September 20, 2007

Tickles and Sparkles Stay on Track by Staying Positive - Number 1

Today is the first day of the rest of your Life. Think about the Options You have.
Only you can decide that you are going to be Different from this day forth and that you are going to Succeed at what ever your Desire is.

How many times have you heard this statement "I had no other option but to it this way or nothing at all" I have heard this statement many times from many people. I am totally surprised that we sometimes think that there is only one option for us. Yet we choose what option it is. In our minds we are the creator of all the options we have in life we can choose to create what we want or just stick to the same old way of living our lives with limited thinking and limiting our options in life.
The other day my daughter and I were talking and she said to me there are no other options than to succeed, Mom you can do what ever you desire if you tell your self there is no other option than to do it. Wow! I had never heard it put that way before. I really started about the options I do have and that there are more than I ever imagined because everything is possible.
Take that statement and turn it around in your favor make it clear to the Universe that there is "no other option" than to get that raise you have been desiring, thinking about, and wanting for a long time. Or how about that new job there is "no other option" than to get the job of my choice and it will be the best job for me and will pay me more than I ever expected for there are "no other options". I could go on and on about this wonderful statement it can work in so many ways and is so positive if you put it in the right context.
Okay so here is a great statement that you can use and see what happens for you, one note though you have to buy the lottery ticket.
There is no other option for me than to win the lottery and pay all my debts in full and have money to play with and with this being the only option I expect it will happen very quickly for I am telling the universe there is no other option.

Let me know if you are ready to use the options you have in this life. I would love to know how you are using this statement to your benefit.

Well I said this would be a short version of the regular Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter. Until next week Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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September 26, 2007

Greetings from Julie
Hi I thought you might like to know what I finally figured out today that really surprised me in a wonderful way. I started out this morning like so many days doing my letter to the Universe, Gods, Goddesses, Angels and Spirit guides. I thought that I sure would like a good book to read so I might continue the learning process I so love about life after that I let it go and hadn't another thought about it. About 4:00 Pm today I was watering the fountain outside my front door and noticed a package sitting there. I picked up the package eagerly taking it in the house to slice the tape that was holding it together with a kitchen knife. I saw a book inside titled Zero Limits inside and then remembered that a good friend of mine said she was sending me a book she knew I would love. I also remembered her telling me about two or three months ago about this book and that there were some words I should say, at the time I thought it sounded to weird to say these words and let it go the words are: I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you I thought how weird why do I need to say these words what are they going to do for me? I took the book out and started reading the first part it was pretty good I thought to my self and I also thought the universe is working for me now I now have a new book to read. Then I took out the CDs she had sent me along with the book they are of a seminar that Joe Vitale had done, "Oh" he also wrote the book. I thought while I am cooking dinner I will listen to them. As I started the first CD I heard those words again "I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you" I have to tell you I wondered why I would ever say those words until the tape started talking about how everything holds energy. Then I suddenly got the message loud and clear. I have studied energy for so many years and realized that the message was not just for me to say but to help in releasing energy that had been stuck for some reason or another. I then thought about how when I have gone to certain places I have felt the energy of the person who had previously been there or when I have driven over a spot where an accident was and started to cry for some unknown reason. Energy still amazes me it is so powerful and can be associated with so many thoughts feelings and leaves its mark upon inanimate objects.
Have you ever entered a room and felt heaviness for no certain reason or felt overjoyed at just being there. That is what energy is. We seem to leave our essence when we leave a room and as we leave we need to cleanse the spot and the room as we leave it. How you ask? Well just by saying: I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you, you can cleanse the energy of a room or a seat that you were just sitting on. Okay so I still have to continue to read this book and I suggest that you also get a copy for yourself it is called Zero Limits written by Joe Vitale.
One thing I do know is energy and how it can affect us and that we need to pay attention to the energy we pick up and leave behind for another to pick up. As we drive to work each day we can become more conscious of the energy we are putting out so that the person who is driving down the street an hour after us whose vibration matches ours, is not hit with our left over sometimes negative energy that is all about the person who just cut us off in traffic or about the disagreement you had last night with someone you are close to. Remember we are all vibrating and resonating to certain energy that we have created and that we are responsible for the energy we are putting out to others. Remember you are the person you have created in your mind so be mindful of who you are at all times. Love that person you are and always create the person you want to be by being in love with you. As always have a wonderful week and keep those positive thoughts flowing.

