January 14, 2015 #223

Dear friends, I hope your year has started off well and that you and your family are healthy.

We will be going into another Mercury Retrograde on January 21, 2015 to February 11, 2015. Use this time clear the clutter from your home or office, clean out those closets and donate that which no longer serves you. Just remember that Mercury's affects on communications, electronics and such can cause havoc in your life and the lives of everyone around you. Be patient and send out love during this time. It is also a good idea to keep a low profile rather that being the life of the party. It is not the time to buy a car or computer it may not be what you wanted or be a lemon as they say. Don't schedule an operation or sign any important papers. It is a time of "RE" like re-doing re-thinking- re-visiting and such.

I do not enjoy giving this news yet, I feel that we need to be informed so we can better handle the situations that arise when Mercury is in Retrograde.

An Attitude of Kindness and Good will

Yes, it just may be a great time to get started on a path that will bring you closer to your goals in life. Adopting an attitude of kindness and good will towards others can actually bring in some wonderful changes for you.

Think about the ways you can be kinder to yourself and to other people. We are usually so caught up in our own lives that we forget to smile at those we pass by during the day. We forget to send good will to them or to those closest to us. I often wonder why we do not pay more attention to the little things that we could do to make our lives better and the lives of those around us.

As human beings we have forgotten the values of our lives upon this earth.
We forget to be kind to other people to say please and thank you. We forget to smile and maybe even say hello.

I like to play a game with my self to see how many people I can make smile during the day. I have to admit there are times when I can't seem to get a smile from people. Although it is not to often this happens for most of the time people will smile back at me. Maybe they will remember my smile as the one that made their day better.

There was a lady the other day I smiled at and she just looked at me with a big frown on her face. I felt so sad for her, maybe she was having a really bad day. I sent her Tickles and Sparkles (Pure LOVE) to help her have a better day.

Take a moment each day to be grateful for all you have in this life. Not only the physical things, be grateful for the little things like being able to breathe. Oh that is a big thing! We have to breathe! I am grateful for many things each day, like my feet and my hands for my health and for the beauty all around me each day. I could go on and on but I am sure you get it.

Be ready to see the changes occurring as you adopt this new attitude of gratitude and kindness. Watch how other people are attracted to the person you become. See yourself in a new way as you look into the mirror each morning. Look at yourself with loving eyes and know that today you are special and yes, you have a purpose upon this earth. What Purpose! To be the best person you know. If we all are being our best and practicing being kind and grateful we can succeed, we can make a difference in this world even if it is a small one.

I send you Tickles and Sparkles (Pure LOVE) this day and ask that you pay it forward!

Tickles and Sparkles
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Birth Sign Readings

Aries: There are new beginnings for you this may come in the form of a new friendship. A woman you meet may not be the person she claims to be or there may be jealousy from this person.
You are nearing a fork at the end of the road this will give you the opportunity to see how good your judgment is by choosing the higher path. There is generosity from someone this comes in the form of a gift or replacement of something that is broken.

Taurus: There may be a stand off between you and a brown haired woman. This could turn into a battle because of a hidden enemy. Don't worry there is soon a surprise in store for you this may be something you have been creating. There are many spirits surrounding you at this time they are trying to get your attention. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings at this time and you will find the answers you have been seeking.

Gemini: Through some communication by phone, email or letter you find forgiveness and there is justice in a situation. This could involve an apology of some kind on your part or the part of another.
At home there is love and loss you may loose something you love. Or the loss of something brings love into your home.

Cancer: Secrets are now told you that bring financial gains. Through seeking out some solitude you will break down the barriers that have blocked your clarity. You may soon awaken to a victory.

Leo: There may be some doubts leading to confusion concerning a fair or gray haired woman. You are very talented now it may be time to use these talents or hobbies to bridge the gap by using your talents to let go of some of your frustrations. When we are being creative we are focused on what we are creating and not on all the other stuff that can set us off track.

Virgo: Use the wisdom you have gained through out your years. It is now the time for your cup is full. It is time to use this wisdom to reflect truth into this world. By using love you can gain more than you can imagine from this life. You are strong and are being given this task for a reason. There is someone who is attracted to you because of your diligence. The money you have needed should soon arrive.

Libra: You are mastering many things this year you may feel very proud of your accomplishments. Go ahead jump for joy, you deserve it. There is good news on its way to you that will bring a sense of peace to your heart. You may soon hear of a foolish event or action that causes destruction this may come through a deception of some kind.

Scorpio: A fair or gray haired man will offer you wealth or an opportunity to make more money. Have faith and patience for this will come to pass within a short time. You may also hear some bad news from or about a lady you know.

Sagittarius: You may soon hear of a scandal about lovers. Or you may hear about something that is heartbreaking. An ending of something comes through news from a stranger and a journey will be taken.

Capricorn: This is a time of hope and happiness for you and your mate. You have weathered the storm and now you are given good fortune. Things are looking up for you believe in your good luck and it will arrive. A brown haired man will soon tell of something that brings you much happiness. This will be a year of signs and symbols for you pay attention to them as they will help you in many ways.

