Enchanted Wizard News
From Tickles and Sparkles January 2003 Happy New Year!

Greetings Friends,
Enchanted Wizard Newsletter is happy to inform you that our newsletter is back and even better than before. I know a lot of you have really desired me to get out a newsletter for a while now and I am sorry it has taken me so long to get it together. It has been quite a Year!

Good News
Enchantedwizard.com now carries PEOPLE BOTTLES. What are People Bottles?
You can see them at enchantedwizard.com and ordering is easy. They are used to eliminate negative influences from your life and restore balance. This is done with good intent and harms no one. Prices are very reasonable starting as low as $15. each and are they are the cutest things ever.

A New Out-look on life
2003 could be the best year of your life
If you are serious about making good changes in your life and are willing to consciously make a real effort, you can achieve success. On January 1, 2003 you will need a loose-leaf binder, a package of your favorite pens, and filler paper. Now find a quiet space and start writing. First write down all the things that you are willing to let go of by January 2004.
Next write a story about all the things that will happen for you in the next twelve months. There is just one catch! You have to write it as though it has already happened and it is January 2004. Each month you can go back and see what has happened. It will amaze you. I write a page each morning about how that day turned out or about something I would like to create in my life. I call this my Letter to the Gods & Goddesses or sometimes I just write "Dear God" all inclusive. You can also do this on your computer and it will work just as well. I would love to have feed back on this so I will write a book about this subject of creation very soon. I created when I wrote those last few words. It can happen very quickly or if you have doubts or put words that block it, it will take longer. Don't give up. Keep writing and have faith that the universe really does desire to please you. Many people tell me I can't do it! They have one reason or another why it won't work for them. And it won't as long as they believe this.
Example: I know a young man who had lost his job and moved back home with his parents. He was very unhappy with his life at that time. Soon he got a job and started to get his life back on track but it still wasn't what he really desired. He was still depressed for he desired a new Jeep, a girlfriend and a better job. Was that so much to ask? Not at all. I finally convinced him to write down a wish list of his desires in life. He wrote it out visualizing his desires as he wrote. He then folded it neatly to a card size and laminated it. Then he put it in his wallet where he kept it until January of the next year. When he opened it up he saw that what he had wished for had indeed come to pass. He was offered a great new job which he took and was paid double what he was making, he met the girl of his dreams and married her, and yes, the Jeep also! The year was over and everything had come true.
This is just one example of what can happen if you really desire to create without any doubts.
For protection: Hang a small pouch of catnip above your front door for protection from negative energy.
Honey money Candle: put glitter on a piece of waxed paper and take a green candle and rub some honey on it visualizing money coming to you then roll it in the glitter. Do this on a New Moon for best results.
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