 2009

Dear friends
It is with gratitude I write this newsletter each week. I know there are many people who will read this newsletter and get something important from the message it contains. If ever I can be of service to you or answer a question you might have just give me a call or email me.
Blessings from Julie

Awaken My Spirit
Have you ever felt as if you are just going through the motions of life feeling as if each day is pretty much the same as yesterday and tomorrow is more than likely going to be the same.
We wake up and go to work or do our chores come home and you know the rest. It is like we are just getting by in life making it day to day until the week end when hopefully we will get some rest and relaxation time.
Well if our minds are just thinking the same things over and over again they to get stuck in the same mode, rarely thinking outside the box so to speak.
What then happens to the spirit when it cannot grow? The light of the Spirit then begins to dim becoming smaller and smaller.
As our spirit is growing smaller it is giving the ego side of our mind more control we then start to become more impatient with other people including our loved ones. We do not see love in other people instead we begin to judge them for who they are, where they live or for what they may look like.
The spirit can be awakened at any time. Your spirit is waiting for you to ask its return fully awakened into your life. The Spirit wants you to be happy, laugh and yes to experience love and all its goodness. Spirit is that part of us which is love in its purest form. Spirit is playful giving way to our creative abilities in various ways.
When we are stuck in rapacious cycles we have to first decide if we want out bad enough. Our brains are wired to think of what has happened in the past situations in our lives. This is a unique reference for us to be able to look back and remember the past. It helps most of us keep from making the same mistakes again and again. But there are people who tend to life their lives in the past never thinking of what is happening right now in their life until it becomes the past. Reliving yesterday's drama over and over again. However it takes time to let go of the past to come up with a new thought each time a past thought comes to your mind.
For you to move in a forward direction in life you must let go of the past thoughts about things that have happened in your life that did not bring you happiness and feelings of joy when you think of them.
It is you that intentionally will invite your Spirit to awaken asking that you may be filled with love. This love you ask for needs to be nourished and given out so that you may be filled again with even more love thus allowing your spirit to grow. As you give out love to other people you will have a greater sense of joy within your heart and mind. It is time to do something different in life besides just getting through it. It is time to enjoy your wonderful life because it does not matter how rich you are or what you wear. It is about one thing that is living with your spirit fully awakened and being able to give love freely to all people no matter who they are.

Awaken my Spirit allow me to feel the warmth of your love.
Let me be an inspiration to others giving them hope as they are feeling the love I give them without cost or obligation.
Let me focus my thoughts on all the good that can come from each situation that is before me.
May I release all past tendencies to criticize others.
Inspire me to take my life in new directions even if they are small at first.
I invite my spirit to be present in me each day taking my thoughts to a higher degree of vibration and love.
Awaken my Spirit for I am ready and willing to open my heart to others bringing even more love into my life today and all of my tomorrows.
Blessed be

The New Moon is on Sunday October 18th 2009
This is a great day to write down ten wishes and put them in your wish box.
Remember to focus on all that is positive in your life there is so much that you have to offer others when you are positive. You will find that when you are thinking thoughts that are of love and being kind to others it brings the same into your life. There is a catch though you can not just try for a week or two to be conscious of love and having positive thoughts this is a life time commitment if you want to succeed. All it takes is one baby step at a time to achieve this goal which is a life filled with love.
Thank you all and have a wonderfully positive week!

October 19, 2009

Dear Friends
May this week be one filled with great expectations and wonderful outcomes to all situations what ever they may be I am so excited about this week because I have some really great news for you. I thought about telling you straight off but I have decided that I will keep you in suspense for a few minutes while you read this newsletter. (Be sure to read to the end to see what I am so excited about I am sure you will be just as excited as I am)

Have you ever wondered if you were reading some ones thoughts or if they have read yours, maybe just as you thought something someone else said exactly what you were about to say. I bet you answered yes to this! Most people have had an experience like the one above. We can call it a coincidence or we can acknowledge that we are all connected on some level and are sending out the thought energy as we think about something or someone. Lately I have noticed this thought energy seems to be getting stronger it also seems to be more accurate. I have also noticed that many people have been experiencing more and more intuitive moments like knowing who is calling before the phone rings or when a child or relative needs your help in some way. Why is this happening? The answer I received from Spirit may be of importance to you if you have been having these experiences.

