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July 2006

Written By Julie Humphrey

From July 4th 2006 to July 29th 2006 Mercury is Retrograde

YEA! it is almost over!

When Mercury is retrograde it is NOT a good time to sign important papers such as loan documents or buy a car, truck or other motorized vehicle.

Do not make important decisions if you do not have to. DO! Back up computers.

Electrical problems can and do happen, appliances break down and so do cars.

As for People, watch out! They can be mean and say things that are not too nice. There are arguments, accidents and miss communication.

What can you do to make this time better?

You can be positive and try to stay in a good frame of mind when things go wrong, let go of the anger you may feel at the stranger who cuts you off in traffic, and smile a lot! Please above all realize that anger is just the ego wanting to get its way. Change this by sending out pure love out to other people and to our earth.


A good friend Renee told me this one. I know it works, I tried it.

Make a list of what:

1-You know you do not want in a situation!

2-Then she said make a list of what you know you want/desire to happen in the situation!

3-Now get clear on what it is you want/desire!

4-Visualize it as though it has happened!

5-Let it go!

Try it next time you would like something wonderful to happen.


Remembering the Magic in Life

Too often we forget the magic we have learned throughout our lives and we tend to let our egos and daily life drive us without regards to thinking about what path we want to take. Our body is like a car and our ego the mind thinks it is the driver our spirit sits quietly in the back seat. There are times we loose control of the car simply by listening to everyone around us telling us what to do and where to go. We don’t even think of asking our Spirit who is setting quietly in the back seat what to do next or even what path to take. Our mind tends to decide what is the next turn we will make in life and if we are not asking our Spirit if this might be the right turn for us, our car may just break down.

Sometimes the Spirit decides to do some back seat driving and tells you that you are not on the right path/ road in life that you should be, if you are smart you will listen to your spirit and take the road/path of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Joy, and Healing.

Take care of your Car/Body. Love it like you would a new car, drive it with confidence and care, say positive things to remind your Driver/Your Mind to think positive thoughts and consult with your Spirit often even if the road gets rough. Spirit/ Your higher self will always lead you down the right road for you.



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Take time out to pray for Peace

In the world today there is so much violence going on and war seems to be growing stronger between nations. I ask you to please take time each day to pray for peace and love to prevail. Visualize the world as a peaceful place where love is everywhere and people are kind and good, this is what being human should be. We are all connected and it is about time we stood up for what is good and of love. Please pray because peace starts with you and your vision make it a positive one filled with love. Love does work do not let pessimists tell you differently. I know love works. I trust and have total faith in the power love carries in it. Remember to pray with gratitude as though it has already happened. Feel the joy well up in your heart and soul as you pray and visualize positive results.


A blessing from Julie to You!

I bless each and every one of you that your life may be filled with joy and love, that each day your road be smoother and your path filled with happiness.

May Spirit be with you and guide you to your hearts true desire.

May you be blessed with abundance and may all your days be filled with love.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie


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