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July 2003
Greetings Everyone. I hope you are having a wonderful summer, enjoying the beauty of our Earth. It has been a very exciting month for me as I had the opportunity to go to Bamfield, Canada, to the Tyee Resort. Each time I go there I long to stay in that wonderful place and enjoy the beauty of its surroundings. It truly is a very spiritual place and you just feel the love flowing through you as you walk through the forest and feel the sea breeze on your face. The food is wonderful and the chef is amazing. He prepares the best salmon I have ever tasted and makes the most delightful pies and breads. It truly is a treat. Lisa is the owner of Tyee Resort and is a very spiritual person. She lets you know you are welcome from the moment you arrive. Reiki with Lars is fantastic and you know you have had a wonderful healing after just one of his sessions. I am very blessed to have this experience and I recommend this retreat to every one. The next retreat is September 18th through the 21st.
You can check out Tyee resort on line at
or call Julie at (916) 726-4892 for more information. The price includes airfare from Seattle to Bamfield, Canada. Lodging and food are included along with seminars with some of the finest spiritual teachers of today. Yes I will be there also to speak at the seminars and to do readings. Cost is regularly $2,495 but as a special you can enjoy all of this for just $1,500. Just $750 reserves your space at this event. Don't miss out on the experience of a lifetime.
I just can't say enough good about this place. It is like Heaven on Earth.

Life is good. Try to remember this each day. Wake in the morning and be thankful for such a wonderful life you are living. We often get up in the morning and wonder what is next. We live in a hustle and bustle world where we don't take the time to enjoy the life we are living. How many times have you said to yourself someday I will do this or that? Well now is the time to opt to make some big changes in the way you live your life. Say nice things about yourself when you are getting dressed for work, like I am very beautiful, I look and feel great, my energy is always positive and I am a very happy person. Then think of something that makes you happy and feel that feeling of true happiness. Now visualize that happiness flowing to you now. Feel the energy change around you and be that happy person you are creating.
We have all got caught up in negative energy at one time or another but you have the Divine right to ask this lower energy to leave you. Many people ask me how do you know when the energy is not yours? and if it is coming from some other person. Well I start by commanding all energy that is not my own to leave me now and "be firm about this" you are in total control of your life. I know that my higher energy is of pure love and I know that when I am feeling down or angry that is not my higher energy. If you have asked for this energy to leave and it is just as strong after asking three times then ask all energy that is not of your higher self to leave you now. It may take some practice and that is ok! For soon you will be able to recognize what belongs to your higher self and what does not.
Recognizing and owning your power is very important for you have a gift and this gift is pure love that lives within your soul. You are responsible for all of your thoughts and feelings so think next time you are rude to someone for no reason, or because you are having a bad day doesn't mean you have the right to make others feel your energy. Stop and clear your energy. "Breath Deep" in through your nose and out through your mouth three times feel the relaxing sensation going through your body. This will help you to relax and to open to your higher energy. What you have to do is remember to use it.

Try to give out smiles to every one every day, they are free! And think of what good might come of it maybe you will give a smile to someone who is having one of those days and that person could turn their whole day around just because of your smile.

If you are really ready to know how to create more happiness in your life and live up to your full potential spiritually and physically, consider a coaching session with Julie. She will help you to see how to manifest the best for you by becoming in touch with your higher being. These sessions are private and confidential. You will have the opportunity to talk one on one with Julie by phone. You will receive four one-hour sessions once a week. Cost is $395 and you will receive a cassette tape of each session by mail. They will help you to re-remember your sessions for years to come. It is up to you to change your life for the best.
Call now for more information. (916) 726-4892
Life just gets better, better and better. Believe in you!

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Have a wonderful day and know that you are loved my friends. I am very blessed to know all of you and to have this wonderful life on this Earth.
Write a thank you letter to yourself today. Be thankful for all you are.