2008 Staying Positive - #10 - All written by Julie Humphrey

January 15, 2008

Greetings from Julie at Tickles and Sparkles,
I am so excited about this edition of Staying on Track by Staying Positive. WHY? Well once again, Mercury goes retrograde on January 28, 2008 and ends on February 18, 2008.
Now I know I usually tell about all the things that can happen during this three week period that affect us all in somewhat negative ways. This time I would like to take a look at all the things we can do this time to make life better while Mercury Retrograde is taking place. Many people seem to think this is the worst time ever but by preparing for it and making time to do the things we need to get done like finishing projects we have started earlier we will feel better and better about this time. So start making a list of what you need to do during the Retrograde.
Some examples of what to do:
" Clean up your office
" Back up that computer (I recommend doing this before the retrograde)
" Clean out your closet and give away what you really do not wear any more.
" What about the leftovers from the Holidays hiding in the back of your refrigerator.
" Finish up that project you started last year.
" Call all those people who are still waiting for you to return their messages. (clear off your phone recorder)
" Detail your car a good wash and wax will make you feel so good when you drive down the street. Tell your car how thankful you are that it is running perfectly. (I talk to my car and it even has a name)
" Wash your windows.
" Clean outdated things from your kitchen cabinets. 2005 is really outdated!
" Shred those old papers that are cluttering up your home.
I am sure you can think of many things you can do to clear out old energy from your home and life. If there are people in your life that you no longer desire to associate with, why not write them a letter and then do not send it but burn it to let them go. Sometimes it is better for us to let go without saying anything to hurt someone's feelings. While you are writing that letter write another letting go of all judgment of others and burn it to!

As always do not sign any contracts or legal documents during this time if you can avoid it please do so. Do not buy any electronics during this time as break downs are possible very possible. Buy them after the retrograde please! Same goes for cars, boats and what ever.

Last week I wrote about sending out love and saying the word love through out your day. I would love to know how it is working for you.
I received an email from one of my readers which was quite wonderful here it is:
You sure know how to hit home runs!
For the past 2 days, I was feeling tired and kept having fearful dreams.
I was worried and had no energy, then... today
I heard someone say on TV, "Love can be the greatest, and also the most painful."
It reminded me of your newsletter.

So I though about it like this...
Love is an emotion;
Love drives us to do crazy things sometimes.
Love can't be forced by commitment.
You can't make someone Love you,
You can gift Love from your heart,
Love can be transferred with only a smile,
Some people think money can by Love,
Sometimes Love can cost you everything.
It is difficult to let love go.
For me... real Love is my puppy.
Thank you, Cathy for sending me this wonderful email.

Love is what you create it to be.
It is an emotion that is limitless if we chose to believe in it.
I believe in Love and the powerful ways we can use this wonderful emotion, feeling and word to make life better, better, and better for ourselves and others.

Remember that Love starts with you if you give it out it will come back in many wonderful unexpected ways.
But if you hold love in you may never have the experience of receiving for you are a vessel and when you are filled with love and do not give it out then there is no room for more to come in and soon your vessel will dry up and become empty. Give out love and it shows up in miraculous ways filling your vessel daily.

Affirmation of the week:
As I give out love to all people I encounter each day.
I now feel the joy of my expression of love towards others.
It is filling my heart, soul and mind with joyful thoughts and feelings that are love's Divine gifts to me.

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As always thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and thank you for your positive input into it.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

January 24, 2008

Greetings from Julie, I hope you are having a great week. Just a quick reminder we will be going into a Mercury Retrograde on January 28th 2008 to February 18th 2008. If you have any questions about the retrograde please feel free to email me julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

How to stop being in Judgment of other people?
The other day I was thinking to my self what will I write this weeks newsletter on? What can I write that will get people to thinking in a higher state of mind. Then I got the word Judgment! it hit me from out of the blue. Well since then I have been pondering what judgment really is and why we are so unaware of our own judgment of others. I am sure that every person on this earth has at one time or another been judgmental of another. In fact I am sure that you have probable been in judgment of someone today, maybe it was on your way to work or even at home with a child or spouse. It could be a judgmental comment about someone you work with. If we take a moment to think about all the judgment we put out each day about someone or something it will over whelm you. Just watching the news on TV can put you into the state of judgment. Think about why we are a society that is motivated by judgment of others but do not even want to think about being judged by someone other than ourselves. Oh! and we definitely judge ourselves and at times quite harshly.
When we look into the mirror we judge the way we look, I know I have been hard on my self at times. But there are many times when I look beyond the judgment of my self and see the beautiful spirit that is truly who I am. I hope you will do this next time you take a look in the mirror.
Each person on this earth is different, some are thin some are tall some like me are short. Some people are overweight and some are underweight. Some people think in terms that are so radically different from ours and what happens? We judge them for this difference. We judge people who are not the same race as us, what ever color you are I am sure you have made a judgment of another because of his or her skin color. As I think more deeply about this subject I could go on and on about the judgment we have created as a people.
Lets say you and group of friends are meeting at a local restaurant for lunch, as you sit there listening to the people around you what are you hearing? is there talk of how good life is or is there talk of others that are not around to hear the gossip about them which is undoubtedly judgmental. Yes we all are guilty of this kind of gossip but how can we change it? I am sure that there must be a way to open our minds enough to listen to that little voice inside that says, "Judge not least ye be judged." We have to constantly remind our self to not say the negative things that instantly come to mind as we go through the day. We have to constantly recognize if our thoughts are judgmental or thoughts of love and kindness. I know this is a big responsibility to take on and that at first it may be a challenge to keep unkind words and thoughts from becoming a judgment of others or our self.
But with practice anything is truly possible and we are here to learn and grow. My challenge for you this week is to practice keeping track of what you put out into the universe by way of judgment. Think about this statement "if you do not have something nice to say do not say it." By becoming conscious of our thoughts and actions we will more easily be able to recognize when we are going into judgment. You can think of it as a lesson in retraining the brain.
As we all know our thoughts are energy and when we voice them this energy grows, it flows to the person you have talked about or thought about and if it is good the person will feel it with love and harmony but if it is negative it can hurt this persons feelings and make them feel down. I am sure that no one means to hurt another's feelings by purposely sending out negative energy. It is up to you now to start creating a less judgmental society and to show others by your own actions how much you love them. We are all responsible to our self and others for the actions we take each day no one can make us think or say something mean to someone else. It is a choice we make if we like
something or not, but we need not decide what others should or shouldn't like or do. God gave us free will, I think we are expected to use this free will with love and gentleness in all manners of life.

"I would love to hear from you how you have let go of Judgment of others"
Please send me an email of what you do to stay out of judgment. I know that with perseverence we can make a choice of non-judgment and one that will bring about amazing changes in our lives.

Affirmation of the Week
I am now guided by Gods light to have a clear mind and set clear intentions that bring about pleasing feelings in my heart and the hearts of others who are in my thoughts.

The thoughts I put out will return to me. So I shall have only positive thoughts. I will send out only positive thoughts and only positive thoughts will return to me under grace and in perfect ways.

If you are interested in finding out how you can bring in more positive awareness into your life and make some wonderful changes I now have openings for personal coaching by the hour. To set up your apointment visit http://www.ticklesandsparkles.com/Juliespage.htm

As always thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and thank you for your positive input and emails.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

January 30, 2008

Greetings from Julie,
It is that time of the week where I sit in front of my computer and ask for Divine guidance as I begin to write what I would like to be the best newsletter ever.
Each week I ask for genuine Divine guidance so that I may be able to help at least one person or should I say friend to become more positive in his or her thoughts.
We all need a little push sometimes to get headed in the right direction. I know that I have needed this push at times to stay on track and to keep believing that all is truly possible if I believe it is. In fact I was talking with my oldest son the other day and he said to me "Mom you have to quit using that word hope. You have to know that what ever you want to happen will happen." At that moment I knew I must have been backsliding a bit and I had to make some changes in the way I looked at things. From that moment I made up my mind that I would not use the word hope and I would know that what I desired would happen that there was "no other option" as my daughter always tells me. Sometimes it takes someone on the outside looking in to let us know how we are doing at being positive. We may think we are being the most positive person, but actually we have lost something and that is the "belief and certainty" that what we desire will become a reality. I know that sometimes we tend to fall into the thought of lack in our life be start to wonder why me what did I do to deserve this? Well I have to tell you, that it is not what you have done to create what ever unpleasant situations are happening in your life at this time. Rather what you have not been doing that creates the sense of failure. Failure is an illusion created by people who are not willing to believe in themselves. Are you willing to let this illusion be a part of your life now or in the future? I think not! You and I have never once failed at anything we just didn't have the passion to keep going and believe that we are worthy. What we learned greatly outweighs the thought of failure in any situation for we were able to grow and develop new traits and strengths from our so called failures. As I stated above failure is an illusion and all we have to do is see through the illusion and know in our hearts that there are many wonderful things we have learned by going through this challenge. This is definitely being "Divinely" guided for I had no clue I would be putting into words these thoughts tonight.
" Take time to look back upon the things you may have thought of as failures in your life and notice all the wonderful things you have learned along the way.
" Next let go of these thoughts for they are not your thoughts but illusions of what you think the situation should have turned out like.
" Now think of all the things you have succeeded at in life and how many wonderful experiences you have has thus far.
" Then when you have looked at the past and all that you have attained by being a part of this beautiful world.
" Start thinking of what you are going to create for your self for your family and for your future.
Be passionate about what you want in your life and pursue it with confidence and knowing without doubt that it is meant to be.
Make a list of the things you are passionate about.
Feel the feelings of already achieving your goals.
Tell yourself that you are going to achieve this goal and there is no other option.
Let God know that you are grateful for the guidance you are receiving in order to bring this goal you have set for your self into this reality.
Always remember you can not fail for there is no failure only a learning experience in not attaining a goal and be thankful you got the opportunity to learn.
You may be surprised at what you will learn from the experiences you will have.
You may be even more surprised that you have succeeded.
By being so passionate about what you truly want in your life.
You will have succeeded beyond your wildest imagination of what you wanted in the first place.

I am grateful
I am grateful for the wonderful people in my life who are always there to cheer me on when I am not really sure what I am doing.
I am grateful for my family who is there when I just need to talk and they listen with open minds and hearts.
I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have, some whom I have never seen in person yet I know their love is real and there friendship genuine.
I am grateful for the wisdom and guidance I am given each week to be able to write this newsletter and that I am able to get it out through this wonderful device called a computer with internet.
I am grateful to just be me and to have this wonderful opportunity called life to experience all I can.

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Affirmation for the Week
My heart is filled with joyful feelings as I look at life today knowing that it is exactly as I thought it would be.

My thoughts are now turned towards only positive outcomes in all aspects of life.

My thoughts are creating my reality.

I am always on track in knowing that I will think only positive thoughts though out this day and each day hence forth.
So blessed be.

Thank you for the feedback on what has been taking place in the Mercury Retrograde for you.
January 27th the day before the Retrograde my Coffee Maker bit the big one.
I am keeping a list so if you have something to add please email me.

Please visit

There is no impossible, only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

February 10, 2008

Greetings from Julie
I hope all is well with you and your family this week. There have been some amazing things happening here in Southaven this last week.
To my surprise I witnessed some pretty powerful energy from Mother Nature in the form of a Tornado. I am still shocked at the force that a Tornado has and what it can do to steel and 10 inch thick cement buildings.
I thought that I would be safe as I drove home from work. In fact I was driving down the same street where the Tornado struck the warehouses just twenty five minutes before it happened. I could tell that there was something happening the sky was dark and there was a great wall of clouds heading my way. The sirens were going off all over warning people to take cover. I felt I needed to get home fast knowing in my mind I would be safe as soon as I was in my little brick house. When I got home I switched on the TV and the news channels were warning people in different areas to find a safe place. I then saw the warning that it was coming towards the side of town I live in. I was talking to my daughter on the phone and she said Mom it looks as if the tip of it is right over your house. I took my little dog George and we went to the closet to wait it out. Everything seemed so calm and then the wind started blowing and soon it was calm again. I felt that everything was ok so I went back to watching what was happening on the TV. I was very lucky that there was no damage done. Poor George was shaking and panting so hard I felt so sorry for him. Soon enough he calmed down and I felt the danger was gone. It truly felt as if this evening was one of the longest evenings I had ever been through. Waiting and wondering what was happening. Within a few miles or less of my home there was total destruction it was not until two days later that I saw for myself what had taken place and I have to say I was totally amazed at what had happened.
The reason I decided to write about my experience and the Tornado is to explain that this is a great force of energy that did the destruction I saw this last week. We too often think this can never happen to me yet it came pretty close. Energy is very powerful it comes in many ways and can be good and can be devastating at times. Each time I leave my home I say: I ask the white mirror ball of light to surround my home and property, please surround George (my dog) and Missy (my cat) keep them safe and protected from all negative energy and harm and please put a mirror ball of light around me and my car keep us safe and protected from all negative energy and harm. So blessed be and so it is. Tickles and Sparkles.
I feel in my heart this little prayer really works! I guess I now have proof of it working.

Energy Manifests Itself in Many Forms
As we have just seen there are many ways in which energy can manifest. I know that there are some very positive ways that energy can manifest itself also. Some of which are our thoughts and our words, this is the reason praying can be so powerful. When we pray or think positive thoughts we are in fact putting energy into the universe. The universe is returning to us positive energy through hearing our prayers and thoughts. I was driving through the grocery store parking lot today and I said thank you parking Gods for such a close parking space. Instantly I found the perfect parking place. I said again, "thank you" for the perfect parking place as I giggled and parked. The parking lot was extremely crowded and if I had thought I was not going to ever find a spot I am sure that is what I would have got. Each thought is energy so focus on what you truly want and do not focus on what you do not want.
We all want and desire good things to happen for us, our family and friends so work on only sending out positive messages into the universe. When you do think of something not so positive recognize it and say: cancel, cancel clear. Then introduce a more positive thought in your mind.

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As always thank you for your comments and for taking the time to Stay on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles and Julie

There is no impossible, only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

February 19, 2008

Greetings from Julie at Tickles and Sparkles
Great News Mercury is now direct and things are looking up. I know things are always getting better, better and better but I must say that when I woke up on Sunday morning the 17th of February I noticed a big difference I how I felt and it was the day before Mercury went direct. I felt so optimistic and happy oh maybe it was because the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day but maybe it was because the energy was changing around me. I must say I am grateful each day that I wake up just because I know I am still alive and kicking so to speak. I am wishing each of you the same wonderful feelings of joy each day when you awaken and start your day. Last week I talked about energy and how it affects our lives and how powerful it is just like the tornado that hit the town where I live. Friends I have to tell you there are many kinds of energy around us each day some we feel directly and some of the energy we feel indirectly.
For example:
Have you ever walked into a room and felt as if you had to get out of there as fast as possible, I know that this feeling has come over me at many times in my life. There have been times that the energy I was feeling seemed to be coming from a person in the room and at other times, I felt as if it were coming from an object in the room or even the room its self.
Some people are more sensitive to energy and other people never seem to notice the energy around them. If you are sensitive to energy you might try sending love into the room before you arrive. As you start to feel an energy that is negative from a person or object start saying the word love over and over in your mind all the while visualizing a white light around the thing, person or room.
What about verbal energy? Can it affect us? I myself believe that words are very powerful for instance I have heard this statement many times in my life and each time I hear it I cringe at the energy that is being put out unknowingly by the person saying these words:
"I love him or her to death"
It may be that the person who saying this really does love the person that they are speaking of. Without thinking of the harm they are putting out through this verbal energy. If you put your hand up to your mouth and say I love you do you feel the energy? Of course you do every word we speak is energy so that is why we have to become more mindful of our words and speak only positive statements towards others and ourselves.
There are so many kinds of energy if we start to think about it everything contains energy, yes even inanimate objects can and do contain energy. You may buy a beautiful vase bring it home and put very fresh flowers in it only to see them begin to wilt within a few hours. Why? Well maybe the person who made the vase was having a bad day or was sad about something going on in their life at that particular time. The energy could transfer into the vase without them even knowing that it was happening.

Below are some suggestions that may help rid this kind of energy from the things we buy.

#1 you can focus love into the object, by visualizing a beautiful white and violet light surrounding the object and say I love you and I bless you with love.

#2 you can buy a smudge bundle or sage wand they are one in the same light it and let the smoke waft over and around it.

#3 one thing I do is to blow my breath onto the object three times, this puts your energy into the object.

I hope that you will start to notice the different kinds of energy that is around you each day and recognize which energy is not your own or not of your higher thinking. Please focus on changing the energy of this earth by changing your thoughts. Send love to everything and every one this will truly help and will be beneficial to all things living or inanimate.
Instead of thinking of the negative about someone who is in crises think of the positive and how you can help them through your positive thoughts.
Remember that there is power through positive thinking.

Start Your Creations Journal Today
There is no better time than the present to start creating what you desire in the near future. Write about what you desire as if it has manifested and you are enjoying all the benefits of having what ever it is you have chosen to create. I know I have mentioned this in the past but we all tend to work at it for awhile and then we stop for some reason or another. Now is the time to get on with creating once again, go for it.
I do not remember where I read this but I wrote it down so I could share it with you.
"Experience is what you get what you do not get what you want."
This reminds me to be grateful for all the experiences I have each day.

I told my good friend Hillary about this beautiful prayer and that I wanted to share it.
To my surprise she found it on the internet and emailed a copy to me I would love to share it with you. I have to say I have used it many times and it has never failed.

Prayer to St. Joseph
Oh, St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in you all my interest and desires. Oh, St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession, and obtain for me from your divine Son all spiritual blessings, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. So that, having engaged here below your heavenly power, I may offer my thanksgiving and homage to the most Loving of Fathers. Oh, St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating you, and Jesus asleep in your arms; I dare not approach while He reposes near your heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me and ask Him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath. St. Joseph, Patron of departed souls, pray for me.
This prayer was found in the 50th year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In 1505 it was sent from the Pope to Emperor Charles, when he was going into battle. Whoever shall read this prayer or hear it, or keep it about themselves, shall never die a sudden death or be drowned, nor shall poison take effect on them; neither shall they fall into the hands of the enemy, or shall be burned in any fire or shall be overpowered in battle.
Say for 9 mornings for anything you may desire. It has never been known to fail.
Thank you Hillary!

As always thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter, I love hearing from you and I am so thankful for the wonderful emails I receive from you each week. May the blessings be plenty in your life and may your wishes be manifested through love and light.

How do you Stay Positive we would love you to share your ways of Staying Positive even when times are tough.
You can email them to Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
We will share with our readers your suggestions.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to all whom you think might enjoy it.

There is no impossible, only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

February 25, 2008

Greetings from Julie at Tickles and Sparkles
As I sit before my computer today asking for Divine guidance in bringing something substantial to each person who reads this newsletter. I ask this so that whom ever may find themselves reading this will feel the love that I am sending out in this writing.
As most of you know I talk with many people and I have noticed that there is a common bond with each person I speak with this bond is "LOVE". I always let people I speak with know that I love them I truly want and desire them to feel loved at the end of our conversation. I do this because it feels good and I enjoy giving love out to others. I know this is part of my higher pathway in this life just being able to give love freely is so rewarding for me.
We love our parents, our children and our friends we even love our pets.
But is this where love stops? For some it is! Have you ever heard the old saying "blood is thicker than water". Well I bet you have and maybe you have even said these words out loud to someone.
When I was a child I heard these words for the first time and as a child I never could understand why a person would only love someone or something that they know. I wondered why they had decided that they should just give love to certain people. It really made me quite sad to think that people were so tight with love kind of like money a commodity that we give in exchange for something. I really believe that we are all capable of giving out love and receiving it without any conditions being on it. Love is not something that any one person should hold on to for love is energy and if we are holding onto it we will never receive the love that is sent us by others. Think of your self as a cup of water and if this cup is full no more can be poured into the cup. But if you pour some out then more can be poured into the cup. So I am asking each of you to start pouring out your love to others give it to those you are angry at and those who are angry, give it to those in need and those who are not. Do not put limits on the love you give out for you are able to give LOVE without limits and there is no cost to you for doing so. As you do this your cup will be refilled as if by magic. It is truly amazing this wonderful powerful thing we call LOVE, it heals, it brings in joy and it brings in happiness to all who give and receive it.
I challenge you to not think about how to give love or who to give love to. Just give LOVE to all people no matter who they are or what they do or have done.
You have this great power within you and you are Gods perfect child you have come to this earth for a reason. I am sure you must know the reason you are here is to spread the love you have been blessed with, to all people.
So next time someone is not to nice to you or challenges you with a negative remark just send them some LOVE and see what happens.

Knowing that by giving out love I feel whole and happy has made me who I am today. I am in gratitude for the wisdom I have gained in knowing that I can give out love to all people and not expect anything in return. Each day is a blessing and each day I shall vow to give love out to someone every day that is in need of having their cup filled. All the while I shall know my cup is always being replenished.

