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January 2006
Greetings from Julie,
I hope this year is going great for you and that you are filled with faith and believe that this will be a very special year for you.
When you believe in the best happening for you and when you really have total faith that the outcome to any situation will be good, that is when you are creating what you would really like to happen. This comes through your thoughts, your words and your faith that it is already manifesting for you.
Take time to think about the words you are using and do not just blurt them out.
Think happy thoughts of others for that is what they will think of you.
Send your energy out wisely and with love from your heart.
Send blessings to those less fortunate and to the ones who have more than you. This will bring you more in return than a thought sent out in judgment.
Live each day of this year in joy and in gratitude, for the magic of life is within you and about.

Special Blessings
I am asking you all to say a prayer for my good friend Kelly Parker. She has gone through the loss of her home and Cat to a fire and now she is going through an even greater loss, the loss of her only child, her son Cory, through a tragic accident. Cory was a wonderful young man who was unique. He was an Angel on this earth, never did he judge others, but he gave them love and kindness. We will all miss you very much Cory and we will know your spirit is with us each time we think of you.
Note Message from the Angels:
Our loved ones who have passed to the other side are always with us even if we do not see them in the physical. Trust and believe and communicate with them, they are so happy when we do.

"Water Contest Winner"

The winner of our water contest is: Lisa Wise

Just a quick note about the water.
After Cliff and I saw the movie "What the Bleep..." I started to put little sticky notes on my Britta water pitcher - notes that said "Thank You", "Love", "Abundance". I heard my daughter's friend ask her why we had a sticky note on our water and Kelsie told her that it made the water better for you!! I would love to have a microscope so I could look at it but regardless, just the little note on it makes me stop and reflect each time I go to pour myself a glass of water. If nothing else, it adds gratitude, love, and abundance to my thoughts and heart!

You can make an appointment for your reading by emailing Julie@ticklesandsparkles.com
Or calling me at (916)726-4892
I would like to thank everyone who wrote in. I know that by sending love into our water it is helping the world. Keep labeling those water bottles and say thanks when you take your shower for your body is being cleansed and send love into the water that goes down the drain. You will see it does make a difference.

Are You Psychic?
Have you ever thought you might have a gift or that you know something before it happens? Do you have dreams that come true or that repeat themselves? You can start tapping into your intuition right now. It is really easy. You will need a note book and a blue ink pen, if you have a tape recorder this is recommended also.
Start writing down those thoughts that come from out of the blue and the ones that you pass off as not meaning anything. Write down your dreams, maybe they are just symbols that you remember like a car of a certain color or a person's face. Maybe you are like me and when you lay down to go to sleep at night you have a sort of television screen turn on in your mind and pictures float in rapidly and then they are gone. Some I remember and I write them down or record them to later write them down. Be sure to put the date and time on your paper. Each time you have something come to mind that you think may be a sign, write it down, then in a day or two look back and see what you wrote. Does it make sense yet? If not wait awhile longer and look again. Sometimes I combine the signs I get. Like one day I will get a butterfly and the next maybe a car then the next day I may see myself driving somewhere. Well this may mean that my old car is going to break down and I will be able to get a new one. The car of my choice of course.
Make up a story with the signs you are receiving. Maybe you are getting a message and it is like a riddle you have to solve or a puzzle.
You will be amazed at the answers you may receive.
I would love to know how this is working for you and if you are getting clarity or if you have any questions please email me I will be happy to assist you.

Are you ready for YOUR Future?
Call or email Julie to see what is coming up for you.

Have you seen Julie's Airbrush Gallery link?
See what I have been creating.

Send blessings of light and love out today.
Do not let anything get in your way.
Send your love out to all living things,
Know that it is not just for Human beings.
All that you send out will return without a doubt.
Keep breathing deeply and never shout.
Open your eyes to love,
There will be blessings from above.
Hold in your mind positive thoughts,
Do not think of your have-nots.
I bless you with love and with light,
now it is up to you to choose what is right.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

Remember you are wonderful and you are here for a very special purpose. Live in the moment and be in flow with what is happening in your wonderful life right now.
Live in Gratitude each day.

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