Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter

July 2007

Greetings to all my wonderful friends,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful summer with your family and friends. To often we get so busy with our lives that we forget to notice how wonderful life is. Be in gratitude for the wonder life presents us with each day. When we notice life’s little miracles it seems that more and more of them start happening in our lives.

As One Door Closes another Door Opens

There are times in our lives when a door will close and it should not be about sadness but about welcoming the new experiences that we will encounter.

Change is always happening it happens constantly even though there are times we are not aware of the changes that are taking place they continue to do so.

I am welcoming the wonderful changes that are now taking place in my life.

The end of August 2007 I will be moving to Southaven Mississippi. Yes, this is a big change for me and a really wonderful opportunity for me to have new experiences and to meet new people. I really enjoyed my visit to Mississippi in April of this year. At that time I had no clue that I would be moving there and that I would do it before the end of this year. I truly appreciate that the universe is providing me this wonderful opportunity.

The funny thing is that I know I have created this through my thoughts and writings. Every year on New Years Day I make a wish board on which I put pictures of things I desire to have on it. I had put a picture of a house I would love to have on it. To my surprise I am going to move into a very similar beautiful brand new home in September.

I am so excited to see this wish now being manifested and it affirms my faith in knowing we are our own creators. I had also written in my journal that “I now have the home of my choice it is beautiful and perfect for me”. I encourage you to write in your journal and make your wish board because I have proof it does work! I am very happy I will have my Daughter, Son-in-law and Grandchildren near me there. For me this will be a whole new experience one that I know will be wonderful.

I am still available to do Norwegian Card Readings, Life Coaching and yes I will continue writing this newsletter. If you would like to get a reading done before the end of August please contact me as soon as possible for an appointment. I have been quite busy packing for the big move but still have plenty of time for you. From September 1st to 18th I will be busy moving into my new home so please book your appointment now.

You can contact me by email Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com or by phone at the 916- 726-4892 number. This number will be forwarded to my new number as soon as I get it. You can also call me on my cell phone this number is: 916-718-1035. I will be keeping this number.

A Message Received

I was sitting at the edge of my pool one evening about a week ago, dangling my feet into the water when I received a message. I was told not to worry about making this move that the universe will give me all the guidance I will need. This voice I was hearing then told me, there is an important reason you are moving to Mississippi. I just sat quietly listening to the voice I was hearing. The voice then said to me, Julie you are to continue teaching people to create miracles in their lives. This is why you are here on this earth. There are many new friends to make and many people who need to hear the guidance you have to give. Be open to the opportunities that will soon present themselves to you. The universe is always supplying you and will continue to do this as you are a part of the universal mind and the way will always be there for you. Wow! I was amazed at how quickly this all flowed in to me. I was filled with so much joy and peace just knowing that I was being told everything will work out perfectly. I am sure that there have been times in your life when you were not sure what was next for you just as I was that evening sitting by the pool. I know that I will continue to teach people of what they can create. I have total faith that I will be supplied with all that I ask for and desire all I have to do is be open to receiving. We all have the power within us to create exactly what we want and desire it is up to us to decide that we are ready to do this. I thank the voice I heard that evening and I know it comes to me as a blessing for the joy I feel is truly wonderful and increases my faith a hundred fold.

Do, you have a story about how you have created something wonderful in your life?

I would love to hear about it and if you would like to share your stories I will be glad to share them in the Tickles and Sparkles Newsletters. Please email them to me at Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

All Things were once just a Thought

What a statement that is! Look around you right now and know that everything you are seeing was at first just a thought in someone’s mind. This still amazes me when I think about it.

If you haven’t started a journal it is never to late to begin writing and creating your future.

Notes for a successful journal:

Write only positive thoughts in your journal.

Visualize as you write.

Begin big or small it is up to you what you desire to create.

Be sure to write down the date so when you look back you will see when you began your creation.

Remember to believe in what you want to create and see it with great clarity for the clearer you are the faster the Universe can manifest it for you.

Please never give up on what you desire to create, the universe is listening and when the timing is right it will manifest.

I know that summer is a busy time for all of us, but take time each day to send out pure love to our earth and to all living things. Be in appreciation of this beautiful earth. I love and appreciate all of you and I send you blessings of love, joy and abundance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this news letter.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie