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October 2007

*Happy Halloween*

Greetings from Julie,

I can not believe another year has gone by and that soon it will be Halloween once again. I have to tell all the folks in Lodi, CA that I will miss you I have been going to Fidelity Title and doing readings on Halloween for about ten years now. I will certainly miss all your wonderful faces although I would never know some of you, if I met you on any other day but Halloween. It has been a wonderful part of my life. Thank you all for coming out to see me each year. I hope you will still call me for readings.

I want to thank all of my wonderful friends and wish you a very “Happy Halloween” and tell you I love you. I am very grateful for the opportunity to read for you and to be able to use the gifts I have been blessed with. I feel that you are a blessing to me so that I can enhance my own life through giving out love to you.

Mercury Retrograde

October 11, 2007 to November 1, 2007

Okay! So here we go once again. It is time to back up your computers and clear the clutter. Mercury will be retrograding in Libra and Scorpio what does this mean to you? Well first when mercury is retrograde in Libra you may believe everything you hear and lack the right judgment or be superficial in judgment of others. You may not know how to decide anything with certainness or sureness of mind. You may make decisions that are not really in your best interest. Ouch that hurts! We all want to make the right decisions. Well maybe we should just put it off until we are out of the retrograde!

When Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio you will be able to know the depth of others and see through them to discover what they are really about. You may become a little more critical of others, so let go of those thoughts before they get in your way. Do not let negative thoughts overwhelm you. At this time you may be able to face your own demons and release them so that you may be in a better space.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life and you will find that this time will pass more quickly and you will come out of this retrograde a better person.

Remember that when Mercury is retrograde it is not the time to sign any contracts if you have to please read the fine print and check it twice maybe three times.

Take time to visit old friends and loved ones this will help keep you in balance, giving out love rather than asking for it. As we all know that what you give out you will receive.

Balance your spiritual self by meditation or reading a good self help book. Exercise your body, mind and spirit. Take a Sea Salt bath to neutralize any negative energy that you may encounter.

Know that things especially anything electrical can break down at this time, Like cars, vacuums, toasters and computers and cell phones. Accidents are more likely so drive safely and be a little more careful.

There may be missed communications this can be at work or at home. If you thought that someone else fed the dog or cat, don’t forget to double check or else snoopy may go hungry.

Above all please do not get into any discussion that may lead to an argument, at this time for you may regret it later.

Oh! did I mention that old lovers seem to come back during retrogrades? Yup they do and they may want you back, for awhile that it is until the retrograde is over and things go back to normal.

So if you had a falling out with someone and they are ready to make changes this month please put it off until the retrograde is over.

Okay I guess you all get the point I am trying to make here I know it sounds a little strange that a planet can cause so much chaos, but it does. I have studied Mercury retrogrades affects on this world for many years and can tell you for a fact it is very real.

Well you have read this far, I am so very grateful that you took the time to read Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter and are ready to have a great month and enjoy each day to its fullest.

Halloween Costume Contest

I would love to see pictures of your Halloween costumes I will give a free 30 minute reading to the person with best costume picture I receive. All pictures must be emailed to me by November 10th, 2007 along with your name and phone number.


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