May 2006

Greetings to All,
I have to apologize for not getting a newsletter out last month, I think that time got away from me. I am starting this month out right! It is May and it is going to be a great month!
Live like there is no tomorrow, Laugh till you cry, Love with all your heart, Think happy thoughts that fill your heart with joy.

Seeing the Light within Everyone
Today I would like to talk about seeing the light in everyone. What does that mean to you? Well it means that instead of judging someone you need to let go of all ego thoughts and what you may think they are thinking, and see into their soul. See the light within them. Don't think about anything else; just see the light that connects us all. I like to think of a brilliant white light at their heart and see it growing from the size of a golf ball to the size of a beach ball. Look at who they really are, not what they may show you or who they may think they are. Even if this person is one of those people you can barely put up with, you will be able to accept them because you are not looking on the outside but you are seeing the love within them. Each of us has love within us, that little white ball of light.
Sometimes we forget about the light within and we send out negative thoughts in haste to other people. What happens when we do this? Our light grows smaller and in return we feel the effects of our negative thoughts, as well as the person we sent the thought to feeling this negative energy hitting them.
Example: Have you ever awakened in a great mood, filled with happiness at the start of a new day. You get up and sing in the shower, get ready for work, get in your car and head down the road, all excited about your day. When you get to work someone you see is in a terrible mood angry and frowning maybe even making rude comments about someone else. At that moment you forget all about being happy because this person has put some negative energy out and you have been hit with it. What do you do? Get angry at this person or do you send them pure love seeing a glowing ball of light around them. I believe that the second choice is the best choice for when you are sending out love, it is energy and it will reach them. Don't judge how the person is acting just see the light within them. Send it from your heart to their heart.

Positive Verses Negative
I have been working with people for many years on creating positive experiences in their lives. Some of the excuses I get from people as to why they can not be positive are truly amazing. Like "I can't be positive because I don't know how". This usually comes after I have told them how they can start to become more positive. Then there is "How can I be positive when my mate, boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, children, etc. are so negative, or they don't want to help me be positive. Well I have to tell you something that may come as a shock! You are in charge of your own emotions! Yes you!
You are the only one who can change your emotions. Being positive is just as easy as being negative, you can allow yourself to have positive experiences by owning your emotions and telling yourself that you can change and you are ready for this change to occur in your life. When we decide to make a positive change it doesn't happen over night but with practice it does become easier and easier. I like to make up positive little songs to sing to my self during the day.
It helps me to feel happy inside and I then I reflect this positive energy out to others.
You can say positive affirmations these really are great in helping you to stay in line with your higher being. Don't dwell on the past; this is what gets people into a rut. Instead think of now and the things you can do right now to be happier today and tomorrow.
Take time out each day to write down three things you love about yourself, each day think of three new things you love about yourself or your life. Oh! If you can't think of anything new make something up. Like: I love the way I _______________.
I am sure you will be able to fill in the blank. Remember Practice Makes Perfect.
Let me know how you create positive changes for yourself and those around you. You can email me at Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com

Now Available
You can now get 15 minutes a week with Julie to ask questions or get a mini reading. Pay for an hour reading and divide it into four 15 minute secessions. You will have to still make an appointment, I will be happy to set it up for you at the same time each week or a day in advance.
Remember you can always get a half hour reading for just $50.00 a half hour, these readings are very informative and helpful. If we go over the half hour time 5 to 10 minutes you will not be charged any extra.
To make your Appointment today call Julie at 916-726-4892

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Daily Affirmation: I say this one nine times each day, it works.
Through the power of my energized mind the miracle of metaphysical healing is now curing all of my financial ills. In my life unlimited resources are at my disposal necessary to allow me to live comfortably without financial worry. I shall never know financial want again.
I hope you will try to memorize this one it is great and works so well if you say it daily nine times I do it all at once when I am taking my shower!

The magic works only when we remember to use it!

Have a wonderful day and may blessings of abundance be with you.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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