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Thank you for the loving thoughts as always Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

October 10, 2007

Okay, so by now you must get that I will keep sending these wonderful positive suggestions out to you each week I hope you are really enjoying getting them and that they are helping you to create a more positive atmosphere in your life today and tomorrow.

Albert Einstein said that "Knowledge has limitations but Imagination circles the world."

Belief is something that you know in your heart and mind it is pure faith in action. If I believe in something I can create it.
Imagination is all encompassing anything you can imagination can be possible. Imagination is seeing the creation before it happens.
Knowledge is what you know and have been taught through the years you have been here on this earth. There are many kinds of knowledge we have acquired through living out our lives on this earth. Have you ever heard the saying "book smart but not street smart" some people are very intelligent and know a lot about what they have studied and others have no knowledge of what is written but are very "street wise" so-to-speak.
Does that make either dumb? No not at all it does somehow make a difference in how a person looks at their lives and the lives of other people that they come in contact with. Which is the right way "Neither" both are right! It is up to us to decide what and how we perceive this life here on earth and how we will react to it and interact with it.
When we come into this world each of us are taught in a different way that unique to our fathers and mothers ways and the ways of their fathers and mothers before them. So sometimes we instantly judge a person because of his or her thoughts instead of listening to the deeper meaning of who they really are. Some of us are conditioned to think in those ways and then there are some of us who decide to believe in a new thought pattern different from our forefathers and fore-mothers. We take that which we feel is the best of both worlds and put them together to form a new thought pattern for our children and their children not realizing that our children will have their own opinions of how to think and what beliefs that they will want to make theirs.
What I am getting to here is that no matter what someone else thinks or believes it is what you believe and imagine that makes you special and unique in this world. Use your knowledge to understand what you want in your life and use your imagination to visualize and create it and use your belief to know that it will happen at the perfect time just for you.

Through out my life I have imagined all the things I could do and I have believed in those things until they have magically manifested for me in sometimes more wonderful ways than I had imagined. Still to this day I am amazed at how the power of the mind can bring miracles into our lives.

You are powerful you are more powerful than you may realize and you are the only one who can create what you desire in your life through your beliefs.

All this newsletter does is give, you the knowledge to know that what you believe and can imagine can happen for you.

Wow! I just re-read what I just wrote and am so amazed that I was able to spell it out so clearly, I guess that is "channeling" and I am in gratitude and appreciation for the guidance I have just received in writing this newsletter. Like I said sometimes things just seem to amaze me and cause a miracle to happen. I had visualized writing a wonderful newsletter that would cause thoughts that would help transform thoughts into miracles and I hope that is what it has done for you this day.

Use your knowledge to enhance your life
Use your imagination to create what you desire
Use your belief to bring it to manifestation.

Affirmation of the Week
"Divine love now flows through me and dissolves all obstacles my path is clear of any disruptions the way to my manifestation is now open to me."

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May blessings of love and light be within you and may all your beliefs and creations now be manifested in wonderful ways.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie
Have a wonderful week!

October 17, 2007

Greetings from Julie
We are about a week into the Mercury Retrograde period. I hope everything is going good for you and that you are using this time to your advantage. I have heard many stories so far from people telling me what has been happening in their lives as far as the retrograde is concerned. I still am amazed that when we are in a retrograde it seems to influence each of our lives in various ways. It is a good idea to think twice during this time. Also it is better to stop at the stop sign rather than rolling through.

What is Happiness!
Have you ever thought about what would make you happy? Of course you have. This is usually an event of the future, and not what is happening at this moment.
Today I would like you to think of what has made you the happiest in your lifetime so far.
Now think of something that makes you happy right now!
Have you ever heard the saying "Happiness is just a state of mind" it is.
Remember that you are in control of your thoughts and that you do have a choice in what makes you happy.