Aquarius: An opportunity for fame may come through a lesson you learn or a challenge that is over come. A dark haired man will soon inspire you this has to do with your work or your money. There is abundance in your near future.

Pisces: A dark haired woman will soon offer you the power to promote your own growth or business this may be a woman of the world very knowledgeable. Know that changes are possible and in the future these changes will bring you new opportunities and happiness.

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Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

February 4, 2015 #224

Dear Friends,

I hope that you are well and this newsletter finds you at the perfect time.

As you know Mercury is still retrograde until the 11th of February
I am pretty sure you are all looking to moving forward once again.
Mercury will not retrograde again until 5-18-2015

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The New Moon is on Wednesday February 18th 2015
Each New Moon, Write ten wishes, you may be amazed at the wishes that are granted for you.

The Chinese New Year is on February 19, 2015 this will be the year of the Sheep.

Happy Valentines Day
February 14, 2015 many of you will be celebrating Valentines Day with your sweetheart and there are some who will be celebrating alone. If you are with someone special take the time to let them know how much they mean to you. You can do this by giving a gift but the gift that will count the most is the gift of your truest thoughts of them.

I was surprised the other day when my husband and I were at a local drug store. He walked down the card isle and stopped then started looking at the Valentines Day cards handing me cards that he had picked out. He said to me "I would get you this card" As I read them the sayings inside were beautiful. We have come to an agreement that instead of buying cards just to throw away later we would not be buying cards for each other on this day. So this was his way of giving me a card and letting me know how much he loves me. I thought it was great! We are saving paper and we still get the message.
In my opinion it was a very romantic gesture and I have to say my husband is not the romantic kind, but this year he surprised me.

There are many things you can do to say I love you to the one you love with out spending a lot of money. It truly is the little things that count the most.

Sometimes we just need to be reminded of why we fell in love with the person we are with.

Take a moment to think about all the wonderful times you have had with this person.
What attracted you to them?
What does he or she do that still makes your heart sing?

Sometimes we tend to hold on to the negative rather than looking for the positive in our relationships.

If you really want to enhance your relationship, find the good in that special person and let them know daily how special they are.

Even if it is a new relationship there are things that attracted you to this person. Again let them know how special they are to you, today and every day.

If you are not in a relationship I am sure that there are many people that you love and care about why not let them know. We don't always say the words for the feelings in our hearts. Sometimes a kind word makes all the difference for someone who is feeling down.

I Love you all and am so very grateful for this wonderful connection we have called life.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Birth Sign Readings

Aries: A letter or card may surprise you this could be an invitation no matter which it is the results will bring happiness to you. Son you will learn the truth about someone or something. A secret will be told you. At home you may hear of a loss or misplace something of importance.

Taurus: Something inspires you this may be the key to finding out about someone who has been deceiving you. Have strength for you will be able to handle what ever comes your way. There is wisdom from a fair or gray haired man this may bring in an ending to a situation you have been concerned about.

Gemini: Soon there may be a journey taken this may be a romantic vacation with a brown or auburn haired woman. Or a brown haired woman may tell of a sexual attraction. You may feel a sense of peace when you get some bad news from a lady or about a lady you know.

Cancer: If you have been feeling a little confused or on edge lately before letting it all get to you why not take seek out some solitude. Take a stroll in the park or go fishing just do something that will take your mind off your troubles. Sometimes we just need to take a break and gather our wits as we renew our faith in life. A woman who thinks she is all that may try to cause doubts. Shut her down! Walk away! These are only her thoughts, you have your own thoughts and feelings listen to your heart.

Leo: An argument with a brown haired man may end up in a court battle. Don't let this frustrate you use positive thoughts to release this negative energy. You are entering a period of growth and even thought you may seem like you are alone in the forest of life you are not ever alone. Keep your thoughts positive and the good news you are expecting will arrive.

Virgo: You find forgiveness in your heart and mind easily now and there is good fortune flowing to you. Be diligent in looking for the gold in life and you will find it. Much power comes to you from a dark haired woman and a dark haired man. They send you positive thoughts and these thoughts bring you much joy.
Libra: Anxiety comes in a phone call from a woman this may be news of heartbreak and jealousy. Send out love into the storms of life this will bring about balance and harmony for everyone involved including you.

Scorpio: Abundance comes through making the right judgment and knowing which path to take next. There are no mistakes what ever path you choose will bring benefits. Use your talents and creativeness to bring in changes this next month. Be a little more cautious when out and about when you are alone. I got the hidden enemy card I feel this card is a card of caution. Use your spiritual gifts to see what is coming up as you begin this year. Sometimes our thoughts are messages from spirit pay attention to repetitive thoughts and feelings.

Sagittarius: Victory comes in the form of a gift or though the generosity of another. You may be crossing a bridge in life that will lead you to many financial gains. Winnings may be in store for you. Many lessons have been learned in the last few years now it is time to relax and enjoy the love of your sweetheart. Or you may enjoy a very romantic evening very soon.

Capricorn: You may soon hear of a scandal through a phone call. Wealth comes to you in many ways now just pay attention to the signs you are receiving they will lead you in the direction of the biggest returns. A fair haired or gray haired woman will tell of a barrier that has now crumbled and that she is moving forward.

