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February 2003 Issue #2

It seems hard to believe that a whole month has gone by and Valentines Day is upon us. I think that it calls for a little Spell of Love to bring in all kinds of love to you and those around you. I also suggest that you also send out love to all of the people who have annoyed you for everyone should have love in their lives.
Spell of love
This Spell can be done in several ways; one way is to choose the color of the candle that corresponds with what you wish to manifest. Red-Romance & sexuality. Pink-Love & tenderness. Blue-Healing & hope. Yellow-happiness and joy. And Black- Banishing & Releasing. On February 1, 2003 is the New Moon a wonderful time to create things in your life and to bring in love. You can do spells at any time but the powerful energy of the moon can effect it.
You will need: 2-Strawberries and a natural Vessel a Sea Shell or a Stone large enough to hold the 2 strawberries. 2- candles (color of your choice). And a rose for drawing love in red or pink. Or a carnation for healing or happiness in yellow or blue. A piece if Juniper for releasing a relationship. Two pieces of paper with your name and the name of the person you wish to give your love to. Also you will need a vase with water for the flower - plant of your choice.
On the new moon write your name and the other persons name on the papers fold the papers in fourths and set aside. Put the flowers in the vase on your Alter or in a place where they won't be disturbed. Put the Strawberries on the natural vessel side by side and next to the flowers. Now put the papers under the candles light the Candle or candles you have chosen and visualize the outcome of your request. Say these words out loud:
I give and receive love in its highest form of this universal energy that (the persons name). Will now know my love and be willing to (return or let go of this love). For I am willing to accept what the universe has in store for me knowing it is good and filled with love and light. I am now whole and filled with love.
So Mote It Be.
Put out the candles when you feel that your message has been heard or burn for fifteen minutes. You can also burn the candles for fifteen minutes each day till gone. When the flowers wilt put them out side to go back into the earth and throw the strawberries into your back yard so they go back to the earth. (the right rear side from your front door) would be very good place as it is your relationship area. They will also go back to Mother Earth and the energy will go into the universe.
To all of those who really believe you can attain what you ask for in life. You Will!

*A few magical ways to bring in money*Rub your money with Basil Oil before putting it in your wallet or purse.Basil oil can be found at health food storesMoney on the floor means money at your Door! I like this one! Don't count or lay your money on the table it is bad luck!A good friend told me that one.Honeysuckle Oil is also a good one to bring money!Cherry Oil is a way to make your home happy. Use ten drops cherry oil to 8oz. distilled water put in a spray bottle and mist your home for happiness.
It is the Chinese New Year of the Ram
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Ask your self to be a little more loving each day and be a little
more giving to yourself and others. Say each day:
New opportunities flow to me each day.
I now accept what the universe has in store for me and with
Love I experience what is best for me at this time.