Talk to God and Your Angels and Receive Instant Answers

I have been doing some experimenting with how I communicate with God and My Angels. To my amazement it is working really well and I am receiving answers to my questions easily and sometimes instantly. I have found out that God is listening and is always here for me no matter what time it may be.
How! Well I simply start talking to God as I am writing on my computer and the answers seem to come in instantly as I am typing away. I thought I would let you take a peek at the conversations that we have been having. Oh one more thing God seems to speak in bold type.

February 24, 2008

Dear God, I am finally back again although I talk to you all the time I figured that sometimes it is good to get it written out so I can remember what our talks are about.
I want to tell you how happy I am, knowing that you are with me and that I am now able to make some wonderful things happen in my life. So are you there? Yes Julie I am here and there too! God you do have a personality! But of course I do would you even consider believing any differently. No God, I guess I wouldn't.
God is this all in my mind am I just thinking up things to say and writing down the answers that I want?
No Julie you are really getting the message I am sending. I know there is plenty of faith within you and you will know in your heart that what I am giving you is true. Live with passion from this day forth and show the world that you are able to make a difference. I will and thank you for being with me now. Julie I never leave it is you who sometimes seems forget to start the conversation. I will make it a point to talk with you more often. Julie you can talk to me at any time.
Thank you, God.

I think you can see where I am going with this and I have to say it is truly amazing how simple it is to communicate with God and your Angels you can even talk with loved ones who are on the other side. Honestly it really makes me feel so good when I just take a few minutes to ask the questions while setting at the computer. I receive the answers more quickly each time I do this. I hope you will give it a try.

Affirmations of the Week

I am always being given Divine guidance all I have to do is be accepting and my will is done in perfect ways.

My body and mind are now cleared of all toxic energies.
I am rejuvenated with love and light.
I now glow with good health and a happy mind and spirit.

My body is continually healing and rejuvenating itself and I give thanks for this amazing machine my spirit lives in.

Divine guidance is flowing to me from all directions.
I always know good things are here for me for I am listening and awaiting this guidance in all aspects of my life.
My good now pours in under grace and in perfect ways.

Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and letters I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. May you be blessed with joyful experiences thank make your heart sing.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

There is no impossible, only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

March 9, 2008

Greetings from Julie at Tickles and Sparkles
I wish you a great week filled with Love, Joy and Happiness

What is Love
Is Love an emotion? Is it a feeling? Is it an awareness of something greater than we could ever possibly imagine? In fact it is all of the above and much more.
I know that I have written quite a bit about love in the past, but this week I would like to examine what love is and how it is possible to know love in your life and within your very existence.
There have been many poets who have written of love and the presents of love within your being. They have written many a love poem that speaks to our hearts and souls. Love can make us cry and laugh with such joyful emotion Love is so powerful in so many ways it seems hard to figure out, what love truly is at times.
This is why I feel the need to examine it further and take a look at what love is and how we can attain a higher level of understanding of love. I know I am not the first person to write about love but I am asking for Divine guidance as I write this for you. I ask that I also will be able to understand love in more depth than before.
As I write these words I pray that they will somehow convey the message to those of you my friends who choose to read this newsletter.
I guess the closest thing I can think of that portrays the true nature of love is the feeling that you get when you hold your newborn child in your arms for the first time. It has to be the most powerful feeling in the world so pure, so intense, so amazing.
This is how God feels about you. This love is unconditional it is going to be there no matter what. Those of you who have children know exactly what I am talking of.
What about the feeling you get when you meet that special person. Where there is a connection that is so powerful so strong and you just know in your heart that this person is for you. Is this Love? Of course it is and maybe more than you might imagine it is. Love is more than just a feeling it is a connection that comes from the soul. Have you ever just looked in another persons eyes and seen the love that they are exuding from within. In your heart you just know this person is good. You feel so much love emanating from them that is so strong and real that you could touch it.
Our souls are here on this earth as humans for a Divine purpose. This purpose is to experience love in its purest form.
Why is it then that we are not all loving and happy people? What has happened to us, what blocks us back from experiencing those wonderful blissful feelings constantly in our everyday world of existence, Humanity! That is what it is. We are all human and we all have free will to choose what we desire in love and how we will choose to give out love to others.
So many people I converse with tell me of the conditions that they have put out there in seeking a relationship. Some even tell me that they choose not to be in a relationship unless it exactly as they want it to be. This is because they had a bad experience and do not want to risk going into another relationship that might not work out for them.
Wow! I am amazed at how long people can hold on to the past and the relationships they have had that did not work out for one reason or another. Now these people are limiting themselves by putting up barriers to love. What are the barriers? They are kind of like little boxes that they fill up with hurts and sorrow, anger and fear. Imagine standing in the center of a room filled with boxes of all the hurts of your life and they are now surrounding you so that you can not see beyond them. Now imagine that there are even more boxes in front of you and closing in all around you with conditions that you have filled them with.
I know of so many wonderful people who truly deserve to be in wonderful relationships but are stuck behind so many boxes that they will never see love if it opens the door and walks in the room.
They are suffering inside and outside because of a relationship that was bad and was ended years ago.
In fact the ending of the relationship was really allowing them to move forward and to have new and wonderful experiences.
Instead they choose to live in the past and relive the past each day. Yes there are relationships that did not work out, marriages that ended and friendships that do not last. But there are reasons that they come to an end and that is to allow you to experience love again in your life. I have been told that people let go when they are ready to let go. I guess this does not settle to well with me because I see people wasting their lives becoming boxed in because they are still holding onto a feeling, a thought, or a fear of being in a wonderful fully loving relationship. God wants you to experience love and wants you to know that it is not a feeling and not a condition of this human experience. Love is! Love encompasses all of our souls and love knows no limits. We are conditioned to hold our hearts hostage in fear of being rejected never allowing ourselves this wonderful opportunity to experience, the giving of love without any mandatory response from the other person whom we give it to. We are always waiting for the love we give out to be returned. Expecting love to be given back in the way we want it to be given. When it is not given back we fill another box and build another wall. Some people are so afraid to give out love that they give up on thinking that they are even worthy of being loved.
If you have ever put conditions on what you think love should be I ask you at this time to reexamine what you think love is.
Stop building boxes and filling them with junk from the past for it is just that the PAST! Ask your Angels and God to lead you to love to inspire you to give out love to all people without conditions and fears. Ask for guidance in knowing love and how to present love to those around you easily. If you will truly open your heart to knowing love it will come to you. It will open the door to new emotions and a new awareness of how it should be experienced.
Think of the love that you feel when you hold your new born child
Think of giving out that love to all people no matter whom they are or where they come from. What they do or how rich or poor they are. God is giving you this love right now. It is up to you to choose if you are willing to share it. I will guarantee that if you choose to share it and believe that you are worthy of being loved in return it will come back to you under grace and in perfect ways.

Visualization Exercise
Disappearing Boxes
Sit in a comfortable chair make sure you have a quiet space to do this exercise.
Take three deep breaths in through the nose and out through your mouth.
Relax your self continually breathing in deeply releasing all tensions. Close your eyes and just relax as you visualize yourself standing in the middle a room filled with boxes. These boxes are stacked to the ceiling and some even have labels on them like old loves, anger, hurting, resentments, lost friendships and so on. Now imagine that a beautiful white light suddenly surrounds you. You feel its warmth and it gives you a feeling of comfort as it swirls around you, becoming a beautiful light blue violet light which stretches up to the ceiling. It is now piercing the ceiling and a whole appears giving way to the suns rays of light that are now streaming into the room. You feel calm as you start to see the boxes floating up through the whole in the ceiling floating into the universe disappearing one by one through the whole. As you look around the room it seems to be growing bigger and bigger as the boxes float weightlessly up through the whole and disappear. Soon you are standing in an empty room and there is a feeling of peacefulness that is flowing within you. You are standing there in the middle of the empty room and you see that there is a door ahead of you so you begin walking to the door and as your hand touches the handle you let go of all the thoughts of the boxes and as you walk through the door you feel instantly lighter and thoughts of joy and happiness flow through your mind.
You have now entered a space of pure love you will feel love flow through every cell in your body as you continue to relax and open your eyes feeling better, better and better.

Remember you can come to the room at any time and do this exercise, to let go of all that may be blocking your path to love.

I know this is kind of a long newsletter this time but I guess there must be a reason for it. I thank you for taking the time to read it and I would love to hear your comments on how you feel about what love is.
I love you.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

There is no impossible, only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

March 16, 2008

Greetings from Julie,
Wishing you a wonderful week filled with lots of love.

This week's newsletter is about Staying on Track by staying positive with Tickles and Sparkles. For the past few weeks I have written about love what it means and how to use it in your life. Today I want to discuss Tickles and Sparkles. For years I have used Tickles and Sparkles every day, I say it from the heart and know it is a very powerful tool that brings the best out in every situation that I use it in. Most of you know that Tickles and Sparkles is pure love. I use it to send pure love out to all people.
There is a reason for this it is because if you say I love you to another person whom you do not know they may take it offensively. I really can not figure out why a person would be offended by someone saying I love you and really meaning it. Except that we are conditioned to reject that which we are not sure of and in our society Love seems to have so much judgment attached to it. Which I feel is a shame. We should all be more accepting of love in our lives. A good example of this is: the other day I was talking to my Daughter on the phone and my doorbell rang I answered the door there was a salesman standing there I told my daughter I would call her back and I said "I love you" to her. The salesman looked at me like I was talking to him the look in his eyes hit me like lady you are a nut case. Not seeing the blue tooth attached to my ear. I lifted my hair and he quickly saw that I had been talking on the phone. Instead of looking at me like I was nuts he should have said Thank you! I love you too!
I truly believe that we as human beings should be giving out love to each other each day. We should share this wonderful free commodity we all have within us and give it freely to others.
Some People think that love is something that we should give out as a reward. That love is something to be earned, and that it should not shared with everyone. I believe that it should be shared with out any judgment on how much will come back to us.
If you truly want to start manifesting good things for your self you will have to start now giving out love to all people without any judgment.
What if you are angry at someone should you send them Love or Tickles and Sparkles? YES! Definitely! Love is the only way to break down the barriers that keep us from attaining the total connection with our spiritual self. If you say I love you to a total stranger there are many ways they may interpret what you are saying. In fact they may not even understand the context in which you are using the words "I love you". They may not realize that you are just giving them love just because. There may be many connotations attached to this that they may think, and that you may not even be aware of. Like "Gee this person wants to have an intimate relationship with me" or why are you saying I love you to me I did not ask for your love. Maybe you say I love to a person you have just met. They may think you want something from them and are not ready to give out love from their heart to you. They may feel that they do not know you well enough and not sure of your intentions. Let me assure you that there are many ways that you can interpret love. For most though it has to be given out with a further explanation of what your mean.
If I say I love you to you it means just that! I value you as a person as a child of God knowing that we are all connected. I give love to you from my heart not because I want anything in return from you. This is why I send out Tickles and Sparkles, it seems that when I say Tickles and Sparkles there is no attachment to what is expected from the person I send it to.
My Daughter and I were having a discussion about this word LOVE and its meaning and how it is not used enough in our society. There is another word that seems to be universal and we usually hear it on a daily basis. When we hear this word we know exactly in which context it is meant to be taken. I can say this word is a four letter word and starts with an "F" I am sure you know the one I am speaking of. I am also sure there is no reason to spell it out for you. In fact this word is used in so many ways I am amazed that people understand in which way to take it, but they do.
LOVE is more than a word it is a feeling, it is energy, that is a vibration that is so powerful within our hearts it knows no limits. Love is within all people no matter who they may be. Love is the most powerful thing on this earth there are no limits on love.
Remember people put limits on love! God loves you no matter what! Now if God can love unconditionally how come we are not trying a little harder to be more God like in giving out love unconditionally to others?
Why is it that are we limiting our selves us by doling out love when we decide that we think the other person is worthy of having our love? I want you to know right now that this is not "LOVE" this is being in judgment! All people deserve to be loved without conditions that we have created in our minds.
If you truly are ready to be successful in your life and are willing to go that extra mile by becoming love in action. You will succeed at all you attempt. Love is the key to unlimited possibilities. All you have to do is give it honestly and freely without expectations. I give to you Tickles and Sparkles as pure love free from any expectation on my part.
When I sit down to write this newsletter each week I pray for guidance and ask that I am able to reach out to just one person who will benefit from it. I do this with no expectations, I only ask that I am able to give out love and bring more awareness of love into this world. Tickles and Sparkles was given to me years ago in a meditation that I did and I was told to use these words to spread love to all people even those I may have judgment with. So far it is working wonderfully.

Remember you are the essence of love in its purest form and that we have all been programmed to love. This a gift from God the Divine source of Love. It is now up to you to open your heart and mind to accepting this gift of love. Don't hold on to it but give it out easily and you will be rewarded in more ways than you could ever imagine.
Oh one more thing while you are giving out love try giving it to yourself by being less judgmental of your self and your life. Let go of all those hurts that have blocked your path to love. Today is the first day of the rest of your life so live it with love in your heart and joy in your soul will be the result.

As I was writing this I thought maybe people would get tired of me writing about love and then it came to me that there is never too much love, just get it out there.

Affirmations for Empowering Love in Your Life

Through the power of love I am supported in all ways.
Love brings unlimited joy to all aspects of my life.
Through Love the unattainable is now attained under grace and in perfect ways.

By taking action in giving love out freely to others I am proving my trust in Gods perfect plan for me.
All fears and worries now fall away and Love illuminates my pathway here on earth.

I now feel Gods love empowering my life with even more opportunities to become the perfect expression of Gods love.
I now see beyond the limitations of humanity and know the possibilities of sharing love with all I meet as I walk this journey called life.

I am grateful for this wonderful experience of love.
I will commit my self to sharing LOVE with others, unconditionally and without fear of rejection.
Love is the Key that that unlocks all Gods gifts for me.


There is no better time that the present to find out what is coming in your future!
Julie will be happy to assist you in receiving the guidance you need to make decisions in all aspects of your life.
By having a Norwegian Card Reading with Julie you will be able to focus on finding the answers you need to further the success of all situations in your life.

Julie has given me wonderful guidance in a very caring way, she is extremely accurate. I was really surprised at how she knew the answers to the questions I had and I did not even have to ask her.
Jenny Lyn

Julie continues to amaze me I have worked with her for many years now and I am so thankful for the information she has provided me. She tells me it comes from her Angels. I am a believer!

There is no impossible, only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

March 24, 2008

Blessings to you from Julie
Each week I continue to ask for Divine guidance in writing these newsletters so that the guidance I am giving will be well received.
I am so very thankful for the emails I am receiving from you. I do appreciate the comments you are sending so keep up the good work.

Little Miracles
Each day there are many miracles that happen for each of us and yet we tend not to notice them. Why are we taking for granted the little miracles that are happening right now in our lives? I can almost hear you now saying: What miracles Julie! What are you talking about nothing is happening in my life that is a miracle.
In fact things seem to be moving at a slow pace and not much seems to be happening out of the ordinary for me. Well my friend if this is you and you are feeling that there are not many miracles happening in your life at this moment you are not alone. Many people are feeling stuck and are not aware that things are changing each moment, that are bringing in miraculous changes even if you do not recognize them. Let's take a moment to look at some of the little miracles that are happening right now. The first miracle you had happen for you today is that you woke up this morning! That is the miracle of life. Each day that you awaken you should be grateful for being able to live another day and to have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful life you have been so blessed with. Honestly I believe that life it's self is a great big miracle.
There are other little miracles that we need to take a look at so we will realize them and not just ignore the wonder in them.
The other day I got into my car to go to my Daughters home across town. I always put on my seat belt first thing but for some reason or another I had forgotten to put it on. As I left my home and turned onto the main road by my house a black dog ran across the street in front of my car. I hit the brakes hard and my car came to a halt missing the dog but throwing me forward in the seat. That is when I noticed that I didn't have my seat belt on. Quickly I grabbed my seat belt and fastened it, being so thankful that I was okay and that the dog was alright also. That! My friend was one of those little miracles. I wouldn't have even noticed that I did not have on my seat belt except for the amazing timing of the dog running across the road. Today I had another little miracle happen I was getting ready to drive to the post office and was ready to walk out the door. At that moment the phone rang and I thought it may be an important call so I answered it. Although it was not an important call it could have saved my life. A minute or so before I arrived at the post office a car in front of me had an accident with another car that was making a turn. A thought ran through my mind saying Julie this is another little miracle. If you had left home a minute sooner this accident may have involved you. I am so very thankful for the little miracles that are always happening in my life.
I could go on and on about all the little miracles that are happening for us each day. I am sure you have many little miracles that you could tell me about also. I ask you to think about the many little miracles that happen for you each day. Make a list of all the wonderful experiences you have each day giving thanks for them.
We tend to take for granted all the wonderful little miracles that are happening for us and instead look at the things that make us miserable.
It is time to retrain the brain and to be open to receiving more little miracles into our lives.
Get yourself a note book and write on the front of it
"My Book of Little Miracles"
Each day write down at least 5 things that you considered little miracles that happened that day.
Under that write down 5 more things that you would consider little miracles that you would like to have happen in the near future for you.
Here are some examples of little miracles you could ask for:
A little miracle may be that an old friend calls from out of the blue and just wants to chat.
Or you may be thinking of a little miracle that brings you that raise in pay you have been hoping for.
Maybe you would consider it to be a little miracle that someone you have had a crush on finally notices you.
It may be that you receive money from out of the blue.

When you are writing pretend that these little miracles have already happened for you and that you are being grateful for them.
Be sure to date each page because in a month or so you will look back and see that some of them or many of them have already happened for you.
After writing about your little miracles at the bottom of each page write:
I am ever in gratitude for Gods will is my will it is ever blessing my life with little miracles under grace and in perfect ways.

Always remember to include Love in what ever you are creating and then let God, the Universe and the Angels bring your creations in at the perfect time for you. Do not try to figure out how they will manifest just know that the Universe is here to bring your creations to life. Many times we get way too involved in how things are suppose to happen for us. That is when they do not happen and we feel stuck. This is because we are trying too hard to make them happen and not allowing them to happen. We focus way too hard on how we will achieve results. When you finally let go it happens. And that my friend's is a Miracle!

Well I would love to hear about how you are doing in bringing your creations to manifestation. Please share with us what you are doing that makes miracles happen for you. Please email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Wishing you all a wonderful week filled with Little Miracles!

There are no impossible situations only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

March 30, 2008

Tickles and Sparkles to you my wonderful friends,
I know this is going to be a wonderful week for you I can just feel it! Are you feeling the love? If you are not feeling the love right now please keep reading and just maybe you will be by the end of this newsletter. So many times we get into ruts and feel that life is just passing us by or even that it is standing still. How can we change this energy? By changing our energy and by changing the way we are thinking.
If you are really seeking a change it is time to Act As If. This means you have to act as if the changes have already taken place. I know it seems difficult to believe in something you can not see or feel or hear but if you will take the time to play the Pretend Game you will see those changes happening in your life. It is about creating the matching energy with what you truly want to have happen in your life and when you can achieve this you will see the results that you desire. When you play the Pretend Game you will feel the energy so strongly and so powerfully that you will create happiness straight from your heart and the universe will match this energy. Be happy just because! Start thinking thoughts like it is six months down the road in your life and you have achieved your goal and have exactly what you want or better. How does it feel to be enjoying ________? What does it feel like? How does it smell? Are there any special sounds or emotions you are feeling?
In this Pretend Game you will start to feel that you are living in two realities for one is where you are right now where you have to go to work and do your daily chores reality. The other being the happiest place you have ever been in. As you are creating your new reality you will start to feel different. You will be happier and know that everything is okay in your life.
Now what you have to do is mix the two together and when you can accomplish this. You will achieve this wonderful happiness in both realities and you will manifest what you desire. Just as God is love so are you! Now start pouring this love in to everything you think do and say.

Tool Box of Love and Generosity
How can we make a difference in this world? How can we give back to others and be more generous. Many people think that they do not have anything to give to others. I would like you to know that we all have a Tool Box in which we have tools that can help others. We can become more generous and giving and as you may have heard the old saying "what you give out you get back".
What do I mean by a Tool Box? Well we each have gifts and talents that we use each day, maybe we use these tools for work or for our hobbies. I for one have my psychic abilities in which I receive information that can assist others in making decisions in their lives. I do and will continue to donate these abilities to those who are and in need of answers even if they do not have the ability to pay me for my time. I do not mind if someone calls and needs a question answered when they are in need of direction in their life. I am so glad assist for I believe that in helping others I am helping my self to grow from this experience. Now this is not being selfish in any way because I am not expecting something in return. But I truly enjoy the love that is sent me as I use my Tool Box to help someone who needs my help. I do not feel that is selfish at all, for love is the most precious gift a person can give.
What about you how can you help someone in need? Maybe it is volunteer work or maybe you have tools that could be used in helping someone fix their car or home. There are many single parent families that could use the extra help. Maybe you live close to an elderly person who needs some help with yard work. Maybe you know about computers or have own your own business think of ways you can contribute your generosity through the tools that you have.
I am asking you to think about all tools you have at hand that may help you assist another in some way.
Be generous with your Tool Box use it to make a difference in someone's life. When you open it up for others love will flow in.