You and many people all over the world are being guided to listen to your intuition. It is time for you to recognize that you have these powers and to increase them by using them to connect with people on a higher level of vibration. As with knowing another's thoughts you will be able to connect with them mentally and create a sense of peace within yourself and the other person. There has been a shift of consciousness that has been happening for several years now and continues to grow stronger as more people are accepting that there is more to life than what we can see, feel and hear. There are more people wondering to themselves what is my purpose? What am I here for? Well the answer is so simple yet so challenging. Fore the answer is to "listen and to accept that there is a Divine connection with all living things". As you are being guided you may not hear the words out loud but in your mind you will know the answers that you seek. You are here to uncover a new level of consciousness by listening with your heart, mind and spirit to the thoughts that come to you each day. As you listen you will begin to drop your judgment of others by focusing on all the positive aspects of yourself and what you are here for. Your intuition will guide you as you learn to open your mind to the true possibilities that are available to you. Call upon your Angels and Spirit Guides for their Divine guidance each morning ask them to help you in managing your thoughts so that you will be able to weed out the negative information you may receive through out the day. When you listen they will speak to you. This may come in the form of a positive thought or idea. It can come in a message remember we can receive messages in many different ways besides the spoken word.
Talk to your partner or a good friend ask them to work with you to improve your mental connection with them by exchanging thoughts mentally through out the day. Your thoughts can be something like remembering a time when you laughed at something this person did or said. Maybe you will think of a time that you did something with this person that made you both feel happy and filled your hearts with love.
Keep notes of the thoughts you receive from them through out your day. At the end of the day compare the thoughts that you each have written down. This connecting with another's thoughts will increase as you practice more and more often. As each person becomes more in tune with the energy of oneness they will be given more keys to heighten their enlightenment to the wisdom that is connecting all of us.

Wow! It really is helpful to have more of an understanding of what is talking place right now energetically speaking. I know that I now have a new understanding of what is possible for all people of this earth. When we desire to achieve an inner knowing of why we are here on this earth, we then find our purpose in life. "Be still and listen" is my new mantra.

So what is the Great News I talked about in the first part of this News Letter?
I have wondered what is it that I can do to show my appreciation for you my readers. Well I think I have come up with something you will love.
During the next two weeks until October 30th 2009 you can get two readings with Julie for the price of one. This means you can pass this gift along to a friend or family member just by purchasing one 30 minute Reading from Julie for $50.00 you will receive another 30 minute reading. That is just $25.00 per reading!
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Please note: You must let me know the name of the person you are giving the second reading too and they must call for their appointment by November 30th 2009.

If you choose to use your second reading at a later date please note that all readings paid for with this offer must have an appointment booked before November 30th 2009.

By having a reading with Julie you will be amazed to know what is coming up for you in the near future. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions. By allowing Julie to connect with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides you will be amazed at how easily your questions get answered.
A reading with Julie will help you to know the best timing in making changes that will affect you in positive ways.
Why not call for your appointment today
916-726-4892 or email Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Remember you are in control of your thoughts and feelings no other person can make you feel something unless you allow it. Focus on all the positive things you have in your life and what you can do to be of service each day to another. May you have a wonderful week and may your spirit be uplifted through love.
Tickles and Sparkles

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Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

October 26, 2009
Happy Halloween
Dear Friends
I would like to wish you all a safe and happy Halloween.

In the last few months I have noticed that there seems to be something happening in this world that is affecting many people. I am not quite sure how to describe the energy or feeling that I am getting from what is happening but I do know that it is not the energy of love and light that I feel is affecting people. In the last few weeks I have had several people tell me of their fears that someone is trying to cause them harm. In a few of these cases there have been text messages sent to these people threatening them. I have heard of people flying off the handle so to speak and getting into major arguments and even physical battles. This is shocking I can hardly believe the horror stories I am receiving. No I am not kidding because it is Halloween! This is serious! There is an imbalance occurring in this world and it seems to be getting stronger. I ask you to please focus your thoughts and feelings on love at this time.
The only way we can fight anger and hatred is with love. Love has got to be our focus if we desire to improve our lives here on this earth. At first I wondered if there was something astrological happening that was causing this energy shift I and others have been feeling. After some research I found out there was a moon wobble last week and as I understand, it affects people's emotions. Still I do not feel this is the total cause of the strange negative energy that is affecting so many people in many different ways.
I have asked my guides what I can do to help in changing this energy and the answer I keep receiving is LOVE.
So I am asking for your help if you will please take a few minutes each day to focus your thoughts on love and what love means to you. I feel at this time we are being given a choice in our lives to look at what is happening and to change it through putting our intentions of love into the universe. If you start to feel angry or annoyed at someone notice how it makes you feel and change those thoughts right away to loving thoughts.
If someone is angry at you send this person love through your thoughts see them as a child that does not know how love can heal them. Then surround them with a brilliant white light, sending loving thoughts that are positive to them. We are at a time of change and how this change occurs depends on how you respond to the energy that is now affecting your life. We now have to take a moment to refocus our thoughts and feelings diverting them from all the chaos and worry that we have held onto for so long and let it go. Have faith and believe in your power and the power of all of the positive people in this world. Know in your heart that we can make a difference. I truly believe that this is our lesson on this earth it is to acknowledge our power the power that is love. I send out love and healing to all of you. May your hearts be open to giving and receiving love for without love we have nothing.

