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February 2006

Blessings of goodness to all of my friends, I hope all is well for each of you this month.

I would like to take a moment to remind you all of the blessings and love you are able to give through your thoughts so think positive and send out love to all people of this earth without hesitation or judgment of who is or is not deserving. We are here to let our light shine and to connect to the light within others.

Think of someone you know who could really use some love. Now see that persons face in your mind when you can see their face in your mind visualize a beautiful ray of brilliant green light going from your heart to theirs, see them smile and receive this love easily. When you do this on a daily basis soon you will feel their love flowing back to you. It only takes a few seconds a day to do this and you will be amazed at the wonderful connection you will make from your higher self to theirs.

What do you do to send out love each day?
How does it feel when you do this?
Keep a journal of the positive things you do each day and how it makes your life better, better, and better.

This Month we have a special surprise for you, a wonderful piece written by:

Pete Conlin "New Age Thoughts"

What does "New Age" mean to you? Is it a mentality, a lifestyle, a marketplace? Or is it something more that you can't quite define? For me, it's all of the above. Some of us are practical, down to Earth people. We educate ourselves in some area of interest, start a career, find a suitable mate, buy and furnish a home, raise a family, and get involved in all the things that good, responsible citizens do. These are the people that are the backbone of America's standard of living. I appreciate them, but I'm not one of them.
I (and I suspect you), am/are more of the romantic dreamer type. We know that we need to do some of these things in order to fit into society, but it just doesn't seem as important to us as it to others.
The main thing that New Age means to me is that it's sort of a General Delivery address where we can find each other. I don't know where we came from, but I suspect we're connected.
America is considered the melting pot of the world. We welcome immigrants and the talents they bring with them. Is it possible that Earth is a melting pot for our galaxy? The cultures of Earth's inhabitants are so different that it's hard to understand how we could have the same original ancestors.
The sensible citizens find a satisfying connection with a new car, modern home, stylish clothes, and all the other things that make for a comfortable, enjoyable lifestyle and place them well up on the status quotient.
We "New Agers" do appreciate nice things but that's not where our connection lies. The non-physical world seems more comforting somehow. Let's define the difference as "here" and "there".
Science has discovered our DNA and used that to map a genetic blueprint that goes back to the first human. I believe there is a yet undiscovered ancient/spiritual MDNA or mental DNA that will explain our basic thought makeup. When I see a lit candle or smell incense, it doesn't register as an attractive decoration or perfume to me. There's an emotional stirring that seems to take me way, way back to a small fire in a cave surrounded by family, protected from the elements and safe from marauders. There's no unpleasant news reports, no sales, no time clocks. There's shelter, food, clothes, and companionship. It feels good, and most importantly, if we include time in the equation, it feels close to when we were all "there".
Our sensible neighbors feel good "here" and are content to wait until the end of their life to think much about "there". I can't do that. I need to feel that connection now.
Religions talk about a Garden of Eden in the beginning. If that in fact existed, I see it as a gentle transition or incubator, between the womb of there and the sometimes-harsh reality of here. Perhaps a Divine Creator has a plan to duplicate non-physical "Heaven" to our physical dimension and create a true "Heaven" on Earth. If the sensible people are here to furnish it, is it our job to help prepare the people for it? I don't know, but it does intrigue me.
If these thoughts interest you, I'm developing brain/mind evolution lessons in that direction. If you send me your email address and mention Julie's newsletter to evolve@midtel.net I'll send you an explanation of what the lessons are about and the first lesson. If you'd like subsequent lessons, I'd appreciate it if you sent me $2.00 apiece. Thank you Julie for keeping me on your newsletter list. I like it.

Thank you Pete.

Remember you are wonderful and you are here for a very special purpose.
Live in the moment and be in flow with what is happening in your wonderful life right now.
Live in Gratitude each day.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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