Here are some things you can do to remind yourself to be happy in the moment.
When you awaken in the morning think about how wonderful it is to be alive.
Then think and visualize about how you are going to bring smiles to the face of every person that you meet today. "It will make you smile just thinking about it".
Think about your pet or your best friend and how happy they make you feel. Just by knowing they love you and that you love them.
Visualize everything that you do today turning out better than you are imagining right now.
Throughout your day remind yourself to think only positive thoughts. Remembering that you have total control of what you are thinking from moment to moment. If you are in a situation that is bringing you down change the way you are thinking about it. Send pure love into the situation.
I myself have had to really focus on thinking pure loving thoughts especially when driving. I am not one who likes to be followed closely in traffic. At first thought I am not very happy with the driver in back of me. I then remind my self not to spew negative words at them, but to look in my rear view mirror and say out loud "I LOVE YOU" to my amazement they seem to change lanes or back off.
I believe that we are the caretakers of our souls and our soul wants to give out only love to others. Then our brain kicks in and thoughts come in without any control. This is where we have to learn to retrain the brain and teach it to work in harmony with what our loving Spirit desires for us.
If someone is rude to you look and them and even if you can't say it out loud say the words in your mind "I LOVE YOU". You will definitely feel the shift in energy and you will feel better for knowing that you "your true self" your spiritual self took control.
Learn to speak with words of love and love will flow to you. Your heart will open and your mind will be in harmony with your soul.

Please take a moment to think about someone who has touched your life in some way by showing kindness, teaching you something or just giving you love at a time when you were in need. Take time to let them know how much you appreciate them. Make the phone call now or write them a little thank you note and get it in the mail today. Everyone needs to hear that they are special and appreciated.

I appreciate you and I am so thankful that I have you as my friend.
I love you!
Remember you are special and that there is no one else just like you.
Each of you touched my life in some way. Bringing me just a little more joy and happiness each day I am in gratitude for I have been so blessed with so many wonderful friends.
When ever I write these newsletters or do a reading or coaching, I am blessed to find out that I am also learning something new or remembering something that I had forgotten. I am reminded that through love and giving love all is possible.

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Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends who might enjoy it.

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Affirmation for this Week
I am now filled with the happiness and love that was planned for me in the beginning of my life here on this earth.
I am in perfect harmony with Gods desires for me.
My mind is now clear of all obstacles and my heart is filled with joy.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

October 24, 2007

Greetings from Julie,

I would like to start this newsletter with a prayer for those people who live in or near San Diego, CA. May you be blessed with all that you need at this time and may love keep you and your family safe from the fires. I have relatives who live near San Diego and they have had to evacuate. I send love and healing out to them and to all the people that this fire has affected.
It takes a lot of courage and strength to get through something like this. I ask all of my readers to please say a special prayer for these people and animals.

A Haunted House
Okay so you would think that moving into a brand new home, it couldn't possibly be haunted. Think again! I didn't think that my nice new home would have spiritual activity, but it does. When I first moved in I would hear music at night that sounded like old time Jazz. It only happens when I go to bed at night and if I get up it would stop. I thought I was hearing things, and maybe just a little off my rocker. I told my daughter of this and some friends but they just said "oh yea what ever". This just kept happening so I kept it to my self thinking that I didn't want people to think I was crazy. A couple of weeks ago I put some cabinets in my garage so I could do my airbrush art work. I have some plastic skulls I bought to help me as visual aids when I paint. I sat them up on the back splash of the counter. Making sure they were secure with double sided foam tape so that they would sit upright.
I had neatly arranged the counter space and left the garage. The next day I went into the garage and noticed that one of the skulls was in the middle of the counter. I knew I didn't move it and that no one else had been in the garage or the house. I told my daughter about this she laughed me off and said sure Mom. Again I put the skull in its place in the middle of the three and let go of all thoughts about it. Yesterday I went into the garage to get in my car as I walked out there I noticed that there in the middle of the counter was the same skull and it could not have fallen over the towels stacked in front of them and landed upright looking directly at me. I quickly pulled out my cell phone to call my daughter to tell her what had happened. As I told her about the skull she said she was getting chills. I had gotten the chills the moment I saw that the skull had moved. Okay this is really weird I thought to my self what is happening? I quickly realized that there was something going on here. I started putting things together that had been happening since I have moved in to my home. I have also noticed that I have been feeling down lately and had some fear thoughts going through mind. I know now that these thoughts were not my own. To be honest I usually never cry and I have been in tears since moving here. Feelings of despair and worry have surrounded me. I have been trying to find some work but it seems like I kept hitting road blocks I am pretty good at creating for my self. So I figured it is just the retrograde. Yesterday it all became very clear to me what was happening. Later in the day my daughter asked if I would come down to where she works she had something to tell me. I said that I would and quickly drove to see her. What happened next really got to me. My daughter had told her boss what was happening at my home and he told me that in the 70s this property was a Forrest and that many parties took place here. He also said that there were some bad things that happened here to people. I tried to question him a little more about this but he just said that in those days there was a lot of raciest stuff happening.
Well I got the whole picture at that moment. My heart felt so sad and I knew for sure I was not going crazy. I started last night to send healing to the spirits who are here with me and to let them know it is okay to move to the light now. I still feel they are here and not ready to leave. I will keep working on healing my home. I now know that all those thoughts were not my own and I am thankful that I know what is happening here. I ask you to please send love and healing to my home as I could use all the help I can get right now.