If you have any thoughts or feelings on how we can bring more love into this world and into our lives we would love to hear from you. Email julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

November 2, 2009
Full Moon

Greetings from Julie
I hope you are ready to have a great month! If you haven't created what you desire to achieve this month it is time to take pen and paper and find a quiet place to jot down some of the things you would like to create this month. Do this as if it is already taking place to speed up the manifestation process. Today being the day of the Full Moon would be a perfect time to create the vision of what you would like to manifest this month for yourself. Go for it!

Change Your Life by Recognizing The
Demons That Are Blocking You

Maybe you have noticed that when you are around certain people you feel drained or maybe you know someone who is always angry. It may be that there is a demon causing the anger or allowing others to drain your energy. Now I do not mean demon as in a "scary little character" I mean a demon as in an energy that is negative, that attaches its self to you. I know this may sound far fetched but it is real and happens to many people. I have talked with several healers and friends that I have know for many years that, have had encounters with these demons. I myself have had some encounters with demons. The thing with demons is that you first have to realize that you may have one. Many people never realize that they could be being influenced and even blocked by a demon. They will say they are unlucky and that their life never goes the way that they have created it to go. Some will tell you that they do not believe in such things and ignore any advice you may offer. I guess that is up you to decide if you are being blocked by demons and all efforts to achieve your dreams seem to be put on hold. Many people tell me that they feel like no matter how hard to make changes in their lives it just does not seem to be happening for them. If you feel that something is blocking you from the life you truly desire please keep reading.

The first thing you need to do is recognize that there may be a demon that has attached its self to you. Sometimes other people not knowingly will cast a demon your way. This can happen just about anywhere that you encounter a negative situation. There are people who are angry or hateful these people are the ones you have to really watch out for because chances are they have demons. Demons are like little balls of negative energy they are very sticky and will attach to "like" energy so if you are angry at someone or about something they seem to attach themselves easier.
You may not believe it but you do not have to be near someone who has demons to get them they can come through the phone lines especially if you are talking to someone who is mad at you.
Okay so now you know a little about demons and how you get them it is time to talk about how to get rid of them.
After you recognize that you may have picked up a demon it is time to figure out where you may have picked it up from. This may take some time because you may have to go back a few years to figure out when you started having feelings of being blocked. Call upon your higher self and your angels for guidance in recognizing who may have given you knowingly or unknowingly this demon. It is amazing how you will start to remember where you were and what was happening when the demon entered your space. It may have come from someone you never would have expected it would come from. When you recognize in your mind the person that sent this demon, you will begin to break its spell. Next it is time to focus your thoughts on love. Visualize a beautiful bright white light of love encircling the person that you thought of. Send them only thoughts of pure love. This will release you from the negative energy or demon. You may have to clear out a few demons in the process. You will begin to feel lighter and happier as you clear this energy. We seldom realize that we are energy conductors and like energy we attract "like" energy to us. By staying positive and visualizing a mirror ball of light surrounding ourselves at the start of each day we are able to avoid being hit with other people's demons.

Lately there seems to be many people who are angry and feel that life has given them a raw deal. I have felt that this is contributing to the growing number of demons that are attaching themselves to people everywhere. When there is so much stress and anger in the world it is the perfect environment that allows demons to grow. Please pay attention to your thoughts and feelings of your self and for others. Keep your thoughts positive even when times seem tough. Remember that love can conquer these demons. But it is up to you to recognize them.
I send you love, Julie

I have decided to make some changes regarding the Staying on Track by Staying Positive Newsletters. As of today I will be sending out newsletters every two weeks instead of weekly.

