Enchanted Wizard News
Tickles and Sparkles
March-April 2003

Here is a wonderful poem written by Cameron Hampton for his Mom, that's me. And now I would like to share it with you.
From Enlightened Spirits to Enchanted Wizards.
Fairy Potions to Spells with Gizzards.
Life Brings Change We Need To See
Just Open Your Soul And Look Inside Thee.
Well time seems to go faster and faster but I am here to remind you to take a few minutes each day to BREATH! In through the nose and out through the mouth. Slow deep breaths. Love yourself and visualize all your desires being fulfilled at the perfect moment for you.
Well I have to tell you of the most profound experiences I have had in the last couple of weeks. On the 25th of February 2003 I wrote in my journal that I was meeting with wonderful like minded people and that I felt so much love and light in my life. I also wrote that I was talking to these people teaching them how to create. That evening I received a phone call asking me to come and be a guest speaker at a Retreat in Canada for four days. To say the least I was in shock for this is what I had been creating in my mind and on paper. I said yes! And on the 27th of Feb. I was on my way. I have to say that this was the most wonderfully enlightening experience of my life. I met the most loving, warm hearted people from all over the world. I laughed and cried with the most loving feelings of joy in my heart. I breathed the cleanest air I have ever breathed and I saw Eagles soar. I would like to thank each of you who were there for all of the love and joy you gave to me. You are a blessing.
Check out this site. There are pictures of Tyee Resort and of the wonderful time we had there. Lisa Kitter is the Hostess of this fine Resort. She welcomes everyone with lots of love. http://www.empoweryounowpub.com/
I am also going back in April and in May. I hope to see you there.
Love is such a wonderful gift that we give others and ourselves. It is so very important to acknowledge who you really are and to open your hearts and minds to the true feelings of love. Life does get BETTER & BETTER.
This is a great way to release energy when you know it is not part of your higher self.
Pretend that you have a balloon and blow it up with all your problems or doubts and send it into the universe to be cleansed and brought back with pure love energy.

April 26,2003 Mercury goes RETROGRADE until May 20,2003 Please remember that it is not good to sign contracts, or start something new. Things tend to fall apart or break down. This includes relationships, be a little more thoughtful of what you think do and say. And be sure to back up your computers, many a hard drive has been lost in the retrogrades. The good thing is I got a new vacuum in the last one.

More news, Spring is the time to clean house and to get ready for summer. I suggest having fun as you clean house. Try this for a refreshing spray around the house. Try adding Ten-drops of Cherry or Grape fragrance oil to 6oz-distilled water. Put in a spray bottle and shake then spray your home and feel the happiness come in.
Grape-brings House Blessings and Cherry brings happiness.
A Grape or Cherry candle will work also. You can get them from Quilter Candle Company. They are the best. Leslie is a wonderful candle maker and my sister. All of her candles smell just as good or better when they are burning. You can e-mail her for a price and scent list. LESLIE

Have you got your PEOPLE BOTTLE yet! They really work. Check them out at

I hope everyone will take time out to say a little prayer for our World and we will find peace and happiness in our future and the future of this world. Don't submit yourself to the fear that is covering our world. Create a brighter outcome for the future. Our thoughts and feelings are energy. Use yours for good and the love of all.

The full Moon is the 18th of March a good time to manifest your desires, and wishes.
Spring Equinox is the 20th of March. Celebrate by putting fresh flowers in your home.
"After you've done your Spring cleaning".

Be sure to book your appointments for readings with Julie.
She can show you how to change your life with a few simple steps, by having faith and love for yourself.
Then go to Julie's readings or call (916) 726-4892

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Until next time, Love yourself, Breath, and
enjoy all you've created in your life.