The reason I decided to tell this to you is because I want to show you how energy works and how it can affect us without our knowing what is happening. Everything holds energy and even inanimate objects can hold energy. Most of us never notice it we just think it is our own thoughts and own them. I have learned through the years what my own pure energy is and what is not my own energy. Usually I notice this right away and change it, by doing a clearing or healing. For some reason this time it got the best of me and I didn't get the whole picture for awhile. I know that now I will be a little more aware of what is happening and I will trust that gut feeling when I get it. Even when other people tell me I must be nuts I will know that I am not. I hope that this will help you and that if you have something happening in your home you will take the time to realize it may not be "just your imagination".

Happy Halloween
Since we are in the Spirit of the Season I thought you might like this little bit of magic from the "Crone's Book of Magical Words"
All Hallows Eve
When the white dog is out and trots all about.
Under the clouds that are over the Moon,
and the hag with her broom rides high on the wind.
And the cat on the fence spits even at friends.
Then it is right to conjure a light against every spirit that shadows the night.
Thus say:
Let the pumpkins candle glare into the darkness everywhere;
Burn all the evil from the air.
When it is dark and the black trees roar,
Set a Jack-O'-lantern
to watch by the door.

Positive things to do to make you and someone you love feel good.
1- Make a list of things you love about someone and give it to them.
2- Call a friend or family member you haven't talked to in a while just to say "I love you".
3- Take some cookies to a friend or relative that doesn't get out much.
4- Look in the Mirror and tell yourself how much you love you and what a good person you are.
5- Smile at everyone you meet today.
6- Try to make a new friend every day for the next two weeks.
7- Send blessings to those less fortunate.
8- Look around you and give thanks for all you have.
9- Laugh! Out loud for no reason. It is catchy!
Think of all the things that make you happy do this each day when you wake up.

I thank you for the wonderful emails of love and support I receive weekly. I really appreciate each of you. Remember we are all one with the Universe and we are all love in action. Spread the love today.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

October 31, 2007

Greeting Friends,
I want to thank all of you who wrote in about my Haunted House. I have good news since I have acknowledged that there are Spirits here I have felt much better. The energy is better and I no longer feel such heaviness around me. I now realize I am here to help them and to bring about healing to this property. Several of my wonderful friends have told me that I will write a book that helps these souls to move on. I am working on this and have been channeling two spirits that are here to help me through it.
What a wonderful feeling of relief. One more thing! I know they contacted me because I am open to hearing them. I feel so blessed. Thank you.

2007 is Almost Over But it is Never to Late to Set New Goals
This year has passed by very quickly once again we are looking at getting ready for the Holliday's and are focused on what we are going to do this year to bring more happiness to our family's and friends. We sat some big goals at the beginning of this year and some have manifested and some have not. Does that mean we are to give up on the goals that have not manifested as of yet. NO! As I sit here looking at my wish board I think to my self there is so much more I would have liked to have happen for me this year. Although I am so happy that there have been many things that have manifested for me. I know there are probably things left on your wish board that have not happened yet either. This does not mean that they will not happen, but that it is not the right time yet for them to manifest for you.
It is the right time to start creating that new "Wish Board" you never have to wait till a certain time to be creative you can start right now to create what you want to manifest. As you pull your focus away from the old wish board and start working on the new one. Something amazing will happen. What! You ask? Well by focusing on new ideas we let the universe then start to manifest what we wish for. Thus this is creating a vacuum effect. We being humans focus our energy on what we desire and forget to release it into the universe so it will manifest for us. By asking for what we desire, believing that it will come to pass and being open to receiving, we are more able to get the results we desire in life. The universe is like a giant wish book and you have to put your order in for it to manifest. I feel that we all need to continue to create every day and not just sometimes when we are in the mood. Go now and get on line on your computer. Find pictures of the things you would like to create print them out and glue them to your wish board. Hey it will not take that long and each day you can add to it. One step at a time!
I am sure that next year by this time you will be totally amazed at what you have created for yourself.

