Enchanted Wizard News
January 2004
Written by Julie
Wishing Tickles and Sparkles for All

Greetings my wonderful Friends, I hope things in your life are better, better and better.

I know it sounds strange to say my life is better, better, and better but the fact is when you say that you are putting energy into the thought that things are getting better and so it is. This has been proven scientifically.
Another positive affirmation is to say and believe "Life is Good" And it is! This is really wonderful that we are able to think positive thoughts and have positive feelings that then create positive outcomes in our lives.

Next time you are down start thinking of positive outcomes to the situations that you are down about and visualize the smile on your face when things turn out better than you expect. It seems that we tend to focus on the negative aspects of situations. We think we have no control over instead of using our energy to create a really positive outcome.

I have to tell you about this wonderful gift I received from a good friend. The name of this book is New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller
It tells about New Moon Power Wish days and did you know that there is a period every year that you get 40 wishes I didn't until I got this book. You have about three weeks every year when your wishes can really manifest and quickly. I was thinking back and sure enough it is really true. I wish I would have known about this book last year, I would have made more wishes. I remember last year about this time when I was wishing to meet with like-minded people and to travel, well it happened in February of last year. My wish days are in January to February and shortly after the time I made my wish it happened. That is when I was blessed to go to Canada and meet some very spiritual like-minded people and I am so grateful they are in my life. I was also talking to my friend Kelly about her wish time and I asked her when her 40 wishes were. She told me the date and then I asked her what she was wishing for last year at that date she told me she was wishing to go on a wonderful vacation to Hawaii, well she leaves next Sunday for her wonderful vacation. It was funny because we were amazed at the way the wishes manifested before the end of a one-year time period. I highly recommend this book and you can go to www.janspiller.com to find more on this book. One thing I would like to mention is that I think the author uses the word "WANT" to much when showing how to write out your wishes I prefer to use "desire or will have". When writing my wishes and I also write like I have already received my wishes and I am writing a letter of gratitude as if the wishes have already come true.

New Moon January 21, 2004 the Moon is in Aquarius what to wish for: revitalizing experiences, freedom, networking, wisdom, manifesting dreams. Friends, being more giving and receiving. You have ten wishes on each New Moon day.

Use Jade to remember your dreams
Place a piece of Jade under your pillow to remember your dreams. Jade is also used for attracting Love, Longevity, Protection and Prosperity.
Wearing Jade can help in healing kidneys, heart and stomach problems.
Wearing Jade can also bring money into your life. If you empower it with your energy and wear it and consciously allow yourself to receive money. You do this by creating a positive attitude towards money.

I am so happy at the wonderful response we have received for Miracle Masterminds this is so exciting. I would like to thank every one who has let me know they are ready to do some really wonderful creating and manifesting this year. If you would like to know how you can become a Miracle Mastermind and help in the creation of a Retreat that will offer not only relaxation in a resort atmosphere and will bring in many wonderful Spiritual healers and Teachers for seminars and retreats. We are currently looking for investors to become partners in Miracle Masterminds.
Can't invest right now don't worry there are many ways you can become a part of Miracle Masterminds
Email Julie@enchantedwizard.com for more information. This is about the creation of our future and is dedicated to bringing like-minded people together in a very positive business venture.

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Psychic Readings-Julie is a wonderful delightful person who has opened her mind to connecting to the spiritual world. She can help you to learn new ways of creating a more successful way of life and her gifts will amaze you. You can make an appointment for a reading with Julie by going to: enchantedwizard.com/Julies.html

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Psychic readings from Shylani - she is a very loving person who will amaze you with her gifts of communicating with the spirit world. She reads the “Norwegian lay of the cards” like Julie. You will love her.

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Looking for a good investment? Would you like to be in on the creation of a Retreat in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest? We have begun the search for a property that is perfect for this and would make a perfect year round resort.

This is what I have been instructed to do.

So if you are serious please call me and we will talk, Julie (916) 726-4892

I thank you for taking time to read Enchanted Wizard News. I hope I can help you learn something new each time I write and if there is a subject you would like to know more about just email me. I am always happy to hear from you.

Love to All, Julie


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