Enchanted Wizard News
October 2003
Happy Halloween!
from Julie - Tickles and Sparkles

I just love this time of year. The earth seems to dress up for the occasion, as the leaves on the trees turn beautiful colors of rust and gold, we dress in celebration of
Samhain or Halloween. I think it is a wonderful time of year. It gives us a chance to let our inhibitions go and have some fun. I think I will be a "Witch" again this year. What are you going to dress as? Have a very safe fun time.

Dragons Blood Cider
A Perfect Party Drink for Adults Only!
1-part Apple cider
1-part red fruity wine
Cinnamon Sticks
Pumpkin shaped candies/ like candy corn in pumpkin shapes
Warm apple cider in a large pot then ad wine and turn stove on low until mixture is warm, while mixture is warming stick pumpkins on ends of cinnamon sticks. Ladle Dragons Blood cider into cups, put cinnamon stick into cup and serve.

Reality what is it?
Well I have some good news. Each person's reality is exactly what they choose to believe it is and each person has a different view of what his or her reality is. So your reality may not be my reality and mine not yours. We are continually creating our own realities and we as humans sometimes forget that something we perceive as reality is not someone else's perception of reality. In my life people have told me, I should stick to reality or that I should step back into reality. This has happened many times so one day I looked it up in my Psychic dictionary here is what it said "An awareness of life that is different for everyone an individual concept of what life is".
We have to let go of what other people think about us and be who we are. What will people think? Who cares as long as you are thinking and doing what makes you happy. It is ok to be happy with who you are. Reality is choosing to be who you are and not judging anyone else on their reality.

Are you ready for Fall? I have noticed that many people are cleaning out closets and getting ready for the winter season to arrive. A great way to make your home smell good and clean out negative energy is to take a teaspoon of cloves and a teaspoon of cinnamon put in a small pot of water and heat on warm on the stove. It will fill your home with a wonderful smell. Try to do this on a warm day so you can open your windows and let out all the negative energy.

Ask Julie. If you have a question I would be glad to answer it. Just e-mail Julie@enchantedwizard.com
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Dear Julie, I would like to know how to be more positive in my every day life. It seems that I am happy one day and the next I feel down or not as happy. I feel as though I am on a roller coaster.
Sincerely, Needing balance

Dear Balance, you can get off the roller coaster any time you desire but it will take work at re-reminding yourself of all the positive things in your life. When you let just one little negative thought in you go down hill so to speak but if you will think of a giant chalk board in your mind and say out loud, I erase that thought ! Then put another more positive thought in its place and you will feel the upward swing of your emotions. Each time you recognize a negative thought or feeling, erase it. Pretty soon you will notice more and more how positive you have already become.

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Love to All, Julie

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