Aquarius: You may have a challenge with someone who is greedy. Don't give up hope know that every thing always turns out the way it is suppose too. An opportunity for popularity increases this month. You will find clarity in being the master of your life.

Pisces: I change is in the cards for you, don't let this make you feel vulnerable it can be a wonderful time if you let go of your worry. New beginnings are in your future this will involve someone you do not know yet. Have patience it won't be long now before you are enjoying the new scenery in your life.

February 17, 2015 #225

Dear Friends today I would like to send those of you who live in the Eastern United States some sunny thoughts as I know it has been a very cold winter for you.

I grew up in Utah with the cold winters and plenty of snow. I told my kids I used to walk up hill both ways in freezing snow to get to and from school. I know they must have thought I was kidding them but the truth is I am not kidding at all. I also remember walking about a mile to school with damp hair that would freeze by the time I got there. Even my eyelashes would get frost on them. But I was just a kid and did not know any better I guess. We did not get snow days in fact I hadn't heard of them until I moved to Redding, CA in 1981. Yes things have changed quite a bit since I was a kid thank goodness.

So to those of you, who are enduring this winter weather in the cold areas of the Country stay warm and indoors.

I will be sending you Tickles and Sparkles

I often wonder what I can do to be a better person to live up to my full potential in this lifetime. I have found that I receive answers to this pondering more often than not. I usually find that there is someone who may need my help in some way. Or maybe something I can do that will bring happiness to someone. Each morning I ask what is it that I can do to be of service to someone today.
I am usually quiet amazed at the end of the day knowing I have done my best.

I hope that each person who reads this will look into their own heart and find compassion and love for the people you meet though out your day.

I do believe that each of us has within us the ability to be more courteous to others no matter where we go or what we do. No matter who we meet or who we see just passing by we all have the choice to be a better person and to do our best each day. This is what it takes to over come the negativity out there in this world at this time. Being a kind person doesn't even cost you anything. It will however bring you riches beyond belief. So living up to one's potential is really about being the best person you can be each day.

So to all you my wonderful friends I say, I love you!
I send you positive thoughts and know that you are paying them forward.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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******Birth Sign Readings******

Aries: You may over hear a disagreement between a brown haired man and a brown haired woman. Soon you may some good news about a gift this comes through the generosity of a good person. You may be sexually attracted to someone very soon, this attraction may be reciprocated you will know by paying attention to the signs you are being given. Example: Stop Look and Listen!

Taurus: You may be working a little harder in the next few weeks but with diligence comes reward keep this your focus as you do your work. There may be a golden opportunity given you in the next three months. Some bad news may surprise you. An invitation comes from a powerful friend this may be someone you have not kept in touch with because of a disagreement in the past. It is time to forgive the past and move forward this could be the chance of a lifetime.

Gemini: You may find that there is deception from a couple they are not exactly who they may put on to be. A victory is now here for you soon it will be time to celebrate. Financial gains are now bringing in new wealth. You shall have clarity about something very soon that brings in justice to a situation.

Cancer: A fair or gray haired woman may be a little pushy or this woman may be a hidden enemy. Remember you are the master in your own life no one else can make the decisions for you. A greedy person calls to tell you about a storm that is coming. This person may not see themselves as greedy or a gossip but you can bet that that is exactly what they are! Be aware of the negative influence of this person.

Leo: You may be feeling a little frustrated about love right now or in the near future. Don't allow judgment on the part of another bring you down. You always have a choice in which path you would like to take next. Only you can take down the barriers you have put up maybe it is time to start this today. Through renewed hope there is an opportunity that may surprise you very soon.

Virgo: Something will soon inspire you this may come from using your talents or doing something creative. There is a key that will help you spiritually and will allow you to see beyond this realm it may come to you while you busy yourself doing something you love. New beginnings bring in a new sense of balance and restore balance. I have to say this looks to be a year of growth for you new opportunities abound.

Libra: If it feels like everything in your life has been upside down lately have patience this too shall pass. Soon there is happiness for you. You may soon learn of a mistake that has been made. Your challenges soon will be over. Relax and know that you have the wisdom right inside you to make the right decisions at the perfect times.

Scorpio: If you are a dark haired man there is a lesson that will soon be learned that will bring you much peace. Or you may hear of a dark haired man who will learn a lesson and be thankful for the person he has become. The loss of a woman who is very worldly will soon be told you or you may hear about this loss through television or radio. A secret comes out that you may have thought should stay hidden.

Sagittarius: Money comes to you and there are feelings of abundance. It may feel like you are on top of the world! Enjoy! The good news you receive should be shortly forthcoming. You may receive a phone call from a dark haired woman who is worried or anxious about something. You have much strength at this time you are able to make positive decisions in a flash rather than having to rethink your decisions you will just feel it in your heart. Good fortune comes to you from a Fair or Gray haired man.

Capricorn: An ending of doubt comes through the cards they tell me that you are done battling with thoughts that don't reflect who you truly are in this life. It is time to look into the mirror and let go of all fears and worry jealousy and negative thought patterns. Be the kind of person you would like to know. This will boost your energy and your health will improve.