How will you use your Tool box to serve others?
Please send me an email letting me know how you are using your Tool Box. I would love to share it with our readers.

I want to thank you all for your love and support of this newsletter I am so grateful to be inspired to write it each week. I love and appreciate all the emails I receive from you. Blessings!

May this be a wonderful week for you, stay positive and inspired to fill the world with your Love, Joy and Gratitude!

One more thing! I would love to hear about your Little Miracles. What are you creating this week!

There are no impossible situations only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

April 6, 2008

Greetings from Julie
Last week we talked about "Acting as if" what you have desired has already happened. I would love to hear how this is working for you.
Sometimes we try to act as if, but still feel that we are not receiving what we want. I will tell you that manifesting is and is not something that happens instantly. You will have to commit to opening your mind to a new belief system. Sometimes we can create things very easily and other times it seems to take a bit longer. Many of my clients have said to me, Julie I have really been working on creating what I want in life but it just is not happening fast enough.
There are many reasons that the things you want to happen are not being manifested at this time. Maybe it is your attitude about how this has to happen for you. Are you hopeful but do not really see yourself as having what you want. Deep inside you may not feel worthy of what you desire.
Each day for the last 20 years I have devoted my self to writing a letter to God, each morning. In this letter I give thanks for all that I desire to create that day. I picture in my mind that I am doing or enjoying all that I have created. I have found that by writing things down it is easier to let go of focusing constantly on them through out the day. They manifest faster because I am not holding on to how they should happen. Too many times we think about what we want so much that we actually block the manifestation of it.
Do not feel as if you are alone on this for there are still times I have to remind my self to let go and let God deliver what ever is best for me. I know that it may not be easy for some of you to get up and write a letter each morning. I suggest that when your alarm goes off and you push that snooze button do not fall back asleep, instead take time to be grateful as you plan your day out. Visualize yourself having one of the best days of your life. Imagine that the people you work with are all in great moods and that even the boss is smiling.
By thinking like it has already happened and visualizing about how wonderful it feels to be in what ever scenario you are creating. You will move closer to creating it.
Like I said, I have devoted my self to writing each morning.
By doing this it keeps me positive and helps me to focus on the positive aspects of my life. Through out your day remind yourself to be positive. Smile and send out love to others, soon you will find that it becomes easier and easier to bring in your wishes and creations to this reality.
Remember that you are deserving of all that your heart truly desires in life. You are Gods perfect child and that love is the most powerful energy on this earth.
By focusing on love all is possible.

Morning or Evening Visualization
Each night when I go to bed I lay there and visualize my self in a beautiful rose garden filled with the most beautiful roses with the most wonderful smells imaginable.
As I walk through the garden I see the most Beautiful Red Roses it is if they glow as I walk by them and as I pass them I see Brilliant Orange Roses and then the Brightest Yellow Roses as if the sun had touched their petals. I take a deep breath breathing in the colors and all of the wonderful fragrances. Then as I walk towards a beautiful Rose bush that is filled with the most Glorious Bright Green Rose buds I have ever seen. They unfold and open their petals as I walk by them smelling their lovely fragrance. Next I come to a smaller Rose bush that has so many Tiny Light Blue Roses each of which are so prefect. I instantly notice the wonderful smell that is coming from them. As I continue to walk through the garden I next see before me a Giant Blue Violet Rose it is so magnificent in size I stand there in amazement at its beauty and fragrance. I then realize I am now at the other side of the garden and there is but one single rose bush to see with its big beautiful Perfect Roses their petals are the Purest of White they seem to pull me in with their fresh scent. At that moment I feel the suns rays of light warming my shoulders and giving me such a peaceful feeling of love and joy. I give thanks for the wonderful beauty of this experience as I leave the garden and know I can come back here at any time I desire. As I take a few deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth I feel a sense of love sweep through me like a big hug and I see in my mind all the people I love and visualize giving this hug to them.

Affirmations for the Week!
I am willing to change
I allow the energy of love to flow through me, even when I feel I am un-lovable.
I allow changes to take place in my life, by trusting that God is with me in all I do and create.

As I fill my heart and mind with positive energy I know there will soon be no room for negative thoughts to enter.

Every day in every way I will focus my thoughts on being more loving, giving and kind to others and my self.

If you have missed out on one of the weekly Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles newsletters they can be found at: http://ticklesandsparkles.com/Staying_on_Track.htm

Thank you for taking the time to read and to comment on the newsletters each week I love hearing from you.

Last week I talked about what you have in your Tool Box that may help you to be of service to others. So I thought I would post it again just as a reminder that you may have something in your Tool Box that may help someone in need.

Tool Box of Love and Generosity
How can we make a difference in this world? How can we give back to others and be more generous. Many people think that they do not have anything to give to others. I would like you to know that we all have a Tool Box in which we have tools that can help others. We can become more generous and giving and as you may have heard the old saying "what you give out you get back".
What do I mean by a Tool Box? Well we each have gifts and talents that we use each day, maybe we use these tools for work or for our hobbies. I for one have my psychic abilities in which I receive information that can assist others in making decisions in their lives. I do and will continue to donate these abilities to those who are and in need of answers even if they do not have the ability to pay me for my time. I do not mind if someone calls and needs a question answered when they are in need of direction in their life. I am so glad assist for I believe that in helping others I am helping my self to grow from this experience. Now this is not being selfish in any way because I am not expecting something in return. But I truly enjoy the love that is sent me as I use my Tool Box to help someone who needs my help. I do not feel that is selfish at all, for love is the most precious gift a person can give.
What about you how can you help someone in need? Maybe it is volunteer work or maybe you have tools that could be used in helping someone fix their car or home. There are many single parent families that could use the extra help. Maybe you live close to an elderly person who needs some help with yard work. Maybe you know about computers or have own your own business think of ways you can contribute your generosity through the tools that you have.
I am asking you to think about all tools you have at hand that may help you assist another in some way.
Be generous with your Tool Box use it to make a difference in someone's life. When you open it up for others love will flow in.

How will you use your Tool box to serve others?
Please send me an email letting me know how you are using your Tool Box. I would love to share it with our readers.

I would personally like to thank those of you who call and write in with confirmation for me of the things that have happened for you since having your reading.

There are no impossible situations only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

April 12, 2008

Greetings from Julie at www.ticklesandsparkles.com

This Week Is Going To Be a Great One
Are you ready to create something wonderful today?
I am sure your answer is a big YES! If it is not YES, then I have one question what is holding you back from being true to your self? Why are you not being genuine in believing that you will have a great week no matter what! A few weeks ago I was sent a forward of an email that said something like this: The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you. The Universe is responding to the vibration and the attitude that you are emitting. The more joyful you are, the more Well-being flows to you -- and you get to choose the details of how it flows.
I have to say that when I read this I knew exactly what it meant. Later on in the week a good friend called me and told me I think that the Universe is punishing me. I try to be positive but nothing seems to work out the way I would like it too. In fact I am wondering why when I am trying to be positive.
I quickly ran to the computer to read this wonderful email I had received to her hoping that she would know that this is not the case at all. The Universe is just responding to what we are putting out. In fact a week or so before I received this email I had been talking with my Daughter and discussing energy, how it works to our benefit if we are being positive in our thoughts and feelings. If we are feeling upset or angry at the world or the situations that are occurring in our lives, we are in fact creating energy that is negative and sending it out through time and space into the Universe. We all have times in our lives that we are down and feel abandoned by the Universe. Nothing seems to go right for us, or so we think. The Universe is responding to our thoughts and feelings no matter what they are. There are days you just seem to get up on the "Wrong Side of the Bed" then as we go through our day it seems that nothing is working in the way we have decided it should have worked out for us. You have heard the old saying "Shit Happens" well really it doesn't just happen unless you have been creating it. Sorry about my choice of words here but we are all adults.
Right now you truly have the choice to change your attitude and I do not mean for a week or a month or even a year. I mean you have an ability to make a permanent choice in how you want the Universe to respond to you, and what you desire in your life from this moment on. I choose happiness, don't you? I think we all choose happiness for our selves and for those we care for and love.
I make lists each day for my self and in my list somewhere between do laundry and pay bills, I always put the words: Have a great day! Smile for no reason! Laugh at the world! Love like there is no tomorrow. The reason I put these little phrases in my lists is so that when I am checking off the things I have to get done I can remind myself to enjoy my life and to remember to create the energy of joy each day. I am what you might call a great list maker. I make lists each day just to remind my self of what I should get done that day. Now I am not saying I always get everything on my list done because I do not. I do however make an attempt to check off most of the things on my list. Then at the end of the day I have to say that I feel pretty good. Because I have accomplished most of the things on the list I then move those things I did not accomplish to the next day's list. As I am checking off my list I am reminded to stay positive.
You can choose to become more positive and to attract a more positive outcome by focusing on the good things in life.
If you have genuine trust in the universe that this wonderful energy will be returned to you at the perfect time. It will be returned at the perfect moment and you will start noticing that the more positive you are the better, better and better things seem to get.
Yes there will be days that you may not feel up to being the most positive person that you can be. In fact there are times when it may not be your energy that is negative but someone else's energy that hits you from out of the blue and lowers your energy. You still have the option of feeding into the negative or not. How can you change the energy if it is negative?
By thinking of something that you love or of a time when you laughed uncontrollably about a funny situation or happening in your life.
You can take a time out and walk outside and breathe! In through your nose and out through your mouth three or more times.
Take a walk or do something you like to do.
By changing your thoughts and focusing on something entirely different you will raise your energy and begin to feel better, better and better.
Stop and think about what kind of energy you want the Universe to send to back to you. Do this constantly and soon it will become natural and will not take so much time to get yourself back on track when you are hit with negative energy.

A Moment of Joy Will Create an Hour of Happiness
When all else fails rejoice at the love that is here for you.
Open your heart and mind to knowing
You are perfect just as you are.
Remind your self that you are the creator of your own reality and that you are an extension of Gods love.
Balance your self through prayer and gratitude.
Then just be silent for a moment.
Listen to the sounds around you and feel the energy flowing through and around you reminding you that you are alive.
Through knowing that you are special and that each moment you live in joy you are creating an hour of happiness.
Know when you are happy that you created this happiness in a moment of joy.

I have been having some fun creating some beautiful Mail Boxes
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Order yours today by emailing Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

There are no impossible situations only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

April 19, 2008

Greetings from Julie at ticklesandsparkles.com
I bless you with a wonderful week filled with joyful experiences and plenty of love.

Knowing What Love Is and Is Not
I know we have covered this subject so many times in our recent newsletters I hope you are up to hearing a little more about Love.
I have been asking my self why, would any one want to know more about love. What can I say that may make a difference in someone's life including giving them a better understanding of what love is and isn't. I have pondered this subject and really asked for divine guidance in helping my self and all of you so that we may know love. Well I am so happy to report that there is so much we have forgot about what love is and it has been happening from our very beginning of being born into this world. When we are new to this earth we know that feeling of love that comforts us and nurtures us this love comes from our parents. We then form other relationships with friends and our feelings of love start to change for we have decided that if we love our friends they are expected to return this love to us. By doing this or that for us and we will return this love by doing something in return for them.
We put conditions on our love and it is not given as freely as before. If you love me you will do this or that for me. Then we start to form relationships and these relationships are usually with the opposite sex. At first we believe that we would go to the ends of the earth for this wonderful person who is so connected to us by a mesmerizing power we humans call love. We have fallen in love and then we are engaged in this wonderful thing called marriage. We have a license to now choose one or two ways of living our married lives out. We can choose to take control or give our power to the other person. Does that sound loving? I think not! There seems to be a separation of spiritual connectedness here that is not what love is. Love is about letting go of control and is about letting your spirit live in wondrous harmony with another human being. Their spirit is willing to connect with yours on a much higher level than "what can you do for me if I give you my love".
To many times relationships are not about letting go of self motivated ideals for the opportunity to fully experience the power of love. There seem to be hidden agendas in this thing we call love.
Love is about "allowing" without any preconceived notion of what should or should not take place while we are experiencing it. Just because something happened in your past with this person or another person that you were in love with does not mean that you must carry this burden through out your life with out ever being in love again. You are the only one who is blocking yourself from experiencing love at the most highest levels of wonderfulness. By putting conditions on love you are dismantling it and bringing your earthly conditions into the experience of just being in love. God wants you to experience love in the fullest expression of what love really is and not what you have learned from this earthly experience you may be having right now. "Love is the feeling, the experience and the miracle that we have been given to let our spirit be free". How do you find this Love? By letting go of all thoughts of how you will control it once you have found it. By opening your heart to the feeling and joyfulness of just being you and allowing love to enter at will. Love never places conditions on our heart. We as humans do this through our ego. Our ego tells us that there must be something in it for us. Our ego tells us that we are not ready to love for we might get hurt. Our ego says that if someone has hurt us then it is possible and probable that it will happen again. We are so conditioned through our past experiences that we have lost sight of what love is. We only know what we want it to be and the experience we want to feel from it. Wow! That is ego speaking again to our hearts.
I ask you to think about love in a different way than you have ever thought of it. Think about the feelings that you feel when love is present within you. Take a moment to think about when you first fell in love and how wonderful it felt. There were no conditions you just knew you were in love you felt a wonderful connection like never before with the person you fell in love with. Take away all the structure you and your beloved have put into the relationship and remember the connectedness that has always been there and that you may have forgotten. Allow this connectedness to rise again in your heart and focus on the joyfulness of just being in loves presents.
What if there is not a person in your life at this moment but your heart is longing to be in a wonderful love filled relationship. Take the first step of letting go of all those conditions you have set up for your self in the past. Then allow love to enter your life through seeing yourself as loveable. As you are doing this allow yourself to let go of the past thoughts of how you will attract the perfect person into your life. Allow your spirit to guide you and know that God wants you to have a wonderful relationship and God wants you to experience the full expression of love.

Forget the past it really is the past and not a part of your experience in the now.
Open your heart to allowing the flow of love to engulf you in all ways.
Accept that your spirit wants you to experience love in many ways.
Let go of self doubts and ego.
Focus on just being the happy person your spirit truly is.
Laugh and be silly.
Let go of the thought "I love you if"
Allow love to touch you in ways that may frighten you at times for this is just your ego trying to sabotage you.
Hearts do not really break they just build walls that condition us in ways to avoid getting our ego hurt again and again.
When you let the ego go you will have the true experience of love.

I have to admit this was an eye opening experience for me as I was writing this. I have to admit that I too have let my ego get in the way of love and being loved. I hope that you will decide as I have to allow love into your heart. Isn't it time to let go of the ego created thoughts of how you will control this love as it is already a part of your spirit. It is time to set love free to dwell in your heart forever.
Blessings from Julie

Affirmations for this Week
I am open to the new experiences spirit is bringing me through love.

I now focus on thoughts of happiness and joy as I focus my thoughts love rushes in.

I am open to allowing love to open new doors and new feelings within me.

I am in truth spirit my body is here to assist me in knowing the many ways that love can touch my heart and mind.

I am loveable and I am allowing love to flow to me from out of the blue.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this newsletter and for the many wonderful comments I receive each week. I love you all and I send you blessings of knowing you are special and knowing that love is the most powerful blessing that God bestows upon you right now.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

There are no impossible situations only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

April 26, 2008

Greetings my Wonderful Friends
Today a good friend called me and asked me if I would write a news letter about patience. Wow! What a great idea I told her. I had been asking the Universe for some guidance as to what to write about this week. I received her phone call just minutes after asking for guidance on this. I guess you could say I was quite amazed at how quickly my answer came.
Thank you Laura for your inspiration

Is Patience Really a Virtue?

How often have we all heard the statement that "Patience is a Virtue" I am sure you have heard it many times during your lifetime I know I have. We all seem to desire a quick immediate answer to all of our questions in life. We have become a society of very demanding people. If we see something we want we will stop at nothing until we get it or we change our minds and want something else. Instead of being patient we will pull out the credit card to buy what we want right now instead of waiting until we have the cash to pay for it. Oh yea I am guilty of this one also.
There are many ways we have let go of this wonderful virtue called patience. As people we tend to drive faster and work harder and live life in the fast lane never taking time to smell the roses so to speak. We are raising children who want everything given to them just because, we are their parents and they expect what ever that they may want to be given them right now!
There seems to be a loss of patience in so many ways today. How can we change this and allow patience to become part of us as a whole society once again. It starts at home and with you and me. We need to open our minds to taking the time to become patient with our needs and the needs of others. We are always hurrying around doing this and that and expect things to be done immediately if not sooner for us.
I am sure that you have prayed for an answer to some situation in your life at one time or another and never heard the answer to your prayer because your mind was so busy looking for the answer and how it may come to you. By being patient you will get your answer it may come to you in many different ways. The next time you pray or meditate focus on your question then silence your mind and think of nothing. This may take some patience on your part but as you let go of the thoughts that are filling your mind. You allow spirit to communicate within this silence. You will receive an answer to your question and it will be received at the perfect time for you.
What other ways do we need to focus on having more patience?
Being patient enough to listen as well as speak to our children and families and friends. We are so busy that we rarely hear what people are talking to us about. Our minds are filled with our own thoughts of what we are going to say next.
Be patient while you are driving to work in the mornings or coming home in the evenings. Maybe the person in front of you is not in as big of hurry as you are to arrive at their destination. Make time to leave a little earlier so that you will be a more patient driver.
Have you ever been at the grocery store and there was a person in front of you with a basket of groceries piled high while you only had a couple of things. You may have stood there being angry that there were not any other check-out lanes open. Maybe you just wished that the cashier would quit visiting with the customer and hurry up so you could get through the line. Or just maybe it was you that had the basket filled with groceries and the person behind you, is complaining that there are not enough cashiers and why were they not sending someone to open another check-out lane.
What is called for here is patience! Take the time to clear your mind and allow happy thoughts to enter instead of focusing on how angry you are that things are not moving fast enough for you.

We are all guilty of being impatient and wanting things to be manifested more quickly for us.
Wouldn't it be nice if what ever we wanted manifested immediately for us? I do not think so! Actually the universe is providing what you want at the right time for you. But it is good that our wants are not immediately manifested because you may end up with something you really do not want. Be patient with the universe and allow Divine timing to bring in what is best for you at the perfect time.

I have talked to many people and told them that if they focus on the positive then positive things will come in for them. Then within a few weeks I hear from them and they tell me that nothing is happening and they are ready to give up because what they want is not manifesting for them. I have to tell you that it takes patience and you have to focus on positive thoughts if you want your life to change directions and bring in better things for you. It does not happen over night as much as we would love it to. In fact I wake up in the morning and tell my self to focus only on happy thoughts no matter what happens through out the day. I will remain happy and I intend on showing the universe I am open to having what I want in Divine timing. I am showing the universe that I have patience and that I am willing to allow what ever is best for me to be manifested at the right time. Even if something happens during the day that starts to bring me down I take a moment to remind my self that this is just an illusion and that if I choose to think about something more positive I will attract a positive outcome to what ever may have started to bring me down.

Affirmations for this Week

I am allowing my self to be more patient with all people in my life.
I am allowing patience to be one of my many virtues.
I am patient in knowing that the universe will supply me with all that I need in Divine timing.
I am becoming more patient with my self and focusing only on positive thoughts.
By having more patience I will attain that which I desire more easily under grace and in a perfect way.

May your week be filled with Patience and
Happy Outcomes for your Wishes Hopes and Dreams
Blessings from Julie

Thank you all for taking the time to read this newsletter and for the many wonderful comments I receive each week. I love you all and I send you blessings of knowing you are special and knowing that love is the most powerful blessing that God bestows upon you right now.
Tickles and Sparkles

There are no impossible situations only illusions that we can see through if we look!

Have a wonderful week and believe in your good.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie.

May 4, 2008

Greetings from Julie
Wow! It is May already how fast time seems to fly when you are having fun.

May 5th is the New Moon
Monday May 5th is the time to write your 10 wishes.

Letting Go of the Need to Control

We have all felt the need to take the reigns at times and place control on someone or something in our life. There are times when we decide in our own minds consciously or unconsciously, that we are the ones who must take on this duty.
Do we really have that right?
Can we control another person, has someone in your life tried to control you. Have you allowed another person to take control of your life? I think we have all been through one or more of these things in our lifetimes. It seems to me that this is all part of human behavior and ego, to think that we can force another person to do something that we have decided is good for them.
You and I have no control on another person no matter how hard we may try. The only person we can control is ourselves and our thoughts. By letting go of the need to control we are allowing ourselves and others to experience life is it is meant to be.
Yes there are times when we can make suggestions and give advice but it is truly up to the person to make his or her own decisions in life. Trying to control another person is done by using guilt or fear. This is not coming from his or her higher self but from ego and judgment. You cannot ever truly control another person you are in charge of you. It is like thinking that you know what another person is thinking. You really have no way to know what another person is thinking even if they tell you what they are thinking. For what you perceive is maybe different from what they said. So how could a person even think that they could control another, it is impossible.
Some of you may have children and maybe they are young or even teenagers. We teach these children of right and wrong we do our best to bring them up to be fine adults. We may think that we have control over them, but we forget that we are just giving them advice and that we truly have no control. It is eventually up to them which path that they chose in life. Sometimes our children grow up and think that they know what is best for us. They then try to control us by telling us that we should change our lives and that if we love them we will do what they want us to do. Well this is a way to guilt someone into doing something which as I see it will never work out for the best.
For example: a woman I knew had a daughter that told her she could not see her grandchild because the woman would have would have a drink once in a while.
Then there was the son who was telling his divorced mother who she could or could not date, he would try almost anything to sabotage a relationship. The mother then would be gilded into making a choice.
What about the Woman who tells her thirty year old daughter who is not even married yet that she needs to find a husband and start a family. The woman is constantly harping on how much she wants a grandchild and that she will never forgive her daughter if she does not have a grandchild before she dies.

