Tickles and Sparkles
June 2006
Written by Julie Humphrey

Greetings My Friends,
I hope all is totally wonderful in your live today and everyday.

Many people ask me how can I let it ! (whatever it is, worry,fear and so on) go?
Now! I think I have an answer for them and for you.
I took a meditational journey to Merlin's Cave which was very inspiring for it showed me how to let go! As I was relaxing I started a journey that would help me to understand how to do this letting go very easily and quite quickly.
I began my Journey where I always do at the opening near the edge of the forest. As I walked down the path I was surprised to feel that I had something in my hands I looked down to see what I had been carrying and I saw two large sticks in my hands. They were about a foot long and about two inches around. I walked carrying the sticks until I saw a beautiful waterfall just ahead of me. Then I heard a voice that told me to drop the sticks on the forest floor. Immediately I dropped the sticks and felt such a relief. I continued my Journey to the cave and enjoyed my visit with Merlin. As I left the cave and headed down the beautiful rock pathway, I felt a sigh of relief run through me like a burden had been lifted from me. I finished up my meditation, then went back to getting on with my day. Later that afternoon I was sitting at the dinning room table just relaxing when I started to wonder why I had those sticks in my hands. This time when I went to visit Merlin's Cave the voice came to me and said the Sticks are your worries and fears. You have layed them down and you do not have to ever pick them up again, Wow! I thought to myself then where do they go? They don't just lay on the forest floor and pile up, do they? Instantly I got this message from the voice and it said, "no Julie they do not just pile up, they are used to fuel the Eternal Fire in Merlin's Cave". At this point I was feeling pretty good about helping fuel that fire. I asked the voice if I should go back and take them up to the cave. No said the voice, they will be magically taken to the cave. All you have to do is keep taking the Sticks into the forest. Whenever you have a worry or fear, take it into the forest and lay it on the forest floor. We will take care of the rest for you. Since that day I have repeatedly gone into the forest to lay the sticks on the forest floor even when I have no time to do a full meditation I know I can in an instant, go in to the forest and Let Go! of the sticks.

I hope you have enjoyed this story and that you too will go into the forest and lay down your sticks. Remember you don't have to pick them up and it is time to let go of the worries and fears in your life. There is quite a bit more to my meditations with Merlin and the visit to his cave.
You to can go to Merlin's Cave with Julie each time you listen to her CD Journey to Merlins Cave. If you do not have a this CD you can order it now at http://www.ticklesandsparkles.com/CDpage.htm

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Have a wonderful day and may blessings of abundance be with you.

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