Aquarius: Reconciliation with someone brings in changes that take you on a journey. You may be traveling soon to visit someone you haven't seen in years. There is heartbreak through a scandal involving a lady that you know. Send her positive thoughts rather than gossiping about her.

Pisces: Happy Birthday! Have faith there is something that will soon bring you financial gains in the near future. Happiness is in store for you it comes through a woman who is very intelligent and knowledgeable. This woman may turn out to be a good friend who will offer something that will be very rewarding

March 3, 2015 #226

Dear Friends,
Have you ever noticed the beauty in Mother Nature? Sometimes things happen that make us stop and notice the beauty that is right in front of us.

Each morning my husband and I take our dog George for a walk around the block. There is so much beauty all around us and as we walk we listen to the birds and look at the trees and sky. It is wonderful to remind our selves how beautiful this world is.

About a week ago as we walked we noticed three trees that were filled with little birds. As we watched, the trees filled with thousands of birds. "Look at that bush" my husband said to me as he pointed to a tall green bush about twelve feet tall. I could see the leaves of the bush moving but I could not see what was causing this.

The trees were located across the street from a house on the corner where there are three little dogs that bark at George every day almost and kind of scare him as we walk by.

But this day only one of the dogs was out by the fence. She is the oldest of the three and she just stood there silently. I said hi to her and turned to keep watching the birds flock to the trees.

All at once the bush started moving and whoosh! Out fly hundreds of little birds. Like a black ribbon they flew from the bush into the sky.
A few seconds more passed as I glanced to the western sky watching the birds flying like a ribbon higher and higher. I saw a rainbow in the sky and told my husband that this must be a sign.

Once the birds had flown from the bush I looked up at the three trees that were filled with birds. Instantly they started leaving the trees flying higher and higher and again the black ribbon of birds filled the sky.

We soon finished our walk and as the day went on I thought to my self about that what we had seen and felt it must be a sign of some kind.

The next day as we walked we talked the owner of the little dog we had seen the same day as the birds. She had stopped on her way out to tell us that her little dog had died that day.

I then understood the sign I was given that day! Sometimes we are given signs that we do not understand at first. I believe that I was given this sign for a reason.

This experience also reminds me to pay attention to the signs that I am given each day and to notice the little things happening all around me.

I hope you will take notice of the signs you are given each day as they come in many forms. We just have to look for them.

Life is Beautiful

I also want to tell you about something I guess I never noticed in such a profound way as I have since the above experience happened.

Have you ever thought about the beautiful trees we have on this earth? I have many times but lately I realized trees are a lot like people because each one is different and unique as we are. They each have branches that reach to the sky but each are not the same. Even two trees of the same kind are not alike and as humans we may look alike as with twins, but be completely different in our actions and thoughts. I have to say I appreciate the miracle of Mother Nature that has shown me how amazing this world can be.

Animals are no different, they too may be from the same breed but be totally unique and individual as humans. I believe that animals are smarter than we give them credit for being. I also believe that if we could understand their communication we would then maybe rank as smarter. We are each unique individuals a lot like animals we communicate in our own special way. I guess what I mean to say is that maybe if we take a moment to look at the beauty in all living things we would see that we have much in common with the animals and trees. Maybe we are all one! Maybe we need to make these connections to fully understand the value of life.

I could go on and on but by then I would probably end up boring you. So I will ask that you please take some time to send out some Love to all living things and to keep positive thoughts for all. Notice the similarities and uniqueness in all that is around you each day.

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******Birth Sign Readings******

Aries: You may be feeling like you have had a loss of clarity about something in your life. It may feel as thought there is a disconnection spiritually as you have been asking for clarity about something important to you, but have yet to receive the answers. Reconciliation will come and you will receive your answers. These answers will bring about new growth for you spiritually and emotionally. This may be because you find you are not alone in this big world and there are people who love you dearly. Good fortune is on its way my dear and this good fortune will bring in new found wealth.

Taurus: You may be wondering what the heck is going on or you may be feeling a big confused like barriers keep popping up and blocking your way. This may be a reminder that you need to open up to your true spiritual pathway rather than closing off your intuition. You are gifted! Use the gifts you have within yourself to open the path. A sense of peace comes through a journey you take with or to see a brown haired woman. Relax and meditate to release the fear you may be feeling.

Gemini: You may hear of a scandal involving a sexual attraction. Or you could be involved in a scandal about a sexual attraction. Don't loose hope everything will turn out well if you are with someone you love. Changes are coming that may put you out of balance a bit but have patience this will work its self out in time. If you rush things you could end up looking a bit foolish.

Cancer: Through the generosity of a friend you may receive financial gains or a loan or debt is repaid. You are very talented use your talents to bring new opportunities. Wisdom is gained by using your best judgment to take the path you choose in this life. It looks to me like an opportunity is offered that will allow you to be more creative in what ever you are most talented in. This may involve taking a path not yet known.