I am sure I could go one and on with many stories about how one person seeks to control another. But the point of this story is really about how we can release control of trying to control. By understanding that we do not need to control another person or let another person control us, we can begin to heal our lives. If someone loves you they will continue to love you, and will not place their will upon you by gilding you into what they have decided that is best for you. Allow others to give advice but always remember that you have control of your thoughts and feelings. You have the right to make a choice of your own and not what another person thinks you need. For you know instinctively what is best for you and you create your own consequences through what you think. Take action in your own life today and let go of how other people should live their lives. We as a society are constantly judging the actions of others. It is time to let go of this judgment that is all to controlling in each of our lives. Think of all the positive things we can do if we let go of wasting precious time trying to control others and situations that are beyond our control anyway.
Affirmations for Releasing Control
I now allow my thoughts to remain only on the positive aspects of other people, instead of how I think they should live their life.

I release the need to control how I feel other people should live, and I now focus on me.

I welcome the knowing that I am the only person in control of my mind. I focus only on positive thoughts of myself and others.

My reality is mine and mine alone and I realize that I have no control over anyone but me.

Just a little reminder that you are special! I love you!
God loves you and there will never be anyone who is just like you. How amazing is it to know that you are one of a kind.
Be kind to yourself this week.
Know that you are the creator of right now and of your future.
Your spirit is made of pure love and is always giving you signs, when you are in a loving space, you just feel good.
Ego makes you feel bad ego is trying to block your spiritual progress. The next step is to acknowledge, when spirit is present within you and when to tell the ego to be silent.
You are in Control of you.

May you have a wonderful week filled with Joy, Love and Happiness in all you, do.
Blessings from Julie

May 12, 2008

Greetings from Julie
I apologize for not having this newsletter to you on Sunday there were some severe storms that came through and knocked out the power in my neighborhood. The electricity finally came back on late in the afternoon. I have to say it was quite an interesting Mother's day. You never realize how much that we use electricity until we do not have it. I am very thankful for having this wonderful convenience and very grateful that the power outage did not last any longer.

May 28th 2008 Mercury Retrogrades
For another three weeks until
June 20th 2008
Remember to back up your computers, make sure your car is in good running order. Do not sign any important papers if you don't have to. Please wait until after the retrograde to have surgery if this is optional for you.
Above all focus on the positive aspects of the retrograde.
What is positive about a Mercury Retrograde?
It is a great time to clear the clutter and finish projects you have started that you may have been putting off.

What is intuition? Intuition is a non-thought that comes through by bypassing the process of thinking and sometimes brings chills or a definite knowing to the person. It is an inner knowing, that this information is important in some way. Sometimes we receive the information and blow it off as ridicules or just our mind playing tricks on us. Then later on we realize we were given this information for a reason.
Years ago I did not acknowledge the information that I would receive I would just let what came to me go. Then sometime later I would realize that if I had paid attention to the information I received, I could have avoided a situation that did not work out for me the way I wanted it to. Sometimes we just are so engrossed in listening to our ego or mind that we forget to be silent and listen to our intuition.
Each of us has this wonderful ability within us to know all that we ask for guidance on. Sometimes it comes in so clearly and instantly. At other times we have to ask for this guidance and wait until the answer comes in and it will eventually.
By asking for definite guidance you will receive it. It may come in a thought or a feeling or even through a song. You may be lead to your answer unknowingly. I definitely know that when I have asked for an answer and really been open to receiving divine guidance I do receive the answer in such a way that I recognize is coming from my intuition.
It is not always easy to follow your intuition because your intellectual mind is always trying to take over and divert your intuition from coming through. Ego or mind is working to use the information that we know already to forecast what is going to happen in the future.
Take for example you receive information from your intuition that if you drive to work today on the path that you usually take something bad is going to happen. So you think about the information that you have received and decide that if you take another path it will take you miles out of your way. You decide to take the shortest path and find yourself stuck in traffic for an hour longer than if you would have if you had listened to your intuition and gone a bit out of your way to get to your destination.
As you begin to trust your intuition it will begin coming in clearer and stronger for you. By choosing to listen to that part of you that is telling you something you could not know any other way. You are listening to your intuition.

Affirmations for this Week
I am listening to the intuitive feelings of my body. They are showing me the path I shall take without hesitation or fear.

As I follow my intuitive thoughts I feel joy and happiness flood all cells of my body.

I allow intuitive guidance to lead me in the perfect direction. Goodness rushes in under grace and in perfect ways.

Love is ever healing all aspects of my life. I am following the path of love through my intuitive inspiration.

By Asking in purity of heart you will receive that which you ask for. By knowing it will manifest you confirm to the universe that you are open to receiving.

I am sending out a miracle to you today. Through my asking for this I know I will hear from you very soon and be told of the miracle you have received.
Blessings from Julie/ Tickles and Sparkles

Have a great week!

May 18, 2008

Greetings from Julie
I hope you are expecting to have a wonderful week filled with delightful experiences.
The Full moon is Monday May 19, 2008 celebrate this Full Moon by looking into the night sky and experiencing the energy of the Full Moon. Let the glow of the moonlight cover your body and energize you. Focus on positive thoughts and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth at least three times while absorbing the moons light.

Are You Feeling Stuck? Are You Ready To Get Your Life Moving Again? If So Please Read On!

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel stuck! Like you are not moving forward fast enough nothing seems to be changing and you just exist from day to day.
I am sure many of you have had this experience at one time or another in your life. I have and I can admit to it, that it wasn't easy to deal with. When we feel stuck we need to focus on something brand new rather that going over and over all the reasons that we have not been able to make the changes that we desire in life. I have had clients ask me the question, when is my life going to change and something good start happening for me. My answer is when you decide to change your thoughts and let go of being stuck. Gosh! I know this seems harsh and I am not the kind of person whom likes to be harsh with anyone. For many years I felt that there must be a way to let the universe know that I was ready for a change and it seems that at the time I give up and let go change occurs. When we change our thoughts about something that we have been wishing and asking for to happen to improve our life, it will happen.
Now I am not telling you that it will happen exactly as you may have expected it to happen. But, I can promise you it will be a better and better outcome than you expected.
There are some people that insist that they have let go and that still nothing is changing for them. Hum I wonder why this is. Well actually I know why it is and this is because they really have not let go of what they truly desire to happen. It is about changing your mind and your thoughts. Now this will not usually happen over night and will maybe take a while for things to change but if you are true to yourself your desires will manifest in wonderful ways for you. I have known a person for many years and this person has been stuck in the same pattern for all these years and does believe in their heart that they have tried to make changes by letting go of their desires. For many years I have told this person to change their thoughts and to do new and different things to help in releasing the past. This wonderful person can not seem to be patient enough to allow the universe to provide for them. A week or two goes by and they are back into the same old thought pattern. Nothing is happening fast enough, things will never change. They will wait another month and see if what they want happens. And when nothing happens they give up.
I have to tell you that by changing your thoughts you can truly change the outcome of what you truly want in your life. Say you are looking to buy a blue car you have it in your mind the exact car that you desire. The thing is you can not seem to find the perfect car because they are all yellow or red a blue one can't seem to be found. You have searched high and low looking to find this blue car. Now you decide to give up and go with the red car. You have made up your mind that a red car will be okay and you are going to the car lot in the morning to make the purchase. The next morning on your way to the car lot you happen to pass another car lot and there before your eyes you see the blue car in the exact color blue that you have been looking for. When you talk to the sales person you discover that you are able to buy the blue car at an even better price than the red one on the car lot down the street. What a deal! Because you changed your thoughts and let go of ever finding the perfect car for you it appeared at the perfect time for you. Now the Car is just an example of how when we change our minds and our thoughts things happen suddenly almost out of the blue. The universe brings in exactly what we want or even better. This week focus on changing your thoughts and letting go of exactly what you want decide to go a different direction. Because once you start going in a different direction what you want or better will happen. Please let me know if this works for you, honestly I would be surprised if it doesn't work out very well for you. If it is not working then most likely you are not being true to your self by truly letting go.
Things you can do to help in making the changes you want in life happen!

Take a new way to get to work each day.

Focus on creating new thoughts about what you desire.

Visualize blowing up a balloon filled with all your desires and send it out into the universe. This means you are willing to let go.

Eat lunch at a new place.

Change your routine.

Affirmations for This Week
I am willing to change. I welcome new possibilities into my life.

I trust that all changes are manifesting what I desire or better under grace and in perfect for me ways.

I am willing to accept new ideas and thoughts that will bring in wonderful happy experiences for me.

I believe that all my experiences with change are bringing in wonderful outcomes to all situations in my life.

Have a Great Week!
Focus on Something Exciting and New!
I will be out of town next weekend.
Staying on Track by Staying Positive will return the Sunday June 1, 2008

Blessings from Julie

June 1, 2008

Greetings Friends
I hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend and that you are all doing well.
As you know we are now going through a Mercury Retrograde once again. It will last until the 20th of June then is direct for three more months. Please remember to stay positive during this time and focus on letting go of any negative energy that you may encounter. Do this by focusing your thoughts on love!
New Moon June 3, 2008
Be sure to write down your Ten Wishes


Staying Positive
How can we stay positive with all that seems to be happening in the world today? I have noticed that there seems to be more negative energy invading our lives today than in years. So many people are so focused on the negative happenings with the world and with life in general that they are forgetting to focus on love and healing for themselves and others. We talk about the weather how strange it seems to be at this time. We have worry about our financial situations and our job security. We are more judgmental of others and families are going through tremendously hard times leading to breaks in family ties.
So what can you and I do to make a difference and change the focus of our lives to be more positive and create joyful experiences for ourselves and others. We can start by focusing on Love and sending this love to Mother Earth for this will help the healing begin. We can recognize when we are feeling negative and opt to change that feeling by canceling the negative thought and replace it with a positive thought. Think about your words and how you are using them even in general conversations with others. The universe does not know any difference between good and bad so what ever you are saying you are creating more of the same for yourself and those you are speaking of. Please know that you have the ability to help change the course of this world with your thoughts and actions. Being kind to others will show the universe that you desire to attract to kindness from others.
It seems that it is way too easy to allow negative in and way to hard to let it go once it has attached it's self to you. This is because we are not recognizing the negative energy as it comes in. Our ego self is blocking our spirit from seeing this negative energy until it is attached it's self to us. Learning to override the ego is not easy but it can be done. You will be able to do it more easily as you start to recognize what makes you feel good and what is not making you feel so good. I have had people tell me "words are just words they have no power over our lives" I definitely know better and know that your words are very powerful, maybe that is where the expression "Think Twice and Speak Once" came from. Focus of speaking lovingly about others and when there is a situation that is bringing in negative thoughts recognize that these are ego thoughts and not from your higher source. Send love to all people without hesitation or judgment for when you can do this in any situation you will have mastered the ego and will know your true spiritual happiness in this life. Think of all the situations you can change by focusing your thoughts on love on positive energy flowing into the situation or person you are thinking of.
Affirmations for Staying Positive

I now attain wisdom and an understanding heart through focusing only on positive thoughts and feelings through out my day.

Each day I make it my intention to recognize my own thoughts and feelings and make adjustments that allow only positive energy to remain within me and about.

I now send blessings of love and positive energy through out this world and universe.

My energy is now strengthened through my focus on love and blissful feelings flow through me easily under grace and in wonderfully perfect ways.

All blocks to my spiritual awareness are now crumbled and blown away as joyful experiences flow in for me.

The Pretend Game of Life
What do you want in life? Is it a new car a better job or just to enjoy the finer things in life and love.
I suggest you find a good friend to play along in this wonderful game with you.
Take a few minutes to let go of all that is happening right now in your life and pretend that it is a month or six months down the road and you are talking to a friend about what has happened that has made your life so wonderful. I love to play this game it is amazing how much fun it is and how you can really create things so easily.
This game can be played alone but it is so much fun when you are playing alone with a friend. Have fun and really get into details.

Example: I am so happy that there are so many wonderful people sending love out into our atmosphere I have noticed the wonderful changes that are happening with our earth and its inhabitance. We are so very lucky to have made the right choices to create the healing that is now materializing upon this earth.

Thank you all for the opportunity to share this newsletter with you each week. I love you and bless you with joyful experiences this week. May miracles light your path and may love touch your hearts each day.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

June 8, 2008

Blessings of light and love from Julie
I hope you are all doing great and that life is treating you better, better and better each day.

Today I wish to believe in the good that life has to offer us as we live our lives upon this earth. I know that there may be times that no matter how hard we try to be positive, there are things that may happen that send us whirling back into negative thoughts and feelings. I heard someone say it is easier to be negative and to think the worst rather than the thinking positive. I am very sure that many people would agree with that assumption. I though do not, because I believe that even though there may be times that things do not exactly go my way, I will get through it and I will succeed. I know that whatever happens today happens for a reason and that even though I may not get the full picture of why at this moment. I will soon realize the reasoning for this situation and it will open my eyes to a new perspective.
So many people are in fear these days and yes I can understand why. Fore there are fears about job security and about gas prices, about our government and what is happening with the economy. We seem to be a nation that is focused on all that is negative instead of using our energy to focus on positive thoughts and outcomes. Take gas prices for example: many people are so concentrating on how high that they are and that they will keep going up. Well we can choose to believe this and to see them rising again and again or we can start visualizing and focusing on the gas prices coming down. Yea! Sure! I can hear you now, thinking I must be a fool to be thinking that the price of gas will ever come down. Well just maybe I am a fool but I will not give into thinking that they are going to rise to astronomical proportions. I believe we have put way to much energy into negatively thinking that we are doomed where gas prices are concerned. So today I am asking you to think positive thoughts about the state of our economy.
Through re-focusing our thoughts we can make a difference in our world.
Each of us has a choice in how we desire to create our reality and how we choose to think about what is happening in our lives. It is easy to think about an outcome of a situation in terms of negative thoughts. Now it is time for focusing on something more positive, this may be a little harder since we do not now the outcome at this point in time. We tend to place our focus on what we already know and not on what we can create through our imagination.
There was a wonderful song that was written some years ago by John Lennon it is called "Imagine" This song is one of my favorites I wish that all people could be dreamers and imagine a perfect world. Just imagine what could be possible.

Affirmations for this week
Today I ask that I may have more patience with all people I talk to.
Today I ask that I may bring hope to others through positive thoughts and words.
Today I ask that I may deliver the messages that I am given in a way that will be loving and respectful of others.
Today may I show love towards all people and let go of judgment and fear. May I see the goodness in all of life so that I will be an asset to this Earth and life it's self.
Today let me have an understand heart and a positive mind in all situations I encounter.

Think of a Situation that you would like to Change!
Think of a situation that you may be dealing with at home or at work. Now think of how you can make changes in that situation by changing your thoughts about it and the outcome of it, by focusing on something that is very positive.
I will not tell you that you will have an affect on the situation by just trying this once or twice. But by seeing it as a more positive mental vision and bringing it to clarity in your mind. This may take a week or two to manifest as it is changing the situation in a more positive way. I can guarantee that you will have an affect on the situation from the start of your positive mental imagining.
Focus, focus, focus! It is up to you to be a part of positive changes in this world, even if it is one step at a time.
Well gosh! I guess I have rambled on and on about being positive, now I will have to imagine that all of you that read this newsletter are inspired to focus on positive thoughts.
As I send this newsletter out today, I send you blessings of love that you will be inspired to laugh in the face of negativity. May your higher self take action in opening the flood gates of goodness and Love, may joyful feelings indwell you and may the light of love surround you now until forever.
Blessings from Julie/Tickles and Sparkles

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As always thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and thank you for your positive input and emails.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

June 15, 2008

Blessings to all my wonderful friends, may your week be filled with a tremendous amount of positive energy and joyful experiences.

Full Moon June 18th 2008
Mercury Goes Direct on June 19th 2008
You may have noticed that the energy seems to be getting better and better this is because we are turning the corner and are almost to the ending of the Mercury Retrograde.

Raising Your Vibrations So That You Will Attract All That You Desire!
We have talked about creating through writing and through visualization and although this is a big part of how we can create what we desire. There is something more that we must learn to do so that our desires will manifest. By raising our vibrations we will be sending that energy into the universe so that we will attract exactly what we desire to us.
Many of us have goals, wishes and dreams that we wish would manifest. But for one reason or another they do not seem to be manifesting as fast as we would like them too. Why is this?
Well our vibration is not matching what we would like to manifest. It is like wanting to win the lottery but knowing that we only have a one in million chance in doing so. On one hand we think of all the things we would do with our winnings but on the other hand we feel like we could never be so lucky. The Universe is getting two very different vibrations from us so it seems that we get stuck without any results either way. When we learn to raise our vibration we will start to see results and to see our wishes manifest in wonderful ways that will show us that the Universe really is listening.
How can we begin to raise our vibration? Well by waking up each morning and being happy, yes I said happy. I know that sometimes we tend to as they say "wake up on the wrong side of the bed". Okay so here it is! When you decide to wake up in a happy mood and put a smile on your face, you will begin to raise your vibration from the start of your day. You can tell yourself through out the day "I have a choice" I can chose to be happy and see the good in everything or I can chose to lower my vibration and lessen the chances of receiving what I truly desire for my self. I would say that would be an easy choice to make. You see, we have the choice to act as if we have already attained our goals, wishes and dreams. As we change our thoughts we are actually attracting more positive energy to us. It is like having a chore that you hate to do and being so bummed out that you have to do it. What will you attract to you by allowing this negative energy to become strong within you? Not much I would think. Now imagine that you have a chore that you really do not desire to do. But you have decided that you will do it with a smile and a positive attitude. You have just raised the vibration and energy around and within you by choosing to be happy and get the chore accomplished.
Here Are Some Good Ways to Raise the Vibrations Within
And Around You
Laughter- Just laughing out loud at anything!
Positive Thoughts- By replacing any negative thought with a positive one.
Smile for no Reason- Do you really need a reason to smile?
Love- By sending love to other people you are going to feel really good and raise your vibration.
Belief- you have to truly believe in your own happiness without having a doubt at all that you deserve to be happy. That is what God and the Universe truly want for you also.
Choice- Knowing that you have a choice to make this day the best ever and following through with positive action.

Ask and You Shall Receive
Each of us have psychic abilities within us, although most people chose to ignore the messages they are given each day or not ask for the guidance from higher sources of energy to guide them. We are all receiving guidance each day of our lives. Some of the guidance we are given is coming from lower vibration energies and other guidance comes from higher vibration energy. How can we differentiate the different energy we are receiving? By asking that only energy from the highest realms of energy come in and by noticing how the energy you are receiving is making you feel in your heart. Ask for Divine energy from only the most pure forms of love to enter and that all other lower vibration energy shall be gone.
A Prayer for Divine Guidance from the Highest Realms of Goodness, Light and Love
As I start this day I call upon Gods love and light to shine within me and let this light encircle me with love and great wisdom.
So that I may know without doubt, the information I am receiving is of the Highest Spiritual Dimensions of love and light.
I know in my heart of hearts that I will be given Divine guidance moving me in the perfect direction for my well-being.
I call upon the Ascended Masters and upon Jesus Christ to give unto me Divine guidance from the Highest Spiritual realms, so that I may be more God like in showing others love and goodness through out this day.
May I have an understanding heart this day and may I share my light and love with all people I meet.
So blessed be
Weekly Affirmations
I am one with a tremendous amount of positive energy flowing to me and from me into this wonderful world.

I am easily able to change my mind to accommodate and allow positive thoughts from higher energy sources.

I easily let go of any thought or feeling that does not bring me joy and happiness and a sense of love.

The floodgates of goodness and of love that is from the Highest Spiritual Dimensions, now flows freely to me uninhibited by any blocks or boundaries. I am the full expression of Gods love and I am a grateful receiver of this love that flows freely to me now.
Have a wonderful week! Laugh Smile and Live life to its fullest.
Blessings from Julie

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You are very important to me and I am blessed to know you.
Thank you for your wonderful emails supporting this Newsletter.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

June 22, 2008

Greetings from Julie
I hope you are having a great week and are looking forward to your dreams come true. I know I am!
Please let me know what you think about this week's newsletter I am so sure you will like it. I have been doing some channeling and have received some great information.

