Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter
November 2006
Written by Julie Humphrey

What is LOVE?
LOVE is an energy so powerful so encompassing and so elusive yet always there for us.
LOVE is the key we are all looking for and don't realize we have it in our pocket.
Every person on this earth is striving for one thing and that is LOVE even those people who claim not to want or need LOVE, yes even mean people are looking for LOVE.
Tickles and Sparkles are words I use to describe PURE LOVE. I send Tickles and Sparkles out to all people and I visualize a beautiful white light around the person I am thinking of then I visualize Golden Sparkles floating all around them. I am sending PURE LOVE to the person and I see the difference in their attitude when I do this.
Through out my years of reading for people I have had many people who found it hard to love their enemy, but by sending out hatred and anger that is exactly what they receive in some form or another. This can come in the form of illness and accidents or being treated badly. It is truly up to you, but if you decide you want to attract LOVE then you are going to have to be ready to put it out there first so LOVE will know you want it in your life.
LOVE desires to be with you and to hold you and comfort you but it has to be invited. Take some time to think about what love means to you and if you invited LOVE into your life what it would be like. Wow! This could really be big! LOVE could change your life. Start practicing LOVE today see the changes that take place within one week.
Take five or more minutes each day to relax and close your eyes and say the word LOVE over and over, or say Tickles and Sparkles over and over. When you are finished you will feel the LOVE growing within you and you will start to know LOVE and how LOVE feels.
I have just sent you Tickles and Sparkles PURE LOVE!

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A Tickles and Sparkles Psychic reading party is fun and informative for you and your friends. Julie will come to your home and speak with you and your friends giving wonderful advice on how you can enhance your own psychic abilities and bring more abundance into your life. Then she will do readings for you and your friends. There is a $50.00 Booking Fee each Guest pays $5.00 to $10.00 to attend and you have your party booked depending on the amount of people who commit to coming I recommend inviting six to ten people. After Julie has entertained you and your guests she will do private reading for your guests charging only $35.00 for a half hour reading that is a $15.00 savings and is only available at the time of your party. The Host or Hostess will receive a free reading from Julie and with each party booked from your party will give you ten dollars off your next reading. What a deal!
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Mercury will be going direct on November 17th

We have been in a Mercury Retrograde for a few weeks now and I am sure many of you have had your fair share of breakdowns and glitches. My Daughter was telling me she has had enough breakdowns this month, the truck, her washer and their car had a radiator hose break. Well this year aught to be just wonderful we will be done with the retrograde during the holidays for the first time in years. That means the gifts you give will be loved and cherished "I hope"!
Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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Have a Wonderful Day Tickles and Sparkles from Julie