May your day be filled with gladness at all of the blessings you have been given. Let love flow into your life through opening your heart to others.
At the end of each day let go of all the worry and place your fears aside knowing that tomorrow will be better.
Take time to thank your self for all the good you contribute to this world.
Acknowledge that you really are Gods perfect child.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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Thank You for taking a moment to read this newsletter. It is my wish to be of service to you through adding a positive note to your week.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

November 16, 2009

Dear Friend
Wishing you a truly wonderful week filled with delightful situations and happiness in all aspects of your life.

Today is the New Moon this means it is time to write out your ten wishes.
Each of us has many wishes what ever yours may be, keep them positive and focus on the feelings you have as you write them.
Visualize the outcome of your wish do not look at how you will get there.

It seems that lately people are really noticing the energy around them. I have talked with so many people some I do not even know whom are feeling that there is something going on in the world energetically. Many are filled with hope and positive thoughts yet there are many who are angry and feel stuck in their lives.
Yes, I too believe there is much happening energetically on this earth at this time. I have been talking with my Spirit Guides and Angels asking them what is happening. Here is the answer I received.

This is a time that all people will be given choices in their lives that will affect them for many years to come. These are not religious choices but they are spiritual choices that will be made. Those who do not make the effort to be present in their own lives will be given harder challenges until they are ready to open their hearts and minds to the spiritual gifts that love can bring them. There are many whose time will come and there will be sadness for they may not be ready for this transformation. You all have universal knowledge at your disposal yet you do not use it as regularly as you should.
Rarely do you wait for the answer as it does not always come at the time you set forth. Ask for this knowledge ask what it is that your spirit wants for you. Believe in the answers you get through feelings or thoughts you notice floating through your mind. This is your opportunity to offer love to all people to join others in the world who are focusing their energy on that of love. Let go of the anger you have held to for so long it does not matter why you are holding this anger only that you let it go. Send forth love to that which has caused you anger. See the world through what you may call "Gods Eyes" look at all people good and bad with love in your heart. We are here to help you and to guide you as you bring your spiritual potential to the surface. Ask for our guidance each day without hesitation or fears. Be inspired by the signs that come to you they are here for a reason. Yes a transformation is taking place and will continue for sometime. This transformation is creating the beginning of a planet filled with love. As hatred dies love will open the doors that held tight all love and light. Blessings will come to those who have given love from the heart as they are reaching their true potential. Allow criticism to fall away from your heart and open your mind to the positive and the love that is always within you.
The choice is yours for you are responsible for your thoughts and feelings no other person can be responsible for your thoughts and feelings.

Think about what it is, that really makes you happy in this life and if there is a passion that you have and haven't explored now is the time to open your mind to exploring your passions in life. We make excuses and tell ourselves that someday we will do something we are passionate about then put it off until it is too late. Decide that you will give some thought to the things that you are passionate about that bring you happiness. Start creating change in your life by believing in your dreams. Don't give up easily know that you have wonderful abilities within you to create change in your life through being positive and believing in your passion.

I find my self focusing my energy on more positive thoughts by repeating positive affirmations during the day to myself. These affirmations do not have to be something memorized you can simply focus on all the things you love.
Example: I love my life- My life is wonderful- I am happy- I am filled with loving energy- I am focused- I have all of my financial needs met- I am living the good life and all is well- miracles find me- I attract positive energy
By affirming all that you are positive about you will not have time to focus on the negative. Believe in your affirmations know that you create through your words.

In closing I would like to give thanks for the opportunity I have to share this newsletter with you and ask that you may share it with those you feel will enjoy its content.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

November 30, 2009

Dear Friends I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving
Well here we are almost to December and soon it will be a new year. It has been a very different year for many of us. We have learned valuable lessons and have gained insights into how we can become more positive each day. For many people this has been a very tough year financially but you haven't given up in fact you have worked harder than ever before. Even though you have wondered if you would ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes there is always a light at the end of the tunnel "so to speak". You see change is always taking place even if we can not see it right away, it is continually happening. Change affects our lives in many ways that we usually do not even notice. Yet we seem to notice the changes that are negative more readily than the positive changes that are happening in every moment.
Today is the day we start to train the brain to focus on the positive changes that are taking place in our lives.
With gratitude acknowledge the changes that are happening each moment on your life.
Let go of the fear of what may happen tomorrow or next year.
Focus your mind on all of the positive things that are happening right now in your life.
Remember that your thoughts and feelings are energy use this energy for the betterment of yourself.
Let go of doubt and quit over analyzing what might or might not happen in the next year.
If you can remain positive even in the most negative of times you will find you have learned possibly the greatest lesson of all times "Love conquers all".
You have a key that will unlock doors that were previously closed to you. This key has been with you for your entire life you just have to notice the good in life to find it. Look for the good in everyone and everything for this is where you will find miracles.