Looking for a special gift for someone this year? Why not give them a Personal Journal put a note inside for them to write what they desire and not about the past.
Or you could give out Gift Certificates for readings from Julie!

I start my new Job tomorrow as a parts runner for an Auto Parts store here in Town it will be nice to meet new people and to get out of the house. I am still doing readings, so be sure to make your appointments soon. If I am not in when you call please leave a message I will return your call as soon as I get in. You can also email me for an appointment.

Affirmations to bring in Wonderful Changes for You

Show me the way let me see with clarity the blessings that are before me.

With love I follow the Divine plan for my life and I welcome the love that flows to me now.

As I prepare for the blessings that are coming to me they suddenly arrive. I am filled with Joy and Peacefulness.

Truth has within itself the power to reveal it's self.

Thank you once again for the prayers and wonderful thoughts. I bless each of you with joy, love and happiness.

Divine Love begins with you!

Tickles and Sparkles From Julie

November 15, 2007

Greetings from Julie,
I would like to talk about how you can create a positive out of a negative situation. There are times we feel we are surrounded by negative people and situations that bring us down. I am sure every one has gone through a time where you just do not know how to change a situation that is not going well. I know that I have had some experiences lately that have had me wondering why I am going through this, what is it that I need to learn in this situation? And why did I attract this to me? I know that everything happens for a reason. So I ponder the situation a little deeper until the answer comes to me. "I have something very important to learn here" So I ask the Universe what is it that I need to learn? And the Universe replies "TOLERANCE" I say Universe what do you mean by that? Well Julie we mean that you have to change your way of thinking about the situation. You may be wondering by now what this situation is? Well I have taken a job as a delivery person. It is not a bad job but there is a lot of negative energy with many of the people I work and deal with. I never know when I walk into a business how I will be greeted. Sometimes people smile and say hi and others they give me a look like why are you here. I have felt anger and bitterness at several places I deliver to. There are several times when I get to work in the morning I feel as if I have been hit with such bad energy I just can not wait till 5:00 pm rolls around so I can go home and be in a positive space. I am a pretty happy person and I think that work should be fun and enjoyable. I feel that we should enjoy each day and not waste it by being in a bad mood because of the job we do.
I was talking with a co worker I asked him why are you so angry and in such a bad mood. He said it is just the way this business is. Unfortunately! The word UNFORTUNATELY is one of those works I can hardly bare to hear! Let alone here it several times a day. That word is a stopper word it is one of the most negative words I have ever heard. I thought to my self what would compel person make a career of something that makes them so angry. I continued to think about this through out this day and asked for guidance in why I am here doing this job that doesn't make me feel good inside. Well the answer is we all have to exist and make a living. Sometimes people give up on themselves and do what ever they can to exist. As the years go by so do their dreams and aspirations. This leaves them hardened and angry giving up all hope. Well fortunately I am one person who is not going to give up on my dreams or on love and happiness in my everyday existence. For I believe that I have learned that I am a worth while person and that I can exist by making changes that will bring me happiness in this life. I have learned the way to tolerate the situation by knowing that noting is written in stone and that this too shall pass. I know that by saying my affirmations and saying I love you in my mind to others before I reach my destination. It will change the energy and may even bring happiness to the people I encounter each day. I say affirmations as I drive to do my deliveries and as I drive to work in the mornings because I believe it helps me to stay positive and shields me from negative energy.
I know that you too have at some time in your life had to deal with people who are not in the best of moods or are rude to you. It is not easy to stay positive when someone is rude to you. So when you start your day say some positive affirmations think about happy things and say I love you in your mind before reaching your destination. When I do this each day I hope that I will be able to contribute something to this planet that will help in healing the anger we face each day whether it is with co workers, friends or family.
We all have situations that we tolerate in this life time the decision of how long to do this is up to you. I know I will be working on my wish board to create a better, better, and better way of making a living and being happy doing it.

Here are Some Ways You Can Raise Your Energy to Maintain a Positive Attitude and Be Happy in the Moment.

1- Breathe- three times in through the nose and out through the mouth big deep belly breaths.
2- Talk a walk look at the trees and the sky.
3- Write positive words and phrases.
4- Sing a happy song.
5- Write down ten things you are thankful for.
6- Create a gratitude journal.
7- Play the "what if game" with yourself or a friend.
8- Give yourself a hug.
9- Say affirmations like Tickles and Sparkles blessed be thank you for all the _____________ you bring to me.
And remember that you are perfect and that you are special and worthy of all that is good.

