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August 2007 Written by Julie Humphrey

Greetings Friends,

Once again sitting here looking at the computer and asking for guidance in what I should write about. I know it will be more like the end of September before I get time to write another Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter because of the move I am soon making.

Just know I will keep them coming and I have a great feeling they are going to get even better. How do I know this? I guess I just have faith and belief that I will be given the information that will be of great use for all who are reading this.

I would like to thank all of my friends who have wrote in and thanked me for the newsletters it really is nice to know I can be of service and that I am able to help in some way to brighten someone’s day.

Merlin’s Cave

Written by Julie Humphrey

It has been about ten years ago that I first went to Merlin’s Cave in a meditation I was doing, to my amazement I still go there when I need advice or information I can’t seem to get any other way. Today I would like to share this wonderful place with you.

I was sitting on my back patio relaxing on the lawn chair as I closed my eyes I saw a swirling light blue sparkling light surrounding me as I sat there I felt a calmness rush over me and I was in a big beautiful meadow of the greenest grass and the most bright yellow flowers. I stood in the meadow looking at the mountain in the distance and the tall trees that were surrounding the meadow. I could see a pathway in the distance that was leading up the mountain and at that instant I thought to my self I would love to follow that path I wonder where it leads to. I stood there just breathing in the fresh air and watching the butterflies hovering around me. Soon I was surrounded by beautiful butterflies of all kinds and colors they were so beautiful like a painting of the most brilliant colors I have ever seen in my life. As I started to walk towards the mountain I saw that the pathway began about ten feet from where I was standing and there was a small white rabbit sitting on the cobble stone path right in front of me. I know I must have looked startled for the rabbit looked at me and began to speak “Hi there the rabbit said I am Hobo they call me Hobo because I am always moving from place to place but never stay to long”. I am a traveler the rabbit said in the most amazingly serious voice I have ever heard coming from a rabbit. But then again I have really never heard a rabbit speak before now. The rabbit Hobo then asked me where I was going and if I would like some company along my way. I said sure I would love the company and that I was just following the path to the big mountain at the other side of the meadow. What is your name? The rabbit asked me in a lighter less serious voice. I am Julie I said to him as we started upon the path and the butterflies where flying along besides us as we walked towards the mountain. Hobo then asked me, do you know who lives in that mountain and I responded with a smile saying know I have no idea who lives there. I know said Hobo it is Merlin’s mountain and he lives in a big beautiful cave at the top of the mountain would you like to meet him Hobo asked me? Why yes I would be delighted to meet Merlin I answered quickly. Soon we were at the foot of the mountain and I could see that there was a beautiful waterfall flowing down the side of this mountain there was a lake at the bottom of the waterfall with beautiful ferns and flowers surrounding the lake. As we got closer I could see a bench of granite upon the path I asked Hobo if I could sit for a minute and just take in the view of the Waterfall and the lake it was so peaceful and beautiful there. Hobo responded with a nod of his head and in a much less serious voice “why yes! I would be happy to sit for a moment also before we head up the mountain for a visit with Merlin”. As we sat there I noticed from the corner of my eye a movement in the bushes near my side I turned my head towards the bushes and out of them came the biggest Black Panther I have ever seen in my life. I was startled at first and then at that moment a great calmness came over me and I heard a beautiful female voice say did you come to see Merlin? I think I must have been in a state of shock to hear such a beautiful voice coming from a Black Panther. “Hi said the panther I am Clarissa, I will be your guide to Merlin’s cave as he knew you would be arriving soon. I am Julie and this is Hobo the r-rabbit, I know, I know Clarissa said, before I could hardly get the words out of my mouth. She walked towards me and looked me with her big brown eyes so tenderly and seemed to smile. Clarissa then said I am so happy you have come here today we have been waiting for you and knew that you would make the journey here as soon as you were ready. I thought to my self ready for what? Without the words even being spoken she had heard my thoughts. You will soon find out she said and then started walking towards the path that leads up the mountain.

Hobo and I jumped up and immediately started following Clarissa on the pathway leading up the mountain side. As we walked I started to feel a sensation of floating as if my feet had left the ground and I was being lifted by magic up the mountain path. Soon we had arrived at a large opening near the mountain top as I stood there getting my footing back on solid ground I said to Clarissa wow! We are here already! She smiled and said the sooner the better. Now take your shoes off and come inside. I could feel the spray of the waterfalls on my face as I walked inside the cave. It was enormous and so beautiful with crystals protruding from the ceiling of the cave as I walked into the room I could see a large fire pit in the center of the room with a big roaring fire of orange and reds and yellows inside of it. Near the fire stood a tall man with a long white beard and a pointed hat made of purple velvet with moons and stars on it he was dressed in a long purple robe that flowed around him. He held out his arms to welcome me as I walked towards him he spoke to me in a deep and well mannered voice welcome my dear I knew you would be arriving. I see you have me Hobo the traveling rabbit and Clarissa of course. Come, come he said as I got closer he reached out and hugged me I am so glad you have come I knew you would come to see me when you were ready to have this experience. I really wasn’t quite sure what I was here for at that moment I was still so amazed at being able to meet with Merlin the magician of magicians. I had heard of his magical abilities and had wished to be able to meet him but had always thought to my self that this was just myth and not real by any means. Well he said as if reading my mind of course I am real and I am here to teach you of the magic you possess within you my dear. As we chatted back and forth for awhile I was feeling more and more at ease and a peaceful feeling washed over me. I asked many questions that day and when it was nearing time for me to leave I saw a giant chest of golden coins appear before me I looked at Merlin and he said to me “This chest is filled with magical coins each golden coin has a word or a phrase written on it. You may have as many coins as you would like but you can only use them to make your wishes”. Merlin then said go take a coin out of the chest and look at the words written on it they will tell you something you must know. Then take the coin to the opening that overlooks the waterfall at the side of the cave I looked in the direction he was pointing out to me and saw the water fall flowing down over an opening in the cave. He then said to make a wish and know that it will be granted if it is coming from your heart and you truly believe in the power of magic. Then Merlin said to me take the coin and through it into the waterfall. I walked over to the big chest of golden coins as I put my hand into the chest I was thinking to myself, what do I wish for?

I know I will wish for the opportunity to come back to Merlin’s cave again and again. As I took the coin I looked at it and the words “Believe you can come back and you will” appeared on it. As I looked at the other side of the coin I saw the words “With love in your heart all is possible” appear. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks as I walked to the opening where the waterfall flowed down the side of the mountain and tossed the coin into the waterfall. I walked back to Merlin and thanked him for the wonderful experience of this day with him and then I told him it was time for me to return home. Merlin said to me “You are welcome to come and visit at anytime, the chest will always be overflowing with the golden coins for your wishes”. He then gave me a hug and I said I will be back soon, thank you once again for your kindness. As Clarissa and Hobo and I started down the path leading to the bottom of the mountain I felt a peacefulness flowing within me and a knowing I would keep returning to this beautiful place. I soon was sitting in my chair on the patio in my back yard once again, as I opened my eyes I felt so happy and refreshed. I will never for get this first time I went to Merlin’s Cave.

I have been to Merlin’s cave many times since then each time I learn new things and I see so much more I invite you to visit Merlin’s cave at any time that you are ready I know you will be welcomed.

I hope that you have enjoyed this wonderful story and that it wasn’t too long of a newsletter for you I know it was a bit more than I usually write. I just had a feeling that I was suppose to share it with you. If you liked it please e-mail me and let me know what you thought. I would like to tell you about the many wonderful times I have been to Merlin’s cave I really think it will become a book someday soon.

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