December 1, 2009
On the first day of each month light a Bayberry Candle to bring in money through out the month.

December 2, 2009
Full Moon a good day for communication and negotiations.

December 16, 2009
New Moon
Write down ten wishes you would like to manifest during the coming month.

December 26, 2009
Mercury retrogrades until January 15th 2010
What a way to bring in the New Year!
Be sure to get your Christmas shopping done before the 10th of December especially if you are buying electronics. Better to buy early and get those packages mailed as soon as possible. Mercury Retrograde seems to start its journey about two weeks early. Remember to think before you drink this Holiday Season make sure you have a designated driver if you are going to any parties.

I focus my thoughts and feelings only on what brings me joy.
I allow others to choose their own path I let go of judgment.
I choose to believe in the good that surrounds me at all times.
I easily let go of any anger that I may have towards another person and I replace it with thoughts of pure love.
So blessed be

Exercise in Creative Manifesting

Write down 100 things you would like to manifest in the next year. They can be something you want or want to achieve or have in your life. Do this as quickly as possible allow one hour for this exercise. Do not think about the details just write. When you are finished put the paper or notebook away in a safe place, do not look at it. You will find that through out the day you will notice yourself thinking and visualizing some of the things you have written. The next day or when ever you have time get your list out and read it then see the picture in your mind and move to the next thing you have written. Do this without getting hung up on one certain thing. Just visualize how you would feel if this had already happened for you. Now put the list away and leave it there for one month. Then take it out and re-read it doing the visualizations. You will fine that there are things on your list you will be able to put a Star by for you have achieved this or received this.
Make sure to Date the list when you start it and each time you take it out to look at it.
Let me know the things that are changing for you after you do this. www.julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

In closing I would like to give thanks for the opportunity I have to share this newsletter with you and ask that you may share it with those you feel will enjoy its content. www.ticklesandsparkles.com
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

December 14, 2009

Dear Friends, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. May this season bring you and your loved ones great happiness as for me I am still trying to figure out how time has passed so quickly I still can't believe it is almost the end of another year.

I hope that you will have a wonderful holiday season filled with wishes coming true and blessings of abundance.

I have noticed that this year more than ever before there are people standing on the street corners with their signs telling of their misfortune in one way or another. Some of the signs say "Will Work for Food" each letting the passers by know that the person holding the sign is desperately in need of some help of one kind or another. I am sure we have all sat at the red light and thought to our selves whether we should see if we have a dollar or two to give them. Maybe you are thinking, hoping that the light will change before you get right next to the man or woman standing there holding the sign. Or maybe you just turn your head ignoring them completely. Out of sight out of mind they say. Today I drove up next to a man standing in the center island of the street I was making a left turn. He was standing there holding his sign and smiling as I drove next to him. I looked into his eyes he stood there as I came to a stop at the light. It was like a glimpse inside his soul and I felt a sadness rush over me. I grabbed a couple dollars from my wallet and gave to him without a second thought. He smiled and said God Bless as I pulled away when the light changed to green. I thought to my self at that moment no my friend God bless you for reminding me to be compassionate and not to judge but to always send out love to all people. I am truly grateful that I am fortunate enough to give to other people. This is the Season for giving and for receiving give with gratitude for the ability you have to give and receive with gratitude that someone cares enough to give you something. I give you all my Love this season filled with blessings of goodness. Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

December 16, 2009 New Moon "Wish Day"
Each new Moon you should make time to write out 10-Wishes
Be sure to visualize your self having this already manifested. It's Just like playing pretend.

Reminder Mercury Retrogrades December 26th 2009
Be sure that you have saved your receipts for those Christmas electronic gifts you purchased at the last moment. When Mercury retrogrades it plays havoc with anything electronic. Do not go out and buy a new car this holiday or sign any contracts you may not end up too happy with the results. Mercury Retrogrades lasts three weeks. This New Years Eve, be sure you have a designated driver if you are going to drink and party.
In closing I would like to give thanks for the opportunity I have to share this newsletter with you and ask that you may share it with those you feel will enjoy its content. www.ticklesandsparkles.com
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

December 28, 2009

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you will have a Very Happy New Year!
Dear Friends may 2010 bring you much happiness and joy. I think that many of us have been wishing for a great year in 2010 and I believe that if we keep positive, act with a kind heart and focus our thoughts on only what we want, not what we do not want it will be one of the best years ever.