The Energy of LOVE
What makes the energy of love seem so important?
By just feeling loveable you start to change the energy around yourself. As you know self love is so very important because you can not give out love if you do not love yourself first. By being in loving relationships with loving positive people you are more easily able to create what you want in life.
Just think about when you fell in love for the first time, take a moment and truly, think back to that time and how it made you feel. Now think about the most important love relationship you are in or have been in. How does it make you feel to think about this relationship? Do you feel wonderful, happy, excited? Do you feel sad or angry? No matter how you are feeling there is a reason I have asked you these questions. Feelings are energy and our thoughts are energy so when we are thinking about the wonderful positive attributes of the relationship we are creating positive energy that will spread to other people in our lives.
It does not matter if they are directly connected to this relationship or not. Because the energy you are creating and the message you are sending into the Universe is one of happiness and love, you will then attract to you even more happiness and love. Now on the other hand if you are very unhappy in a relationship and are sending out negative and fearful energy you will attract more of the same and unwillingly will put that energy out to other people and into the Universe
I think there is a great reason, that we all should be monitoring our thoughts and feelings. This way we will know that we are putting out the energy we would liked returned to us.
How can we use the energy of love and being in love to manifest our desires? You and your love can play games that will open your minds to creating more happiness in your lives. If there is not a love in your life at this time, you may have a friend or family member who is willing to work with you on creating through love. As you work with each other you will notice a wonderful change occurring in your lives there will be a glow about you and your love. You will more easily be able to create what you want because you are sending out twice the positive energy of attraction to the universe. The pretend game is one of my favorites, it is easy to play and well worth the few minutes it takes to play. Act as if you are already enjoying that which you would like to attract to you have a conversation about how wonderful it is tell your feelings about how great it is to share this "For example: A wonderful vacation on a beautiful island, with your love". Have them tell you how they feel about the manifestation of this desire and how it has helped them. Really get into the visualization and the emotional aspect of this creation. For our emotions are so powerful and can bring in manifestations very rapidly if, you and your love have a most positive attitude about what you desire.
If two people are so in love that they align their desires and thoughts with joy and happiness they will continue to create more of the same.
Here are some ideas to help you and your love start creating what you desire.
1- Make sure you are both on the same page about what you want.
2- Each person should write their version of what they would like to create down.
3- Read each others list and discuss what you would like to have happen and if their version is different from yours work together on how you can see the same version in your mind.
4- Let your ego go it will not do you any good. Just come from the heart.
5- Each day talk about your creation as if it has happened and you are enjoying the memory of it happening.
6- Get excited about it.
7- Laugh and have fun with it.
Before long you will be living it.
What ever you do not give up on your creation, it may be that you are not ready at this moment for it and you may have to do some rearranging in the visualization of your creation.
It is you and your love's creation you can change whatever is not working so that you feel joy when you think about it.

I would love to hear about how well you do with this.
Email julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Thoughts become Things
A good reminder is that you were once just a thought in Gods mind and now it is your turn to bring your thoughts into reality. Think Positive!

Each of has a Purpose
Do you know what yours is?
Are you open to knowing why you are here?
Ask for Divine Guidance in finding your higher purpose and you will know if you ask from your heart.
I thought it may be nice to have a prayer this week instead of our usual affirmations.

May Gods love and light shine upon all people this day
May love flow through me and into the world making it a better place for all.
May my sorrows be few and happiness plenty.
May I communicate with love and understanding in all situations leaving joyful energy that brings happiness to all people I may meet this day.
So blessed be

Thank you for your time and for the wonderful thoughts and energy that you are sending out to others this week.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

July 6, 2008

Greetings from Julie
I hope that you had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. I have moved back to California that is why I did not put out a newsletter last week but I am back on track. I am very happy to be back and even though there is so much to do I feel very excited about what the future holds for me.

Having an Attitude of Gratitude
In each of our lives there are times when things just seem to go in what we may think is the wrong direction. Maybe there is a reason for what is happening in our lives even though we may not be too happy about it at the time. I have learned that having the right attitude plays a great part in allowing the situation to turn out in our favor no matter what may be going on in our lives at the time.
Yes we may not be totally thrilled about the outcome but if we are safe and well then all is good, right!
The attitude you have about life and about your life is what will eventually bring about the happenings in your future. So where do you stand? Are you a positive person? Do you think positively about your future and the future of our country or are you falling into the depths of worry and fear about life in general. In these times of fears and worries about the world and the economy we have to stay strong and focus our thoughts and our attitude on all that is good and have faith and believe that things will get better, better, and better. It truly saddens me that there is so much negative thought and so much fear in this world today. I believe that it is up to us to make a difference in this world and to bring a positive attitude to all situations that we encounter in our lives at this time. Remember you do have a choice to have a positive attitude or to give in to agreeing with the people who believe we are doomed. I just can not go there being negative will not work for me and I really hope that you will stay strong and have total faith that through having a positive attitude, we can make a difference.
Think of all the things you are grateful for in your life today. When a negative thought comes to mind recognize it and dismiss it. Do not hang on to the negative and spread it with your words to others.
I vow to look at life through rose colored glasses to enjoy all of the wonders of life and to love all that is here for me. Maybe I live in a dream world of my own at this time but it is much better than giving in to negative thoughts and feelings.

Things to Remember
You are Gods perfect child.
You create everything in your life.
Thought positive thought you are creating positive outcomes.
You have the ability to make a difference in this world through love.
You were not brought unto this world to judge.
You were brought here to love unconditionally.
You can make a difference though your attitude.

If you would like to reach me in the next couple of weeks I can be contacted at 916-718-1035 this is my cell phone number. Or you can email me at Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
I will let you know when I get a home phone hooked up.

Affirmations for the Week of July 6, 2008
I focus my self on being positive, and letting go of all that may interrupt my positive energy.

I have an attitude of gratitude and I am seeing the positive results of my attitude each day.

As I send out positive energy I see the difference it is making in all situations I encounter now.

All my expectations of good now manifest under grace and in perfect ways.

The walls of lack and delay now melt away and peace and harmony indwell me now.

Have a great week my friends, enjoy each new day as if you just arrived on this wonderful planet. Believe that you can make a difference, because you can. I send you each love and light as I send out this newsletter. I bless you with strength to let go of judgment and to allow love to guide you each day.

July 13, 2008

Greetings from Julie at www.ticklesandsparkles.com
It has been a very busy week for me with unpacking box after box of great stuff, yet I do not know where to place all this great stuff. I guess I have learned a great lesson here and that is "less is more".
I am also happy to announce that I have a new phone number it is 916-726-4892
If this number sounds familiar it is because it was my number about ten months ago. I think it is great because I do not have to try to remember a new phone number.

Creating and Attracting Positive Shifts in Your Life
I think we have all had times in our lives when we wished we could change something or at least get things moving again. Most all of us have been in a place in our lives where it seems that things are on hold or at a stand still. Why does this happen? What can we do to make that shift in our life that will bring in great results for you and I, thus adding to our joy and happiness in this experience that is life.
To create shifts that will truly enhance your life it is essential that you truly desire to make changes first from within thyself.
We program our selves to think the same way each day about the same things and we are basically going around in circles day after day, thus we are what may be termed "stuck".
When we are doing one thing we are thinking about another.
We are not living in the moment! We are living outside the moment waiting for the next moment to arrive and then it is gone and we are still where we were.
When we can truly live in the moment and focus on right now even if for a few moments at first we will begin to see a shift, what do I mean by this statement?
We all have things that we have to think about during the day and plans to make for tomorrow.
As we go through our day a spouse, friend or colleague may say something to us and we do not even hear them because our mind is in thought about something else. This is where being present in the moment is going to change your life. If you will start practicing and be faithful about exercising your mind to acknowledge when you are not being present in the moment, you will soon recognize when you are being present in the moment.
What do you have to do to be present in the moment? Actually not very much just feel good, let go of all thought, just smile, relax and let your mind and body just be calm.

In this moment I am happy
In this moment I am joyful
In this moment I feel so alive
In this moment I allow love to flow through me
In this moment I have positive emotions flowing through me
In this moment I am grateful for my heart beating and that I can feel it
In this moment I am grateful for all of life

Take a moment to just be in the moment and to feel life flowing through you.
If you are talking to someone or they are talking to you focus on that moment with them, do not let other thoughts flow in, listen to what the person is saying and when you are speaking, smile let love simply flow through you, your words will be heard with acceptance and the person you are speaking with will remember you and what you said to them.

What about body language and attracting the right circumstances into your life that will also help in creating a positive shift for you?
If you are thinking about something it shows through your body language say on your way to work you get cut off by some crazy driver and you are delayed by a detour thus getting to work a few minutes late. You walk into work all upset and angry about the delay, your shoulders are drooping you have an angry look on your face that says "Leave me alone!" You are still pretty angry at the way your day started and you are letting everyone at work know your feeling through your body language. Okay you must get the picture by now! What is happening is you are sending a message to others and you are not in the moment for you are still stuck in the recent past reliving it again and again in your mind. There is a way to change this and instead of repelling co workers and friends you could attract them to you by changing the way you are looking at things and focus on the moment and what your body is telling others about you. So you got cut off in traffic, big deal there must have been a reason for this get over it. That seems harsh but really it is not. There was a slight detour that seemed like it added minutes to your commute, maybe there was a reason for that too.
Maybe if you are late because of an uncontrolled reason your Angels must have been watching over you, so then say thank you to them and let go of all the thoughts and reasons that this may have happened. If you walked into work with a smile on your face, your shoulders straight up and a good attitude you will then attract the same from co workers and your boss. Letting the boss know what happened does not have to be a lengthy ordeal but a quick and simple explanation. The faster you let go of all that happened in the moments before, the faster you will be back in the moment.
In this moment how do you feel? What are you thinking? What is your body language saying? If I think about this moment right now I have to smile because it feels great. Being in the moment does feel great imagine living in the moment 90% of your life wouldn't that just be wonderful, I think so! I would like to hear how you stay in the moment. Email me julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Remember that Like Attracts Like
What you are putting out through your thoughts, your words and your body attracts to you the same. If you want a great relationship become a great partner. If you want to attract people to you smile, be happy laugh and exude love and come from the heart. Most people do not want to be around people who are negative or down, they are attracted to happy people. People who are up and feeling alive and enjoying the moment that is now.
Enjoy the Shifts you are making today by being in the moment!

Wow! I asked for guidance in something to write about today and I did not realize just how much information I would receive. I am sure there is more and I will continue to bring to you the information I am receiving.

Have a wonderful week!
As always thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for the wonderful emails I receive from you. Blessings
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

July 20, 2008

Each week I look forward to sitting down and getting in touch with my highest spiritual vibration so that I may write a great newsletter. Each week I ask for Divine guidance to help me so that each person who reads this will get something from it.
With that said I hope you had a wonderful week and are looking forward to another better and better week.

Love and Ego
What is the connection!
Love comes from the heart love connects us all in one way or another. Love makes you feel great! It inspires us it sometimes makes us laugh or cry and it can fill our lives with joy.
Ego comes from the mind it seems to control our emotions it can also make us feel great and make us feel happy. Yet ego can also trick you into being angry at someone you do not even know. The funny thing is that ego enjoys tricking your heart (Spirit-Self) but the Spirit Self knows the truth and knows only love. Then why is it that we do not recognize when the ego is taking over and we are disconnected from the Spirit Self. This is because ego can be very comforting it will give you exactly what you want in a sense. If you think that someone is deliberately being mean to you or treating you with disrespect, this is most likely your ego saying, hey there don't you get that this person who is being mean to you should get some of their own medicine right back at them. On the other hand love says: show that person who is mean to you love and they will eventually get it and make changes in their lives. As enlightened as we are it is sometimes difficult to overpower the ego maybe it is because we classify this as just being human. As difficult as this may seem it can be really easy to determine if we are coming from our ego or our Heart our Spiritual Self.
Next time you are in a situation that may bring ego to the forefront think for just a moment and ask your Spirit is this ego or is it my Spirit Self. You can bet that it is mostly ego that wants to be proud and wants to conquer the person who was rude or made a rude comment. There are so many times that we allow ego to over power the Spirit self and the love that we should be pouring into the situation. Some people seem to think that ego is the energy that we put off when we think we are being cool or better than someone else. There is so much more to our ego than we realize and it is time to start putting that ego in check and take a look at where we truly want to come from in our heart and soul. Don't just look at where you want to make changes in your life, practice it! Focus on the Spiritual Self and what it feels like to come from love. We as humans are very good at looking to the negative the ego based realities and we seem to loose sight of the positive and of love. Love definitely wants for you to be happy yes! Really happy filled with joy and comfort and compassion, goodness and to know Gods love. Ego is going to keep telling you that you are the only one who matters and it is your feelings that will get hurt if you do not teach that person a lesson for being so (what ever) to you. It really does not matter to love what you choose to do love will continue and will exist within you and all people no matter what. It is up to you to acknowledge love and to invite it in to stay to guide you and to be stronger when ego is present.
Now it is up to you to invite love in to listen to your Spirit and to feel loves gentleness. Or you could acknowledge your ego and fight back and say: hey I already know all this stuff and it does not work for me I know a better way. This is a big sign that ego is the ruler here.

What is Ego?
Ego says: he or she is not calling me back, so why should I be the one to call?
Ego says: that person put me down in front of other people. I am really mad! I can not let go of how angry I am.
Ego says: I do a better job than that person they do not even deserve to work here.
Ego says it is okay to carry a grudge for years and be angry inside because I will not let it go until I get an apology from this person.

What is Love?
Love says: I don't mind calling _______ back for I understand people get busy and forget things.
Love Says: I am okay with the person who put me down in front of others it really does not matter anyway I do not have to be angry for I am of love and love knows no anger.
Love says: I will work twice as hard because I am okay with allowing each person to live their own lives.
Love says: there is no need to carry a grudge for I am not worried about what happened in the past. I live in the now and love is my guide.
Well I really hope that you have more knowledge of what love and ego have in common and how we can use love to override ego and eventually possibly love will rule your life rather than depending on ego based realities and of what someone else may think or what their opinion might be.

Affirmations for the Week
I allow love and my higher spiritual self to guide me in all my undertakings.

I allow others their own thoughts and feelings and I am okay with that. For I know that love can work miracles.

Love energizes me and brings the positive into perspective.

I love every one and every one loves me.

I think to my self each time I am confronted with ego, Love is the most powerful energy I allow only love to help with my decisions and I am witness to the wonderful expressions of love that are within me and about.

Let love guide you and let joy be free within your self today. There is only this moment and if you will focus on love the next moment will be even better.

I love you and I am so happy to have you as my friend you are a perfect expression of Gods love and I am so happy to know your love and light is here for all to know. Blessings from Julie

July 27, 2008

Wow! I am amazed that I am writing the 35th Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles weekly newsletter. By writing this newsletter each week I am able to stay on track and stay positive through the guidance that I receive in writing it. I hope that you have enjoyed these newsletters and that they may have given you an opportunity to use the advice with positive results in your life.

It is very easy to let go of the positive things we learn. For some reason the positive things are like a rain drop on a rock the rain hits the rock and a drop remains there until it dries up and is gone forever. Just like the rain drop so are the positive things that we learn, soon we forget or just move onto something else. By having a little reminder each week it bolsters our spirit and keeps us remembering to practice being positive.

Does What Other People Think About You Really Matter?
I think that this could be construed as a trick question. Yes if the person is thinking positive things about you. Of course you want people to like you and think that you are a good person. We all desire to be well thought of.
When does the answer to this question become a No? It does not matter what anyone else thinks about me. When other people are saying things like that person will never succeed because he or she is stupid or doesn't know what he or she is doing. Honestly folks that is judgment! How is it that we can look at another person and even think we would know what is best for him or her. There is no way that we could know this, the only person who truly know what is best for them is themselves. Many people are very quick to give an opinion about someone who they may think could do better in their lives but their judgment is not in any way helping the person in question.
It really does not matter how another person looks at you it only matters that you look at yourself with love and understanding.
That you believe in your heart that you are a good person and are doing the right things for you in this lifetime.
So next time you hear someone put another person down for some reason or another send the person who is doing all the talking pure love right at that moment. The reason I say this is because your love and positive thoughts will block that energy from reaching the person whom is being talked about and will help in healing the negative thoughts that are a form of energy. We are all responsible for our thoughts and feelings we are here to learn and to raise our vibration and to bring love to all people good or bad. It is not up to us to judge but to observe and to help in making this world a better and better place.
Keeping Our Thoughts on Track
As most of you know thoughts are energy and thoughts become things. It is unimaginable to try to think of all the thoughts that have gone into making up everything in this world. Although it may be unimaginable to try to fathom all that has gone into all that is in this world even today. We should really just take a moment to look around us and be thankful for all the thought that has gone into bringing such comfort to us at this time.
Take time to think twice before speaking. Monitor your thoughts and voice only those thoughts that are positive and of a loving nature. It is time to take a look at how you can drastically change your life through your thoughts and the words you speak to others. Okay, so I have written about how you can affect changes in your life but now it is up to you to put into action the energy of thought to bring your vibration up to a higher level. We are all very lucky to have choice and to make choices in our lives I have heard so many times "well I was just telling you what was gong on with this or that person" indeed you were but when we are telling someone else something we tend to interject our thoughts about a situation and at times this can be very negative. I ask you to stay on track this week and do not allow yourself to talk about anyone in a negative way. Focus only on something positive about this person. If you can not find something nice to say then do not say it. My Mom used to tell me this when I was young and I am sure I have said it a time or two to my children. The thing is that it is right on.

Affirmations for the Week
All my negative thoughts now dry up like a rain drop on a rock and are gone forever.

I am happy with whom I am and I send pure love to those who judge me.

As I let go of how others see me I find myself in a place of peace, love and joy.

We are all connected and I would never do anything to cause myself harm and I will never purposely do anything that would hurt another for I am as you are the perfect expression of Gods love.

Allow Your Self to Take a Little Time to Reflect Upon How Many People You Were Nice to Today and Then Think of All the people Who Were Nice to You
Do this each night before bed it is amazing how good you will feel and how well you will sleep just by being grateful for the wonderful people you have come in contact with each day.

Have a wonderful Week!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

August 1, 2008

Greetings from Julie
I have great news! I am so excited because I have noticed that Gas Prices are coming down! I keep wondering if by chance we have helped by being positive about seeing the price of gas come down. A few weeks ago I wrote in the newsletter about visualizing the gas prices falling and I am so happy that they are. Keep up the good work! Positive thoughts do work in wonderful ways.

Letting Go of Fear
This week I would like to talk about letting go of fear and how easy it can be for you to conquer the fears that you may have.
Each of us has the unique ability to hold onto our fears. We have fear of loosing, fear of winning, fear of falling in love, fear of falling out of love, fear of heights, fear of life, fear of death it is endless the things we are fearful of. I started thinking of all that I have been afraid of in life and realized that I truly have nothing to fear. There is truly nothing to fear and so much to gain by allowing fear to fall away and to be in flow with life. Sometimes there is fear that is put upon us by another but it is up to you to decide if you will allow this fear to gain power over you and hold you from the wonderful experience of life. It is time to reduce fear to what it is a feeling! Yup! It is just a feeling and nothing more. You have the ability within yourself to decide if you will let your fears dictate to you how you will live your life or if you are done with allowing fear in at all. As you start pealing away the layers of fear that has built up through your life experience you will find that your life will get easier in all aspects. Fear does not do any good, fear has no real power except to create more of the same and I know that you really are not into creating a life filled with fear.
I have conquered many of my fears in the past few years and I am still here. That is why I think it is so important to review what your fears may be and start eliminating them one by one.
What would happen if your fears were magically replaced by positive outcomes? Fear serves no purpose in our life, fear does not make you stronger or less than. If we reduce fear by letting go of fearful thoughts and feelings we are more rapidly able to move forward in life. I like to play the "WHAT IF" game to release the things that I am fearful of.
What if: I get fired from my job?
I may find a great new job that will pay more than I ever expected.

What if: I try something new and it turns out to be awful?
At least I had an opportunity to decide if I liked it or not.
Hey just maybe it will be wonderful and be something you really love to do.

What if: My boyfriend/Girlfriend decides that he or she is not ready for a relationship?
I will take this as a sign that it was not meant to be and move forward with love in my heart for I did not loose anything. Yet I have gained wisdom from this relationship.

Think about the Fears you may have and start today to reduce them to nothing and focus on the experience of life that you have gained.

The "What If Game" can be played in many ways. One of the ways I like to play is to think of all the good things the
"What If Game" can do for my self and others.

By joyfully focusing on all of the positive things that have brought you to this point in your life you will be putting the energy into bringing in more joyful situations into your life.

So many times we forget to acknowledge all the wonderful things that have brought us to this point in life. It is so easy to think of all the negative things that have happened in our lives and we seldom remember that there are many positive things that have happened to get us to where we are. You are in charge of your happiness, there is no person that can make you unhappy or sad only you by allowing this feeling in. Take control of your happiness and be in the moment let joy rule you and your feelings. I know that there are going to be many reasons that you may feel this can not be done. But honestly it can be done just by acknowledging that you are in control of your feelings and what you choose to feel and accept. Start now to choose joy and happiness for yourself.