Again I thank you for taking time to read this each week and for your emails.
I love you! Remember we are all here to grow from our experiences and to be open to giving and receiving love.

Are you ready for a Reading? Do you have some questions that you would like answered. I am still doing what I love and that is Norwegian Card Readings they give wonderful guidance into your future and can help you in making decisions. If you would like to make an appointment email me at

Until next week make each day count! Bring some joy to others through a loving word or by an act of kindness.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Please feel free to forward this email to your friends and tell them about Tickles and Sparkles

November 26, 2007

Greetings Friends,
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that it was filled with happiness and joy for you and your family. I had a wonderful time with My Daughter and her family and their wonderful neighbors. It is so nice when people come together to have fun and enjoy each others company. I am grateful for the enjoyable time we had.

An Understanding Heart
What does it mean to have an Understanding Heart? Think about this for a moment. Does it mean you have to agree with everything that happens through out your day? No! In fact by having an understanding heart you are acknowledging something or someone or their thoughts about something without judgment. Wow! Can you imagine a world without judgment a world in which we do not have any judgment of what is happening around us. Where we live in total love and kindness towards other people and show them love even if we do not agree with them or their philosophy in life. I wonder if this is possible, I can imagine it, but is it really possible to have such an understand heart that we can overcome all judgment of all the people around us. To do this would mean we have reached total perfection we would be like God! I imagine that we all have the capability to do this, but we have to be open to releasing the judgment we carry within our hearts and minds. Now I realize that you and I cannot accomplish this in one day or even a month, it may take years to let go of the judgment we have held in our hearts for so long. We can start today by asking God or the Universe for the wisdom and guidance to have an Understanding Heart. We can ask that each time we think a thought in judgment we may be reminded to release this thought in favor of a more powerful one of love. At this time of year during the holidays everyone seems to open their heart a little more than the rest of the year. We are willing to give and show more love to our family and friends but still we fall into judgment of others. I know we all are at fault for this at one time or another. I guess you could say, but I am only human, or it is just part of reality. But I think we can change this and I believe that there is so much more we are here for than to judge the person next to us. We are here to make a choice to learn and grow from our experiences and not here to judge what some one else is doing. I am asking you today to start asking for more in your life. By asking God or the Universe each morning before you start your day that you may have an Understanding Heart in all that you experience this day. I am sure that by the end of the day you will feel so much better and that you will have achieved a major breakthrough in your life by realizing that you can make little changes within your self that bring in wonderful benefits to all people you come in contact with. As I said we may not be able to achieve this overnight but as with everything practice makes perfect.
It is kind of like we are all computers and we have been programmed for judgment. Now it is time to change the programming that is within us into a better stronger more compatible format. By recognizing what is judgment thought and deleting it immediately. It is like imagining a small Delete Button and pushing in at the first judgment thought that comes in. Then focusing on a more positive thought, it will become easier to do this as you allow yourself to be more aware of your thoughts during the day. Please believe in yourselves enough to know you are a very special being and that you are here for a special purpose this purpose is to bring more love into this world and to raise your level of consciousness so that we can heal the wounds that judgment has brought to our earth and its people.
Honesty I had no clue that I would know what to write this day as I started this newsletter. I am surprised to reread what I have written and I believe that there must be a reason I am writing it. I always ask for Divine guidance when I am writing so that I will get the right message out to those of you who need it at the time. I know that I will challenge my self each day to have an Understanding Heart and to let go of any judgment that may come into my mind. I hope that you will do the same.
Here are some exercises you may practice each day to have a more understanding heart.
When someone says something you do not agree with do not argue just say "I understand".
When you have an unkind thought pop up in your mind visualize the delete button and push it. Then think of a more positive thought. This thought can be something totally different from your previous one. Like a beautiful field of flowers. Or of something that makes you smile like a hug from someone you love.
I would love to hear what you do each day to have an understanding heart and to keep your thoughts positive. Please email me at with your comments.
Each month I receive many wonderful emails from my readers and I am so very thankful I have such wonderful people in my life. I thank you for taking the time to read "Staying on Track by Staying Positive".
If you have an idea that you think may be helpful to write about in this newsletter please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

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Have a wonderful week! Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

What ever you do it is important to do it with a passionate heart and believe that you have a purpose!

