Tickles and Sparkles
May 2005

Greetings to all my friends,
I have some wonderful news to share with you this time. My sister in Utah is a candle maker. Her name is Leslie and she owns Quilter Candle Company. Her candles are made with soy and are very clean burning. They also smell great. Leslie has worked very hard at perfecting these candles and they are very highly scented and she has many wonderful scents to choose from. Some of my favorites are: Cranberry Splash, very strong and crisp with the right touch of tart! White Magic: mysterious and sensual. Crazy Grape, I just love this one. Grape candles are what I use for house blessing when doing magic. Leslie also has many others including Bayberry which I also burn on the first day of each month for good luck and money all month long. To see all the scents she makes check out her web site http://www.quiltercandles.com/page1.html
Just recently her candles were recognized as the best candles in Utah. WOW!

Salt Lake City Weekly
Best of Utah 2005

Quilter Candles
You love burning wonderfully scented candles for "aromatherapy," but does it really make sense to use paraffin candles that give off some purportedly toxic byproducts (sorry, paraffin purveyors)? Locally-based Quilter Candles produces soy wax candles in nearly 50 different delicious scents from tutti-frutti to roasted almond, without any of that environmentally-unfriendly residue. And does it make them all the more appealing that soy wax can burn up to 50 percent longer, burns at a lower temperature, and cleans up with soap and water? Yes. Yes it does.

That is awesome. I know they are the best candles anywhere. If you are health conscious and do not like the black smoke that other candles put out, then you really ought to be burning clean candles from Quilter Candle Company. http://www.quiltercandles.com/
Congratulations on your success Leslie. I knew that you could make the best candles.

What the Bleep do we know!
That is the name of this wonderful movie I had seen a few weeks ago. This movie is really something else. It is now scientifically proven that you do create everything in your life. I felt as if I finally got confirmation that I am not to far out there. Actually I knew I would have proof someday and this is the movie that has proven me right. If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest you try to find it at your local video store or you can contact
"Into the Light". Owners Shar and Diane are wonderful people and their web site is
http://www.into-the-light.net/index.htm or call 916-723-9984. This is a great little store filled with many wonderful gifts and tools for enlightenment.
I loved the part of this film where these words were stated and I feel that we can use them each day when we write in our journals to create and see what we have created.
Universe: show me a sign today that will show me you paid attention to any of these things I created and bring them in a way I won't expect so I am surprised at my ability to make it so I have no doubt that it has come from you.

What are you creating for your future?

We seem to get caught up in every day life and we forget to create what we would like in our life. Instead we let the universe provide for us whatever it thinks we desire. We let other peoples thoughts and feelings help the universe create for us. This is why what we get, we sometimes are not prepared for. That is why I choose to create the things I desire to come in for me. I also believe that what you give out you will most definitely get back sooner or later. Think only positive thoughts for yourself and others. Let go of judgment and decide not to judge anyone. Let them create what they desire for themselves. Believe in you and know in your heart that you are special and are worthy of the best for yourself.
Give into the joy of this life. Too many times we are so afraid of letting happiness and joy take over our lives because we are afraid it will not last. It really can last if you decide to create it today and go for your dreams. Remember baby steps write your future today. Take fifteen minutes to describe what your day will be like in the morning before you start your day. Focus on and become aware of your desires and have so much faith and belief in your desires that you see them as already having happened and you will release all connectedness to what ever it is and will have it instantly.
In other words once you know what it is you truly desire you can let it go and let the universe take care of the manifestation for you. How do you let it go? That is the million dollar question! Letting go is like kicking a bad habit. You have to remind yourself constantly to think differently and when you start to think about what it is that you desire and before you start to think how to get it send the thought out into the Universe to bring to you instead of you trying and failing to get it on your time schedule.
Example: I would visualize that I was driving a new car each time I drove my truck. After doing this for sometime, I finally gave up on getting that car and I got it.
Yes it is great to visualize your desires but then let them go and have faith that they are already yours, you will be surprised what you get.

Honestly, I thought this newsletter would be shorter this time but I feel such a drive within me to help the people in my life to create their future and in wonderful ways that I just keep writing. I love you all and bless you with love and abundance for you are so special to me.
Tickles and Sparkles from Julie

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Thank you for your continued support and reading this newsletter. I love and bless you all with joy and happiness in all areas of your life.

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