Well we are about to start off the New Year 2010 in just a few days 2009 will be gone forever and a new year begins. You may be thinking of Celebrating the New Year by going to a party or even having one yourself. I would like to remind you all that we are now officially in a Mercury Retrograde until January 16, 2010.
Please if you are planning on drinking this New Years Eve make sure you have a designated driver or take a taxi to and from the party. Remember that when Mercury is Retrograde things happen that can cause havoc in our lives so I recommend that you do not take the chance on driving after you have had even one drink.
Wait until after the retrograde to buy that new car you have had your eye on. Don't sign important documents or buy a new computer during the retrograde it may not be what you want. Expect the break downs and budget for them during the retrograde. If something does break down such as a dishwasher or vacuum try to wait until after the 16th of January to replace any electrical items that may break. Okay enough of the retrograde stuff lets go onto better things.
Time to prepare for the New Year!

Do you have goals you can see yourself achieving in the New Year?
Make a list of what your goals are and envision them as though you have already achieved them.
Think about how it makes you feel to have each goal manifested in your life. Make some notes about what you feel when you read your goals for the New Year.

Here is a list of things you can do and not do on New Years Day to bring in good luck all year long!

The first one is an important do not!
#1- Do not do laundry on New Years Day or you may wash someone out of your life in the next year.

#2- Whatever you are doing on New Years Day, know that you may be doing quite a bit of it throughout the year. So make the most of this day!
Be happy. Share your day with good friends. Make a list of your wishes and aspirations.

Make a Wish Board by using a poster board and filling it with pictures of what you would like to have this New Year.
I buy plenty of magazines and glue sticks for this wonderful New Years Day Project that is fun for family and friends. When you have finished your wish board you can frame it with a Poster Frame or just pin it to a wall where you will see it every day. Invite some friends over and have some fun!

#3- Let go of the past and vow to become the warm loving person you really are.

#4- Forgive yourself and others for all the unkind feelings or words that have been said and focus on noticing when you are not coming from a higher loving place in your heart and mind. That is when you can change any feelings that don't feel right within you, replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

#5- Burn a Bayberry candle on the first day of each month for good luck.
Note this Spell does work! You will be amazed and it is loads of fun!
Spell to bring in Good Luck all through the Year!
What ever you magically desire you can create!

At 12:01 AM New Years Day is the best time to do this one.
If you can not do it at this time, do it on new years Day at 11:00 AM

What you will need is:
A large bowl
3-Red Apples cut up into small chunks
1-cup of white rice
1-teaspoon of Cloves powder
1-one teaspoon of sugar as you add the sugar state your wish out loud, then add the sugar to the mixture
The petals of three Roses, one white, one Red and one Yellow
A teaspoon of your favorite Cologne
One half bottle of Champagne

Mix all the ingredients together in the large bowl and this may sound weird but is true and quite fun, and can be especially fun with someone you love.
Take the mixture into the shower and rub it all over your body while thinking that your wish has come true and visualize the most wonderful out come to the situation or wish and feel the energy within you and about as you rub the magical mixture all over your body. When you have used all the mixture rinse your body and dry off with a clean towel. Light a candle of your choice and have a sip of the champagne make a toast to your wonderful future. Blessed be

For Good Luck and Prosperity in the New Year
Eat Black Eyed Peas and Drink Champagne for breakfast on
New Years Day!

Here is My Recipe for Black Eyed Peas and Ham
1: Small package dried Black Eyed Peas (found in the beans and rice section at your grocery store.)
2: ½ half pound of diced ham
3: 1 small yellow onion chopped into small pieces
Put peas into a colander and wash under warm water. Then put peas into medium sized pan and add the onions and ham add water until it covers the peas with two inches of water, bring to a boil and then simmer until peas are soft. Adding water if needed while cooking. You can season to taste with salt and pepper or herbs of you're choosing.
Cooking time is about one hour

Now you are ready for Breakfast! Enjoy with a sip of champagne.

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Please put in a 6 where it asks how many readings you would like to pay for at this time.
I look forward to Reading for you each month of 2010!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie
The Full Moon is a Blue Moon is on December 31, 2009
They Call the Blue Moon a wishing moon so make some wonderful New Years wishes believing that they will come true.

Thank You for taking a moment to read this newsletter. It is my wish to be of service to you through adding a positive note to your week.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Julie's Readings can help you in many aspects of your life from finding the right job or how to handle a difficult situation.

End of 2009. Click here to go to 2010



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