I love you all and I am sending you joy and love. Have a wonderful week.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

August 8, 2008

Greetings Friends,
Can you guess what I am writing about this week?
Were you wondering why I would put a picture of money on my news letter well it is because I received an email from my son the other day and it got me to thinking what better way to see how energy can affect the flow of money or other things into our lives. His email was very simple and at first I was like "What?" I didn't quite get it and then it clicked. Here is a copy of the email I received.

Subject: Here is the target amount we need!!!!!

This is the Grand total of ALL our bills. HELP! Be with your creative juices and with everyone's help lets go big, and create this for us.
Ideas are welcome. When it works we can work on your bills too. Concentrate on this number $387,807.06

"I WILL to create, make or earn this amount: $387,807.06 in the next 60 days."

P.S. you may think it farfetched, and frankly so do I, but I have tried many conventional way so far and none have panned out. So this must work right.

As I read the email I felt that there must be a way to focus the energy and bring into it even more energy from many sources rather than just a few. That is where you come into play, I would like to conduct an experiment to see what we can do and what happens when we focus and send out positive energy to help each other to reach a their particular goal. Yes it may sound "rather farfetched" but what if! Imagine what we can do if we put our positive energy into helping each other achieve our goals in a wonderfully positive way. If you are interested in participating in this experiment I would love it if you would send me an email saying that you are focusing on the amount $387,807.06. Ask that this amount will soon arrive in the hands of the asker. This money will come to him from out of the blue under grace and in a perfect way.

If you have a request that will bring a benefit to you or someone else I will gladly put it in the next newsletter so that we can raise the energy for you. I would love to see as many of you as possible participating in this experiment.
As we make it our intention to send positive energy in someone's direction we can make a difference in another's life.

By sending out positive energy to others we are able to allow positive energy to fill our own lives. Love needs to be given out in order to receive it. This is just the same with giving out positive energy.
So, Yes I would love to be overwhelmed with your emails and I will respond to each of them. I have decided to take time each day to focus on each person who emails me and would like to be a part of this wonderful experiment.
Thank you for your loving energy.

Each person has a different perception of everything in life. Each of us perceives circumstances in unique and different ways. One thing we all have in common is that we all perceive love as something that brings us happiness and joy. More on this next week!

May your heart be filled with joy and may the path you take be smooth as you journey through life's wonderful lessons. See the value in all of the experiences you have today. Live life with out worry and fear knowing that with love all is possible.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

August 18, 2008

Wow! What a wonderful response I have received from so many people in regards to the last newsletter. Last week I had asked it you would focus on a number for my son who had sent me this email:
Subject: Here is the target amount we need!!!!!
This is the Grand total of ALL our bills. HELP! Be with your creative juices and with everyone's help lets go big, and create this for us.
Ideas are welcome. When it works we can work on your bills too. Concentrate on this number $387,807.06
"I WILL to create, make or earn this amount: $387,807.06 in the next 60 days."
P.S. you may think it farfetched, and frankly so do I, but I have tried many conventional way so far and none have panned out. So this must work right.

I have to say I was very surprised to receive so many wonderful emails from you here are some of them. Oh they may have requests included, so if each of you will please focus on as many requests as you can each day I am sure everyone will appreciate it. If you have a request please email it to me at julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

I would like to join. I will be concentrating on finding a job in the insurance industry, as well as putting out positive thoughts for my friends and family for better health for my sister, mom and my aunt.
To my friend Sophie i hope she gets the new job and for my boyfriend I hope he stays very busy with his work and remains happy and satisfied with what he is doing and makes money at the same time.
I will put out positive thoughts for all for the $387,807.06
Have a Great Day Everyone and BE WELL. Yvonne

Dear Julie,
I've decided to help with the experiment, so "I am focusing on that amount to soon arrive in the hands of the asker." I believe that when we all get together and put our energies together in a common cause, we have the power to make a difference.

I LOVE this idea!!! I have actually been doing this with myself and a key amount of $15 million by December 19th, 2008. I have the doors open to the Universe as to HOW. Your son is in my wave length!! I'm concentrating for him. I also have been using your guidance as to sending out positive energy (especially while driving) and noticing how easy it is to misinterpret other drivers and then sending a negative chain reaction out there which only spirals out of control. Love is the extinguisher of hate. It makes me feel better as a person when I can let go and stay on MY right path.
I don't know what motivated you to start writing these newsletters, but I thank you for them daily!!
Sharalynne the Great has struck again!

I am thinking of the # for you. It does work! AJ's racecar track was to be closed down and taken back over by the county. But through a tremendous effort of all the members, we saved the track, but then had to come up with $50K+ to pay the escrow. Wow, that's alot of $$. Either way, through the help of all the members, and some AWESOME donations by the one and only Jeff Gordon, Yes, Jeff Gordon, the escrow got paid. It's my mission now to get all the race kids together to thank Jeff Gordon in some way.
So, team effort pays off. $387,807.06

Hi Julie: I ask that this amount will soon arrive in the hands of the asker. This money will come to him from out of the blue under grace and in a perfect way.
I would love to participate as I have a request. Here it is;

Subject: Here is the target amount we need!!!!!

This is the Grand total of ALL our bills. HELP! Be with your creative juices and with everyone's help lets go big, and create this for us.
Ideas are welcome. When it works we can work on your bills too. Concentrate on this number $145,373.50
"I WILL to create, make or earn this amount: $145,373.50 in the next 60 days."
P.S. you may think it farfetched, and frankly so do I, but I have tried many conventional way so far and none have panned out. So this must work right.
I also have another request for my boys to get to go to a school where the teachers will have utmost respect for them.
Thanks so much
Love, Joyce and family

I would love to participate in this.
$387,807.06 Thinking, thinking on this 08/08/08 day
I thank each of you for your participation in this energy gathering. I printed out my emails and have them on my cork board where I can look at them each day and send positive energy out to all askers.

Ego! We All Have One!
I know we have covered this subject many times in this newsletter yet still I feel there is more to learn about the Ego and our perception of it. There are times when I have told someone that they were exhibiting ego when they were angry. I know that this statement made them just furious with me by the tone of their voice or the look on their face. For some reason people in general do not want to admit that they have an ego. Maybe they do not understand what the ego does besides being a part of self esteem.
If we get angry at someone for what we may perceive as a genuine reason and then we hold on to this anger we are letting our ego rule us. Each of us has three parts to our psyche, Ego is the part that rules what we want and who we would like to think we are. Ego wants you to hold on to anger and even will tempt you to try to get revenge. Why is this? Because Ego wants its way no matter what! Most of us have learned to temper our Ego and to let our Spirit guide us and balance our emotional responses to situations in life. Ego shows up in many ways in our life and is the one who is whispering negative thoughts in our minds, trying to justify why we are mad at someone for some ridiculous reason or even a very good reason at the time. I have learned that I am able to talk to my ego and to tell it to be silent while I converse with my higher self or my spirit. The first thing you must do is to learn what is ego, and recognize it so that you will be able to quiet it. For example: a young lady was telling me how angry she was at someone who said something very rude about her, I could tell that this hurt her ego. Not realizing that it was the ego that was hurt she allowed her ego to get her all worked up and angry at the person. Now we all know that our Spirit is love, it only works in loving ways and does not judge or wish harm upon anyone. So if someone is working with their higher spirit instead of ego they will not be angry or mean in any way. They will send love out to the person who spoke ill of them if they are letting their Spirit guide them.
This week focus on getting to know when your Ego is taking action and ruling you and when you are working with your higher self your Spirit.
Think Love!
Be Love!
Act out of Love!
You will attract love through being on track with your Spiritual Self.

Have a wonderful week and may blessings of abundance flow to you from out of the blue under grace and in perfect ways.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

August 25, 2008

Blessings my friends, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have started this week with positive goals for yourself.

I noticed that the energy level of many people last week was quite low. It left me wondering what may have caused this energy. It may have been the waning Moon but I have a feeling there is more to this than I know at this time. For me it started on Friday the 22nd of August about 3:00 PM Pacific time. It was almost a feeling of dread and came over me all at once. I knew instantly that it was not my energy and wondered who's it was or if there was something happening in the planets that I had not been aware of. I can usually tell if the energy is mine or one I have picked up from someone. Just by asking my higher self if this is my true energy I will get a sense that will remind me that my higher energy is of pure love. I usually will get a feeling of whose energy it is.
I cleared the energy with my sage wand a couple of times before I felt the energy lift. Saturday seemed to be better yet I have to admit I felt there was a heavy energy still around. I now feel that all that heavy energy is gone there is a more positive energy surrounding me. After talking to several people I realized that I was not the only person feeling this low energy in one way or another.
I hope that you are feeling the positive energy that is happening and that you feel love and joy this week. If you have any comments on this energy and what may have been happening I would love to hear from you.

Are YOU receiving Signs?
And Do Not Even Realize It?
Sometimes we are so busy that we do not pay attention to all the signs we are given each day that guide us if we take time to notice them. Sometimes signs come to us in thought many people say it is like a voice in your head. This voice could be telling you to take a different route home today and if you listen to it you get home in a very timely manner even thought it may be a little out of the way. If you ignore the voice you may be in for a detour or you may be delayed for hours. I tend to listen to the voice now after years of debating on taking heed or going my way. Sometimes signs come to us in weird ways for instance I was leaving the store the other day and a man with a big pink bird on his head walked up to me and said look at those clouds they are awesome! I looked up and was totally amazed at the gorgeous colors I saw dancing through the clouds. They were teal green and pink and yellow and purple, I stood there in amazement at the beauty I saw in the sky like angels dancing. My mind felt so mixed up seeing the man with the pink bird on his head and I knew there was a sign in all that was happening at that moment. I just was so stunned at how strange it was. I have not figured out what it all means yet but I know there is something wonderful about to happen. I will keep putting together the signs as I receive them. On Sunday Morning as I rolled out of bed I heard a voice it said "remember this two men and a horse" so there is more to this story and the signs will continue until I consciously get the meaning of what they are telling me. Not all signs are outrageous but if we take the time to pay attention to even the smallest ones we will understand why we have received them and this will come at the perfect time.
Take notes when you get signs this makes it easier to put them together and to understand their meanings. Write down how they feel when you receive them. Do you feel that you know what they mean or maybe whom they pertain to, make a note of it so you can come back to it at a later time.
If you feel you are not receiving enough signs in your life ask your Angels to give you more, they will.
Practice being positive and the more positive energy you give out the more you will receive.

New Requests for Positive Energy
I would greatly appreciate you all focusing on me finding a joyful job for me that will abundantly provide for my family and will work with my children's school schedules and the pregnancy and birth of my new baby on the way. Thank you with much love and joy ~ Candice

I would give anything if I could have met you when you were here!! "BUT" as usual I let it pass me by. Go figure. The reason am commenting on this all the monies in the world would not buy what I need and want. I want my 3 son's to be a family. Their children to know each other and for my oldest son and his family to come back into my husbands and my life. I really need your help with this! Deb!!!

Please send out your positive thoughts to these wonderful people. May they be blessed with their requests and may love and goodness fill their lives.

If you have a request please email it to me I will be glad to include your request in my next newsletter and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

May your heart be filled with joy and may the path you take be smooth as you journey through life's wonderful lessons. See the value in all of the experiences you have today. Live life with out worry and fear knowing that with love all is possible.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

August 29, 2008

Your Life is an Occasion Rise to It!
Each morning when you awake do you really think about what an Occasion your life is.
Do you get all excited at the thought of getting up out of bed and starting your day? Or are you like most people and feel that it is just another day.
I would like to believe that you are one of the truly amazingly different people in this world who value this wonderful life you have. Like it is a very Special Occasion and you are going to enjoy every moment of it. Yes there are times when things are not perfect. But how sure can you be that they are not perfect? Maybe even though we are not happy at the moment, does not mean that the moment is not perfect. When you stop judging the moment and say to yourself "My Life is an Occasion" Today I will celebrate my life with joy and love. The very next moment could prove to be one of the best you have ever experienced. By choosing to honor the occasion of your life you are telling God/the Universe that you are open to receiving the best that life has to offer up to you.
Through out life we have certain times that are classified as Special Occasions and we prepare for them with joy and excitement but then the occasion is soon over and forgot until the next one comes along. Why not make your life an occasion everyday and rise to it.
Wake in the morning with excitement about the new day, celebrate that you are alive. Be grateful for the wonder of life it's self. Honestly it is so satisfying to begin the day on a happier note and to go to bed at night feeling that you did your best to celebrate the wonderful occasion called your life.

Saturday August 29, 2008 is the New Moon
Each month on the new moon is the most auspicious (lucky) day to write your wishes down. Generally it is good to write at least ten wishes for what you would like to have or have happen for yourself. When writing your wishes, be sure to visualize them as if they have happened and you are enjoying the outcome of your wishes.

I was reading something the other day and it said to say and write I am and then finish the sentence with what ever you would like to produce in your life. As I started my day I was as usual talking away to myself and began saying:
I am wonderful
I am easy to communicate with
I am happy
I am excited about my life
I am the pure expression of Gods love
I am smart
I am funny
I am healthy, wealthy and wise
I could go on and on forever with this and it was exceptionally fun to begin everything with I am. I am sure that by focusing on all the good things that I am I will become all that I am creating, if I am not already there.
Try playing this game with yourself or a partner. Have fun and enjoy all the wonderful ways you can finish "I AM".

I know that many people are going through some very challenging times financially and I have a wonderful surprise coming up for you next month, be sure to read September's newsletters to find out what the surprise is.

Have a great Labor Day Week-End! Have fun be safe and above all think only positive thoughts.
I will be having a good week-end even though I will be turning 53 this year on Labor Day I guess it is kind of like moving past the half way mark a little further. When we think about it life is short unless you expect to live past a hundred or so. I am looking forward to the next year of my life with joy and happiness as always.

Believe in Your Dreams!
Do not doubt for one second that you can't have it all. Focus on happiness and on being kind to all people you encounter each day. Expect the best for yourself and your family. You will eventually notice that all you desire is in front of you and can be attained through showing the world a positive attitude.
Blessings to you my friend!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

September 8, 2008

Greetings I wish you all a wonderful and exciting week filled with positive experiences.

I have a very special request to make this week. I know a wonderful young man who is quite ill and is on the list to receive a Kidney and a Pancreas this will help him immensely. There fore I ask for you to focus your healing thoughts to David Goss that he may receive the Kidney and Pancreas as soon as possible. And that a total healing takes place within his body so that he will regain his health totally and completely. So blessed be.
You may not know this wonderful young man but you can easily send healing energy through your thoughts by sending a beautiful blue ray of bright light to his body that will begin the healing process. David is a father and it would be so wonderful if he could see his young son grow up.
Thank you all for your help in this healing.

Be sure to read all the way to the end of this newsletter there is a surprise for you!

Staying on Track and Staying Positive

It sometimes seems so hard to stay on track and stay positive all the time. So many times I have heard from my friends and clients that it seems almost impossible to remain positive. Especially when things do not seem to be changing in their lives they way in which they wish or fast enough. There is a young lady whom I have counseled for some time now. She is a beautiful person and has a fairly positive outlook on life but she also has her ups and downs. I really think we all have ups and downs in our lives. The difference is that when we are down we have a hard time coming back to level. When we are putting out positive energy even when the times are tough we are actually counter acting the negative energy. So that the next time we are a little below level or feeling a little down we are able to think of something positive to get us back to level or above. Back to the Young Lady I was speaking of she was telling me that she had really put forth a great effort to stay positive but things were not seeming to change for her and that she was getting frustrated. She asked me how long it will take to start seeing changes in your life by focusing on staying positive. Well this is a question I do not really know the correct answer to because there are many answers that are all different for each person. What I do know is that
Staying positive is a lifestyle and not something you try out for a few weeks or a month or so. I have found that many people feel if it is not working within a few months then they are ready to give up and return to allowing the negative energy to once again be welcome. I guess I am so amazed by this and so astounded that a person might give up being positive because it has not worked miracles for them in their time frame. Just take a look at all the negative energy you have put out into the universe and now think about all the positive energy you have put out into the universe. I am sure that when we continue to put positive energy out it will return. Now it may take a while for this to manifest but when it does you will definitely know it. Sometimes things are slow to take place yet they are moving closer and closer to manifestation as you continue to focus on positive thoughts and feelings of what your hearts desires are. Remember we have to get back to level and continue to stay there or above level to see the changes in our lives begin. All of us want to make a change or many in our life it takes dedication to see results in anything we create. There are many parts that make up our lives and there are many ways we can transform our lives by using positive energy in all areas of our lives.
I know a man who professes to be very positive and for the most part he truly is a positive person. But this man is what I call a squashier what is a squashier? A squashier is a person who is so positive with their first remarks and then at the end of their sentence they say something like "if Tommy won the lottery it would be just wonderful for him and his family he could really use it right now. But I am sure that he would never use the money correctly he would probably spend it stupidly". Do you see what I mean! Sometimes we put out positive energy and then we Squash the positive energy by saying something negative.
This week I would like you to think about the words and thoughts that you put out into the universe. Focus on the positive and even better commit to making positive a lifestyle.

Surprise My Gift to You!
During the Month of September I am offering a Special discount to all my readers. I am taking $20.00 off the regular price of a 30 minute reading. This means that by using this link below and paying for your reading using pay pal you will get a 30 minute reading the low price of $30.00


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I want to thank you for talking the time to read this reading and I thank you for your comments and for the wonderful emails you send me.
May your life be filled with joyful experiences and may Love indwell your heart and mind this and each day of your life. Blessings
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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You are very important to me and I am blessed to know you.

September 15, 2008

Greetings once again my wonderful friends I hope that you are ready for what I have to tell you about this week. Every three months the Planet Mercury goes Retrograde for three weeks. Mercury will be going retrograde on the 24th of this month for another three weeks. Although I have noticed that Mercury seems to be going retrograde two weeks earlier each three months. On the 10th of this month which was exactly two weeks before the retrograde I had so many people asking if Mercury had already gone retrograde. I even felt the energy shift on the 10th of September.
If you do not know what the Mercury Retrograde is all about or have heard of this but never paid attention now is the time to make a mental note that the world is not coming to an end it is just another seemingly Mercury retrograde.
The Planet Mercury is associated with communications of all kinds and with making a mess of them. There are also break downs of all sorts that manifest during this time. Take care to back up your computers and have those brakes fixed on the car. Do not argue with anyone during this time if you can at all avoid it because there is no winning this battle. I could put together a list of things a mile long that have happened in retrogrades during the many years I have been studying them. Take care to focus on the positive and let go of all the thoughts on negative that you may get during this time. If at all possible do not sign contracts or buy a new car. Don't buy anything that is not a necessity. Wait to go out to buy that new computer or replace what ever breaks down during this time. Couples seem to break up or get back together at this time. So if you are ready to do either please wait because it may not work out the way you have planned.
There are things that you can do during a retrograde that will benefit you. Like cleaning out the closet, refrigerator, stove, your office, your car, etc…
It is a time to finish the old projects that you started and a time to clear the clutter.
Mercury will be going direct before you know it. On October 15th things will be back to normal. I hope that it will actually start to seem like it is going direct on the 1st of October this would be two weeks before it actually goes direct. I would love to know if you have felt the energy change yet and what day you felt it happen and if you feel the difference on the 1st of October like the energy is lifting. I guess I would like to prove my theory of the retrograde happening two weeks sooner than thought. I would also like to hear about what is happening for you during this retrograde you can email me at julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Please send out Positive Energy and Healing to Cameron Hampton this week. He is dealing with cancer and is very depressed. Cameron is my son he has a beautiful little family which he loves dearly. I bless him with great healing and love. The form of cancer he has can be healed medically and through our positive thoughts and love.