Leo: You may receive some news involving an argument or battle and much destruction. If this does not involve you by all means stay out of the middle of it. The key here is that something is about to inspire you in a way that will lead to a victory in love. Focus your thoughts on the positive in your life let go of all self defeating thoughts this will clear the path to love.

Virgo: Your cup is overflowing you have a wonderful life and things are once again on the up tick. A woman who is very knowledgeable will offer a golden opportunity that will bring in riches. You have found forgiveness in your heart and will soon be inspired by a brown haired man. This may be a spiritual being as an angel or spirit guide. Pay attention to the little thoughts and feelings that come your way each day.

Libra: The challenge here is to get to the top of the mountain you have to let go of feelings of vulnerability in favor of new beginnings. You have felt the frustration and heartbreak for too long now. It is time for this lesson to end in favor of a new lesson that comes from new beginnings that will help you to realize your goal at the top. Sometimes all we have to do is admit to ourselves "Lesson Learned"

Scorpio: The ending of a storm brings truth to light. Sometimes it is good to listen to the words said in anger for they seem to tell the truth in some way. A dark haired man will help you find faith in your own good judgment if you feel a mistake has been made. You may want to say something rather than keeping it to yourself.

Sagittarius: You may have to find some strength when in doubt about a dark haired woman that a man is telling you of. You do not have to give him the answers to the lesson he must learn from this. Although you may find strength in other ways by letting go of your doubts and concentrating on the positive things in your life. A stranger will soon talk to you about a fair or gray haired woman this woman may be helpful in telling you some of her secrets to success.

Capricorn: You may be thinking of seeking out some solitude in Mother Nature or just relaxing outside. This would be good for you because soon there is some good news that will bring in much happiness for you. You may feel like jumping for joy when this news is received. A phone call about a lady who is worried about love or someone she loves. She may ask your thoughts. Or you will know who is calling before the phone rings.

Aquarius: You may soon receive justice in a matter involving a man who thinks he is all that. Remember you are the master in your own life no one else has your powers. Use them wisely and in a positive manner. There is a hidden enemy who may be wearing a disguise as to keep you from seeing who he really is. Pay attention to the signs you are receiving at this time they will guide you away from harms way. Stop Look and Listen are three golden words to live by at this time.

Pisces: Happy Birthday! A surprise is in store for you this may be an invitation or a letter at your door. I must tell you about a lady who is wearing a mask to hide her jealousy pay attention to the lady with the short blond hair. Soon you may hear from a fair or gray haired man through a phone call if you miss the call get back to him ASAP for he may be offering a great amount of abundance that could change your world or at least make you feel more financially secure.

Please say a special prayer for a good friend of mine Ronnie who has cancer. Please visualize pure love and light healing his body. I believe in Miracles and know that the power of love can heal and I am sending you an amazing amount of healing love. I will continue and just ask for my friends who are reading this to do the same.

March 19, 2015 #227

Dear friends, I hope you are all well and are looking to the positive as you go through each day.

I have found staying positive takes some work, especially at times when you wonder if it is working. Relax, stay positive and yes it is working! We do not usually see instant results as we are creating things in our life. Although it can happen instantly, it usually takes a little time for our creations to manifest.

I have found there are three Keys that need to be used before the manifestation of creation is implemented.

#1 Figure out what it is that you would like to create.
Make sure it is something you are passionate about. You must take time to relax and let go of all the thoughts that could block your creation. This means you need a quiet space to begin your creation. Ask your self how it would feel to have your creation manifest. If you are creating a new business or job this should be something you are passionate about.

#2 Visualize in your mind your creation see it clearly, feel the energy around you as you bring this creation to life in your mind.
Think of as already have happened, it is now six months down the road from when you began your creation. Is business booming? Are you driving that new car? Maybe you have found your true love and are creating a wonderful future. As you visualize your creation do not think about how you will get there, only of what it feels like to have your creation realized.

#3 Believe! It is possible to create anything you desire! If you do not believe in your power of creation it cannot possibly happen.
We all have gifts that allow us to create what we desire in this life. It is up to each of us to use these gifts and open our minds to the power that lies within each of us.

These keys are always there for us to use to open new doors in our lives. We just have to use them often. Sometimes we forget to use our gifts we forget how wonderful they really are. It may take a little time before your creations come to life but do not give up. If this is right for you if your creation is one you believe in it can come about. Too often we give up on our dreams our creations in favor of acceptance of this is how it is I have no control. But you do have control and it is you who can make your dreams come true.

One last bit of advice, if you are having a ruff time getting your the visualization of your creation to come up on that screen in your mind. Try writing about it! This works and may help you to see the pictures in your mind easier.

Once you have your creation so clear in your mind, this could take awhile. You will need to let go of it. This will send it into the universe to be manifested for you.

Your creation may take awhile to manifest but in time it will if it is truly your will.

I wish you all Good Luck and hope to hear about the manifestations of your creations very soon. I believe in you!

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******Birth Sign Readings******

Aries: A professional or talented stranger may offer an opportunity that could be associated with the arts in some way. This may require you to use your good judgment when making a choice about which path you really desire to take in life. You can choose fame and fortune but you may be deceiving yourself as to what is really important. Or a lady may try to deceive you. You may have already started down a path that is not what you thought it would be. It is okay to change your mind and go another direction.

