Enchanted Wizard News
June 2003
Tickles and Sparkles

Greetings Friends, I have some good news to share with you. We now have a new Grand Daughter Born on June 1, 2003 her name is "Aura Sage". We are very blessed this makes Ten Grandchildren. She is the second daughter of our oldest son Ron and his beautiful wife Holly. Life just gets better and better.

More good news! Are you ready for a wonderful day on Saturday June 28, 2003. The workshop on: How to live up to Your Full Potential both spiritually and physically. This workshop will also include how to create Abundance in your life.
I am so excited about this, it will be a four hour class and lunch will be included. From 11:00AM to 3:00PM. Cost is $75.00 per person and space is limited.
Please call 916-726-4892 or e-mail me at Julie@enchantedwizard.com
Sunday the 22nd of June is the last sign up day, I will be doing ordering for the lunch. This promises to be a fun filled day. It will be held in Citrus Heights, CA. I look forward to seeing you soon.

What is it?
What really is FEAR? Some people seem to think fear is being afraid of something. There are many kinds of fear, here are just a few forms: Stress, Worry, Anxiety. We don't often realize that we walk around in fear most of our lives. It is time to recognize our fears and let them go. Most often I hear that someone is afraid to move forward in life because it might hurt or offend someone else's feelings. It is time to realize that you are the most important person in your life and that when you don't take responsibility for making you happy most likely no one else is going to either. Now this does not mean that you should go out and do something to make yourself happy that would cause harm to someone else. It does mean that you have to say to your self I am ready to face my fears and grow from this experience no matter what changes may occur in my life.

For Example:
You desire to ask your boss for a raise but "you feel afraid to ask because you are afraid he will say no." Do you ask for the raise or do you just sit and complain about how much work you have and that you feel you are not getting paid what you are really worth. I look at it this way, you can ask your boss for that raise and he may say yes. Wow! That was easy. Or you can create worry and fear and do nothing. What if the boss says no? Well you still have choices you can start getting your resumes out to new places of employment that will pay better. And really start choosing what you would like to do in your life. I believe we are capable of creating everything in our lives and you are just as creative as the next person. All you need is the desire to make the changes in your life. We are here to grow and learn not to be stuck and afraid. Doing something you love will produce more prosperity than you think. For when you are happy and doing what you love it tends to make people love you even more.
Some good ways to release your fears:
1- Visualize a balloon and blow all your fears into it and send it into the universe to be cleansed with light and love, and to come back to you with pure love and abundance.
2- Visualize a block wall we have all felt at times like we were up against a block wall. Now see the block wall crumbling and visualize yourself holding a leaf blower and blowing all of the dust from the crumbled wall into the universe to be cleansed with this light and love.
3- Write your fears down on a piece of paper and tear it into pieces and flush it down the toilet. Or you can burn the paper. (Please do not do this with young children around).

The full moon is on Saturday June 14, 2003
Summer Solstice is on Saturday June 21, 2003

Celebrating Summer Solstice Incense
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Mugwort
1 part Camomile
1 part Rose petals
And a few drops of Lavender oil
Mix together and burn on a charcoal at the summer Solstice to attune with the season of the Sun.

Remember every day is special and that you have the ability to make it better and better by believing in yourself and by loving you first.
Wake up and affirm: This is a wonderful day and I am a happy person to be part of this world. Life is good.

Thank you for taking time to read this Newsletter, I hope that it will bring a smile to your face and joy in your heart. I am thankful for all of the wonderful people in my life I am blessed with many great friends and I will continue to write this newsletter as long as it is bringing just one of you closer to becoming who you desire to be.

Get a wonderful reading from Shylani we call her "Shy" its easier to say. She has been doing readings for me and many other people for about four years now, She has been psychic all of her life and is very connected to the spiritual world. Shy does Direct Intuitive Readings and Norwegian card readings, She is very fourth right and is very helpful in giving you accurate information that can give you guidance on your higher spiritual path.
You can call her for a phone reading at (707) 439-9508. or her cell phone is (707) 290-3007 I am giving her cell phone because she is moving into a new home on Travis Air base and may be getting a new phone number. This will be in the next week.

If you would like to place an advertisement in Enchanted Wizard News for the next issue at no cost. Please contact Julie at (916)726-4892 or e-mail julie@enchantedwizard.com

Thought for today
Start a smile chain by giving out smiles to everyone you see. Pretty soon you will be receiving more and more smiles. Make someone Smile Today.

For a Spiritual Reading with Julie in person or by phone call for an appointment today. (916) 726-4892
Julie's readings can assist you in all aspects of your life including business and love.

Tickles and Sparkles from Julie