I am sorry I did not include the whole phone number on last week's news letter. I must have had one of those blond moments.
If you are interested in having a reading with Julie for the September special price of $30.00 for one half hour remember this is $20.00 off the regular price please call me at 916-726-4892 or email me at julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
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What Makes You Happy
There are many things that make us feel happiness but when we are down we forget to think of all the things that really make us happy. In fact there are people who do not even want you to ask such a question when they are down. They seem to want to stay at this place when they are feeling down for what ever reason. I for one will not allow my self to stay at that down place for very long. Why because I am not giving in to negative energy that easily. When you feel the energy getting a little heavy recognize it and start to focus on the positive things in life that really make you feel happy. Make a list of those things or times that have made you happy. As you are writing it down you will see in your minds eye the happy times and will be raising your energy. I would love to hear from you what you do to stay positive. julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Recognize what triggers a positive feeling in your heart and use it to bring your energy back to a more positive state.
I hope that you have a beautiful week filled with happiness and joyful experiences. Blessings from Julie

Life is good and worth the effort of staying on track by staying positive.
Tickles and Sparkles

September 22, 2008

You are Loved
These are the first words that came to me today as I started to write. Then the phone rang I had a short conversation upon hanging up another phone call and another fairly short conversation with another friend. I now am sitting here and thinking to my self what does this mean why did I start this newsletter with these words "You are loved". Then I got this message from out of the blue it was.
"Because this is the message that you have to get out to others Julie, you are here to let everyone know that they are loved".
There are times in our lives that we tend to forget how much we are loved and how important we are to others. This is just a reminder that you should take a moment each day to reflect on how much you are loved and how much you love others.
" Each day joyfully make it your intention to give love out to all people you meet.
" Smile and say I love you in your mind, when first meeting people.
" Allow love to come in to you through being open for it to come in.
" Accept that everyone is not in a good mood at all times. Vow to cheer someone up each day.
" Don't look at how love should come back to you from others. Only look at how you can give out more love to others.
Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are loved and that there is someone out there who really loves you.
Then I received this message from Spirit.
Thank you for relating the message. It is time to look toward love to heal the situation here on this earth. You know that there are many negative energies surfacing upon this earth at this time. By letting people know they are loved and that only through love can healing begin maybe this will be the catalyst that contributes to wonderful changes for all living things. It is up to you and to all human kind to bring balance back and to open to love and being loved.
What a powerful message to be received from out of the blue so to speak. I really had no idea of the importance of today's newsletter and that it would be so powerful.
In fact I was thinking about putting off writing it until tomorrow because I kept getting phone calls.
If we think about how special our lives on earth are and how easily our life can be taken from us. It is so very imperative to focus each moment on love and giving more out to others without any conditions upon it. I know that in my own life I have found that I am feeling a sense of urgency to bring more love to others and to be more open to receiving love into my life. Yes each day there are so many things that we must focus on at home and at work and this tends to leave love just sitting there waiting to be given out. You do not have to have a reason to let others know you love them it should be a part of life that everyone does naturally and willingly. I love you and I am thankful that I am able to give out this love to you through these newsletters. May blessings come to you from out of the blue may life get better, better and better in all ways for you.

Here are some of the emails I received from my readers on how they stay positive. Thank you for passing them on.

Here are some things that help me to be positive:

Spending time with my kids
Journaling: This one has really helped me out recently
Talking with my close family and friends
Going to the beach
With Love,

Just a quick share about getting back to positive... I always like to use the focus on all that I have that is wonderful. One "anchor" I use that takes me to my very happy place is when I first saw my husband, Cliff! I can close my eyes for just a moment and relive seeing him - and feeling all the wonderful emotions - as he came down the escalator at the airport! It truly makes my little heart go pitter patter and I get an instant smile that won't go away!
Hugs and Love,
At one time I was faced with sadness over cancer illness, leg injury, a financial hardship, all during my divorce.
a friend suggested a book simple abundance, its a journal to write down listing all the things.... you are lucky to have, feel fortunate about, happy to see, or thankful for.....allows you to consider the bright side!

September 29, 2008

This month has zoomed by so fast I still can not believe it is almost October. I guess I must be having fun for as they say "time fly's when you are having fun!"

Today is the New Moon
I love The New Moon day because it is the day when I take pen in hand to write out my 10 wishes. I am sure that if you have more than 10 wishes the Universe will not be mad at you for writing them down. The thing is you can write out your wishes any time but at the time of the New Moon is the most auspicious (Lucky). When writing my wishes I do not always write "I wish" at the start of my wish. I write as if I have got my wish and am thanking the Universe for it.
There are times I write them out something like this.

Dear Universe
May I focus my thoughts more on love and may this focus keep me in a positive state of mind bringing about positive results in all aspects of my wonderful life upon this earth.

May I bring in wealth and abundance for my self and my family and allow me to be more able to help those in need and may I share my wealth without judgment or hesitation in my heart.

May I Love without boundaries may I laugh often and may I always keep my sense of humor.

These are just a few of the wishes which I choose to wish for. I hope you will take a few minutes to write out your wishes today.

Asking for Your Heart Felt Wishes to Come True
It is not selfish for you to make wishes for yourself for your own good. Yes it is wonderful to make wishes that include others and will bring more happiness and joy to others. Remember you are Gods perfect child and that you deserve the best what ever it is. Sometimes we forget that we have to start with the self to be able to reach out to others. There are people who wish only for others and never for themselves because they feel it is selfish. I am here to tell you it is okay to wish for yourself and to make some wonderful outrageous wishes if you please. The Universe is listening.

Eating Right?
Okay I have been sitting here and wondering how to start this segment. It is rather difficult to figure out how to put into words the feelings I am feeling at this moment about hearing of so many people that I know and some I do not know having a form of cancer. I look at how we eat and what we are eating that is creating this within our society. I know that there are many ways that this cancer can be brought about but I still have to wonder if the way we eat is contributing to the increasing the numbers of people with cancer. I know that eating right is the most important thing you can do for your body and in doing this you will help to bring down the risks for this disease.
Foods that are good for you like fresh Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Ginger, and Broccoli are a great addition to any meal and they are very good for you.

In Louise L. Hay's Book "Heal your Body" there are wonderful affirmations for healing your mind and healing your body. I have been using this book for years and still love it. I recommend it highly to all.

Random Acts of Kindness
Practice random acts of kindness each day. Do not expect anything in return. When you act out of Kindness and Love you are showing the Universe that you are working to make this planet a better place. That is reward enough! Also you may be surprised at the wonderful things that will happen in your life.

By the way this Months special on readings has been extended. By having this special price for the Month of September I have had the privilege of talking with people I haven't spoken to for awhile. So I thought that it would be a great way to celebrate Halloween and the Month of October by cutting the price of $50.00 dollars for a half hour reading to just $30.00 you can save $20.00 during the month of October Just by using this link. http://www.ticklesandsparkles.com:80/SpecialDiscountReading.htm
Please send your Positive Healing Energy to Leona Reber she had send me an email that brought tears to my eyes.
She is a wonderful person and I know she will really appreciate your positive energy.
HI Julie,
We met long ago through a mutual friend. I just wanted to let you know that yours was the first E-mail that I received this morning and how much I needed to hear that message! I am battling incurable cancer, have just put my mother in an assisted living home, have her mobile home in my name in an expensive park, so have to clean it out (It is a HUGE mess!) while paying large space rent monthly -- hoping that we will be able to sell it when we put it up to sell it in a month or two. I have been so exhausted and sad that I find myself crying which is not the sort of person I am usually. It just seems that money just keeps going out instead of coming in at an alarming rate. Anyway, enough bitching -- wanted to thank you for your positive and loving messages. They DO help! Love, Leona Reber

Have a wonderful week! Smile often laugh like crazy and have some fun!

I send blessings out to all so you may know you are loved.
Thank you! I love you!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

You are very important to me and I am blessed to know you.

October 7, 2008

October is one of my most favorite months. That is because I know Halloween is on its way. I just love the excitement of seeing those little ghosts and goblins standing at my door. In fact George my little dog will be dressing up in his little devil costume. I will be sure to get a picture of him. If you have a picture you would like to share of your pet in his or her costume please email it to me and I will get it into the next issue.

I am a little slow this week in getting this issue out I do apologize I have had a heck of a cold. But I am better, better and better and back on track.

Holding on to Grudges
Each of us at one time or another in our lives has held on to a grudge against another person. I am not saying that you are still hanging on to it but you may still have ill feelings towards someone even though you believe you have let it go. This may even come up from time to time in conversation with other people that you know. What you may not realize is that each time it is brought up in conversation again it is given energy. As you tell another person about the situation over and over again you feel those same undeniable feelings of anger and ugliness that you had felt in the past. The biggest part of letting go of a grudge is letting go of the past and never bringing it up again in conversation. Okay that sounds really great but does it work? Well It does work if you are willing to recognize that it is not your spirit that wants revenge but your ego. Ego is the one who wants you to tell everyone about this person who did you wrong, by doing what ever they did that made you so angry. By focusing on recognizing my ego and learning to quiet it, as I allow my spirit to guide me I have found it is becoming easier to recognize the ego and discern it quickly. If you are paying attention to your spirit and not your ego it will be come so easy to let go of grudges that you may have held on to for many years. Remember ego does not want you to be happy or feel love ego is out for its self and wants its own way like a spoiled child.
Take some time to look at the grudges you may have held on to in your life and see if you can see where ego stepped in and took over. As soon as you see what ego has done you can let go and create new more positive situations through allowing your precious spirit to lead you.

The Present
A young lady had met a wonderful man soon they were married and then started a wonderful family. The Husband got so caught up in his work and trying so hard to make ends meet that he soon became so focused upon his own self and his work that there seemed to be no time for he and his wife to enjoy their time together. For he was always thinking about his work and she felt so lonely inside wondering how could she ever get his attention long enough to share a good laugh or enjoy an evening starring at the stars. There were times that she felt she would never know that love again that she had first known with her beloved husband. She tried each day to tell her ego to be silent and focused only on her love for him. Years passed by and one day as the husband lay dieing he told his wife of how much he loved her and that he had always planned on saving some time to spend with her doing things that they loved together. Knowing that his time would soon be up the husband apologized to his wife for the years that had passed by and that he had not been as present in the relationship as he could have been. Without another word the man was gone.
The Moral of this story is to be present in the moment. Be present in your relationships with others your husband, wife, children, family and friends. Take a "time out" on stress and worry then focus on those you love and care about. Focus on bringing joy to another and giving your self the gift of living in the moment. Let those you love know that you are thinking of them.
"Take Time to Smell the Roses" as they say.

October Special
By the way I am continuing last months special on Norwegian Card readings with Julie by keeping the low price of just $30.00 for a half hour reading.
By using this link to pay for your reading you
Can save $20.00 http://www.ticklesandsparkles.com:80/SpecialDiscountReading.htm

Have a wonderful week! Smile often laugh like crazy and have some fun!

I send blessings out to all so you may know you are loved.
Thank you! I love you!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

You are very important to me and I am blessed to know you.

October 13, 2008

A Message of Hope
Despite the negative energy that the Press is so willing to put out each day through the news on our television sets and over the radio we now have a choice to make a big decision that can help our country and can help our world.
We can choose to allow our ego to let fear reign in our lives thus being transferred to others through our energy or we can choose to silence the ego and the fear by bringing forth our higher self, our spiritual consciousness to the forefront.
There truly is hope and if we work together we can change the energy through connecting with our spirit and recognizing when we are not coming from our higher self.
Lately everyone I talk with is so worried about the economy and about how the world will survive this financial situation that it is in. We all know that our thoughts create that which we are thinking of. But why is it so hard to stay focused on the positive thoughts and so easy to allow the negative to take over. Because that is the way we have been programmed through out our lives we tend to reflect and think about that which we know and it is much harder to think about and really see in our minds eye something that we do not know. We have to make a conscious effort to recognize when our thoughts are not being positive.
Over this last weekend I was talking with my oldest son he was telling me that science has proven that we are all connected and that through this connectedness there are people who actually are thinking the same thoughts. Even though they may not even know each other and live miles and miles apart. Well this really didn't come as a big surprise to me although I felt it reaffirming because I have always believed this to be true. It is kind of like thinking of an old friend you have not seen in awhile. The suddenly phone rings, amazingly it is the old friend you were just thinking of. So if we are all connected and people's thoughts are so powerful there is a way to bring back hope to our world through putting out positive thoughts and only positive thoughts. Each time we are positive and then send out a negative message we are canceling out the positive through bringing in negative energy.
I am fairly sure that you may already understand what I have been discussing so far. But there is a reminder here for all of us and that is to focus your thoughts on seeing this country back on top of things and to see the economy getting better, better and better. It is kind of like when we focused our thoughts on the price of gas coming down and the best part is that it has. We may or may not have had an effect on this but I would prefer to believe that we have.

Here are some ways to help keep the positive flowing and recognize when the ego self is getting in the way of your positive thought flow.

1- If something makes you angry or frustrated you are being guided by ego.
2- If you feel like smiling and have a happy loving energy that you are dishing out to all people you definitely are connected to your spiritual self.
3- If you are depressed and feel down or sad this is the ego. It is like a child wanting all the attention right now.
4- If you recognize that what you are saying to someone or what you are thinking does not make you feel love and filled with joy. Stop and focus on a more positive way of speaking to someone or create a more positive thought.
5- Take time to look into the mirror and have a conversation with your spirit by looking into your own eyes. Tell your spirit how much it is loved invite it to guide you in making your actions more positive through out the day.
If you will take time to connect to your spirit and to focus on the positive you will start to see the changes occurring through all aspects of your life. If you feel that there is something holding you from the changes it is time to reflect back on your actions. If your feelings are connecting with your ego this will lead you in the wrong direction the direction of unhappiness, so maybe you just need to refocus on the positive happenings in your life.
There is hope this is the message: believe in goodness for all people knowing that each of us is connected and that through love all matters can be solved. See the hope in everything and send out positive thoughts allowing the negative thoughts and judgment to fall away.
My thoughts for you are of love, joy, peace and prosperity.

I see the world as a beautiful divine space in which I live and connect through love with all people.

I am open to acknowledging when I am not coming from my higher vibration. I then quickly change my thoughts and actions so I am fully guided by my spirit allowing only goodness and love to rule me.

All negative thoughts and emotions now fade away. The path I am on is of love and my spirit is consciously directing me.

I have all that I need for success. Abundance flows to me when I am focused only on the positive outcome of any situation I am engaged in.

This country is strong and is recovering from all that has burdened it. Through my thoughts I can and am making a difference.

Believe that you can make a difference in what happens on this planet. Know this without doubt or worry. You are a necessary part of this planets recovery and your thoughts are helping by bringing in healing to this country. Open your mind and share only positive news with others and keep your thoughts clear of negative defeating fears.

Take a few deep breaths when ever you are feeling that you are not in the most positive state of mind this will relax you and will get your mind back on a positive track.
Take deep breaths in through the nose and slowly out through the mouth.

October 20, 2008

Dear Friends I am so thankful for the opportunity to write this newsletter each week. Somehow knowing that it will help in some magical way just one person gives me such a wonderful feeling. I thank you for taking the time to email me and for the positive energy you bring into my life.
Too often we are so busy that we forget to be thankful and give appreciation to those who affect our lives in positive ways. Today I send thanks to you for being you.

We Are All Psychic
Each of has an ability that we may or may not have developed yet. We are all psychic yet for some reason or another we fail to use this wonderful ability daily to help our selves or others. And then maybe some of you are even afraid of using your wonderful skills because you haven't developed them to the point that you trust them entirely. I have to say that when I get a name or something I feel that is of importance to another person I seem to blurt it out and in my heart I hope that I have helped that person in some way. There are times that I am spot on with what comes to me and then there are times I feel weird in telling the person what I receive through my psychic impressions. I do admit that I trust the psychic impressions I am receiving even though they may not make sense to me at the time. There are reasons for everything I say to myself.
The other day I had looked up a web site of a man who suppose to be very psychic and even heals people. When I read about him and what he does I got a weird feeling that this man was not who he proclaimed to be. I am not judging him I just had a feeling. The next day I was having coffee with my daughter and asked her to give me her impression psychically when I said this mans name. Wow! I couldn't believe it when she described this man perfectly and even told me that she thought he was not who he proclaimed to be. I then showed her his web site and she was amazed at how accurate she was with the description of this man. I am not saying that he is in fact a phony but that there was something that did not resonate as truth with him and what he proclaims. In fact it truly does not matter if he is what he proclaims or not because we are all psychic and if we use this ability with love in our heart we will receive the right answers and guidance that we need at the time.
You too can test your psychic abilities with a friend or family member.
Before you begin you will need to have a quiet space where you can relax and focus your energy by taking three deep breaths in through the nose and out through your mouth.
Next take a piece of paper and write down a name or an event that you may know something about. Now give the paper to your friend or family member and ask them to tell you about their psychic impressions are. Then trade off and have them write down a name or event. Then you can give your psychic impression of what you get. You may really be amazed at the results.
Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out how accurate you are psychically.

Who will be the next President of the United States?

How long will it take for the economy to recover?

Write down the name of someone that you know and that the other person has never met and knows nothing about. Ask your friend to describe the person you named.

Make sure that you write these down so that after the session you will be able to look back and see how accurate you are.

Living in Joy
We have all had the excuses for not living our lives in "Joy" everyday. We all carry emotions that help us to believe someday "I will be happy if" but why not this moment! What is holding you from your joy in life?
Is it money or love or a great job or friends or is it you.
The answer is you.
If you believe that you deserve to be joyful in this life and you believe that you are worthy of having a great life then today is the day to start living the life you truly deserve.
Joy comes from within not from someone else of something else. It is so easy to find your joy and feel the love that is here for you if you will release your Spirit from all the worry and fear that you have saved up over the years and begin to allow love to be your guide. By this I mean focus on what makes you feel good and brings you happiness that is lasting and positive. If you have been overwhelmed by work or bills or something else that has been happening in your life it is time to ask for divine guidance in releasing these things and see yourself in your minds eye as being joyful and happy. Visualize your life in a much more positive space without any fears or worries.
Yes I know this all sounds so great and if only. Well it is up to you to decide if you are ready to live in joy or just get through life. I myself choose JOY! I would love to hear how you choose JOY! Email me with your story. julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Take a few deep breaths when ever you are feeling that you are not in the most positive state of mind this will relax you and will get your mind back on a positive track.
Take deep breaths in through the nose and slowly out through the mouth.

I send blessings out to all so you may know you are loved.
Thank you! I love you!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

October 27, 2008

This is George he is so excited about Halloween!
Friday morning he will be walking the neighborhood in costume!

I hope you are ready for the little Ghosts and Goblins to visit you this Halloween.

I would like to wish you and your Family a wonderful and safe Halloween 2008

Please send a picture of your Pet in his or her favorite costume I will be putting them in the next news letter.

You can create anything you desire in life

The reason that we sometimes do not get what we want is not because we are not deserving of what ever it is we want. We are all deserving of all that we want in life.
I know that there have been many times that I have created exactly what I want and even better at times. There are also times that I felt that I was up against a wall as far as my creating was going. So a started asking for guidance in why I was having trouble in creating what I desired. The first message I got was I had to bring Mind, Body and Spirit together to achieve what I wanted to create. Okay that must be really simple I thought.
The first thing is programming the mind to believe it is already yours. You must use your will power to override the ego self telling you that you are just dreaming or that you are not deserving.
The second thing is that you must feel the reaction of your body as you imagine how if feels to have exactly what you have created. You may even feel that you butterflies in your belly just being so happy that you have your creation and it is more wonderful than you imagine. What would it feel like to you? Just for a moment imagine what your body feels like as you are visualizing what you have created. Maybe you will feel like dancing.
Then we invite our Spirit in to help in our creation. Intentionally invite Spirit to join you in your creations talk to your Spirit. Let your Spirit know that you love it.
Ask for guidance from your Spirit. Your Spirit really wants you to be happy.
Now that you have Body, Mind and Spirit all present start to visualize exactly what it is you would like to create. Be very clear about what you want.
Is there a purpose in your vision?
Have faith that what you want is already yours and you only have to receive possession of it.
Imagine driving that new car. What color is it? What is the interior like? How does it drive? How does it feel to drive it?
You can do this with anything you desire but you will have to see what you want as if you already have it and own it or are using it.
What if what it is that you want is a certain Person to fall in love with you?
Remember that you can not use your will to make another person do something you want or fall madly in love with you. You only have control over you and your own creations. It would be wrong to try to control another even if you could do this. But by visualizing you're self in a wonderful relationship and imagining how happy you are. You will attract the right person into your life if you are connecting with your Body, Mind and Spirit. Knowing and believing that you are lovable is also part of bringing it into this reality.
Each day take a moment to reflect on what makes you happy and think of the things you are grateful for

If you have an idea for a topic you would like to know more about or have an idea we can use in one of the newsletters please email me Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

I send blessings out to all so you may know you are loved.
Thank you! I love you!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

November 3, 2008

Dear Friends
I know that this year has been very different for many of you, as the economy has changed many people's lives. As we get closer to Christmas their may be sadness that you may not be able to afford the kind of gifts you would like to give to others this year. Please do not allow your thoughts to turn negative or become depressed about this. For the greatest gift you can give someone is love.
The reason I have brought this up is that I feel there will be many more people this year who have become depressed because of the economy. I know that many people have gone through some big changes in this year and that many more will be going through difficult times as this year ends.
What can we possibly do to stay positive and to help other people to stay positive during the Holidays?
Focus your mind on gratitude for all that you have. Think in a positive manner about all that is good in your life right now. There are many ways you can help in bringing more positive energy into this world. Instead of thinking of how bad things are how about thinking about how great they are.
The more we think about how good things are the more of the same we create. If we allow one negative thought in then soon another follows that is why we must recognize as soon as possible when our thoughts go astray. As we start to change our thinking from negative to positive by focusing on gratitude we are creating more good in our lives. Think of your life as a success and do not look back to see failures but see today as a success in what ever you are doing. Each day I remind my self that today was a success and I know that tomorrow will be a success because I am creating it to be so.
If you are feeling like there is nothing to be happy about call me I can give you several reasons to change your thoughts to positive ones. I was chatting with a young woman who was very depressed and had come upon hard times she told me that she was ready to give up on life. This almost brought me to tears because life is so special and so precious that no person should ever have to have these thoughts. If someone you know is going through tough times please take a moment to talk with them and let them know that they are loved and that they can get through this.
If you are going through tough times and are in need of someone to talk to I am here for you. All you have to do is call me I will be glad to help you to refocus your thoughts back to positive and gratitude. My phone is 916-726-4892 Above all else know that you are loved and that God wants you to be happy and enjoy this life and I want the same for you.

