March 2006
Tickles and Sparkles Newsletter

Greetings my Friends, and Happy Birthday to all of you who are having birthdays this month.
Did you know that Pisces people are one of the most spiritual signs in the zodiac. This makes me think of all the people I know who have the Pisces birth sign. They really are mostly spiritual people. One thing a Pisces person should be careful of is letting other people drain your energy. One way is to protect yourself and your spirit by visualizing a beautiful mirror ball of light around yourself each morning and each evening. This will mirror the energy that is negative and harmful to your spirit out into the Universe to be cleansed and then you can ask that the cleansed energy be returned to mother earth as pure love for all living things. Have a wonderful Birthday.

Special Note: Mercury is Retrograde from March 2, 2006 to March 25, 2006
I am sure most of you who read this little newsletter know what this means but just as a reminder I will give it to you again. Mercury is the planet of communication and when Mercury goes retrograde or backwards in a sense it means many mix-ups and accidents, lost communication, and break-downs happen. This is all about movement and energy. You can just bet in a Mercury Retrograde you will hear of a computer going down or a lost important cell phone call.
Things to remember when Mercury is retrograde: Do not buy any new electronic devices because they may not function properly. Do not sign any important papers such as loan documents. Do not go out and buy a new car, it may turn out to be a lemon.
Do clear out the old and finish up old projects you have been putting off.

Love yourself
Today take time to look into the mirror and say "I love you" to yourself. Look into your eyes the windows of your soul and see the love that you have within you. Then bless yourself with the light and love you desire. It is said that before we can give out love we have to love ourselves first. Be nice to you today and every day.
Make a list of all the things you really love about your self and don't be shy about it and add to this list daily. It will help you to remember who you truly are.
We as humans tend to forget that we are special and we are Gods perfect children. I write each day as a way of communicating with my higher being. I write how thankful I am for my good healthy body that is rejuvenating it self. I see my internal organs working perfectly and I write how grateful I am for being me. As you heal your body you will heal situations in your life.

Take time to tell those you love, how much you truly do love them.
My Mother passed on this month. It has been one of the hardest things yet in my life to go through but it has given me joy to know that her spirit is with me and will always be. My human side is so sad, but then I think of the joy she is having right now being with her friends and relatives who passed before her and I am ok! My Spirit is happy because I know that we are all made of energy and that energy is forever, it only changes. Please take the time to tell those you love how much you appreciate them. It is truly healing. I had a good relationship with her and I am so thankful that I got to share time on this earth with her. I will always remember the good times we had.

I send blessings of love and light to all of you
I hope your path in life is smooth.
Keep the lessons that you have learned that have helped you
Let go of all that is no longer needed,
By doing this it will bring you joy and happiness in whatever you choose to create.

Have a wonderful Day
Tickles and Sparkles
From Julie

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