Taurus: You may soon feel a sense of peace with a dark haired woman. The New Moon March 20th tomorrow brings in a feeling of peacefulness. You may have figured out that you are the master of your life you may even feel changes happening within your body like a feeling of letting go of much pent up stress. Breathe and relax! Soon a phone call or letter will bring news of abundance for you this news may come from a distance. You are letting go of old doubts and are open to new opportunities.

Gemini: Stop, look and listen these are words to live by because if you pay attention to your intuition you will bring in all the wealth you will need to succeed. Have faith in your self and your ideas as they are good ones. An older woman or fair haired woman may be a hidden enemy she may also be the source of frustration. Again pay attention to what is happening around you and to your thoughts and feelings. Remember you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Cancer: An ending at or near the Full Moon April 4th may bring anxiety but good news will arrive shortly after that brings joyful feelings. The lesson here is to find happiness in the now rather than hoping it to come. Show the universe what you want and you will receive sooner than you think. You have everything to gain this year as money will flow in through an unknown source or winnings.

Leo: There may be a disagreement with a lover or mate that you leave you wondering if you have been a fool in some respects. Try to find a balance rather than becoming angry in the moment. You may soon take a spiritual journey or a trip to a spiritual place. There is much generosity from friends and family. Or a gift may be given or received that brings you happiness.

Virgo: A victory is at hand you will soon win the battle that has been going on within you. This will soon inspire you in a wonderful new direction. The Key is to let go of confusion and know that you will soon be celebrating a victory. Wisdom comes from a brown haired woman she will help you in a very special way.

Libra: You may hear of a scandal involving a powerful, young dark haired man. This news may come within a few weeks and will surprise you. A look into your future brings new beginnings this may be news of a birth or the birth of something new. You may find that though forgiveness a transformation takes place in your life.

Scorpio: A mistake may bring bad news from a friend who may be in need of some help or you may call upon someone for help in correcting a mistake. A brown haired man may soon announce his love for a woman he thinks is all that! Or you may be told of a secret admirer very soon.

Sagittarius: A romantic date may be just what you need right now! You may find that you are stronger than you think and are handling many things quite well at this time. The secret here is to not give up Go for your goals. Realize when you need to take some time for your self also solitude can bring great rewards and solutions to issues at hand. At home you may hear from someone or about someone who is jealous of you. Send her pure love and positive thoughts.

Capricorn: You may find that your thoughts are becoming bridges to more clarity. This clarity may come faster than a lightning bolt in a thunder storm. Don't get greedy when asking for clarity in some situation. Wait for the information to come to you. A fair or gray haired man may extend an invitation that comes by mail or in a card or letter. Or a surprise is in store for you in the near future a good surprise.

Aquarius: If you have had heartbreak and have been feeling vulnerable about starting something news have patience. Soon you will see changes taking place that bring wealth and big pay off's from your diligence. Barriers will come down and justice will be served.

Pisces: Don't let a loss keep you from having hope about the future. Sometimes we have to let go of the old in order for the new to come in. Changes are taking place that will bring good fortune. Be truthful to yourself about a matter that has been bothering you. Remember to love yourself by making your thoughts about your self and others more positive.

April 2, 2015 #228
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

Dear Friends,
In the last month and a half I have taken a look at all the things that really count in this life. I lost a very good friend on the 20th of March. He passed away quickly as he had only learned of his illness on the 28th of January. This has been quite a shock yet I believe that his Spirit will always live on for he was a good person. The kind of person that would give the shirt off his back if you needed it.
RIP Ronnie you will be missed.
This has been a tremendous shock for he was only 48 years old. I am saddened by this loss and for his family I know he was loved by many.

All of this has reminded me that we never know when our time will be up.
Now is the time to let those whom you love know that you love them. Never take for granted that tomorrow will come.

Be happy each morning when you awaken knowing you have another day on this beautiful earth.
Treat others the way you would like to be treated, with kindness.
Tell your family and friends how much they mean to you and what a difference that they have made in your life.
All too often we forget to let people know how special that they are to us.

Make this a month of letting those people you love know just how much you really care about them.

So many times we let our ego ruin our relationships with others. We hold grudges and can't let go of the past. Doing this only hurts the one who is holding onto the anger inside rather than letting it go.
Take a moment to look deep inside yourself and to let go of all old feelings that no longer serve a purpose except to cause you grief.

Your body reacts to the feelings you are holding deep inside be they happy or sad, joyful or mad. Your body is always reacting to what you put in it be it food or thought. You would not eat a rotten egg and expect not to get sick would you? Well the same goes for your mind. You do not want to think angry thoughts and expect to be happy. We all would like to think of ourselves as happy well adjusted people with healthy bodies now don't we.

If there is someone you have held a grudge against or have been angry at, it may be time to let go of this weight that has been holding you down for so long. Maybe you are not ready to forgive them. If this is so remember that you are not hurting them but you are only hurting yourself.

Over the years I have had many people tell me it is hard to let go! Or that they do not want to let go or do not know how to let go of the anger they keep buried inside them selves. Today is the perfect day to release the thoughts feelings and anger that you have held so tightly too.

I use this affirmation to release all thoughts and feelings that are negative and hurtful.

"I now release that part of me that is irritated with_____________"
It may take a few times of saying this to yourself but it will work if you are ready to let go.

I hope this will be helpful and will remind you to keep your thoughts positive!
Staying Positive is always a work in progress!

Does anyone remember what etiquette means?

"Rules of acceptable behavior: the rules and conventions governing correct or polite behavior in society in general or in a particular social or professional group or situation"

Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

I sometimes feel so old because I do remember what etiquette means. What about the Golden Rule?
Do you remember sayings that kept you positive as you were growing up? Please share them and I will put them in the next newsletter.

I would like to think that we are all trying to better ourselves by being the best person we can be today and everyday.

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Spiritual Readings with Julie
I have been reading cards for many years by using a regular deck of playing cards. In a lay I call the Norwegian Cards
I find I can connect with my Spirit Guides and Angels through the doors in my mind that the cards open. This allows me to see beyond this realm and to bring in the answers that are needed to assist one in many areas of life. You can email me julie@Ticklesandsparkles.com or call for an appointment 916-726-4894 I would be most honored to be of assistance. Please use this link to get your reading at a discounted price! http://www.ticklesandsparkles.com/SpecialDiscountReading.htm

******Birth Sign Readings******

Aries: There is soon a sense of peacefulness and hope that comes from an older woman or light haired woman. You may also feel a renewed closeness with a partner or mate. It seems that romance may play a part in a victory achieved. Or that the full moon will bring a victory that will help in clearing any confusion that has been present in your life lately. A celebration may be in order!

Taurus: Sometimes justice comes in like a lightning bolt this may be a surprise a welcome one. Abundance comes to you this month through communications that lead to the truth about something.

Gemini: Is someone deceiving you or have you been deceiving yourself? Are you looking for fame or have you felt that you are surrounded by barriers? Listen to the advice of an older man he will give you an interesting look at the spiritual side of judgment. This man may be a friend or relative or he may be a Guardian Angel sent to help you in making the most positive judgments in order to move forward in life.

Cancer: A sexual attraction may have you acting a bit foolish if single. Or a romantic date with your mate or partner may have you feeling a sense of balance and harmony is here for you in this relationship. Enjoy! Always remember you are the Master of your own happiness. Patience is a Virtue! Through diligence and determination you will receive financial gains. You may want to get a lottery ticket it looks like winnings could be in store for you.

Leo: You may soon realize a friend may be a little bit greedier than you had thought them to be. Or you may be letting go of a friendship that has run its course. Sometimes we have to cut the dead wood from the tree in order to see new growth. New beginnings are in store for you new friendships and new ways of looking at your life. Secrets may come out at this time. Remember that forgiveness is the way to retain your power.

Virgo: A dark haired may will soon offer up wisdom that will help in bringing about reconciliation with someone you have been on the outs with. A woman of the world or a woman who is very knowledgeable will soon tell of a hidden enemy. Pay attention to the signs you are being given at this time remember these three words: Stop, Look and Listen.

Libra: You may be feeling like someone is showing his or her jealousy because of the growth you have attained in the past year. You know the challenges you have had to deal with to get to the top. Don't let others get to you keep up the good work. There are changes in store for you that may stem from a scandal or an argument. Be ready to make some decisions that will allow you to stay in a positive state of mind.

Scorpio: You may receive a phone call from a woman who is worried about something. She may ask you for clarity about something concerning a dark haired woman. A brown haired woman may make you feel a bit vulnerable or may be angry about some bad news she receives. Balance your self and focus on the positive rather than letting the negative drag you down.

Sagittarius: Okay the battle is over and you have figured out a way to use your talents in a way that brings you joy. Yup! Do what you love and you will find success. A brown haired man will soon talk to you about a lady this may be concerning something with the home.

Capricorn: A stranger may soon bring good news and this good news comes with good fortune. There is wealth and abundance coming from an unknown source that can make you feels as if you have the world at your fingertips. You have much strength afforded you at this time and now it is time to enjoy the solitude before the rush of excitement is here.

Aquarius: Lessons have been learned and mistakes have been made and now it is the time to let happiness be your guide. If you have lost something or misplaced it ask for some help from someone with spiritual gifts that help them to find lost things. Through the generosity of another a gift is received.

Pisces: The Key here is to be inspired and to let go of doubt and frustration. It may be time to take a journey that may be a spiritual journey or you may travel to another part of the country. Have faith that the bad times have come to an end and new beginnings are on their way in for you.

April 21, 2015 #229

Hello Friends, I hope that you have been positive and are continuing to Stay Positive in all your thoughts. I know I have been a bit slow in getting this out, I do apologize for this.

I saw an experiment on Face Book that caught my eye a few weeks ago. It was interesting because they showed an apple cut into two pieces one piece was put into a jar with a lid on it the other was placed into another jar. I forget what the labels said so I came up with one could be good and the other bad. Keep the jars in a place where they are easily seen and each day say kind words to the good apple and mean words to the bad apple do this several times a day. At the end of 10 days look at how much the apples have changed. The picture showed the apple that had good written on it was still looking pretty good but the apple with bad written on it had turned black.