What can you do to bring joy into someone's life this Holiday Season without spending so much money on store bought items I have started making some of the gifts I will be giving this year. I know there are so many wonderful things that can be made at a fraction of the cost of buying them. For instance you could make a small cook book filled with your favorite recipes this can be done using your computer to compile your favorites then you can get copies made from your originals. I am sewing my gifts this year and it is wonderful just to think of each person as I design their gift. I would love to invite you to share your ideas with our readers so we can save some money and have some fun making something wonderful for the people we love. Email your ideas to julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Find out what the future will bring by having a psychic reading done with Julie. Maybe you just need some guidance in an area of your life. By Speaking with Julie you will receive positive guidance and direction to put your life back on track and begin to bring in positive results to create what you desire in your life. By becoming the positive person you have always wanted to be.

Have a wonderful week! Smile often laugh like crazy and have some fun!

I send blessings out to all so you may know you are loved.
Thank you! I love you!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

You are very important to me and I am blessed to know you.

November 10, 2008

Greetings friends I want to thank all who have written in about their ideas on hand made gifts. I will be bringing you more ideas in our next news letter. Again if you have an idea for a hand made gift please email it to me as I will be sharing it in our next news letter. julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Think Twice Speak Once
Have you ever wondered why our words can be so powerful depending on the context in which they are spoken it is so amazing what words can do when said in a negative way. Words can mean different things to different people. For example If I walked up to you and said "What a beautiful day it is, but I think it will rain". Or "Gee you look great today but, why don't you think about trying a new style." How would you feel? What would you think the person was trying to say to you?
That no matter what the day looked like it is still going to rain. Would the second statement be taken as a compliment or is someone telling you that you are out dated in their perception of what you should look like. (Really who cares anyway as long as you feel good about your self.)
When we choose to say the word but after saying something positive to someone we automatically turn a positive statement into a negative one.
There are many words that we use on a daily basis that can be used in positive and negative ways. It is a good idea to watch how and in what context you are using your words. Another word that seems to be what I like to call a stopper word is although. Example: "You are such a charming person, although you could be even more charming if you would_______."
Now do not get me wrong I am not saying that every time we use these words they come out negative or as stopper words.
There is one more word that I think of as a very rude word it is the ultimate blocking word as I see it. The word is Unfortunately Wow! That one seems to get me going every time. How about fortunately life is good and I do not have to use that word unfortunately in any of my conversations with people. If we choose to think twice and speak once maybe we can eliminate blocking words from our vocabulary. In fact I was having a wonderful conversation with a friend the other day. I felt positive as we were discussing some ideas I had been thinking about. Then out of the blue he said yes that sounds great "But!"
At that moment I looked him in the eyes and asked why he would block the positive by using but in such a negative way. I explained that the use of the word but was like putting up a brick wall. I then went on to explain that when we insert the word but at the end of a positive sentence we are inserting a block into whatever we or someone else is creating. He quickly apologized and told me he understood how words can affect our progress and our creations.

The next time you are engaged in a conversation with someone think twice about what you are saying to them. Think twice about what you want to say and how it may be taken by the person you are speaking to.
Ask yourself these questions:

" How can I make a positive contribution to this conversation without using words that will block or negate the positive energy of my communication with any person to whom I speak.

" How can I become a more enthusiastic person when I am communicating with someone?

" Am I using words that bring positive energy into the conversation?

" How does what you are about to say to another person feel to you when you repeat it in your mind before saying it out loud to them.

Remember that words are energy and they can bring in wonderful and amazing thoughts and feelings when said with love and kindness. If you want to attract positive things into your life you have to start by training your mind to think only positive thoughts for yourself and for others. Then speak these positive thoughts with love and kindness to others. What you put out you will receive. Blessings from Julie

Have a wonderful week!
Make each day count!
Know you are Loved!

When we decide to bring our thoughts up a notch and vocalize the positive. Allowing all negative to fall away, repeating only that which sounds like music in our hearts then is when we have succeeded at life.
By Julie Humphrey

November 17, 2008

Greetings friends
I hope this newsletter will help you to start your week in a positive manner and will enlighten your heart.

Today I hope to bring awareness to you that will help you to open your mind to creating new experiences that are positive and rewarding for you.
So seldom we forget how that we have created something usually as soon as we reach our goal or get what we want.
I know that I have also done this without even realizing it. I have let go of all that I was creating in order to enjoy what I just created. Then I forget to get back on track with my other creations. I usually notice this is happening a week or two down the road and that things do not seem to be running so smoothly for me.
This is when I know that I have got off track somehow and begin to start again my creations.
To start creating again we have to have a thought of what it is we want to create. Because everything begins with just a thought wow! That is easy enough. In our thoughts we must be grateful that we have this wonderful mind which to create with and be thankful for the ability to imagine anything we desire. Then we must form a very clear mental picture of what it is that we want be it money, love, a new car, a home maybe it is a wonderful vacation you are creating. After forming this clear mental picture of what we want we then have to keep a visual picture in our minds at all times seeing every detail of the creation. You can add to your mental picture and change anything that you desire with it. The thing is it must be clear in every way so the Universe knows exactly what it is that you desire. Does your creation have a purpose if you are creating the perfect vacation your purpose may be that this vacation will bring you relaxation and peace. Then you will have to add in some unwavering faith. Believing that you are worthy and deserving of what it is you are creating. Knowing you will have what ever it is you created. Now it is time to take mental owner ship of the creation. Visualize your self on the beach relaxing in the warmth of the sun and you feel so good that you have taken the time to create this wonderful trip and that it turned out better than you had even imagined it to be. Maybe you get a great discount on the airline tickets and your room is upgraded to a room with a spectacular view at no cost to you.
Remember when you are creating to think about only the positive outcome of your creation. If you are creating and loose focus, stop for awhile and come back when you can focus and use only positive thoughts as you create. We sometimes get busy creating then all of the sudden we wonder how it could ever be possible for us to take that vacation or how would we get the money for this wonderful new car that we are creating. This is where you must not look at HOW you will achieve this. Why because that is where FAITH works miracles.
I like to create by using my creation boards or wish boards they are fun to make and very easy. I feel that they give me fuel to keep imagining all the wonderful things I can create.
Remember all of your creations must be a thought first then even if it has been a long time since you created something you still have the power within you to create again and again. So don't let life create for you take the reigns and go for it. Start today thinking of something you would love to have or would love to do. Make it your reality.

Life's Lessons
By Julie Humphrey

I have learned that motherhood is more than just giving birth it last a lifetime.
I have learned that children grow up too fast.
I have learned that money does not grow on trees but is made out of them.
I have learned that a smile can make a persons day and that you may never know how you influence another person's life.
I have learned that friends are in our lives for a reason and that the good ones never leave.
I have learned that love can move mountains.
I have learned that I can always be generous with love for there is a never ending supply.

I have learned that I am ok with the person I have become. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to learn the lessons of my life. Because these lessons have brought me to today and because I have found the value in the person I am.
I am sure you have many lessons that you have learned upon your path some good and some not so good but very helpful indeed. Be grateful for all of life's lessons they have made you who you are and will help in making you who you will become.
May you be blessed this week with joyful experiences that will bring you peace of mind and happiness as you create all that you desire to create.

Find out what the future will bring by having a psychic reading done with Julie. Maybe you just need some guidance in an area of your life. By Speaking with Julie you will receive positive guidance and direction to put your life back on track and begin to bring in positive results to create what you desire in your life. By becoming the positive person you have always wanted to be.

I send blessings out to all so you may know you are loved.
Thank you! I love you!
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

November 24, 2008

Greetings Friends
I am amazed that it has been 52 weeks since I started writing this weekly news letter. There have been so many times I thought that I had run out of entertaining and positive information to help us all stay positive and to stay on track through out the week. Yes, I really wondered if I could write a weekly newsletter keeping it interesting and positive enough that people like you would want to read it.
I am very grateful for the inspiration I have received from God, my Spirit Guides and from my Friends who read this news letter. It is a pleasure to write Staying on Track by Staying Positive with Tickles and Sparkles. Each week I feel so blessed to have the ability to reach so many people and to assist in bringing positive thoughts into this world.
Thank You
What are you thankful for?
I can just bet there are so many things you are thankful for. I know that I am thankful for everything in my life.
Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the many things that we can be grateful for. A big one on my list is:
I am thankful for the lower gas prices we are seeing.
I think it is just great that they have come down.
I am also thankful that I am so healthy and that my body is always rejuvenating itself. Remember to be thankful ahead of time for what you desire in the future also.
Tips for Staying Positive during the Holidays
1- Think of all the things that make your life good and bring you happiness. You can make a mental list or even better jot them down.
2- Focus on a time that really made you happy then create a new memory by visualizing and feeling the sensations of that time that made you so happy.
3- Think about what you love. Ask yourself what is it that I really love?
4- Be Thankful! Live in gratitude for the good times and those that are not so good. Remember everything happens for a reason. Be grateful for the lessons you have learned.
5- Tell your ego to take a day off as you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Let your Spirit see only the love in everyone without judgment from the ego.
6- Laugh! Just laugh out loud it will make you feel wonderful.
7- Breathe! Big deep to the core breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth.
Okay now have a wonderful Thanksgiving,
Blessings from Julie

I just thought of a time when my children were young it was Thanksgiving Day and we had bought a large turkey that we had planned on cooking. Soon we discovered that the stove was not working. Wondering what we were going to do for our dinner we made a wonderful discovery. Hot dogs! I will never forget that day it really did not matter what we ate, only that we were thankful that we were able to be together as a family

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

December 1, 2008

Greetings Friends
If you have ever wondered what the miracle of Christmas is all about. I have been thinking about this very thing and what I have come up with is not really amazing or new but it is real. Christmas is about love and family, it is about being thoughtful and kind towards others.
Each of us has stories to tell about our family at the holidays and some of these stories are just wonderful and some well not so wonderful. We hold these memories in our hearts and we let them influence our next holiday season, by either awaiting this time with joy or we let our minds "our egos" take over and we remember the pain of the last holiday. It could be that we are remembering a holiday that was in the distant past. Maybe we are having a difficult time getting over the feelings we have for one reason or another.
It is nearing that wonderful day once again soon there will be families getting together to celebrate the holidays and there will large doses of good cheer and Love will flow for many of you. On the other hand there will be people who are filled with sadness because they did not have to money to bring a gift or to buy those new clothes for the Christmas party. There will be families who all get together and fight like cats and dogs, by the end of the holiday they will have created a wedge because of some thoughtless words. We all have the ability to let go of the past and to forgive someone without even telling them.
It is not about what anyone else is thinking. It is about what you are thinking. This year give the gift of forgiveness let go of all the anger you have held. Fore it is in the past you can not change a single thing. This moment counts and it continues to go to the next moment and the next moment. Use the present to create a clear picture of what you would like to do to show love to another person this Christmas. Focus your thoughts on love and on the Spirit of love what it means to you. Allow shallow or mean words to roll off your shoulders if they are said and send the person who said them Pure Love.
Visualize a white light surrounding the person and golden sparkles falling over them. Now see a big white feather and tickle their nose with it, do this in your mind. You will be amazed at how quickly the person you are visualizing will rub their nose.
Remember love is the most powerful energy there is!

Useful Ideas For Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Write a letter to your family or friends telling them how much you love and appreciate them

Snapfish.com has some great gift ideas. I made a photo album for my Parents for less than thirty dollars.

Make Christmas Cards and use your computer to generate pictures to glue on the cards.

Home made cookies and candies are a great gift also.

Make a little cook book with your favorite recipes.

Give the kids some clay that you can harden in the oven. Allow them to create wonderful gifts for their friends and family.

As we know there are many wonderful hand made gifts we can give to others that are so much more meaningful because we have put a little bit of us in it.

This newsletter was not exactly what I had set out to write in fact I had been thinking about something a little different. Then as I wrote this I felt that this is what I had been meant to write today. It will never cease to amaze me how Divine guidance comes in at the perfect time.
Have a wonderful week!

Please tell your friends about www.TicklesandSparkles.com
Feel free to forward this newsletter to those you know would enjoy it.
Thank you

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December 8, 2008

Happy Holidays from Tickles and Sparkles
I hope you are all having a great December
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As you know each week I ask for Divine guidance in writing this newsletter and this week is no different. In fact I was kind of amazed when I got the message from Spirit that this week's message would be about ME MYSELF and I. As I pondered this message I began to understand the meaning of what I was suppose to write about.
"Me" is about the Ego self the part of us that wants everything to be about me.
"MYSELF" is associated with my spirit the true me the one who is all about love and goodness.
"I" is the combination of both, ME and MYSELF.
As we take a look at this it seems that there are three parts to each of us our Ego Self, our Spiritual Self and the combination of these parts creates who we are the "I".
The thing here is that sometimes there is more of one or the other that manifests its self outwardly to others usually this is the "ME". The trick is to bring balance to the "I" by not allowing the "ME" to take over and rule "MYSELF" therefore becoming a negative "I".
It takes time to train the "Me" in all of us to take the back seat "so to speak" allowing the MYSELF to be present in all we think, do and say.
The "MY SELF" in us is like a timid child who sits back and lets the ME'S become the bully's who rule the "I" in us. We then become rude, mean selfish, judgmental people without even realizing it. Soon the ME becomes so much a part of our personality it isn't even noticed that the MYSELF in us is quietly sitting in the corner with his eyes closed.
The "MY SELF" in us will wait until we are called upon before speaking up for the "I" in us who is very unbalanced at the time.
What I am getting to is that each of us has the choice to balance the "I" with in us and to create a life of harmony and love. Check your thoughts making sure that they are balanced and that you are listening to your Spirit your MYSELF allowing it to guide your ME so when you think, do or say something it will bring the best out in the "I" that is you. It will take time and patience to change the way we have become through listening to ME so much but as we allow the MYSELF to become more present in our life we become #I who is balanced, loving and true to our purpose here upon this earth.

Each day I ask yourself if you are coming from your ME or your, MYSELF as you go through your daily routines.
Focus on the little voice that is the most positive even if it is the one that you can hardly hear. With practice you will begin to hear that little voice more often and it will get louder. Listen to it! You will which one it is because it will make you feel so good in your heart.

Have a wonderful week, I love you all.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

December 15, 2008

De-Dramatizing Your Life
Each of us has at one time or another encountered drama this drama may come from ourselves or it may have come from another person that we know or are close to.
We may have created this drama through our fears about something or someone. Drama can come from anger and bitterness. This anger and bitterness may even be directed at someone whom you are angry at, thus creating drama in the situation at hand. You will know if there is a drama taking place in your life by looking at your feelings in any given situation that is taking place in your life right now.
Drama is taking place if when you are with your friends and all they have to talk about are the negative things going on in their lives. If anyone you know does this then this person is creating their own drama. What it does to you is drain your energy when you are around this person for any given amount of time. If you are the one with the drama you are without knowing it, taking other people's energy.
How can you stop the drama that takes place in your life daily, by recognizing it immediately and refocusing your energy, by thinking of what positive thoughts and words you can bring into the conversation thus allowing all negative thoughts to fall away instantly.
When we gossip negatively about someone we are creating a drama in our life and the life of the person that we are speaking to. At times we get unknowingly sucked into other people's drama. Maybe a friend is telling about someone he or she works with, whom the friend feels is not doing his or her full share of the work. You will feel the energy change around you as the friend shares his or her story. The energy will begin to become very heavy and you will start to feel your energy weaken you may feel a little tired after being in this person's company. If you become aware of the energy exchange taking place you may notice the friend's energy becoming stronger and more angered about the situation that is happening at work. This is because this is a negative energy exchange taking place. Now if both parties are being positive and happy another kind of energy is being exchanged this energy is uplifting to both people.
I am sure that you have encountered both kinds of energy exchange in your lifetime. If given a choice I am sure that you would choose to let go of the other person's drama and your own drama by refocusing your thoughts on positive things.
Next time you are in a situation where you can feel the drama starting to filter in through a conversation you are having with another person you can politely change the subject doing this very quickly and early in the conversation. You will notice the energy getting lighter and you will feel happier as you think positive thoughts and voice them in your conversation. Now what if the person continues to be negative by focusing on the drama bringing back into the conversation? You can excuse yourself from the conversation or you may choose to listen without saying anything. If you choose the latter please visualize a beautiful white light beaming to you and see a crystal shield forming around you protecting you from all negative energy and de-dramatizing the conversation.

Things you can do to Bring Peace and
Harmony into your life

Take a few minutes when you waken in the morning to be in gratitude.

Ask your higher self your spirit self what it is that you need to know to bring more peace into your life. By doing this you will receive an answer it may only be a thought in your mind or it may be a feeling of uplifting that you get.

Notice what thoughts make you feel good in your heart and mind. Then when you have a thought that makes you feel heavy or bad change it immediately. Put a positive thought in its place.

Put on a genuine smile for all you meet each day. Smiling makes you happy.
Laugh! Think of something that makes you laugh. Laughing is energy and the more we laugh the more positive energy we are creating.

Wishing you a wonderful happy week filled with positive energy.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Happy Holidays from Tickles and Sparkles
I hope you are all having a great December
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Thank you

May Your New Year Be Filled With Peace and Prosperity
I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you are looking forward to a prosperous New Year.

I look forward to New Years Day because it is the day I gather together my poster board, glue sticks and pictures of what I desire to create in the New Year. I invite friends to come join me in creating a Wish Board. We then gather around the dinning room table and start cutting and pasting our pictures on our poster boards. We have so much fun laughing talking and just plain having fun creating our new year. So if you are wondering what to do on New Years Day why not create a Wish Board.

May Your Prayers be of Peace for Our World in the
New Year!
As this New Year begins I ask you to focus your thoughts on the positive and on bringing peace to this world. May there be plenty for all people in the New Year and may love touch each person bringing to all of man kind the knowing of our purpose here upon this earth. Through love all is possible.

For Good Luck and Prosperity in the New Year
Eat Black Eyed Peas and Drink Champagne for breakfast on
New Years Day!
Here is My Recipe for Black Eyed Peas and Ham
1: Small package dried Black Eyed Peas (found in the beans and rice section at your grocery store.)
2: ½ half pound of diced ham
3: 1 small white onion chopped into small pieces
Put peas into a colander and wash under warm water. Then put peas into medium sized pan and add the onions and ham add water until it covers the peas with two inches of water, bring to a boil and then simmer until peas are soft. Adding water if needed while cooking. You can season to taste with salt and pepper or herbs of your choice.
Cooking time is about one hour

Now you are ready for Breakfast! Enjoy with a sip of champagne.

New Year's Day Good Luck Spell
What ever you magically desire you can create!

At 12:01 AM New Years Day is the best time to do this one.
If it is not possible for you to do it at this time, you can do it on new years Day at 11:00 AM

What you will need is:
A large bowl
3-Red Apples cut up into small chunks
1-cup of white rice
1-teaspoon of Cloves powder
1-one teaspoon of sugar as you add the sugar state your wish out loud, then add the sugar to the mixture
The petals of three Roses, one white, one Red and one Yellow
A teaspoon of your favorite Cologne
One half bottle of Champagne

Mix all the ingredients together in the large bowl and this may sound weird but is true and quite fun, and can be especially fun with someone you love.
Take the mixture into the shower and rub it all over your body while thinking that your wish has come true and visualize the most wonderful out come to the situation or wish and feel the energy within you and about as you rub the magical mixture all over your body. When you have used all the mixture rinse your body and dry off with a clean towel. Light a candle of your choice and have a sip of the champagne make a toast to your wonderful future. Blessed be

Things to do and not to do on New Years Day

#1- Do not do laundry on New Years Day or you may wash someone out of your life in the next year.

#2- Whatever you are doing on New Years Day, know that you may be doing quite a bit of it throughout the year. So make the most of this day!
Be happy. Share your day with good friends. Make a list of your wishes and aspirations. Make a wish box and fill it with pictures of what you would like to have this New Year.

#3- Let go of the past and focus on creating a wonderful future.

#4- Forgive yourself and others for all the unkind feelings or words that have been said. Focus your thoughts on noticing when you are not coming from a higher loving place in your heart and mind. Only you can change any feelings that don't feel right within you, replace them with positive thoughts and feelings.

#5- Burn a Bayberry candle on the first day of each month for good luck.

#6- If you have decided that you are going to loose some weight this year, I would suggest letting the weight go instead of loosing it because what you loose you may find.
Example: "I am so happy I let go of ten pounds this year. I look and feel reenergized and my body is healthier and happier."

#7- Say our loud: Money flows to me from out of the blue and I am so very grateful for the flow of prosperity in my life.

My wish for each of you this year is that your wishes may be manifested under grace and in perfect ways that bring desired results into your life.

End of 2008. Click here to go to 2009


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