Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter
February 2007
Happy Valentines Day

What is this? Mercury the planet is going Retrograde on February 13th 2007!
Yes! That is what I wrote and it will be retrograde for three weeks and end on March 7th 2007.
Please take time to read through this newsletter. I have made a list of what you can do to ease the stress of this time when Mercury Retrograde is in your sun sign and the dates it will be there, at the end of this newsletter.

I have put together a list of things to do and not to do when Mercury is retrograde. I have been studying the effects of Mercury retrograde for many years and what I know for sure is that it will and does affect all of us in some way.

Do clean out your closet and clear the clutter during this time.
Do finish up old projects and things you have started in this time period.
Do stay focused and balanced meditate and let your higher self guide you.

Tune in and ask what is best for me? What will happen if I do ______?
You will receive your answers if you listen to your body and how it feels.
If you have planned a trip or vacation and will be leaving during the retrograde know that delays can happen and just prepare for it. If driving, make sure your car is in good running order and be a little more cautious during this time. If flying be sure to ask your Angels to protect you and know there may be a change in flight plans.

Do not sign important papers during a retrograde including loans, leases or business agreements.
Do not buy that new car during the retrograde including any motorized vehicle or you may not be happy with it after Mercury goes direct.
Do not argue with anyone, let anger flow through you.
Cell phones, computers, vacuums, dishwashers and washing machines the list is endless can all go on the blink at this time.
Things seem to break down during this time so if all possible wait till the retrograde is over to go out and buy a new one.

Did you know that you may feel the affects of Mercury going retrograde up to two weeks ahead of the date it goes retrograde?

In fact I sat down to write a newsletter last week and I turned on my laptop to get started, to my surprise and bewilderment the computer wouldn't start up. I called to Robert and showed him what was happening. He is pretty smart when it comes to computers and I figured he would get it working for me. There was hope that he could get the information off the hard drive and save it for me. In the mean time I thought positively and figured that if it didn't work out I would just have to start over. Then I got the bad news the hard drive was fried there was no way I was going to have any of the writings I have done back. I had two books in the works on the computer and I hadn't backed them up. I also lost plenty of writings and some of my coaching outlines. The good thing is that I had sent a good friend a copy of my little book of magic by email so she could tell me her thoughts on it. I am so happy I will be able to get it back. I thought to myself this must be the start of the Mercury Retrograde and I should have practiced what I preach every Mercury Retrograde. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER! Now! You can bet I will make it a ritual to do this more often.
Throughout this experience I didn't feel upset or worried. I was at peace with the fact that I would have to start over and that I would have to begin my book again.
The night before the hard drive fried, I asked the universe what I could do to bring in the financial success I desire. I soon received the message or thought in my mind that I was to finish my book and find out how to turn it into an e-book. I was all fired up to accomplish the finishing of this book. Now as I am thinking about this experience. I know there are reasons for everything and I feel it must be time to start fresh and to let go of any worry why it happened. The reason I feel so at peace with this is because I have found that letting the negative thoughts and feelings flow through me and not allowing them to get stuck is so much easier that being frustrated and worried over something I do not control anyway.

How can you avoid challenges during a retrograde in your Sun Sign?
When Mercury is retrograde in your sun sign it can affect you stronger than the rest of the time it is retrograde so I have written the dates and what you can do to improve the energy of this time.

Aries- February 20th and the 21st Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
Save your great new ideas and implement them after the retrograde. Don't make hasty decisions breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth thee times first. Kick back and go with the flow. Maybe go on a vacation.

Taurus- February 22nd and the 23rd Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
Don't invest money right now wait till Mercury is direct and your investments will payoff. Visit a place of beauty and relax with good friends. Make dinner for someone you love.

Gemini- February 24th and 25th Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
Re-think your decisions, back up your computer and clean out your desk. Above all be kind to others and speak with love.

Cancer- February 26th 27th and the 28th Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
Take time out to pamper your self with a pedicure or take a sea salt bath. Think about the good things that have and are happening in your life. Think of someone you could help by making them laugh.

Leo- March 1st and 2nd Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
Make sure that you have a back up plan if you are planning an event or party.
Stay in shape by taking daily walks and exercising. Don't hire that new employee during this time wait or you may be disappointed with the person you hire on. Be nice to all the people you come in contact with.

Virgo- March 3rd 4th and 5th Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
Take time to organize your office, drawers, home and yard clear off the desk and then when you are done take a day off to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Learn to say no to starting new things during this time. Be kind and generous to others by helping out or running an errand for them.

Libra- March 6th and 7th Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign. Remember Mercury goes direct on March 7th.
Do not Sign contracts or important papers. Make time to visit with your friends.
Seek out harmonious situations with others. Find a quiet space and meditate. Balance your body, mind and spirit.

Scorpio- Mercury is will be direct in your sun sign on March 8th
Don't hold on to anger and do not argue with others. Go within to find answers to the questions you have about life and your happiness. Breathe and ask what you can to do be of more service to others.

Sagittarius- February 12th and 13th Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
This is not a good time to travel use caution and stay alert while driving. Write a list of things you would like to learn about in the future. Do something fun that is relaxing. Call your Dad or Grandfather and let him know you love him.

Capricorn- February 14th and 15th Mercury will be retrograde in your sun sign.
Rethink your plans and make sure they are solid. Go on an outing to your favorite recreational park. Rewrite your resume and start looking for a better place of employment but wait to send out the resume you have perfected until after this period.
Be generous to less fortunate people and smile back when you are smiled at.

Aquarius- February 16th 17th Mercury will be retrograde in your sign.
Make plans to help out in your community or the less fortunate when Mercury goes direct. Don't volunteer just yet investigate each organization first. Don't speak bad of others. And do not talk behind your friends back or you may loose the friendship and the trust of a good friend. Read your horoscope daily.

Pisces- February 18th and 19th Mercury will be in your sun sign.
Don't get all emotional over the little stuff relax. Balance you self with prayer and meditation. Be creative and work on your hobbies. Do something that makes you feel good and calms you. Play soft music and sing.

Yea! You made it through this Newsletter! I hope you are still smiling.

I bless each of you with love, light and happiness. I am very grateful for the wonderful comments I get each month from my readers and I look forward to receiving more. If you have a question or would like to submit an idea on how to be more positive in life please email me at Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com.

Call or email Julie today for a reading and find out what is coming up for you in the near future.
Have a wonderful day! Tickles and Sparkles from me, Julie