Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter

November 2007

Written by Julie Humphrey

Dear Friends,

I am so amazed at how quickly this year has passed by. I have made so many changes this year some good and some that have been great lessons in knowing who I am. I know that each of you have made changes too! I hope you have gained much wisdom from the changes you have made.

Each time I write this newsletter I pray for Divine guidance in writing it so that I will be of assistance to at least one person who reads it.

On that note: thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and thank you for all the emails I receive from you.

Looking into the Future

What would you say if I told you that you can start creating your future today, just by doing some visualization exercises? First we will start with looking at the past, by seeing the past we can move onto the now and then to the future. Close your eyes and look up and to your right you may get a picture of something that has happened in your past. Maybe you will have a thought about something that happened a day or even week ago. Now move your eyes so that you are looking straight ahead still keeping them closed. This is the now it is what is happening right now. Feel the energy that is coming through to you right now. Are you happy do you feel good is there just a peaceful still feeling within you? Now look to your left this is your future. You may just see a brilliant white light when you start looking to the left and it may fade some as you are focusing on it. Now think of what you would like to have happen or what you would like to create. At first this may be a little hard to do because we seem to get so distracted by the past and the now that we forget to look to the left and create our future. As you practice this you will be able to looking to the left with your eyes open. You will be able to look at the future at any time you need to create a better outcome in any situation. For example: there is a person that you know who is always in a bad mood. You have never even seen this person smile and you have to meet with them the next day. The night before the meeting you close your eyes, look to the right and visualize this person’s face. Then with your eyes still closed you move your eyes to the left and see this person smiling and laughing. As you visualize all this persons good qualities coming forth you thank them in your mind for the delightful meeting. The next day at your meeting you will notice a wonderful difference in this person’s attitude.

What about creating something that you really desire like a new car? You will again close your eyes and look to your right seeing your old car in your mind. Then you will again move your eyes to the left and visualize your self driving down the road in your new car, with a smile on your face. What color is it? What does the interior look like? How does it smell? Be sure to see all that is happening in the picture as if you already are in the car. With this exercise you will want to focus on this picture of you in your new car several times during the day. When you are driving your old car pretend it is your new car and how good it feels to drive it. As you are doing this you will find that you will be able to see more and more of the details in the new car.

The more you are creating the easier it will get for you to be able to visualize what you desire. It may take a month or two before you have what you truly desire. You will have to know in your heart and mind that it is yours and that the universe will provide it for you. When what you desire is so clear and so perfect in your mind without a doubt. It will manifest.

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May you be blessed with joyful experiences remember to give out happiness and love to others if you expect to receive it.

Tickles and Sparkles is Pure Love. Please take a moment to visualize a beautiful white feather tickling you and golden sparkles surrounding you. I am sending you Tickles and Sparkles right now.

Blessings from Julie