December 13th 2007

Greetings to all of my wonderful Friends,
I hope you are all ready for Christmas and that you are relaxed and focused on all the positive aspects of this Holiday Season.

Think of all the wonderful things you can do to make this is Christmas to remember. Take time to call old friends and wish them a Happy Holiday. Bake cookies and take them to a friend or someone you love. This is a time to give, it does not have to be a gift of great value but a gift of love. I know that many people do not have the money to spend on expensive gifts this year and that times have been tough for many people. Give your time and your love to others this year.

Thank you to the People who Save Lives Each Day! It's Not Just a Job!
Many of us do not think about the many wonderful people who are out there helping save lives and encounter tragic life and death situations each day. I am amazed that they are able to stay positive through all the drama they experience each day. Today I would like to give thanks to these people.
Who am I talking about? Fire men and women Police men and women, Emergency Medical Technicians, Doctor's and Nurses. They are people who must have pretty big hearts to be able to handle the situations they encounter every day. I have asked a few of these people, what it is that keeps them so positive? How can you stay positive each day even though you may have to hold a dieing child in your arms, or watch a person being pulled from an accident and give all you have to try to save this person's life and watch them die because there was nothing you could do that would save them.
The Answers I got were quite simple here are a few of them: Love was number one, I was told by many people I spoke with. Self love and love of others.
Another answer I received was: "I do this job because I love people and want to help people." How is it that you are able to stay so positive I asked?
"I stay positive, by knowing that I can not help every one and I realize there are reasons for everything that happens. But I will continue to help as many people as I can each day".
I was told this you have to let go of the thoughts of who you couldn't save and think about the ones that you are able to save. I was also told that by Letting go of what happens each day that it is much easier to be happy in this Job and in life.
I give thanks to all of those people who are so committed to helping other people. May you be blessed each day!

The reason I wrote about this today is to remind each of you how important other people are in our lives and to realize that you
to can let go of those things that are not positive in your life and change them by loving your self and loving other people and valuing how wonderful life really is.


The Power of Prayer
When I first heard this story I was so amazed at how the power of prayer worked. I don't listen to the news very often so I was quite surprised when my daughter told me this true story she had heard on the news channel located here in Memphis. A 92 year old woman was returning to her car after shopping as she got in her car a young man jumped into the passenger seat and demanded her money, she looked him in the eye and told him no! he then asked again for her money and again she said no! I will not give you my money. The man asked once more and got this reply from the 92 year old woman. She told him she would pray for him and started praying. The old woman prayed for the man that he would realize that what he was doing wrong. She then went on asking for forgiveness for this would be robber that he would change his ways. She then told the would be robber that he to needed to pray. He replied that he would pray as soon as he got home. The Woman then told him he did not have to wait till he got home and that he could pray anywhere. Soon the young would be robber was praying and thanked the old woman for changing his life and that he would never do this again. The old woman reached into her purse and pulled out a ten dollar bill and gave to the young man and told him not to use it for booze or drugs. The young man then departed the car.

Wow! I felt a tingle go down my spine when I was told this story. I wondered if I could have been as brave and have as much faith as this old woman had. I hope I never have to find out, and if so I hope I remember to pray.

Positive Affirmations for This Week!
" I love and approve of my self, I look in the mirror to see someone who loves me looking back.
" Each day my life is getting better, better and better. All of my needs are met and exceeded.
" Wonderful things are now manifesting through the loving thoughts I send out.
" I am in gratitude for this magnificent body I now have it is healthy and all my organs and cells are functioning perfectly.
" Money flows to me from out of the blue.
" I now attract happiness through my happy thoughts.
" I release all thoughts that are not part of my higher self and replace them with loving ones.
" I live this day as though it were my last, my life is filled with joy and happiness.
By Saying positive affirmations each day I have found that I feel better about every aspect of my life. I hope that you too will take time to affirm the positive in your life.

One of the ways I have found that helps me to stay positive is while sitting at a red light in my car I will say I love you to the people who pass by me. I am sure that they are not reading my lips and if they are I hope that they will pass the love forward. It just makes me smile to say "I love you"!
As always thank you for taking the time to read "Staying on Track by Staying Positive" I wish you happiness in all you create this week.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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What ever you do it is important to do it with a passionate heart and believe that you have a purpose!

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