This made me think about how Plants, Trees, Water and our Bodies react to our thoughts and words. I was talking with my daughter on the phone about my thoughts and the experiment with the apple. As we were discussing this she said to me "Mom it must have to do with the vibration that is given off when the words are said to each apple". That made total sense to me! I know about this we all have vibration going on within us constantly. In fact everything in the universe is vibrating. Yet everything does not vibrate on the same frequency. This is why the bad apple rotted and the good apple slowed the aging process.

Wow! Now I know that many of you already know about this but it seems sometimes we forget that we are constantly vibrating, and the energy that we are sending out connects with like energy. This is a big reminder to stay positive in your thoughts, words and actions because your energy will reflect this out attracting that positive energy back to you.

Maybe it is a good time for us all to focus our thoughts and words towards sending love into this world. Even I need to be reminded to be positive! I am so lucky to have people in my life that let me know when my energy is not as positive as it could be. Yes we all need that little reminder to be a little kinder with our words and our thoughts and feelings about ourselves and others.

By being kind to yourself you attract kindness from others. By being kind to others you attract kind loving people to you. It is a win, win situation! If you think about it! You can't mentally beat up on yourself and expect others to be attracted to you.
To heal your body, each day talk to yourself and your body. Let it feel love being poured into by letting your mind think only kind and healthy loving thoughts of this beautiful body you have been given. Heal your body though the words and thoughts you are saying and thinking.
Believe in your higher vibration use this energy to create anything you desire because you can.

Tickles and Sparkles "Pure love to you" my friends

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******Birth Sign Readings******

Aries: At this time you may want to pay attention to the signs you are receiving is universe is trying to tell you something. If you want to know the truth about something that has been on your mind for some time. Ask the Gray or fair haired man you will get the answers you seek. A woman may call telling of reconciliation between her and someone she has not seen in some time. She may tell of her worries or anxiety about this situation. Give her positive thoughts on this it will be appreciated.

Taurus: You may be at the fork in the road wondering which direction to go next. Think about which path feels best for you and which does not. Trust your own judgment and know that even if the path that you take isn't the one you thought it would be it is not all bad news. You will receive clarity of some kind that may change your decision about which direction is best for you. There may be some jealousy with a lover or romantic partner. You may have to be more reassuring or let the other person know your true feelings.

Gemini: A brown haired woman may be angry or upset at a lady about something that may surprise you. All I can say for sure is that happiness comes from this situation. You have many lessons to still be learned but there is one that is coming up that will teach you something spiritual or be a very spiritual experience. Welcome it!

Cancer: A woman of the world who is knowledgeable and strong willed may soon bring you good fortune in some way. This may be something you have been wishing for. Soon you may form a new friendship with someone who is spiritual or intuitively guided.

Leo: If you have been worried about a disagreement or have been worried about your popularity with others. Let go of these doubts and feelings of destruction have hope! Believe that something better will be coming forth very soon. Someone may not be who they claim to be or may be trying to deceive you in some way but let go of the negative thoughts of them and use this key: Be inspired to be better! Than those who are putting out the negative energy.

Virgo: You may be frustrated with a dark haired man or you may hear of a mistake that a dark haired man made. This news may come from a woman or she may be the one who is frustrated by the dark haired man. Let the storm blow over don't get worked up over something you can not control. You may soon take a journey that will bring you a sense of peace and happiness. Let go of others thoughts and worries focus on the positive.

Libra: You may feel as if someone is watching you or it may be that you have a hidden enemy that has yet to be reveled. This person may be a brown haired man. He may be searching for justice in some situation that he feels confused about. This may concern heartbreak or something in the past that has hurt him. Use some extra caution for the next few weeks but do not let this become fearful as you only want to attract positive energy your way. All will be revealed soon.

Scorpio: A scandal of some kind brings an ending. Do not loose faith in what you believe. Know that this too shall pass and you will feel love and abundance enter your life as if it was never gone. Through love all is possible focus your thoughts on love on the positive things in life this will bring about the changes you are looking for.

Sagittarius: Changes are coming in rapidly through diligence you will see the rewards you have been looking for just remember not to be greedy. Some good news comes in that proves that having patience really does pay off keep those positive thoughts flowing!

Capricorn: It looks like you are winning the race and financial gains are about to be awarded you. This may come through the generosity of another or a gift that is given you. This may also surprise you. A stranger may tell you of a sexual attraction this too may surprise you! It looks as if the next couple of weeks you are in for some good surprises enjoy!

Aquarius: A victory comes in through a dark haired woman this may be a promotion or something that leads you to new growth. A phone call brings some good news from someone who is a master or is high in his profession.

Pisces: Forgiveness comes from letting go of doubts and old thoughts of the self and others. It is time to enjoy the peace and allow peaceful feelings to flow through you. There may be news of a pregnancy that is being kept secret. Or there may be the birth of a new idea that should be kept secret until the perfect time to reveal it which you will know when the time is right.

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