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May- June 2003

Hello Friends, I am happy to say we are almost out of the Mercury Retrograde on the 20th of May. It is gone for another three months, YEA! I would love to hear your stories about what has happened during the "Retrograde". For example: I had to buy a new garbage disposal and I also was painting in my bathroom when I stood up on the ladder and caught my belly button ring, Ouch! Yes it ripped it out, but the good news is that I am ok! I just told myself it is all in your head and went back to work painting. I have made notes on the unusual things that happen in Mercury Retrogrades for about seven years now and it is very interesting how much can and does happen at this most precarious time. So please email me with your story and I will put it in the next Newsletter.

There is a lunar Eclipse on May 15th 2003. It is also the Full Moon, if you are planning to do some magical work at this time it may not work out. Sorry!
It would be a good idea to wait until the next New Moon on May 30th 2003.

On May 15th 2003 I will be on my way back to a magical place called Bamfield, and will be enjoying the wonderful energy of Tyee Resort. Last time Robert was able to attend with me. I was a little worried at first that he might make me a little nervous as I did my workshop but as usual my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels were with me and it worked out beautifully. In fact, it was another wonderful experience for all of the people that came and just like magic everyone seemed transformed when we left, which is always the hard part. When you arrive in Bamfield you feel a sense of peaceful beauty. It is as if you are in "Heaven", everyone is joyful, genuine and loving.
You can feel the Universal Heartbeat and the energy is pure and of love, as Tyee is located about ten miles from a great Vortex and I have figured out that this is an energy Vortex of Pure love. This is truly the most magical experience I have ever had.
If you are interested in visiting Tyee Resort for a wonderful spiritual weekend retreat here are the: Event Dates:
June 12th-15th "Self Discovery" weekend at Tyee Resort
July 10th-13th "Self Discovery" weekend at Tyee Resort
Sign up today! Space is limited to 20 people. Call (888)-212-0759 for more information. Cost is 2,495 and includes air-fair from Seattle to Bamfield on a floatplane, meals, accommodations and workshops.
Self-discovery weekend promises to teach you how to connect to your higher self and to create all that you desire. I will be there along with Lisa, Lars, and Suzie helping you to understand your full potential in all aspects of your life. Check it out!
http://www.empoweryounowpub.com/home.shtml for all the details and I hope to see you there soon.

There is a wonderful little book I have to tell you about. It is called "Earth Angels" By Doreen Virtue, PH.D.
If you are interested about who you are and where you came from, this is a great book to get.

Lets talk about Journaling,
Do you keep a journal?
How often do you write in it?
Why not try writing about your future and how positive it is going for you. Many of you might think a journal is to put down your thoughts about what has happened in your life and usually it is meant to be a way of releasing, but then we only write in it when things are going bad and the good times we forget or don't make time for ourselves to write.
So my challenge is for you to write about your future as though it has already happened. This is the way to make them manifest much more quickly and in a very positive way. Here are some very good ways to begin:
"Today is a very beautiful day, everything I desire is manifested easily, I really enjoy my new car, it is a dream to drive such a beautiful car and the plush interior is so comfortable, Also the price was lower than I had expected. I know this deal was the perfect one for me". Well maybe you do not desire a new car right now. Maybe it is something else that you may desire like a new job or opportunity that you are not sure what it is yet. That's okay. You can write that "new opportunities flow to me each day and at the perfect time so I know they are meant for me". Or "I love my new job, it was all I expected it would be". I think you get my point. Now it is up to you to create all that you desire. I would love to hear what you have created and how you did it, as I am writing a book on this very subject.

I am taking appointments for readings and coaching sessions if you would like to contact me you can email Julie@enchantedwizard.com
I am also setting up a workshop for the 28th of June at my home in Citrus Heights, CA. It will be a 4-hour workshop from 11 AM to 3 PM and lunch will be included. The cost will be $75.00 per person.
I will be talking on how to create abundance in your life and how to live up to your full potential both physically and spiritually. Space is limited to 12 people and is filling up fast so call me at (916) 726-4892
or Julie@enchantedwizard.com
Also you can bring your swimming suit and go for a dip afterwards.
I look forward to having a very enlightening time with all of you.

Be sure to check out www.Enchantedwizard.com
Robert has been busy working on the web page. He does such a good job!
Three cheers for the Webmaster!

Always remember you are a beautiful person, and that you are very special in every way.
Tickles and Sparkles